The episode begins with rahul giving rose to swara in front of sanskaar.

Rahul: swaru

Swara was happy to prove sanky wrong but on the other side, she feels awkward.. Sanskar was little angry n looking at swara to get her answer.. Swara then excuses from sanky n takes rahul to a corner.. Sanky was little pissed n looks for Veer so tat he can go along with him where the duo swarahu is there n listen their conversation.. His eyes was on swarahu, then he spot veer n wwnt towards him,by glaring along swara.. Then when he went to veer, his face was fully covered with ice cream, seeing his buddy’sstate he started laughing.. Veer gave him a angry look, n ask where is angel.. There he (thinks) shit!! I forgot wat i came for, .. All of a sudden he turned to see swara.. There he saw…….

Swara was taking the red rose from rahul.. He was puzzled.. He just murmured.. Wat the hell.. Then

Veer:sanky where are u lost.. N where is angel..

Then sanky points n says

Sanky: the love birds are there..

Veer burst out laughing.. Sanky was confused and gave him ” wat was tat ” look..

Sanky: ur so called angel has accepted his proposal i guess.. See she accepted his rose..
Thinks for sometime n says.. Watever, u first clean ur face. Looking like joker..

Irritation was fully written on sankys face, but he relaxed himself, not to give any thought .
Then veer takes tissue n wipes his face n thinks i know wat my angel would have done, Nyways i should not leave this tannu ki bachi.. Huh.. .then veer to sanky

Veer: arei yaar, u know this tannu n mishti are impossible.. U have to help me to take revenge.. I know my angel wil be there but, i want to show mans power.. As she showed me girls power na.. N smirks

Sanky: wat… Stop thinking like swara..

Swara who was coming to them listen to sanky

Swara: wat.. U r telling my sweetu to stop thinking like me.. U lambu..

Sanky: lambu…

Swara: ha lambu.. U r so tall na.. So kept tat name.. How is it..

Sanky : disgusting . U r wierdo..

Swara : huh watever..

Mishtanvee listening to their convo burst out laughing.. And tannu tells veer to pay the bill till then swasans fight will be over.. n mishtan accompanied veer to the cash counter.

Sanky: so finished ur talk with ur lover boy.. (pointing to the rose in her hand)

Swara thinks ( wat lover boy , wat happened to him.. N he is really mad.. In beginning i was thinking he is half mad, but now its confirmed and shakes her head)

Sanky: (seeing her lost n shaking head) oh so madam is lost in the rose from her lover boy

Swra:( smiles) oh so u r talking abt rahul.. Huh.. wat happened to u, n dont call him lover boy, its really irritating.. He has a name.. His name is rahul.. Ya I love roses, so i accepted from him

Sanky: wat.. For a single rose u did this!! ???

Swara: so wat

Sanky : if anyone brings n give u rose, u will take it huh..

Swara: are u mad, how will i take rose from anyone.. N moreover He is not anyone.. He is from my school n i know himm..
Sanky gets irritated by listening her,thinking tat she have accepted the proposal for a single rose, before he could say something more, mishtanvee came.

Veer: so guys lets leave. ..

Swara: mishti, ur coming to my home na..

Choti mishti : no swara i wil leave now..

Tannu: mishti come na,.. It will be good n we r planning to go to beach also(thinks) mishti will help me in badi mom’s unfinished work

Swara: ya mishti, n i wanna surprise my mom by showingu (thinking)so tat i can irritate my mom by ur name)

Choti mishti thinks for a while n says ok..

Veer: n sanky.. Do u have any plans..

Sanky: no yaar.. Just going home

Veer: y dont u join us.

Sanky: no veer.. Its ok.. U guys enjoy.

Saying this he was abt to leave and sees rahul approaching them n stops..

Veer: sanky come yaar, (seeing rahul) hi rahul, wats up..

Rahul: im good bro

Sanky: ya he will feel good(murmurs)

Veer: did u say something sanky

Sanky: no nothing.

Rahul: bro can u drop me to my house, on the way..

Veer eyes swara, she says yes through eyes

Veer: ya sure rahul

Rahul: thanks bro..

While mishtan were giggling, swara gives an angry look.. Sanky gets sad..

Veer: so sanky r u coming

Sanky: ya

Swara: someone was refusing

Sanky: ha i was.. But just thought to fill ur washroom with ur best frnds

Swara : my best frnds (confused) n in wash room..

Veer understood n says

Veer: leave na sanky..

Swara: wait sweetu.. Whom is he referring

Sanky: of course ur bff cockroachs n throws something n says cockroach and runs from there.. Swara jumps but seeing a dry leaf instead of cockroach, eyes sanky with full of anger.. Swara seeing him running, tell veer “”veer today he is gone””.. She quickly grabs some stones n run behind him..

Veer: angel wait. ..

Before veer could stop, swasan were at some distance, sanky being ahead of swara.. N swara throwing stones on him from back.. Some stones hits sanky at the back but some shots are missed. After stones were over, swara was searching more stones, n sanky stops seeing her sitting n collecting stones.

Sanky:(thinks) oh my god.. She is really a cute devil.. Ouch. . Y im i saying her cute. Watever.. But she is cute.. If she got hold of me, i think today is my last d

Before he could complete, there comes a shot…..


Swara hits sankys head with a small stone.. And starts laughing and jumping.. Sanky was just lost in her.. Her smile, her cute eyes which has some fire, her innocent jumps as she won.. A little blood came out of his head, swara saw tat n ran over to him.. she just throwed the stone lightly, so tat he doesnt get much hurt, but sankys bad luck or it may be Good luck too..

Swara : sanky sanky…

Sanky was just staring at her where as swara came fwd n touched his face, a current ran through his body n he started to blink..

Swara: sanky im really sorry..

A tear drop from her eyes but sanky wipes it.

swara: im really sorry sanky

, she takes her kerchief n started to wipe the blood slowly

Sanky: ahhh

Swara:sorry sorry sorryy..

Sanky: its ok..

Swara: is it paining

Sanky: no its like pouring ice cubes

Swara: awww how mean.. Im really sorrry… I wont do it next time

Sanky:oh so planning to kill me next time too ah

Swara: no sanky.. actually If i get angry, i used to so something big, once for sweetu too, i hitted him using broom stick, as he kept a dead cockroach in my book.. But later only i got to know tat, it was done by tannu.. I felt sorry for sweetu, then me n sweetu gave her punishment too. N then made her clean our respective cupboard by blackmailing her.. Im really sorry sanky..

Sanky tried not to laugh thinking abt how veer would be hitted by broom stick but, he controlled his laugh n concentrated on swara n her talk

Swara: ok give me any punishment.. I will do watever u say..

Sanky: is tat so, u will do watever i say??

Swara:s.. Ms. Swara khanna doesnt get back from her saying

Sanky:really (by saying this he move fwd to swara)

Swara: s (moves backwards)

Sanky : is it so then y r u getting back

Swara: im not getting back, its just tat ur eyes, which are seeing wrong,see froom long we r at same distance.. ( shows the gap between them)

Sanky: acha( moves fwd) while swara moves backwards.. Same repeats..
They share an eye lock.. Just then their gang comes n see sankys wound n gets shocked..

Veer:sanjy ,sanky wat happened.. Did she actually hit u. N looks at swara .. Mishtan too looks at swara with astonishment..

Veer:swaraa .. Wat is this..

Swara gets teary eyes but

Sanky : stop it veer.. She din’t hit me.. It’s just tat while running my leg got twisted n i felled..

Swara gets shocked, she interrupts but Sanky says lets leave guys..

Swara: no guys wait..

Veer: angel im sorry.. I got mistaken…

Sankky: come yaar let’s leave

All stars to leave to parking area but swara was standing n thinking

Swara:(thinks) y is he saving me , no i can’t lie to my frnds.. Watever happents lets face..

Swara was abt to call mishtanvee n says sweeto but a hand come from back closes her mouth n takes swara to a corner.. S it was sanky.. Swara’s back was touching sankys chest.. She turns around n was shocked, she was abt to move back but her bracelet gets struck in sankys button n she was struggling in removing it.

Swara: why did u bring me here.. N why did u lie to him.. I don’t lie to my frnds

Sanky: ya u dint lie to him

Swara: but u dint leave me to tell him the truth. Y

Sanky: as u were going to cry. Which i can’t see

Swara’s eyes gets widen..

Sanky realising wat he said and covers up

Sanky: i dint want veee to get worried, tats y..

Swara: oh.. But i cant keep my mouth shut.. Anyways i will tell him.. After all he is my sweetu, so he wont get much angry..

Sanky: u wont tell him

Swara: but y

Sanky: no means no (thinks) i dont know y but if she says to veer, i saw him worried n got angry on swara.. While she was abt to cry.. I dont want her to cry another time because of me.. So wat should i do… Think sanky think.. Hmm)

Swara: y y y

Sanky: u told me to give u a punishment na

Swara: s..

Sanky: so ur punishment is, u won’t tell anythink to anyone abt this incident

Swara: how is it possible sanky.. Me n hiding from my tanvee.. Impossible

(actually swara shares everything with tanvee.. N they too do the same,so there are no secret between them)

Sanky: punishment is a punishment

Swara: u tell me anyother punishment na..

Sanky : no..


Scrren freezes on swara’s face still struggling through her bracelet in sankys shirt..


So guys how was the epi.. N wat should swara do.. Should she accept sankys punishment or let her face some other punishment of sanky???????
Waiting for ur responce..

Thanku pooja for your suggestions.. I have decided some names given by u, hope u like it..

Veer as vatsal seth
Tannu as aditi of thapki pyaar ki
Mishti as sanjeeda sheik
Rahul as aamir ali

Hope u like the characters.. If u dont know then just google n see, u will find the similarities as per my ffs character.. If u have anyother suggestions regarding, u r motstly Welcome..

Pooja i thought of rahul as utkarsh gupta, but aamir cutely blushes as per my ff, so i chose him.. Hope u understand.. N moreover its up to u whoever u imagine..

Pls do comment guyss.. It helps me to write more.. Or else i feel like im torturing u guys with my ff.. Lol..

Credit to: Sha

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