FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 53)


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Swara: sanskar.. I’m not
Sanky:(interupts) I’m taking u for my engagement..

Swara gets shocked n widened her eyes…. Sanky looks into her eyes,both could sense eachothers pain. But swara composes herself n smiles faintly by hiding her tears..

Swara: congratulations sanskar. But I can’t come.. I have collage to attend..
Sanky: I dont care anything abt it.. I think u forgot something (smiles n lifts his eyebrows questioningly)
Swara recalls something..

*****Flashback *****
Sanky: (teary eyes) swara , I really dont know abt this.. I dint
Swara:(cuts him off) sanskar.. I trust u completely… U r my life.. I trust u more than myself.. I know u very well.. But we can’t do this sanskar.. I want u to move on.. U have to move on,n I will help u in moving on…

Sanky: so, tell me,will u not help to move on…
Swara:(monologue) y r u doing this sanskar.. I can’t see u with anyone else,it kills me..
Swara: (smiles sadly) ok.. I will come by myself…
Sanky :u r coming now.. N tats final..

Swara has no courage to argue with him. She just nods n mishtanvee gets happy n starts packing her bags.. Salman n kiran notice her..

Kiran: swara, r u going back..
Swara: no kiran, I will be back after my frnd engagement..

Sanky looks at her, gritting his teeth.. N swara stop mishtan from packing her clothes.

Swara : no need for this.. I will be back in two days.. I will adjust from the clothes at home..
Kiran n Salman gets happy..
Salman: will miss u swara..
Kiran: haan.. Now I have to face tat devil Priya all alone..
Swara chuckles..
Salman: come back swara.. I will be waiting for u..

Sanvee n mishtan looks at him with fuming eyes.. When Salman was abt to hug her n bid bye, sanky holds swara’s hand n takes her out from their startling both of them.. Priya comes at tat time n gets more jealous seeing swara with an more dashing handsome guy.. Mishtan looks at her n could see hatred towards swara in her eyes..

Mishtan smirks n winks at eachother.. Mishtan starts running n mishti pushes tannu who intern loses balance n pushes priya in order to balance herself .. Priya falls down.. Tannu looks at her in puppy dog eyes n murmurs sorry n scolds mishti..

Tannu: Wats wrong with u mishti, wat if i would have fell dwn.. Coz of this lady Im safe.. Thank u young lady..
Priya : lady?? Huh.. Wat the

Before she could say ,mishtan runs from their stamping her foot,leaving her shouting in pain… (devil girls)

Priya : ahhhh… Ahhhhh

Evryone comes out n gets seated in the car ..mishvee in the front n swamishsan at the back.. Swara sits next to tannu.. The journey from Mumbai to Delhi begins.. Sanky rests his head in cars window n closes his eyes..

Swasan looks at eachother lovingly.
Swara: sanskar.. I love so much.. (hugs him)
Sanky: I love u too swara(hugs her back)

They both hug eachother passionately.. He slowly pecks her shoulder making her giggle.. Listening her, he starts nuzzling his head in her neck n slowly moves her hairs on one side.. He slowly kisses her neck sending shiver down her spines.. Her legs fall weak.. He tighten his grip on her waist .. She struggles to get out of his clutches but he pulls her more into him.. She bites his earlobe n whispers..

Swara : leave me..
Sanky: ahh..

He breaks the hug for a moment to look at her n smiles naughtily n hugs her back more tightly.. He starts giving her hickeys making her moan his name to stop him.. But he smiles mischievously.. She hugs him n starts digging her nails on his back. both parts away n swara starts hitting him on his chest..

Swara : idiot.. (touches her neck)
Sanky: (pouts) sorry.. U only turned me on by biting me..
Swara : shameless…
Sanky: OK ab chalo.. I wont bite u more..(winks at her)

He turns to leave but swara holds his hand n turns him around..

Sanky: ab kya. Do u want more(winks at her)

She nods n sanky widens his eyes unbelievably.. Without wasting time,he hugs her but she jerks him..

Sanky : kya yaar(pouts)

Swara slowly puts her hand around his neck n whispers something in his ears making him stop blinking for a white n gulp looking at her..

Sanky: swara. !! Is it u.. (touches her forhead.. )
Swara: (smiles) u asked me once. So I’m ready now!!
Sanky: swara.. I dont believe this..
Swara: I want to make ur birthday special sanskar.. Hope u like my gift..
Sanky: I will love it..

He leans towards her n she closes her eyes as her heart beat raises.. He looks at her n moves back.she opens her eyes n looks at confused Sanky..

Sanky: u r not ready swara. U r uncomfortable..
Swara: idiot.. It not like tat.. (hugs him) it’s just tat im, mmm, I m shy(clutches his shirt. )

Sanky smiles n breaks the hug.. He looks into her eyes n she looks down not ready to feel his intense gaze. He smiles seeing his affect on her.. Swara was wearing jeans n crop top with a jacket.. He slowly moves her jacket from her shoulder n leans towards her..

She closes her eyes feeling his hot breath n squeezing one of his hand.. He place his lips on her tattoo ,kissing it gently.. (Hehe.. Wat u all thought.. ?) Then he caresses it with his thumb .. He looks at her and smiles pecking her lips..

Sanky: thank u so much swara.. Thank u so much for making me feel special..
Swara: u r special sanskar.. U r my evrything. I will do anything for ur happiness..
Sanky: I love u swara.. (tighten his grip)
Swara: I love u too…

They both come out n look at their frnds, who are enjoying alot.. Swasan joins them.. Soon veer plays Tum hi ho song n swasan n mishvee both dance along the beats n gets lost in the song.. Sanvee frnds gets shocked n their jaws drop seeing their chemistry.. They start teasing them n sanvee tries hard to hide the fact but ends up blushing hard..

Sameer: Arei, u traitors.. Don’t even care to tell us..
Karan: itni badi khichdi pak gayi …. Aur hamei Ittu sa bhi nahi pata… (pouts)
Prince: princess, tune Mujhe Dhoka Dediya.. I never thought it in my wildest dream.. I ignored my darling vaishnavi , just in the thought to get u.. But u ditched me.. (pouts)
Sanky: abhe chup kar.. (glares at him angrily..)
Mishtan giggles..
Swara: Prince, I wil kill u… Just shut up..

Evryone laughs.. They pulled sanvee legs n keep teasing them.. At last the nights passed with evryones happy face.. It was indeed a beautiful night for our love birds..
*****flashback *****

Sanky:(monologue) tat was the best gift on my birthday swara(looks at his bracelet n smiles) I will see, till when u will ignore me… U cant just give me away to someone else.. How can u leave me swara, u left me by saying to move on.. But now, u will regret ur decision for saying me like tat.. Ya I will move on from now.. (looks at swara who was leaning on other side of the window)
Swara was lost in thoughts n thinks abt the drastic changes tat happened few months ago..

Shemish n sinson returned back to their house in the mid night.. Swara was so happy after the night.. Even she woke up so early n tells her mom to make sankys favorite dishes.. Mishti does so ,as she remembers it’s sankys birthday.. .. Swara takes those dishes to Sinha house.. She greets sona n hands over the food n goes to sankys room. She sees him laughing hard holding his stomach..

Sanky: u idiot. I will kill u now..

He starts running n swara slowly opens the door fully .. Sanky was Chasing a girl.. They both were laughing n giggling ..

Girl : no sanku.. Pllsshh.. No no…
Sanky: soumya.. I wont leave u today.. Last yr u escaped due to dad, now u r finished.

Finally sanky catches her wrist n pulls her.. She hits his chest n apologies to him..

Soumya: Im so sorry sanky.. Plsshhhh.. No more Masti.. Sachchi.. Pls leave me..

He starts beating her with pillow. Swara was seeing them with a pout.. Sankys eyes fall on her n smiles brightly.. He could see the jealousy in her eyes n smiles naughtily.. He just pulls soumya into a hug .
Sanky: soumya darling.. I love it when u do tat..

Swara widens her eyes n leave from their stamping her foot.. He chuckles n parts away from soumya..

Soumya: huh.. Idiot.. Kabse itne ache ban gaye.. U loved it….i thought u will kill Me..
Sanky: I will… u dumbo.. Wat u thought,i will tell u those things. Huh. It’s ur last warning, dare not to mess with Sinha ,waking them by pouring cold water.
Soumya: huh.. Thank god i dint thought anything good abt u..

She leaves the room by punching his stomach..
He gets ready n comes down.. He could see swara leaving from the house. He runs n hugs her from back startling her.

Sanky: hey wifey.. Going without meeting me..
Swara: leave me sanskar.. ?(removes his hand from her waist)
Sanky: alle Mela baby jealous hogaya.. (cups her face winking at her)
Swara: so, u did tat knowingly..
Sanky :(grins) haan, i loved seeing ur face….
Swara: go n love ur semiya….
Sanky: kya semiya(chuckles)its soumya.. Not semiya..

Swara punches his stomach n goes away..

Sanky: ouch.. Why these girls always punch in stomach.. Unbelievable.. Now my wifey is angry on me!! Huh mission wifey manao shurukarna hai..

He gets into the house n sona serves him breakfast…

Sanky: wow mom.. I think ,evryday should be my birthday. Look so many fav dishes.
Sona: arei, swara brought this.. Mishti made it Kate…

A voice from back..
Mishti: haan I made it, but all becoz of swara.. She only insisted me.. Well happy Birthday sanskar..

Sanky greets her n takes her blessing.. He recalls swaRa n smiles.. He feels bad for making her sad.. Soumya comes down n greets mishti..

Mishti: so soumya, how is the new environment??
Soumya : im really Happy aunty. I’m just feeling soo good..
Sanky: y won’t she be happy…. Came here to irritate me.
Sona : chup kar sanskar.. haan beta, just feel this as ur house.. Otherwise ur mom will taunt me..
Soumya laughs..
Soumya: don’t worry Mami ji,mom will not tell u anything.. After all u r my future MIL!!

Sona n mishti smiles faintly n their expression changes.. Swara comes at tat time..

Sanky: oh my god.. Marriage with u.. God..
Soumya: oh hello.. I was kidding Mami ji.. Who will marry ur dumb son..
Sona: arei Chori, when will u grow up.. Always joking around..
Soumya : but sochlo mami.. Only I can handle ur son(winks at her)
Sanky: (looks at swara who was watching them unbelievingly) arei swara, come lets leave for the college..
Soumya: well sanky, I thought to join u. N u r such an idiot, u dint care to introduce me to her.
Sanky sighs n murmurs.. “today u r dead sanskar”
Soumya: huh. He will not do any good work.. I will introduce myself.. Hi(fwds ger hand) I’m soumya.. Sanky’s future wife.. (swara widens her eyes)Lol.. Don’t mistake me.. I’m kidding. I’m his bua’s daughter.. Actually i joke around like this n always disturb him(pulls his cheeks)
Swara smiles faintly..
Swara: payal bua’s daughter??
Soumya:no yaar.. N who is payal bua..
Sanky: arei buddhu, u won’t get anything in ur dumb mind..
Soumya pouts..
Soumya: my mom is not sankys real bua..
Sanky: bas kar soumya.. Arei swara her mom is dad’s, cousin sister .. Well soumya, Meet my swara(holds her by shoulder) my girl frnd in crime.. (swara looks at him) i mean my wifey (winks at swara)
Soumya: kya!!! (shocked)
Sanky: arei buddhu.. If u can tell u r my future wife. Then why can’t I introduce my wife.. (chuckles)
Swara: stop it sanskar..
Soumya: huh. U n ur idiotic jokes.. Hell with it..
Swara: hi. I’m swara..
Soumya : oh.. Mishti aunty’s daughter..
Swara: haan..

They talk for a while n swasan leaves to clg along with mishu.. Mishu keeps praising soumya n swara starts to beat her,when they reach clg.. .

Mishu: arei, I was kidding.. Bhai only told me to do like tat.. Actually, she is really a sweet one swara..
Swara: haan. I knew tat, but I can’t see her with my sanky..
Sanky: aww.. Meri jaan. mishu, u know, Wat swara called ur soumya..
Mishu : wats tat bhai..
Swara: sanky shut up..

He starts to laugh.. Mishu gets irritated seeing him laughing without telling her anything..

Mishu: bolo na bhai!!
Sanky : she is calling her semiya!! ?
Mishu burst out laughing..
Mishu: swara, seriously.. ?

Tanvee joins them n swara tells veer abt soumya with a pout face. Veer starts beating sanky for troubling his angel..

Sanky: Arei, tannu is right.. U r indeed, swara ke chamche..
Swara leaves from their angrily..
Veer: sanskar.. (angry)
Sanky: I was just kidding yaar..

Swara walks out from there n suddenly she was pulled into an empty room.. She beats him n struggles to get free from his clutches..

Swara: leave me idiot.. I hate u..
Sanky: my wifey, I love u.. N ur angry face is Just glowing n making u even more cute ..

Swar hits him on his chest n he holds her hands n keeps it on his cheeks…

Sanky: chorry(blinks his eyes) (kisses her palms)
She pinches him cheeks.. N he smiles innocently..
Sanky : ouch. Itna pyaar…
Swara: I can’t even get angry on this cute face.
Sanky hugs her n murmurs love u..

He takes out a chocolate n gives it to her.. Swara grins n takes it. He lifts his eyebrow n she kisses his cheeks.. He pouts n takes his hand to wipe his cheeks, but she holds it n pecks his lips,while Sanky intern puls her into a gentle kiss…

Swara: khush..
Sanky grins..
*****flashback *****

Swara opens her eyes n finds herself in sankys embrace.. She was lying on his chest n could hear his heart beat.. She could see him sleeping peacefully holding her tightly, as she might leave him again.. She slowly touches his hand n caresses it.. She wants this moment to stop n die in his embrace. She was missing him badly.

A last time, she wants to feel him beside her.. she slept peacefully after a long time in his embrace.. . She slowly puts her hand around his waist carefully so tat he doesn’t get disturb in his sleep .. She also watches tannu who was also deep in sleep.. Veer notice her through the mirror n acts like he doesn’t see.. Swara realaxes herself on sankys chest n soon dozes off.. Sanky opens his eyes to see her sleeping innocently like child.. He plants a kiss on her hair n soon sleep take over him..

After a long tiring drive.. They finally reach home.. Sanky looks at swara, who was sleeping clutching his shirt.. He smiles looking at her n lifts her in his arms.. He carefully carries her into Shemish house.. Shemish looks at her n gets teary eyes.. Mishti does Aarti n applies tilak on SwaSan.. Shemish thanks sanskar for bringing her.. Sanky asks them to keep quite n let her sleep.. They nod .. He takes her to her room n carefully places on her bed.. She was still holding his shirt.. He kisses her forhead n leans towards her lips n kiss her gently n gets startled when she kiss him back .. He murmurs I love u n frees his shirt n turns around.. His lip form a curve when he hears I love u sanskar.. He turn around n looks at swarA, who was sleeping..

Sanky : but I hate u swara.. U trusted me n still came in someone’s words..

He leaves from there leaving her behind..

After a while sinson n soumya comes to khanna house to meet swara.. Mishti was feeding swara at tat time..

Sona: swara!!
Swar turns n looks at sinson .. She runs n hugs them..
Sinha: Atlas u came..
Sona: we were so worried for u.. We missed u so much..
Swara: I missed u too..
Soumya: so u came.. Where u went swara..
Swara : just thought to complete my studies.. Coz so many disturbances over here.. (giggles)
Sanky : oh disturbance … Wah swara…. Thank god u left, I enjoyed it though…. Coz no one to disturb us..
Swara gulps seeing him n gets sad…
Soumya: stop joking sanskar..
Sona: im so happy atleast u came before his engagement..
Swara smiles faintly..
Soumya: haaan swara.. I’m so happy to see you.. It’s indeed becoz of u..
Sanky:haan it’s becoz of her I realized my true love..
Soumya blushes..

Sanky keeps taunting swara but she ignores evrything n smiles..

Swara: congrats soumya.. I’m really happy for u…
Sanky fumes seeing her unaffected by his taunts..
Mishti: come will have breakfast together.

Evryone comes to have breakfast.. Sanky sits beside soumya n opposite to swara.. He deliberately feeds soumya making swara jealous.. But she controls n widens her eyes.. She looks at him n grits her teeths.. He smiles seeing her, as he still affect her.. He was carrying her legs under the table still feeding soumya along.. Swara gets up from their n starts to leave but sona stops her..

Sona: swaraa, why dont u join with us for shopping..
Swara: no aunty im so tired..
Sanky: she will join mom, after all, she is the one, who will select for my princess..
Soumya: (blushes) sanskar, stop it.. U r making me embrassed.. Haan, swara I wil be happy if u accompany us..
Sannky: Arei darling, don’t fear when ur love is here.. Kyu swara u r coming with us for shopping right..see its my princess wish too..
Swara : OK sanskar as u wish.. (in mind) i know u r trying to hurt me sanskar,for smashing my decision on u.. But belive me, it was the right decision..

Soon they left for shopping. Sanskar choosed engagement dresses for soumya.

Sanky: soumya, did u liked this dress.
Soumya: haan sanskar. It’s beautiful.. Hai na swara.
Swara: haan it’s nice..
Sanky: sirf nice.. Then I dont want this.. Evryone should compliment u with so many words,just a simple word nice will not satisfy Me.. (at shopkeeper) bhaiya, show the best dress u have..

Swara gets totally pissed with his act.. The shop keeper shows a beautiful lehenga.. Swara smiles looking at tat lehenga n sanky notices it through corner of his eyes..

Soumya: wow, sanskar.. It’s really awesome..
Swara: haan it’s marvelous..
Sanky:(looks at swara) is it.. But I dont like it.. U girls have really bad taste(swara pouts) .. U better take the one u choosed before soumu..it was better than this.. (sighs) n swara, if u like this lehenga(makes faces) u better take it..
Swara: no I don’t need it.. (gets sad)
Sanky: watever.. (at soumya) darling y dont u try this..
Soumya: (smiles) ok.. I Will try this n come.. But swara, if u like tat lehenga, u buy it..
Swara: its ok soumya.. Actually i don’t like it tat much..
Sanky: see, I told u right.. Tat was not so good..
Soumya:hann baba.. Ur choice is the best.
Sanky smiles n soumya leaves..

Sona: swara, u too choose something Dr..
Swara: no need aunty..
Sinha: u r going to choose something.. It’s my order
Mishu : haan swara. Come-on.. Choose something..

Swara chooses a dress unwillingly n gives it to sona..

Sona: don’t tell me, u r going to take this..
Mishu: haan swara..

Mishu takes the lehenga which she liked n gives it to her..

Mishu: u r going to wear this..
Swara: no way..
Sanky: leave it mishu.. Someone is jealous becoz of my engagement. They
Swara: I will wear it mishu..
Mishu: OK ,go n try it..

Swara goes to try the lehenga.. Soumya, comes out wearing the lehenga n shows it to sanky.. He compliments her..

Sanky: soumu, I will pay the bill, if u r OK with this dress..
Soumya: OK Sanky. This one is perfect..
Sanky: till then u too choose something else.. Haan y dont u buy some jewellery..
Soumya : OK done!!!

On the other side swara was peeking out through the trial room n sanky smirks seeing her.. He pushes n gets inside the room leaving her shocked..

Swara: sanskar, go out..
Sanky: I won’t..
Swara: I wil shout..
Sanky: OK..

He looks at her, from top to bottom. She quickly takes the dupatta n puts it on her.. He smirks seeking Her..

Swara: sanskar i sai

He captures her lips startling her.. She beats him n struggles to get free ..but he pushes himself against her depending the kiss.. He bites her lower lip making her gasp.. Taking it as a chance he explore her mouth with his tongue.. She pushes him with her full force.. Sanky smirks seeing her n leaves the room without giving her a chance to speak.. She sits down with a thud n cries out…

Swara: y r u doing this sanskar.. I knwo u r doing this to make me hate u.. But I can never hate u sanskar… (cries n recalls morning incident.)

*****flashback *****
Veer: sanskar, I’m worried for my angel..
Sanky: dont worry veer. I know she still loves me.. But I will make her to hate me.. She too have to move on, as I moved on..
******flashback ******

Swara: I can never move on sanskar… N i will never move on.. (touches her lips) but I still love ur touch.. (smiles sadly)

She wipes her tears comes out .. Sanky looks at her n smirks..

Sanky: so swara.. How was the kiss?? Swara:(In mind) u want to make me weak.. Now see how I Make u back off…
Swara: it was soo good sanskar.. .

Sanky widens his eyes n looks at her in shock.. While swara smiles.. He smiles back shocking her n puts his hand around her waist n whispers

Sanky: do u want some more..

Now swara widens her eyes n gulps.. She couldn’t understand wats going in his mind.. She pulls herself away n walks out from there..

After shopping, evryone settles themself in the car to get back home.. Sanky closes his eyes n recalls

sankys birthday was celebrated grandly. Swara was the one who did all the arrangements .. Sanky was so happy tat he started to sing a song roaming around his parents n looking at swara… His frnds were so happy seeing him confessing openly.. ..

( Aao Sunao Pyar Ki Ek Kahani
Ek Tha Ladka Ek Thi Ladki Deewani )… (2)

Woh Bhi Hasne Lagi Thi, Yeh Bhi Hasne Laga Tha,
Dono Samjhe Nahi The Woh Joh Hone Laga Tha,
Aao Sunao Pyar Ki Ek Kahani,
Ek Tha Ladka Ek Thi Ladki Deewani

He shows sinson .. But he was totally dedicating this song to swara..

( Joh Bhi Kehna Na Tha, Woh Bhi Kehne Lage,
Joh Bhi Sun-Na Na Tha, Woh Bhi Sun-Ne Lage )… (2)
Aa Rahi Hai Hassi Mujhko Is Baat Par
Kis Tarha Pyaar Mein Dono Khone Lage
Dono Khone Lage…

(Swara continues going around shemish.)

Jaanne Wali Baat Thi Anjani
Ek Tha Ladka Ek Thi Ladki Deewani
Woh Bhi Hasne Lagi Thi, Yeh Bhi Hasne Laga Tha
Dono Samjhe Nahi The Woh Joh Hone Laga Tha
Aao Sunao Pyar Ki Ek Kahani
Ek Tha Ladka Ek Thi Ladki Deewani

(Sanky continues winking at mishvee. .)

( Koi Tarsa Na Tha, Koi Tadpa Na Tha
Woh Mile Is Tarha Dil Bhi Dhadka Na Tha )… (2)
Hone Wali Mager, Baat Ho Hi Gayi
Pyaar Ki Rah Mein, Zindagi Kho Gayi
Zindagi Kho Gayi…

Dil Ne Dilse Aise Ki Mann Mani
Ek Tha Ladka Ek Thi Ladki Deewani
Woh Bhi Hasne Lagi Thi, Yeh Bhi Hasne Laga Tha
Dono Samjhe Nahi The Woh Joh Hone Laga Tha
Aao Sunao Pyar Ki Ek Kahani
Ek Tha Ladka Ek Thi Ladki Deewani

Evryone claps for Swasan.. Soumya comes to sanskar..

Soumya : wow, sanky, u sing so good.. N swara.. !! I dont believe it.. So u love her right..!!
Sanky : Wat is this soumya..??
Soumya: sanskar. I can see it In ur eyes..
Sanky: haan I do.. But don’t tell mom n dad.. She is not ready to face them now..
Soumya : hold on.. U both are in relationship..
Sanky smiles..
Soumya: oh my god!! I can’t believe this… Bade chupe gustum Nikle..(hits his shoulder)
Swara watches themm..
Sanky: look at her face.. She is fuming seeing us together..
Soumya: kya!!
Sanky: haan ?..
Soumya goes to swara n talks with her..
Soumya : so madam, stole my sankys heart..
Swara widens her eyes n her cheeks turned red..
Swara: wa. Wat do u mean..
Soumya : I mean everything.. Sanky told me already..
Swara smiles..
Soumya: dare not to hurt him OK.. He is such a gem.. He is my first love..
Swara widens her eyes..
Soumya: hold on dear.. Im really straight fwd.. S i do love him.. But wat to do.. He loves u.. (pouts) So I’m leaving him to u.. N pls dont be jealous seeing us.. I know I match with him so well but still..

Swara watches her n soumya burst out laughing..

Soumya: arei, really ur face is worth Watching.. Sanky was right.. U r sooo innocent.. Well im so happy for u both..
Swara : u r really so good..
Soumya: woh toh mai hoon.. But I’m serious.. Take care of my sanku.. Or else I will take him from u..

Sanky hits her head from back..

Sanky: enough.. stop teasing my swara..
Soumya: Ohh ,ur swara.. Look swara, he only told me to say those things..
Swara: Sanskar..
Sanskar: Swara, jhooti hai yeh..

Swara n soumya laughs seeing his expression..

Soumya: but swara, if u haven’t met him, surely he would hve married me..
Sanky: woh toh hai.. I would have been tied with this another devil..
Soumya : swara, he is indicating u as a devil..
Sanky chuckles..
Swara: u duffer.. I will kill u..
Sanky: Arei soumu.. U r impossible..
Soumya: arei swara, ab chod de.. After marriage, jamke badla lena.. (winks at her)

Swara signals sanky to see mishvee who were lost in their own world by Staring at eachother.. Swasan goes to them n pulls their leg leaving them embarrassed..

Soumya soon mingled with evryone.. She starts to tease swasan n also got to know abt mishvee.. She doesn’t leave a single chance to pull their legs..

Sanky was so happy on his birthday. His birthday was a grand success with final touch given by swara on his lips.. This was his best birthday..
******flashback *****

Sanky comes out of his thoughts when the car stopped. Evryone reach home .. The next day was sanya(sanky and soumya) engagement.. Sinson invited evryone for sankys big day.. Soumya parents takes her to their house.. In these months soumya n Her family have settled near sankys house..

Swara came back to her house n lie on her bed n cries out seeing sanky’s behaviour towards her.. She was already hurt n he is hurting her even more with the taunts. Sanky comes to her through the window.. He see her crying n keeps his hand on her shoulder.. She turns n looks at sanky..

Swara: Wat r u doing here..?? (wipes her tears)
Sanky: y r u crying.. This is wat u wanted right..
Swara: sanskar, pls go from here… (closes her eyes)
Sanky: swara.. Listen to me..
Swara: I dont want to listen anything sanskar..
Sanky: haan, u have time to listen to someone else.. But not me right.. Gr8…
Swara: sanskar tomorrow is ur engagement.. So go to ur house right now..
Sanky: so u want me to get engaged to her right..
Swara: haaan..
Sanky: then I too want something from u..
Swara: Wat do u want from me??
Sanky: u have to do watever i tell u..
Swara: I won’t..
Sanky: then I will not get engaged..
Swara widens her eyes..
Swara: y r u doing this with me???
Sanky: (smirks) u just gave me to someone else easily, it hurted me alot swara….
Swara: but there was a strong reason for tat.. I just din’t do it intentionally sanskar…
Sanky: huh watever swara.. But u could have waited for the problem to be solved, but u ran away, leaving me all alone..
Swara: just go away from here sanskar.. U just want me to move on right. I have moved on sanskar..

Sanky lifts his eyebrow n smirks..

Swara: u don’t believe me right..
She picks up her phone n dials a number..
Swara: hello Salman!!

Sanky snatches Her phone n breaks it.. Swara widens her eyes…

Swara: Wat the hell sans

He pulls her hair n smash his lips on Her.. He bites her lower lip so hard tat it started bleeding. He just took all his frustration on her lips.. Both had tears in their eyes.. He parts away n looks into her eyes.. Then he goes near her ears, tears drops on her shoulder.

Sanky: do u remember our first holi…

Swara widens her eyes.. He nuzzle his head in her neck giving her wet kisses n bites Her neck making her moan in pain… He parts away n look into her eyes…

Sanky : I was even drugged during holi.. But I remembered Everything.. Wat if nothing happened on tat night too…

Swara widens her eyes n sanky smiles faintly n leaves from there kissing her forhead murmuring sorry.. He leaves her in big dilemma.. She dozes off with so many questions on her mind..

The next day was an indeed big day in Sinha house.. Engagement of their only son..!! Sinha house was beautifully decorated .. But the engagement was organised in a grand hotel… The hall was beautifully decorated in a grand way with heart shaped balloons scattered all over the Floor.. The hall was decorated with a beautiful combination of white n pink curtains all over the hall with ceiling lights of different colour creating an romantic environment.. Evryone gathers in the hall.. Swara goes to one of the room to tie her Dori knot n calls tannu… The door gets open

Swara: tannu, u came.. Thank god… Acha chal tie it fast..

She was facing the wall and her Dori was tied.. She turns around thanking her n gets shocked..
Swara: thank u tannu.. (shocked.) sanskar..wat r u doing here..
Sanky: helping u out..
Swara: OK.. Chalo..
Sanky: did u think abt wat i told sterday..
Swara: there nothing to think abt it.. Moreover, u r going to get engaged in few hrs, so go n enjoy with soumya..
Sanky: before tat let me see u..

He looks at her n she could feel his intense gaze.. She was wearing a pink lehenga n looking stunning with light make up and matching accessories..

Sanky: u r looking gorgeous..
Swara smiles whole heartedly after a long time…
Sanky:But one thing is missing

She frowns n looks into mirror.. He wrap her hand around her waist n keeps his head on her shoulder..

Swara: sansk
Sanky: shhhh..

He takes out a small bindi n puts it on her forehead..

Sanky: perfect.. (plant a kiss on her shoulder)

Swasan looks at each other through the mirror n have an eyelock.
The get disturbed with the phone call n parts away.. Swara takes her phone n goes out followed by sanky.. A Pair of eyes caught them n fumes…

Sanky comes to veer..
Sanky: is everything according to our plan..
Veer: haan, but the problem is, she is not ready..
Sanky: Wat!!
Veer: hope she reach their on time..
Sanky: is she safe..
Veer: of course she will be…Im just thinking abt her reaction..
Sanky: lol.. She will hit the person till blue n black.. She can even kill them..

They both chuckes…Veer gets a call n gets shocked..

Veer: sanskar.. (gulps)
Sanky: Wat happened..
Veer:angel dint go there

Sanky gets shocked.. Then sona brings soumya towards the stage.. She was smiling ear to ear.. She was looking beautiful but not more than swara.. Sanky looks at her n smiles faintly….

Sanky: she again left me Veer..
Veer: relax sanskar.. Everything will be alright.. Just have faith.. She will come..
Sanky: no veer.. I can’t do this..

Just then he recieves a msg n widena his eyes.. Sona ask wat happened through her eyes n sanky smiles sadly.. Sona too gets sad.. She searches swara n finds her no where.. They wait for her.. Soon soumya’s mom comes with the engagement rings n stands between Sanky n soumya..

Gauri(soumyas mom) : beta,lets start the ceremony.. Exchange ur rings..

Sanskar shook his head in a no.. Soumya n gauri widens their eyes..

Gauri: sanskar(she looks at Sinha) chote wats this..
Sinha: Didi woh..
Gauri: soumu, u make him wear first..

Soumya takes the ring n looks at sanskar who was looking helplessly gritting his teeth .. She takes sanky’s hand but their hand gets seperated by a stone.. Both sanky n soumya shouts in pain..

Sanya: ahhhh!!

Everone looks from where it came n gets shocked seeing swaras forhead bleeding.. Sanky runs towards her..

Sanky: swara!! Wat happ

Before he could complete


Sanky gets a slap from swara n evryone widens their eyes…

Hellooooooo There… Sorry for being late.. A badaaa wala chapter as a compensation.. I dont know where to stop, so kept on writing. N pls dont bash me for this chappy.. N evryone would have known wats the actual matter.. But who is the real culprit.. Why did swara slapped sanky.. Wat happened to her forhead.. N the main reason will unfold in the next chappy.. Let’s c wat happens next.. But haan apologies if my ff was not upto ur expectations.. I just tried to be natural…

Ok.. Give ur opinion abt this chappy..

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