After the weekend, it was again the boring school. Well it was not quite boring as tannu is there with swara ..

So the fresh morning starts with the shining sun falling on swara’s face disturbing her sleep which she avoids by pulling blanket over her.. But someone pulls the blanket back. Again swara pulls the blanket over her,again someone pulls back..swara gets irritated n gets up from sleep ,where as mishti was grinning.

Mishti : come on.. Its already 7:30…
Swara: mom.. Just two minutes
Mishti: no more two minutes
By saying this mishti grabs swara n pushes her in the washroon. While swara goes inside rubbing her eyes. After sometime swara gets ready n comes down for break fast. Their usual melo drama starts.
Shekar : sorry angel,for spoiling ur Weekend plan..
Swara: ita ok dad.. I understand, but still im angry. So dont talk till next week..
Shekar: wat if i get u an ice cream
Swara: u cant bribe me dad
Shekar: wat if i get two ice creams
Swara : mom im getting late.. U r my best mom.. ( ignoring shekar)
Shekar: hmm ok.. U be angry, as I was thinking to let my angel eat, how much ever ice creams she wants .. But wat to do, ok its all fate
Swara: really dad,u r my best dad..

Shekar : s but.. U r angry na
Swara: who told u like tat? I will kill tat idiot..
Shemish breaks out into laughter, n then after some family time, shekar drops swara to school n bids bye to each other.
Swara entered into school, guess whom she saw first

(Any guesses, dont look down for the answer guys. K leave i will say)

Ya she saw


Swara:(in mind) oh god, dont u have anyother person in the whole world.. U r so mean god..
Rahul: hi swara
Swara: hi rahul
Rahul: how are you?
Swara: im good. But rahul, i dont want to remind u again abt the talk..
Rahul: i know swara, n im happy with tat..
Swara: oh really..
Rahul: but i too said something
Swara: ok.. Im really happy with it . So..

They both shake hands, where as mishtan seeing the scenario gets shocked
Tannu: mishti im i dreaming
Choti Mishti: pinch me .. ( ahhhhhhhh) tannu y u did tat
Tannu: u only told to pinch right

Choti mishti : wat ever
Tannu: come lets start
Mishtan goes near swarah ( swara n rahul) n gives a naughty smile.
Tannu: mr.blush wats happening here. I think tumari lottery lag gayi
Rahil: (bushes) no tannu ( seeing swara stops blushing) nothing like tat tannu, its just tat, tat
Tannu: ok watever, i dont wanna know any talk between lo,( before she could say) ahhhhhhhhh
Swara stamps on tannu’s feet, mishti giggles, while swara gave an winning look.. They tease for sometime n goes to attend the assembly, as there was a special announcement today

At assembly princi informs abt the coming annual sports day which is going to be held after two weeks, everyone gets excited n cheers, as its one of the best time in school to bunk classes.. But princi made another announcement which made all the students sad.. Yah, next week is there exams n ask everyone to prepare well..
After assembly everyone goes to their classes. ,where as swara was called by princi .

At college:
Samky : hi dude
Veer: hi sanky.. Sorry for sterday
Sanky gives him a angry look
Sanky:dare not to say it again.. U know right, i dint take it serious yaar..
Veer: s sanky.. But i noticed one more thing..
Sanky : wat..
Veer: y u were being cold with rahul
Sanky:me.. Not at all.. But y is he always behind swara.. N also she accepted rose from him.
Veer:(smiles but hides) wat rahull.. No no.. Actually swara is only mine,but if she likes him, i dont have any problem..

Sanky shocks: wat, hey u should not do this, as it will be just infatuation at this age.
Veer:s .but.. . She is my angel, my darling, my sweetheart.. I will help her to get wat she wants.. But
Sanky gets irritated n gets up n excuses.
Sanky:sorry veer,i just need to submit my assignment.
Veer:Wat assignment,is there anything which i need to know
Sanky: hmm no nothing. Actually, someone was saying abt assignment n i thought we too have it
Veer keeps on pulling sankys leg. Was just kept on blabbering abt swara. Sanky gets irritated

Princi room
Swara: may i come in mam
Princi: s come in
Swara: mam, u called me
Princi: s swara, u know right, two weeks later sports day
Swara: s mam. I have done all the work. I have taken the list of names for match past, drill and have decided some games for the student n teachers n also covered some small events for the parents. I have the list of names, who participated and won in sports a month ago. I wil just divide the work among aspl n sports secretary..
(s guys swara gives info upto date, she is little responsible wen ot comes abt school as she is spl na)
Princi: thank u dear, for lessening my burden..
Swara: its my duty maam. N pls dont mention it again.. ( gives an assuring ile)
Princi: u can leave. This week u have to prepare for ur exams right. So no disturbance from my side.
Swara: no maam. U can call me whenever u want. N i will hand over all the program list to sports maam, so tat u can take a look when im not available
Princi: ok
Swara: thank u maam
Saying this swara leaves..

At class
Swara enters n see mishtan sad
Swara : wat happened guys
Tannu: …..
Swara: mishti wat happened
Choti mishti: swara.. Oh tat tat
Swara: wat
Tannu starts crying, swara panics.
Swara: tannu wat happened
Tannu : (in crying tone) Swara this bullshit (sob) exams(sob ) going (sob) to start
Swara: wat
Swara punches her in stomach slightly
Tannu : ouch
Swara: idiot, i thought something serious
Mishiti then starts laughing as she wasn’t able to take this drama anyone.. The trio spent some quality time. Classe were going on but the trio enjoyed each other comepany but there was someone eyeing evilly..
Boy:(in mind) this time i will never let u win
Girl:(in mind) swara, u know i will wint this time

The whole week passes by tannu’s emotional drama for coming to swara’s home tat too for studying.. Her mom sends her forcefully, but if it weren’t for exams, tannu would happily go but hearing the word exam, she feels very lazy. Meanwhile choti mishti too joins sometimes with swatan for group studies at swara’s house n sanvee too comes to swaras house, where as sanky comes to take notes from mishti as one of the powerful reson to be near swara as they too had their semester exams next week. . The gang as usual goes to ice cream parlour to spent some quality time in weekend, one day before exam. Sanky too joins them. Swasan nok-jhok starts. Sanky gets possessive of swara day by day. He indirectly supports her in every way. But no one notices it but only one does(guess who ?)

after the weekend party, just a night before exam

At swara’s room
Swara is studying n mishti comes with dinner
Swara: mom i will have it later. Just need to revise two more chapters then i will complete n have dinner with u both..
Shekar:no need angel.. See , me n ur mom here to accompany u.. U revise, me n mom will feed u
Swara:Wat??? but dad..
Shekar: i know wat u will think. We will eat simultaneously.. I will feed ur mom too n winks at her
Misgti gets shy n the trio shares a nice n cute family bonding. They finish their dinner, where as swara completes her revision n goes to sleep

Next morning
Swara geta ready after so much hard work done by her mother to wake her up.. Shekar drops her to school.. Swara see tannu who is reading with her head down n goes to her

Swara: hi tannu
Tannu zzzzzzzzz
Swara: tannu
Tannu: zzzz
Swara bends down n sees her sleeping n shakes her n shouts “tannnuu”
Tannu: (in shock) yes mom i prepared.. N opens her eyes to see swara.. Swara u just scared me.. U could have just called my name slowly. Im i deaf
Swara: s u r
Tannu: wat
Swara:i have beem calling u from long back
Till then mishti comes n joins them. The trio goes to give exam
After exam
Swara: how u did ur exam

Tannu: as usual in my sleepy way
Swara: huh u will never change. I know u will pass out but, u should concentrate on grades to get seat in good clg
Tannu: maata, dont start ur bhaashan… N folds hand
The trio breaks out into laughter
Swara: how u dis mishti
Choti mishti: it was quite easy yaar
Tannu: ha it will be easy.. As u guys are ramanujams grand daughters n breaks out into laughter.. N runs
Swamish chase her n beats her playfully.. While someone was smiling seeing them and someone smirking looking at them.

In clg
After their exam
Veer: hi sanky.. How was the paper
Sanky: good.. Not upto expectation..
Veer: s yaar.. This teachers will never chnage, u know aman(one of the class mate) got caught by the teacher as he was helping suman.
Sanky: oh.. Lol.. Now he would have been listening her so called lecture
Mishti : so u guys back biting abt teachers huh
Veer n sanky shocked: badi mom, maam..
Veer: no badi mom. I was telling sanky tat, teachers are gods avatar, who serve their students, im i right sanky
Sanky: s maam s s

Mishti catches their ears n twist it smiling
Mishti: u bothr really naughty.. Being with angel u guys have been changed..
Listening swara’s name sanky gets happy which is seen clearly on his face..
Veer: its paining maaammm
Mishti leaves them n then the trio talk for sometime n then leaves to their houses

The exam weeks passes by , n these girls mauj masti continues n tannu’s emotional atyachar doesn’t stop.. Where as in college sanvee gets involved in exam with some difficult subjects.

Last day of exam
After the exam
.tannu jumps in excitement..
Tannu: finally.. N finally in our of hell. Yippeee
Swara: enough tannu.. Now u r not tat much lean to jump in this old building.. U have gained weight, so think before u jump.. ( laughs laudly)
Choti mishti: s s.. Swara is right.. ( laughs)
Tannu:(angry) angel n mishti, i will not leave u both.. U guys are telling me.. See due to this stuoid exam i have lost so many weight n starts beating them with exam pad.
While interupted by rahul
Rahul: hi guys
Tannu: hi raaahullll(looking at swara)
Swamish: hi
Rahul: so how u all did ur exams( looking at swara n again seeing tannu)
Choti mishti : u r asking all of us or…
Swara: mishtiiiii, dint u listen wat he told
Tannu: ys swaruuu… But
Swara pinches both of them n both shouts ahhhhhhh

Swara :(smiles evilly) want more evidence
Swara: ya rahull, everyone did good.. So how u did ur exam( straight fwd)
Rahul: ya swara.. I did well.. Hope to get goos grades
Swara: tats good.. Hope u concentrate more over it(ligfting an eyebrow)
Rahul: sure i will
Tannu: so tat, u get good job, n good salary n then
Swara stamps tannus foot… Ahhhhh
Tannu: angel this is not fair.. How could u
Swara: awww. Is it paining.. Actuallg by mistake i placed my foot..
Mishti laughs n seeing swara eyeing her shuta her mouth with her hand.
Rahul: (feels little embarrassed by tannus talk) ok guys i will leave bye.. Bye swara
Tannu: byeee raahull.
Rahul leaves. Swara then catches tannus neck n
Tannu: angel no no no… Dont kill.. No more teasing with rahul.. Promise.. Pakka waala.
Then swara leaves her. Then the trio shares some quality time after exam n plans foe sone masti at home..

In clg:
Sanky :at last our semester got over..
Veer: s yaar.. This week was really hard one.. I can now spent some quality time with full of masti with my angel n tannu..
Sanky: s buddy. Their exams too might be over..
Veer: s of course n my angel will be first this time too.. And party toh banti hai
Sanky: ya of course..
Veer: then today at my house at 6.. Wats say
Sanky: gr8 .. I will join u.. ( smiles n gets lost thinking to meet swara after a week gap., though they use to see each other once in a while but sanky missed the fun with her n their nok-jhok..)

Then sanvee leaves to their house. Veer calls swara n informs abt the party at home. Swara gets excited n agrees. She informs her mom n goes to get ready.
At swara’s room
Swara: so wat shuld i wear.. Takes so many clothes to decide, atlas wears a knee length frock n leaves to tanveers house

At tanveers house

swara enters into an apartment, this apartment is litte bigger than her apartment, since there are more ppl in tanveers house including their grand parents. Swara greets tanveer grand parenta n chachi n leaves to tannu’s room

Tannu : atlas u came.. See these devils were scaring me like hell. ( sitring in a dark room)
Swara: ( gets inside her room facing tannu) awww. Who was scaring my baby
From the back a hand come,n turns swara.. Swara shouts ” ahhhhhhhh ” .. Sanky ,veer n mishti burst out laughing ,seeing swara’s face. N switches on the light . As sanky was wearing a devil mask to scare her.. Tannu too joins with them n laughs as it was their planning to scare her..

Swara: u guys r really devils..
Veer: aww my angel got scared.. I thought u wont n see i lost..
Swara: wat
Veer: ( with a pout face) i bet them tat u will not get scared out of this, n they bet me to scare u.. N now i lost
Swara: ooo… Sorry…. N whispers something in his ears.. ( both laugh)
They both hug each other, but sanky interupts
Sanky: hello drame baaz.. Wats ur plan huh
Swara: nothing..
Sanky: i know u both are evil minded..
Swavee grins and leave the room making an excuse to drink water.

Sanky: guys they are planning something
Tannu: s sanky
Choti mishti : ya bhai
Tannu: wat..
Choti mishti : I mean he is eldee right.. So
Tannu: hmm watever

Meanwhile swavee plans something muted .. Then after sometime they make some wild noises standing out the room door.. Sanmishtan peeks out of tge door n doesn’t find anyone n comes out but swavee have tied rope to makes them fall, but sanmishtan doesnt look down n the trio falls down n were fully white.. (lol) as swavee have plced a cushion with full of powder which sticks to their face, as they fall on the cushion .. Swavee burst out laughing.. The trio gets up n composes themself gavevan angry glare n burst out laughing.. Sanveetan rushes to room follwed by mishti n swara. But mishti falls down due to some water on the floor but doesn’t get hurt. Seeing mishti fall sanky rushes to her where as swara was laughing loudly. Sanky thinks swara made her to fall n shouts at her
.sanky: swara there is limit to tease.. See she have got hurt n shows a bleeding hand.
Swamish were shocked.. Sanky keeps on shouting on swara but swara tries to speak,where as tanvee comes out n see sanky shouting n calms him dowm. Where as swara’s eyes were filled with tears n she runs down.. Sanky dresses mishtis wound n ignores tanveemish talks.
Veer: sanky why u did like this..
Sanky: …
Tannu: sanky this is not wat it looks like.. U dont know actually wat happened
Cuts her talk
Sanky: enough tannu.. How much u guys will support her.
Mishti cuta his talk n jerks him.. Sanky was shocked.
Sanky: mishti listen
Choti Mishti: no bhai, u listen to me first..

Veer was shocked, as she was adressing him bhai.
Choti mishti : u actually dont know wat happened.. I dint fell becoz of swara. I slipped due to my negligence. N moreover this wound is not because i felled here.. I got this wound from school

Swara: come guts lets leave to home.. There we will plan something..
As swara was walking accompanied by mishtan, swara was leading the way with mishti at back with tannu. Someone throwed a stone at swara, at tat time she was called by a teacher, she changed her direction n the stone hits moshti in shoulder n she fell down n got hurt. Swara rushed to her n helped her..
Choti mishti: so us there any fault of swara.. ( by lifting eyebrows)
Sanky : sorry mishu i was just worried.. He hurt himself by punchimg his hand on wall..
Veer: stop sanky.. I know it’s not anyones fault. U were just worried abt her..
Sanky: sorry guys.. There is something which i dint disclose.. Im sorry mishti for breaking my promise.
Mishti gives him a assuring look..
Tanvee: wat..
Sanky: mishti is my sister
Tanvee were shocked n understood why sanky got angry as he was worried for her sister..
Tannu: but y did u hide this
Choti mishti: sorry guys.. I dint hide it.. Actually i dont want anyone to know I’m principals daughter.. I have faced so much trouble due to this in my past school.. No one use to be frndly with me, As im principals daughter. They just use me n get wat they want. But being with u guys in these two weeks i got to know wat frndship means n how to treat everyone equally. Anyhow today i was going to tell u all. Bye wi was worried for your reaction..I’m really sorry.. N i feel really reallt sorry for Swara.. N bhai, i wont talk to if until u bring my old swara back..
Sanky: i promise u mishu
Choti mishti : are u still angry on me guts
Tannu: s we are angry.. N sorry.. Now i understood wat u have gone thru.. N dont worry.. We will never. Treat u like tat. Dont worry abt swara, she will not be angry on u..
Veer: s my angel will not be angry on u but ( looks at sanky)
Sanky: ok guys, i will ask sorry..
At hall
All of them comes down n see swara sitting on sofa n having ice cream with tears in her eyes. All them smiles looking at her , n comes n sit next to her..
Veee: hi angel

Swara: hi ( looks at sanky)
Tannu : angel sanky oa sorry for his mistake see..
Sanky kneels down holding his ears n ask sorrt with a cutty puppy face..
Swara ignorea him n continues her ice cream
Sanky: sorry swara. Im really sorry princess..
All look at him in astonishment.. but veer smiles
Sanky realised wat he said n continues
Sanky: im sorry angel, sweety, cuty, plumpy, chuvvi.. So on ect..
Swara doesnt look at him at all.. While tannu told her everything abt mishti n swara sees mishti with shock.. Mishti shakes her head. Then swara gets up from sofa n hugs mishti assuring her to treat her like how she is n not who she is..

Then swamishtan shares a group hug. N sanky looks sad thinkinh how to convince her..



So guys, wat should swara do.. N how should sanky convince her.. Does swara should forgive sanky..
Sorry guys if there are any mistakes, i actualy wrote it in a hurry.. Sorru for the mistakes.. Thnku guys for all ur valuable comments. It really encourages me.. Keep commenting guys..but somewhere I feel like no one is interested in this.. So im thinking to wrap up this story n come to an end.. I had so many things in my mind, but i feel no one is interested. If u comment then only i will know who all read my ff right.. So keep commentting. N some of them are interested in swarahu right.. Lol.. If i think abt them as pair, i really laugh out loud.. But u know wat, i was planning to post an holi epi but holi is over right. Do u want me to post an holi epi in future… Hope to get ur suggestion n feedbackk.. Thank u..

Credit to: Sha

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