FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 62)


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Guys before the epi begins, let me tell u one thing, harish is not bad. His evry action is justified. He is just like a normal father.
Harish : I came from Maldives only to inform a good news to all. But so many things happened in one day and I wasn’t able to tell anyone..

Shekar: good news?
Hariya: haan Bhaiya good news.
Swara:wat Is tat?
Harish : I have finalised tannu and veers engagement with my business partner children

Evryone widens their eyes in shock. A lone tear escapes from tannu’s eye. She couldn’t believe tat her father took a big decision without their concern. He was bound to accept the proposal was the only reason given by him.

Harish : I wasn’t able to deny him Bhaiya. He is such a gentleman and a good person. He brought the proposal and how can I refuse him. He even told me to ask my children but I was so happy tat i told him my children never oppose my decision. But (looks at tanvee) I guess, it was my biggest mistake ..
Shekar : you should think abt their happiness Hari..
Harish: bhaiya Pls, try to understand.

Tanvee were helplessly looking at harish.

Harish:(walks towards tanvee) beta ,I have given my words to him. I dont want to force u guys. But if i deny him, wat will he think abt my upbringing. (Wat an emotional blackmail) I wont force you, but I will give two weeks time. Think alot and give me ur answer..

Tanvee bends their head down and nods silently with teary eyes. One side was their love and the other side was their fathers reputation. They were in such a big mess.

At college

Sanky: Wat???? Uncle fixed your alliance. Wat the !!!!!

Swara keeps hand on sanky’s shoulder. Mishu stands like a statue.

Veer : mishu,
Mishu : Wat did you decide veer?
Veer: I dont know mishu. I’m just confused..
Swara: we will think abt it
Tannu: there is nothing to think abt it.. Its crystal clear. Dad have trapped us from all side.
Swara : don’t tell me, you are going to give up on him.
Tannu : I don’t want to give up but the situation
Veer : no tannu, we have another option, dad gave us two weeks time right..
Swara:(eyes sparkle) wat if we kidnap
Veer : (shocked) kidnap???
Sanky: swara, seriously, kidnap!! Huh!!
Swara : we will kidnap tat boy and girl..
Tannu: angel,seriously .. U r planning to kidnap them huh..

Swara smiles sheepishly

Veer: no angel(smiles) we cant deny dad, but we can make them to refuse us na..
Swara: in your dreams sweetu.. If we try to talk to them,are you sure they will listen?
Mishu: haan, who will refuse to marry my handsome..
Sanky: ohhhh handsome..
Mishu bites her tongue.
Tannu: seriously is it a time for joke mishu??
Swavee: oh hello..
Swara and veer looks at eachother..
Tannu: uff, now pls dont start ur praising drama.. I’m fed-up from childhood..
Swara : my sweetu is always handsome, got tat..
Sanky: (wraps his hand around her neck) swara, wat abt me..
Swara: Aww, (pulls his cheek) you are my cutie pie..
Sanky: swara( gives her angry glare)
Swara : OK K..(wraps her arms around his neck) You are my hot Greek god hubby(winks at him) ..
Sanky:( kisses her cheeks) and you are my stunningly beautiful wifey..
Tannu:(closes her eyes) god, pls save me ..
Evryone chuckles.

Swara: haan, don’t be jealous.. Well where is your majnu..
Tannu: Rohit??
Swara: no.. Purohit..
Evryone burst out laughing..
Tannu :(makes faces) very funny..
Mishu : but where is he??
Tannu: dont know, where the hell he is..
Swara: dint you inform him abt this??
Tannu : no..
Evryone gets shocked..
Sanky: why tannu
Tannu: Im scared.. (blinks)
Swara: you are impossible..
Tannu:(smiles sheepishly) I will tell him today.
Veer: lets plan something to know abt them.
Mishu : so wat are we going to do ??
Swara: haan, sweetu. But chachu dint told their names.
Tannu: if he get a single doubt, our total plan will fail.
Sanky: right.. If we ask All of a sudden ,uncle will never say abt them.
Veer: Wat will we do now??
Swara: let’s decide after your final match.
Sanvee gets shocked..
Swara: I know, u both would have forgotten. Go for practice,tats why we came to college right..

Sanvee grins. At tat time Rohit makes an entry..

Rohit: hey guys!!
Evryone gives him death glare..
Rohit :(Rolls his eyes )did i miss anything..
Tannu: Haan, mera visarjan..
Rohit:(shouts) tannu..
Tannu:(bites her tongue) sorry..
Rohit : I’m going for practice..bye guys..(he leaves)
Tannu: Rohit, (shouts)
Swara: tu bhi na tannu.. Go to him..
Tannu runs and holds his hand. He jerks it away..
Tannu: I dint mean tat Rohit.. I’m really sorry.. (holds his hand tight) listen to me first..
He ignores her and keeps walking.. But tannu shouts.
Tannu: ahhhh..
Rohit : (concerned) Wat happened
Tannu: my leg got twisted.. (cries) all becoz of you.. Who told you to walk this much fast.. (pouts)

He keeps observing her..

Tannu: Wat are you waiting for.. Lift me. (He widens his eyes..) I can’t walk further..
He shook his head. Where as she starts crying..
Rohit: OK.

He lifts her in bridal style. She keeps staring him. He takes small glances at her but still angry on her. They come to basketball court (only team members present) SwaSan and mishvee smiles looking at them.. Tannu winks at swara. Rohit notices and was abt to put her down, she kisses his cheek.. He gets shocked

Tannu: I’m sorry rohit.. I was frustrated with your absence..
They both have an eye lock..
Rohit: never ever say like tat.. I will kill you with my own hands..
Tannu giggles and nods..
Rohit: I love you..
Tannu: I love you too..
Rohit smiles brightly..
Veer : saaley, if you are finished with your romance, put my sister down..

Rohit makes faces and puts her down.. Then tannu tells abt the morning incident.

Rohit: (shocked and shouts) waaaat???
Evryone closes their ears..
Tannu: relax, everone is watching..
Rohit: (keeps on rambling) Wat the hell tannu.. You are asking me to relax. Is it a simple thing. Oh god.. Wats your dads problem with me.. How can he do this..
Sanky: relax yaar, we wil plan something abt this..
Rohit: plan.. Guys seriously. I will kill tat monkey..
Mishu: haan, i will kill tat witch..
SwaSan supresses their smile..

Where as tanvee widens their eyes and giggle..

Mishu: haan, smile.. You will know only when I get married to someone..
Veer : I will kill him..
Swara: dont know who the hell they are.. But we have started cursing them from now itself..

RohSanvee goes for practice.. The girls watch them.. It was an entertaining match. After the first round they come back.. Sanky was fully wet in his T-shirt and track.. He takes water bottle and puts it on his head.. Swara giggles seeing him.. He lifts his eyebrow with a question look.. She suppresses her smile and gives him energy drink. Both smile at eachother.. He sits beside her

Sanky: Wat were you thinking..??
Swara: nothing..
Sanky: (whispers) any wild thoughts.. (winks at her)
Swara:(slaps his arm) shut up
Sanky chuckles..
Swara: waise, (teasingly whispers) you are looking hot..
Sanky: (with attitude) oh I see.

Swara’s jaws drop . He supresses his smile and slides his hand around her waist..

Swara: (jerks and pouts) don’t touch me..
Sanky: (puts his hand around her shoulder) alle Mela baby angry hogaya..

Sanky shakes his head such tat water droplets from his hair , fall on her face

Swara: huh..
He smiles sheepishly..
Sanky: wifey!!(goes near her ear and whispers huskily) if I’m hot, you are damn s*xy now..

She turns crimpson red..swara was wearing right side off shoulder loose top with jeans.. And Sanky was rubbing his finger on her right shoulder.

Sanky: uff, stop blushing jaan..
Swara: stop it sanskar..
Sanky: I was just teasing u..
Swara: I knew…
Sanky: I’m i looking hot..
Swara:(huskily) smoking hot.. (winks at him).
He smiles naughtily.
Sanky:then(gets closer)
She jerks him and stands.. He frowns..
Swara: sorry Mr. Sinha.. Ur next round is waiting for you..

She laughs at him. Evryone gets back to the ground while sanky pulls her all of a sudden bites her ear lobe ..

Sanky: this is for teasing me(runs away).
Swara: idiot.

Swara thanked god as No one noticed them, otherwise she would have been embarrassed and everyone would have teased them.. They practiced till evening. SwaSan continued their nok-jhok romance. Evryone left to their respective homes after practice.

Their practice continued two more days . Tanvee engagement talks were less as harish have been busy with his new deal. So tanvee were relaxed and enjoying with their respective partners..

Sanky usually spends his nights with swara, both cuddling with eachother. It had become their habit. Sanky used to be tired as hell but swara stands with him being his perfect partner. Sometimes she gives him head massage in her room and make him relax.

On the last day of practice, evryone were tired, they have heard that opposite teams have more strong players but their couch encouraged them. He proved them, they are the best. Sanky jumped into a balcony, he finds his wifey sleeping peacefully after a tiring day,.. Ya she was even tired. Sanky fulfilled her wish today. She always tells him to teach basketball.

So in early morning he asked her to join him. Sanky teaches swarA romantically. She couldn’t believe tat from where do he get such ideas. For making a basket he made her stand in front of him and wrapped his hand around her waist. Slowly caressing her hands, he makes her hold the ball and throws it in a swift.

She doesn’t know whether she is a good learner or he is a good teacher but watever, she learned playing basketball. He kept teaching her as well as doesn’t leaves a chance to romance with her.

But he stopped immediately when his team starts to come. When everyone came, they decided to keep a match. So today they all played basketball . Evryone enjoyed to the core. Mishu and tannu were too involved. Swara played well..

Now sanky is watching her sleeping innocently. He slowly gets into the blanket and pulls her into his chest. She smiles in her sleep and snuggles in his arms by wrapping her hands around his waist. Soon sleep take over him.

The next morning she wakes up and finds herself cuddled in sankys embrace . She smiles and caresses his face. But when did he come here.. Huh. He is really impossible ,she thought.. He was actually her cute hubby. Just sleeping like a innocent baby.

She slowly lifts her head and kissed his cheek. He tightens his grip around her. Tats when,she got to know, he is awake.. She struggles to get out from his hold but frowns unable to do so..

Swara: sanky chodo..
Sanky: good morning wifey..
Swara: good morning. Wat are you doing here.
Sanky: of course, sleeping.
Swara: I can see tat.. But you are always sleeping here.. Wat if anyone gets to know..
Sanky: to be true, i have got the habit of holding you during night.. Now I can’t change it..
Swara: (blushes) even I can’t sleep without you..(little serious) But sanskar, we shouldn’t do this. Mom and dad will seriously get angry..
Sanky:(frowns) but swara, no one knows till now..so wats the problem.
Swara: I dont know why but I got this thought all of a sudden..
Sanky: (pouts) I hate u swara..
Swara: (pecks his lips) now..!!!
Sanky: I hate u sooo much..
Swara: (snaps) I hate u too.. (gets up from him)
He gets shocked..
Sanky: ahh.. Baby ,I’m sorry.. I was just teasing you..

She turns around and supresses her smile .. He make faces..

Sanky: haay,sorry mera jaan, my pumpkin, my sunshine, my sweetheart, my darling.. (back hugs) my s*xy wifey

She hits him with elbow and turns around winking at him..

Swara: aaya na oont pahaad ke neeche.. (giggles)
Sanky: so u were teasing me as well.. Now see..
He starts tickling her ..she puts her head back and laughs out loud..
Swara: sanky stop.. ? (runs)

He chases her all around the room.. Their noise echoed throughout the house.. He finally catches her wrist and tickles her alot. Tears roll down through her eyes due to continuous laughing. He stops tickling and cups her face. Just then Shemish enters her room and gets shocked..

Sanky: hey sorry baba..
Swara: ?.. I can’t sanskar.. Oh god,im really tired now..
Shekar: (shouts) sanskar..
They both jump in their place and get shocked..
Swasan: dad/papa(gulps)
Shekar: Wat the hell happening here?And why is she crying. ? And how did you come here.. ?
Sanky: papa, one question at a time.. (teases him) waise, i dint do anything wrong.. U know wat i mean.. (stretches) WRONG..
Shekar give him a cold look..
Shekar: sansk
Swara:(cuts him) relax dad.. (hits sanky) idiot, shut up.. (at shekar) dad, actually i wasn’t crying. I was laughing hard.. Tats the result of this tears..

Sanky chuckles..
Mishti supresses her smile. She could see both frighten faces..

Shekar : then wat is he doing here.. And how did he came.. Did he sleep here
Both shout at a time “noo”
Shekar gets aback..
Shekar: okay..
Sanky: actually swara wasn’t feeling well sterday, so I thought to check her out.. So I came here by
Mishti: main door..

SwaSan widens their eyes.. Shekar looks at her..

Mishti: I opened the door..
Sanky: Haan, right.. I love you maa..
Shekar shakes his head .. Pats sanky’s cheeks and leaves.. Sanky sighs in relief ..
Mishti : bevakoofo, atleast make less noise while romancing..
Swara: mom, we weren’t..
Mishti : huh.. Stop it angel. I know.. I have experienced it.. (rolls her eyes and leaves.)

Both swasan were really shocked. They don’t know whether to be happy or sad. Daily they use to romance and never get caught. But today they were actually playing and this so called destiny wrote something on their head.. Both shook their head and burst out laughing seeing same thoughts running in their mind..

Sanky: swara, it’s better in my way.. (smiles naughtily) It’s better to get caught while romancing than being guilty.
Swara: basharam.. Shut up.. Get ready for your finals.. Al the best..
Sanky: thank you.. (hugs her) Love you.. (kisses her forhead) OK bye..
Swara:(smiles) bye..
Sanky: (stands still) bye..
Swara sighs and pecks his lips..
Swara: all the best..
Sanky frowns..
Swara: bas .. now go..
He pulls her and kisses her cheek
Sanky: (smiles) bye..

He was about to go by window but swara tells him to go by main door..

Sanky: I can’t yaar.. It has become my habit..
She sighs impossible..

Evryone gathered in a vast area where final basketball competition was held. Sanky and his team were all fresh and clean. The opponents were quite strong in front of them. Such as, sankys team members were little thin compared to the opponents. They were huge in size as well as age. But nothing matters in this, just A mere goal to win the match was all needed.. They had tat confidence.

They were not strong by body. They were strong by their will power.. Swatanmish were happy seeing them. They cheered them . Sanky passes silent msgs to swara through lips. She could understand his naughty wording.. She couldn’t help but smile at him. He was looking smoking hot in his dress. She winks at him and he acts as if falling unconscious. She giggles seeing him. Both played this way.

It was time for their match.. The first round begins. It was tough for both the team. Three minutes passes but they weren’t able to make a single goal. Rohit was leading with the ball, one of the opponent blocking his way continuously..

In one swift Rohit fell on ground. Swamishtan gets worried. The ball was now with the opponent. Rohit murmurs sorry to sanvee.. Sanvee nods and just then the opponents make a basket. The opponents were like gym boys, who could make the opposite member fall with a single finger.

Now sanky was leading with the ball. Again another opponent was behind him. In order to catch the ball, the opponent stamps sankys foot. Sanky leaves the ball and holds his foot in pain. Before opponent could grab it,veer takes it in a swift and makes a goal..

Sanky couldn’t understand whether it was a mistake or they are doing it on purpose. Just then he noticed, four opponents have been following his strong players.. They weren’t either playing nor allowing them to play..

Just then Rohit passes the ball to Sanky. He was leading on the go, and passes to one of his team member pratik. When he was just abt to throw the basket, ball was taken in a swift and passed to opponent. They passed one after the other and made another basket . Just then, they heard a whistle and round one was over with the opponent leading with one point.

Sanky and team were really tensed.. Swamishtan were worried for them. The opponents seems to be strong players.. A guy smirked at sanvee.. Just then it hit them.. They weren’t playing fair..

But they can’t even blame them,They were using their own power. Though it is wrong , But not totally wrong. They have to face them. They just want to show tat Mental power is more Stronger than physical power . Sanky and his team member were more strong with their will power.

Now it was time to begin the original match. The opponents were so involved to stop them from taking a basket. But they won’t do the same with them. They have to score. They have to win. Their mere aim was to win not to make them lose.. But the opponents aim is to make them lose.

Sanky: guys we have to win.. Do not think abt making them lose.. Just think how to win. We will reach our goal..

Evryone nods and shouts a whoo.. Sanky takes a glance at his lucky Charm. She was smiling and Saying all the best.. He got some more courage and had a bright smile.. With tat he entered for the next round.

The next round was even tougher than the first one. May be the opponents have planned alot for this. But sanky’s team tried hard to win. The opponents never left the chance to stop them from making basket. Evry time they made them fall on the ground . Just then karan made a basket and the whole area was cheering with whistles and claps..

Now both the teams were are same points. Now one more basket will decide the winner. Just two minutes remaining and there isn’t any ray of winning. Both the teams where trying hard. Ones goal was to win while others goal was to make the other one lose. Now the ball was with the opponent team. One of the member leading the match while sanvee and other members Trying to get the ball.. It was the toughest situation ever.

The man leading the match is very height and weight. He is not giving a single chance for the persons beside him. Just then he throws the ball towards the basket, they almost cheered for one basket but destiny planned something else.

Rohit Jumped in the middle and now the ball was flying on the opposite side. When the opponent was abt to catch it, veer almost jumped and another hit. Ball was flying to their basket. Tension was rising in the whole area,evryone watching the match with their mouth open. But the aim wasn’t good enough as veer throwed from a long distance.

It felled down ,evryone frowned and closed their eyes in disappoinment . But sanky grabs the opportunity and thats the goal. He made the basket. Yippee evryones jaws drop. No one saw the basket as they were closing their eyes. It was done in fraction of seconds. But the repeat telecast in the projector made them cherish the moment. Evryone jumped in joy. It took moments for them to realise. The whole area was flooded with claps and whistles.

Sanky was being lifted by his team members. Evryone rushed to sankys team except swamishtan. They were crying. They couldn’t believe,its not tat they weren’t happy. It’s just tat they were beyond happy. Girls were drooling over sanskar. But his eyes were only searching for his wifey..

SwaSanvee parents came and congratulated them. Just then swamishtan came with drinks. Sanvee relaxed after drinking. SwaSan were just staring at eachother intensely. She couldn’t show how much happg she is. Who asked their parents to come. The girls along with the boys had frown on their faces. It’s not tat they hate their parents, it’s just tat they have to act like strangers. It was totally awkward. But swara atlas gave up. She couldn’t help herself to jump on him..

Swara: (hugs him) congratulations..
Sanky: thank you..

Just then she noticed sankys hand. It was all red with scratches..

Swara: Wat happened..
Veer : the opponents weren’t fair..
Sanky hits his…
Swara: Wat. ??
Sanky: swara, it’s nothing like tat.. Just forget it..
Swara: how can I..
Sanky: gosh veer. Who told you to spit it out..

They were scraed of this devil girls. Last match they dint leave the opponents easily. After all , they hurted their precious ones. So the girls played a biggest prank ever. When they went to get drink, they saw opponents bus. Peeking through the windows, they find it empty. So they tiptoed and kept a bell pin in each seat And ran away. After their parents left , they heard a huge noise. Tats when they saw the boys screaming. Swara wasn’t able to control her laugh. She laughed out along with tannu. But mishu missed it. Last match opponents still dint find who played the prank on them.

Sanky: swara, you aren’t going to do anything.
Swara: ok(rolls her eyes)
Sanky: I know this look. U are not going

Before he could complete, swara threw a stone at a boy and it hits his head from back. When he turned around, found nothing . Evryone smiling at her Childishness. Sanky immediately took her from their

Sanky: Wat the hell swara..
Swara : Wat, I know he was the one…
Sanky: swara im serious..no more masti.. Got tat..
Swara: OK.. (pouts)

Just then his couch called and he left. Swara wasnt feeling good. They hurted sanvee and others. But sanky’s warning made her to keep quite. Swamishtan were enjoying. Their parents left already. Sanky dint turn up still.. She asked veer abt it..

Veee: don’t know, may be still talking with couch.

Just then Swara saw sanky going somewhere. She went towards him. Veer saw her going and continued his talk with mishu. After a while, veer got the call from home.he realised its quite late. But Swasan were still not seen. He smiled thinking them romancing around. He took Mistan in search of Them. Wat they saw, made them froze in their position..

Sanky: (shouts) Im not going to listen to you.
Swara: sanskar..
Sanky: no swara. Not this time.
Swara: then I won’t talk with you sanskar..
Sanky: ok fine.. I dont mind..
Swara gets teary eyes.
Both goes in opposite direction.

Precap: Accident

Holy guys..
Don’t panic. The accident will be beyond your expectation..? OK K.. I’m extremely sorry for not replying to your comments. Actually I’m not getting enough time. Tats the sole reason. You guys asked for an early update, so here it is. No proof read,so Ignore the mistakes. Give you valuable comments and let me know how was the chapter. Every chapter will contain a twist from now on. But believe me ,evrything will have a sole reason behind it. No Rona dhona in my ff..

And i have a very good news to all.. I’m planning to write FFY season two.. Yup. Total opposite of season one. Not total opposite but a little. I had the story already in my mind but to start tat, I have to finish this. But there is lot more to go in this. I dont want to finish this ff in hurry as its my first ff.. . So just waiting to complete this.
And abt savior, I have to start writing it. Now my eyes are really burning due to continuous staring in mob. Yes I use my mob to write it.

So drop ur suggestion. And guys anyone using wattpad. Then do support me by sharing and voting my stories. My user name shabbu95. Hope to catch you their..
Anything else.. Haan, thanks alot for your comments in previous chap.. I’m unable to reply yaar.. So dont think me wrong.

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