FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 67)


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The episode begins with sanskar Closing his eyes and Wrapping his one hand around swara’s waist, while the other hand on her cheek.. Leaning towards eachothers lips , swara-sanskar jumps and parts away due to a sudden scream..

They turn around to find mishu closing her eyes and making faces..

Mishu: bhai, clg hai!! And tat too parking lot..

SwaSan were totally embarrassed .

Sanky: (scratches his head) bas mishu.. We weren’t doing anything.. Something went inside swara’s eyes and I was just checking it.. now open your eyes.

Mishu splits her fingers, slowly opening her eyes and sighs..

Mishu: thank god bhai.(exclaims) do you think I will belive your lame excuse. (laughs) My poor eyes!!!.. You don’t leave a chance to romance.. Oh god..

Sanky: mishu ki bachi.. I will (runs after her)

Mishu runs all around the parking lot.. Swara laughs seeing them..

Swara: guys ,enough.. Come lets leave..

Sanky stops in his spot . Swara asks them to get in the car.

When the trio get seated, sanky gains Swamish attention and becomes serious..

Sanky: I got to know abt Rohit..

Swamish looks at eachother..

Sanky : I guess tannu would have heard his frnds discussion..
Swara : Wat did they discuss??
Sanky: woh, rohit have gone to USA.
SwaMish: Wat??
Sanky : (nods) yaa.. For a proposal..
Swara: for a proposal..??

Sanky: (nods) I just got to know tat his alliance is fixed. If Rohit get married, his dad have promised him to give his position..

Swamish nods..

Mishu : so tats way tannu was angry..
Sanky: may be.. As he choosed his career over her..
Swara: I can’t believe this sanskar..
Sanky: ya right… But, We can’t assume things such tat..
Swara: Wat we are suppose to do now..
Sanky: i dont understand swara.. Tannu should have atleast talk to him.
Swara: but his phone is not reachable..
Sanky: haan, but just think, if he is not at fault. Six lifes will be spoiled..
Swamish:(shocked) six????
Sanky nods..

Sanky: six lifes.. !! Not only tanvee ,mishu and Rohit is involved here. The one who is going to engaged with tanvee are also involved..

Swamish looks at eachother..

Mishu: sorry bhai, but I guess harish uncle will never accept me.. So it’s better they get engaged… As far as tannu and veer are happy..

Sanky: mishu
Mishu: it’s true bhai..
Swara: don’t worry mishu.. Everything will be fine.. We will do something.

Mishu smiles faintly.. Sanky looks at swara and she gives him a sweet smile.. He smiles back. But he is disturbed with so many thoughts.. One side it was because of tanvee and other side due to swara’s sudden kiss. He thinks to ask her later..

Two days later…………

It was beautiful morning with a brisk environment. Eveyone is seen getting ready for some function.. It is obviously, engagement of taniya and veer..

Swara’s family enters harish home. Harish looks at shekar and both hugs eachother happily . While mishti and divya does vice versa.. Swara happily greets harish and divya. She goes to meet tanvee by excusing herself..

She enters tannu’s room and finds it dark. When she switch onn the lights,she finds tannu in corner weeping silently. Swara runs to her and hugs her tightly..

Swara: tannu.. You are crying…??? Pls dont cry..
Tannu: I’m not crying.. (wipes her eyes)

Swara: haan, it’s ur ghost eyes which are swollen.. Arei yaar, just enjoy this moment.. I wont let anyone tie u in unwanted relation.. Just belive me.. Be happy tannu..

Tannu: happy!! (smiles dryly) angel, dont plan anything to stop this engagement . I will not go against dad for the one who doesn’t care abt me..

Swara: haaawwwww… relax tannu.. Believe me.. Just matter of sometime..

Tannu: it’s not matter of sometime, It’s my lifetime cage .. I just don’t understand why it’s happening with me.. I hate him to the core.. .

Swara:(break the hug and wipes her tears) Pls dont cry tannu.. I can’t see u like this.. Just wait for him.. If you guys are meant together, then no one can seperate u..

Tannu: no.. I heard from his frnds. He is ready for his marriage.. I dont know how he agreed angel.. But I’m dying each and every minute for my stupid decision.. I can’t even back up now.. Dad’s reputation is at sake…

Swara : what If he comes and stop the engagement.. ??

Tannu:(smiles dryly) Never in my dreams.. It’s been two days.. Damn two days swara. If he could have thought abt me ,atleast I would have got his call.. Then somewhere I might have had some hope.. But now, I just lost all my hope.. He went away from my life..

Swara: tannu.. (takes a deep breath) evrything will be fine.. Just be patient and enjoy this precious moment .. Pls.. For my sake.. I promise u tat you will get wat you want..

Tannu smiles faintly..

Tannu : (monologue) just in my dreams..

Swara haven’t seen Her this much broken.. Somewhere she is guilty and frustrated for all this mishap.. Guilty?? Haan she is guilty.. But she is happy as well.. She is sure tat evrything will be fine and evryone will get watt they deserve..

Now she is just scared to see veer.. She haven’t seen him after mishus confrontation. It really hurts her to see him all broken.. It just kills her to see the most valuable persons dying each and every minute.. .. She isn’t able to do anything but just wait for the right time…

Meanwhile veer has-been kept himself in his room from the past two days.. He is just like a zombie ever since mishu left him.. Yes she left him for the sake of his father.

Veer recalls wat happened two days ago after swasanmish came back from college.. Where mishvee met at some park…

Veer: mishu I have thought alot abt this.. We will run away. Wat say..??

Msihu widens her eyes..

Mishu : veer!! Are u in sense.. ?? Your father will hate me more..

Veer: you love me right. ?? Then wats the need to worry abt tat.. We will run away and when our parents agree ,we. Will be back..

Mishu: no veer.. I love you with my soul and heart but I don’t want to seperate you from your parents. I want to be the reason of your happiness not your misery..

Veer: we don’t have anyother choice mishu..
Mishu:(smiles faintly) haan veer.. But we have an option.. U will get engaged to that girl and tats final..
Veer:(shouts) no way…

Mishu: you will veer.. For your parents, for me.. Just think abt tannu , she have agreed and will be happy with this engagement !!!! Now it’s just u ,who is being stubborn.. Forget me and move on..

Veer gets shocked and his eyes filled with tears.

Veer: do you think tannu will be happy.. And, you want me to forget you and move on.. (mishu turns away holding her tears back) answer me damn it..

Veer turns her around and holds her shoulder tightly..

Veer: tell me, will u be able to forget me..

Mishu keeps mum

Veer: will u move on???
Mishu:(tears brimming her vision)it’s hurting veer
Veer : answer me.. Will you??

She jerks him hands and spats back..

Mishu:(shouts) yes I will..

With tat she walked away..

Ever since that day mishu and veer never met.. Never faced eachother.. Sanky on the other hand was shocked on knowing abt this .. He Never thought tat mishu will give up so soon..

When he approached her to have a talk, she always locks herself in her room. He felt helpless for not being there for his sister.. Where on the other hand, veer talked with sanky and asked him to convince mishu. But it was too late.

Even veer breaked down completely in front of sanky.. That was the day which turned evrything upside down for some people. But that was also the day where everything was back to normal for evryone. Confused right.. But it’s true..

Since that day, swara’s hope were high.. She somehow felt that evrything will be fine soon.. Or she might do anything to make it fine. Maybe. She had some plans..

On the same night she saw sanskar walking aimlessly in the garden of his house. He was lost in his own thoughts. Swara immediately came out from her balcony and went to sanskars house.. Swara knew wats going on in sanky’s mind.. Their might be a big turmoil..

She thought ,He just needed someone.. He was looking so broken. All his frnds life were scattered into pieces.. So she went near him and stopped his immpacient pacing moments..

Swara : sanskar!!

Sanskar on the instant hugged swara. She could here his rapid heart beats indicating how scared he is..

Swara: sanskar..

She just strokes his back and calms him down.. When she felt tat he is ready to talk, she part away and cups his face..

Swara: sanskar..

He dint dare to open his eyes..

Swara: sanskar..

She slowly caresses his cheeks with her thumb,tip toes and pecks his lips. Sanskar opens his eyes and their eyes met. She gives him an heart warming smile and sanky melts instantly..

Sanky:(hugs her again) swara…
Swara: sanskar..

They just remains in their posture. What seem like eternity, they finally part away.. Swara again cups his face and kisses his forhead..

Swara : do you trust me??

Sanskar creases his forhead and strikes his forhead with hers.

Sanky: is tat a question??
Swara: tell me??
Sanky : (smiles) with all my heart and soul..

Swara: then believe me, evrything is going to be alright. I’m not saying it simply. I will never let them seperate . I will do something that will change everything.

Sanskar looks at her and finally smiles..

Sanky : I believeyou swara.. I’m just confused.. How you will?? Do you have any plan.. ??

Swara: you don’t worry abt that. I have a surprise for you.. I wont reveal it until I solve everything by myself..

Sanky:(lifts his eyebrow) surprise?? Don’t tell me, you are planning something big..

Swara:(smiles) I’m not planning anything… Im just trying to solve differences.. Believe me, evrything will fall into its correct place..

Sanky nods and swara hugs him..

Swara: I love you..

Sanky breaks the hug and looks at her shocked..

Sanky:(touches her forhead) swara, are you fine.

Swara nods shockingly.. Then she understands his teasing and hits his chest..

Swara: idiot..
Sanky: wat..?? I’m Serious.. You are behaving strangely from the parking lot..
Swara:(pouts) I’m not..
Sanky: Acha baba.. Now tell me, wat got into you??
Swara: sanskar( starts hitting him)
Sanky: ouch.. Acha acha sorry…(laughs)

He holds her wrist and pulls her into his chest. Swara gives up and hugs him..

Swara: (murmurs against his chest) I’m sorry!!

Sanky doesn’t hear her.. He was happy that finally swara is with him. But somewhere he recalled their fight and doesn’t understand her sudden change.. As far as she is with him, he dint care abt anything.

Since that day swarA and sanskars differences were sorted out.. Both were preparing for the engagement in full mood.. Sanskar never leaves a chance to ask swara abt her plan.. But she always ignores him and changes her topic..

It’s the day of engagement.. It’s the day where there will be a turning point In evryones life.. Total four lifes at sake.. Will they ever be able to have their planned future or will destiny play something else..

Swara goes to veers room and find him sad..

Swara: sweetu, ..

He was still lost..

Swara:(shakes him) veer, im telling you …. get ready for the blast.. It’s your engagement and you are sulking here.

Veer: angel, you are saying this??
Swara: haan.. Just be Happy.. You will get wat you prayed for..

Veer:(laughs dryly) wat i prayed for.. ?? Pls angel, im not in the mood for any joke.. I just couldn’t believe mishu will give up on me..

Swara : Veer, don’t you think she has a point..
Veer : don’t you think, i even have a point..

Swara:(closes her eyes and takes. Deep breath) OK, I agree.. But veer just don’t worry abt anything.. I beg you.. I can’t see you in this state.. I want you to be happy.. Just don’t worry, pray to god that my plan gets successful.. (bites Her tongue)

Veer gets shocked..

Veer: wat do you mean..??

Swara smiles..

Swara : I’m not gonna tell you anything but trust me ,I will surely do anything for my sweetu and tannu’s happiness.. (hugs him)

He hugs her back..

Veer:(smiles) I believe you.. I love you alot angel.. (kisses her forhead)

Swara giggles..

Swara: but I’m sorry, if my plan gets failed..

Veer: you are trying, tats enough for me. But believe me, i don’t want you to get into trouble..

Swara: never fear when swara khanna is hear.. (winks at him) but pls be happy..

Veer wasn’t happy but he can’t even ignore his angels wish. For her, he was acting to be happy.. He knows very well tat no one will dare to stop this so called engagement. To the hell with the engagement, he was really frustrated over all this stuff..

Tannu was finally ready .. She was wearing pink lehenga with orange and pink combination dupatta with sleeveless choli looking gorgeous..

Where as veer was wearing cream colour sherwani with a red piping at the color looking handsome. When everyone got ready, they left to the engagement venue.

The engagement was held in a grand hall,which was decorated beautifully with golden walls and White ceiling combination including the chair in the same order. Where as the stage was absolutely shining with the golden frill and curtains..(in the cover pic) The hall being beautiful would be an understatement but it was beyond description.

SwaTanvee and their family reached the venue.. They were greeted by Sharma family . Everyone were looking happy but tanvee were looking pale just there lips were curled. Tannu was being taken by her future mother in law .

Where as veer was lost in his own world not giving any response to others. He Let himself busy by playing temple run. Though he wasn’t able to run away from this engagement but atleast he was satisfied playing tat game,Since he can run away as far as he can.. He was laughing at himself for thinking like that..

Swara goes to accompany tannu but she was being pulled inside a empty room. When she was abt to shout, her mouth was being closed..

Sanky : wifey it’s me!!

She widens her eyes and sanskar takes off his hand..

Swara: sanskar (hugs him) when did you come..
Sanky: I came long back..

Just then he gets back and take a full view of swara. He blinks once, twice, thrice and then his jaws drops.. Swara feels shy under his gaze and looks down. She was wearing combination of pink lehenga with golden choli,with dupatta on one side with her hair into a bun, looking absolutely stunning where as sanskar was wearing black sherwani with golden piping looking hot and s*xy..

Sanskar slowly moves towards her and lifts her chin such that their eyes met. He pulls her closer to him by wrapping his one hand around her bare waist and whispers

Sanky:beautiful (kisses her right cheek) , gorgeous (kisses her left cheek) and (leans to her lips) stunning..

With that he moulds his lips on Hers.. Loosing eachother in their own world of ecstasy. She moves her lips with his favouring every corner and he does the same with hers.

He licks her lips to taste Her but she smiles and teases him blocking his tongue. But sanskar being back to his old avatar, slides his hand in her choli from back, makes her gasp in shock with wide eyes. He winks at her and slips his tongue in her, smiling all the way. She hits his chest but he pulls her more into him..

She gives up recalling her words when she asked him to punish her however he wants.. She recalls how stupid she have been with him and how their stupid fight ended in one day…

Yes swara and sanskar where back to their ownself.. Their fight was solved two days ago.. What happened was, When swara went to cheer sanskar they end up embracing eachother, then

Sanky: I love you so much swarA..
Swara: (nuzzles in his chest) I love you too..
Sanky:(chuckles) Acha..

Swara lifts her head and looks at sanskar with angry face. He looks down and chuckles again..

Swara: its not funny..
Sanky: yaa. It is not…
Swara: (breaks the hug and cups his face) are you still angry with me..
Sanky:(creases his forhead) will I be mad at my wifey.. ?? Never.. !!
Swara: I’m sorry sanskar..
Sanky:(confused) for wat??
Swara: I got to know everything…
Sanky: (concerned) you mean??
Swara: I’m sorry for being stubborn.. I’m so stupid.. I’m an idiot, duffer and

He places his finger on her lips..

Sanky: I’m not angry swara.. You know me very well.. I just shouted on you for your stubbornness.. Nothing else.. But haan, u will get your punishment for evrything..

Swara giggles..

Swara : punish me however you want but I’m really sorry ..

Sanky: Sachi.?? Then surely, I will punish u however I want(winks and pulls her closer by wrapping his hand around her waist) Im so happy swara.. But mishu

Swara:(plays with his collar button) sanskar.. Trust me, evrything will be alright..

Sanky nods..

Sanky: I hope so.. I just want them to be happy.. I’m just disturbed abt tannu and veer.
Swara : dont worry sanskar, she will be happy with her engagement..
Sanky: wat??
Swara: I mean, i have planned something ..
Sanky: (places his head on her shoulder) won’t you tell me your plan.. (pouts)

She looks at his pout and slaps him slightly on his cheek , gently caressing it later…

Swara: don’t make such face.. Im not gonna tell you anything..

Sanky:(nods) watever.. I missed you so much.. But(lifts his head in shock) how did you got to know everything and Wat did you know..

Swara :(smiles) actually …
Sanky: wait..

Swara looks at him in shock.. Sanky smiles and sits in one of the bench in the garden and pulls swara in his lap..

Sanky: now tell me.. (keeps his head on her shoulder)

Swara: actually..wat happened was, sterday when you went with a work, just then veer came back but u were missing.. So I asked veer abt you, but he dint know anything.. But I spotted you going somewhere..

Sanky: where.. ??

Swara: I dont know, tats why I followed you. But I guess you went with the coach, then I heard you declining some offer .. But being stubborn one , I started to force you..

Sanky smiles..

Sanky: you are really stubborn.. Actually i was really pissed at tat time and more over you started to boss me.. Tats why I shouted on you.. Sorry jaan.. (kisses her cheeks)

Swara: it’s OK..

Sanky: (tightens his grip on her waist) you know I thought to kill him on the spot for his disgusting offer. But coach stopped me from fighting..

Swara: but you broke his nose.. (giggles)
Sanky:(chuckles) he deserved it.. But who told you this..
Swara: I have my own contacts..
Sanky: (chuckles) contacts.. I’m impressed…
Swara: but poor me.. Thought tat it was your career offer..
Sanky:(shocked) wat??
Swara:(giggles) haan..

Sanky: are you mad!! I thought you were ready for modeling for them.. Wait a minute (laughs) Tats why you were saying “you want my happiness “.. (Swara looks down and bites her lips) oh god swara.. (turns her such tat she is facing him still on his lap) And I dint notice your words.. Swara you don’t know how much i was angry at tat time.. I thought you were ready for modeling.. Believe me swara, im not against any career but the way he gave an offer was disgusting.

Swara: (wraps her hands around his neck) Im not offended sanskar.. I know you will think best for me.. But poor me and my poor guess.. (makes faces)

Sanky: (chuckles) sach mei, you are impossible..
Swara : Haaaww. But he offered you an opportunity right..

Sanky: is tat even an opportunity to send ur fiance to achieve something.. . No swara , he dint offer me anything, he was just saying that If you become his model, he will make me achieve heights.. He saw you hugging me after we won the match.. I really thought to kill that Bastard.. But coach stopped me.. Or else..

Swara: but I too want to kill tat idiot sanskar.. Because of him, sweetu met with an accident ..

Sanky:(nods) but madam was blaming herself for that..

Swara hits Her forhead..

Swara: silly me.. But u too were not aware of it right..

Sanky: Actually first i thought it to be the opponents trap.. I even discussed it veer.. But coach called me to be careful abt him..

Swara nods..

Sanky : you know, even my car breaks were damaged.. But thank god, they dint succeed..

Swara: idiot. I will kill him sanskar.. But sanskar I just got to know, only ur bikes brake were failed. How come car..??

Sanky:(monologue) I too don’t know swara.. Someone else is behind the car mishap,not him. I dont know who is that..

Swara looks at him lost and shakes him..

Swara: kya hua??

Sanky:miss female James Bond,dont worry , I filed an complain against him. So no need to panic.. And I know my wifey is so strong to kill him . (winks at her and chuckles ) but who told you everything.. Even veer is not aware of this..

She giggles and lays on sankys shoulder..

Swara: it’s top secret..
Sanky: (chuckles) I missed you sooo much swara(nuzzles his head in her neck)
Swara: sanskar, it’s just been one day we have fought..
Sanky: no swara it’s been 24hours (looks at his watch) 4mins and 32sec you made me restless..
Swara: Aww.. But did you notice we have been talking throughout our fight..
Sanky: wat ever it may be.. You shouted at me.. (pouts)
Swara: (frowns) you too..
SwaSan : SORRY

both laughs at their coincidence..

SwaSan: Love you..

Again they laugh out loud..

Swara comes back from her thought when sanskar bites her lips hard.. She opens her eyes and just then he parts away smiling sheepishly.. Both breathing heavily and smiling at eachother..

Sanky: sorry jaan,i carried away.. You were so tempting with your moans and I wasn’t able to control and it resulted in this(points at her lips wiping her blood with his thumb)

Swara blushes with his words and she turns even more red when he takes his thumb tasting her blood..

Swara: sanskar(hugs him hiding herself in his chest)
Sanky: stop blushing or else, we wont be going out of this room forever..
Swara: Acha, did eveyone came, I mean mishu..

Sanky parts away and nods..

Sanky: but you are not saying anything abt the plan.. .
Swara: patience hubby, patience.. (winks att him)

She opens the door to go out but peaks in again

Swara: wipe your lips before going anywhere. (giggles)
Sanky: same to you (chuckles)

She widens her eyes and closes her mouth. Sanskar wipes extra smug from her lips while swara giggles and wipes her lipstick from his lips.. When she was abt to run,he holds her wrist and kisses her forhead..

Sanky: all the best..
Swara: thank you..

Swara runs from there and collides with someone.. She looks at the person with wide eyes scanning from top to bottom.. She gives an 100watt smile and pulls the person into an empty room locking it from inside..

After an hour evryone were assembled in the hall.. Veer was still Playing games and tannu have been brought down by her MIL, covering her head with a long veil.. At that time veer looks at tannu and smiles seeing her sister being grown up this much.

He goes near her and lift her veil a little such tat he could kiss her forhead.. Tannu cries at instant and hugs him.. They share an emotional moment but soon veer’s face changes seeing another bride coming in their way.

He moves away from tannu and stand a little far. Sanskar joins veer and they both search for swara.. She was nowhere to be seen. They become restless with each passing second. The bride and tannu were taken on the stage.. Both covered in veils.

Veer was made to Stand beside his bride. Seeing veer restless ,Sanky excuses himself and go in search of swara. At the same time tannu’s groom comes on the stage. Now both the brides are in the middle while two grooms are beside them..

Tannu and veer somewhere in the heart expecting swara to stop the engagement. All of a sudden tannu’s hand was squeezed by the groom and veer hand being grabbed by the bride.. Tannu and veer both jerks their hands at instant.

Then the engagement rings were brought in the stage while shemish, sinson, harivya and Mr.Anand were surrounding the stage. Divya stands beside tannu with the rings while mishti and sona with veer.. Mr. Anand ‘s wife is no more,he recalls her and gets teary eyes..

Priest was being called for the engagement and he chants some mantra while they wait for a correct moment(mahurat). Veer and tannus eyes have been searching for swara.. She was still no Where to be found..

Priest: you may exchange the rings..

Tannu and veers heart beat raises each passing second… Tannu hand was taken by the groom while the other bride lifts her hand and forwards it to veer.. Tannu and veer closes their eyes to accept their fate while swara shouts from the entrance to stop the engagement..

Tannu and veer instantly looks at the door and left out their breath which they have been holding from long.. They find swara and sanskar were standing at the door .. Immediately smile forms on their lips.

But tanvee smile instantly drops when they hear..

Swara: how mean!!! (pouts) you guys are getting engaged without me.

Screen freezes on shocked faces of tanvee…

Phew… How was the epi??
Guys a very big chapter of my whole ff…
I know I’m being late but I don’t want to give a boring chappy to all.. So I usually write my ff when I’m fully prepared for the words.. Dont get me wrong, I dont want u all to just read the story, i want u all to experience and feel the story.. In the beginning it was regarding fun and masti so I just use to write it in a flow.. But as the story proceeds,emotions builds up, so first i should feel the emotion ,so tat u guys may get a little of the emotions.. Tats why I give late update.. Sorry for disappointing some of you. I hope you all understand..

Well well, u all never expected Swasan fight will be such tat right.. But many of u guessed their reason of fight in swara’s pov.. But no one dared to guess in sanskar pov.. Lol.. How was the reason.. ?? Is it worth the wait.. ?? Din’t I told you both are right in their pov… Well my msg behind their mu is “Never assume things as such.. Discuss and get to know better..” ?

I’m really sad ?.. No one answered my question on last epi except shan and Alvia.. Love u both ? .. But let’s see, wat your guess leads too.
Guys wat do you think swara’s plan will be..?? Any guesses.. Or is her plan flopped or is been plotted.. Come-on.. Tell me all ur views if you want your next chappy.. I could sense many of them lost interest in my ff, tats why I update late sometimes.. I dont know wat you feel abt my pov.. But truly I believe tat u guys have lost interest..

And Mariam I’m sorry for late update.. Reading your scolding I ran away from tu.. ???

Oh god ? itna saara lecture.. Sorry.. I wont write so many things from next time.. ?

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