FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 58)

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Swara: it’s going to be a long night….
3 ………… 2…………….. 1……………..

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ”

Kiran widens her eyes n looks at swarA unbelievingly..

Kiran:(shocked) Now Wat did u do??
Swara:(giggles) nothing..
Kiran: swara!! Tell me na…

Again a scream “ahhhhhhhhhhhh”

Swaran were shocked to see Priya coming out of the washroom all blue and red.. Red , due to continuous scrubbing n scratching plus red hair.. Blue, due to the ink in her towel.. Swaran burst out laughing seeing her..

Priya: swaraa!!! Wat the hell is this…??
Swara: ur towel??

Priya was so exhausted tat, before she could say something more, she faints… Swara n kiran burst into pearls of laughter seeing Her condition.. But swara frowns..

Swara: wat is this yaar, she fainted so soon..
Kiran:(laughs) swara, it was hilarious.. Wat did u do??
Swara: I Know she will use new shampoo, so I just mixed holi+feviquick n added in her shampoo.. ? So tats the result of her hair..
Kiran: then u added blue ink in her towel..? oh my god.. My stomach is hurting due to continuous laughing..
Swara: tomorrow, I have planned something more for her.. N im warning u, do not use shower tomorrow.. If u want to use it, then use it before me…
Kiran:ok.. Then I should wake up early tomorrow..
Swara: of course..

But soon swara gets a call..

Swara:(seeing caller ID) sanskar..
Kiran : Ohh.. Jiju is not leaving u a single minute.. Just before some time, he talked with u..
Swara:shhh(picks Her call) hello sanskar.. Wat happened?? Calling at this time.. Did U reached
Sanky : swara!! Stop it.. Ya I reached my hotel long back.. But u see, I’m so indulge In u, tat i lost my room keys somewhere..
Swara:(tensed) oh god.. Where r u now..
Sanky: relax, I got spare keys from reception..
Swara: thank god… Wait (she checks her bag) it’s with me..
Sanky: wat??
Swara: u gave all ur belongings to me, when we went inside the water.. (bites her tongue) i think, i forgot to give this..
Sanky: it’s OK.. Acha good night.. Muaaaah .. now kiss me..
Swara: wat?? (looks at kiran)
Sanky: hmm.. I’m waiting..

Kiran was all time giggling..

Swara: good night..

She cuts the call immediately n looks at kiran who was smiling at her naughtily.. Before she can tease her, swara jumps in her bed n pulls over the blanket avoiding her questions ..

The next morning was a blissful morning .. Swaran got up early n showered quickly.. Later swara went into the washroom with some candies n screw driver.. Kiran widens her eyes n follows swara into the washroom.. Swara was opening the shower head with the screw driver n inserted some candies in it… Then again replaces the shower head back.. She grins recalling the outcome of this..

Kiran: swara..

Swara turns to her n smiles at her..

Kiran: wat was tat??
Swara: come I will tell u…

Both came out of the washroom ..

Swara: when priya will take shower, the candy will start melting but there will be no sign of candy.. As the water will be colourless…. She will feel sticky once she dried off.. With her luck, she will take another shower.. The best part of this prank is each piece of candy is good for two to three showers.. She will never get to know abt it.. (giggles ?)
Kiran: u r impossible… (laughs) god, she will surely catch cold today..
Swara: messing with me n my sanku is her punishment.
Kiran: sanku??? (smiles naughtily)
Swara: chup.. She was checking out my sanky yaar.. Tats y , I thought of this prank..

They both chuckles seeing Priya moving in her sleep.. She was still red n blue due to sterdays treatment..

Swara: just record everything n show me when I come back.. OK.. Then, m leaving..
Kiran: OK.. par kaha??
Swara:(stammers) woh, actually, woh, to give sankys room key.
Kiran: but he got it from reception right..(smiles) ok.. Go n enjoy..
Swara: paagal..

Swara takes out her bag n leaves from the hostel.. After a drive, she reaches hostel.. She checks out in reception abt the way to his room ..

Reception : hello mam.. How may I help u?
Swara: ya hello.. may I know, room no.231 is in which side..
Reception : s sure. Take second left from the right corner..
Swara: thank you..

Swara leaves from their… finally finds sanky’s room.. She opens it using the key n gets shocked.. The room was a total mess.. His clothes were lying on the floor n we was draped in the blanket.. He was sleeping like a Hard Rock.. She first takes out the clothes from the floor n arranges it in his bag. .. She finally jumps on his bed slowly pulling the blanket from his face n shouts in his ears..

” sanskaaaar!!!!!”

He opens his eyes immediately n gets shocked..

Sanky: swara!!

She winks at him.. He smiles seeing her n closes his eyes again.. She pouts n shakes him..

Swara: get up Sanky.. U sleepy head.. Get up fast..
Sanky: let me sleep swara..
Swara: u said, we will go out today.. See im ready now..
Sanky: (sleepy voice) but u said ,u have ur exams tomorrow,u can’t come, blah blah.. ..
Swara: haan, i cant ignore my jaans request.. Well the exam is in afternoon only na,so I changed my mind…. N moreove , it is an easy paper,we will come home by 6.. So tat i can revise a little.. .. (excited) So chalo,lets go somewhere..

Sanky opens his eyes at her excitement..

Sanky: OK.. But five more minutes let me sleep.. (closes his eyes)

Swara frowns n jumps on his stomach..
He widens his eyes..

Swara: utho.. I have to tell u abt sterdays incident..
Sanky: later swara .. Now get up, N let me sleep..
Swara : u r so bad sanskar…

He opens his eyes n looks at her.. She was as usual in her cute pout.. He pulls her over him,such tat swara was on top of sanskar..

Swara : leave me idiot.. I thought we will go for sight seeing.. I was so excited but u r
Sanky: (cuts her off) but, today I’m in no mood for sight seeing.. I have something else in my mind.. (smiles naughtily)
Swara: delete all ur wrong thoughts Mr. Sinha.. Or else i will complain to my dad..
Sanky: oh really.. (wraps his hands around her waist.. )
Swara: yes.. (struggles to get free)
Sanky: Who told u to Come into my room.. Tat too when im all alone n (smiles naughtily)
Swara:(widens her eyes) sanky leave me..
Sanky: no.. (pecks her lips) my morning kiss..

She smiles..

Swara: OK.. I will give.. Leave me..

Sanky gets excited n releases from his grip… Swara gets ups from him.. She was abt to go but he caught her wrist..

Sanky: don’t act smart wifey..
Swara: arei, close ur eyes first..
Sanky: no way..

She bites his hand n runs away..

Swara: sorry Mr.Sinha, go get ready fast..

He jumps of from his bed n swara freezes in her position… She was checking out him from head to toe.. He was indeed a special moulded piece from god.. She stops blinking for a while.. He smiles naughtily n moves forward..

Sanky : staring Is rude wifey..

She comes back to her sense n turns around.. He was shirtless, just in his half pant..

Swara: san.. Sanskar.. Go.. Go n chan

Her breath got struck when he hugs her from back n whispers in her ears.. .

Sanky: (husky voice) nooo..

Swara closes her eyes feeling his Hot breath on her nape.. He rest his chin on her shoulder..

Sanky: (husky voice) u don’t need to be shy .. Im all urs…

Her throat gets dry hearing him.. He turns her around n lifts her chin..

Swara: sans.. Sanskar.. I(watches him again n smiles shyly)
Sanky: swara.. Don’t do tat..

She pushes him n runs away from his hold..
Sanky : swara..

He runs after her.. The room becomes a complete mess due to a marathon inside it.. Finally swara slips on the bed, while running above it.. Taking this as a chance, he jumps on her.. He was on top of her..

Swara: (panting) sanskar, get up..
Sanky:(panting) u made me run too much wifey..

Swara touches his chest to push him but pulls away immediately .. Both feels some electric sparks n a shiver run down their spines.. A different feeling growling in their stomach.. They both have an passionate eyelock..

He leans towards her lips without breaking the eye contact n captures it… Both closes their eyes feeling eachother.. It was not a wild kiss of hunger or possessiveness.. It was a gentle kiss feeling eachothers lip.. Just moulding one on the other.. Tasting it’s essence with his tongue n getting lost in oneanother..

Her hands slowly runs across his shoulder n fist his hair pulling him more.. He slowly pushes his tongue into her mouth by nibbling her lower lip.. Starts caressing inside her mouth with his tongue.. They both played with eachothers tongue for the access to show their love.. They were rejoicing the moment with almost desire n pleasure.. Finally they part away for oxygen Which was almost required…

Sanky:(kisses her lips again) thank you..

A lone tear escapes from her eyes.. He immediately toss n pull her over him..

Sanky : (cups her face) hey relax.. Did i hurt u.. I’m.. I’m really sorry.. I should haven’t.. Shit I totally forgot tat i was on ur top.. I’m. Sor

She kisses to make him stop his ramble.. Breaks the kiss n hugs him tightly hiding herself in his chest…

Sanky: (stroking her hairs) swara wat happened..
Swara:(kisses his chest) thank u.. Thank u for making me feel special..
Sanky: (smiles) u almost scared me like hell..
Swara:(faces him) it was the tear of happiness.. (pecks his lips) I was

He pulls her smashing his lips on Her n kissing her wildly.. Showing her how special she was already.. He finally parts n hits her head..

Sanky: u r….. N will always be special.. N never waste the pearls.. They are more valuable than diamonds..

She smiles n hits his chest..

Swara: never ever.. I love u..
Sanky: I love u too… (kisses her forhead)
Swara : ab chalo..
Sanky: where u want to go.. ??
Swara:(smiles brightly) anywhere… I will go wherevr u take me..
Sanky: (smiles naughtily) wherever huh??
Swara: stop ur dirty thoughts Mr..
Sanky: (laughs) ok.. I will get ready but,i don’t think, u r ready to leave me..

She realises her position n gets up immediately.. Sanky smiles naughtily n pinches her nose.. Kisses her cheeks n runs into washroom.. She smiles n jumps on couch.. She recieves a video on whatsapp..

After Watching The video, she burst out into fits of laughter holding her stomach.. Sanky comes out immediately hearing her loud noises..

Sanky: swara, wat happened…

He watches her bewildered.. She was laughing like maniac.. He rushes to her.. After seeing him, she laughs even hard n closes her eyes tightly with her hands…

Swara: (laughing as wel as closing her eyes) sanskaaaaar…

He came out with just a towel wrapped around his waist.. He realises n looks down.. Smiles sheepishly scratching his head.. Quickly runs into washroom taking his pant.. Swara slowly watches through her fingers gap n sighs..

Later swasan goes out for sight seeing.. They enjoy alot.. Sanky takes her to a park.. Suddenly someone closes her eyes from back.. Swara idenfies on one touch n shouts like mad… Sanky laughs seeing her excitement.

Swara: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Oh my god!!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeetuuuu!!!!!!!!

Mishtanvee surprises her all of a sudden.. Swara jumps on the trio n hugs them tightly…

Tannu: did u missed us…??
Swara: (hugs her by pressing her neck firmly) alooottt…
Tannu: Arei, u wanna kill me huh…

Swara leaves her n smiles.. She jumps on mishu giving her another firm hug..

Veer: wow angel, if u r happy with our surprise, then wat will u do to the person who planned this surprise.. (smiles naughtily)

Swara looks at veer with confused face n then looks at sanky..

Swara: u mean??
Veer: haan, s.. I mean, wat u mean…

Swara smiles n hugs sanky..

Swara:(hugging) thank u so much.. I dint thought u will really take sterdays talk seriously.. I love u…
Sanky:(hugs her back ) kya Karoon, I promised to fulfill all your wishes… N I love u too.. (whispers) waise u can give me return gift for this…

Swara blushes..

Tannu: Arei love birds, sharam karo, we r still here…

Swara kisses his cheek whispering “my return gift ” n the trio gets shocked along with sanky… He keeps hand on his cheek n looks at swarA astonished.. Evryone in the park smiles looking at SwaSan..

Veer : ahem ahem… Angel, wat an daring act!! Mishu, learn something from her..

Mishu hits him on his shoulder ..

Mishu: shut up..

They enjoy so much after a long time.. Swasan keeps exchanging glances at eachother.. Mishvee tells them abt “Haji Ali” one of a pilgrimage centre for Muslims.. Veer tells them abt the people’s belief abt the place,tat their wishes get fulfilled.. He too wants to go their n wish something. He says looking at mishu.. She blushes n swasan teases them.. Tannu too agrees n her face lightens up.. Swara notices her n smiles..

They reach haji ali dargah n pray for sometime.. Swara holds tannu n comes out leaving sanveemish..

Tannu : kya hua angel.
SwarA: tell me, wats bothering u??
Tannu: wat do u mean??
Swara: tannu,i know u more than urself.. So tell me everything..

Tannu looks down..

Tannu: im sorry..
Swara: for wat..
Tannu: for lying…
Swara :(hugs her) tell me, wat happened to u..?? Is it abt Rohit..

Tannu breaks the hug n looks at her puzzled .. Swara smiles..

Swara: I knew it.. Did he do anything..
Tannu: no angel.. It’s just tat, I dont know.. I just hate him..
Swara :(shocked) wat?? U hate him..
Tannu : ya.. I just hate him..
Swara:(controls her smile) oh..ok.. Reason behind this hatred??
Tannu : nothing..
Swara:(smiles) I heard, he was the only one who cheered u in my absence..
Tannu: haan(smiles)he was a very good frnd….
Swara: frnd?? Ok.. But mera tannu, tell me wat he did Now to deserve this hatred??
Tannu: u know angel, (becomes sad) he is going to US for his further studies..
Swara: oh.. So u r angry with him, tat he is leaving to US…
Tannu: no.. I’m not angry tat he is going to US.. It’s just tat, he dint even tell me abt it..
Swara: (confused) then how did u knew..
Tannu: I just heard from his class mates.. He dint even bother to tell me.. I use to share everything with him.. I was a duffer to do so.. But he dint even thought to tell me once.. Wat kind of frnd he is..??
Swara: yes… how can he hide such a big thing..
Tannu: haan… How can he??
Swara: u just hate him for hiding this truth from u..
Tannu: haan, i just hate him for this..
Swara: he is not ur frnd anymore..
Tannu: haan.. He is not my frnd anymore..
Swara: now ,he have become more than a frnd..
Tannu: haan, he is more than a frnd..

Swara smiles n tannu widens her eyes n looks at her..

Swara: (gives her a bone crushing hug) so mera tannu is in love…
Tannu:(breaks the hug) no.. I’m not.. U know na,i just hate him..
Swara : Arei baba, u r so concerned about him.. N moreover u r so angry coz, he dint share his life changing decision with u..
Tannu:(gets sad) haan angel.. But I dont love him..
Swara: tu maan ya na maan …u r affected by this.. So just talk to him once..
Tannu: I tried to talk but he ignored tat.. So now I’m ignoring him..
Swara : I saw him disturbed, when u ignored him..
Tannu: is he??
Swara : haan, he is too…

Swara makes her realise but soon sanveemish joins n jokes on them.. Soon they had their lunch in an restaurant .. Drives back to hotel.. Swara shows priya’s video to mishtan n sanvee.. They all laugh out loud seeing her special treatment

Swara: she was eyeing my sanky..
Veer: so mera angel got jealous huh..
Swara: Ahh.. I’m not..
Sanky: is tat so..?? Well, my hotel receptionist is so hot..
Swara: I will kill her along with u…
Mishu: ? bhai, u r so lucky.. But swara, long back my bhai doesn’t had interest in any girls.. But now, he has changed a lot..
Swara:(sad) haan.. He changed alot.. Always he compliments other girls..
Sanky: oh ho.. (moves towards her) I never compliment them..
Mishu: but bhai??
Sanky: chup bait..
Mishu pouts..
Swara: but u always praise the other girls..
Sanky: It was always u, whom I think before praising.. So no girl is as beautiful as you..
Mishu: me bhai???

Sanky shoots draggers at her n she keeps finger on her lips. Swara smiles n hits him on his chest..

Veer: (side hugs her) mishu,u r my princess..

Mishu blushes.. While swasan hugs n tannu adores both couples…

Soon they reach swara’s hostel.. Evryone gets down.. swara just then remembers abt the warden..

Swara: sanskar.. Watt did u tell my warden??
Sanky smiles..
Swara: bolo na..
Sanky: I just lied to her tat, we are undercover agents.. ? n she belived me.. Actually, Me n veer made a fake ID to tease our classmates.. I just showed her my ID n she believed me.. ?.. Well she thought, u n me are discussing abt some important things, tats y she supported sterday..
Swara : ? oh my god sanskar. U r impossible..
Veer: abhe, being with angel, u have learned so much…
Swara: Arei, sweetu I dont have any hand in this..
Mishtan laughs..
Mishu: bhai…sach mei,u have changed alot..
Sanky:arei mishu, all credits to ur bhabhi..
Mishu: awww.. (teases) Bhabhi!!! Oh my god.. Haan.. Swara, I should call u bhabhi…
Swatan: (teases) then we will also call u bhabhiiii!!!!!

Mishu widens her eyes..

Mishu: no no, we will call by our names.. Ok..

Swatan burst out laughing giving hifi.. While mishu pouts n complains to veer..

Veer : Arei stop teasing her..
Swara: sweetu, how mean.. (pouts)
Veer: angel.. I dint mean tat.. U tease how much ever u want..
Mishu stamps his foot..
Mishu: tannu is right, u r indeed angels chamche..
Swara: hey, stop troubling my sweetu..
Mishu: huh.. U both will never change..
Veer: mishu, I dint do anything.. It’s just tat, u know..
Mishu: haan, i know.. U guys n ur antics.. Huh..
Sanky: Acha,enough ..swara, now go n study.. All the best(kisses her forhead)
Mishu: Aww.. Bhai, how romantic…
Sanky: mishu, don’t disturb her..
Veer: why dont we take her with us.. (winks at mishu)
Sanky: I will kill u.. Chal.. Mishu n tannu will stay here..
Swara: sweetu, u too have become shameless being with sanky..
Sanky:(shocked) wat!!
Sanky: me n shameless.. Ok.. Once u finish ur exam, I will show u ,wat will I do..
Swara turns red..
Tannu : why do feel, angel have turned red as tomato..

Everyone burst out laughing while swara runs into her room..

Kiran: swara, u came..
Swara:(blushes) haan kiran.. (smiles) so where is

Before she could say, priya was sneezing and coughing..

Swara: (giggles) oh god..
Kiran: u know ,she showered 13times..

Mishtan enters.. Swara introduces them… They get mingled.. Priya was studying while walking.. She was abt to sit on the chair ,tannu takes the chair n gets seated.. Next wat


Priya falls down.. The girls controls their laugh.. Swara warns her to stop n let her study.. Tannu nods n keeps quite. Though swara troubles alot but she becomes strict when it comes abt education.. Coz evryone deserves to give their best.. Mishtan falls asleep on swara’s bed.. Swara was still studying along with kiran n Priya.. Kiran too sleeps after sometime.. Swara feels bad seeing Priya as she was not well.. Swara takes out some tablets n offers her..

Priya: I dont need it..
Swara : (scolds hee) stop it Priya.. Keep ur ego aside n have this.. U will feel better…
Priya looks at her..
Swara:(calms down) look,there is nothing harm in this.. So

Finally she takes the tablet .. Swara smiles n contuniues her study.. Suddenly her phone beeps.. She smiles seeing the msg..

” Stop ur studies?.. Go n sleep right now.. Love you?..
– ur hubby?”

She closed her book n replies him.. She falls asleep beside kiran..

On the other side sanky’s phone beeps…

” Anything for u hubby..??? …love u ??.. Lots of kisses?????????
-ur wifey ?”

He starts blushing reading her msg.. God she was driving him crazy.. He shook his head n msg her again

” I will get all those kisses by myself wifey? u just can’t fake those kisses.. Will get it for sure.??. Aur haann,good night.. Sleep well with my dreams ? . Tight hugs n lots of kisses ??? which, i will be giving tomorrow.. Haan stop blushing… ”

After reading the msg, swara was blushing so much.. She buried her head in the pillow n falls asleep with sankys dreams…

The next morning was a beautiful morning with blissful environment.. The girls awakes n get freshen up.. Priya smiles seeing them.. They all roll their eyes.. Swamishtan were giggling n teasing eachother.. Mishu gets to know abt Rohit n pulls tannu’s leg. Priya comes to them n the trio exchanges glances at eachother..

Priya : swara,!!
Kiran widens her eyes n gulps..
Swara: ah.. Haan..??
Priya: thank u…

Swara rols her eyes.. She have been caught.. Mishtanran looks at her puzzled..

Swara: it’s OK Priya.. (smiles nervously.)

Priya smiles N leaves from there.. Mishtanran jumps on her n shakes her.. Swara closes her face with her hands.. They all start teasing her n she finally spits out the truth.. Kiran gets shocked while mishtan where smiling n teasing her..

Mishtanvee leaves to their house.. While Sanky drops swara to her college..
The days passes….
Swara’s exams were going on…. Sanky use to pick her n drop her.. It was his daily routine.. During free time the duo use to go for movies n malls.. They enjoyed these days to the fullest.. The gap of five months which they were away from eachother, have to be filled.. They made every possible way to be with eachother.. Swara often visits sankys room.. They romance, flirt with each other n enjoy cuddling for sometimes …

It was last day of her exam.. Sanky come to pick swara from the college.. Swara bids bye to kiran..

Sanky: shall we (fwds his hand)

Swara nods.. Salman comes running..
Salman: swara…

Swara turns n smiles.. Sanky gives him an cold look..

Salman: I heard u r leaving for Delhi..
Swara: haan Salman.. Bye.. Will miss u alot.. N thanks alot for being with me in tough situations..
Salman: so it’s a final bye..
Swara nods..
Salman: I will miss u too(hugs her)

Swasan widens their eyes.. Swara signals sanky to keep quite n he does so.. Later she parts away..

Swara: Salman.. Take care of kiran.. I think she is upset as I’m going back, y dont u talk with her.. She Is in class.. Go n cheer up.. U r the only one to make her smile..

Salman nods n bid bye to Swasan.. Atlas swasan collects their luggage from respective rooms n drives back to their house..

After a long tired journey swara reaches home.. Shemish hugs and kisses her… They missed her alot.. Sinson comes n swara takes blessing from them..

Shekar : Arei wah.. My angel is becoming Sanskari bahu..
Veer : haan bade papa.. But sanskar is not sanskaar now.. (suppresses his laugh)

Swasan understood wat he meant n swara gives gives him a death glare..

Shekar: Haan I know, he is Asanskari..

Mishtan burst out laughing n sanky starts chasing veer..

Sinha: Arei, stop teasing my son.. As if u were so much sanskari..
Mishti : haan shekar,.. Stop teasing my son in law..
Shekar rolls his eyes..
Shekar: so evryone turned to be sanky’s saviours.. Huh. Did he troubled u angel..
Swara: no dad.. Acha why dont we go out..
Mishu: haan ,ice cream!!!
Tannu: yahhh!
Mishti: okay.. Ice cream..
Sona: sanskar, chod de usei..

Sanky was beating veer with cushions n starts throwing vegetables on him.. Where as veer was catching evrything n keeping aside.. Swara finally comes n pours a jug of water on sanky n smiles…

Veer: angel!!!!

But soon veer closes his mouth as he too experiences same.. Mishu pours another jug of water on veer.. Sanvee looks at Swamish who were grinning.. The duo runs away followed by sanvee.. They chase them but finally caught between elders.. Evryone heads towards ice cream parlour..

The gents brings ice creams for the ladies n serves them.. Swara takes ice cream from sanskar.. They both share an eyelock.. Swara starts teasing sanksar under table.. Sanky keeps warning Her seeing shekar.. But she was enjoying it.. Shekars cold look,sankys tensed face were worth watching.. Sanky pinches swara’s waist n she widens her eyes.. She squeezes his hand n gets shocked.. She looks at him.. But he shush her n pleads with his eyes..

Swara:(whispers) no ice creams for u.. give me ur ice cream..
Sanky:(whispers) just one.. Tats it.pleash.

Swara melts seeing his cute puppy eyes .. But she was restless.. Finally the evening comes to an end with their smiling faces… Evryone head back to their house..

It was midnight, everyone where sleeping tight.. someone comes out covering their head .. The person tip toes n slowly climb the pipe .. But all of a sudden , looses the balance n the shawl flies away.. The person widens their eyes n slips from the pipe…

It was non other than swara..


Huh.. Done with the next chapter.. So where is swara going..?? Wil she survive..?? Or its a dream?? Or its a reality..?? Wat is she doing on pipe?? Is there something wrong..??

? for all answers read my next chapter.. Unnecessaryly I popped so many questions.. Hehe.. Keep guessing till next chapter..

Well how was the epi.. Did u enjoyed.. ??hope so.. Sorry for posting late.. But next chappy will be posted as soon as possible.. U know guest n their orders. Huh. Yup, I was indeed busy with the guests at home.. Tomorrow again another set of guest.. ? do pray for me.. ?

Okay.. Let me know ur view abt this chapter….

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