FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 57)


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Swara boards train n bids bye to shekar.. She gets settled in train near the window seat.. She closes her eyes n smiles recalling sanskar.. When she opens her eyes, she could see sanky running to catch the train.. She widens her eyes.. She quickly goes near the door n helps him to get in..

“thank ..(panting) thank you ”

Swara smiles sheepishly n keeps looking at him.. He shakes her n she comes to her sense.. She was taken a back .. She quickly runs n takes her seat.. He sighs seeing swara..

“pagal ladki”

Swara:(monologue) oh god… Wat the hell happened to me.. (smiles n hits her forhead) sanskar, wat r doing to me.. Uff..

She smiles n sees sanskar smiling at her in front seat.. She smiles looking at him.. He comes n sits next to her.. She closes her eyes putting her head on his shoulder n gets hit by the window…. She opens her eyes immediately rubbing her temples..

Swara: ahhhh… (in mind) wat the hell…

The people smiles seeing her expression.. She gets embarrassed n smiles stupidly..

Swara:(monologue) sanky, u r making me crazy.. I’m i hallucinating.. Huh.. (closes her eyes) Now I won’t open my eyes till I reach Mumbai (smiles)

She finally falls asleep…


Swara finally reached Mumbai.. She takes an taxi .. On the way she finds sanskar in many faces.. She sighs n hits her forhead.. She calls shekar to distract herself from her hallucination n informs abt her arrival…

She reaches hostel n finds sanskar at the entrance.. She sighs looking at him n gets into her hostel.. The lady warden looks att swara n smiles.. Swara smiles back.. She finds it strange , As its first time the lady is smiling.. She gets inside her room n finds it empty..

Swara: uff.. I think they left for college..

She calls kiran..

Kiran: hello swara!! .
Swara: hello kiran.. How are u!??
Kiran: hmm fine.. Where are u?
Swara: just reached our room.. I guess u left for college…
Kiran: haan, i din’t submit my assignment na, so came early to finish it..
Swara: OK carry on.. I will freshenup n join u.. Well where is priya..
Kiran: oh.. Lol.. Wat should i say.. (tells sterdays incident)
Swara:(laughs) wat, lizard.. Hahaha.. OMG.. I just missed it..
Kiran: u know, she have went for beauty parlour..
Swara: lol.. From today she will daily go to beauty parlour.. Coz swara khanna is back to her own avatar..
Kiran: y I’m finding something fishy..
Swara: u will know it soon baby.. K bye.. U finish ur work soon..
Kiran: bye..

As soon as she disconnects the call, She gets a call from sanskar. She smiles n picks up quickly..

Swara: hello..
Sanky: (lovely) sweetheart..
Swara: (smiles) haan jaanu..
Sanky:(smiles) I think someone is in mood today..
Swara: hmm.. Missing u lot.. U know(tells him Abt her hallucination)
Sanky:(laughs) OMG.. Swara, I love u.. U know same happening with me..
Swara: oh really!!!
Sanky: haan..
Swara:. In train too , i got hit by window,
Sanky : Wat??
Swara: ya.. I saw u next to me.. So I leaned on ur shoulder.. N tats it, u were not there n my head was on the window..so Pachaaaak.. u Know, now too I could see u in front of me …
Sanky: (laughs) then go n Hug Me..
Swara: huh.. If I touch u ,suddenly u disappears.. So let me see u like this.(smiles shyly)
Sanky: but I wish to hug u now..

Swara smiles seeing sanskar moving towards her.. She smiles sheepishly n touches his cheek.. Where as sanky kisses her palm.. She widens her eyes.. Before she could realise, he hugs her tightly…

Swara:oh my god.. (shouts) sanskaaaar!!!!!
Sanky: I love u swara(lifts her by waist n spins her around)

She smiles n laughs out loud.. She pulls his cheeks to believe tat, he is actually here..

Sanky: ouch..
Swara:haha.. U r actually here. Wow..

He slowly puts her down such tat their cheeks brushes n he kiss her slightly,while swara blushes..

Swara: Wat r u doing here..?? (lifts her eyebrow)
Sanky:(frowns) don’t u know. I came here to see u..
Swara: sanskar, wat abt ur practice..
Sanky:(puts his hand around her shoulder) wifey, nothing more important than u.
Swara: (pulls him by holding his collar) but hubby, it’s important for u, so definitely it means alot to me.. So u should be there.. Not here..
Sanky: (pecks her lips) I got permission from our couch..
Swara:(hits his chest) sanskar..
Sanky: so how was my surprise??
Swara: ek dam jhakaas.. (winks at him)
Sanky:(wraps his hand around her waist n pulls her closer) so where is my gift..
Swara: Mr. Sinha, if my warden see u here, tats it.. (tries to push him)
Sanky: she will never cross u again.. (winks at her n pulls her more close)
Swara : (widens her eyes) so it’s u.. When she smiled, I thought something fishy.. Wat u did huh??
Sanky: first my gift.. (rubs his nose with hers)
Swara: u took it already, so nooo.. Now tell me
Sanky:(pouts) I wont.. U know how much I missed u n came here to see u..
Swara: Aww.. I missed u too..
Sanky :(sarcastically) no.. It doesn’t look like tat..
Swara: why is tat so??.. I really missed u..
Sanky: is tat so, then prove me, how much,u missed me..
Swara: y should i..
Sanky: coz now I’m gonna prove u tat

Saying tat, he smash his lips on Her n kiss her passionately.. At first she was shocked n now understood his words.. She kissed him back, but he parts away..

Swara: Wat!!
Sanky: ur turn..

Swara turned red due to blushing.. She never expected him to be like this.. But still he was challenging swara khanna after all.. She turned away..

Swara : okay,i agree tat u missed me more..
Sanky:(pouts) swara, this is not fair..
Swara:(controls her smile) everything is fair..

Sanky noticed her through corner of the mirror n understood her acting.

Sanky: okay then, I’m leaving.. Iss zaalim Duniya mei koi apna khehne walaa nahi hai.. My fiance dint miss me at all.. …

He turns n walks towards the door.. She frowns thinking tat, he got angry on her.. She quickly rushes towards the door n closes it with a thud , before locking…. Sanky thinks his plan is working. He turns away from her.. She pins him to the door n pulls his cheek..

Swara: Aww.. Pls stop this pout face.. I know u look so adorable but seeing it becoz of me, it hurts..

Sanky rolls his eyes.. She smiles seeing his expression..

Sanly: leave me swara, I have to go..
Swara: where?
Sanky: of course, back to Delhi.. No one is here to look aft

She kisses him.. He smiles at his victory.. It was a gentle kiss but sanky turned it to an passionate n longing one.. He slips his hand under her shirt caressing her back ,gently squeezing it.. She widens her eyes at his sudden move.. He pulls her more into him.. She parts away but he again pulls her..


He smiles while kissing her..she reciprocates with equal passion by resting her hands around his neck.. Finally they parts away..

Sanky: got to know, how much I missed u..

Swara nods.. He again leans towards her lips to capture it.. When he does so,someone knocks the door.. They part away n looks at eachother.. He curses under his breath.. Swara suppreses Her laugh n move him aside.. But he wasn’t ready to leave her n tightens his grip on her waist…

Swara:(cups his face) let me check…

Sanky nods like a kid n leaves her.. But the door knock kept increasing.. She quickly opens the door n gets shocked.. Swasan widens their eyes..

Swara : Wat happened??
Lady: swara, let us take her in.. I .. I don’t know..

Swara n the warden takes Priya inside the room n make her rest in her bed.. Yes, priya was lying unconscious in front of the door , blood ozing from her nose.. Warden sprinkles water on her.. She starts moving n opens her eyes..

Lady: Priya, are u fine.. Wat happened to u??
Priya: mam, it’s all due to swara..

Swara widens her eyes.. Warden looks at swara n then at sanky..

Swara: wat did i do..??
Priya: wat did u do?? Huh..(turns to warden) mam when I was abt to enter the room, she banged the door n I got hit .. She broke my nose n fell unconscious..

Swasan recalls where swara closing the door in order to stop Sanky.. They even heard a sound from outside but they were so indulge in eachother tat they dint care abt tat sound.. Both of them suppresses their smile by biting their lips hard.. It was impossible for them to control their laugh.. They have to rush out soon, they can burst out laughing anytime.. Swara somehow controls n speaks

Swara: mam, it’s just an accident .. I dint do it purposely..
Priya : oh hello.. Stop it.. Mam this is too much.. She needs to be punished
Sanky:(cold tone) stop it right there..

Priya gets lost in him..

Sanky : it was just an accident… So nooo need to strech the topic.. (at swara) u go n freshen up fast.. (swara nods n leaves)
Lady: leave it Priya.. They are right it was just an accident.
Priya : but mam..

Sanky gives her a death glare N she gulps.. The warden looks at sanky n smiles before leaving.. Swara comes out after changing n saw Priya eyeing sanky.. SwaSan looks at eachother n then at Priya.. Finally they burst out laughing seeing her.. Oriya stamps her foot n leaves from there..

Swara goes n stands in front of Sanky…. He smiles looking at her n murmurs “beautiful”.. She was wearing puff sleeves loose top with skinny jeans,looking absolutely gorgeous.. He wraps his hand around her waist..

Swara: sanskar, leave me.. Priya is there..

Sanky sighs..

Sanky: she left swara..
Swara: she may come anytime..
Sanky: huh, everywhere0 there is an enemy for my romance.. There ur dad n here this chipkali..

Swara laughs n recalls the actual chipkali incidents..

Swaraa: haan, we should name her chipkali…

Swara gets a call n recieves it..

Swara: haaan dad..
Shekar: so he reached there..
Swara: who..
Shekar: stop ur drama angel n give the phone to him..
Swara:(pouts) OK..

Swara gives her mob to sanky.. He takes the mob n check the caller id n smiles.. ..

Sanky: hello..
Shekar : sanky ke bache, who told u to go there n y r u not lifting my calls.. .. (sanky suppresses his laugh) dare not to disturb my angel..
Sanky:papa,did u called me..
Shekar :don’t act too much.. if at all, I got to know u r disturbing her, I will not leave u..
Sanky: but papa(he sighs)
Shekar: if u have met her, then come back soon..
Sanky: uff… Stop it papa… Im not going to come without her.. N moreover, I wont disturb her.. If u keep on doing like this, I’m going to take her to my room n will surely disturb her..

Shekar shocks.. Swara beats him..

Shekar: Arei, sanky beta,dont get angry.. (gritting his teeth) I will not say anything.. Let angel Stay in her hostel.. (in mind) Once u reach here, i will show who is the boss..
Sanky : OK OK..

Swara snatches the phone..

Swara: dad, wats all this..
Shekar: it’s just between me n my sil.. So dont worry..
Swara:(sighs) u guys r
Shekar: impossible.. We know tat.. Haan, take care,.. If he disturbs u let me know.. Well I’m not worried, as he is there with u.. I was just teasing him..
Swara: dad, becoz of u, he is sitting with a big frown..
Shekar: Arei, don’t belive him.. He is just acting to get ur attention.. I know this youngsters.. After all I use to do same thing with ur mom..

Swara widens her eyes..

Swara: dad!!! Oh god… Our family should be awarded for all their dramas.. Huh..

She cuts the call after sometime n looks at sanky..

Swara: shall we leave.. Well stop ur drama sanky..
Sanky: (frowns) it’s all becoz of ur dad..
Swara: he loves u so much..
Sanky: I know tat.. Well where are u going??
Swara: of course to college..
Sanky: but, its ur study holidays right..
Swara: sanskar, I have to sigh some internals.. So..
Sanky: OK..

Priya was fuming all the time seeing both of them.. Swasan leaves the room but swara gives a last looks at Priya..

Swara:(monologue) priya ki bachi, from today ur hell life starts.. U r eyeing my sanky.. I will not leave u for this.. (smiles evilly)

Sanky notices her..

Sanky: so, Priya is ur target.. Wat did she do??
Swara:(smiles) u know me very well..
Sanky: (shakes his head) Tats true.. So??

Swara tells him abt her behaviour n eveything.. Sanky gets angry on listening..

Sanky: I will kill tat blo

Swara closes his mouth..

Swara: don’t spoil ur mood sanky.. I will definitely teach her a lesson (winks at him)
Sanky:tat I know(gets closer)
Swara:(pushes him) we are in road.. Stop it.. (blushes)

He frowns.. Later He brings his car n swara gets seated.. They finally reach college.. Sanky goes to park his car.. Swara tells him class details n goes to her class..

She was greeted by kiran with a warm hug..

Kiran : missed u alot.. Atlas u came..
Swara: yup(smiles brightly) missed u too..
Kiran: U r glowing today.. Any secret..

Swara smiles but Both gets startled with a voice from her back..

“it’s indeed becoz of me.. She would have missed me.. She is glowing coz today she was excited to meet me.. I’m i right Miss.khanna..”

Swara : enough Salman.. Uf.. U n ur antics..
Salman:(pout) dint u missed me..
Swara:(rolled her eyes) no…
Salman: I know u r leing.. Then ,y did u called me..
Swara recalls, sanky breaking her phone when she called Salman.. She chuckles.. Before she could answer , a voice from the back

“it was by mistake.. ”

The trio turns to the source of voice.. Swara smiles ear to ear, while Salman frowns .. He whispers to swara,

Salman : wat he is doing here..??
Swara : wat??

Sanky moves towards them n pulls swara by wrapping his hand around her waist.. She smiles seeing his possiveness n glares him to take of his hand.. But squeezes her waist n makes her quite..

Kiran: swara,he was going to engaged right..(looks at sankys hand around her waist)

Swara nods..

Salman: oh.. Congrats man(fwds his hand)
Sanky:(shakes hand with him with a fake smile) thank u…
Salman:(looks at his hand which is around swara’s waist) dint u bring ur fiance..
Sanky: of course.. I’m with her(looks at swara)

Kiran n Salman widens their eyes.. They look to n fro at SwaSan n at eachother.. Swara smiles seeing them..

Swara: relax guys.. Meet my fiance (puts her hand on his chest) Sanskar Sinha (looks into his eyes n smiles)

Sanky gives her a breathtaking smile.. Salman frowns..

Kiran: u dint tell us anything abt it..
Sanky: well, I’m glad to meet u Two.. I got to know, u were Her mere support throughout these months.. Thanks alot for tat..

Kiran n Salman looks at them.. Then swara explains Them, how she left delhi, abt their relation, evrything… Their expression changes from oh, ah, Aww, wat, wow..

Kiran: well, congratulations swara(hugs Her) really Happy for u.. But haan, I’m angry on u, atleast u could have informed me later..
Salman: (pouts) congrats swara.
Swara: Salman!! Not like this.. I want to hear whole heartedly..
Salman:(smiles) congrats.. N this much only i can do.. (at sanky) better take care of her.. Otherwise I will take her away from you..
Sanky: I will kill u..

Swara chuckles while Salman widens his eyes..

Swara : sanskar stop it..

They talk for a while settling themselves in the canteen.. Swara tells Kiran abt the morning incident n the duo burst out laughing.. Salman n sanky starts behaving normal.. But both were jealous of one another.. Whenevr swara talks freely with Salman, sanky starts teasing her under table which was of course noticed by Salman.. Then after sometime swasan leaves from the college in decides to take a view of Mumbai!!

They reached Gate way of India, n enjoyes alot there.. Swara was enjoying being in his embrace.. It was like a dream come true.. When her phone rang, she smiled n picked it not the second ring..

Swara: haan sweetu..
Veer: I guess, my angel got so busy with her jaanu..
Swara: sweetu!!!! It’s not like tat..
Veer: put it on the speaker..
Swara: say now..
Veer: abhe Kamine, dint even bothered to inform me,tat u reached..
Sanky : I know u guys will never leave me to romance, so I have put it on silent mode ..
Swara:(warns him) sanskar..
Veer: angel,he is not sanskar ,who was so sanskari before meeting u…. He have become so much Asanskari now.

Swara chuckles..

Sanky: Arei let it be.. I’m giving u a chance to spend time with my sisso but not alone.. U should take tannu with u.. n stop pulling my legs ,I have got licence to romance Now.. After all she is my fiance…. Well dare not to go out with mishu alone…
Veer: I will.. U r with my angel, then y can’t i.
Swara: wat the hell huh..
Sanky: shh.. Veer, im warning u, take tannu along with u.. I heard u guys are going out..
Swara : sweetu… U dint tell me..
Veer: haan angel, talking her on a date.. Aur u enjoy with ur Asanskari fiance..
Sanky: waise, excusing u this time as a frnd.. But warning u as a brother.. Dare
Swara stamps his foot..
Sanky: ahhh..
Swara: sweetu, u enjoy with mishu..
Veer: thanks angel.. Love u..
Swara: love u.. Bye…
Sanky: Swara.. I was warning him.. Y did u cut the call..
Swara: u can romance with me, y not my sweetu..

Sanky thinks for a while n smiles..

Sanky: it’s brother gene, u know..

Swara giggles..

Swara: the same, how my dad says.. Father gene.. ?.. U both r dramakings..
Sanky: n u r my queen(kisses Her cheeks)
Swara: sanskar, public!!
Sanky: I dont care..

Later they leave to Essel world.. An amusement park, water park.. They played for a while n get fully drenched.. They enjoyed by splashing water on eachother, boat riding in eachothers embrace , cuddling was all so romantic.. Finally they had their dinner at a restaurant in separate cabin, feeding eachother..

Sanky : enough swara.. I’m full..
Swara: just another bite, n tats it..
Sanky:(makes faces)huh..

She feeds him..

Swara: I’m full..
Sanky: u too forced me, so have this..

She takes a bite from him unwillingly n bites his finger while taking it…

Sanky: ouch.. Jungli chuvvi..
Swara: u r calling me chuvvi again.. .

She gets up from her chair n starts to pulls his hairs.. He pulls her n she lands in his lap.. He wraps his hand around her waist n snuggles in her neck..

Swara: sanskar.. (blushes) anyone will come..
Sanky:its a private cabin baby…
Swara: Pls leave me..
Sanky: no.. U bite me right, now see..

He starts giving hickeys on her neck while she closes her eyes n tries to get up..

Swara: sans.. Ahh..sanskar, pls.. (gulps)

He takes his head out n smiles naughtily..

Swara:(beats him on his chest) idiot.. Chalo..
Sanky: (takes out a chocolate) have this..
Swara: Aww.. Thank u.. (pecks his lips)
Sanky: gr8!! U have learned so much..
Swara: I know, if i kiss ur cheeks, u will definitely rub it as u dont like it….

Sanky smiles sheepishly..

Sanky: actually, i do it intentionally.. So tat u could kiss me here(points his lips) I actually love it when u kiss me.. Place doesn’t matter .(winks at her)
Swara: shameless..
Sanky: Acha let’s leave.. Or else, u should not blame me if something happens….

Swara widens her eyes n gets up from his lap.. Finally sanky drops her at hostel n he leaves to his hotel room..

Swara enters her room n finds kiran making her bed.. She looks at Priya side n doesn’t find her..

Kiran: when did you came..
Swara: just now.. Where is she..??
Kiran: I think, she have went to club..
Swara: club!!!! Ok(smirks)

Swara checks her bag n smiles.. Later swara n kiran chats for sometime.. They finally fall asleep.. Later at night Priya comes back to room n falls on the bed.. She cuddles in her bed n suddenly gets up with a jerk ..

Priya: “ahhhh”

Swara n kiran gets disturbed in sleep.. They wake up seeing Priya.. She was scratching all over her body.. They both get shocked..

Swara : Priya, r u fine..
Priya : oh my god.. It’s itching.. Ahh(scratches Her head) ahh(scratch her hands)
Kiran: wat happened Priya??
Priya: can’t u see it.. Ahhh (scratches her legs)

Swaran looks at each other n burst out laughing seeing her..

Priya: I will ahh(scratches Her stomach)
Swara: first clean ur self.. ?
Kiran: haha Priya, u r looking like monkey.. Haha ?

She stamps her foot n gets into the washroom.. N tats it


Swaran rush into the washroom n could see Priya on the floor, rubbing her butt.. Swara suppreses Her laugh..

Swara : r u alright Priya..
Priya: gosh.. Wats happening with Me.. Errgh… Can’t u guys dispose detergent water properly.. Huh..

They help her to get up.. She somehow stand with Swaran support, still scratching n holding her butt.. ? swaran leaves from the washroom .. Priya gets freshen up n comes out.. Swaran looks at her n widens their eyes..

Kiran : (scraed) ahhhh..
Priya: (panics) ahhhh..
Swara: (acting) ahhhh..
Priya: Arei y r u both shouting..
Kiran: y did u shout..
Priya : coz of u..
Kiran: oh.. ur hair.. !!!
Priya : my hair..???

She quickly checks in the mirror n shouts

“Ahhhhhhhh ”

Swara : (monologue) it’s just the beginning..
Kiran: u dye ur hair huh.. Or is it ur real hair.. Oh my god (at swara) swara she has white hairs.. (laugh out loud ?)
Priya:(touches her hairs) yakk.. It’s smelling horrible.. Huh.. Shoe polish.. Erghhhh.. Who mixed shoe polish in my conditioner..
Kiran:oh shoe polish.. I thought it’s ur original hair.. Well, I dint do it..
Swara: same here.. I dint
Priya :(cuts off) I know, it’s indeed u guys have messed up.. I wont leave u.. Ahh.. Again I should bath.. Ughhh..

She again gets into washroom.. Swaran burst out laughing..

Kiran : swara, it was uh huh??
Swara: ? indeed…
Kiran: u r impossible..
Swara: of course I’m..
Kiran: so this is the real swara..

Swara nods her head…

Kiran:(hugs Her) Aww, u should have shown ur side soon… But it’s OK.. Better late than never.. ?

Swara: it’s going to be a long night….
3 ………… 2…………….. 1……………..

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ”

Kiran widens her eyes n looks at swarA unbelievingly..


Holaaa!!! How was the chappy.. I know, I’m late.. Well chorry for tat.. Hope u liked today’s chappy.. Is it good or bad????

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    1. Sha

      Heya nik..

      Glad u liked it..

      .. U want bf like sanku..? don’t worry u wil get one.. But I’m imagining, if he is so caring as a bf,then HOW He will be as husband..?hehe..

      Well keep smiling..
      Loads of love.

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      Glad u liked it Dr..

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    1. Sha

      Glad u liked it Dr…

      Priya ko suffer karna hoga.. He eyed my sanku ?.. I will teach her a lesson..

      Will post as soon as possible..

      Love ya?

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    1. Sha

      Glad u like it Dr.

      Aww.. My sisso angry on me..hey j replied to u dr..well just now I checked uh have given another reply.. Chorrryyy I dint notice…

      Well mai toh naughty hoon hi.. Lol..but not like my sanku..?

      Loads of love…

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    It’s just mind blowing and god Shekhar and sanky wah what a duo…. Full dramebaaz…. N yeah more torture on priya eyeing our sanky need to be punished na ?

    1. Sweetie

      Neha..How are you??
      How did your exams go??

    2. Sha

      missed u lot dr.. gr8.. ur exams over.. heya!! yippee.. now we can continue our decent talks.. lol.. this sanky have become so asanskari nowadays.. i too love aggressiveness. . i wanted to add more of it,but so many chotu ppl read my ff,so i use to keep it in a limit.. lol… bacha party hai na..

      well jaisa sasur waisa daamaad… soch rahi hoon,iss priya ka kya kiya jaay… will teach her a lesson..sanky pe buri nazar daalne waalon ka muh kaala.. lol???

      abt wrapping my ff, i still dont no wat to do.. u see im in dilemma.. will love to write it further…lets see ..haan take care.. our sanku is safe n fine…

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    3. Pallavibaby

      Hi jiji πŸ™‚
      How are you?
      How did you write your exams?
      Hope you did well ?

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      haan yaar,shekar n sanky such a dramebaaz. ..

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    Kya yaar mere Sanky ko asanskari kar diya,mera poor bacha,itni saari biwiyaan aur ek gf hai tho samajh mein aana chahiye naa bandha kitna romantic hain.. πŸ˜‰ Anyways loved the romance of our pair.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Seriously I want to repeat Neha’s question,abhi ae haal hai tho shaadi ke baad kya hoga…Aur humari readers ka haal kya hoga bhai..Hum tho blush karte karte hi mar jaayengi rey.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

    Hehe..Priya got the punishment..Yesssss!!!!Aur de punishment usse..Chipkali is eyeing my Sanky baba..Grrr..

    As I said I don’t have any problem with your late updates and sawaal hi paida nahi hota ki hum bore ho jaayenge..Sochna bhi mat aise,haa??Actually this is the first FF I enjoyed from the first episode to till now..So I want you to continue this FF or take a break and come up with another one if you want to finish this..Done deal??

    Stay blessed and keep smiling cutiepie.. πŸ˜€ Lots of love.. πŸ™‚

    1. Sha

      hey my sweetie pie mil.. how r u??? how is rahul papa., ??how was the date..?? u told na,after swasan patch up ,u r going on a date..hmm?will love to know wat happened there.. kya kya hua hoga????..

      i loved pachaak scene.. hehe.. getting hit on window is awesome u know.. i always get hurt in train by window. hehe..??

      haan yaar,u know ur beta doesn’t leave for a single moment…? such a romantic darling u know..?lol… arei yaar i wont go to such extent coz ,bacha party reads my ff.. but if at all needed,i will surely get opinion from readers n warn before writing it.. lol.. sanku ke khayal mei kuch bhi lik doongi.. oh hello dont think me wrong, huh.. im writing on swasan… lol.. but really i too smile ear to ear while writing those things.. believe me im not good at romance.. but dont know how my readers manage to gey it romantic.. may be their reading sense make it though.. ?

      well abt ending this ff,im in dilemma.. this story is my fav u know.. its just like a fairy tail… no negativity n all., actually i write this story based on naturality. coz in real life there are no such characters who are so much negative as they show in seriel..

      well so much lecture hogaya.. comung to the point,send date details. ?kya kya hua.. aur haan sanky ko bhi kuch sikhao date ke liye.. sirf romance mei hi busy hojata hai.. huh..?

      love ya..?

      1. Sweetie

        Heya Cutiepie!!!?
        Date tho plan kiya tha par uss din plan cancel ho gayi because of baarish..? So no date happened and so no juicy update..οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½?οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½
        Well chotus tho hai readers mein, so don’t go that far..We’ll manage..?
        Sanky ko sikhane ki jaroorat nahin hai beta,just voice out your wishes and he’ll be at your service..??
        Love you too honewali bahu..❀?

      2. Sweetie

        You know main tho serials dekhna hi chod diya..Every serial has a unique start but after some days they reach the same point that is negativity..I hate negativity yaar..Aaj kal tho serials are becoming super natural series-daayans and all..? That’s why serials dekhna chod diya and reading books and fan fictions,you know it very well why I’ve stack of books lined up now in my computer…??
        Waise I started reading this FF only because of its naturality,that forest wala shot you’ve written, that’s my fav..That shot could have gone more aggressive and negative if not your writing skills..Sacchi mucchi..?

      3. Neha_priya

        Hey mom I’m good and exams also did well…. Thanku all of u for all of ur wishes… That meant a lot….

        Haww date cancelled that’s bad… U know I love listening abt others date and you’re toh my mom ?? how can I leave you but now what to do no date nothing….. And sha aww dear I missed chatting with you all too even nats don’t know where’s she….. Anyways I too agree with mom…. Even I don’t watch serials much I’ve emerged a great liking and craze for novels and ffs… They are just awesome…. Unimportant and useless twists are not introduced even they’re not stretched much….. I’ve even stopped watching SR and I really didn’t like pregnancy drama of shomi…….. Sha i understand ur thinking to keep the romance part in limit n I don’t mind that but seriously I’m loving this aggressive love of swasan they have uniqueness….. Something I can’t describe ???????????….lol ? and to be frank I too blush with that…. Sweetie sha ignored that question of mine but in my head this question always pops yaar….

        Anyways love you all

      4. Neha bhabhi happy to hear that ur exams r going well .
        & friends me bhi paak gai hon iin serial ke dramy se seriously yaar me Swaragini dekh rahi thi sahil swara ke room me enter karta hai tab wo nahi uuth ti jab sanky karta hai to uuth jati hai what is this yaar ?? Kuch bhi.
        & I watched that in upcoming episodes swara wants divorce from sanky OMG & she irritatedly leave from there but sanky follow her & try to left ( uuthany) ki koshish karta hai …… I hope they don’t get separate…… & I just want to kill that sahil??.

      5. Hi mom I am also interested to know about ur & rahul papa’s date. Shit barish ne sary kiy karay par pani pher diya. better luck next time. Miss u mom. & where is my real father??

      6. Sweetie

        Hello meri pagal ghar walon..???How are you all??

        #Neha-Glad to know your exams went well my dear.. πŸ™‚ I missed chatting with all of you too..?You love listening to other people’s dates,not bad haan..Pakka iss baar koi ghadbad nahin hoga,I’ll make sure date jis tarah se plan kiya tha uss tarah se execute bhi ho jaaye..?Nats tho kabhi ka baar aa jaathi hai comment karne ke liye,but proper chatting tho nahin hua abhi tak..Oh wow!!!You are also inclined towards novels and FFs,great yaar..??Waise any recommendations for me about some good novels???Hehe..Romance is in the air for our Swasan in Sha’s FF rey..I totally understand her limitations to keep romance part not to cross its boundaries when chotu bachus are involved..?What?????Pregnancy of Shomi has actually gone on air,I thought that to be some rumor when it was mentioned in episodic analysis section yaar..?Main tho jab SwaSan ki shaadi karvaaya tha Ragini ne by keeping Shomi as hostage,tab se dekhna bandh kar diya tha..I didn’t really liked that part when a daughter(step daughter hi sahi) mom ko kidnap kare for her false marriage..Uff..?And then some bhootnis,kaala jaadus also entered according to the spoilers..Baapre..I was like “kya tha yaar ye”?But keeping youth aside who can tolerate this bullshit only for some days,I think CV’s are concentrating mostly on elderly people who are interested in these twists and turns..

        #Menaz-How are you yaar??Studies kaise chal raha hai??You are also interested in the date details,sorry yaar par main kya karoon baarish mein bheeg gayi saari decorations,so cancel karna pada..??Your real father has commented on the name ‘Anisha’ here..Haayeeee yeh main kya sunn rahi hoon,divorce?????Uff..Sahil is that obsessive lover of Swara right??Abb kya kar diya usne..Best tho yehi tha maine serial dekhna chod diya..Spoilers pad kar hi mera bheja fry ho rahi hai..Waise tumhari email id kaha hai bhai??Kam se kam TU mein tho register ho jaa..

        Love you lots pagal family..?

      7. I am not fine mom I have fever & cough as well as throat pain. But why papa change his name ?? Ha na divorce OMG!!!!!! actually kisan ka raz khol gaya so swara is too much angry on sanky & said that ” ab me tum se legally baat karongi wo bhi court me aur divorce file karongi ” like that. Mom aap to lawyer hona bachalo anpy bety ko iss divorce se……..lol…. & actually this is not my real email Id so I have to make new one so plzz wait for it . & if is possibility of registering on TU than first I will register on it OK. actually I am not well na that is way delaying it.

      8. Sweetie

        #Menaz-Take care yaar..How come all of our family members are falling ill one after the other..Anyways take care and take medicines properly..?
        Ab Kissan ka raaz kol diya woh bhi itni jaldi,not bad haan..?Swara kya dialogue maari hai rey legally baat karoongi and all..?Baapre main kya bachao,?main serial duniya mein kabhi entry nahin loongi,main FF aur novels mein hi masth hoon..?
        Ok about the mail id,don’t worry jab tum teek ho gayi ho tabhi dena..?
        Stay blessed and keep smiling.. πŸ™‚ Lots of love..❀

      9. Neha_priya

        Mehnaz get well soon dear….. Fever I think it’s the side effects of weather change…. Take care and yeah my exams did well and are over now… Nothing to take tension about practicals they’re enough scoring….

        Sweetie :mom u don’t watch sr…. Stopped so before only… Did good and yeah shomi pregnancy drama was just so idiotic…. I didn’t felt worthy of adding it….. U know everyone is against that but swaragini supported and ragini has planned fake pregnancy with shomi fake abortion so that when shomi gives birth to child ragini will grow him….. That so boring I also don’t watch but my brother he watches it regularly and give me updates…. I tried to stop him but alas…. ?…..
        Anyways swara will ask for divorce then later she will come across with obsessed love of sahil and will try to escape from him…. During this bhagam bhagi… She’ll come across the same cliff shouting sanskar…. Again history repeating but this time swara will bite sahil and land in sanky arms …..hope this sahil drama gonna end…. Well recommendations for novels…. I don’t remember such actually I do it from cell …..
        I can’t buy so many so I bookmark read it and then delete… So sorry ???…

        Anisha :oh god such a sweet name of papaji….. Hello papaji I’m ur badi bahu…. Charan sparsh… ?

        Sweetie :yes I love to know about others date…. I feel excited for it… I’m damn interested in it

      10. Sweetie

        #Pallavi-Hiii Baby!!! I’m fine yaar..How are you??Haa yes,date tho cancel ho gaya naa but yeah as you said we’ll check weather report next time and then plan a date..?Sahil role is played by Anuj Sachdeva right..I like him very much as an actor..?

        #Neha-Shomi’s pregnancy and Ragini playing fake pregnancy..LOL..?????Kya mazaak hai yaar yeh..The comments when this news was posted were really hilarious..Main tho has has ke pagal ho gayi thi..???Boss!!! Iss serial mein sab scenes ka infinite loop hota hai(you know in computer programming,infinite loop mein we get the answer infinite number of times until we press break key on keyboard)..First Ragini became villian,I don’t know how that drastic change can be possible for a sweet simple girl overnight..Same loop continues until she becomes malkin..Bhai kaanoon kya apne jeb mein leke ghoomthi ho,agar sab kuch apne aap ki solve kar sakte hai tho kaanoon aur judiciary kyun hai bhai??Murder attempt koi maamuli cheez tho nahin hain naa..Abb yeh kya Swara ko koi doctor nahin dekha kya??Nahin hai tho hum apni doctor family bhej dethe..??When a person is suffering from amnesia or partial amnesia,if we can recreate the scene because of which they lost their memory,people can recover from the amnesia thoda early right..Uff..???Swara will bite Sahil..Hehe..Yeh tho mazedaar kabar hain..LOL..????
        Nothing to worry about novels,even I have stocks stored in my computer which I didn’t read yet..Didn’t read any novel online because my concentration span lasts only minutes,isliye.. πŸ˜‰ Next time date pakka successful banaungi,par we’ll discuss it privately,bacha party hain naa..???

    2. Pallavibaby

      Hi mom!
      How are you?
      Aww…date cancel hogaya?
      Uff…I wanted to know what what you both did on your date so that me and my hubby will learn something from you guys ? ?
      But next time plss check the weather report before planning the date ?

      I too am fed up with this sahil drama
      God! How big idiot he is! Always tries to come between the couple ?
      I too love reading ffs and novels…they are very far better than the serials

      And ha hj (sha) ….bacha party is there…
      So plss control my jhet from becoming more romantic,coz that is only making you write this aggressive one ? ?

    3. Pallavibaby

      #hubby: hi hubby!
      You are not fine? ?
      Don’t worry…I’m there na to take care of you πŸ˜›
      Create an account asap dear….we can chat in private then ?? (god! I’m becoming so shameless day by day)

  26. Jiya

    Superbly superb sha!
    I was trying my level best to control laughter by reading this part. Nd priya! U deserve this lol.
    And yep we’re ok with the decision u’ll take but i’m on late one side. So decide upto ur wish sissy!

    1. Sha

      glad u liked it dr…

      hehe,hope u dint laugh?? lol.. priya ki toh aisi ki taisi..

      thanks for ur concern dr.. love u..


  27. Hadi

    Yrwe already have a crush on sanky of swaragini now wat u want that we stole sanky from ur ff too when u show such lovely banda wid such lovely tactics for her fiance how can I not think to stole him for me haha kidding dear but lovely epi as always the prank was best now priya will seethe real swara sinha waiting for next

    1. Hadi

      N ya sha am saying truth dpnt dare to wrap up it soon coz I love it dear no problem when will u post as Ramadan is going on I know how its difficult to manage keep ur time dear but plz don’t end it it’s not a dhamki its. Request

    2. Sha

      mera sanky itna pyara aur romantic hai ki,sab ka dil jeetleta hai n he stole so many girls heart..magar only i stole his heart ,u know??? tats y he is my sanku darling.. lol?kya kya bol rahi hoon..

      well priya ka kya karoon,mere sanky pe bhi aankh daal rahi hai.. salman kaafi nahi tha kya.. now she will see the real me… lol

      hmm will surely see to it.. itne awesome readers hotoh khatam karne ka irada hi nahi hota..

      glad u liked it Dr. .

      love ya.. tc..?

      1. Hadi

        Yup no problem jani tm rakho sanku ko apne pas agr ham log kp aesi updates milen to I have no problem after all itna romance usi ka to fruit hai k sanku tmhare pas hai πŸ˜€
        N yr u r awsum that’s why our stomach is no filled yet wid ur writings that’s why we want nore

  28. awesome great going well done excellent work please don’t end it soon we will wait for late update also

    1. Sha

      so sweet of u.. such cute compliments. .

      will update soon..,
      glad u liked it Dr. .


  29. very good work waiting for your fan fiction please don’t end it asap silent reader request

    1. Sha

      glad to see ur comment dr..

      will write more.. keep reading..


  30. Amazing..laughed hile heartedly….i loved it relly ….. Continue nxt part soon

    1. Sha

      glad u liked it Dr. .

      keep smiling..

      wil post asap..


  31. Your writing is outstanding friend..:-).keep writing .all the best

    1. Sha

      aww.. glad u liked it Dr. .


  32. Sha….i love this ff lot…..n this chappy is awesome….sanky is too romantic???…n i loved priyas torture very much….n swaras train scene is hilarious???…my mom n dad r asking what happened to u…?why r u smiling like an idiot???…lol…
    N i got a doubt…do u watch swaragini serial…stupid doubt???…who is ur fav. In swaragini serial…?

    N a request pls dont end this ff….begging u…if u r late in updating also no problem….but pls dont end….if u end this ff i will cry like hell???

    1. Sha

      Glad u liked it dr…

      Mera sanku romantic hi hai.. He is such a darling??

      Now each n every parents going to send evryone to asylum becoz of this ff I guess.. Lol.. ?

      Of course i do watch it dr.. Mera sanku is my fav.. Love swasan to the core? ?

      Aww so sweet of u.. Will write more chapters.. Keep smiling,no crying..

      Love ya… ?

  33. Anisha

    I am all good bahu!

    TUm Kaisi ho?

    1. Sha

      I’m fine papa ji … ?
      Koi gf pati kya.. Ya sirf MIL ke khayalo mei ho.. ?

  34. Again I am late na sorry. But the episode is awesome se bhi uuper don’t have words to appreciate the episode & u. In this episode I have every type of expressions ? ??
    ???????????. Sirf Rona dhona nahi tha acha hoa. This is for salman?????. Really yaar amazing magnificent funny amusement ( while laughing my sis ask me that what I am doing in mobile I didn’t replay her & just laughing & laughing) & fully fully dramebaaz of sasur & damad. & veer & sanky they r also. Waiting for next one yaar but take ur time than update it if u r free but plzzzzzzz HWB don’t end it. Love u HWB & keep smiling always & thoda pyaar meri taraf se bhi de dena mery bhai ko. Pata nahi aaj kal to ladkiyu ke pichy hi rahta hai mera bhai aur mujh se to baat bhi nahi karta…….lol…..just kidding…

    Hi my sweet family how r u all ?? Mom wifey , HWB , & Nat’s bhabhi & neha bhabhi.
    Love u a lot friends keep smiling always.
    & wifey missing u too much.

    1. Sha

      Glad u liked it dr..

      Sorry for replying late..
      Devar ji take care of urself..

      Love u..

    2. Pallavibaby

      Hi hubby!
      Heard that…oops read that you are not fine
      Get well soon hubby. Will be waiting for you πŸ™‚
      Loads of love to you ?
      And ya…I’m missing you ?

    3. Neha_priya

      Devarji… Kya hua aapko dekho pallavi devrani h na apka khyal rakhne ke liye…. Chalo jaldi se thik ho jao….. Devrani ji ko jyada tang na karo ??……

      Pallavi :sorry devraniji aapka comment nahi padha …I’m all good… Exams bhi over… Hopefully now I can eat all of ur heads…. Don’t worry you’ll get enough learnings…. And regarding slipping of mouth… ? side effects toh honge na ???????????

  35. Rain_Lightwood

    Looool Priya scenes? Awesome Swasan scenes????

    1. Sha

      Glad u liked it dr..


  36. Kavya_08

    Wowwwww!!!!!! Amazinggggg!!?❀❀ I read it just now it’s awesome yaar?? priya scenes lollll??? I didn’t expect about sanky’s arrival to Mumbai I thought you would just do a leap but this is quite interesting? it’s your wish if you don’t have ideas left them it’s ok? I enjoyed this ff alot and if you have ideas and will post irregularly then it’s totally ok with me atleast will get to read your ff❀ love u tc

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