The episode starts with swara worried..

Swara: sanky,cant u reduce the punishment… Plssss

Sanky: someone told me tat, ms swara khanna doesn’t get back from her saying

Swara: s but

Sanky:ok u want me to change the punishment right

Swara was looking down n nods her head, while sanky catches her struggling hand due to bracelet n come closer, it was just some inch gap between them, when his hot breath was feeled be swara,she looks up n find Sanky close to her ,both of thems heart were beating in same rhythm.. Then

Sanky:then give me a kiss

Swara’s eyes widened.. She moved back, till then sanky removed her bracelet n gave her a naughty smile by lifting one eye brow..

Swara:wat(opened her mouth fully)

Sanky: so are u ok with this punishment ( laughs)

Swara: no.. This is cheating

Sanky: wat.. Wats cheating in this

Swara: idiot(closes her mouth with her hands)

Sanky : wat.. U r calling me idiot.. Im two yrs elder than u..

Swara: so wat.. I use to call sweetu too idiot

Sanky : watever u decide anyone thing.. Take ur time and smiles

Swara: go u r realy bad.. I won’t talk to you..

Sanky:(feels bad ) acha soryy baba and holds his ears

Swara thinks for a while…

Swara: so u need kiss right

Sanky was shocked..

Sanky : wat ( n opened his mouth)

Sanky moves backwards whiles swara moves fwd

Swara : u only said na, kiss is the punishment

Sanky: ya but i was just kidding.. Pls dont take it serious( says worried)

Swara: u need kiss or not

Sanky shook his head in complete noo, where as swara was smiling naughtily with a evil idea

Swara: but i will give n complete my punishment

By saying this she moves backward where as sanky was is utter shock thinking, “oh my god what she is gonna do” n then comes the twist in the tale.. Swara after moving at some distance

Swara: so sanky are u ready

sanskar was just blinking and then



Swara gave him a flying kiss.. (lol)

Sankys eyes widened, where as swara burst out into laughter n jumps.. Sanky’s surrounding was filled with sparks as if the kiss was one of the wonders of god, which was made only for him.. He dont know how to react, all he thought was, he was on cloud nine.. How come someone can handle a situation in such a manner..

Sanky(in mind) : oh my god.. This girl .. This girl is different, each an every minute, she does something tat attracts me.. I just dont know, how to react, should i be happy abt the kiss or should i be angry abt the kiss or should i be sad.. I really dont know.. No one lost.. She won , as well as made me win too.. Im really FALLING FOR YOU MISS SWARA KHANNA ?
Then i gave her a smile.. But i was worried, if she say veer abt this incident, i dont know how will he react.. As i know once in clg he fought with the senior becoz of me as they tried a prank which harmed me.. At tat time i saw his real anger as well as his care.. How much he care for his loved once..

Swara :so im ready to tell my veer , bye sanky

Sanky: one minute

Swara:now wat

Sanky:u tell him, but not now, later in ur house

Swara thinks for a while

Swara:as far as i say them..( Gave him a full satisfied smile)

Sanskar was again lost in her smile.. N both of them left to parking area..

Mishtanveerah were waiting near the car n swasan arrived.. Then veer asked everyone to sit, whereas sanky brings an r15 bike

Veer: sanky where is ur car

Sanky : actually i have given it for water wash..

Veer: hmm ok..

Veer sits in driver seat ,swara was going to sit next to veer but thought a wild idea and asked mishti to sit there, as she know veer is not tat much ok with her as she gave them same names.. When swara asked mishti to sit with him, veer gave her “dare not to do tat” look, where as swara gave him a mischievous smile n went in back seat, where as tannu understood n giggles.. Rahul was abt to sit next to swara where tannu says,

Tannu : oh so mr. Blush is trying to steal my bestie..

Rahul: no tannu, not like tat.. (smiles) u sit with her, i will sit next to veer n mishti will come

Then sanky interupts n says

Sanky: i will drop u raahul.. (with a fake smile)

Rahul: ok.. (looks at swara)

Tannu: i will come with u sanky

Swara eyes sanky. He too see her..

Sanky : as ur wish tannu

Rahul see swara feeling uncomfortable to sit with him, so

Rahul: no tannu i will go with him.. U go along with ur gang

Tannu : wat ever.. I tried to help u, but ur loss.. N chuckles

Swara eyes tannu, tannu understood tat its a warning before tsunami n sits back quickly . They all reach home. Sanky too reaches swara’s home after dropping rahul

At khanna’s house

Swara was happy to introduce mishti to her mom,she made mishti stand out, n she entered, where as mishtan were planning something

Swara: mishti mishti

Where as mishti comes out n looks at swara angrily and gave her a strong look..

Swara : mom.. Why are u looking at me like tat

Mishti : u want me to tell u

Swara:( again) mishti..

Mishti: angel…

Mishti moves fwd to catch swara’s ears, just then choti mishtan enters n breaks out into laughter.. Mishti was confused.. N saw choti mishti n smiles at her..

Swara: mom meet mishtiiiiii

Mishti:oh so this is why u were so much happy today.. So tat u can call my name openly, u r same like ur dad
Saying this she pulls her ear
SwarA: mom its paining

Just then sanvee enters

Veer: badi mom leave na

Tannu:aagaye angel ke chamche

Veer eyes her but still support angel .. He then introduced sanky. Sanky was shocked to see mishti, as she is one of his lecturer. Sanky look at veer n says, so tats y u were not afraid of her.. After sometime, they have some family time. Mishti enjoys there company. Choti mishti n mishti had a nice bond. Sanky too gets involved in the teasing masti. Then later tannu signals mishti, n the duo excuses n goes to drink water in kitchen. In hall swasanveemish were talking. Swara was waiting for shekar, as he dint return still from office n becomes sad. But sanvee teases her n again swasan starts there nok-jhok.. But all of a sudden swara starts jumping like monkey, dancing, jumping from one sofa to another, n shaking her full body, where as mishtan were laughing madly seeing her state.. Mishti gave an angry look to tanvi

Mishti: so tannu atlas u did..

Swara: tannu, u r dead today.. I wont spare u, saying this she keeps on jumping

mishtan keeps on laugjing..

Sanky still doesn’t know wats wrong, he worries for swara, as swara had tears in her eyes,but he dont know for wat the tears were, so he shouted

Sanky: mishti n tannu, wat u guys did.. See she is crying..

Swatanmis were shocked due to his sudden anger

Veer: dont worry bro, this tannu is pagal..

Sanky: but veer

Veer too starts laughing… Sanky gave him ” wat was tat for ” look

Veer: sanky this pagal have put ice cubes inside swara dress

Sanky was shocked at first but after sometime realised n breaks out into laughter. Swara see tat both sanvee joined mishtan gang n got really angry

Swara: today all of u r dead.. Saying this, she stops her dance as all the ice cube have been removed, she gave them a dead look n searched throughout the house n saw a big rod,when she was abt to take

mishtan n sanvee were shocked at shouted at a time : noooooooooooo

Swara then thinks looking at rod n shook her head, then she sees broom stick n looks at veer, all of them started to run out of the apartment.. They all went out.. But swara got an more evil idea n she collected some bottles n went to terrace, she pour the liquid in a bucket n could see all of them stading down the building.. She took the bucket n pour the whole liquid on then who were standing.. All get drenched in the water, n started to shiver.. (s guys, she poured ice water on them?) . All together shouted

Mishtansanvee: swaraaaaaaaaaaa

Swara runs to her room, n all the frnds get into the apartment ,mishti sees them all drenched n started laughing.. All of them ask abt swara, mishti showed them her room, as she saw swara running inside n understood tat its swara’s work.. All went n knock on the door.. Swara doesnt open the door.

Tannu: swara open the door..

Swara: noo

Veer used spare keys n peeks inside the room. But doesnt see swara, all of them come inside n search her, veer knows where she might be, n looks her under the bed, n finds her hiding, swara sees him n makes a cute puppy face by holding her ears. Veer melts seeing it, n ask her to come out.. Mishtan saw her n gave her a angry look, but seeing swara’s cute puppy face, their expression changes n all of them breaks out into laughter. But all of a sudden swara becomes fully white. All started to laugh even more louder n sanky joins then in laughing.. S sanky has made swara white by putting flour on her.. Mishti comes inside n see her daughter state n started laughing.. Swara was puzzled n gave sanky n death glare.. Swara started to chase him n he ran al over the room jumping n mishti ask the others to come n change their dres into something as they might get cold, swara stops chasing sanky listening her mom, n told sanky

Swara: u too go n change.

Sanky: thanku maate..

Swara: be happy till u change, as u r going to face hell now..

Sanky: as far as im safe

Everyone went out of her room, swara gave mishtan her clothes, n they went into dressing room. Mishti gave veer’s clothes to sanvee.. N swara too got fresh n changed her dress. All of them came out from respective rooms. Swara gave sanky angry look n sanky kept some distance from swara, as she will do something new. While mishti was in kitchen preparing snacks.
Swara: veer i wanna say something
Veer: s angel
Swara: i only hit sanky with stone
Veer: i know angel
Swasan both were shocked. Swara gave sanky a angry look, thinking he told, sanky shake his head in nooo..
Veer: angel i know tat u only hitted him but when sanky supported u i thought if the one who got hit is not angry, then y should i react.. But watever u did was wrong. Next time u should not do this. Wat if it might get sever.. Anyways(he goes n side hugs her) im really proud to get u as my bestie, u told me the truth. U may have hided it but seee..

Swara feels overwhelmed n gets happy.. Sanmishtan gets happy seeing there bonding n tannu too side hugs swara.. Then mishsan looks at eachother n smiles. Swara goes in kitchen to help her mom. Swara serves snacks to all. All starts eating but sanky was crying.

Veer: sanky, wat happened. Still u r thinking abt our bonding n crying ah.
Sanky still crying n eyes swara who was giggling.. All of them understood tat swara have done something with sankys snacks n starts laughing. Sanky got up n went to swara but swara ran from there, sanky followed her in the room

Swara: sorry sanky.. Last time sorry. This is pakka wala sorry.. No more masti.. Promise. Only two spoon chilli i added, i dont know u will cry this much.. Next time i will try to add les.
Sanky: i wont leave u now
He runs an catches swara both looses balance n falls in bed, sanky being top on swara. Swara gets another mischievous idea, where as sanky was lost seeing her so close. Swara does something in sankys back, but sanky doeant know anything

Swara: sanky
Sanky: …..
Swara: sanky( shakes him).. U r so heavy
Sanky cimes back to senses n gets up..
Sanky: sorry.. Im extremely sorry..
Swara: its ok.. Smiles naughtily.
Swara was abt to leave
Sanky: swara, one more thing, dont get me wrong, i was really kidding in the ice cream parlour, but u

Interupted by swara

Swara: actually i know u were kidding, so tat i dont tell veer, i know u were worried abt veer reaction, Actually we both fighted in our first meet n at tat time i dont know u were the sanky of my sweeto.. Veer have told me so many things abt u.. So dont worry i dint misunderstood u..
Sanky:(with relief) thanku swara
Swara: its ok.. N gigles..
Both come out.. Sanky n mishti says its getting late n bids bye but everyone started laughing seeing sanky. Sanky was confused.
Sanky: wat happen guys
Veer: angel.. Now pls stop.. Spare my buddy..
Swara: sorry sweeto. Aadat se majboor
Sanky : wat happen
Tannu goes back to sanky n shows him the tail which swara have tied
Sanky shocks, swara rocks.. Everyone burst out laughing.. Sanky gives an angry look to swara. Swara makes cute sorry face n pouts. Sanky melts seeing her n smiles

Swara: wow.. So mr.kabutar is not angry huh
Sanky again gives angry look to swara but smiles
Sanky: no miss chuvvi aka bak bak
Swara: awwww.. Bak bak.. See change tat name n give a good name.. Its not at all good..

Everyone starts laughing n swasan nok-jhok continues . Mishti informs swara tat, shekar will get late, n their beach plan is cancelled. Swara becomes sad.. But mishtanveesan starts to disturb swara n starts teasing her. They all enjoyed each others company. N after sometime everyone left to their respective houses. N screen freezes on swara’s smiling face



So guys how was this episode. Hope u all enjoyed.. Plss do comment then only i will know u guys enjoyed it.. N thanks alot to all of them , who comments daily. It really encourages me alot.. N it means alot to me..

Credit to: Sha

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