FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 59)

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The episode begins with swara slipping from the pipe.. All of a sudden, she gets hold on the pipe but gets a slight slit in her heel of her leg.. Without giving any heed to the wound she climbs n lands in the balcony.. She sighs with a big relief but frowns seeing the door locked..

After alot of attempt , she gets tired n sits down. Then her eyes land on the windows n her eyes sparks again.. This was it.. She tries opening the window but it was so tight.. She thought to break it with the flower pot.. But frowns recalling it’s outcome.. She tries n tries..

Yes, Atlas she was succeeded in her attempts.. She gives an 100watt smile n jumps into the room from the window.. Her eyes lands on her life. ..Her sanskar… Yes, she finally reached his room.. Her legs automatically finds it way towards him. She caresses his hairs n her hand finally comes in contact with his forhead.. She frowns..

Swara: he will never take care..
Sanky holds her hand n opens his eyes.. He gets shocked n gets up with a jerk..
Sanky: swara.. U??
Swara: Wat the hell u think of urself..?? U should have told me tat u r not feeling well.. I’m indeed a fool.. I just poured a jug of Water.. It’s all beco

He shush her immediately by keeping his finger on her lips..

Sanky: shhhh.. Relax.. I’m fine..
Swara :(takes his hand) wat fine.. U r burning in fever n u r saying (mimics) fine..
Sanky: hey.. U shouldn’t say like tat.. Just say I’m hot.. (winks at her)

She gets frustrated n starts beating him… He gets hold of her hands n pulls her towards him..

Sanky: relax swara.. Did u came here to fight..
Swara : no..

She take out tablet from her pocket n gives him..

Sanky: no.. I hate tablets..
Swara: u r going to have it. N tats final..
Sanky: Pls swara.. Dont u hate tablets..
Swara:(frowns) s i too hate it.. But u can apply my idea n have it.. (smiles) I always take tablets along with chocolate..
Sanky : Arei wah!! but I dont like this idea..
Swara : I wont talk to u(turns around)
Sanky: swara..
Swara: ……
Sanky: Acha ok.. Give.

She turns with a big smile..

Swara: I love u.. (hugs him)

Sanky rolls his eyes murmurs love u too… She makes him have those tablets..

Sanky: happy.. ??
Swara: very happy.. Now just sleep..
Sanky: OK madam.. As ur wish..

Sanky jumps on his bed and Swara covers him with blanket.. He smiles seeing this side of her..

Swara: stop smiling like an idiot..
Sanky:(smiles) I love u… But how did u come..
Swara : I came through pipe(chuckles)
Sanky widens his eyes n looks at balcony..
Sanky: (shocked) u came from window??
Swara:(grins) kya karun.. Door was locked.. Now stop ur introgation n sleep..
Sanky : before tat

He pulls her on his bed n obeys like a small child closing his eyes.. Swara smiles by sitting next to him n caresses his hairs.. He falls asleep… She leans on the head board.. She was still feeling restless seeing his forhead burning..

She takes his phone n Google’s an easy way to cure fever.. Her eyes lit up and she tip toes into the kitchen.. She finally comes back to his room with a bowl n a cloth..

She goes near him and keeps the bowl n cloth on the night stand.. She dips the cloth in the water n puts it on his forhead after squeezing it..

Swara sits beside him.. Sanky moves in his sleep n opens his eyes but she makes him relax by caressing his hair.. Sanky lifts his eyebrow n Swara bites her tongue..

Swara: sorry for disturbing..
Sanky: (sleepy) swara, go n sleep..
Swara: no.. Until I’m satisfied , im not going back. So, close ur eyes n sleep now..
Sanky : no.. (pouts)
Swara: Pls sanskar.. Sleep now.. I will go, once u fall asleep..
Sanky: OK.. But

She closes his mouth n keeps stroking his hairs.. He finally gives up n falls asleep.. Swara was finally tired .. She leans over the head board n closes her eyes..

Sanky turns in his sleep n finds something soft under his hand.. Thinking it as a pillow, he squeezes it n pull towards him.. Swara gets startled n wakes up.. Sanky too wakes up with the sudden move.. They both look at eachother in horror.. Sanky was holding swara’s thighs. He quickly takes of his hands..

Sanky: swara!! U dint sleep..
Swara: (sleepy) I was..
Sanky : come sleep now(tapping to his side)

Swara makes faces but sanky pulls her n she finally hits the pillow falling asleep.. He pulls her close to him by wrapping his hand around her waist n she hits his chest with her back.. They both slept with a small curve on their face..

The next morning was a beautiful morning with our lovebirds sleeping peacefully in eachothers embrace.. Sanky wakes up due to the sun rays falling on him from the open window..

When he opens his eyes, he finds his world next to him.. He could see his cute little doll sleeping so innocently using his shoulder as pillow with her tiny hands around his waist .. He recalls yesterdays night.. He couldn’t help but smile at her..

He was so much overwhelmed with her care.. He kisses her forhead.. He stares at her lovingly, the way her eyes resting, her nose which flutters sometime. He chuckles seeing it..

His eyes fall on her lips, which has n angelic smile.. May be dreaming something which is clearly visible on her face.. He couldn’t help, but felt an urge to kiss her.. He did the same.. He leaned over n kissed her.

He just thought to give a peck but he wasn’t able to do so.. He started kissing her infinite, as evrything starts playing in his mind, how she was awake n nursed him.. Her care, her innocence, her orders as a typical wife..

When she felt her lips being cared, she opened her eyes immediately n smiles seeing her cute hubby.. He smiles when she starts kissing him back.. Both parts away blushing due to their early morning romance. Just then reality hits her n she jumps out from his embrace.. He was taken aback..

Sanky : kya hua??
Swara: have u lost.. I’m in ur room.. God, how will i go now..
Sanky: u can go by main door.. Evryone will be sleeping by now..
Swara: no, maa will be awake..
Sanky: then,go from the pipe from where u came..
Swara:(frowns) but I only know to climb..

He chuckles.

Swara: idiot..

Just then his eyes falls on his blanket.. It was stained with blood.. His eyes land on the window n could see blood stain again.. He immediately pulls her ..

Swara:kya.. Sanskar it’s not time

He shush her, giving a death glare.. She gets scared seeing his sudden facial expression.. Was he angry.. But why?? He examines her legs n just then reality strikes her.. She bites her tongue..

Sanky: Wat the hell swara!! Who told u to climb
Swara:arei,nothing happened.. Now leave me, I have to go.
Sanky: u r not going anywhere..
Swara: sanskar

Without hearing her, he brings first aid kit n starts cleaning her wound.. She pouts n makes faces..

Sanky: stop making faces..
Swara:sanskar,its paining…

He blows air n looks at her.. She smiles n pulls his cheek..

Swara: u r my cute handsome hunk.. (giggles)

Sanky lifts his eyebrow.. Swara chuckles but all of a sudden widens her eyes when Sanky lifts her in his arms..

Swara: sanskar, put me down!!
Sanky: no..
Swara: sanskar, u r not well, put me down..
Sanky: due to my wifey care, im fit n fine now!!
Swara: Sanskar, pls… Wat maa n papa will think.. Put me down..
Sanky: I dont care..

He takes her out, she hid herself in his chest to avoid herself from getting embarrassed in front of all.. Sona who was arranging the bf table widens her eyes seeing SwaSan getting down from stairs.. She quickly comes to swara

Sona: swara wat happened?? This band aid

Swara bites her tongue n gives death glare to sanskar..

Sanky: ur dil, is trying so many stunts nowadays mom.. I was not well, so madam came to See Me through pipe n got hurt..

Swara scratches her head n struggles in sanky’s arms..

Sona: Wat?? Swara, r u mad.. Never ever do tat again.. If u want, u can directly come through maim door.. No one will stop u. N sanskar, wat happened to u.. U dint tell me anything about ur health..
Sanky: just slight fever mom.
Swara: no maa.. He was burning full night..
Sona: thank u so much beta, (kisses her forhead) but listen, i will give u spare keys,If u want to meet Sanky… Without our knowledge, u can come.. But not through pipe.. Main door is there.. (strict tone) Got tat..

Swara nods..

Swara: maa, I have to tell something..
Sona: I wont tell abt this to anyone(chuckles)

Swara makes faces..

Swara: maa, I’m able to walk, but he is not leaving me.. (pouts)
Sanky: mom, u know how
Sona:(cuts him) sanskar, drop her till her room..

Swara widens her eyes.. Sanky chuckles..

Swara : maa, this is not fair..
Sona: sorry dear, I dont want any risk..
Swara: mom, pls dad will be angry..
Sona: he won’t be..

Sanky takes her out n she hides her face in his chest.. Mishti widens her eyes seeing SwaSan at the entrance..

Mishti: kya hua??
Sanky: woh, maa.. She
Swara:(cuts him) mom, Actually I got hurt on the way..
Mishti: whem did u go out..
Swara: (tells in one go) I got a call from maa tat, Sanky is not well, so I went to check him n forgot my slippers. N the result , something slit my heel..

Sanky looks at her n smiles under his breath.. After so main introgation of mishti, sanky finally brong her to room.. Later he puts her on bed n plants a kiss on her forhead..

Sanky: now sleep..
Swara :(smiles)idiot..

He smiles n went from their kissing her cheeks n then her lips.. She takes the vase from night stand n throws at him..

Swaara: u idiot, made me embrassed in front of all..

He runs out from their laughing out loud.. Their exams starts from next day.. Sanvee were busy preparing for it.. Tannu comes to swara n starts her melodrama of hating studies.. Swara hits Her n make her prepare for exams.. Swara helped mishtan.

Days passed, their exams continued.. Sanky strictly warned swara from climbing, coz she again got hurt while doing tat. But swara was adament to learn the act.. She enjoyed this adventure of meeting him in mid night.. It was like heaven.. She giggles at her thought..

It was their final exam.. Swara came to college to surprise them.. Mishtan came running n hugs her in excitement..

Swara: how was the paper..
Tannu : wahi boring paper without any answers..

Swamish rolls their eyes n giggles seeing her facial expressions.. Sanvee comes to them..

Veer: wats going on..
Swara: tannu ka mahabarath on exams..
Sanvee chuckles..
Mishti: chalo let’s go somewhere..
Tannu: haan!! Exam treat onn!!!
Veer: ice cream!!
Sanky: with a long drive..
Swara : gr8!!

Evryone gets seated in car n starts their journey . Swasantan sits at the back n mishvee in front.. Swara starts teasing mishvee.. Where as sanky played with her fingers.. Tannu starts teasing swasan..

Swara looks at her n smirks.. She does something in phone n smiles at tannu.. Tannu gets suspicious n tries to snatch her phone, but swara jumps on sanksar.. They played inside the car.. Swara hid herself in sankys embrace like a kid.. Tannu thinks to provoke her..

Tannu: sharam kar angel, u r romancing in front of all..
Swara: I dont care.. Do watever u want..
Tannu sighs..
Sanky:(whispers) kya chal raha hai ..
Swara:(whispers) Cheekret..

Sanky bites her ear lobe without anyones notice..

Swara: u will get to know soon..

Swara signs Santan to look at mishvee, who were busy in their own world..

Swara: sweetu, Thoda road pe bhi dihan Dena..
Tannu giggles..
Veer: I’m far better than sanky..
Swara: oii, mere Sanky pe buri nazar mat daalo..

They burst out laughing..

Tannu: Aur haan, i guess veer’s hand is more on mishu than on steering…

Swatan burst out laughing n gives hifi to eachother..

Mishu: stop it guys..
Sanky: Arei stop it.. Don’t tease my sisso.. See she is blushing n I guess we could see tomatoes soon..
Sanvee chuckles..
Mishu : bhai!! U too.. N veer ,wat the..
Veer: sorry darling, u r really looking damn beautiful while blushing..

Swasantan shouts “ohhhhhhhhh”…

They finally reach a restaurant which is far from their house.. Evryonr gets down n tannu widens her eyes when her eyes lands on someone.. She looks at swara n shoots draggers at her..

Veer: Wat is he doing here..
Swara: match khelne aaya hoga..

Veer looks at her shocked..

Swara:Wat a stupid question sweetu.. Of course, he would have come to have something..

Veer rolls his eyes.. Sanky smiles looking at swara n got to know her actual plan.. Evryone heads inside the restaurant.. Sanky pulls her by waist.

Sanky: my wifey has planned so many things at my back..
Swara: kya karun, hu hi itni smart..
Sanky: (rolls his eyes) u r impossible..
Swara: I know.. (giggles)
Sanky kisses her cheeks..
Swara: aww.. (keeps her hand on her cheeks) wat for
Sanky: for thinking abt others.. haan, i can give u more but kya karun, iss zaalim duniya ko mera romance pasand nahi hai.. (chuckles.)well I love u so much….
Swara: I love u too.. But I love u more.. Aur haann duniya zaalim nahi, u have become shameless..
Sanky: think watever u want.. Chalo let’s go, or else, they will start pulling my legs..
Swara:as if u get affected with tat.. Instead u reply them shamelessly..
Sanky chuckles ..
Sanky: I too feel shy, but covers up with my attitude..
Swara widens her eyes..
Swara: oh, so this is it??
Sanky: haan.. Don’t tell anyone abt it..
Swara giggles..
Swara: OK OK..

They head inside the restaurant.. Swamistan takes their seat.. Waiter comes n takes their order.. They chat for sometime.. Swara’s hands slips n a glas of water falls on tannus dress..

Swara: really sorry tannu.. (panics) really sorry..
Tannu: angel, it’s OK.. Stop panicking.. It will get dry..
Swara: no.. U better dry it in washroom.. U will get cold.. Sanky too got fever due to me.. I dont want u too get it..
Tannu: Arei relax, I will use washroom.. So dont panic..

Swara nods.. Sanky looks at her n shook his head.. Tannu leaves to washroom..

Veer: angel, wat happened.. U r still panicking for tat incident..
Swara: no veer.. It’s just tat..
Sanky: OK stop it.. Our Order came ..

Swara signs n winks at sanky.. He smiles n starts caressing her leg.. She widens her eyes n starts playing with him along. On the other hand mishvee busy playing with their hands under table.. Lol.. Both coupled lost in eachother..

Where as tannu comes out from washroom… She was pulled by a strong arm in the corridor.. She collapses in his embrace.. She gets back n looks at him.. Both share an eyelock.. Reality strikes her .. She starts to leave but he holds her wrist firmly..

Tannu: leave me Rohit..
Rohit: kyu..
Tannu: I said leave..
Rohit: y the hell u r ignoring me tannu..
Tannu: I’m not ignoring u. I was just busy with my exams tats it..
Rohit : but u don’t talk to me like before..
Tannu: it’s nothing like tat..
Rohit: tannu, I know u very well.. Tell me wats bothering u..
Tannu :u don’t have to worry Mr.Sharma..
Rohit: tannu, wats wrong with u.. U use to share everything with me..
Tannu: ya, I was a fool to do tat.. But I got to know it was my biggest mistake..
Rohit: atleast tell me my fault.. Care to explain..
Tannu : I dont want to tell u anything.
Rohit: u have to.. Coz i have been honest with u, now u have to tell me
Tannu: Wat ??? u n honest.. (laughs dryly) stop it Rohit..
Rohit: tannu, (cups her face) u r the first person, I have shared my personal things.. I have been honest with u..
Tannu gets teary eyes..
Tannu: u dint… U r not honest.. U dint even tell me tat u r going abroad for further studies..
Rohit gets shocked..
Rohit : it’s not like tat.. I dint shared with u coz, i dint want u to know abt it.. Coz
Tannu: ,(cuts him)haan right. U dint want me to know abt it.. Ok leave.. I was a fool

He keep his finger on her lips n shush her..

Rohit : not a word more.. Let me explain.. So u were angry coz I dint share tat news with u.. Huh. I dint share with u coz, i dont want u to worry abt tat.. See, after knowing it, u ignored me completely.. Tats wat i was scared of.. I was scared of being away from u.. I dont want u to be far away from me.. Infact I dont want to go to US.. I was busy convincing my dad to drop the plan of USA…

Tannu looks at him shocked.. He continued..

Rohit : tannu, I dont know, how u got to know abt this.. But believe me, i hided it becoz, I was not ready to go their.. I dont want to go their.. I dont know y. I dont want to leave u.. I want u to be with me forever.. Yes.. Tannu i can’t live without u.. Im madly, deeply in love with you… Pls dont ignore me.. It kills me..

Tannu turn away from him.. He frowns seeing her not responding for his confession.. He felt sad ..when he was abt to call her, she left.. She left him.. Soon joined Swasan n Mishvee.. Rohit comes following her.. Swara looks at tannu, who was pretending to be normal..

Rohit comes n joins them in a frndly way.. They all chit chat for a while.. Rohit keeps staring tannu.. All he could think was, doesn’t she feel for him or did he expected so much from her, or did he said anything wrong.. He was hell confused.. But was sure of his feelings.

Yes,he was madly in love with her.. He couldn’t deny the fact.. She too feels something for him, but She is denying her feelings.. He could see the same care in her eyes.. If she wasn’t feeling anything for him, then y the hell did she got angry for hiding the fact.. He just want to confront her, but this is not the moment. He will give her time..

Time to relax, time to believe him, time to make her realize HER love, time to make her realise HIS love.. All he could do was to stare Her,adore her.. Her. Cute antics, her care for loved ones.. Their first meet, he chuckles at the thought.. His thoughts were disturbed by the giggling sound around him.. Wat was tat. He felt something cold inside his shirt.. Shit.. He curses under his breath..

Swara: I guess, u have totally lost.

Rohit smiles sheepishly.. He was so lost in tannu tat, he dint realise where he was taking spoon of ice cream.. Instead of taking it to his mouth, he was actually feeding his shirt.. Evryone burst out laughing.. He was embarrassed.. Tannu couldn’t help but laugh out loud.. This was enough for Rohit.. He was happy as she is happy.. He goes to washroon., to clean..

Veer: isn’t it weird..
Sanky: of course.. He was lost in someone..

Tannu rolls her eyes, as sanky was definitely denoting her..

Veer: was he eyeing my sis.. I will break his bones..

Before swara could say something,

Tannu: from when u started to call me sis..
Veer: oh, so aag dono taraf se lagi hai.. (chuckles)

Tannu stamps n leaves from there.. They all laughed at her n left from their.. Rohit comes n couldn’t find them, soon he went out… He saw them giggling n playing around.. Soon it started raining.. This was it for the devils.. They starts to jump out in excitement n starts playing in water.. Swara holds sanky n takes him under the parking lot..

Sanky: swara!! Wat happened to u..??(touches her forhead) are u alright..?? U came without paying in rain.. Wat a miracle..??
Swara: just shut up.. im all fine.. I’m just afraid tat u will get cold..

Sanky sighs in disbelief..

Sanky: swara, it was a week ago.. I’m all fit n fine.. Waise, I dont have problem here.. Well no one is here to disturb me.. (winks at her n smiles naughtily )

Just then she realises tat she have been caught between him..

Where as mishtan were dancing n veer pulls mishu into his arms.. Both of them looking into eachothers eyes.. They have an eyelock.. Tannu was being watched by Rohit.. He move towards her n pulls her towards him… Her back hits his chest.. Their heart beat raises.. She could feel who was it.. He makes her turn around n lifts her chin.. Their eyes met..

Meanwhile swarA tries to run but sanky holds her hand n pins her to the car..

Swara: sanskar, someone will come..
Sanky: do I care??
Swara: sans

He hugs her, which shocks her instantly. She immediately hugs him back..

Swara: ab kya hua..
Sanky: actually, ur wet look is driving me crazy..

Just them she realised tat she was fully drenched n her dress was sticked to her body showing her curves.. Sanky chuckles..

Sanky: I know u may have noticed just now.. But kya karun, my wifey is so hot, tat i couldn’t take off my eyes.. So just hugged u to control my desires .. As it is a public place, I dont want us to be embarrassed.. N ur dad will start his so called puraan..

Swara couldn’t control but giggles with his confession.. He was so straight fwd.. Doesn’t keep anything in his mind.. Wat will she do with her innocent hubby. Ya she too is innocent but she couldn’t dare to tell such stuff to him..

But wat should she think abt him.. He is so daring to confess like tat or is he so innocent to open his heart out.. But she knows one thing, he doesn’t keep any secrets with her.. Tats his specialty.. It doesn’t mean she is less than him, Of course, she too shares everything with him.. They both are adorable..

A perfect example for perfect couples.. But it is said tat perfect couple kepp fighting.. Do they fight.. ?? Of course They do.. This bond was not made easily, they have been through so much to get the title of perfect couple.. Well they aren’t couple yet.. But soon to be couple..

Swara reciprocated with equal passion. Both were lost in their world.. This was an long, passionate n everlasting hug they shared..

Tanu breaks the eyelock n runs away but Rohit holds her wrist..

Rohit: u dint answer me..
Tannu: I dont have any answer..
Rohit: so, should I take it as a yes..

Tannu lifts her head n could see him smirking.

Tannu: noo..
Rohit: then, u don’t love me..
Tannu: no..
Rohit: then u love me..
Tannu: I mean, yes.. I don’t love u..
Rohit : y, were u angry abt my trip to US..
Tannu: I was angry as a frnd. I just thought u will share it with me.. I dont have any problem if u go their or not.. I was just angry, as I got to know at last.. Nothing more..
Rohit: (smiles) is tat so??
Tannu: s it is..
Rohit: so u don’t love me..
Tannu: s I don’t..
Rohit: Wat if I prove it to u..
Tannu: I dont care. Coz i don’t..
Rohit: OK.. Let’s c.. Who wins.. ? I know u love me.. N i know u care..
Tannu:(sighs) I know , it’s one the song lyrics..
Rohit:(smirks) but it’s true.. Those words are true.. (chuckles)
Tannu sighs..
Rohit: u will confess it soon..

Where as mishvee comes to their sense with the sound of horn.. They soon realises, They are in the middle of road standing.. Veer’s hand wrapped around mishus waist.. She have wrapped her hands around his neck.. They are panting due to continuous dancing. Their forhead met n both smiled at eachother.. Again They heard the horn, their heads turned in the direction of the car n gets shocked.. Their jaws touched ground..

Done with this chapter.. Hope u liked it.. Sorry if not.. Tried my best. Do tell me ur reviews..

Evryonr guessed right abt swara’s arrival at sankys house but sree guessed abt his fever as well.. I guess, she carefully reads each of the lines in the story. Actually I left a hint in last chappy abt his fever. She guessed it right.. Hats off yaar.. Gr8.. Love u loads.

Guys do u want anything more from FFY.. Do suggest me.. I have my own tracks ahead.. If u want anything to be added, feel free.. I will see wat can I do..

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