FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 56)


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The next morning…
A beautiful sunrise with melodious voices chirping around.. Sun rays peeking through the windows all over the house. A sudden sound of alarm startles the person who was snuggling n cuddling with the other.. She jerks n gets up immediately.. Tries to wake up the other.

“Get up!!!!! Oh god..!! Who told u to sleep here. Get up!! U will be dead if dad gets to know abt it… ”

The other person replies..

” I dont care now.. Let him do watever,he want.. Now let me sleep..come”

Saying this he pulls the other person by her waist n wraps his leg around her… She struggles to get free…

“god!!!!! Sanskarrrrr!!!!! Utho yaar.. Plsss.. mom will be coming any time… ”

“swara,plsss sone do na… ”

Yup it is indeed our love birds SwaSan…

Confused right????? Ok let me clear….


Priya n kiran were sleeping peacefully.. Priya gets up n smirks seeing kiran.. She goes to washroon to freshen up… A little while later…..
She screams loudly tat the whole hostel gets shaken up with her voice.. Kiran gets up with a jerk n widens her eyes….

All of a sudden kiran shouts


Priya: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Kiran: p.. P.. P… Pr..pri.. Pri.. Priyaaaa….
Priya: kiran Pls Pls.. Kill me.. I I I mean.. Kill…
Kiran: no.. Noooo I can’t…
Priya: kiraaann… Do wat i say…
Kiran takes a wooden stick n
“Pachaaaak ”
On priya’s head…
Priya: ahhhhhhhh…

Kiran jumps n shouts ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Kiran runs out while Priya holds her head seeing the world around her rotating with different colours…

The warden enters into the room n shouts at them.

Lady: Wat the hell, u girls think of urself..

She looks at Priya who was holding her head.. When she went near her, the warden screams Her lungs out..

Lady: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

She starts jumping n runs out of the room.. Evryone in the hostel comes out of their room n finds the warden running…

So the reason for those scream was actually
Lizard!!!!!! ?

When Priya was in washroom, lizard jumped on her head.. Which made her scream out of her lungs .. When she came out, kiran screamed seeing the lizard.. Priya asked her to kill it,which was not willing to leave her head.. Kiran took a wooden stick to beat it.. Since she was scared , she hit her head instead of the lizard n ran away.. When the warden came inside the room, the lizard jumped on her n she ran away…

[Is tat clear now.. ? moral: swara can’t be their at all time to take her revenge.. Sometime it happens by natural ways.. ?]


Swara: (keeps Her one hand on his chest n cups his face with other hand) sanskar, my jaan, my jigar,my sweetheart, my darling.. Pls utho.. I love u na… Pls get up..

Sanky smiles listening Her convincing words.. He frees her from his grip.. She gets up with a jerk n kicks him from her bed..

Sanky: ahhhhhhh..

He gets up rubbing his butt…

Sanky: Wat the hell!!!
Swara : go to ur house fast…
Sanky: Arei, this is how u wake up ur hubby..
Swara: if u were my hubby, my treatment will be different..

Sanky widens his eyes..

Swara: it’s just a Trailer before marriage..
Sanky: oh god… Theeki mirchi..

Swara opens her mouth like aaaah..

Swara: idiot, how could u call such names.. (creases Her forhead n goes)
Sanky :(he holds her wrist n pulls her back to his chest) I wil call my wifey with any name.. U just shut up..

Swara lifts her eyebrow n gives him death glare escaping from his hold…. Sanky smiles n winks at her..

Swara : sanky, now go fast.. Mom will be coming here..
Sanky : u r no fun..
Swara: hawww.. I’m no fun.. Ok let it be.. I dont care.. I dont want my dad to get angry on my hubby..

Sanky smiles naughtily..

Sanky: so Mrs.Sinha is worried for her hubby….(lifts his eyebrow)
Swara: no.. It’s Miss.Khanna..
Sanky: u got half licence right.
Swara: but it’s still miss..
Sanky: will soon make u mrs.. Then I won’t leave u a single minute..

Swara widens her eyes n turns away.. She was indeed turned red like a beetroot .. Sanky moves n back hugs her, keeping his head on her shoulder..

Sanky: stop blushing. .. U r making me crazy.. (kisses her cheek)
Swara: Acha… Sanskar pls Go right now.. It’s ur wifey’s order..
Sanky: Ohh.. … My wifey order.. (bow’s down)at ur service miss.. (takes her hand n plant a kiss on it)
Swara: Aww… I love u.. (hugs him)
Sanky: (hugs her back) I Iove u too..(parts away) OK.. Bye.. (turns to leave but turns around) But my morning kiss??
Swara: sterday u got so much.. no kiss tod

He pecks her quickly n runs away from the balcony winking at her…..
Swara: duffer…. (smiles) but my duffer…

Swara gets ready n comes down for the break fast.. She greets Shemish n have her break fast.. After sometime, the door bell rings..

Mishti: I will check…
Swara: no mom, I’m finished with my bf.. I will see..

Mishti smiles.. Swara opens the door n sanky winks at her.. She smiles n they both moves inside..

Shekar: lo.. Ur laadla came..

Sanky gives him a pout look.. Mishti laughs seeing them..

Mishti: u r impossible shekar.. Y u r always pulling his leg..

Sanky takes blessing from Shemish..

Sanky: swara shall we leave..
Shekar:wat?? Where.. ??
Swara : haan where??
Sanky: of course, college..
Shekar: for ur kind info, swara is now studying in Mumbai!!

Sanky gives him “I know tat look”

Sanky: I’m just taking her to get permission for transfer .. After her sem , she is going to join here..
Shekar: OK.. I will accompany you both..
Sanky: papa, this is not fair.. She is mine.. N why r u pulling my leg.. (pouts) I will complain to my dad..

Shemish widens their eyes.. Swara hits him on his foot..

Swara: dad, he is just.. Err(smiles sheepishly)
Shekar: as if I’m scared of ur dad!! Huh!!
Sanky: papa, this is too much.. This devil confessed na.. So y r u still pulling my leg(pouts)

Shekar widens his eyes while mishti chuckles.. Sanky realises wat he said n bites his tongue..

Swara: Wat did u say..??
Sanky: nothing.. (smiles) maa, wat did u made for bf..
Swara: hello I’m asking something… I convinced my dad after so much of cheesy lines n u were saying something..
Veer: Arei mera innocent angel,… Bade papa was acting..
Shekar: mishti, its getting late for office.. I’m leaving..

Sinha enters the house,..

Sinha: Arei, y so soon.. There is no meeting today..

Swara looks at all in utter shock..

Sanky : sorry papa, I can’t hold more.. (laughs) swara, actually ur dad knows evrything abt us.. Actually he is first one to know it from me..

Swara looks at shekar through corner of her eyes..

Veer: sanky told bade papa abt ur relation n y u left Delhi.. First he was angry, but
Sanky: after all im his champ.. He agreed..
Swara: dad.. U r unbelievable… I was happy to convince u.. But (sighs heavily) really.. My family is impossible..

Shekar smiles sheepishly..

Veer: aren’t u happy with it..
Sanky: why wont she be..
Swara: Arei, I’m happy.. But Not tat much happy..

Evryone gets shocked..

Swara: I always think of parents offending for love marriage .. Then the couple run away n get married in movies.. I know my dad will agree anyhow.. I was happy.. But I dint thought,my parents will be this much good..

Evryone burst out laughing..

Shekar: I agreed.. But still im angry on sterdays incident. How could u sanskar..
Sanky: papa!! (looks at Sinha) dad (pouts)
Sinha: shekar, bas kar..
Shekar: oh hello.. I wont allow him to romance with my daughter.. It should be done after marriage..
Sinha: as if u haven’t romanced with mishti during clg days..

Shekar gives him a death glare..

Shekar : I dont know anything.. How could he ask for a kiss openly..
Sanky: dad, say something to ur frnd..
Sinha: (murmurs) as if u haven’t kissed mishti …

Evryone suppresses their laugh by biting their lips..

Shekar shoots draggers at him.. Veer sings “dost dost na raha ” song while drinking water..

Shekar: u won’t understand now raj.. When someone will ask ur daughter, then u will know my feeling..

Veer who was drinking water spits out fully n starts coughing.. Swasan burst out into fits of laughter… The elders were looking at them puzzled..

Mishti: kya khichdi pakarahe hai..
Veer : we are getting late for college.. Chal sanskar..

Swara giggles seeing him.. Evryone gives them a doubtful look..

They finally reach college.. Swasan laughs at veer n tell mishtan abt the morning incident.. They keep pulling their legs.. After Swasan getting permission n admission for transfer they reach canteen . Sanvee frnds joins them..

[Sam-sameer, rv-ranveee]

Sam,karan,prince,naman,rv: hey guys…
Sanvee: hello!!

The boys give hifi to eachother.. The girls smile at them n just greets with hi.. Evryone gets settled on canteen..

Sam: where is our treat??
Sanky: for wat??
Prince: bhola mat ban..
Sanky: Wat did i do..
Rv: sterday, u convinced us anyhow.. But not today..
Prince: princess,tell ur majnu to give our treat..
Sanky: prince.. !! Stop calling her princess.. She is my chuvvi(winks at herr)

Evryone together: hooooooooooooo…

Swara stamps his foot..

Swara: sanskar..
Prince: but sanskar, she is my princess..

Swara hits prince with a book..
Swara: tat day, u were blabbering abt ur vaishu.. Go to her..
Prince: (smiles) kyu princess, u r getting jealous huh.. Ok fine, Im all urs..
Sanky : prince, chup bait..
Naman: prince, ur vaishu.. (points at a girl)
Prince smiles n excuses himself..
Veer: Kabhi nahi sudrega..
Swara: after all he is from ur gang.. Asar toh hoga..
Veer: angel, we r so innocent babies..
Swamish :(widens their eyes) babies…
Tannu: baby nahi beba ho.. Huh..
Rv: so, wat u thought abt today’s party..
Swara: which party..
Sanky signals them to keep quite.. Swara notices him…
Swara: sameer, tell me..
Sam: sanky told, he will be giving party for his engagement..
Swara: sanskar.(gets shocked) . No drinks..
Naman: arei, without drinks how is it possible..

Sanvee sighs..

Swara: no drink parties.. Today at 5,u guys come to ice cream parlour ..
Sam : we are not babies to enjoy ice cream.. We want our own party..
Swara: never in the world I’m allowing u all to drink..

Sanky suppresses his laugh..

Rv: Arei, after getting engaged u r behaving like typical fiance..

Swara takes a glass of water n pours on rvs head..
Sanveemishtan burst out laughing..

Swara: rv, another word, u r going to face my other side.. No one will drink from now on.. U don’t know wat i went through.. Tat drink changed my life..

Sanky squeezes her hand n smiles looking at her..

Sam: Arei I can’t believe my ears..
Rv : haan sameer, is this our Swara, who is talking emotionally..

Swara hits them with their books ..
Swara: stop Joking guys.. I’m serious..
Sam: Acha baba, no drinks from now on..promise..
Rv ,karan, naman: pakka promise..
Swara smiles..
Swara: so today at four… Since I’m leaving to Mumbai today at 9..
Karan: when u will come back..
Sanky:(tells excitedly) after two days, her exams going to start .. so after her first sem she will be here..
Sam:ok then will meet u at 4..
Naman: OK let’s leave..
Veer: arei wait, have something n go..
Karan: no yAr, have some work in class..

They leave from there..

Swara: waise, tannu y I’m feeling tat u r lost somewhere..
Veer: is tat so.. (looks at her from head to toe)
Tannu kicks his leg..
Veeer :ouch..
Tannu: no angel, I’m not..
Swara: (looks at their back n exclaim) Rohit!!!! (smiles)

Tannu turns back immediately.. Swara giggles.. Tannu gives her cold look..

Veer: Rohit??? Tannu, don’t tell me tat u
Tannu: stop it veer.. She is saying something nonsense.
Swara: sweetu, wats ur problem.. If she likes him ,let it be..
Veer: I dont like him.. He is such a bore, u know.. He is a reserved person..

Swara sighs heavily..

Mishu: for ur kind info, u were too like tat..
Veer: me n reserved, no way..
Mishu: but u use to behave with me like tat..
Sanky: stop it guys.. Veer, let’s talk to Rohit Abt it(winks at him)
Tannu: dare not to do tat.. Who told u all tat i like him.. U guys are impossible.. I dont have any feelings like tat..
Swara: relax tannu… We just assumed.. Ok.. Now come lets order something..
Tannu : okay!!

They enjoy for sometime n gets back to their classes.. Sanky stays with swara.. But swara insist him to attend his class first.. Then later,he leaves unwillingly..swara sits in the car n leans on the window, recalling sterdays event n smiles …

*****flashback *****
Shekar takes swara from the room.. While evryone follows him.. He takes her to the stage .. Guest were already present there.. Shekar smiles looking at swara n then look at the guest..

Shekar: May I have ur attention please..
Evryone turns their head towards the stage n swara looks at him in shock.. While Sanky n others just sighs..

Sinha:(murmurs) ufff.. He n his acting.. Such a dramebaaz.. He dint change a bit..
Shekar: Hi Everybody!
It’s my happy task to welcome you all here tonight to celebrate the engagement of Swara and Sanskar… .

Swara looks at him amazed.. She can’t believe it… Shekar continues..

Shekar: For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Swara’s very proud father.

Swara gets teary eyes… Mishti says aww.. Sinson looks at him with an wide smile..

Shekar:.Thank you for coming to share with us this milestone event. It means so much to all of us ,that you’re here at the occasion marking the beginning of a life long commitment.

I am sure every father feels uneasy when he sees his little girl grow up and make decisions on her own, but I have a great feeling about this young man(points towards sanskar) , and that makes this a whole lot easier.(Sanky gives him a assuring smile)

I let her hand go when she learned to walk, taught her to ride a bike . So you’d think I’d be ready for this next step. Meeting her fiancΓ© helped make it easierβ€”I liked him right away.

I respect that he came and asked me for her hand. But I insisted that he take the whole girl instead(shekar chuckles while swara gets confused).

It is going to be hard to let her goβ€”but I can’t imagine a better man to share her life with. Please raise your glasses and join her mother and me in celebrating this fantastic engagement!

Evryone cheers the couple.. Swara n Sanskar looks at eachother.. Swara hugs shekar n cries… It was indeed a surprise for her… Evryone gathers in the stage… Sona n mishti hugs swara.. Mishtan comes n congratulate them.. While Veeer teases swasan.. Sanky looks at swara n they both share an eyelock..

Shekar: so swara, ready to become Mrs. Sinha..

Swara shooks her head in nooo…. Evryone gets shocked…
*****flashback *****

Swara gets disturbed by the bell sound.. As soon as the bell rings, sanky comes to swara..

Swara: sanskar, u din’t attend ur class
Sanky: I did.. But came as soon as the lecturer left..

She smiles.. Sanky sits back beside swara in the car, waiting for Mishtanvee.

Sanky: sorry for bringing u here.. U would have got bored..
Swara: not at all.. I was just recalling sterdays incident..

Swasan giggles…

Sanky: u just made my heart flutter.. I was scared when I heard a no from u…
Swara: but, tat made me see the other side of u.. (kisses his cheeks) I love u.. U r the best thing ever happened to me…
Sanky: wow.. If I get these kisses, I will surely do tat evryday..
Swara: awww.. (pulls his cheek) I will love to hear u…

Sanky pulls her close to him by wrapping his hand across her waist..

Sanky : But I dont want this kiddo kisses…
Swara: for tat, u have to impress me more…

She keeps her head on his chest n closes her eyes..

Sanky: if tat so, then weren’t u impressed by me sterday..
Swara: ya I was..
Sanky: then, where is my kiss..
Swara quickly gives a peck on his lips n again hides herself in his chest n chuckles..

Swara: I love u..
Sanky:(kisses her head) I love u too..
Both closes their eyes n recals their engagement…

Mishti : swara, wat r u saying..
Sanky looks at her in shock..
Swara: I dont want to get engaged mom..
Veer: angel wat happened…
Mishu: swara, wat r u saying..
Swara:y u all r supporting this idiot.. (looks at sanky)
Sanky: swara wat did i do now..
Veer: angel, will u tell me..

Swara says something in veer’s ear, for which he chuckles seeing sanskar..

Veer: OK I agree with swara..
Sanky: Wat did she told u..
Shekar: Wat happened veer..
Veer: bade papa, she is right in her place..
Sinha: Wat did she say now..

Veer gathers evryone in a corner except sanky.. After sometime they support swara.. Sanky looks at all in amazement..

Sanky: will u tell me the reason of ur denial…

Sanky looks at her pouts n he was on erge of kissing Her seeing her pout.. He somehow closes his eyes n controls himself…

Swara: u din’t propose me still..

Sanky smiles seeing her expression..

Sanky: so, u want a proposal from me..

Swara quickly nods her head..

All the guest cheers for the couple.. “whooooooooo”

Sanvee frnds join them.. Sanky takes out a rose from the decoration n kneels down in front of swara…

Evryone says awwwww….

Swara smiles looking at him.. He winks at her n gives her a breathtaking smile.. Her heart beat skips a beat..

Sanky: Miss Swara Khanna!!! With U by my side, I understand “Love makes the world go round” and “All you need is love”. Yup I found my love.. I found the reason of my smile, the day I found u… When I look into my heart, I see only you. If you can look into your heart and only see me, then we should spend the rest of our lives together..

Takes out a ring from his pocket n holds on front of her…

” Will u give me the honour to grow old with U…… To live my whole life with U….. To hold U through out my life….. To love U till eternity… Will you make me the happiest man alive? Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife? So Miss Swara Khanna.. I would like to make U Mrs. Swara Sanskar Sinha.. Will u Marry me????

Swara was spellbound by his proposal.. She nods n kneels down.. She hugs him tightly n says Yes…

The crowd shouts, “waaat”…???

Swara shouts ” Yes!!!! I will marry you Mr.Sanskar Sinha.. I would love to become Mrs. Swara Sanskar Sinha…… ”

She hugs him tightly… The guest cheers for themm…. Evryone claps their hand n shouts in joy…..

After some moment of hugging, swara finally releases sanskar.. They both were looking at eachother with so much love..

Shekr coughs n brings them back to reality.. SwaSan comes to their sense n smiles sheepishly..

Then sanky takes swara’s hand in his n slides the ring in her hand.. He plants a kiss above her hand.. He looks at shekar through corner of his eyes.. Shekar shoots draggers at him.. While the whole guest cheers n claps for them.. Then swara slides the ring in his finger n winks at him.. Sanky smiles naughtily shaking his head..

Both smile recalling their confession..
Swara: sanskar..
Sanky: hmm..
Swara: don’t u think, tannu is hiding something..
Sanky: why??
Swara: I could sense tat.. I know her very well.. Something is bothering her..
Sanky: then we will ask her..

She raises her head from his chest,

Swara: do u think she will say easily..
Sanky : ya I know, u all r so stubborn devils(chuckles)

Swara hits him on his chest..

Swara: idiot.. today I will go to Mumbai, so I have to do something to know the truth..

They hear a knock on the car window.. .

Veer: love birds, finished ur romance..

Swasan parts away.. Mishtanvee get in the car n gets back to home..

They park their car in the parking lot, swatanvee runs from the parking lot as soon as they get down.. Sanmish sighs seeing their childish behavior..
Swara: I’m first!!!!!!
Veer: no i came first..
Tannu: oh hello.. It was me…

The trio starts arguing while sanvee frnds come n shook their heads seeing their childish fights..

Veer: mishu, u say who came first..
Swara : ahh, she will support u.. Then I will ask Sanky, jaanu,who came first..

Sanky starts blushing hearing jaanu from her mouth..

Veer: abhe Kamine, I know u will tell her name..
Tannu: oh stop it guys..
Swara: sweetu, this time i came first.. (pouts)
Veer: Acha, ok..
Tannu: Arei, u stupid.. I came..

They keep on arguing..

Karan: Arei chup karo yaar.. Huh.. Isse Acha, I would have stayed at home…

Evryone sighs..

Swara : OK,let her win this time.. I pardon Her..
Tannu: oh hello, I dont need ur so called sympathy..

They start arguing upon this..
Sanky pulls swara wrapping his around her waist n gets inside the parlour.. Swara widens her eyes n shuts her mouth immediately by his touch.. Sanky smiles at his victory n evryones jaws drop seeing the scenario.. Swara giving up so soon on something was not less than a miracle..

Evryone heads inside the parlour.. They order their fav flavour n enjoy.. The shop owner was happy seeing the girls after a long time.. Swara n the shop owner talk for sometime which shocks sanky but sighs at last..

Sanky exchange his ice cream with swara without anyones notice. Swara widens her eyes but keeps quite seeing him winking at her.. .They enjoyed their first ice cream.. But on the second one, the ice cream were on eachother faces.. They start playing with the ice creams.. Atlas the evening comes to an end with their smiling faces… Evryone gets back to their house..

Swara packs her bag n gets startled when Sanky jumps into her room from balcony..

Swara: sanskar, wat r u doing here .!!
Sanky: I was missing u..
Swara: just now we reached home.. It’s just been 10mins..
Sanky: (hugs her) stay here na swara.. Shall I come with u..
Swara: nooo.. U stay here.. U have ur practice.. N the other week ur exams starts.. So u have to be here.. u know right Im going to give my exams.. I will be back after one week..
Sanky:(breaks the hug) it’s one week, seven days, 168hrs and
Swara:(cuts off) arei stop(kisses bis cheeks) !! I know It very well, I will be missing you too..

Sanky pouts.. She pecks his pout… He pulls her kiss her gently showing his love n care… She smiles while kissing him back .. She parts away but he again pulls her..they hear mishti calling her..

Swara: sanskar(pants) mom is calling.. It’s getting late..
Sanky: I love u.. Will miss u…
Swara:(hugs him) i love u too sanskar.. I will miss u more…

Finally swara leaves with shekar to railway station..

Precap: Surprise.. (I know u all r brave enough to guess ?)
Huh!! Finally finished with my next chapter…

Sorry for the delay guys.. I’m really disappointed by myself.. Im very irregular in posting my update..So I thought to wrap up this ff n end it soon.. I really dont like to be late in my update… Apologies for disappointing u all…

Well well., coming to the epi.. Lol, u all thought swara to be back in Mumbai right.. Hehe.. How can she come back without solving evrything..

So how was the epi.. Did u enjoyed.. Hope so.. Waiting for ur feedbacks…
Love you all..

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