FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 66)


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The episode begins with shocked faces of Swasan and mishvee, who are looking at tannu with wide eyes. Harish gets shocked as well as happy. Harish was ready to give up on the engagement but tannu’s last decision made him to think again.. He hugs tannu at instant..

Shemish and divya are equally shocked as swasan. Now harish turns to veer for his answer. Where as veer is almost lost, he doesn’t understand wats going in tannus mind.

Harish anger rise up seeing veer. He looks at mishu, he thinks tat Veer was being stubborn for the girl.. The girl who is sinha’s daughter.. Sinha.. !!

Veer: I need to talk with tannu..

Though Sinha and shekar patch up.. But harish is unable to digest the fact. He still somewhere doesn’t like him.. Though Sinha was like his brother in the past.. But the incident made him,change his personality.. Now he has an ego problem.. He doesn’t want to give up now.. He didn’t want to give up on Sinha.

Harish : Veer, I asked ur decision.. Tannu have made her decision, dare not to change her mind. Now, I’m not gonna give u any time.. Tats it, I’m calling Mr.Anand and inform him to start the preparation..
Veer: but dad, I’m not ready for this..

Mishu couldn’t take it anymore.. Harish was shooting draggers at her.. Considering veer’s back answers,mishti thinks veer is arguing with his father due to her .. She runs from there where as veer frowns at the instant.. Seeing mishti ,Sanky feels vey bad and follows her.. Being a brother he couldn’t do anything,but deep down he is so much worried for her..

Though harish felt bad for mishu but he thinks abt sinha. Not even once Sinha tried to talk abt their childrens welfare. Then why should he think abt his daughter. Veer will be happy with this engagement..

Harish expected Sinha to aproach him and talk abt Mishu and veer.. But Sinha dint turn up.. It hurted his ego.. Now why should he give up.. There is no way, he is going to accept them. This is wat ego does to a person.. It makes them loose their senses..
Where as

Tannu:(low voice) dad, I told my decision, but dont force veer.. (pleads) Pls..
Harish: (shouts) stop it tannu. Don’t talk in between.. (turns to veer) And veer, I dont want u to argue more. My decision is final. For tat girl u r arguing with me..
Swara: chachu, it’s not just tat a girl.. She is (holds her head) god!! chachu Pls try to understand..
Harish : I gave them time swara.. I told them To think.. He is just stubborn. He is not thinking abt me.. I gave my words to Mr.Anand. if tannu have agreed,then wats with him..
Swara: it’s you who is being stub
Shekar: (interupts) angel, (he shooks his head.)

Swara sighs and closes her eyes to control her anger..

Divya: harish wats the hurry for their marriage. They are still young for it..
Harish : im just finalising their engagement.. marriage will be after they complete their studies.. .

Divya shooks her head..

Divya : but
Harish : (strictly) no more arguments..
Swara: but u said , u will ask for their decision..
Harish: I asked them.. tannu agreed..
Harish leaves followed by divya who was still not satisfied with his decision..

Swara looks at tannu blankly, no one is angry with her but her decision made them angry. Wat happened tat she decided a big thing.

It’s of course, the decision which people make when they are angry.. So it’s better for everyone to think before they speak. Once the words spoken can never be taken back.

Tannu looks at swavee with guilt. She din’t think before she spoke.. It’s all becoz of her so called anger. Yes she was angry when she reached home.. And Her decision was made due to her anger. She regretted the decision she made…

When she accepted for the engagement, she was beyond angry tat time, . Now evrything turned upside down. Not only she lost her love, she made her brother to loose his love.. Tears start flowing from her eyes and she runs from there.. Veer follows tannu to her room..

Swara was almost distracted.. One side, it was tanvee and other side it was Sanmish.. Whats happening In their life.. They were so happy with their life but all of a sudden. But swara shooks her head, evry relation have ups and down.. It is one of the moment.. Shemish comes to swara

Shekar: angel..(keeps hand on her shoulder)
Swara: dad!! Wats happening here(hugs him) ..
Mishti : (strokes her hair) angel, you guys have been together in Every situation.. Now this is the time to show wats ur strength.
Shekar: So go and manage everything.. I believe u totally…. Evrything will be alright. I know u will definitely do something..
Mishti : And this is nothing in front of ur unity.. .. Just think tat, god is testing u guys.. If they are meant to be together , then they will be..
Shekar: dont u remember, how u n sanky got engaged. Coz u guys were meant to be..

Swara smile gets brighten..

Swara: I will try to solve mom.. Thanks dad.. I was just distracted a little. But now i will do anything for their happiness..
Shekar: tats like my daughter. Chalo give me a hug..

Swara smiles and hugs shekar. Shekar and swara opens their arm , Mishti joins with them.

Where as Sanmish are in their car..

Sanky: mishu,dont cry..
Mishu: bhai, im i very bad..
Sanky:(hugs her) no.. U r my best sisso.. I dont want u to cry.. Let’s face it Mishu..
Mishu: bhai i can’t.. I dont want veer to fight with uncle for my sake..
Sanky: mishu, if dad dint accept swara, do u expect me to give up on her..
Mishu: no bhai..
Sanky : then, how do u expect veer to give up..

Mishu stil cries hugging him.

Sanky : he loves u Pagly.. It’s just ur tough time, i want u to face it.. Don’t give up soon.. Try, until u succeed.. I’m not saying to go against elders,i know we have to respect their decision but we need to make them realise… We will try to solve the main reason for the problem.. If u guys are meant to be, they no one can seperate u.. U just have to be strong.

Mishu nods.

Sanky : how my sisso is feeling now..
Msihu:(breaks the hug and smiles faintly) better.. ThanKs bhai.. But I want to go home..

Sanky nods n wipes her tears..

Sanky: ( kisses her forhead) chal smile..

Mishu smiles..

Sanky: waise, u look like monkey while crying..
Mishu:(hits his arm) bhai. U have become like Swara.
Sanky: so wat, she is mine(winks at her)
Mishu: u r sach mei shameless bhai..
Sanky :(laughs) ur veer is not less than me.. He is big shameless..
Mishu: bhai, my veer is not like tat..
Sanky: Haaaww.. So mean.. U r taking his side from now on.. Hmm not bad.

Meanwhile tannu have locked herself in the bathroom and veer have been trying to calm her..

Veer: tannu.. (knocks) baahar Aa.. (knocks) taanu talk to me once.. Pls come out..

Swara enters in the room and veer hugs her.

Veer: angel, ask her to come out..
Swara:(strokes his back) sweetu relax.. nothing is wrong. We will talk with her. Pls dont panic.. (breaks the hug) look at me.. (veer looks at her) now smile.. Now we both are together, we will solve it. And we have to see mishti as well. Chalo, don’t loose hope(smiles)

Veer smiles faintly..

Swara: tannu, come out now.. Or i will break this door.. Haha. I know I can’t break it.. But dont underestimate the power of swara khanna..
Veer:(smiles) haan tannu ki bachi,we will plan something big against u. Now come out and show ur monkey face..

After a lot of teasing tannu opens her door slowly. Swavee looks at her swollen eyes.. Tannu hugs veer and cries again..

Tannu: Im sorry veer.. I’m really sorry..
Veer:shhhhh.. Hey tannu.. U dint do anything.. Why are u thinking like tat. Now relax (strokes her back)
Swara: Aww.. Mujhe bhool gaye. (pouts)
Veer:(opens his arm) come..

Tannu smiles and the trio shares a long hug.. Swara’s phone beeps. She breaks The hug and checks her mob. It was a msg from sanskar..

” Im leaving with mishti. I will come back n pick you. So,
Well dont worry, everything will be alright..(just smile)
Love you ”

Swara smiles seeing his msg and replies him back

” I know,evrything will be fine soon. Take care of mishu.. I’m sorry for not being there for her..
Aur, i will wait for you..
Love u too.. ”

Sankys phone beeps and he smiles, But creases his eyebrow seeing the msg..

” never be sorry.. I know ur situation well … If I get ur sorry again i will punish u severely.. ”

Swara smiles seeing his reply. He was back with his naughty self. She goes back to tanvee.

Swara: so ,kya hua tannu..??
Tannu keeps mum..
Veer: I’m asking her from long.. But she isn’t ready to tell anything..

Swara sits beside tannu and cups her face..

Swara: tannu.. I dont want to force you.. But ur pale face is killing us.. Just share ur worries with us..
Veer: tannu, did anyone force you?? If so, then Dont worry, we will run away from this unwanted engagement..

Swatan laughs.

Swara: veer, u will run away. ?? Huh.. Kaise ho tum..
Veer: haan, I’m not gonna engaged with tat girl.. Tell me tannu, did anyone force u..

Tannu shooks her head.. .

Swara: tannu, then y did u agree.. I mean i thought someone would have forced u..
Tannu: I was angry..
Swara: u were angry..

Tannu nods..

Swara: so u made tat decision due to ur anger..

Tannu nods again..

Veer: Wat made u angry.. ??(thinks for a while) Wait, did u fought with Rohit.. ??

Tannu stiffens In her position hearing his name..

Swara : so, u both fought??.

Tannu shooks her head..

Tannu: no..
Swara: tannu!! (shakes her) tell me, wat happened actually..
Tannu : why dont you ask him..

Swara and Veer looks on due to her sudden burst out anger..
Veer: Wat did he do??

A lone tear escapes from her eye..

Swara: tannu!!
Tannu: I dont know.. (shouts) I dont know. I just hate him.. How can he.. ? If he can then I will too (shuts her mouth n cries )…

Swavee looks on shocked ..

Swara: tannu, tannu tannu.. Relax.. Acha u rest now.. We will talk abt this later..

Swavee come out of her room, after making her sleep..

Veer: angel, wat would have happened..??
Swara: only one can answer to our questions..
Veer nods..
Veer: come lets leave..
Swara: no.. U stay with her.. I will go..
Veer: no.. I will
Swara:(cuts him) I will take mishu with me… Waise u can meet with her as well..

Veer scratches his head..

Veer : I would love to..
Swara: haan, i know (laughs) but right now control ur hormones..

Veer sMILes sheepishly..

Swara takes mishu to college. As she got to know tat tannu went to college, so obvious something have happened there.. Sanky drops Swamish in college..

Sanky: I will park and come..
Swara: vo, actually sanskar..
Sanky: haan.
Swara: We will search Rohit in different direction..
Sanky: OK.. Tats a good idea.. His phone is not reachable as well..
Mishu: so bhai we will go n check in ground..
Sanky: I will search him in department.. No one will be there but as far as I know, he might have come to sigh sports related papers….

Swara looks at him and nods.. Swamish leaves.. Sanky parks his car and goes towards his department. When he reaches there he finds so many students enrolling there names for something.

He looks at evryone.. But he couldnt find Rohit anywhere.. His eyes falls on someone.. He goes towards him n pats his shoulder..

Where as swamish have been searching Rohit. They dint find him anywhere..

Swara: I guess he dint Come to college.
Mishu : but tannu is angry. Then she would have met him..
Swara: it is possible.. But tannu said she dint fight with him. So it is also possible tat she dint meet him…

Mishu nods.. They were so involved in their thoughts,someone pulls swara along with mishu..

Meanwhile sanky is seen in the parking lot.. He runs his hand in hair due to frustration.. He kicks in ground such tat the the air fills with dust.. He takes out water bottle from the car and gulps it in a go.

After Wat seems like hours where he was lost in his own thoughts , he finally calms down and take out his phone.

When he was about to dial, he was jerked back on car .. But he manages somehow to stand on his feet.. Soon he observes, someone hugging him.. Bending down a little he finds it none other than swara..

A smile tugged on his lips instantly and he hugs her back. She have wrapped her hands around his neck and is nuzzling her face in his crook trailing small kisses around.

Sanskar couldn’t believe Nd was shocked with swara’s closeness.. Shocked would be an understatement rather he was bewildered. He couldn’t believe his own eyes.. It’s like his own eyes are deceiving..

Swara tightens her grip, pulling him more. Sanskar on the other hand, hugs her tight.. Wat seems like eternity, they finally break the hug. Swasan looks at eachother, before sanky could question Her, she captures his lips for a moment and parts away.. She shies and turn around.

Sanky was just flabbergasted with her daring. She teased him by lingering her lips for moments.. But he wants more.. He grabs her wrist Nd turns her around in a swift moment..

Closing his eyes and Wrapping his one hand around her waist, while the other hand on her cheek.. Leaning towards eachothers lips , both jumps and parts away due to a sudden scream..

Huh.. Done with this chapter.. Will try to update next chap asap.. Till then start ur guess abt this chapter..
1. Wat is the problem with tannu?
2. Where is Rohit?
3. Why is sanky frustrated?
4. Who pulled swarA and mishti??
5. Why did swara ran into Sanky? She actually kissed him as well..??
Chalo.. Start guessing.. And how was today’s epi? Wat did u get to know from This chapter??
“EGO and ANGER” are the worst enemies of a human being..
Keep your ego and anger aside while taking decision..
Hope it helps you.. Love you all..

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