Hi guys.. Back with another chapter..
Veer clutching his fist seeing sanskar and goes towards him. Sanskar too seeing him, walks towards him, swatanmish, witnessing this gets tensed.. Swara goes n stops veer holdind his sholder..

Swara: sweetu come ,our order would have been come..

Veer removes swara’s hand n goes towards sanky.. Swara sees both of them looking angry at each other n gets worried.. Veer n sanky both takes their right hand to slap, the girls trio closes their eyes with palm.. Later swara slowly peek through her fingers gap, as there was no sound of slap and to her shock both of them were

Hugging and laughing.. Swatanmish witnessed this with their jaws open…

Swara: sweetu wat is this

Veer:(laughs) sorry angel… I dint beat him ..

Swara: its ok, but

Veer: angel he is my buddy sanky.. I have told u abt him na.. He is the same sanky

Swartan remembers veer’s talk abt sanky n his gang..

Swara: are u sure he is same sanky..

Veer: s angel, y

Swara: but u described him as a good n nice person but he is

Sanky: wat do u mean by tat?? Im a bad person( giving her a angry look)

Swara: i dint tell anything.. (goes near veer n catches his wrist ) See veer, did i refer him bad.. He himself do this n puts blame on me

Veer: ok k.. Now u both stop quarelling like kiddos.. N sanky, this is my angel, so dont fight with her(says this by putting his hand on swara’s shoulder)

Seeing veer near to swara, sanky becomes uncomfortable but

Sanky: veer. I dont use to fight with her.. She is the one who calls me by different names.. Dont no how she gets weird names in her mind

Swara: veeru, he calls me chuvvi n u know wat he did in school..

Veer:Wat he did angel

Swara narates the whole cockroach incident

Veer chuckles n control his laugh, n confronts sanky

Veer: sanky, how can u call her chuvvi,(winks at sanky) she is my angel.. So dont call her by tat name.

While veer was talking to sanky, Swara smirks at sanky and pointing at veer with her eyes to sanky showing how veer supporting her.. Sanky was just staring her.. Then hearing veer

Sanky :but veer..

Veer :sanky

Sanky : watever.. For u i won’t fight.. N tell her the same too

Veer: ya angell.. Wont u do this for me??

Swara thinks for sometime

Swara:ok sweetu.. I wont

Veer: N moreover, y dont u guys become frnds..

Both after hearing to become frnds ,gets shocked n shake there heads in a complete nooo..

Swasan: (at a time) nooo

Veer:(looking at swara) angel.. I told u na, how much sanky means to me.. (looking at sanky) n sanky u, cant u do this for me..

They both share an eyelock.. And the duothen looks at veer n

Swasan: ( at a time) ok only for u

Again they look at each other..

Veer: so, how will i know u both are frnds, u both are sharing angry looks still ..

Then swara thinks ( if veers says tat he is good, then definitely i should give him a chance) .. She forwards her hand smiling to sanky and so sanky does. Both shake there hands
Sanky thinks( i dont know y ,but im happy tat she is ready to be frnd with me. Actually i feel sad as she cried because of me.. She is so cute n naughty.. Dont know how veer manages her .. Well y is she so close to veer bahut chipak rahi hai.. I dont like tat. Well i cant control her. Its her wish)

Veer: atlas world war ends..

Mishtan giggles and remembers cockroach incident..

Veer:Ok guys come we will go n have ice cream before it melts. N my angel hates melted ice cream, what say tannu

Tannu: of course veeru

They al leave, during theie walk, swara whispers to sanky, dont think tat i will leave u easily kabutar aka zombie aka smokebones.. She laughs n run away..

Sanskar:(thinks) kya ladki hai yaar.. Attitude.. but i like her attitude.. Chuvvi.. Hmm i think i should change her name.. Hmm i dont know wat to name, she was right ,im not so talented like her in keeping weird names..

Everyone enjoys there ice cream. N swara signals something to veer. Veer gets up from his place m goes near to tannu

Veer: tannu (smiles)

Tannu: is there raining

Veer: tannnnu. If i talk sweetly, u shout. If i talk harshly too, u shout.. Tell me how should i behave..

Tannu: its better if u dont speak to me

Veer: awwwww.. My sweet sissy is angry on meeee. Sorrrryyy

By saying this he goes behind her n hugs her from back signalling swara,showing thumbs up.. Tannu feels somthing wrong,before she could react, ice cream bowl was on tannus face.. Swara n veer break out in to laughter and runs from there.. Tannu boils in anger n shouts


And starts chasing them.. Sanky was lost seeing swara n her smile.. His eyes followed swara wherever she runs.. Mishti giggles and enjoy the scenery. Tannu grabs choco stick from the countern starts throwing at veer n swara.. While running inside the parlor veer catches some choco sticks n enjoy eating n gives to swara also..

While running swara goes n collides with someone n was abt to fall but just then someone holds her hand…
Bg song: ek ladki ko dekha to aisa lagaaa..

Swara was shocked to see him.. And the guy was blushing.. ( hope u all got to know who is tat?)

Ya it was our rahul

(evrytime dnt think only hero can save heroine guys,think practical, lol. K back to the story)

Veer, tannu, mishti n sanky were shocked to see the scene. N mishtan breaks out into a big laughter.. Swara manages herself n stands, while sanky was still confused.

Veer: arei wah rahul.. Wat a time..

Rahul(blushes) : its not like tat bro.. Thank god she is not hurt.. (ask swara) are u alright swaru, i mean swara

swara: ya fine.. N thanks n wat are you doing here

Rahul: woh actually,.. Woh woh

Swara: woh woh kaho ge yaa aage bhi badoge

Tannu:angel,this is ice cream parlour so anyone is allowed. U can’t rule here(smirks)

Swara: from when u r supporting this chipku

Rahul gets little embarrassed as swara called him chipku

Tannu : dont worry rahul.. She is just pissed.. U enjoy. N thanks for saving my angel

Rahul: (on cloud nine) its my duty tannu

Swara: wat the hell.. How many times shouls i remind you rahul…

Rahul:(pouts) sorry

Tannu: angel this is the best gift i got.. Yippeee.. U irritated me na.. See..

Swara gave her a angry look.. But starts to laugh seeing her face which was full of ice cream.. Tannu understood n wipes of with tissue.

Rahul gets mesmerised seeing her laughing n bg plays(ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga)

Tannu starts teasing swara and sanky who was witnessing all these feels bit uncomfortable.. Veer tells tannu not to tease her angel, but tannu starts chasing veer, as she has signaled mishti to catch him n the trio plays with ice cream chasing each other.

Mean while
Sanky gets up from his seat n goes near swara, as he was unable to see how rahul was staring at her. He doesnt know tat he is a Junior.. Sanky whispers to swara

Sanky(whispering): y is he staring at you like this

Swara: i think he loves me

Sanky: wat


Sanky starts laughing. Swara sees him laughing and gives him a angry look..

Swara: wat the.. Y r u laughing ? Did i say any joke

Sanky: no.. But it was sort of

Swara: wat do u mean

Sanky : who will love a kiddo n chuvvi, who is afraid of a cockroach

Swara: sankyyyyyyy.. Uuuuuuu

Meanwhile rahul interrupts n gives a rose to swara

Rahul : swara actually i saw this rose n i thought to give you, as u like red rose na.

Swara n sanky were Shocked by his sudden behavior.. But swara then gave sanky a “take a look at it” look.. N sanky was waiting to see, wat wil be her reply..

So guys wat should swara do.. . Does she have to accept it or handle it with care.. ??

How was this epi.. I know its short compared to previous episodes.. But cliff hanger is necessary na.. Hope u guys comment.. N let me know your valuable feedbacks so tat i can improve my story more..

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  1. It was too cute n funny. Let Swara do whatever she wants. I think she will handle with care.

  2. It’s superb I love it plzz upload d next part soon

  3. Wow its super amazing..i love it..waiting fr nxt

  4. Make swara accept his proposal to make sanskar jealous. First it will be just jealousy and then he will realize that they both are in love with each other. But this will not go well with rahul as he thinks he was just used by swara to make sanky jealous. He will try to create rift between them and will become a psychic lover of swara and then u can add whatever u like its just a recommendation ??

    1. Ya its a nice idea this will be interesting

  5. Make swasan. I hope it is swasan

  6. Friends i need ur help can u plz tell me in which fan fiction of swaragini swara is tortured by her aunt n cousin brother.
    After that ragini took her to her home ,when swara came to know that she is orphan she disappear n then after that sanskar bring back to gadodia house …..plz the name of this fan fiction its highly request

    1. Swaragini… Ek anokha bhandan

  7. Friends i need ur help can u plz tell me in which fan fiction of swaragini swara is tortured by her aunt n cousin brother.
    After that ragini took her to her home ,when swara came to know that she is orphan she disappear n then after that sanskar bring back to gadodia house …..plz the name of this fan fiction its highly request

  8. Make her accept I want to c San reaction pls continue

  9. superb.. who is playing role of rahul veer and tanu?

  10. Woooo swara and veer bonding is awesome yaar…waiting for next episode

  11. Superbbb make her accep yrr plzz for a chnge make swarahul lplzzzzzzzz yrrr .u can make swara and rahul married and then rahul dead and atlast make swasan but plzzzzzz for change..make like this ..

    yrr its so cute to see swara and rahul

  12. Guys rahul is Two yrs younger than swara.. Anyways I will try to link rahul with swara but marriage
    Omg.. Sorry priya don’t get me wrong.. Well I’m happy tat u thought abt it.. Well.. Can u all pls suggest the characters for mishtanvee and rahul.. It would be a favour for me.. Waiting for your reply

  13. mishti- aditi of thapki pyaar ki
    tanu- jasmine basin
    veer- vatsal seth
    rahul- uttkarsh gupta

  14. Awesome

  15. Only swasan donot make swara accept Rahul just even to make sanky jealous.. And I am a new reader but this story awwww Toooooooooooooo good???

  16. I read all episode in one go….it is just awesome…n this eposode is epic …i mean i cant stop laughing…u wunt believe bit i got tears in my eyes due to laughing …n best part was the bg music…post next part asap…

  17. thanku pooja for ur suggestion.. n i have decided the character as per you but with some changes ,hope u understand..
    so guys

    veer as vatsal seth
    tannu as aditi of thapki pyaar ki
    mishti as sanjeeda sheik
    rahul as aamir ali..

    hope u r ok with the charecter, if u doont know them,just google n see,u will find the similarities as per my ff character. . if u have some other suggestion, u r mostly welcome..

    pooja i thought of rahul as utkarsh gupta,but aamir looks really cute when he blush,tats y i choosed him.. hope u dont mind..but u think him as utkarsh gupta n enjoy..

    n thanku all for ur valuable feedbacks.. it really means alot..

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