FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 55)

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Swara follows shekar to a room..

Swara: dad!!!

Shekar settles on the couch ..swara sits next to him n keeps her head on his shoulder..

Swara: (lovingly) dad!!

Mishti enters n smiles seeing both..

Shekar: hmm..
Swara: Im sorry!!
Shekar: why r u sorry?? U don’t need to be.. My daughter is grown up so much.. She doesn’t share a thing with her dad. (says sarcastically)
Swara: Dad, do u think so.. I always share evrything with u..
Shekar: Wat abt sanskar??

Swara gulps..

Swara: (lowering her gaze) it’s just tat,.. Er..i dont know… How, when. It happened.. I.. I.. I love him dad.. N i.. I’m.. I’m sorry

Shekar cups her face as soon as he encounters tear drop on his shoulder..

Shekar: angel, wats wrong..
Swara: I’m sorry dad.. I should have told u first.. I was just scared n a little shy(a shy smile pass through her lips)
Shekar: Aww, my angel is shy huh.. I dont have problem with love, but
Swara: (takes his hand in hers) but wat dad,he is such a gem..
Shekar: is tat so??
Swara: dint u see his care??

Shekar: ya I did, n also how he behaved with u..
Swara: he is just little angry on me.. N i know how to convince him (smirks)
Shekar:(controls his smile) oh,really.. How will u convince him?? (lifts his eyebrow)
Swara:(startled) I. I mean, i will talk to him.. N he
Shekar:(cuts her) oh, he will listen to u then..
Swara: haan dad.. Pls.. I’m sorry for not being the first one to tell u.. But I (kisses his cheeks) pls dad.. I know u too like him..

Shekar melts at the instant n grins..

Shekar: okay..
Swara: I love u dad(hugs him)
Mishti: but wat if, i don’t agree to this..

Swara turns to her mom in disbelief with her jaws drop..

Mishti : I know, mothers usually support their daughters in their love story, but im

Swara pouts.. Shekar give mishti a glare..

Shekar: stop right their.. I trust my angel choice..
Mishti : shekar, im Her mom.. N i too have the right to chose my son in law..
Shekar: if my angel likes him, i dont have any problem..
Mishti: u first offended Her..
Shekar: but I’m OK with it now..
Mishti: I do have some dreams to search my sil..
Shekar: stop it mishti..
Swara: (gets up up from the couch) arei u both stop it.. (closes her ears) I dont want anyone to agree.. (goes towards the door) U all decide Wat u want(with teary eyes) i dont want u guys to fight becoz of me..

Mishti melts n hugs her from back..

Mishti: Aww.. Mera bacha, I respect ur choice.. I really love ur choice.. Ur choice is better than mine(looks at shekar n chuckles)
Shekar: u mean, ur choice of choosing me is not good..
Mishti: I dint say tat.. But I hope so..

Shekar widen his eyes.. While swara suppress Her laugh..

Swara: but my dad is the best…
Mishti: hawwww… Stop cheesing him.. He already agreed for sanskar
Swara: (smiles) Im not cheesing him… I know he will definitely agree for sanky..
Mishti:hoooo..itna vishwas…
Swara:(blushes) stop it mom..

Shekar: alle mera bacha is blushing..

Swara hugs shekar n hides in his chest smiling. Mishti joins them n they share a group hug..

Swara: thank u mom n dad.. I love u loads… (kisses their cheeks)
Shemish : Aww.. Love u too beta(kiss Her cheeks from either side)

Shemish n swara come back to hall n Sinha grins looking at shekar..

Sinha : finished ur drama..
Shekar smiles sheepishly..
Swara: uncle..
Sinhaa: arei, stop calling me tat.. I’m not ur uncle anymore..
Sona: ya right..
Swara: but aunty..
Sona: uff swara.. Call me mom.. (hugs her) After all u are going to be my sweet dil… I’m so excited.. Well, u call mishti as mom right , so u can call me maa. Sounds good..

Swara blushes..

Mishti: arei, abhi se, u r seperating my daughter.. How mean sona..!!
Sona: ho ho.. I told u on the day she was born.. She is my dil, n will be..

Swara looks at them in shock, where they dint care abt her n got involved in their non-stop nok-jhok.. She was beyond happy seeing them fighting for her.. She hid herself behind shekar n smiles ear to ear..

Shekar : arei, stop it.. See my angel is nervous n she have turned into beetroot due to non-stop blushing..
Swara: dad(pats his back)

Shekar chuckles along with sinsonmish..

Swara: OK I’m going..

She starts to leave..

Veer: arei, where r u going my dear..
Tannu: haan.. Kaha chali..
Swara: guys.. (stares at them)
Shekar: Arei, veer, stop troubling Her..
Veer: Bade papa, we aren’t troubling Her.. We are just taking her with us..

Swara nods n goes with them..but they take her somewhere n starts talking abt everything except sanskar.. Swara loses control..

Swara: guys, stop it.. I want to meet sanskar..
Mishu: oh ho.. So restless huh..
Swara: sweetu plssshhhh… He is angry on me..
Veer: let it be.. U have been away from us for so long.. Let’s spend some time together..
Tannu: haan angel.. Come, tell us, wat happened in our absence..
Swara:(monologue) they are definitely pulling my leg..

Swara: mishu (looks at her with puppy eyes)
Veer: angel, wat happened.. (on seeing her restlessness) don’t u want to spend time with us(pouts)
Swara: sweetu, u guys are going to pay for this..
Mishu: arei, wat we did..
Swara: I will see, when ur time comes..

Veer gulps n gets to know her point..

Tannu: oh hello.. U r blackmailing us huh..
Swara: (whispers to them, so tat only they can hear) no tannu, its not blackmailing ..its my warning..
Veer: angel, we just want to have a talk with u.. But u r not giving us any heed..
Swara: OK.. (pouts)I missed u all so much.. U know,
Veer:(cuts off) missed us or sanskar.
Swara:(hits on his arm) stupid.. I really missed u alll.. I can’t tell u how much i(gets teary eyes)

Mishveetan hugged her not allowong Her to speak further..

Mishu : idiot veer.. U made her cry..
Veer: sorry angel, we were just pulling ur leg.
Swara:(smiles) I knew.. I was too acting u know(shows Her tongue out n runs)
Tannu: u will never change..
Swara: never ever..

They all smiles.. A whole hearted smile after a long time..

Swara searches sanskar, all over the rooms n doesn’t find him.. Finally gets tired n comes back to Mishtanvee..

Tannu: Atlas, oont aaya pahaad ke neeche..

mishvee giggles n swara shoots them draggers..

Swara: so u guys knew it.. Where is he..?
Mishu : hawwww. So sweet, my jaan is restless to see her jaan.. (winks at her)
Swara: are u guys really my frnds.. ?
Tannu: of course…… not….. (chuckles)
Swara widens her eyes..
Swara: tannu ki bachi(beats Her)
Tannu: arei, we are not frnds, we are best frnds na.. (winks at her)

Swara n mishtan smiles n burst out laughing after a long time enjoyment.. They realy missed eachothers company.. They share a group hug..

Veer : arei.. U forgot me.. (pouts)
Mishu: this is girls hug.. Stay away..
Veer: OK then we will share a spl hug later. (winks at her)

Mishu widens her eyes n closes her mouth in embarrassment n starts beating him.. Swatan burst out laughing on veer’s comment..

Veer: OK don’t hug me.. I will not hug u any more.. (smirked)
Mishu: as if I’m dying to take u in my embrace..
Veer: Soch lo.. Aditi is still ready.. (with attitude)
Mishu: I will kill u ..
Swara: sweetu, u r more shameless than sanskar..

Mishtan gives a naughty smile n starts saying oooooohhhhhhhhh…
Swara hits Her forhead, as Wat she have blabbered..

Veer: arei, wat did i do now.. N how can u tell me I’m more shameless.. (lifts his eyebrow.)
Swara: god.. U r impossible veer..
Veer: huh.. Did i asked her to kiss me… (after a pause) no, right!!

Mishu gives him a death glare..

Mishu : veer, I will see u later(stamps his foot n goes)
Veer:ouch..wat did i do..
Swara: veer.. U..!! Erghhhh.. How can u talk like this openly.. I thought u to be.. Huh.. Leave.. Now tell me where is sanskaar…??
Veer: angel!! (pout face) did i do anything wrong..
Swara: sweetu.. U r asking me this??
Tannu: veer, swara is right.. Sanky is far better than u. He haven’t asked for a kiss openly .. I know he may have kissed swara secretly but u r really bad.. Hai na swara..

Swara nods while tanvee giggles n swara realises wat she said n runs after her..

Swara: tannu ki bachi.. U r dead today..

She keep chasing her.. Tannu enters into buffet n disappears.. Swara search her everywhere n her eyes fall on the one whom she was eager to see.. An unknown smile appears on her face.. She moves in the direction n she frowns seeing the scenario..

Swara: how mean!!! (frowns)

Without giving any heed, the person continues their work..

Swara holds the persons elbow n turns around..

Swara: wat the hell sanskar.. How could u??
Sanky: whaaht?? (chewing)
Swara: Im dying to talk with u.. N here, u r enjoying rasamalai!!! (gives him a death glare) I hate u..
Sanky: I know tat..

Swara frowns…

Swara: Won’t u talk with me..
Sanky:…..(turns around)
Swara: It was better in Mumbai..

Sanky turns n shoot draggers at her..

Sanky: then go.. No one is stopping you.. U just know to leave..
Swara: I dint mean tat..
Sanky: u always doesn’t mean anything..
Swara: (monologue) u want me to leave.. Now see the real me..

Sanky continues his rasamalai..

Swara: OK I will leave.. (murmurs so tat he could here) haan, atleast Salman is better.. He doesn’t eat without me..

Sanky after hearing her ,holds her wrist n turn her around..

Swara: waa

Before she could complete he stuffs Her mouth with rasamalai n leaves from there.. .

Swara: shanskhaar..huh..

She follows him by enjoying her desert.. When he was in the corrider, she runs n gets hold of him.. She pushes him into an empty room n locks it..

Sanky: Wat do u want now..

Swara doest say anything moves towards him.. He moves back warning Her to stop..

Sanky: swara, stop right there..

Of course he is falling seeing her seducing look..

Swara: (husky voice) sansakar
Sanky : (whispers) swara..

His voice came almost as a whisper when she pinned him to the wall…

Swara:(slowly moving her index finger on his face) Wat the hell happened to u now..
Sanky: Wa wa wat.. Happ Happened..

Swara smiles seeing him falling week due to her closeness.. She holds his hand n makes him wrap around Her waist.. Sanky blinks seeing her daring act.. He squeezes it, while swara closes her eyes by his touch.. .

Swara wraps her hands across his neck n goes near his cheeks .. She caresses it with her lips,making his heart beat flutter .. She bite his ear lobe making Him gasp..

Sanky: swara, st . sto.. stop it.(gulps) ..

Swara smiles seeing his restlessness.

Swara: Wat did i do.. (innocently)

She again goes to his another cheek n does the same.. Sanky gulps closing his eyes n squeezes her waist leaving ticklish sensation on her….. She slowly leans to his lips n kisses him gently ….

Sanky:(in mind) u cant fall weak.. She did a very big mistake.. U have to teach her a lesson..

Sanky jerks her n goes towards the door.. Swara gets hold of his hand n pushes him on the door.. His back hits the door..

Sanky: ouch.. Swara..
Swara: if u don’t want me to be here, I will surely leave from here sanskar.

Sanky turns his face away..

Swara: Im serious..

Sanky doesn’t say anything, she leaves him n pushes him away from the door.. When she was abt to unlock the door, a strong arm gets wrapped around her waist… she gets pulled back n hits his chest.. She struggles to get free,but he takes his hand across the bare belly, as she was wearing lehenga choli.. He squeezes her waist, while she struggles.. Later she relaxes by leaning on his chest..

Swara: (whispers) leave me sanskar…
Sanky: u always wanna go away from me right..

Swara gets teary eyes.. Swara frees herself n starts hitting his chest

Swara: idiot. (hugs him) do u think i enjoy leaving u.. I was like a lifeless Body there.. (breaks her hug) Just my body was there sanskar, I left my soul here with u… (points her index finger at his heart.. )

Sanky pulls her n hugs her even more tight..

Swara: u want me to leave right, it’s better I should di

He pulls away n gives her a death glare..

Sanky: dare not to utter tat word.. I will kill u..
Swara: then kill me.. I can’t see ur hatred anymore..

They both share an passionate eyelock..

Sanky: I just can’t forget those days, I lived without u.. It hurts me even now..
Swara: Im sorry sanskar…. But I too went through the same…

Sanky leans towards her lips n murmurs “Im sorry swara” … He places his lips on hers n she jerks him away.. Sanky gets startled..

Sanky: Wat…
Swara: u did the same,when I kissed u..

Sanky smiles seeing her n lifts his eyebrow..

Sanky: swara.. U r unbelievable..

Swara pouts.. Sanky pecks her pout..

Swara: dare not to kiss me again..
Sanky:(smiles naughtily) I will..
Swara: huh.. (pushes him) u just do wat u like.. Whenever u want, u just kiss me n I shouldn’t protest.. When I did the same, u jerked me.. I (gets teary eyes)

Sanky pulls her n she hits his chest again..

Swara: leave me sanskar..
Sanky: (smiles) swara.. (cups her was n kisses her eyes) pls dont waste this pearls anymore. (she smiles a little) Acha now u kiss me how much ever u want. I wont protest.. (smiles naughtily) Take all ur anger on my (goes near her ear) lips(slightly pecks her earlobe)…
Swara: I dont want to.. I wont do it anymore..
Sanky: Arei, I’m giving u a great opportunity n u r declining it..
Swara: shameless..
Sanky: Wat to do wifey, I lost it wen i met u..
Swara smiles..
Sanky: thank god ,Atlas it showed up..
Swara: (confused) wat???
Sanky: ur smile…. U know , how much difficult it was to jerk u.. U were kissing me n I was dying to kiss u back.. I just
Swara: (completes his sentence) want to teach me a lesson..
Sanky: so smart huh..

Swara smiles widely.. He wraps his hands aroung Her n pulls her into his chest..

Sanky: I love u swara…
Swara: I love u too sanskar…

They hug eachother such tat no air can pass through themm.. It was an lonng n passionate hug… Which was indeed needed for them.. Their heart beat raises each n evry second tat passes.. The hug last long till their heart beat relaxes along with their eyes..

Swara: I will never leave u anymore…
Sanky: I will never let u go..

They closed their eyes n could feel eachothers body which perfectly fit just like a jigsaw puzzle..They want this moment to stop n live it till eternity..

But , good moments doesn’t long forever. They gets disturbed by a call.. Both comes back to their sense n sanky curses under his breath.. Swara giggles.. It was indeed sankys phone.. When he lifts the call, he get frustrated n starts saying bad words,.. Swara gets shocked n snatches the phone n burst out laughing..

Swara: sanskar…!!
Sanky: Wat the hell swara.. Is this the moment for their advertisement..

Swara suppress Her laugh by pressing her lips.. Sanky opens his arms n welcomes Her.. She hugs him quickly n snuggles in his embrace..

Meanwhile evryone were searching for Swasan…

Shekar: veer, where are they..
Veer: don’t know bade papa.. Wait i will call them..

Veer dials sankys number…

In room…
The phone again rings..

Sanky: cut the damn phone swaraa..

Swara chuckles..

Swara: OK..

Then a little later

Sanky: (whispers) swara!!
Swara: hmm.
Sanky: (husky voice)swaraaa!!!!
Swara: Wat??
Sanky : swara..

She breaks The hug in irritation n looks at him lifting her eyebrow..

Sanky smiles sheepishly..
Sanky: kiss me…

Swara shooks her head in a big no… Sanky pouts n lowers his head… He turns around to leave.. She holds his wrist.

Swara: stop making those expression sanskar.

Sanky smiles under his breath n walks further.. She pulls him by his collar.. She places her lips on his n bites his lower lip which makes him moan.. She parts away..

Swara: never jerk me again…
Sanky:(Smiles naughtily) never ever…

Saying this he wraps his hand across her waist n smashes his lips on hers… It started with a small gentle kiss, which turned out into a wild, hungry n a desireful one.. Both were taking their rights on eachother.. They hit the couch while kissing n fall on it without breaking their kiss.. Sanky was on top of her still kissing her wildly.. He parts away when she bites him hard..

Sanky: (shocked) wat was tat..
Swara: the same which u did in trial room..
Sanky: jamke badla lerahi ho.. (smiles.)

She smiles n hides herself in his chest… He snuggles his head in her neck but gets back.. They hear a knock on the door.. Both of them jumps off from the couch n looks at eachother.. They panics when the door was knocked again with a bang.. They make themself presentable.. But swara’s hair were fully messed along with sanskar…. Sanky opens her hair n makes herself presentable n runs his finger through his hairs .. He looks into the mirror n sighs.. He was abt to open the door, but swara pulls him n wipes across his lips..

Sanky: Wat!!
Swara: lip gloss.. (bites Her lips)

Sanky smiles n opens the door n finds Shemish, sinson n Mishtanvee… Both widens their eyes n gulps in fear..

Shekar was giving death glare to Sanky.. Veer signals swara to check the phone which was in her hand..swara checks it hiding it n widens her eyes in shock..

Sanky: aap sab yaha..
Shekar:(In cold tone) y, we disturbed u..
Sanky gulps..
Sanky: no uncle..
Sinha: shekar, chod na yaar..
Shekar: chup kar.. How can i leave him.. This idiot is asking my daughter to kiss him..

Sanky widens his eyes n swara bows her head down.. Sanky looks at swara through corner of his eyes in shock , while she keeps looking at his phone n cursing herself..

Shekar: don’t know, wat all he did, this veer disconnected the call when he heard abt the kiss…. (hits veer’s head)
Veer: bade papa, It got disconnected automatically..
Shekar: stop it veer.. I know u very well.. Now angel won’t be staying like this anymore….
Swara: dad!!
Shekar : angel, u r
Sanky: (cuts him) uncle, it’s not Wat it looks like..

Shekar gives him a strong look n sanky heads falls.. Mishtan were continuously giggling seeing SwaSan state.. Swara gives them killing look.. Shekar takes swara out, while evryone follows them with worried face..
The next morning…

Priya n kiran were sleeping peacefully.. Priya gets up n smirks seeing kiran.. She goes to washroon to freshen up… A little while later…..
She screams loudly tat the whole hostel gets shaken up with her voice.. Kiran gets up with a jerk n widens her eyes….

All of a sudden kiran shouts



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Keep guessing.. N let me know abt this chapter.. ? I was literally laughing while writing those scenes.. Just imagine when the lovers get caught like this.. Seriously.. ??oh god… Apologize for the wild romance,i hope im not good at tat?

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