FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 63)


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The episode begins with sanskar and swara going away from eachother. And mishveetan looking at them helplessly. Veer sighs mishtan to follow swara while he follows sanskar..

Sanky was walking with frown on his face. Veer tries to stop him but he keeps Moving..

Veer: sanskar ruk…

Veer runs and holds his hand turning him around..

Veer: stop sanskar.. Wat happened between u both..
Sanky: veer, chod de..
Veer: no way.. First explain me..
Sanky: I dont want to..
Veer: Wat the hell sanskar.. U guys were fighting..
Sanky: we weren’t..

Where as mishtan blocking swara..

Tannu: Now tell me, wats problem with u both..
Swara: it’s nothing.
Mishti : nothing?? Swara, we saw u both shouting at eachother..
Swara: I wasn’t..

Where as sanvee

Veer:oh..u both weren’t fighting but just playing around, is it??
Sanky: veer, leave me( struggles to free his hand from veer)
Veer: sanskar, did u do something..
Sanky: veer, u r impossible.. I dint do anything. Well, it’s nothing abt tat. Why dont u ask ur angel.. She will answer u.. Now leave me..

Veer atlas gives up on him and sighs impossible..

Tannu: I dont know wats ur problem but listen angel, I want to know who is wrong..
Mishti: haan swara, wat happened between you two..
Swara: if tat so, why dont u ask ur brother.. (frowns)

Both sighs seeing her..

Swara: shall we leave Now..

The trio reach their car and looks at sanvee who were already waiting for them.. Veer ask mishu lifting his eyebrow but she shrugs her shoulder.

Veer looks at swasan who were avoiding each other gaze but still exchanging glances at oneanother.. Swamishtan gets into the car where as sanvee,

Veer: chale..
Sanky:vo.. I will come in my bike, u go and drop them .. Here is the car key (holds the key in front of veer)

Swara who listened this, got frustrated and angry… She snatched keys from sanky and went to drivers seat. Sanvee along with mishtan widens their eyes.

Before anyone could stop her, she started the car and drove off.. Sanvees jaws drop and mishtan screamed..

Inside the car..

Mishu: swara, do u know to drive..
Swara: (looks at her) of course..
Tannu: angel, no u don’t. This is the first time u r driving.
Swara: haan, but I use see them driving, so obvious im trying..
Mishtan:(screams) waaaatt, trying… (widens their eyes)

At parking

Sanky : wat the hell.. Wat she thinks of herself. Evry time she can’t be stubborn.
Veer: relax sanskar.. Let’s stop her..
They both sit on bike but the bike wasn’t starting.
Sanky: Wat the. This is wat i least expected. Huh.. I need to stop her.

Sanky searches here and their.. His eyes falls on Another bike with keys. Without wasting time, he started the bike and drive off.. A guy came running and at at the time shout

Guy: heyy.. Meri bike… Wat the hell man.

Veer laughs at his state. But the guy follows sanky with his frnd. After many tried sankys bike gets started and veer goes in their direction .

Sanky rides at high speed. Where as mishtan were still in the shock. They were on the main road , just then they came out of sense and starts to scream..

Mishtan: bachaaaaooooooo…….

Swara gets shocked..

Swara : Arei, don’t panic. Im driving smoothly right. U r making me scared..

They both nod but still tension crept in their face.

Swara: Waise, I will tell u something.. Don’t get scared, OK.

Mishtan exchange glances and nods.

Swara : tell me na..
Mishu: haan say..
Swara: haan.. But Tannu..
Tannu:(shouts) haan angel, say.
Swara:(smiles sheepishly) I was wondering which one is break.. Coz nothing is working..

Mishtan both gets shocked and widens their eyes..

Mishtan: (screams their lungs out) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Swara: Arei stop it..(keeps both her hands in her ears leaving steering) I will try both..

As soon as she leaves steering, the car moves here and there. But swara holds it immediately and gives a tight smile. Mishtan again screams and starts crying…

Mishu: mummyyy… (cries)
Swara: stop it mishu.. Aur tannu u r brave enough. See i have found the break..

Saying this she presses the accelerater and the car gets on high speed, scaring the trio to death.. Where as sanky who was chasing them Finally saw their car. He panics as soon as the car speeds up..

So he goes more fast leading them. He finally stops his bike at a distance in front of their car. Swara panics on seeing him. As She still dint find the brake.

Tears starts to flow from her eyes. Finally she finds something and presses it with all her might and force closing her eyes.

The trio screams as the tyres makes a screech sound and the car finally stop in front of sanky. Sanky dint move a muscle and was standing like a statue.

The trio comes out panting heavily.. Swara starts hitting him on his chest and gives him a bone crushing hug.

Swara: Wat the hell sanskar.. Wat if(sobs)

Sanskar breaks her hug and pushes her. He takes his hand to slap her but folds it into a fist and punch in the cars mirror. Blood starts to ooze from his knuckles

Mishu: (shouts) bhai..

Tannu holds swara , as she was abt to fall..
Sanky: (stops mishu showing his hand) I’m fine mishu.. (at swara) Wat was tat swara.. Are u (holds his head with his hands) seriously, wat were u doing.

Swara:( sobs) I.. I dint. I dint do it intentionally. I got angry on you and(notices his bleeding hand and widens her eyes ) sanskar ur hand..

Sanky: and u risked three lifes..

Swara takes his hand with hers but he jerks her off and she looks at him with teary eyes.. Mishu ties kerchief to his hand against his protest..

Tannu: sanskar, we will talk abt this later. Now we will leave.

The guy comes there and starts scolding sanky for taking his bike and leaves from their snatching the keys. Mishtan burst out laughing but swara remained silent where as sanky was still angry on her..

Mishu : but where is veer?

At tat time Sanky finds veer at some distance and they both smile at eachother. He came near them with a worried face and dint stop instead kept moving .

Just then they realised he was continuously pressing the brake turning around and seeing them.. In fraction of seconds, a car came and hit him. Evryone shouted at a same time

“Veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr ”

He skipped from his bike with a twisted leg and his head started to bleed. They rushed towards him, mishu took his head in her lap and pats his cheek..

Where as swara stands like a statue and tannu weeps continuously.. Sanky stands in the state of shock..

Mishu: veer. (pats) veer, dekho naa.. .

Just then he closed his eyes encountering the darkness. Mishu shouts

“Veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr ”

With tears flowing from her eyes.. Tannu shakes him

Tannu: veer.. Get up.. (sobs) veer..

Swara collapses on floor with a thud. Sanky looks at the trio. He can’t fall week but to act strong Instead. Seeing the state of trio ,he gets teary eyes..

And his buddy.. Wat is going on.. Tears flow from his eyes. He can’t fall week. He kept saying to himself. He closes his eyes firmly taking a long breath and wipes his tears composing himself.

Sanky: guys.. We need to rush.. We have to take him to the hospital..

Mishtan nods and sanky takes veer towards their car. He place him inside and turns around to see swaRa still sitting on the road ..

Mishu: swara come fast. (taps on her shoulder)
Tannu: chal.. (pulls her hands)
Sanky: swara.. Chalo..

Swara takes a deep breath..

Swara: u guys go.. (on verge of crying)
Mishu: swara, Pls we have to rush..
Swara : mishu, I . I can’t. I I can’t see him lik

Before she could say, sanky lifts her and places her inside the car, giving a death glare.. Mishtan sits beside her and sanky drives to hospital. Sanky could easily predict wats going on in her mind. He hated seeing her like this.

At hospital.

Sanky takes veer inside the hospital . Mishtan runs and calls out doctor for help. Nurse cleans veer’s wound and mishtan comes along with doctor. Nurse sends Sanmishtan out till the doctor examine him..

Mishu: no, I want to be with him..
Nurse: pls mam..

Sanky holds mishu

Sanky: mishu, we will wait outside.
Mishu: but Bhai..
Sanky : mishu..

She nods with teary eyes..

The trio stands outside the door pacing here and there..

Sanky: swara kaha hai..?
Tannu: she doesn’t want to come ..so

Sanky rushes outside and finds swara sitting like a statue inside the car with continuous flow of tears. He sits beside her where as, swara doesn’t move an inch..

Sanky : swara.

He makes her face him and cups her face..

Sanky: stop crying..

Tear rolls down her cheeks..

Sanky: swara… (wipes her tears), I know wats going on in ur dumb mind.. So stop blaming urself.

Swara holds his wrists and shooks her head..

Sanky : it’s not your fault. .
Swara: no. No (shouts) noooo… It’s all becoz of me.. (sobs and shouts) it’s all becoz of me.. I’m responsible.. I’m responsible for this mess. I shouldn’t have been stubborn.. I shouldn’t have got angry. I shouldn’t have snatched the keys. I shouldn’t have driv

He place his lips on hers , kissing her softly and she drops her hands down surrendering to him. She closes her eyes and remains still without participating in the kiss.

When he finds her breath even indicating that she has calm down,he parts away resting his forehead on hers. Both closed their eyes and remains in the same position for sometime.

He pulls her into a bone crushing hug and She hugs him crying hard. He tightens his grip around her and strokes her back to calm her..

Swara: sanskar(cries hard)
Sanky: swara.. (strokes her back) don’t u want to see veer…

Swara shooks her head in no.. .

Sanky: why??
Swara: I can’t.. I’m respons
Sanky: shhhhh.. You are not.. Veer is fine.. Come lets see him.. And did you see mishus state..

Swara breaks the hug and wipes her tears.. She takes his bleeding hand placing a kiss on his palm and gently caressing it..

Swara: I’m sorry..
Sanky : shhhhh.. Chale. ??

She nods her head like a baby. Sanky smiles and kisses her forhead with lots of love.. Both gets into the hospital. As soon as swara comes mishtan hugs her..

Tannu: idiot..
Mishu: She is such a duffer.. Instead she call my bhai as duffer..
Tannu: she is a big dumbo mishu(winks and gives hifi)

Swara smiles with teary eyes..

Swara : I’m sorry mishu and tannu.. Its all
Mishtan: shut up..
Tannu: just shut up. I will kill u swara..
Mishu : why the hell u r thinking like tat.. Another word and u will see the worst in me..

The doctor comes out and Sanky rushes to him..

Sanky: doctor how is he??
Doctor:(smiles) he is perfectly alright. Just his leg is slightly hurt but within three days, he will be perfectly fine..
Swara: but he fell unconscious..
Doctor : becoz he got hit on head.. As u all said, it was an accident, I will say it was a miracle nothing had happened to him.. No one escapes with this much light injury. (give credit to the writer guys ?)

Evryone smile and goes to check veer. He was lying relaxed on the bed as if nothing happened .. He smiles sheepishly seeing them…

Veer :hey guys(waves his hand)
Mishu hits his chest..
Veer: aaahhhh.. Wat yaar.. (pouts)
Mishu: behaving as if u have won something . Do u know, wat we were going through… Don’t act as if u have achieved something big..
Veer: Hehe. Arei it hurts(points to his heart) kya mishu, I met with an accident and still u r scolding me.. (frowns)
Tannu: at least she is scolding u. I would have killed u. Who told u to drive like tat..
Veer: I was driving smoothly, how do I know tat breaks will fail all of a sudden.. See u both are very bad. Atleast my angel is on my side.

Swara looks at him with teary eyes..

Veer: oii.. Now u too dont start to scold me huh..

Swara hugs him..

Swara: I’m sorry sweetu..
Veer: god.!!! Angel!!! Now u don’t start blaming urself.. (parts her away)
Mishu : she is doing tat from long back..
Veer:(shocked) kya!! U r really silly..
Sanky: haan She is.
Veer smiles..
Veer: whoa.. So u both patched up!! Gr8..

Swara and sanskar looks at eachother.. Then they both shoot draggers at eachother and turns around. . Mishtanvee shooks their head..

Mishtanvee: impossible..
Tannu: why the hell, did y remind them veer.. U r (takes her hands towards his neck and drops back) huh..

Veer pouts..

Sanky: no tannu, I dint forget anything.. I’m still mad at someone(looks at swara) and I dont wanna talk with her..
Swara: As if I have forgotten abt it. And tannu, tell him I’m still on my choice and I too don’t wanna talk with him.
Sanky: (mocks her) as if I’m dying to..
Veer:(shouts) stops it …wats the problem with u both..
Sanky: I will call doctor and ask abt ur discharge.. ( turns to leave)
Veer: stop sanskar.

The doctor comes

Doctor :(smiles) u guys can take him to home..
Sanky:(smiles) thank you doctor.
Mishtan :(smiles) thanks alot.
Swara: doctor.
Doctor : yes.
Swara: actually ,I want first aid box..
Sanky: no need doctor.. (firm voice) We are leaving now..
Swara:(stubborn) no we are not.. Doctor his hand is bleeding..
Doctor : I will send the nurse right now .

Swara smiles and doctor leaves..

Veer: OK then, i will wait for u guys in car..
Mishu: Acha swara, we will take him. U come after dressing his hand..

Swara nods..

Sanky: I’m not doing anything..

Mishtan takes veer without giving any heed to sanskar.. The nurse enters with first aid box. Sanky starts to leave but swara holds his wrist firmly.

Sanky : nurse, ask her to leave me..
Swara: sister, look at his injured hand. Doesn’t it need first aid..

Nurse :(smiles) haan sir.. Or else it will get infected.. Let me clean it..

Swara looks at her being overfriendly . Sanky observers swara’s reaction and smiles in his mind.. .

Sanky: haan right.. I will listen to you. But I can’t call u sister.. I will call you nurse. Is it OK.
Nurse (smiles sheepishly) ok sir.. .
Sanky: no.. Don’t call me sir. I’m Sanskar. Or u can Call me Sanky..

Swara gets angry seeing both flirting in front of her..

Swara: (at nurse) just shut up and do the first aid.. Stop flirting with him..
Nurse: (gets angry) hello.. Stop being rude. I’m just doing my duty..
Swara : as if flirting is ur duty..
Nurse: wats ur problem. U are acting as if, he is your boyfriend..
Swara: haan, he is..
Sanky: whoa.. No nurse. We broked up a while ago..

Swara fumes and takes the first aid kit from the nurse and starts cleaning his wound herself.. .

Nurse: I will do it..
Swara: just get lost..

Sanky takes his hand from her and gives to nurse..

Sanky: yes pls.. I dont want others to do..

Nurse smiles at him and snatches the first aid kit from swara and starts dressing him.. .

Sanky: ahh..
Nurse: sorry.. (blows air on his hand)
Sanky:(smiles sheepishly) it’s OK..

Swara’s jaws drop seeing them.. She fumes and was like a volcano which would burst any time.. The nurse finishes her work, I mean dressing and smiles at sanskar..

Nurse: see.. It’s over sanky..
Sanky: so sweet of you. Thank you dear..

This is it for her. She takes a knife from the kit and holds it near sankys neck. Sanky widens his eyes and understands its time for him to keep quite or else he will be finished.

Nurse: hey wat r u doing.
Sanky: look.. This is wat she does. (pouts)
Nurse: I will call the police..
Swara : go to hell.. U witch.. U blo*dy b*t*h..

The nurse jaws drop and swara takes sanky at knife point. Evryone looks at them with wide eyes. When they were abt to exit the hospital, someone taps swara’s shoulder

SwaSan turns around to find police..

Police : you are under arrest..
Swara: for what ???
Police: for trying to kidnap Mr. Sanskar.

Swara widens her eyes with jaws dropped while sanky supresses his laugh…

Whoa!!! Done with the next chapter.. How was this.. Lol. I was laughing while writing last scenes. Hope u all liked it. Well I know I’m late, so u will get the next chap asap. I mean, i will update the next chap today itself or tomorrow . So start ur feedback through comments to get ur next chap. Hehe. It’s like blackmail na .. But kya karu, I like it. After all Im ur Chotu sa, pyara sa and innocent frnd na.. So start giving ur comments.

Important note:
And guys i have to tell you an important thing. I know u all won’t believe me at insstant. But I want u all to beleive me. If anyone of you,is using wattpad Pls check out AyeshaK_ profile.. Do check her profile and her stories. It’s my hearty request. And who are not using wattpad, I’m just here to inform you tat, one of your favorite writer have been plagiarised someone’s work.. The followers of ayesha have been really pissed with the act. They are contacting all SwaSan fans of wattpad and informing us. They informed me as well to check her stories and I got to know abt it.. I just want to reveal her name but I know u all won’t believe me easily. So u guys first check ayesha’s work.. Thank u..

God!!! I got little serious while writing tat. Hehe. Now let’s refresh my mood. So wat i was saying. Haan comment and let me know abt the chapter to get ur next chapter. I’m i boring u guys. I hope not.. Acha, see my sanky is very flirty na .. Tats why he have got this much girl followers. MIL!!! Tell ur son to be in limits, or else. Bhuktaan Dena padega. I was abt to kill tat nurse for flirting with my sanku. But see my swaru darling handled it with care. Will police arrest swara ?? Or sanky will save her. Or will he act in front of police too??

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    1. But Di….
      Hey Nisha! First of all a bug thanks for reading my ff. And I read Fix You and will soon read FBS too. I must say you’re the most amazing author I’ve ever met. ?

      This is what Auesha di wrote to Nisha di….I am getting totally confused di….now toh one post on Ayesha di’s wall also said that Nisha di and Ayesha di were going to work together….m getting confused di….

    2. It was actually Nisha that stole Ayesha’s work.. I was such a big fan of hers and loved her every single ff but after Sha told, I went to wattpad and saw that Ayesha’s ff had the same name and ofcourse the same storyline and it was posted BEFORE Nisha’s ff so it means that Nisha copied it and if you read the chat on Ayesha’s wattpad wall you’ll be as pissed off as me! And now she isn’t active on wattpad nor TU which means that she is guilty and doesn’t want to confront anyone.. she is not even answering the messages that Ayesha sent her… I am so freaking pissed off at her right now!

    3. Sweetie

      Hi Laddoo..Dear!!! I’m just replying on behalf of Sha..It’s actually Nisha who have copied all of Ayesha’s works..You can check it on Wattpad..The titles for the stories are also same and they were originally written on Virat Kohli..TU has taken down all the stories under Nisha’s name for the same reason..I’m really sorry to know that she was your idol..Hope I didn’t hurt any of your feelings but it’s the truth dear..

      1. It’s ok sweetie di….even i checked out wattpad as soon as I read Sha di’s message. And ya….m not hurt….this simply means that Nisha di wasn’t my idol instead Ayesha di was….I mean is….and ya unknown….I can understand ur condition as mine is the same….when Nisha di had commented on my OS….I was so freakin’ happy…duh….anyways….one can’t hold on to the same thing for long….now m gonna contact Ayesha di….??

      2. Sweetie

        #Laddoo—I’m really happy to know that you weren’t hurt dear..All is well that ends well,right?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. If u still have confusion read fangirl of ayesha…which is same as nisha’s anonymous.!

  20. Sha… First time m commenting on ur ff… I used to read from beginning… Today’s part was superb! Loved it โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ?????

  21. U nailed t dr. Its just awesome. U r wonderful writer. Copying s bad habit… Can u say wich story she had copied.?

    1. Fix you, FBS, Childhood sweethearts, Arranged to be his and Fangirl but Nisha cchanged the name to Anonymous

  22. Dharani


  23. I really didn’t see this coming
    I don’t reply on TU but I had to talk today…hoping I would defend someone I kinda idolized. Anyways, its all good.
    Nothing is hidden under the sun they say and this just proved it!
    I am reaalllly disappointed.
    1st Bushra, now Anu; at least Bushra said it wasn’t her story from the start.

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    1. Actually Nisha copied Ayesha’s ff and posted it here on TU.. I saw on wattpad that they had the same name, CHildhood sweethearts, fix you, FBS and Arranged to be his..
      These are originally ayeshas and they were posted by her on wattpad last year where as Nisha copied them and posted em this year and gave all the credit ot herself instead of Ayesha.

      These ff’s are written on Virat kohli but Nisha made a few changes in the story and changed the characters to Swasan and posted it here.. Ayehsa has reported to TU and now they have taken down the ff’s that Nisha copied.

    2. Sweetie

      Hi Twinkle..Actually a writer in TU has copied all the stories of a writer who is on Wattpad..This issue has come to light recently when some of our friends stumbled upon the stories having same titles..When they contacted the author on Wattpad,they got to know that the author in TU is not the original author but the one on Wattpad is..It’s an act of plagiarism as all her stories on Wattpad are copyright stories..Hope I cleared your doubt..And about the name of the author on TU,you can see the above chats to know who she is..

  26. Superb year….. Missed you like hell…..plz post next fast soon…. I wanna what’s the reason for fighting…. Love you ….

  27. Sree

    U r backkkkkk?????
    Missed ur ff and u too?????
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    I really loved it that u dint do anything to veer??????? Lots of hugs for that???
    Whats the matter cookig up between swasan?? Waiting to know it?
    Well in last seen i was rofl?????
    Swara under arrest???
    Many emotions in one ep?????????
    I loved it.
    I am not going to comment abt the copying thing. I am just not interested in it.
    I am happy that the writers got justice
    As TU has removed all the stories by the girl
    So am not gonna think of it anymore?
    Love u sis???

  28. MOU

    awesome just i say

  29. Waited for ur ff a lot but awsm luvly n post asap u nailed it

  30. Neha_priya

    Hii sha first of all really sorry for the previous comment dear I was just too frustrated at something and then the epi just make me more furious I’m really sorry if I’ve hurt you but what to do I’ve always loved their aggressive love but when they fought I lost my mind more anyways this epi has just caught my breath when veer fainted….. Yeah you’ve mentioned you’re not gonna appreciate anything serious but still…. And swasan god fury was all over them…. What’s going on in their head no no actually in ur head… Sometimes I feel kuch gadbad h I mean they can’t fight like this are you misguiding us ?? I’m telling u again yeh drama jald khatm karo otherwise I’ll go mad…..

    N regarding serious note…. God I don’t know how to react…. I’ve read all her works and she’s one of the writers from tu I’ve always followed….. I’m not on wattpad & I really don’t know how to open it I just wanna check the stories if anyone can provide the link….. Ayesha wrote the same on virat kohli with same titles same storyline….. It’s too much now as far I know she too is a fan of virat kohli…. It’s wrong to copy others work….. N is her stories not opening on tu…. OK anyways sha just carry this ff of urs…. Post next one asap and plz yaar resolve swasan….

    1. Sweetie

      Hi badi bahu..Yaar we cannot read the stories in Wattpad until we have an account there..You can only read the intro without an account..Yes Ayesha did write all the stories on Virat Kohli..And TU has taken down all the FF’s posted under Nisha’s name..Hope I cleared your doubt..Bye badi bahu and take care.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lots of love.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. Soujanya


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  33. Awesome HWB. How r u? Sorry busy with all work so only late comment.love u dear & keep smiling always.

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    Hint: Too lazy to write long comments ๐Ÿ˜›
    I guess you came to know

  35. Vyshu10

    Awesome….missed u so much sweety. What were u saying….chotu sa, pyaara sa, innocent sa? Well…chotu pyaara… i agree. Bt innocent…..dear, we knw hw natkhat u r?

    And u r blackmailing us? Ulta….we ll blackmail u if u won’t upload soon. Loads of hugs??

    1. Vyshu10

      And just came to know abt d plagarism….What the hell! I feel betrayed. I loved those ffs, praised her, gave her support thinking she was bashed unneccesarily…..God! how can she do this? Well…i don’t even feel like even questioning her now.

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