FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 52)


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Six Months Later
Mumbai !!!!!

A beautiful sunrise with Sunray’s peeking into a room through the windows.. Three girls sleeping on their respective beds in a room.. Sun rays disturbing their sleep, one stretching her hands, one yawning, and one pulling her blanket back.. One of the girl gets up n looks at the other two with a smirk.. She gets freshen up and comes out of the washroom.. She find the other two still sleeping.. She goes out of the room ..

Then few minutes later, the same girl enters the room with a lady of age between 30-35 .. She pours a jug of water on both the girls which make them startled…

Lady: it’s not ur house to sleep peacefully.. My hostel has some rules to be followed.. So Get up fast .. It’s getting late for ur college..

Both girls gets up from their respective bed.. The other girl smirk at them,while the lady leaves, thanking the girl..

Lady: thank u priya!! In my hostel, u r the one who is punctual..
Priya: it’s my pleasure mam..

The lady warden leaves..while one of the girl gives her a death glare..

Girl 1: wats this priya!! We were abt to wake up.. Just for the praise, u always do this.. Huh.
Priya: my chashmish kiran, u both make me do this.. Huh.. I’m tired of sharing this room with dumbos like u…
Saying this Priya leaves..
Kiran: huh.. This Priya is crossing her limit..
Girl 2: chod kiran.. We cant change some ppl…
Kiran: swara!!!!. This is too much yaar.. I dont know, how can u tolerate this.. More than me she torches u..
Swara :(smiles faintly) it happens sometime.. So just ignore abt her.. Get ready fast.. N warden was right.. We will get late… (winks at her)

Kiran at last sighs n they both freshen up n leaves to college…

Ya it was indeed our swara.. The bubbly naughty devil…. The one who was known to be naughty, bubbly, pranker, devil is now doesn’t show any of her tantrum nor her emotions.. She just smiles at the person who ever disturbs her.. Coz she has been trying to move on from those things..

She doesn’t want to remember anything.. She have left her house n staying far away from her loved once… Though missing her loved one to the core, It’s not a single day she have slept peacefully.. She just cries throughout the night, until she falls asleep..

It’s been five months she have joined in abc college mumbai… Only kiran was her mere support throughout the months.. Kiran have been with swara in her tough times.. Though priya is their class fellow, but she is one of the rich spoiled brat who doesn’t leave a chance to insult or tease swaran(swara n kiran) ..

Swaran reaches their college with bright smile on their faces… Priya with other spoiled brat teases Swaran.. IN return swara just ignores n moves fwd.. The one who doesn’t show mercy on her enemy by pranking is ignoring the one who doesnt leave a single day to tease or insult her.. Isn’t it weird .. Wat had made our bubbly swara to have a big change .. It’s of course ,Some heart clenching incident which have made this impact on her..

Swara reaches her class n gets seated.. The teacher as usual comes n takes the class.. Nowadays it had become a habit of swara to mind her own business.. She just read, write n cries… She doesn’t show any emotions on her face.. She doesn’t cry in front of anyone.. Smile was far away from her lips. Just her pillow knows her secret which gets wet daily with her non-stop pearls.. Though kiran have been with her, but swara doesn’t leave a chance to let out her secret..

When The teacher leaves the class,One of the senior enters the class to announce the list of participants going to take part in the inter collegiate competition..

Senior : so tomorrow is inter college competition, I have sent the list of participants who are going to take part.. So I just came here to remind u once again..
For classical dance Vinita, Lara, harini..
For western dance gayu, Pavithra, manyu ,raj,dharun..
For singing fahad,priya,lavanya,swara,mihir..

The senior keeps announcing abt the different competition, where as swara on listening her name get shocked n tries to speak.. But Priya doesn’t leave a chance to talk.. When the senior was abt to leave swara follows him till door n tries to speak to him..

Swara: excuse me.. ..hello…
The guy turns..
Senior: s miss..
Swara : hi. I’m swara.. My name have been called out in singing.. But it wasn’t given by me..
The senior gets angry..
Senior :(shouts) u should have told me earlier.. The name list have been gone to principal.. Now u can’t back off.. It’s not a simple inter college competition.. This is organised by reputational business person.. U cant just tell us at at end.. Just prepare something fast.. I dont want any reason miss swara..
Swara: (gets teary eyes) but it wasn’t
The senior leaves without giving a damn.. Kiran comes to her..
Kiran: swara.. This is done by priya.. She is the one behind it.. U cant keep quite everytime she mess up with u..

Swara: huh.. (holds her head) this is too much.. It’s getting too far, than I imagined.. This Priya is getting on my nerves.. The more I move away, the more she is torchering me.. Errgh…
Kiran: u just complain in principal office…
Swara:(in mind) relax swara .. U cant give up so soon…
Kiran: swara!!!.
Swara: I will show her, who I’m.. I will participate…

Priya comes out of the class n smiles evilly seeing her.. While swara just ignores her n gets into the class n settles in her place..

A boy comes n closes her eyes.. Swara touches his hand n smiles..
Swara: Salman!!!
Salman: huh.. U always find me..
Kiran: no one is as stupid as u..
Salman: hey chashmish.. Y u r so frustrated today..
Swara: it’s nothing yaar..
Kiran: Wat nothing swara.. U know Salman, today again
Salman: tat phycho priya messed with u guys..
Swara: Salman.. Leave her.. She does this only coz, u support us.. So
Salman: so u want me to leave u alone..
Swara: I dont mean tat.. Just dont do anything stupid..
Salman: swara!! Have I done anything against ur wish.. No na.. Then..
Swara: last time u said this n Wat happened..

Kiran: she was pushed into the pool.. (giggles)
Salman: it was just n accident yaar..
Swara gives him a I know tat look..
Salman: OK.. I did it, she shouldn’t have messed with u..
Swara: Salman!! (sighs) Huh.. Ok leave.. I dont want any problem now… Just stop ur so called caring.. I hate it..
Salman pouts.. While kiran chuckles..

Yup other than kiran, Salman was the one who takes a stand for swara, when she used to be teased by those spoiled brats.. He likes swara n admits it openly.. But our swara is only for her sanskar.. She just talks with him as a good frnd..

Place: Delhi !!!!!!!!

Khanna house:

The house which once used to be full of giggles n naughtiness of our angel is just mourning for their daughter who just went away far away from them.. Just an email is recieved per month , regarding her welfare.. She has given her promise to them, not to question anything abt her place until she finish her studies.. Shemish have been missing swara to the core but Theyy are keeping their promise just for their daughter.. They still doesn’t know the reason behind her big step.. But still as an understanding parents they are supporting her In evry way..

Sinha house

Sinson is also unaware of the fact abt swara.. But since she left, the happiness of the house have also left.. They just recall their decision which they made one day.. Was their decision made swara to leave evryone… But again they think tat ,it was swara who made them to take tat decision.. Still they are in dilemma abt the whole truth..

Sanky kept himself locked in his room for two months, he just attends his clg, study n gets into his room.. Smile on his face was no where to be seen.. Sankys condition was similar to swara.. They both share their emotions only with their pillow. Their pillows were the mere support when they cry.. It was just after two month he began to search swara.. He searched her evry where.. Ya he got the reason to get her back… He was determined to find her out.. But their wasn’t any clue of her..

Veer tried hard to know the reason behind swara’s decision but sanky maintained his distance from him for those mere two months…. But one fine day after two months, sanky told the reason of swara’s decision,which shattered veer.. He was fuming in anger n was ready to kill the person behind his angels sorrow… But he first wants to find his angel at any cost.. Sanvee have been trying hard to find her out.. Though shemish receives swara’s email per month, they dint tell sanvee abt it.. Coz swara have taken promise from them to hide it from everyone.. Everyone in the sense everyone…

Sanvee have plot a big plan to find her.. It’s just a day to get their swara.. Ya, they have finally found her.. It was sanvee’s parents who have organising intercollegiate competition in different cities.. Evry month they organise it in order to find her.. Now they have finally got the list of participants.. N one name caught their attention.. It was their angel.. It was Swara… None other than swara khanna!!!..

Sanky n veer happiness was in no limit… They were jumping in excitement as finally they have succeeded in their plan.. Mishu n tannu have become pale.. They too lost their smile.. Evrytime they try to enjoy, they just remember swara n gets teary eyes.. Now it was not their moment to shed tears.. Now it was their moment to celebrate..

Sanky: we finally found her..
Veer: s sanskar. It’s indeed ur hardwork.. (hugs him)
Sanky:(hugs back n teary eyes) i just hate her veer. I just hate her.. How can she
Veer:(pats his back) relax sanskar.. We will not leave her.. But first let us celebrate for finding our angel ..
Tannu : sanskar, just take a breath.. Atlas we have got our angel..
Veer: but I’m just worried.. Wat if she doesn’t come with us..
Mishu: u r right veer… She is stubborn.. Wat will we do then..
Sanky: I will make her come back at any cost.. (wipes his tears)

Nothing have changed in these months.. Their frndship remains same n have become more strong during these days.. Rohit have been helping out tannu in cheering her.. Sanvee were selected for the basketball tournament but they were least interested.. But the next month is their state level basketball tournament ,which was one of the great opportunity to grab.. But sanky was least bothered abt it.. His whole focus was on finding swaraa.. Atlas he have found her..

Mishtanveesan happily get seated in the car n their journey to Mumbai begins…. Sanky relaxes himself in the car n recall the night where they enjoyed to the core n the first time he hurted his soul, his life, his swara… A Lone tear escapes through his eyes…

Sanky after looking into the paper sits down with a thud.. He again goes through the paper..

“So Mr. Sinha, if u want ur swara to be safe, just do wat i say….”

His phone rings and his hands shakes seeing the private number.. He picks up the call n answers in a shaky voice.

Sanky: hel. Hell.. Hello …
He hears the person laughing in the other side…
Voice: so sanskar!! R u ready to do wat i say..
Sanky: who.. Who r u.. Wat do u want.. Where is my swara..
Voice: tch tch tch tch…. Relax.. Just answer me..
Sanky: I will do watever u say..
Voice: OK then.. come down in the street..

Sanky does wat He says.. He doesn’t understand Wat he wants.. He just follows his instructions.. He even walks barefoot,as he loses one his shoes.. Then sanky kicks a dog as said by the caller, which intern chases him throughout the street.. Sanky runs n run atlas gets exhausted.. But still he escapes from the dog n sighs heavily.. He again gets a call..

Voice: impressive.. Very well escape from the dog..
He suddenly hears a slap sound n sanky panics..
Sanky: Wat the hell u want, why r u torturing swara..
Voice : ok then.. Just snatch the packet from the girls, who is on the opposite side..
Sanky: Wat!!
Voice: do as I say or??
Sanky:ok I will..

Sanky snatches the packet from the girl n runs from there where the girl begins to cry,sanky feels bad. Then the caller ask him to check the packet n dress up in tat.. Sanky is just confused seeing the parcel.. The parcel contains a white tuxedo with a pink shirt and white pant.. He just wears it as said by the kidnapper n reaches a old shed.. He enters into the shed n finds swara standing at the entrance n smiling ear to ear.. Yup it was indeed their plan to keep him busy for few hours..

She comes running n hugs him tightly.. He reciprocate the hug n ask her wat happened. She just remains silent.. She looks at her watch n whispers in his ear..


Sanskar widens his eyes n was panting heavily.. He parts her away n looks at her shocked.. She just bows down n bites her tongue.. Then mishtanvee comes from back n shouts in his ear..

Mishtanvee: happy Birthday!!!!

Sanky just looks at them in horror n the next second

Tishhhh…. .

Swara widens her eyes holding her cheek n tears flows through her eyes.. She could see the pain in his eyes… She just hugs him tightly.. He jerks her away but still she puts her full force n hugs him.. He struggles for a while n then relaxes in her embrace n hugs her back with teary eyes….

Swasan parts away… Sanky looks at swarA still in anger.. Mishtanvee looks at swara’s cheek n gets shocked …

Veer: sanskar, y did u do this..
He looks at sanskar with an unbelievable expression..
Swara: it’s nothing sweetu..
Veer: sanskar. Y did u slapped her…
Sanky: then wat veer.. Is this a joke for her..
Tannu: but it was veers plan..
Mishu: he only told to act like tat..
Veer: I only insisted her sanskar.. She was not ready at first, but I was so adament to tease u for ur prank…

Swara: Arei.. Enough.. Will u guys stop it.. He has the right to do anything.. N we were wrong.. We shouldn’t have done like tat… Come on sanskar, u dont give a dam to them..(with teary eyes) N im sorry for hurting u
Sanky: no swara.. Im sor
She closes his mouth with her hand
Swara: shhhh… Now do wat i say…

She ties a cloth across his eyes.. Mishtanvee were adoring there bond.. Veer was even sad for shouting at sanky.. He was just taking revenge from sanky for pulling his leg on his confession.. But he dint think tat this will lead to this…

But our sanky was looking dashing in the suit. Inspite of running all through the streets ,he was just looking like a handsome hunk n a hot Greek god…

Sanky was feeling guilty for slapping swara.. But she understands him truly n calms him.. She whispers in his ears while tying the cloth

Swara: sanskar, pls forget, watever happened.. (kisses his earlobe without anyones notice) n by the way mr.sinha u r looking smoking hot..

Sankys lips form a curve n he smiles listening his wifeys compliment.

Swara takes sanskar to his own house backyard.. S they made sanky busy, so tat they could decorate the backyard.. Swara made sanky stand at the entrance which was indeed made by them with a fake ceiling, which when entered rose petals could shower upon them.. Swara slowly removes The cloth from sanky’s eyes… He opens his eyes n a hearty smiles form on his lips.. He looks at Swamish with lots of love…

He was admiring the beauty of his backyard.. It was beautifully decorated with different kinds of lights throughout the backyard.. The balloons were scattered all around the ground.. Seperate passage for waking was arranged with a red carpet .. As soon as sanskar stepped in, rose petals falls on him n his face was glowing with an everlasting smile.. Then a girl comes to him n gives him a rose wishing him for his beautiful day.. Yes it was the same girl from whom Sanky snatched the packet.. He just smiles seeing her n she kisses his cheeks with an beautiful smile murmuring chorry with her cute little mouth.. Sanky kiss her back with a smile n the girl runs away..

When he moves fwd he finds a hydrogen balloon where happy birthday was written on it.. He holds swara’s hand n squeezes it.. Then karan, sameer, Prince, naman and ranveer comes with a bang playing dhol.. Sanky smiles looking at them.. It was quite funny to look at his frnds, playing dhol without any knowledge abt it.. Then swara closes sankys eyes n lifts his head up whispering


There it was a blast in the sky.. Swara opens sankys eyes, n sanky could witness the sky being coloured with his birthday wish.. Though it was midnight, their frnds arranged a rainbow ? coloured sky wishing him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY .. It was beyond his expectation..

Then he celebrated his birthday by cutting cake… He makes swara have the first bite n then feeds evryone.. Then music was played n they start to sway along with the music.. Mishvee made sanvee frnds busy n swara takes sanky into the house.. She takes out a bracelet which Salman Khan wears.. But the difference is tat their names were carved in the blue stone.. It was such tat, their name could be seen only in the darkness.. Like a neon light… How romantic…

Swara switches of the light to show the names carved in the bracelet.. Sanky hugs her in excitement seeing their names shining in the darkness… She makes him wear the bracelet.. When she was abt to switch on the light, he pins Her to the wall n murmurs sorry…

Swara: stop it sanskar..
Sanky: no swara, u just beat me.. It was all my fault.. I shouldn’t have overreacted…
Swara:(puts her hands across his neck) but u were right in ur place.. So stop blaming urself.. If I wound have been in ur place, I would have killed u till now..
Sanky: (kisses her red cheek sensuously) is it paining…
Swara : sanskar…. (closes her eyes)
Sanky: im really so

She captures his lips making him quite.. He smiles seeing her nature to calm him down.. It was a gentle kiss, but sanky soon remembers the moment which he felt like loosing her n takes out his anger n frustration by biting her lower lip hard,which results in bleeding.. He then soothes Her by gently caressing his lips with hers.. They soon part away by panting n looks into eachothers eyes..

Sanky looks at swara with lots of love but he gets disturbed by veer..

Veer: sanskar!!! (shakes him) sanskar.. We reached Mumbai..!!

Sanky opens his eyes n comes back to his sense n smiles recalling the night(readers dont think anything ahem ahem abt the night,lol) ..

Sanky smiles seeing the studio were the competition is going to be taken place… Before going to the studio, they book a room n gets frenshen up..

Meanwhile in hostel, swara was so scared.. She walks to n fro.. It’s time for going to the studio… Kiran encourages her n wishes Her all the best.. Salman helps her in arranging some ppl to sing along with her… Priya gets jealous seeing contuniues support of Salman.. She has a crush on him.. But seeing him with swara, she just takes out all the frustration on her..

Swara reaches the studio along with kiran.. Their were so many participants from different college..

Swara: kiran, I’m just scared.. There are so many talented ppl..
Salman: don’t worry swara.. U r the best..
Kiran : haan.. U will do it well.. Just relax n take a deep breath..

Salman n kiran encourages her n calms her down.. Swara practices with the ppl arranged but suddenly they get a call n goes from there.. Now swara was standing all alone.. Her performance was next but the person arranged by then have vanished..

On the other side, priya gives a money bundle to swara’s team members n smirks. Priyas’s name was called out.. She goes on stage along with swara’s team members. Swara gets shocked seeing them with her.. Salman n Kiran can’t believe that she can stoop so low.. Priya sings well.. Next swara’s name was called out..

She was hell scared but gathers courage n goes on the stage.. She thinks to sing all by herself.. Though it’s difficult to manage but she goes on with confidence. But soon her confidence level drops seeing the enormous amount of audience… She closes her eyes n stands still.. The students starts making noise seeing her..


Salman n kiran feels sad abt her. While priya smiles evilly. .. Later after few minutes

Swara starts singing……

Jaagi jaagi soyi na main saari raat,
Tere liye
Bheegi bheegi palkein meri udaas,
Tere liye…….

(there was a complete silence spread in the studio… Huge round of applause takes place listening her sweet melodious voice. Swara smiles n continues where as priya’s jaws drop listening to her. .)

Haan jaagi jaagi soyi na main saari raat,
Tere liye
Bheegi bheegi palkein meri udaas,
Tere liye
Akhiyan bichayi maine,
Tere liye
Duniya bhulayi maine,
Tere liye

Ooo (sanskar makes an entry swara widens her eyes n gets teary eyes.. )

(Sanky starts singing…. )

Tere liye jhoomu deewana ban ke tere liye
Vaada hai mera main hoon tere liye
Hona kabhi tu judaa…

Tere liye jhoomu deewana ban ke tere liye
Vaada hai mera main hoon tere liye
Hona kabhi tu judaa…

(Swara continues… )

Ho bheegi … bheegi raat mein le kar ke tujhko saath mein
Madhosh hue jaaye hum, aa faasle kar ne de kum

(Sanky continues walking around Swara while they both share an passionate eyelock).

Zara paas tu aa mere, dheere se choo ja mujhe
Kho jaaun tere pyaar mein, baahon mein bhar le mujhe

Ooo(Swasan says together.. )

(Sanky continues.. )

Tere liye jhoomu deewana ban ke tere liye
Vaada hai mera main hoon tere liye
Hona kabhi tu judaa…

Tere liye jhoomu deewana ban ke tere liye
Vaada hai mera main hoon tere liye
Hona kabhi tu judaa…

(Swara continues… )

Hoo bhikri teri khushbuyein meri zindagi ki talaash mein
Doobe lamhe mere har pal tere ehsaas mein

(Sanky contimues… )

Mere khwab kehne lagey, palkon mein rakhle inhe
Thoda chain mil jaaye ga, tu ishaara kar de inhe

Ooo(swasan together)

(Sanky continues.)

Tere liye jhoomu deewana ban ke tere liye
Vaada hai mera main hoon tere liye
Hona kabhi tu judaa…

Tere liye aaa jhoomu deewana ban ke tere liye ooo
Vaada hai mera main hoon tere liye
Hona kabhi tu judaa…

(Swara sings.. )
Jaagi jaagi soyi na main saari raat, tere liye
Bheegi bheegi palkein meri udaas, tere liye
Akhiyan bichayi main, tere liye
Duniya bhulayi maine, tere liye

A huge round of applause was made.. The whole studio was continuously clapping for 3 to 4minutes with whistles… Swara gets down the stage n encounters with Mishtanvee.. She gulps looking at them.. Sanky comes n joins them.. Before they could talk, Salman n kiran comes n congratulates swara ..

Salman hugs her in excitement. .sanky clutches his fist,witnessing it.. . Tannu pulls her towards them, Salman n kiran gets startled…. Before anyone would talk, swara runs away from them… Mishtanveesan follows her.. Swara gets into her hostel followed by them..

Swara locks herslf in the room while veer bangs the door..
Veee:angel.. !!(knocks) angel open the door…
Swara just stand numb..
Veer:(bangs) swara, open it right now.

She was taken a back.. She could find it from his voice tat, he is fuming in anger.. Her heart beat raises. She couldn’t take it anymore.. She opens the door. Veer looks at her n raises his hand to slap but stops.. He pulls her into a bone crushing hug n Both of them cry in eachother arms..

Veer: Wat the hell happened to u.. Y r u doing this..
Swara: sorry veer
Veer : no angel, u don’t know anything..
Swara: Pls veer .

Mishtan seperates them n starts to beat her.. The trio cries seeing eachother n share a tight hug weeping in eachothers shoulder… They break the hug smiling at eachother.. Sanky was witnessing evrything from a distance..

Swara’s eyes land on him n she could see the anger boiling inside him throgh hiss eyes.. He have become pale just like her. He have lost weight just like her.. But the sad thing was he have grown beard like a devadas.. Veer looks at sanky n Mishtanvee starts to leave in order to give them Privacy.. But swara tries to stop them..

Swara: veer, stay her.. Tannu tell me, how is mom n dad..

Sanky gets angry n pushes evryone out n locks the door.. Swara gets frighten n gulps in fear..

Swara: sans.. Sanskar was r u doing..
He pins her to the wall n looks at her..
Sanky: Wat the hell happened to u.. (concerned)
Swara : Wat happened…
Sanky: look at urself.. (gets irritated)
Swara: I could tell u the same..
Sanky: y swara,, y did u leave us..
Swara: sanskar, go from here.. Im telli

He smash his lips on Hers n takes out all his anger and frustration on her soft lips.. She clutches his shoulder due to the pain , he is giving her right now… She struggles herself to get free… But he pulls her more into him by holding her waist.. He was making up for these five months which have been spent without her… The pain which she have gone through was nothing in front of the pain tat he is giving now…

But he is also not at fault.. He too went through the same pain.. He was like a body without soul.. She couldn’t control herself more.. She have been longing for him,missed him to the core…. She give up herself n next moment she starts reciprocating it.. Tears were rolling on their cheeks.. He kissed even more harder ,when she starts kissing him back.. Finally they part away breathing heavily..

It was not enough for him, he again pulls her into him, tat she strikes into his chest n he start kissing her again.. But they were disturbed by door knock.. Swara comes to her sense n pushes him.. She goes n opens the door quickly.. Sanky was gone into thoughts.. Mishtanvee enters the room along with Salman n kiran.. Salman looks at swara’s face

Salman: swara, wat happened.. Who are they..
Kiran: haan swara, who are they.. They are not answering us..
Swara : they are from my family…
Salman: OK.. Y r u crying. (wipes her tears)

Swara gets back or could say sanky holds her wrist n pulls her back.. Salman looks att him puzzled.. The warden comes their n look throughout The room..

Lady: Wat the hell is this Swara.. .. Are u mad.. This is a girls hostel.. How dare u to bring ur frnds here.. No no.. They won’t be frnds, I think u have some connection with them..
Veer: mind ur words lady..
Kiran: mam, they are her family..
Lady: oh, family.. Without any elders.. She may have ran with these boys..
Sanky:(shouts) just shut up.. (at swara) u r not going to stay here anymore… Got tat..
Swara taken a back..
Swara: sanskar, I m. I’m not coming with u guys..
Veer: swara, if u come to know the truth

Sanky stops him from saying..
Sanky:(cold tone) u r coming with us.. N tats final..
Lady: this is not ur
Sanky:(cuts her off) an other word from ur mouth, the next moment I will make ur life hell.. It’s my warning.. Mind ur own business.
The lady gets scared listening sankys cold tone..
Swara: sanskar, im not
Sanky:(interupts) I’m just taking u for my engagement..

Lol.. Could surely wish to see all of my readers reaction.. Hehe. I really dont Know wat i wrote.. Excuss me plss…..

So Many question popping in ur mind.. Same in my mind too.. Will answer u in upcoming episodes.. Well did u like this angry wala sanky.. Do u want him to continue this angry mode or u want to see my caring sanky.. N sorry if the romantic scenes are too much. Well choti skip those parts.. After tat ur mamma will scold me.. But on serious not, apologies if I write too much romantic.. Do let me know.. Coz i don’t want anyone to feel awkward..

So tell me, was the leap good or bad.. Or both together.. ? u guys r impossible.. Actually i thought for a bad leap.. But your comments were haunting me even in my sleep… God… Y guys. It was like nightmares, if I seperate swasan anytime u guys will come n kill me.. ? sachchi.. Pls pardon me…

See now too my heart beats raising thinking abt the way u will say abt this chappy…

Well how was the night surprise.. Jhat ka lagaana.. Lol… U know wat, i was hell shocked reading one of the comment.. Rape!! Guys,how can u think like tat.. After reading tat comment I got zor ka jhatka… Well jokes apart, i will never include such things in my ff.. Coz I’m a naughty girl, so seriousness is not my cup of tea. ..

Acha coming to the main point!!!! Do anyone remember, I said I will celebrate sankys birthday on my birthday.. Huh.. I did it. Yup.. Today is my birthday!! How was the treat…!! I mean, my ff is ur treat. So dont expect much more.. Well u can have this chocolates.. ????????????????????????????
Pls share it.. No fighting… Look I’m posting this on 11th June.. Don’t know when will tu post this..

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