FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 60)

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The episode begins with mishvee turning towards the sound of horn. Their jaws touched ground seeing the scenario. Mishu’s breath caught n veer was witnessing evrything without blinking. Mishu’s hand reached his eyes n she tried to close it. Veer looks at her n pouts. She holds his hand n takes him away from their.

Meanwhile SwaSan came out from the parking lot ,witnessed a car and a couple. Swara widens her eyes n looks at sanky who had mischievous smile on his face.

Both swasan and mishvee collided with eachother.

Mishu: let’s leave.
Swara: haan.

Sanky was continuously staring the couple. Swara stamps his foot and he came back to his sense. Sanvee chuckles seeing both Swamish.

Here tannu escapes from Rohit’s grip n comes back to Swamish. Veer and sanky looks at eachother and finally burst out laughing. Swamish too laughed out loud as they couldn’t control anymore . Tannu who was new to the scene was confused.

Swamish looks at confused tannu and turns her around to face the couple. She widens her eyes seeing a foreign couple sharing a French kiss in the middle of the road. They were kissing fiercely.

The car driver was pissed out with them. As it was raining , the car driver was continuously yelling from the car and giving them horn as he doesn’t want to get drenched. But they were not in this world. He couldn’t move his car due to the couples car. They were almost lying on the car and kissing fiercely.

Tannu couldn’t help but laugh at them. But eveyone were embarrassed. Just then reality hit them. Swatanvee looks at eachother . They quickly rushed towards the car but kept a fair distance in viewing the owner. Swara supressed Her laugh n looks at veer, who was indeed controlling his smile as well. But tannu exclaimed.

Tannu: Dad!!!!

Yes it was indeed harish ,Tanvee’s father who was sitting at the back seat. Veer gets tensed as he actually hates couple romancing openly. Wat if he would have seen him n mishu together. Then their chapter will be almost closed.

Sanmish were almost not aware of anything. Sanky broughy the car towards them. Just then they saw, harish n burst into fits of laughter. Atlas the rain stopped n couple parted away, breathing heavily. Harish was so pissed at those couples. Finally his car find its way back home.

Swasan drive back was almost silent. No one dared to tell anything. Swasan exchanged glances. Swara felt shy with his intense gaze at her. She was burning in fire with his gaze. The same was between mishvee. Mishu was smiling ear to ear looking out from the window.

Tannu was lost in Rohit’s word. His works keep echoing in her ears. She questioned herself “does she actually Love him? ” .. She herself couldn’t answer. But she was one of the stubborn devil. She doesn’t want him to win the challenge. So she kept herslf telling tat ” she doesn’t love him” . Finally they reached home.

The next day was an important day for sanvee. They were indeed selected for the state level basketball tournament. Sanvee left early to the match court. Swara was getting ready. Mishtan were waiting for her.

Atlas swarA came running. Her mom insisted to have bf, but she left with mishtan convincing her mom tat she is getting late . She somehow wished sanky on the call but she wanted to cheer him and be with him in the entire match.

The girls gets seated in car and the driver took them to the venue. Mishu was even excited to see the match. But somewhere she was worried about yesterday’s incident. Did Tanvee’s dad actually spot them. When she asked Veer abt it on the call, he said tat his dad dint see them but he was discussing abt the couple with her mom. They both burst out laughing in the call..

The girls took their seat in front chairs to have a clear view. Sanvee saw them n waved their hands. Swamishtan waved back. Just then tannu spots Rohit in the field. Wat was he doing their. Just then they realised he was actually in the match as well.. She was impressed..

The girls were lost in their respective partners. Swara was almost checking out sanky. He was indeed looking hot in the sleeveless T-shirt along with the half pant above his knees. Jealousy took over when she saw other girls ongling him as if they will eat him alive.. She felt like hitting them.

Mishu n veer were almost talking through eyes. A girl came n hugged Rohit. She was one of the cheer leaders. Tannu felt disgusted seeing her.. Though She was in her cheer leader costume, but the fact she was hugging Rohit was making her pissed.. After all jealousy was on the way!!!

Swara was keenly noticing sankys move. He was so sportive n was looking so excited. After all its his passion to play basketball. Since swara left, he was devastated, he dint felt like playing it. He almost dropped the idea of playing in state level.. But swara’s come back made him even more energetic. Seeing her in front was like a dream come true..

Yesterdays night was almost a special one for SwaSan. She was just cheering him . She even learned how to climb the pipe just to reach him. Yah right, she can climb the pipe without any difficulty, after all sanky trained her . He almost shared all his journey in sports, how much he liked playing basketball.

He also shared his little nervousness abt the state level match. Sensing his nervousness, she kissed him. He was taken aback by the way of aproach but he immediately calmed down by her touch, tat was her effect on him.

Before the match could begin sanvee approached the girls. Seeing them, other girls came running . Swamish were giving them death glare. Sanvee chuckles seeing their faces. Tannu giggled but soon her face turned pale, seeing Rohit with the same cheer girl. Is it tit for tat.??.

Before swara could react, sanky kissed her cheek in front of all.. The girls widened their eyes along with swara. Just then she realises, he made this to show evryone tat he belongs to her. Without wasting anytime, she hugged him, by wrapping his hand around his neck.

Swara: I love u..
Sanky: I love u to infinity.

She giggled in his ears and whispered.

Swara: all the best.
Sanky: thank u.. (breaks the hug) well I’m more nervous now. (winks at her)

She understood wat he meant. Yesterday she kissed him sensing his nervousness. At tat time she wasn’t aware, wat she did actually but felt relived seeing him relax.. Now he is teasing her.. She slapped his shoulder slightly..

Swara: shameless..
Sanky: I’m serious sweet heart. I really mean it.

Swara turned red. She was not so shy before their engagement but now she feel so shy for small little things. Though she doesn’t show it out, but actually she was.. This fellow fiance of her , was making her blush in front of all. Though no one could predict the inner meaning which he has stored in his talk. Only they were the one who could understand those double meaning talk. Yes from the beginning sanky always talk something in front of all but only swara could predict Wat he actually mean it.

Sanky: stop blushing swara. Or else u should not blame me for the out come. Dare not to test my patience.

The girls surrounding them were highly disappointed. Their face fell down but seeing veer they half smiled but mishu dint leave the chance.. She hugged him in front of all,He reciprocate it. Though they never did this daring act before but mishu was so jealous seeing those girls ongling their eyes on him.. She gave them a look tat “he is mine”.. The girls went back to their seats with pout faces.. Mishu chuckled seeing their faces..

Sanky: so swarA..
Swara: hmm.
Sanky: (smiles naughtily) don’t u think I’m nervous..
Swara: hmm I guess u r not..
Sanky pouts..
Swara: u first win the match, later I will show u , how much u were nervous..
Sanky: really? Now too u can calm me down..
Swara: haan but, after Match, it will be more effective..
Sanky: (lifts his eyebrow) will I get wat i want ??
Swara: OK. U will get wat u want..
Sanky: (smiles brightly) sachchi..
Swara: muchi.. (blinks her eye lashes)

He hugs her tightly.. Rohit comes to sanvee . He completely ignores tannu.

Rohit : guys, lets go.
Veer: haan, ok girls bye. Wish me luck..
Swara: all the best sweetu.. (hugs him)
Veer: thank u angel..
Tannu: all the best veer..
Mishu: all the best bhai(hugs sanky)
Sanky: thanks mishu.. (hugs her Back)
Rohit: Arei Mujhe bhi wish karlo..
Swamish: Aww.. All the best Rohit..
Rohit : thank u girls

Swara signals tannu to wish him..

Rohit: OK sanvee, joins there soon.. Evryone is waiting their..

He leaves. Tannu frowns being ignored. Wat was he trying to do.

Tannu :(in mind) he could talk with evryone but wat abt me.. Idoit.. Wat does he think of himself.. Huh. I wont talk to him..

Swara controls her smile seeing them behaving like complete strangers. She thinks Something would have happened sterday.. But she wants to give them privacy and hopes to get eveything on track.

Rohit turns to take a look at tannu. She couldn’t help but murmured all the best through her lips.. Tat was enough for Rohit.. He punched his hand in air n gave her a flying kiss n joined his team member.. Tannu turned crimson red.. Swamish noticed voth rotan n starts teasing her.

The match finally starts .. Sanvee were so involved in it. The opposite team makes a basket. Swara frowns. She curses them. ? sanky looks at swaras pout n smiles.. Then he makes three baskets continuously n swara jumps in excitement. Swamishtan giggles seeing themself shouting like mad with each basket made by sanvee.

The trio shares a group hug while jumping. After all , their college won first round.. The whole crowd were , with applause , cheers and whistles.. In The next round , they exchanged their places. Winning this round will lead them directly to finals..

Swara was praying for them.. Rohit was succesfull in making the first basket. Tannu jumped in her place n shouted Whoooooooooooo.. Rohit grinned seeing her cheering for him. Tannu realised wat she did n bites her tongue out. Swamish started teasing her. The next basket was made by opposite team, as Rohit was busy staring tannu.

When tannu notices it, she murmured idiot.. Rohit shook his head n concentrated back at the field.. The match continued. Veer made two more basket along with sanky. When he was moving for his third basket, he tripped or rather someone made him tripped.

He was facing ground. Tats it, the opposite team gained a basket. Swamishtan were worried for veer. But veer smiles at them indicating he is okay.. Sanky could easily predict tat, they were almost cheated. But he dint give up,he cheered up veer.. They both teamed up n made a basket.

The opposite team wer almost hurting their team members n Winning each basket .. They were not playing fair , this time..It was just a minute remaining, both the team were at tie. Sanky was proceeding with the ball. The opposite team surrounded him like bees around the honey. One of the guy slit sankys elbow.

Sanky: ahh..

Swara widens her eyes.. Seeing his expression,She could easily predict, he was hurt.. But wats happening right their. Sanky left the ball n now the opposite team took over the chance. No this is not fair. But soon Rohit chased the opposite team. Sanky realises they are cheating.

Now it was do or die situation. It was just 30secs remaining. Rohit grabbed the ball in a swift n passed it to veer.. Veer Inturn passed it to sanky.. The whole crowd was in almost dead Silence. The match was getting on the edge. Within fraction of seconds it turned upside down n now it was back in sankys hand..

Swara closed her eyes tightly, sanky just throwed the ball towards the basket evryones heart beat got struck when one of the opposite team member jumped in middle n hit the ball in opposite direction.. All of a sudden the ball passed through the basket. Yup sanky was not the one to give up, he again hit it back with much force than before..

Yeah!! They won!!!! Just then the crowd breathed out.. Swara opened her eyes jist when she heard applause.. Her eyes welled up n tears finds its way. Sanky was lifted by his team member. Swara ran toward him. Seeing her Sanky made his way towards swara.. She almost jumped on him.

The opposite team were seeing them with venom in their eyes.. Sanky hissed in pain.. Mishu congratulated veer. Swamishtan were so happy for sanvee. Rohit came and hugged sanky. Rosanvee shared a group hug. Rohit looked at tannu. She looked down. Swara shooks her head unbelievably. Why are they behaving like breaked up couple.. Sanky whispers something in swara’s ear making her blush. She hits him calling shameless..

Swara: sanskar, ur hand..

She quickly wraps her kerchief around his elbow scolding those opponent team.. Sanky grins.

Mishu: haan, bhai how can u leave them easily.
Swara: tell me who the hell was tat..
Sanky: relax swara, it happens sometimes.
Veer: buf sanskar, angel is right, we cant leave them easily..
Sanky: ya, but their couch willl never believe us. So it’s better to keep quite..
Swara: OK, couch will not believe I will make them know who they have messed up with..
Sanky: swara no.. U won’t..
Misshu: haan swara, they pushed even veer..
Swara: sweetu, r u hurt somewhere..
Veer: Im fine swara.. Just little minor injuries..

Swamishtan looks at eachother n nods.. Rosanvee were called out by their couch.. In the mean time the girls went to gets some drinks. Sanvee were shocked to find the girls missing when they returned .. When they saw them with cold drinks, they sighed in relief. They shared their drinks. Swara asked tannu to give it to Rohit.

Tannu: I wont..
Swara: tannu Pls yaar..

Tannu sighs shooting draggers at swara n goes to Rohit. Rohit smiles seeing her.. Before she could give, the same girl comes n hugs him..

Girl : congratulations darling…
Rohit: thank u sweet heart..

Tannu gets teary eyes n runs from there. Rohit gets shocked seeing her n goes at her back. Swamish notices tannu n follows her.

Rohit: tannu listen.

She keeps running. Finally Rohit grabs her elbow n turns her around..

Rohit: wats wrong with u..
Tannu: leave me Rohit..
Rohit: I wont.. Why the hell u r crying.. ?
Tannu: it’s none of ur concern. .
Rohit: tannu, its enough..
Tannu: I had enough. Go to ur so called sweet heart..

Rohit couldn’t believe wat he heard. .

Rohit: u mean my sweet heart.

Tannu shoots him draggers while he thinks n smiles at her..

Rohit: dont u know her..
Tannu : I dont care who she is..
Rohit: u do.. Tats y u r jealous..

Tannu looks at him with fuming face..

Tannu: Im not jealous..
Rohit: u r..
Tannu: Im not..
Rohit : u r..

She starts hitting him on his chest..

Tannu: Im no. I’m not.. I’m not.. I hate u..

He holds her hands to stop her..

Rohit: no, U love me..
Tannu: no, I hate u.. (cries) I hate u..

He hugs her tightly caressing her hair.. She struggles at the beginning but relaxes herself.. Swamish n Sanvee were witnesses evrything. Veer frowns seeing them but swamish hits him to keep quite.. Veer makes faces while mishu side hugs him. Sanky back hugs swara n they continue listening rotan..

Rohit : tannu..
Tannu: mm
Rohit: don’t u love me..
Tannu: no..
Rohit: shall I go to my sweet heart..

She breaks The hug n pushes him..

Tannu: go to hell..

Rohit chuckles..

Rohit : Arei listen.
Tannu: I dont want to.. If u want ,go to US.. I dont care.. If u want, marry ur sweet heart.. I dont care..
Rohit: but I want to marry u..

She turns to see him. He was dead serious.

Tannu: but u were so much happy with her.. So, go to her..
Rohit: tannu.. I do love her. But i love u more..

Tannu widens her eyes..

Tannu: Wat.??? U shameless creature. I dint expect this from you.. U r admitting in front of me, tat u love her..

She starts beating him with watever she gets from the ground. Paper, stone, Bottle,pen,ball,evrything.. Rohit was bending here and their to save himself from her shots..

Meanwhile sanky tells.
Sanky: y u girls always start hitting us..
Swara: coz u all deserve it..
Sanky:(squeezes her waist) do I..
Swara :(closes her eyes) mm.. Sanskar..
Sanky chuckles..
Sanky: well, Im still waiting for it..
Swara: first let me concentrate over there..

Tannu: I will kill u Rohit Sharma ..
Rohit: Arei, relax tannu.. U know her very well..
Tannu: I dont know anyone.. If I ever listen tat u love her, u will be dead with my own hands. Cuz u r only mine.. Got tat. U R MInE..

Evryone widens their eyes.. Tannu realised wat she said. The next second Rohit gave her a bone crushing hug. She finally gave up n hugged him back..

Rohit: sweet heart is none other than my sister Kanika..

Tannu broke the hug.

Tannu: kanika??
Rohit : I tried to tell u.. So dont u know her..

Tannu nods n smiles at her stupid behaviour. She herself have talked with her many times on call.. Even though her jealousy was at the peak level, she wasn’t able to understand wats wrong n wats right.. She hugged him n murmured sorry.. They part away hearing swasan n mishvee giggles.. Tannu was embarrassed.. She kept looking down.. Finally swara hugged her..

Swara: I’m so happy for u.. Atlas u confessed..
Mishu: but tannu, ur confession Was an solid one..
Veer: haan,.. Kaash someone confess to me in the same way..
Mishu: stupid,thank god tat, I confessed to u first.. U were so scared of my bro to admit it..
Veer makes Faces..
Swara: Nyways I’m so happy.. Well treat toh banti hai..
Rohit: well I’m on cloud nine today. So will go anywhere u guys prefer..
Sanky: uhh..wah yaar.. Nyways congrats(hugs him)

Veer gave him stern look.. Rohit was tensed with his look..

Veer: if I ever see my sister crying, I will rip ur muscles n bones at a time..
Swara: veer.. It’s too much..

Evryone laughs at the end.. Swasan, mishvee and rotan shares side hugs with respective partners..

They were so involved in eachother tat, they dint see their family members who were almost at their back.

Wats next???


Lol… How was the chapter. Enjoyed. Hope so.. See u all in the next chapter.

Guys i have written a new prologue, it’s a fresh story, if u have time just check it out n let me know.. Well thank u all who gave ur valuable comments… Neha Dr, I dint plan to write it, actually i wasnt ready still to submit tat ff.. But thought to give it a try.. So just submitted it..


Just check the above link and let me know..

Don’t know when I wil submit my next chapter, so Advance Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers.. Do remember me in ur prayers..

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