The episode begins with tannu chasing veer and finally getting hold of him..

Tannu:veer u r dead now..

Swara: dare not to touch him..

Veer: angel save me!!

Before tannu could grab something to beat veer, Swara starts tickling tannu n veer joins swara…

Tannu: (laughs) angel pls stop.. N veer u gonna pay for this..

Swara:veeru no fear when angel is hear..

Veer: s my angel..

Tannu: (laughs due to tickling) badi maa see them na.. Save me from these idiots..

Swara: badi maa ki chamchi

Mishti: angel.. Leave her.. Im warning(naughtily).. Warna, u know me na, wat will i do..

Swara:(laughs) mom never think like tat.. I know ur naughty warning… U always support her.. (pouts)

Tannu: s badi mom.. Come on.. I have been waiting from two weeks.. Last week angel was saved due bade papa.. Not this time

Mean while swara stops tickling n move backwards..

Mishti: leave tannu see she have stopped..

Tannu: badi mom plssssss

Shekar: dare not to think abt tat mishti.. Before two weeks in my absence u did but not now..

Tannu: arei bade papa, last time u did cheating,

Shekar: wat did i do..

Tannu: oh so i should tell huh..

Mishti: tannu stop beta

Tannu: no badi mom, last time dint he cheat, he started romancing with u to save angel.. How mean…

Shekar n mishti both get embarrassed..

Shekar: (changing the topic) acha leave dont u guys were going out for ice cream..

Tannu:ha so tat u can romance

Shekar: (blushes and adjusting his hair in mirror) ok im getting late for meeting, n mishti dare not to do tat again. (And he leaves.)

Tannu: badi mom pls..

Mishti: no tannu next time pakka… (And mishti leaves to kitchen)

Tannu: (thinks) today definitely i will badi mom.. Wat if u won’t.. I will complete your incomplete work .. (N laughs)

Swara: tannu, have u gone mad,laughing in the air n giggles

Tannu:kuch nai

Veer whispering in swara’s ears

Veer:(whispering) angel, she is planning somwthing..

Swara:(whispering) ha sweetu.. Wat wil we do..??

Veer:(whispering) : just wait n watch, we will execute our plan in ice cream parlour.. Wat say..

Swara(whispering):double ok? ?

Tannu(thknking): yeh dono kya khichdi pakarahe hai.. I should know it.. N this veer… If they both join together, will bring cyclone… Ah will get help from mishti..

Swara: so , shall we leave madam

Tannu:ok angel, let me inform mishti abt the address..

Veer: mishti.. Wait i will tel badi mom, tat u r calling her by name at her back

Tannu giggles.. Swara too laughs..

Swara: sweetu she is our class mate.. She is so sweet

Veer: angel… U said im the only sweet person, but u r referring this mishti also as sweet

Swara: arei veer, u r my sweetu in boys, n she is my sweetu in girls,ok now

Veer:but,I’m not convinced.. I don’t want to share my name?.. Let me see who is this sweetu girl

Tannu: ya , u may like her but dont know whether she will give a glance at u.. (smirks)

Veer: i dint need anyone’s glance.. I have my angel.. So others are just dumbos for me..

Tannu:oh aisa.. Lets wait n watch..

The trio leaves to the ice cream parlour.. The driver park the car in an parking area and the trio gets down and stars running from the parking area as a running completion..

Reaches ice cream parlour

Veer:always first


Swara:no I’m second




Swara: ok we will ask sweetu

Tanny: haan i know he will tell your name as usual.. But this time i have decided something new..

Swara:wat is tat

Tannu: we will ask the parlour uncle.. Owner of this shop.. He watch us evry weekend.. So we will ask him this time..

Mean while a car comes to the parking area n stopped, mishti comes out..

Choti mishti: u stay here, i will be back after sometime, n u dont come With me.. I can take care of myself. (in pleasing tone)

Boy: but mishu, im not leaving u between strangers

Choti mishti: pls dear.. Try to understand

Boy: ok ,wont come along with u but i will come without u

Choti mishti: as far as u r away from me

Boy: awwww.. How mean..

Choti mishti: acha acha sorryy… U come..

Boy :ok bye, see u after parking..

In ice cream parlour..

Swara: ok im ready.. U sweetu(pointing to veer)

Veer: as far as my angel is ready.. So I’m ready

Tannu: so uncle tell us who came second(goes towards the owner)

Veer from back request uncle to tell swara’s name by pointing towards swara but tannu sees his action through the mirror hanging at the back of the owner and gave him a “dare not to do tat “look then he comes and stand beside swara

Owner: beta to be true, both swara n tannu came with a equal speed (ya the owner knows their name, since they are regular customer na.. N as well as more naughty ones) and I’m not lying tannu..

Tannu:aww it’s ok uncle.. So wat say miss angel

Swara: my dear tannu , I’m happy tat u Atlas accepted the fact n winks at her.. (thinks) i shoukd accept otherwise i wont get her double ice cream..

Tannu: angel u won’t change.. I know u agreed so soon becoz of double ice cream. How mean

Swara: aakhir behen kiski hun..

Tannu: tumara chamcha tumari tarafdari kar raha tha.. He was cheating.. He was convincing the owner to tell ur name..

Swara : mera sweetu hai.. I know u r jealous,as he supports me,… Kyu sweetu???

Both turns to see veer.. But veer is lost somewhere.. They shake him n ask

Swatan: wat happened

Veer: kya ladki hai yaar

Swara: veer.. How dare u???

Tannu giggles

Swatan turns and finds it n both shouts

Swatan: mishti

Choti mishti : hi guys

Veer: (lost) hiiiiiiiiii

Mishti gives him a confused look n ask swatan tat who is this in action..

Swatan breaks out in laughter and veer comes back to his sense,

Veer : kya hua

Swara: sweetu, she is mishti.. My another sweetu, whom i told u at home

Veer (thinks) : oh she is the one who shared my name.. Huh.. But watever. Sweet toh hai

Tannu: wat happened veer.. R u lost(smirks)

Veer: huh me.. No way

Swara: mishti, he is veer, n veer meet mishti

Both mishvee shakes hand n smiles..

Veer: so u r my name partner

Choti mishti: wat

Swara then explains mishti abt the sweetu incident n all laughs at veer

Veer: ok lets order.. So my angel, asusual ur same order.. N tannu i know.. N wat u wil have mishti..

Choti mishti: butterscotch..

Swara : oh veer too likes butter scotch.. But he eats choco chip n vanila duet, as its my favourite.. N sweetu,tannu promised me a treat, but i will ask her to get me another ice cream in beach.

Choti mishti: oh gr8 bond

Veer:of course anything for my angel.. And i like my angels choice too.. Ok i will be back..

swatanmis goes out of the parlour n waits for him, meanwhile veer at the counter

Veer: uncle order is as usual along with one butter scotch..

Owner: ok beta u go i will send it through someone.

Veer: ok uncle

At outside

while the trio where laughing n chit chatting, swara sees someone petting a puppy but she doesnt see the persons face as the person was on knees n head is down looking at the pet. she goes running there as she is fond of puppys..

She too kneels down but she looses balance n hits on the persons head.. Their both head strikes.. N there was a shout


Before looking at the person swara says sorry.. N then person said wat the hell

Later both composes themself n look at each other n shouts

” TUM”

Swara: tum yaha kya kar rahe ho

Sanky: is this ur fathers place

Swara: heyy.. Baap pe mat jaana ha…

Sanky : to kya kahu..

Swara: i told u sorry na.. Just leave.. N moreover i Accepted my mistake but there are some persons who hits n doesn’t even apologize (smirks)

Sanky: ah ha. Tat was not my mistake miss.. Misss chuvvi.. (Giggles)

Swara: u u u.. Kabutar.. No not kabutar.. Pumpkin.. No no not pumpkin, ahhhh Zombie.. ( starts laughing)

Sanky : wat.. Zombie

Swara: ha zombie.. Or or or smokebones

Sanky: wat.. Yeh kaise naam hai.. How u think these names.. Chuvvi kahi ki

Swara : ha ha, u r jealous of my talent

Sanky:(thinks) i will now teach her who im

Sany: ouch cockroach and points at swara’s behind

Swara shouts n runs behind sanskar n catches his wrist tightly closing her eyes.. Sanskar feels something by her touch n close his eyes.. Where as hearing Swara’s voice, mishtan come running there n see swasan state n feels awkward..

Tannu : ahem ahem..

Both come to sense n swara peeks out from sanskars back n see her frnds.. Tannu ask her wat happened in action n swara says

Swara: tannu check whether its gone or not..

Tannu :wat?? Wat u want me to check..

Meanwhile sanky releases his wrist from swara, and turns towards her n starts laughing..

Sanky: chuvvi i was kidding.. But u look cute with this expression..

Sanskar realised wat he said n tries to divert

Sanky : i mean, u look like cute jangli chuvvi..

Swara: uuuu.. Go to hell

Sanky : then i will take u along

Swara: wat

Sanky: i mean, u will also be there na.. As u too irritate me like hell..

Swara sees veer coming towards them n goes n hugs him..

Swara: sweetu see na, he always make me scared

Veer: who angel

Swara: tat guy n points at sanskar

.sanskar who saw swara hugging someone , feels uncomfortable n he clutches his fist without his knowledge..
Veer gives n angry look to sanskar n proceeds in his direction by clutching his fist…

Wat will happen now.. Is there a fight coming up or………….

So guys how was the epi.. I hope u enjoyed.. Thanks for ur wonderful comments.. I see tat there are less comments now adays.. I think my ff is not upto ur expectation.. Hope u prove me wrong by commenting on my ff.. If im boring let me know so tat i will stop writing.. K guys see you on next chapter..

Credit to: Sha

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