FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 61)

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Hi evryone .. Remember me.. I hope so? Wat will i do . Festive season and of course I will be damn busy. So a big chorry.. Haan warning you all before reading this chap. Was so lost in Swasan kiss epi, so wrote little ahem ahem scenes, read it at your own risk. Don’t blame me after reading.. Bacha party close your eyes when the song starts.. Lol.. Ok back to the chapter.

The episode begins with swasan eyes falling on their parents. They smile looking at them but just then reality strikes them. They look at eachother in horror and then looks at mishvee and rotan who were busy with their eyelock. Swara gulps seeing their fuming faces. All the mens were fuming. Shekar seeing sanskar, Sinha seeing veer, harish seeing Rohit. Sanky smiles sheepishly scratching his head..

Sanky: (loudly) papa ,dad.. Aap sab yaha..

All four heads , turn towards the direction n widens their eyes. They quickly parts away from one another.

Harish: so I was right.(looking at Tanve) I saw u both yesterday.(shooting dragger at Divya) But ur mom proved me wrong.

Tanvee gulps. Tannu hides behind veer. Mishu hides behind Sanky. Veer makes faces and hides behind swarA while tannu follows him. Swara was suppressing her laugh. But the situation was worst. She wasn’t able to. Rohit was baffled, he doesn’t know wat to do. He signals tannu through eyes. But she whispers him to run. He widen his eyes and shook his head in No.

Rohit: Uncle, i
Harish: Stop it right there..

Tanu closes her eyes tensely..

Swara: chachu,
Harish: Angel, I dont wanna hear anything. And veer (shoots him draggers)

Veer bows down. Harish leaves stamping his foot while divya tries to stop him but all in vain.

Divya: (at tanvee) Wats this tannu and veer? U all could have told us something abt it. Now see (looks at harish side, who went away) wat will i tell him.. (sighs) atleast, I dint expect this from you tannu..

Saying it, she leaves. Tannu gets teary eyes. Now evryone waiting for sinson reaction. But ,both were just staring at mishu from long. No one was able to judge , wats going in their mind. Atlas sona smiles a little but Sinha’s reaction was still.

Swara: papa
Shekar: we will leave now.
Swara: but dad, (pleads through eyes)

Shekar keeps hand on sinha’s shoulder. Just then he comes to sense.

Mishu: dad, I
Sihna: (shows his hand to stop) u just made my head down mishu. I dint expect this from u. Now how will I face harish.

Mishu gets teary eyes. Swara widens her eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks. Sanky notices and gets shocked.

Sanky: swara, wat happened?

Evryone notices her and gets shocked.

Shekar: kya hua?
Mishu: swara it’s

Without hearing them, she runs from there.. Sanky gets worried along evryone. Shekar follows her with sanky. Evryone rush towards swara. Shekar gets hold of her n cups her face.

Shekar: angel, kya hua. Pls dont cry. I’m not angry with u. I was just faking and I will never be angry with you.
Swara : dad, do u think same like Papa? Did i make ur head down.?
Shekar :(widens his eyes n hugs her tight) no.. U never did. I’m proud of u beta. Never think like tatt. I’m not like typical fathers. I actually tease Sanky for fun, I don’t have problem with u both..
Swara: but papa will think abt me in the same way right..

Sanky hears her and understand Wat she is going through. He was on the urge to embrace her and calm her. He can’t see her crying like this. Sinha from back

Sinha: I never think in tat way angel.

Swara breaks the hug and see him through teary eyes. Sinha walks towards her n wipes her tears.

Sinha: haven’t I told you many times, you are my Angel. How can i think about you In tat way.
Swara: but papa, mishu
Sinha: you may think, im doing partiality, but no beta. I know how much harish hates me. He hates me more than shekar hated me. He loves shekar so much. When he got to know, I misbehaved with shekar, he came as a storm and showed his hatred. I Know very well how much he hate open romance, now wat will he think abt mishu,i dint give her good values. Tats y i told tat she made my head down. (mishu hugs him tight) I dont want to force my daughter on anyone. I wont let them marry. I’m sorry angel, this can’t happen.
Swara: but papa.
Sinha: He will never accept my daughter.
Swara: Wat if he accept..
Sinha: he won’t angel. Im sorry. (caresses mishus hair) I’m sorry mishu, I can’t let this happen..
Mishu: (cries) dad, I. I. Love(burst out crying)
Veer: uncle i will talk to my dad, but Pls don’t do this ,with us.
Sinha: I’m sorry veer, u will not meet my daughter from now on.

Saying this he takes mishu along with him. Shekar follows him. Mishson consoles swara and follows shesin.
Swara hugs sanky tight, he strokes her back..

Veer: Wat the hell is this yaar.. Sab ulta horaha hai. And angel pls dont cry, everything will be fine..

Swara wipes her tears and takes a deep breath.

Swara : haan ,everything will be alright.. dont worry sweetu, we won’t back off.. Mishu needs you. Go to her. (smiles) papa is not against ur love, he is just afraid of chachus reaction. And I know how to convince chachu .

Sanky keeps observing her without saying anything. Swara hugs tannu and consoles her.

Swara: oh madam, don’t make swimming pool over here.

Rohit keeps staring tannu and gets sad.

Rohit: I’m sorry tannu, it’s all becoz of me
Swara: Rohit, do you love her?
Rohit: of course swara..
Swara :(shouts) then why the hell r u backing off..

He was taken aback..

Swara: u know very well it’s no ones fault, so instead of blaming urself try to convince your father in law..

Rohit’s scratches his head and smiles sheepishly. Tannu smiles between her tears.

Rohit: OK Meri maa, don’t worry. I will try to get myself in good book of my FIL..
Tannu: FIL??
Rohit : my father in law ?

Tannu hits his shoulder playfully.
Swasanvee smiles..

Veer : yaar, mishu??
Sanky : u should have left till now.
Veer: ur hitler father is with her. How could I follow her .
Sanky: (widens his eyes) hitler.. Let this matter solve bachu, I will tell evrything to dad..
Veer: ah ha ha. As if u haven’t badmouthed bade papa..
Swara:(widens her eyes) sanskar???
Sanky: Arei jhoote..
Veer : haan angel, ur so called romeo call ur father as gabbar Singh.

Rotan supressed but burst out laughing. Swara hits him playfully.

Swara: Idiot..

They get back to their houses after so many unwanted discussion. Tanvee were so scared to go back to their houses, so they decide to take swara along with them. Atlas they rang the doorbell and were standing at the entrance door.

Divya opens the door and saw the trio. She know very well, abt tanvee. They have brought swara as their golden card. But she tried to be angry..

Swara : chachi(smiles)
Divya: have ur dinner and get back to ur room.
Swara frowns.
Swara: I guess, u don’t need me..
Divya : swara, I’m really angry on you guys. So please stop ur drama. U know very well tat, I talked only with you
Tannu: mom, I’m sorry. (teary eyes)

Divya turns away, unable to see her tears . Tanvee smiles looking at eachother and back hugs divya..

Veer: mom.. It’s just been few days we have realised abt this. Sorry for not sharing with you.
Divya: don’t talk to me veer. U know very well tat, I have been ur frnd first than ur mom.
Veer: I know mom.. I’m really sorry..
Tannu: aur mom, atleast it’s been days for him, but just now i confessed and you guys made an entry . See i dint enjoyed it though(pouts)
Divya: oh, we spoiled ur confession.

Tannu nods and smiles. Divya breaks the hug n beats her playfully.

Divya : idiot. You are blaming in front of me.
Tannu:(frowns) then wat, i shared it with my frnd cum mom(side hugs her)
Divya:(touches her cheeks) I’m afraid of ur dad. He dint talk to me still.
Swara: chachi, wat happened to chachu nowadays. I know him very well, he wasn’t like this before. And until I know it was his love marriage.
Divya: but mine was arranged.
Swara: huh, watever. He loved u right.
Divya: but he dint propose me. Just brought the proposal to my parents..
Swara: huh, such a bore chachi.. I know, if he propose u , he wont be able to control himself from romancing with u , so he directly married ..

Divya giggles..

Divya: haan swara.. But no one dared to say this till now, U said it openly. He have an reason for hating open romance, he have shared with me but I want him to tell u all . Hope so now it will come out seeing his children.
Swara: u don’t worry, I will surely get to know the reason (giggles)

Someone heard their convo

“U won’t angel, I dont want to share this. (smiles) haan but you are so daring. Told my weakness openly without any fear. Huh. After all u r swara khanna(chuckles)”

Swara turns and finds harish and widens her eyes.

Swara:(tight smile) chachu.

Harish changes his expression again and gets inside his room. Swara runs but he shuts it before she enters.

Swara:(knock) chachu.. Atleast talk to me. Wat is this? (bangs) u cant do this chachu.
Harish: angel, go from here. I dont want to talk with anyone. U all may have joined in one team, but I will never agree for this. Both tannu and veer crossed their limits, Very well knowing abt my nature . Huh, why im i still talking. Just go away pls..
Swara: chachu(sobs) pls atleast talk to me..
Harish: sorry angel.. I dont want to.
Swara: (shouts) Im not talking with u anymore.. I dont know wats the reason for this, but let me tell u onething, papa thinks tat you are hating him still.. I just want to know, is it true??

He din’t reply anything.

Swara: Chachu Im talking to u.. Are u listening.. ?
Harish : swara,dont disturb me..
Swara : just answer me, I will leave..
Harish : (shouts) yes I do

Swara gets scared with his shout and a single tear roll down her cheek. He haven’t spoke to her like this,its the first time she is afraid of him. He have been her support in evry way. Tanvee were shocked as well,they tried to hold her.

Before harish realises and opens the door, she left. She ran away from their. Harish hits his forhead realising wat he have done. Divya too gets angry . Veer follows swara. He gets relieved seeing sanky consoling her. Sanskar signs him to go and he just nods .

Harish have been over seas from past 10months. He was angry on shekar when he got to know Shesin patched up. He saw his brother broken for the first time due to sinha’s misunderstanding. From then he hated Sinha. Now he have apologized but still he couldn’t help to get along with him as before. Today he was trying to get along, but the scenario made it even worse. He can’t let them marry, he have decided something else. But now, He hurted angel for the first time and the reason is Sinha. Due to him he hurted her. This increased his hatred even more..

Sanky takes swara back. The ride was silent. He made silly jokes to cheer her up, but she was just smiling faintly. He dropped her and she went without saying anything. May be deep in thought.. Sanky gave her time to calm.

She directly went to Her room and freshen up. She was lost in her thoughts. It was all going well but this was not acceptable. She had many things going in her mind. She was happy,sad, angry,frustrated,irritated and lot more.. Happy coz Sanky won, sad coz of harish and sinha, angry coz of she couldn’t celebrate sanky’s best moment,frustrated coz of This whole situation.. She couldn’t take it anymore. Sanky was cheering her. Why the hell she is thinking all this stuff, she wanted to make this evening special for him. But instead it turned upside down.

She came out of thoughts when she heard noise from balcony. She know very well who could be tat. He came with a naughty smile. She couldn’t understand wats going in his mind. But she doesn’t want to spoil his mood,let him do wat ever he wants,was all she could think. He came and hugged her tight. She hugged him back with an angelic smile.

Swara: I love you..
Sanky: I love you too

He parts away and cups her face. She closes her eyes seeing him leaning towards her. But he kisses her forhead and chuckles. She frowns and bites her lips thinking abt her wrong thoughts.

Sanky: I think u wanted something else.
Swara hits him playfully

Swara : idiot.. I dont want anything else
Sanky: Acha jee, but I think I want something else(smiles naughtily)
Swara: how is mishu?
Sanky: change of topic. Well she is good.
She smiles..
Swara: just good..
Sanky: she must be enjoying now..

She widens her eyes.

Swara: Wat..
Sanky: haan, (makes a call but it was disconnected ) see
Swara: y u called veeer. And he is disconnecting, tat means(widens her eyes)

Meanwhile veer was succeeded in meeting mishu. Sanky helped him in getting in through the window. Veer directly went to Mishu’s room. He saw her sad and did everything to cheer her.. She finally smiled seeing his stupid plans. She hugged him tight. They both were lost in eachother. They part away. Veer was smiling seeing her. Mishu was smiling shyly. They both were lost and leaning towards one another.

When their lips were inch away, his phone rings. He immediately cuts the call. He throw his phone on the couch. Mishu smiles seeing him and tries to run but he pulls her and was abt to

Where as sanky again calls him, this time after a lot of ring, the call got connected and swasan closses their ears due to veer almost cursing them..

Veer:(shouts) sanskar ,if I get the call again I kill u right now..

Sanky cuts the call and both SwaSan burst out laughing. Swara was laughing so hard, sanky gets lost in her and keep staring her. Finding his gaze, she stops laughing and sanky moves towards her.

Swara : sanskar stop.
Sanky : no..
Swara: I will check on tannu

She runs to take her phone but sanky holds her wrist n pulls her. She hits his chest. He cages her by wrapping his hand around her waist. Swara breaths heavily.

Swara: sanskar..
Sanky: don’t disturb her, I know u r very bad at Romance atleast let her enjoy..
Swara: u mean??
Sanky: (nods) of course Rohit jumped in her house..
Swara: god!!! (laughs) sanskar, Sachi our story is not less than a movie..
Sanky: of course. But you are not allowing me to romance. (frowns)
Swara: when did I say tat..
Sanky:(widens his eyes) you mean!!!!!

Just then they hear a song from neighbourhood..
Swara: (wraps her hands around his neck ) I’m soo sorry for spoiling your evening. (pecks his lips) congratulations (kiss) for(kiss) winning (again kisses) the (kiss) match(kiss)

“Bheege hont tere, pyaasa dil mera
Lage abr sa mujhe tan tera”

Swara was embarrassed. They could hear the song very clearly. He can’t believe his own eyes. Wat did she do.. And this song was driving him crazy.. She could feel his intense gaze..

“Chhamke barsaayein mujh par ghataayein
Tu hi meri pyaas, tu hi mera jaam”

Without wasting any time, he smash his lips on Her n starts kissing her wildly .. He pulls her more into him such tat there was no gap. In the beginning he was kissing her hard but as the time passed he slowed down. May be going around the lyrics of the song.

“Kabhi mere saath koi raat guzaar
Tujhe subha tak main karoon pyaar
Wo oh oh, wo oh oh, ”

Now both their lips were moulded and moving with same lyrics. Giving eachother the support they need. Sharing their pain and suffering. More than tat,they are happy for being with eachother

“wo oh oh, wo oh oh
Saansein aanch teri, tan aag tera
Chheene neend meri, loote chain mera”

He always make her feel like an princess.. All he wants is her happiness. He could do anything for tat. Same thing implies to Her. She indirectly hurted him by crying. She very well know tat he hates her tears. But she wasn’t able to control.

“Kaala jaadu kare lambe baal tere
Aankhen jheel teri, dore laal tere”

He intertwine his fingers in her hairs. She wants this kiss to be memorable and make him forget everything. She kissed him with all love and care, she had for him. Both wants this moments to stop.

“Kabhi mere saath koi raat guzaar
Tujhe subha tak main karoon pyaar”

They finally part away, breathing heavily. She would have turned red now. And his intense gaze is making her burn more. Both their lips were swollen. She bites her lips seeing his.

“Wo oh oh, wo oh oh, wo oh oh, wo oh oh”

He rubs his thumb on her lower lip and murmurs sorry. She creases her forhead and hits his chest.

Swara: you don’t need to be. (hugs him)
He hugs her tight.

“Wo oh oh, wo oh oh, wo oh oh yeah, wo oh oh”

Sanky: waise, wen i kissed your forhead, weren’t you expecting more..
Swara:(bites her lower lip ) u won’t tease me right..
Sanky:(supresses his smile) no..
Swara : actually yes. (closes her eyes) I thought ,I hurted you alot,so dont want to stop you from doing anything .
Sanky: really.. Waise I’m hurt still..
Swara:(hits his chest) stop it sanskar..
Sanky: I should have taken tat opportunity.. Huh.. Poor me..
Swara smiles..
Swara: yaa,, poor you.. ?
Sanky :but still(pulls her more close) I can do anything

“Aankhen keh rahi jo na hum kahe
Use sun le tu jo na lab kahe”

She breaths heavily seeing him this much close. He leans towards her ear lobe and nibbles it,she closes her eyes

Sanky: (husky voice) waise, why my wifey is breathing heavily .. Do you want me to

He starts rubbing his nose behind her ear. She shivers under his touch. He smiles by seeing Her going weak with his touch. His hold gets strong sensing her legs going week.

Tu na soye aaj, main na soun aaj
Tujhe dekhoon aaj, tujh mein khoun aaj

Swara:(whispers) sanskar, plss

He starts moving his nose down from her ear to her neck..

Sanky: hmmm.
Swara: pls(closes her eyes)

He places his warm lips on neck and starts kissing her. She bends her head giving access more to him, without her sense. He had an strong effect on her. He smiles realising her access..

Kabhi mere saath koi raat guzaar
Tujhe subha tak main karoon pyaar

Placing an open mouth kiss on her throat and making her gulp. She opens her eyes widely. He caress her jaw with his lips whispering

Sanky: never cry again..

She nods breathing heavily.. He teases her kissing across her lips, where as she was turning to meet his lips. He dint allow her but kept teasing her.

Wo oh oh, wo oh oh, wo oh oh, wo oh oh

She holds his hair in fist and stops him teasing her. They both look at eachother. He smilees seeing her angry face. She kissed him hard for teasing her. Bites his lower lip making him growl with desire. He lifts her in his arms without breaking the kiss.

Bheege hont tere, pyaasa dil mera
Lage abr sa mujhe tan tera

She widens her eyes and parts her lips. Taking this as a chance, he slides his tongue quarrelling with hers. She tries to part away but he kept caressing her mouth. Atlas he parts away making her lie on bed..

Sanky: trust me..

She nods and pulls him over.. (I know all ur wild thoughts, so stop all those thoughts. nothing more than kissing in my ff) she hugs him tightly and nuzzles her head in crook of his neck. Both cuddles for sometime.

Sanky : waise I’m a good boy, I wont cross my limits wifey..
Swara : haan, i know wat a good boy you are. Don’t know how many red marks wil be there in the morning. I will kill you, if I’m unable to hide them..

Sanky chuckles..

Sanky: waise it’s not my fault, it’s all yours..
Swara: ya, I called you and invited you to give me hickeys right..
Sanky: but you dint stop me too..

She hits his chest being embarrassed and hide herself in his chest.

Sanky: and tat song. Who hears such things during night yaar,..
Swara: may be, neighbors are in full mood(giggles)
Sanky: Now who have become shameless?? (lifts his eyebrow)

Swara giggles and lay on him with her hands on his chest resting her chin on her hands.. They both stare eachother for long and long. It was an passionate eyelock.. She recall how he managed her and cheered her up. He could see her face creasing and could easily understand, she us recalling today’s incident. He felt very bad when she cried in front of shekar. She was definitely hurt with his father’s word.

Swara: Im sorry sanskar..
Sanky: no more sorries…. I can understand your situation. But I want you to be strong. I hate your tears swara. Please don’t cry anymore. Dad really dint mean anything.. I cant
Swara: (cuts him off) Acha baba. I wont. I will never cry. But this tears always find its way.. I can understand papa’s situation. Now I’m perfectly fine.. I know U tried so many things to cheer me up.. Thanks alot for being with me.. And I’m a duffer and I left u alone ,not caring abt ur situation. This will never happen again.. Promish..
Sanky:( smiles) pakka..
Swara:(pecks him) pakka..
Sanky: someone is becoming so romantic..

Swara: Im not.

They both laugh and drift into peaceful sleep in eachother embrace.

Next morning was yet another beautiful morning with our cute couple. Birds chirping around the trees . Sanky opens his eyes and finds hot breath on his neck. Could easily predict the person as he was being caged with her legs. He strokes her hair. He embraces her tightly kissing her hair. She squirms in sleep. He lifts her chin and kisses her forhead. She smiles.

Sanky: morning wifey..
Swara: morning(smiles)

They discuss something and smiles. He leaves from their pecking her lips. Both get ready in respective homes. Swara comes to her dad and tells him to talk with harish. Shekar was even thinking abt it. When swara asked him,he agreed immediately. They left to his house. Divya opened the door and hugs swara.

Divya: how are you.?
Swara : Im good chachi..

Divya was very angry on harish for behaving rude with swara. She even scolded him. Harish came out and gave a bone crushing hug to swara. She was angry on him, so dint hug him back. When he felt tat, he parts away and looks at her..
Harish: Im sorry..

Swara keep num..

Harish: sorry na baba.. It wont happen again..
Shekar: did you shout at her..

Harish bites his tongue..

Shekar: harish..
Harish: sorry bhaiya..
Swara: dad , leave na. (signals him)
Shekar: I just want to speak with you.
Harish: I know wat u want to speak but I can’t agree for this.

Tanvee comes out from their rooms.

Shekar: why can’t you harish..
Harish : I can’t..
Swara: this is not fair chachu. You can’t punish them for your hatred..
Harish: Im not doing it for any hatred swara..
Shekar: then wat.
Harish : I came from Maldives only to inform a good news to all. But so many things happened in one day and I wasn’t able to tell anyone..
Shekar: good news?
Hariya: haan Bhaiya good news.
Swara:wat Is tat?
Harish : I have finalised tannu and veers engagement with my business partner children

Evryone widens their eyes in shock..

Sanky: (shouts) Im not going to listen to you.
Swara: sanskar..
Sanky: no swara. Not this time.
Swara: then I won’t talk with you sanskar..
Sanky: ok fine.. I dont mind..
Swara gets teary eyes.
Both goes in opposite direction.

Hi .. Missed me.. I missed u all.. How are you all…???

How was the chapter??
So tanvee, going to be engaged. Huh?
And why Swasan fighting all of a sudden.
All I can say is, it’s of course not an act.. Lol..
Just wish to see All of ur reaction.
Well, next chappy will be updated seeing all ur response. I hope I’m not boring you all. Could see less comments nowadays.

Guys i updated my first chappy of savior.. Check it out. I hope u will like it. It’s totally a different shade of sanskar over there..

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