FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 54)


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Sanky: swara wat happ

Before he could complete


Evryone gets shocked n widens their eyes…

Swara looks at him in teary eyes n panting heavily. The next second she starts beating him with her tiny hands ..

Swara: u stupid ,(beats him) idiot,(beats him) donkey, monkey, moron..
Sanky: swara, kya hua.. Arei stop.. Ahhh(starts running)

She chases him.. Evryone looks on puzzled.. No one knows wats happening… But some eyes were happy seeing the scenario but they couldn’t show it through their lips.. The hall was very big tat it was like, our Swasan playing around..

Swara : (running) stop their sanskar.. How could u..
Sanky:(running) arei tell me my fault atleast. Wat i did..
Swara: (chasing) ur fault..

She looks here n there, but couldn’t get anything to throw at him.. She stamps her foot n shouts ahhhhhhhh…

Sanky stops running n comes to swara who was holding her leg.. Sinson, shemish, soumya all comes running.. The guest were moved to another hall.. Veer asked them to enjoy their lunch till the matter solves..

Sanky: swara.. Swara.. kya hua.. U idiot, who told u to run with this heavy lehenga. (holds her leg)

Taking this as a chance ,she holds his sherwani collar with one hand n punches his stomach with other..

Sanky:(shocked) ouch.. swara. Stop it..
Swara :i hate u sanskar..
Soumya: swaraa!!! Wat the hell happened to u.. Y r u beating my sans

Before she could complete

She holds her cheeks n looks on shocked…

Gauri : Swaraaaa!! (takes her hand to slap )

But our angel was back.. She catches her hand n jerks away…

Swara: dare not to do tat…
Gauri: chote. Wat the hell, this girl think of herself.
Swara:(cuts off) oiiiiiiiiiiii … Mind ur tongue…
Sinha: swara relax..
Gauri: . mishti din’t u thought her any ma
Swara: (cuts her) My mom have thought me everything but I guess, u haven’t learned anything.
Soumya : Swaraaaa….

Again a tight slap.. Veer bites his lips to stop his laugh.. He looks at sanskar, who is just blinking..

Soumya: (holding her cheeks) sanskar.. Y r u so quite,she is mistreating us n u r just looking on..
Sanky: Im sorry soumya.. (at swara) Wat the hell is this swara!!!

Swara looks at him through corner of her eyes..

Swara: even after knowing everything, u r asking me!! (grits Her teeth)

Sanky: Wat do I know..??

Swara starts beating him on his chest

Swara: I hate u.. U knew everything n dint tell me anything..
Gauri: sanskar, r u going to get engaged or not..
Sanky: jee buaa..

Swara widens her eyes.. Gauri holds sankys hand n takes him.. But he was stopped by swara..

Swara: sanskar..
Sanky: Wat swara..
Swara: even after knowing everything, u r getting engaged..
Sanky: haan swara.. U don’t even care abt me.. N u hate me right..
Swara: do it look like tat??
Sanky: haan swara.. If u have loved me, u would haven’t left me.. U don’t love me swara
Swara: sanskar.. (tears brimming Her eyes)
Sanky: (closes his eyes) u left me when I needed u the most.. U don’t love me swara..
Swara: (hits his chest) damn it.. (holds his collar) I loved u n only u.. (pulls him into a bone crushing hug n shouts) n i still love u sanskar… I left u coz of this lady.. Plz don’t hurt me sanskar.. I love u so much..

Now everyone smiles.. But sinha was litltle shocked but he was happy for both of them..sanky hugs her back..

Sanky: I love u too swara.. (Hugs Her tightly..) I love u soo much.. I’m just angry on u.. (pouts) how could u leave me.. I was just acting.. I just want u to confess and stop this engagement by urself..

Swara breaks the hug n looks at him..

Sanky:(scratching his head) woh Actually soumya said, she will patch us if u confess in front of all.. N moreover bua was forcing me to do this engagement.. But thank god soumya was on our side..

Where as gauri was so tensed.. Soumya’s expression keeps on changing n she finally shouts…

Soumya: stop it…. (closes her ears) Mummmaaaa.. Wat the hell is this… Erghhhh…

Sanvee gets shocked to see this side of soumya.. Swara turns to search someone. Mishtan comes giggling n Swara goes towards them.. While gauri tried to calm soumya..

Swara: where is it..??
Tannu: here.. Got it with so much difficulty.. (sighs)
Mishti: haan, there were so less shops..

Swara turns around n evryone widens their eyes seeing her.. Sanvee were biting their lips, trying hard to control themselves from laughing.. They don’t know wat will she do next.. N wats going on in her mind.. Swara goes towards soumya n stands in front of her.. Soumya takes her hand to slap her but swara hits her hard with broom stick.. Sinson n shemish were just blinking n widens their eyes…. Sanvee n mishtan were even shocked.. While soumya shouts in pain..

Gauri: have u gone mad swara..
Swara: no aunty.. I’m just showing, how my mom punishes if I behave stubborn..

Saying this swara starts beating soumya with the broom n she runs around the hall.. Swara chases her all around…

Swara: semiya ki bachi.. Where are u running..

This was enough for sanvee.. They burst into fits of laughter n sits down holding their stomach.. While swara beats her black n blue.. Finally she stops being tired n comes to Sanky ..she starts beating him n veer..

Swara: u both traitors. How dare u to hide such a big thing from mee..
Veer: ouch..If u would have known all this earlier ,we would have missed this scene..

Gauri goes to soumya who was crying out in pain..

Sanky: but y did u beat soumya!! how did u know everything.. U dint even see the CCTV footage..
Swara: mishti n tannu told me..

Sanvee pouts..

Gauri: (shouts in rage) I will make ur life hell swara.. How dare u to beat my daughter.. Chote, she is misbehaving with my daughter n u r not saying anything to this cheap girl…
Sinha:(shouts) didi!!!! I trust swara more than anything.. If she is doing this, then their would be a solid reason.. I know her very well..

Swara gets teary eyes.. She runs n hugs him tightly..

Swara: thank u so much uncle.
Sinha:(caresses her hair) shhh.. Relax. Wat happened to my angel, which made Her this much angry.. N Wat happened to ur forhead??
Swara: woh uncle, I slipped in my room.. Or i should say, they planned to hurt me..
Sinha:wat??(breaks the hug) Who..??

Sanvee were fuming n looking at gauri..

Swara: Soumya..
Sinha: kya!!

Sanvee gets shocked along with mishtan, then murmur “soumya”..

Sanky: swara, soumya did this???

Soumya starts shouting n beats her mom.. Evryone gets shocked..

Soumya : I want sanskar.(shouts like a mad) I want him mom.. I will kill her mom..

She gets up n goes towards swara.. She takes the glass from the waiter n tries to harm swara..Before sanky could stop her, swara kicks Soumya’s feet hard…

Soumya: ahhhhh

Gauri runs n comes with a injection.. She injects soumya n evryone gets shocked except swara..

Swara: this is her reality uncle.. She is a psychiatric patient..
Sinha: (shocked) didi, she is not yet cured..!?

Sanky looks at him bewildered..

Swara: no.. She just wants to get rid of her daughter.. Tats y she thought to tie her with sanky..
Gauri: (shouts) noooo.. I dont want to get rid of her.. I’m just fulfilling my daughters wish.. She loves Sanskar..
Swara: if she would have loved him, she would have left him like me.. But no.. It’s not her love.. It’s her madness…she doesn’t love him, she just wants him.
Gauri: stop it swara.. Its u who wants him.. It’s u who have come in between them..
Swara: no aunty.. Now I will not get affected with those words.. Now I have understood, this mahaanta is just good in serials.. Not in real life.. I love sanskar n he loves me back,then y should we be seperated..
Gauri: he was Soumya’s n will be Soumya’s.. U
Swara:(laughs sarcastically) he was never hers..
Sanky: stop it bua.. U r wrong. I never loved soumya.. N swara, i just don’t know wats happening here..
Swara: u just know half story sanskar.. The real truth is something else..
Sanky: Wat!!
Shekar: angel, will u try to elaborate everything..
Swara: S dad.. It all started from the business party,when gauri bua reached here..

Shesin organised a business party for merging their business together.. Gauri bua reached a day before the party.. She was very happy seeing her daughter in Sinha house.. When she saw swara with sanskar, she felt uneasy.. But she always fills swara’s ears by saying tat she came between soumya n sanskar.. Swara was just ignoring all those thoughts.. whenever she see Sanya, she was jealous… Gauri bua’s words always echoed in her mind.. But she kept all those thoughts aside n kept enjoying..

It was when the party began.. The party was organised in the hotel.. Drinks were served to everyone.. Sanvee were teasing Swamish.. Soumya joined them.. They were enjoying alot.. Swamish warmed Sanveer from drinking but tannu grabbed a drink thinking it to be cold drink n gulped in one go.. Sanvee n swamish widens their eyes.. Seeing tannu, soumya too gulped a drink.. It was enough for sanvee, their ego hurted as girls drank, why can’t they.. So they grabbed a drink n gulped it.. Swamish starts scolding them.. But after two shots they lost their senses..

So tat night evryone stayed at the hotel itself..
*****flashback *****

Swara: till here u all knew it.. But after tat, I dint know our life will turn upside down.. Uncle wat i said tat day wasn’t true..
Sinha: u mean abt soumya n sanskar..
Swara: haan.. Sanskar doesn’t love soumya.. Tat day I said tat becoz i saw soumya n … San… Sanskar
Sanskar bows down…
Swara: I saw them in unconscious state in the room..
Sinha n shemish gets shocked.. Sona knows this so she was just quite..

As it was late night, evryone booked room n stayed in hotel.. The next morning when tannu told swara to check sanvee room ,till then she n mishu will change.. Swara went to wake up sanvee and knocked the door.. When they dint open the door, she got keys from reception n entered.. Her heart beat skipped to see the scenario.. Tears were flowing from her eyes.. She saw sanky n soumya sleeping with sankys hand around her waist.. She closes her mouth n cries out.. Sanky n soumya wake up due to sun rays.. Both of them gets shocked n gets up with a jerk.. Sanky saw swara running out from room, wiping her eyes.. He immediately gets off the bed n puts his clothes on.. Soumya sat their, tears rolling from her eyes.. Sanky panics seeing both the girls.. He doesn’t know wat to do.. Whether he should calm soumya or swara..

Sanky: soumya Pls relax (holds his head) ahhhh..

Soumya runs into washroom n closes the door.. Sanky comes out from the room n finds swara in the corrider..

Sanky: swara.. (keeps hand in her shoulder)
Swara :wat did u do sanskar..
Sanky : swara belive me.. I dont remember anything.. (holds his head) it’s really paining Swara..

Swara hugs him n cries. At tat time soumya comes out running.. She takes taxi n gets back to sanky’s home.. swasan tries to speak to her but she locks herself in the room..

Sanky: swara.. I think we should talk to her..
Swara: u stay here sanskar. I will talk to her..

Swara knock the door.. But she wasn’t opening the door.. After so many tries, she finally opens the door n allows Swara.. As soon as swara enters soumya hugs her n cries. Swara pats her back n tries to calm her.. Sanky was pacing out ..

Swara: relax soumya. Tell me wat happened..
Soumya: I dont know anything.. How did I end up there…

Swara gets worried as she doesn’t remember herself..

Soumya: swara, im so scared.. If my mom got to know, she will kill me..
Swara: but how did u both (couldn’t complete)
Soumya: I dont remember anything.. I was feeling so dizzy n I entered the room seeing tannu leaving the room

Swara recalls tannu going into sanvee room to get her mob..

Soumya: swara(cries) wat we will do now.. I slept with san(closes Her mouth n cries out)

Swara was so confused.. Her mind was totally blank.. But suddenly gauri enters the room n slaps soumya hard.. Swara n soumya gets shocked..
Gauri: Wat were u doing in sanskars room..
Soumya: mummaaa(cries n hugs her). I dont Know mumma..

Gauri melts seeing her tears n calms her.. She looks at swara..

Swara: aunty don’t worry, we will think of something..
Gauri: now wats there to think swara, my daughters life is spoiled.. Now who will marry her..

Swara gets worried while gauri consoles soumya who was crying.. Befor sanky could talk to swara,she leaves from there.. Sanky tries to talk to her but later tat night, swara called Sanky n asked him to meet her..

Swasan meet..
Sanky: swara, wat did soumya told u??
Swara: sanskar, I want a favor from u..
Sanky:(tensed) swara, tell me wat happened there.
Swara: nothing serious sanskar, I want u marry soumya..
Sanky gets shocked..
Sanky: (on the verge of crying )swara, I cant do this.. Look I really don’t know wat happened.. Im guilty for watever happened..Pls trust me swara.. I can’t love anyone other than u..
Swara:(teary eyes) sanskar Pls try to understand.. Just think abt soumya..
Sanky: no swara.. We will talk n sort out evrything.. Swara n sanskar are meant together.. (teary eyes) swara , I really dont know abt this.. I dint
Swara:(cuts him off) sanskar.. I trust u completely… U r my life.. I trust u more than myself.. I know u very well.. But we can’t do this sanskar.. I want u to move on.. U have to move on,n I will help u in moving on…

Saying this swara leaves from their n locks herslf in her room .. She cries vigorously until she falls asleep..

These nights where the beginning of swasan’s sleepless nights…

Sanskar tried hard to talk with swara but gauri was always taunting Her tat she is the reason ,sanky is not accepting soumya.. Sanskar was feeling guilty but he wasn’t able to recall the night.. Gauri doesn’t leave a chance to taunt swara,Even after she sacrifuced her life,her sanskar to them…,But sanky wasn’t accepting soumya.. So she decides to talk to sinson.. Next day swara visited Sinha house.. Sanky was so happy to see swara after three days..but she went to sinson n talked abt Sanya.. She convinced sinson tat sanskar loves soumya n they are afraid of their reaction.. Sinha happily agreed after swara’s talk.. They decide to do their engagement in the next two days, it was when swara decides to leave the house.. As she can’t see him getting far away from her.. But sanskar was heartbroken on swara’s decision. He kept postponing the engagement n kept himself busy in studies n his room..
*****flashback *****

Swara: this is wat happened..

Sinha was shocked to hear everything.. He could understand the pain swasan went through..

Sinha: but beta,
Sanky:(interupts) I will tell u dad, now Im getting everything… I dint know bua will scoop to this level.. They played with my feelings.. She made me guilty dad..
Swara: they played a vey big game sanskar…
Sanskar: after swara left from here, I was so indulge in clg and my room.. Bua always taunt me n make me guilty.. She made me accept soumya. One day,i went to one of my frnds party.. At tat time ,my frnds made me drink seeing my condition..

Sanky:(drunken state) y did u leave me swara.. I dint do anything ..

Sanky soon fell unconscious.. Then sanky stayed at veer’s house.. Sanskar wakes up holding his head.. He recalls sterdays night.. He thinks

Sanky: if I remember Wat happened sterday.. Then tat day..(holds his head) I just remember til I passed out tat day.. Then wat would have happened later..

Veer comes to him n starts beating him..

Sanky: veer, wat happened.. Wat did i do..
Veer: sanskar.. Wat did u do? God, who told u to drink, If u can’t handle..
Sanky: did i do anything wrong..
Veer: ya, u passed out n tats it.. U slept then n their.. I tried hard to wake up.. But u were sleeping like a stone..
Sanky: I dint wake up in the middle..
Veer: wats wrong with u.. I should have thought before itself, when they offered u drink.. Tat day too u passed out soon n u dint care to get up.. From when swara left, u r totally out of control..

Sanky gets into thinking.. He shares his pain with him.. Tat day veer was suppose to stay with him but when he was asked abt it, he said tat his dad called him due to some reasons.. He tried to wake Sanky but he was sleeping like something.. So he left the room tat day without informing him..

Later they both went to tat hotel room.. Sanky tried hard to recall.. But he wasn’t able to to.. When they came out of the room, they saw CCTV cameras in the corridor.. After a long tiring time on convincing the manager, they saw the CCTV footage of tat night.. From tat they could see soumya was in Dizzy state n entered into the room n passed out at the door.. So one of the waitress helped her to go inside the room.

Later they searched the woman n got to know tat, she helped her n made her sleep on the couch..

Veer: so soumya was on the couch.. Then how she came to bed.
Sanky: I dont know veer.. But now its confirmed tat, nothing happened tat night.. I really hate her veer.. How can she leave me..
Veer: relax Sanky.. My angel loves u truly, she can’t see u getting engaged with someone else.. May be tats the reason she left..
Sanky: I dont know wat the hell reason she have.. But I wont forgive her so soon.. Once I see her, she will see the worst side of me..
[Hehe.. Evryone saw his side right?lol] Veer: first let us inform at home..
Sanky: no one know abt this.. Other than us, gauri bua n soumya know it..

So soon sanvee reached Soumya’s house.. Soumya was happy seeing him..

Soumya:sanskar(hugs him)
Sanky: hi(parts away)
Soumya: how are u..?? Mom have went to ur house for engagement date..
Sanky:listen soumya.. I got to know Wat happened tat night.
Soumya gets shocked..
Soumya: (teary eyes) Wat happened sanky.. ??(she looks at veer)

Veer Leaves from their..

Sanky told her everything which he got to know.. He tried to tell his point of view,tat if he passed out, he doesn’t gets up soon..

Soumya: then who removed ur shirt sanskar.. Don’t tell me I did this evrything.. (cries)

Saying this she runs into her room crying. . At tat time gauri comes n gets to know abt this..

Gauri: look sanskar, I wont leave u.. U have spoiled my daughters life.. For tat cheap girl
Sanky: (shouts) bua… I’m not supporting swara here.. Dare not to take her in middle..
Gauri : then wat should i do Sanky. U r spoiling my daughters life..

The next minute a shout was heard.. Sanky n gauri rushed n saw soumya cut her wrist..she was lying their with a pool of blood.. She was rushed to hospital ,from then sanky started to get along with soumya.. But on the other side sanvee started plotting to search swara..
*****flashback *****

Sanky: finally we found her in Mumbai.. I know she will not come if I call her simply.. So I made her to accept by my taunts..
Evryone were shocked to hear abt the recent incidents..
Sanky: n soumya promised me tat, if swara herself stop the engagement she will bua convince bua n make me n swara patch up..
Swara: tat was her plan.. Tats y she made me unconscious, so tat i couldn’t reach u.. Moreover, tat day she dint cut her wrist sanskar.. She was acting.. Just to gain sympathy.. The same way she cutted in front of me..

Another shock for evryone..

Swara: tats the biggest reason, I left from evryones life.. Cuz bua accused me for her state..
Gauri: no swara, tat day she actually cut her wrist in front of sanskaar.. She was hospitalized..
Swara: then is it true tat she was acting in front of me..??? so tat i can leave from here..

Gauri became speechless..
Sanky was fuming..

Sanky: not only this, bua blackmailed me tat she will hurt swara, if I don’t agree for soumya..

Sinha widens his eyes..

Sinha: didi how can u fall so low..
Swara: it’s not yet over uncle.. When I was heading towards the hall

*****flashback *****
When swara came out from the room, soumya came to her n asked her for a help.. Swara agrees n both of them went inside a room..

Soumya: swara, arrange this dupatta..

Swara kept doing as she was saying..

Soumya: swara, get a pin from the drawer..

She goes towards the drawing table n saw soumya’s changed expression.. Swara ignored the thoughts n took the pin n head towards soumya..

But she slipped n Her head banged on beds edge.. Their she went unconscious.. Soumya rushed to her n pats her cheeks..

Soumya:swara..swara.. Gets up swara… Mumma..

After sometime when swara felt her head heavy..she was little conscious.. When she heard someone laughing, she slowly opened her eyes n saw soumya laughing like mad.. Gauri was injecting Her something..

Soumya: Mumma.. Atlas im getting my sanskar..
Swara widens her eyes..
*****flashback *****

Swara: they thought tat i was unconscious, n i acted the same to hear everything.. Tat night soumya wasn’t in the effect of alcohol.. It was all their plan.. But I got to know one thing, she becomes mad whenevr she is fully happy or she is fully sad.. The same happened when she saw me n sanskar coming out from the room.. She got mad seeing us n the result she made me slip..
Sinha: didi Wat is this…?? How can u hurt swara..
Gauri: Erghhhh.. Y the hell u r care abt her.. Can’t u see, She is the reason for my daughters sorrow.. She snatched Sanskar from my daughter..
Sanky: bua, I’m telling u again n again.. I never considered soumya in tat way..
Gauri:she loves U sanskar.. She will die without u..
Sanky: if u have told me this earlier without any plotting I would have believed.. But not now.. How can u all hurt swara.. Wat did she do with u all..
Gauri: she is the main reason..
Sinha:(shouts) enough didi… We can differentiate wats right n wats wrong.. Soumya haven’t got cured fully.. She is how , she was before 4yrs.. She can do anything to get wat she want.. The same way she killed her father..
Gauri : (shouts) chote..

Evryone gets shocked..

Sinha: this is the bitter truth.. U can never change it.. Now she is at the back of angel.. I will not leave her now..
Gauri: chote.. U won’t do anything.. I will take her away.. I wont stay here..
Sinha: no didi.. She have to pay for her deeds along with u.. I will call the police..
Swara: no uncle.. It’s not a police matter..
Sinha: swara, u r not understanding anything.. Now too u r innocent beta.. She tried to kill u today.. It was ur luck u escaped..
Swara widens her eyes..
Sinha: this is how she killed her father for not letting her go with the boy, she had crush on..

Evryone was in the state of shock.. No one knows it til now.. No one will predict a innocent looking girl, have this much venom in her..

Gauri: no chote.. U won’t do anything..
Sinha:then admit her in hospital for treatment.. Or else i will hand over to police.. She tried to kill an innocent soul..
Gauri : I admitted her, but she ran away from their .. I got her from lots of hardwork.. Pls dont seperate me from my daughter

Sinha dint give any heed to gauri’s request.. He was so angry on soumya for hurting swara.. Shemish rushed to swara n did her first aid.. Soumya came to sense.. She was abt to attack swara from the back but sanky gave her a tight slap tat blood started ozing from her lips.. He din’t stop ,he gave more two slaps.. Soumya was looking at him like a lost puppy..

Sanky: I dint know u can fall this much low.. Chi.. I just hate u soumya..
Soumya: sans. Sans.. Sanskar, don’t believe anyone.. I dint do anything.. I love u sanskar.. I love u..
Sanky: but I hate u soumya..
Soumya:(holds his collar n shouts ) u have to lovee me sanskar… (closes her eyes n touches his cheeks)(in calm voice) sanskar, i love u so much..

Sanskar looks at her In disgust..

Soumya : (shouts) can’t u hear me.. I love u damn it.. (holds his collar n was abt to beat him)

Swara turns her around n give her a tight slap…

Swara: u lost all ur rights on him.. Stay away from him…

Soumya: it’s all becoz of u bit

Again a slap from

Soumya widens her eyes..
Soumya : Mumma..
Gauri: enough.. Stop ur madness..
Soumya: Mumma she is taking my sanky forever. I wont leave her.. If I don’t get him, i will not let anyone get him..

She grabbed a bottle N broked it.. She took a glass piece n came towards sanky but she was caught by some people from asylum..
(Hehe MIL, can we take her to our asylum.. Lol)

Soumya shouts at them but she was injected n made unconscious.. Thus Soumya’s chapter was closed n she was taken to asylum.. Gauri followed them without any choice..

After they left sona n mishti rushes to swara n took her in their embrace.. Swara cried out n hugs them tight..

Sinha : I’m sorry beta, becoz of us, u ha
Swara:(cuts off) do it look like I’m offended.. U r calling me beta n apologizing too.. Don’t talk to me(pouts)
Sinha: Aww., mera bacha.. (hugs her n caresses her hairs) im proud of u. Thanks for coming in our lives..
Swara: I’m so happy to be here..
Shekar: haan y not.. Forgot abt ur dad n u will be happy..

Swara looks at shekar who was fuming in anger..

Swara:aww,dad.. How can i forget u.. (goes to hug him)
Shekar: don’t talk to me.. (jerks her) my daughter have grown up so much tat, she din’t care to share her problems with me..
Swara pouts..
Swara : sorry dad.. I dint want to hurt u guys..
Shekar: dare not to talk abt hurting. Wat u did is hurting us..
Sanky: she just knows to hurt uncle..
Swara gives him a unbelievable look..
Sanky: she doesn’t care abt anyones feelings..
Swara: Sanskar, i
Sanky :(cuts her off) I dont want to talk with u anymore.. (he leaves from there)
Swara: but.. (turns to her dad) dad atleast, u
Shekar: I dont want any explanation swara.. (leaves)
Swara sits down with a thud.. Sinha comes to Her..
Sinha: Dont worry beta, u know na, both are dramebaaz. (tells her something in ears)
Swara smiles n winks at him.. Mishtanvee comes to her n gives a angry look but seeing swara’s pout they melt n share a group hug..

Veer: missed u so much angel.. Never take such decisions..
Swara: I just can’t believe sweetu, tat i took a drastic decision. I should have been careful..
Mishu : haan, u r so irresponsible nowadays.. Do even know, how my bhai was living without u.
Swara: Aww.. From when u have become sankys right hand..
Mishu pouts..
Tannu: I hate u so much..
Swara: Aww.. I love u tannu.. Thanks for the hate..

Tannu beats her n they both start to cry..

Tannu: don’t do this next time.. I will really kill u angel..
Swara: I really missed u all so much.. I can’t even explain how I lived their without u guys.. But I learned a lesson these days, we should not take someone’s taunt to our heart.. It brokes us apart.. We know tat, it wasn’t our mistake, but still accepting it is a big crime.. Now I will be careful n will not let anyone taunt me for the things which I dint do…

They share some emotional moments.. Suddenly swara faints.. Veer shouts her name.. Evryone rushes along with shekar n sanskar..

Sanskar takes swara in his lap n pats her cheek..
Sanky: swara(pats Her cheek) swara.. Get up swara.
Shekar: swara.. Waiter bring some water..

Theh sprinkles water on her, but she was still unconscious.. Shekar n sanky gets worried.. Swara opens her one eyes n sanky gets to know tat she is acting.. Shekar shouts at sanskar..

Shekar: it’s all becoz of u sanskar.. My daughter is in this condition..
Sanky: but uncle she is ac
Shekar: u guys r responsible for my daughter
Swara:(cuts him off) dad, dad i was acting.. Pls dont blame them dad.. It’s not becoz of themm..
Shekar: enough swara, I heard so much.. Now come lets go to our house..
Swara: But dad sanskar…
Shekar leaves from their without listening her.. Swara follows him tensely..

Precap: Swara back to Mumbai!!!!!!

How are u allll???????

How was the chapter.. ?
Lol… Hope u enjoyed.. But to be true i enjoyed writing it.. U know why, those slaps.. I really imagined those scenes seriously.. I thought of slipper instead of broom but it will look little weird ,so used broom.. Hope u all enjoyed.. So vamps are out.. Hehe, did u enjoyed the negative characters in my ff… Do u want some more??? ?

U know why I named her soumya, I hate the name Kavita.. I dont know y. Sorry if any of my readers name is kavita,.. Actually If i hear tat name, I get flashes of kavita from serial. Her evilness ,all those stuff.. So just hate tat chracter. If I would have named Kavita, u guys would have guessed so soon abt the vamp.. Hehe..

Well I know, this is the most boring chap of this ff, coz all those flashback are r really disgusting.. But I took so much time for this boring stuf.. But I want it to be in some natural way.. So I took this much time.. Apologies guys..

So wat will happen next.. Will shekar agree for swasan??.. Why is swara back to Mumbai??.. Does she had another fight… Sorry , don’t stress so much guys.. I will make up for last two chappy in the next chap.. Hope u will enjoy it..

Haan, one thing I want to share, pls never take the taunts of the people to ur heart.. It really affects us.. Be brave n face the situation.. I’m not telling u to do bad with themm .. But be bold enough to handle it with braveness… Hope u all get my point. Apologies for this unwanted lecture.. Love u all…

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  1. Awesome chapter seriously u made me laugh

  2. Natasha

    Hey.. today am not that much late..r8?? OK… HS ji ekdm lallan top episodewa.. soumya k bhaish k pooch.. ????(Kissan fever).. Hey bajrangbali I loved the slaps and broomstick parts.. ???I was going ROFL… my moum was thinking me as mad.. ??Nd fbs is also good.. and firse Mumbai??? don’t sprt them..

    Lol..kissan fever..omg.. I just love kissan..international hit no.1.. lollipop.. ???Dhina dhin dha.. ???I bcm mad.. ??

    @Hi all my lovely family members how are u all??? Am also good..

    @neha..am good.. when is ur rest two exams..???

    @Mil-how is rahul papa?? will u take him with u in court too?? ??Waha bhi romance?????

    @Sha-Don’t u dare to call this chapter as boring.. ? I will kill u..

    @Devarji and Devraniji-how are u???

    @Nanadji-How r u??

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    Love u guys.. ??Keep smiling… ?

    1. Sweetie

      Hello Nats bahu..Glad to know you are doing fine dear.. 🙂

      Whatttt??Marvayegi kya??Why will I take Rahul to court sessions yaar,case ladne ke bager I’ll look at him..Then judge will give an order to get out of the premises of court..LOL..That’s only for fun alright,because I’m very professional in these matters,no matter who’s there in front of me I’ll definitely do my work without bothering about anyone.. 😉 Arey I think these days main thodi nahin zyaada serious baatein kar rahi hoon,don’t mind haa.. 😀

      Love you too bahu..Keep smiling.. 🙂

    2. Pallavibaby

      I’m fine nats jiji 🙂
      How are you?
      Your devar is also fine…who do you think is taking care of him 😛 😉
      How is my jhet?
      You are asking mom about taking papa to court na….will you also take my jhet to your hospital? Waha bhi romance huh? 😛

  3. Awesome…..swasan’s misunderstandings khatam but y shekhar became angry again? plz upload ASAP yaar
    I really liked what u said abt taking taunts to heart….got a new persecptive.

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    1. Anisha

      Sha! ?????
      You know na I love you?? ???

      I hope you know jaf?
      Anisha is jaf???

  5. Episode was as usually excellent. Finally the truth got revealed. precap…swara back to mumbai?? …omg. I completely know that you will not separate them if in case you separated that will not be for a long time bcz we are swasan fans?.

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    wow!!!!!!! finally swasan are going to be together…….. 😉 😉
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    post asap…. dear ………. 😉 😉

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  7. Hi meri pyaari…frnd…sha…omg…ty…I loved the episode…happy..that all R cleared… N ty u read my comment N replied….and yaahh….no tensions regarding next chappy…I knw …swara will manage….

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