FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 65)

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When sanky was about to get off the car, Swara holds his wrist and looks at him with pleading eyes.

Sanky: Im not going to talk abt it. So it’s over.
Swara: (pulls him into a hug) pls sanskar.. I just want your happiness
Sanky:(hugs her back) and you are my happiness..
Swara: Im not your happiness sanskar.. I’m just coming in between your

He cuts her off by placing his lips on hers. He just takes out his anger and frustration upon her.. How could she even think like tat. She is not at fault. He have to teach her a lesson so tat she will never take blame on herself.

He bites her lower lip hard. She moans loudly and the next second he could feel the metallic taste of her blood.Without giving any heed,he continues to torcher her taking out all his anger on those innocent lips..

She Gasped and he entered her mouth deepining the kiss.. She couldn’t even resist him.. She kissed him back with same intensity wrapping her hands around his neck and pulled him more towards her.. But he gently wrapped his hands around her waist and lifted her from the seat.

In the brief moment she landed in his lap on the driver seat, still kissing eachother. He finally leaves her lips breathing heavily resting his forhead against hers.

Sanky: if you ever blame yourself, I will punish you even more. And I’m still angry on your stupid act..

She couldn’t help, but smile at his punishment. It was an quite entertaining torcher. But she felt an utter pleasure instead of pain. He frowns seeing her taking his warning as a joke.

He again smash his lips but this time she takes the lead in making him groan. She smirks while kissing him. Though sanvee have won the finals but evrything turned upside down. She is sad tat they aren’t able to celebrate it . Everything happened in a brisk moment.

She even promised him to make it a special moment. But due to their stupid fight, they aren’t able to enjoy it. Never mind, still they are treasuring this moment. They have calm down now and their lips moving in an perfect rythm.. Finally they part away smiling and resting their forhead on the other.

Sanky: I love you..(panting)
Swara: I love you more.. (panting)
Sanky: so Mrs.Sinha is not angry.
Swara: Im still on my words. You just have to agree.

Sanky frowns…

Sanky: (leans towards her lips) why are you being stubborn. ?
Swara: be bec beco(panting due his closeness) becoz
Sanky: (leaving his hot breath on her lips) becoz??

Swara gulps and closes her eyes. When their lips were going meet again, they jump in their seat being startled. A sudden voice from outside scared them to the hell.

Swasan looks at the window and widens their eyes. They look at eachother and burst out laughing. Again the dog barks out loud. They strike their forhead and laughs..

Sanky: even he is against our romance.

She hits his arm and moves from his lap. But sanky tightens his grip around her waist. She gives him a glare

Swara: Im still on my words. I want you to agree for that..

He rolls his eyes.. .

Sanky: never..

She hits his chest and frowns. He just smiles seeing her stubbornness. She yawns being tired. He kisses her forhead and opens the door. He comes out of the car with swara in his arms.

Swara : (angry) I said leave me..

He smirks and gets inside her house.. Mishti widens her eyes seeing them. Swara keeps hitting him but sanky puts her on bed. She makes faces while Mishti giggles..

Sanky: good night.. (Kisses her Cheeks)
Mishti: sanskar,shall I call shekar..

Sanky rolls his eyes and gives shy boyish smile. Mishti pulls his cheeks and both swamish burst out laughing seeing his blush.. Sanky looks at swara and then at mishti scratching his head..

Sanky: maa, Plss..
Mishtu:(still smiling) ok ok.. But u look so cute… (giggles)
Sanky: (turnes red) Acha, I will leave now..
Mishti : how is veer Now..
Sanky: haan, he is good.. Just some scratches and a little fracture..
Mishti: hmm.. Did u eat something.
Sanky: no, maa.. I’m not hungry. Haan,(looks at swara) swara too dint had anything..
Mishti: angel, go and change.. And you both come and have something.
Swara: Im not hungry mom ..
Mishti : if you eat something,sanky will join and eat as well.

SwaSan looks at eachother and nods.. Sanmish goes to kitchen and swara comes back after changing. Just then mishti notices swara’s lips which were swollen and widens her eyes..

Mishti: angel wat happened to your lips..

Sanky who was drinking juice at the moment gets startled with her question and starts coughing heavily to distract her.

Mishti: sanskar kya hua..

She strokes his back and gives him water..

Mishti: sanskar are you fine..

He simply nods still coughing and looks at swara. After calming sanky, mishti turns to question swara but swara being herself starts eating chocolate and spreads it across her lips. Mishti laughs seeing her and forgets abt her swollen lips. Sanky joins her and laughs at swara. Mishti gets into kitchen while sanskar stares at swara continuously..

Seeing her with those chocolaty lips, he felt an urge to taste the chocolate. He watch her with desireful eyes. He licks his lips looking at her where as swara smiles knowing his naughty thought.. Mishti comes back with ice cream and coughs seeing their eyelock. They chit chat a little and finish their Dinner.

Sanky: OK ma, bye (looks at swara)
Mishti: haan, bye.. Join with us tomorrow. We will go to veer’s house..

Sanky nods and looks at swara..

Mishti: why do i feel, something is wrong between you both..
SwaSan : no mom/maa
Mishti: it’s tat so.. Ok.. (smiles) Good night..

Sanky leaves.. And Swamish gets back to their room.

SwaSan lie in their respective bed , remincing their recent moments and a smile tugged on their lips. Both missing eachother in the bed. Just thinking abt the other, their hands automatically hugs their side pillow.

They couldn’t help but a shy smile crept on their lips with their cheeks turning red.. They dug their head in the pillow and falls into a deep sleep silently wishing eachother in their hearts(good night ?)

The next morning…

Bells rings in khanna house.. Mishti opens the door and smiles seeing Sanmish.. Sanky and mishu takes blessing from mishti.

Sanky: maa, I told her to stay at home. But she wants to see veer. Wat will harish uncle say..??
Mishu: but aunty(pouts)
Mishti: down worry mishu,we will go.. Haan, harish will make faces but he will not say anything. U just wait and watch.

Mishu smiles brightly..

Sanky: so let’s leave.
Mishti: we will leave, but sleepy head is sleeping still. I’m tired if waking her.. (laughs) After marriage you are going to do this.. Haha..?

Sanky turns crimpson red..

Sanky:(scratches his head) maa, aap bhi na. Waise, I will use my technique to wake her. (smiles unknowingly)
Mishti: whoa(widens her eyes) tell me tat technique as Well.. So tat i can use sometimes..

Sanky supresses his laugh.

Sanky:(monologue) oh god, wat will i tell her..
Mishti: tell na sanskar..
Sanky: nothing ma.. Just tickling her is enough. (smirks)
Mishti: huh. I attempted tat too..
Mishu: aunty, bhai ke Haathon mei jaadoo hai(giggles)
Mishti: if tat so ,come with me..
Sanky : maa, u be here, i will bring her…

Mishu giggles…

Mishu: but Bhai, u r angry
Sanky:(cuts her) shut up mishu…
Mishti: wats the matter..
Sanky: nothing ma(gives a glare to mishu)
Shekar: wats going on..
Sanky: papa.. (goes and hugs him)

Shekar hugs him back smilingly..

Mishti: woh, sanky have challenged to awake swara asap..
Shekar: (shocked) oh.. But if u do any funny business, I will sue u..

Sanky gulps and looks at him through corner eyes..

Shekar: dont give me tat look.. I know how much innocent,you are..
Sanky:(murmurs) woh toh hoon mai..
Shekar: wat did you say??
Sanky:(gives him a tight smile) I’m going to wake swara.. Bye papa..

After he leaves , shekar chuckles.. Mishti hits him through her elbow..

Mishti: you will never change shekar..
Shekar: never ever.. (winks at her)
Mishu: arei uncle, you are impossible.. (sighs)

Sanky enters swara room and look at her.. She was sleeping peacefully holding her pillow tight with a blanket on the top. He slowly caresses her cheeks with his thumb. She squirms in her sleep and smiles.

Sanky:(huskily in her ears) swara
Swara: mmmmm…

He pecks her forhead. She sleeps still.. He sighs seeing her sleeping still.. If he would been old sanskar, he would have woke her up within seconds by kissing her wildly.. But he is little scared of her reaction.

But somewhere he knows, she will not say anything but still.. This but ,but but. Now he is not going to think anything. He just leans And Kiss her lips naughtily.. To his surprise She reciprocates it immediately..

Realisation hits her and she opens her eye sockets shockingly. He Keeps kissing her and smiles looking at her. He parts away scratching his head. She quickly gets up and he widens his eyes scanning her from head to mid.

The blanket was disturbing him. Swara follows sankys eyes and realises wats happening.. Before she could hold the blanket, sanky takes off from her and smiles naughtily.

He scans her from head to toe. She gets up from bed and tries to snatch it from him..

Swara: sanskar, give it to me..
Sanky:(smiles naughtily) no..

He looks at her, she smiles shyly and cross her hands across her chest. When she tries to run away, he holds her wrist…

Swara: sanskar chodo Plss…
Sanky:(pulls her into his chest) naaahh…

Swara pouts..

Sanky: you are looking hot..

Swara smiles and looks down..

Swara was wearing a single strap knee length night dress.. Sanky wraps his hand around her waist and the other hand cupping her cheek. Swara was breathing heavily and sanky smiles seeing his name on her chest.. He leans and pecks her forhead..

Sanky : beautiful.

They both share an eyelock. They gets startled with the knock on the door.. The next second mishti gets in along with mishu..

Mishti : ahem ahem..

SwaSan gets back and mishu starts teasing them..

Mishu : bhai, morning romance..
Sanky:(spats) mishu
Mishti : shekar was calling you sanskar..

Sanky coughs and runs out of the room.. The trio burst out laughing seeing him..

Mishu: swara, if you stand in this dress,bhai will faint for sure.
Mishti : Haan, tats why, he was standing here for long..

They both giggle.. Swara blushes seeing them and runs inside the washroom..

Mishti: paagal..

Sanmish were having breakfast with Shemish. Swara comes down wearing a T-shirt and jeans. She side hugs shekar with continuous staring at sanskar..

Mishu: swara, bhai is here only.. Atleast greet your dad properly..

Swasan glares mishu angrily.

Swara: mishu, I guess you will shut your mouth only in your in-laws.. (lifts her eyebrows)

Mishu makes faces..

Sanky: haan swara(smirks at mishu)

Swara smiles hearing her name from his mouth. (Haan they are acting like newly confessed lovers. Lol..but it happens. )

Shekar doesn’t leave a chance to pull sankys leg. He keeps on teasing him. Mishti have got to know abt the quarrel between swasan but she believes tat they will solve their problems as soon as possible. Coz both are nothing without eachother.. They keep fighting but still keep supporting eachother. Tats wat a relationship should be like.. She was proud of them.

They were ready to leave to veer’s house.. Shekar leaves to office and decides to visit him in evening.. As soon as he leaves, mishti along with swasanmish turns to leave. Swara runs to take her bag from her room.

Sanky makes mishti and mishu to sit in the car. He tip toes into the house to get swara. On seeing swara, he hides behind the door. When she was abt to pass him, sanky goes to back hug her but swara stops in middle and smirks..

Swara: I saw you.. So stop.

Sanky closes his eyes and fist his hand in air.. She turns around and they both looks into eachother eyes..

Sanky: I jus want to talk to you..
Swara:(smiles) so you agreeing for it..
Sanky:(makes a face of ewwwww) no way..
Swara :(frowns) then wat??
Sanky: why did you smirk in veer’s house..

Swara smiles brightly and they both points their index finger at eachother and burst out laughing..

Swara: so, you too thought the same plan.. Filling
Sanky: haan, filling ur chachis ears.. (winks at her)

They both takes their hands to give hifi but stops in middle. Both closed their eyes and end up embracing eachother..

After sometime they reached tanvee’s house. Divya was being greeted by swasanmish.. Mishti hugs divya.. Mishu was eager to see veer. Seeing her impatience swasan giggles..

Swara:(whispers to tannu) impatient huh..
Mishu: chup..

(guys note it. mishu is sanskars sis and Mishti is swara’s mom)

Swara giggles.. They entered veer’s room and saw him sleeping peacefully. Mishti caresses his hair and pecks his forhead.. Veer slowly opens his eyes and smiles at Mishti..

Veer : morning badi mom..
Mishti: how you are feeling. ??
Veer: quite better..

Divya bring soup and veer makes faces.
Veer: mom, it’s enough.. (crying face) From night you are torturing me. Plss.. (folds his hand)
Divya : veer, finish this and I won’t disturb you.
Veer : mom..

Mishu stands behind divya and gives him angry look.. He smiles sheepishly and takes the bowl from Divya hand.. Swara takes Divya and mishti with her giving some privacy to mishvee.

Sanky: chal, enjoy kar(taps his shoulder)
Veer: thanks yaar..

Mishu takes the bowl from his hand and sits beside him. She feeds him.. They both share an eyelock..

Veer: did u had your breakfast..
Mishu: haan.. How are you now..?
Veer: (winks at her ) perfectly fine.. (makes faces )It’s Just hurting in hand. (shows his banded hand)

Mishu kisses his hand and veer smiles brightly.

Veer: actually, i got hurt here as well(shows his cheeks )
Mishu:( hits his shoulder) paagal..
Veer : ahhh..(pouts) It’s hurting yaar..

Mishu frowns..

Mishu: sorry.
Veer: its ok(still pouts)

Mishu shooks his head and kisses his cheek tightly. Veer widens his eyes and smiles.. They both stare eachother.

Where as swasan goes to kitchen where Divmish were busy preparing for lunch. Sanky takes carrot and starts eating and winks at swara.

Swara: chachi, wat you are making..
Divya: your fav dishes..
Swara: Aww.. I love you..
Divya: hawww.. Sanskar will get angry angel..

Sanky chuckles while mishti giggles..

Swara: chachi. I’m serious.. Waise. Yesterday, you were saying something about veers engagement Na..
Sanky: haan, is tat true someone are not good for someone.. .??

Divya and mishtu looks at swasan..

Swara: I mean before engagement itself, veer faced a big accident.. Is tat girl wrong for veer..

Divya gets into thinking. .

Mishti: angel, wat you are talking..
Swara: mom, im just saying Wat chachi was blabbering sterday.. (fake concern) I’m just scared for sweetu..
Mishti : angel, you are a girl of this century and talking rubbish..
Divya: she is right Mishti.. We just took the talk of engagement and he met with accident. I’m too scraed as well..
Sanky: haan aunty. I too was worrying abt it..

Mishti look at SwaSan and she could predict tat they are indeed planning something.. But as far as, she is too against this engagement but they are accusing the girl for the accident,which was indeed wrong..

After filling divya ear swasan comes out of kitchen and shares a side hug. They smile at their victory in misguiding divya.. Something was stil going on sankys mind. He goes to veers room and caught them with the eyelock. He clears his throat and both comes to sense.. Mishu leaves with the soup bowl.. Sanvee talk for a while.. Sanky was concerned for veer.. But he couldn’t digest the sudden break fail..

Sanky: veer, im still confused abt the accident..
Veer: why sanskar..
Sanky: I dont know why.. How can my bikes brake fail suddenly.. ?
Veer: haan, sanky. I was feeling the same.. But it was an accident.
Sanky : it can’t be veer.. Just a week before I gave my bike for service..
Veer: chod de Sanskar. I’m perfectly fine Now. (he closes his eyes) but wait. It was your bike. And I went in tat mistakenly..

Sanky nods..

Veer: was it planned for you..
Sanky: I dont know.. I’m just confused.. And our car was even trapped.. But thank goodness brake dint fail.. Just morning I got to know..
Veer : wat the hell sanskar. Who could be tat.. I just wanna kill themm.. How dare they to plot us..
Sanky: I guess, it was those ppl..
Veer: whoa.. Now I got it. They are planning on revenge for their insult.
Sanky: maybe. But sorry yaar, becoz of me

Veer punches sanky’s chest and hugs him..

Veer: just shut up.. I’m happy tat you all are safe. And dare not to apologize..i just feel like killing them..

” whom u wanna kill sweetu.. ”

Sanvee gets startled and sanky shook his head.. Swara notice both their face change..

Veer: woh, nothing swara.. It’s just boys talk.. U know..
Swara: oh, boys talk.. (makes faces) waise did you told him sanskar.
Veer : abt wat..

SwaSan tells him to act in front of harish. They have made divya against the girl. Their engagement chances are just 10%.. Veer shooks his head for their plotting. He hugs both of them In excitement and get hurted..

Veer: ouch…

Mishu who enters at tat time gets worried. .

Mishu: Veer.. (runs to him)
Swara: sweetu, are you hurt.
Mishu: who the hell told you to move from your bed..
Veer : Arei yaar, I’m fine..

Sanky chuckles seeing veer stuck between Swamish. Veer rolls his eyes and sit on the bed without any choice..

Sanky: guys where is tannu??
Swara: haan sweetu,where is she..?? I dint see her from long..
Mishu: I thought She is sleeping,but she is not In her room..
Veer: I dont know.. But mom said she went out..
Swara : without us?? Strange.
Sanky: OK guys, i guess divya aunty started her work..
Mishu: I saw her arguing with harish uncle. Was tat your plan bhai??
Sanky: mishu.. (shook his head) noo..
Mishu: don’t lie..
Swara: oh hello.. Don’t you want to marry sweetu..
mishu: haan, but not making them fight..
Veer: Aww.. I love you mishu.. (opens his arms) you don’t want my parents to fight.. Love you loads..

Mishu smiles and hugs him..

Mishu: I love you too..
Sanky: sharam kar mishu.. Your brother is still here..

Swara giggles..

Swara: jaisa bhai waisi behen..
Mishu: hawwww.. Swara, I’m not shameless like him..

Sanky widens his eyes..

Sanky: wat the… You mean
mishu:(cuts him) yes..

Sanky throws pillow at her but she ducks and it hits swara.. She pouts and throws the pillow on him.. But he ducks again and it hits harish who was at the door.. Evryone widens their eyes and bites their cheeks to control their laugh. But swara giggles and burst out laughing..

Swara:chachu..hahahha.. ? haha..

Harish smiles seeing her.. She have been ignoring him from long but now hearing chachu from her mouth made him happy.. This is wat His old swara was.. He opens his arms where as swara runs and hugs him..

Harish: I’m sorry..
Swara: it’s OK chachu.. I missed you.. Don’t shout again. Or else i will complain to dad..

Harish laughs..

Harish : haan baba.. I will never shout.

Sanveemish smiles seeing them.. They both breaks the hug and looks at evryone who are looking at them as If they are watching cartoon..

Harish: I’m i entertaining you all..

Evryone nods. He widens his eyes and everyone burst out laughing..

Swara: chachu, I guess that girl is not good for veer.. See we just talked abt their engagement and veer met with an accident.. I dont want him to marry her.
Harish: swara you are saying this.. I can’t believe it. I just thought divya had this mentality. But
Swara:(cuts him off) Plss na chachu.. Just think abt sweetu. Im worried abt him(starts her fake cry)

Evryone could find out tat she is crying fakely. But harish was lost into thinking. She doesnt leave him a chance to speak. She kept blabbering and made him into her talks.. Finally, harish stops her..

Harish: bas!!!!

Swara smiles sheepishly looking at sanskar. He winks at her..

Harish : I will talk with Mr. Anand ..
Swara : OK chachu.. Shall I bring your mobile..

Mishvee supresses their smile. They keep closing their mouth.. Harish shook his head..

Harish: you are impossible.. I know you are acting.

Swara opens her mouth to say and harish stops her..

Harish: I dont want you guys to suffer because of me.. I want veer to tell me wat he wants..

Swara gives him tight smile and looks at veer..

Harish takes out his mobile and looks at veer..

Veer: woh dad..

at that time tannu comes in..

Swara: tannu.. Where were you?

Tannu gives a sad smile.. Swara goes to her and could find her pale..

Swara:(whispers) kya hua..
Harish : so, tannu came. So now you both tell me your answer.. And I want you both to answer me after thinking alot..

Swara sign them to start..

Veer: dad im
Tannu : I’m ready to get engaged..

Swasanmishvee widens their eyes and gets shocked..

Dhamaka… ??
Okay, as promised im here with the next chapter.. So come-on tell me how was it.. And abt swasan’s fight, its obvious easy to find.. I have been giving clue from the chap they fought. Haha. No one noticed.. Ok again an open clue, it is regarding from where they fought. It’s a biggest clue ever.. I know u all will solve. But I will solve their fight with almost a big surprise.. Don’t worry.. And guys sorry for sterdays mishap.. I was really frustrated. And my page got little bit untidy due to my continuous post.. And ? lol,so many of them thought tat noise to be of shekar.. I actually dint thought abt him.. If he saw their make out in the car, he will surely hang sanskar.. ? and really missing you guys.. I want to reply to your comment but finding it difficult.. And I really can’t believe the reason, some of them gave for my busy schedule.. ? guys seriously.. Acha theek hai. Haan main sanskar ke saath busy hoon ?.. MIL, I will have my tuty futy anytime.. Aur neha impossible yaar, I’m laughing while writing this.. I’m not preparing for Gc. God.. It’s somewat like I’m i preparing for exam?? Huh seriously.. ? i knwo some of you won’t understand the inner meaning inside the chat. I seriously don’t want anyone too know it. Coz sab hamie mental asylum mei band kardenge..
Channu dr ,really missing u too.. You know wat, i burst out laughing reading your comment.. Yaar, Tum hamse aage Niklee(u r step ahead of us) .. God, ur comment made me giddy..
Ok i wrote so much.. Now back to epi, hope u all enjoyed..
Acha tell me one thing, do you all want their marriage to be a grand one or a simple wedding.. Think alot before telling me.. And Pls let me know the functions tat take place. I saw in an add
Hehe. I saw this in fair and lovely add. Is this a right order . ??

Haha. Don’t worry marriage wont take place soon. I just want to know before preparing for those epi.. Hope u all help me..

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