FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 49)

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Evryday sun rises, same happens in this morning as well. But indeed its a special morning. Swasan holding each other makes it a wonderful and bliss moment.. Swara’s head on sanky’s shoulder ,one hand around his waist n her leg wrapped around his leg..(Aww) she is sleeping with an angelic smile on her face.. Sanky too is deep in his sleep, intervened his fingers with hers…

Mishti is approaching towards swara’s room to wake her .. She comes n opens the door knob.. But poor thing is, the door is locked.. Mishti takes aback!!

Mishti: Arei, how come the room is locked. She never lock her room.. (sighs) oh god. Now how will I wake her!!

She knocks the door, but no response.. Hehe,indeed both busy in their beauty sleep…mishti gets tired of knocking n calling out swara’s name.. So she began to shout..

Mishti : (shouts) angel!! Angel??? !(bangs) swara???

Swara gets Little disturbed with the noise, she just turns in her sleep..

Sanky: (murmurs)mom, let me sleep..

She popped her eyes out on hearing sankys voice..

Swara: sanskar!!!
Mishti:(knocks) angel, u r getting late.. Get up..
Swara: Arei, mom!!!!.. Ab kya karu.. ???Sanskar..(shakes him) sanskar utho… Mom is at the door..
Sanky: sone do.. Plss.
Swara: aww.. Sanky
Mishti: angel beta, get up!!
Swara: (shouts) haaan mom.. (bites her tongue)
Mishti: u got up ha??
Swara: s mom, two minutes..
Mishti : but beta, why is the door locked?
Swara:locked?? (monologue) wat should i do now??
Mishti: haan.. Just open it..
Sanky :(eyes half open) go n open
Swara: have u gone nuts..
Sanky: let her see, her daughter can’t stay without me..
Swara: huh.. Sanskar, pls go..
Sankt: Arei, u only told me to stay, n now asking me to leave.. Huh.. (pouts)
Swara:mom is at the door sanskar.. Atleast go n hide
Sanky: u make some excuse.. Don’t disturb my sleep. I’m really sleepy. So u too sleep.. Tell ur mom to go from here.. . Or else, shall I tell her.??. U dint let me sleep the whole night.

Swara gets shocked n beats him.. But he pulls her by waist n make her lie down. He nuzzle his head in her neck n sleeps by pulling over the blanket .. Which startled her making a shout..

Swara: ahhh!!
Mishti: angel!! .wat happened beta??? (worried)
Swara: huh.. Coming mom.

Swara Pulls back the blanket n wakes up sanky both falls off from the bed with a thud, swara in top of sanky, he was abt to shout but she closed his mouth (kisses his cheek) ..

Swara : arei my cutie pie, my sweetheart, my chocopie. (kisses again on his cheek) Pls..
Sanky: arei itna torcher mat Karo yaar.. Huh(pouts)
Swara:(murmurs) torcher mai ya Tum kar rahe ho..

He gets up to go but suddenly they hear door knob sound n widens their eyes.. Mishti rushes inside the room.

Misti: angel!! (touches her cheeks) y did u shout.. R u hurt..

Swara looks at her mom in puppy eyes. Don’t know how to react..

Mishti: kya hua..
Swara:mom(smiles ?, gets angry ?again smiles ?)
Mishti: angel, r u fine. Wat happened?? Y r u behaving strange(checks her forhead.)
Swara signs n move little fwd.
Swara : I’m fine mom. I just saw a big cockroach…
Mishti: cockroach. !!? where is it now??
Swara: idiot is hiding!!
Mishti: ? angel, tell me I will try to kill it..

Sanky widens his eyes..

Swara : I too wish to kill.. But..
Mishti: swara, u will kill it. ?.. Joke of the day..

Sanky too laughs closing his mouth n pulls swara’s leg..

Swara: Hehe.. Mom.. I will go n freshen up!!?
Mishti: Acha get ready fast..
Swara: OK.

As soon as mishti leaves, sanky comes out from the bed n jumps on her bed..

Swara: u idoit, tickling me in front of mom.. (beats him on his chest)
Sanky: my MIL is so bad yaar..
Swara: huh.. Sanskar.. U r! .. Ugh.. Never mind..
Sanky: my mom is so better than ur mom.. She never disturbs my romance..

He tries to pull her, At the same time he gets a call .. Swara laughs seeing the caller id. Sanky hits his forhead..

On call
Sanky: haan mom..
Sona: where are u??
Sanky: me!! Morning walk..
Sona: sanskar..!!!! Are u alright. I’m i dreaming..

Swara chuckles.. Sona keeps pulling sankys leg,which irritates sanskar.. He finally cuts her call. .Swara teases him alot after the call..

Swara: Acha chalo, sanskar clg nahi jaana hai kya???
Sanky: nahi(pulls her over him)
Swara: leave me.. I should get ready. U leave from here asap…

Sanky pouts..

Sanky: Im in no mood to go.. We will stay like this..
Swara: (sighs) I’m going. U stay here.
Sanky: okay…
Swara : sansk..

He quickly pecks her n winks.

Swara:finished ur job na.. Now leave…
Sanky: but u dint give my morning kiss..
Swara : ab jo liya, padosi se liya kya..

Sanky chuckles …

Sanky : it was from me!! I want from u…

Swara sighs in disbelief!!

Swara: u r impossible sanskar.. Day by day u r becoming so shameless..
Sanky: Hehe, I dont care.. Let it be.. Im doing it with my wifey.. So wats there,its just the beginning, (smiles naughtily)
Swara: haaawwwww..
Sanky: if u give it now, I will leave u with small amount… But more the time u take, th more(smiles naughtily)

Swara widens her eyes.. She quickly gets up from him n pulls him.. Pushing him out from the balcony n locks the door.. They both smiles n goes to get ready…

After getting ready evryone leave to college,but not on bike.. They leave in car.. Sanky picks Swamish along with tanvee. Swara notices mishvee passing glances through rear view mirror .. She smiles naughtily.

Swara: sweetu!!
Mishvee lost in eachother..
Swara: (shouts) sweetu!!
Mishvee gets startled.
Veer: haan swara
Swara: nothing.. (smiles naughtily)

Sanky notice her n lifts his eyebrow looking through the mirror,while swara shooks nothing n winks at him..

They reach college . Swara starts her acting. .

Swara: sweetu, aditi is so sweet..
Veer: arei,angel u always say mishu is sweet(smiles) .. Now wat happened to u..
Mishu: n Wat the.. How can u tell her sweet…

Swara grins..

Swara: becoz she is.. Aur, why u both are against her..
Veer:(stammers) I.. I’m not. Ya she is…but
Mishu :(widens her eyes) waat. She is sweet..
Veer: arei mishu.. I dint meant tat
Tannu: hello wats happening here.. Y this aditi is jumping inbetween us..

Sanky keep staring at swara.. He knows something cooking in her mind..

Swara: woh tannu, u know wat ,my sweetu like aditi alot..

Mishvee widens their eyes.. Mishu gives a death look to veer. Where as he shook his head in a big no…

Veer: when did I say tat..
Swara: arei, veer I can sense tat.. Whenevr u see, u get loss in her..
Sanky: really veer.. U dint tell me!!!
Veer: (murmurs) Mujhe abhi pata chala. How do I know.

Swara heard him n controls her smiles by pressing her lips..

Mishu: it’s getting late. So, shall we leave.
Taanu: arei, wat happened to u mishu.. Tera muh kyu latak gaya??
Swara: kuch jalaaa!!
Mistan: huh?? Kya
Swara: arei.. I could smell something burning!! Don’t u guys???

All get puzzled..

Tannu: no.. I dont…
Mishu: yah.
Swara: but how could i smell it. .acha lets leave.

Sanky is sure Now tat she is upto something.. Evryone starts leaving to class but sanky holds swara’s hand

Sanky: wat was tat??
Swara: wat??
Sanky: I know u, vry well!!! Wats going in ur devil mind..
Swara: Haaaww.. Calling me devil. Idiot.
Sanky: bolo na..
Swara: later.. Right now, have to go ..

She runs away.. She settles in her class n was little relaxed than sterday.. The trio starts their gossip n swara continuously praises aditi. Mishu gets pissed off..

Mishu: stop it swara.. I just hate her.
Swara: par kyu??
Tannu: haan Wat happened mishu?? Did she hurt u.? Just tell me. I will rip her out..

Swara chuckles..

Mishu :(murmurs) I wish to kill her…!!!
Swara: wat did u say mishu???
Mishu: huh.. Nothing
Tannu : tell me mishu.. Wat happened??
Mishu: nothing. She is.. I dont like her..
Swara: y??
Mishu: I dont know.. It’s just..
Swara: coz veer likes her???

Mishtan widens their eyes… Tannu glance at Swamish n blinks..

Tannu: kya khichdi pakarahi hai???? N i dont know anything abt it. Oh my god. (shouts) Mishu
Mishu: wat did i do…
Swara: u dint do anything.. It’s just ur heart..

Mishu avoids eye contact with themm..

Mishu: I dont know,wat u r talking abt..
Tannu:angel, just tell me wats going on??
Swara: I said no, veer likes aditi!!
Mishu: Did he tell u.. ? No na.. Then.

Tannu understands swara’s intention n smiles evilly..

Tannu: wow!! Then aditi is my bhabhi!! Yehhhh!!!

Mishu looks at her in disgust..

Mishu: tannu.. Just shut up..
Swara: arei Tumei kyu farak padraha hai???
Mishu: I dont care.. It’s just tat, she is a stranger. How can u guys.. Ugh. Nothing.

Swatan smiles looking at eachother..

Swara: OK I’m going to talk with her.
Tannu: u know angel, it was my wish to get one of my frnd as my bhabhi.. Wow. Now my wish is going to fulfill finally!! Yehhh..
Swara : haan.. First we will get frndly with her then we will tell abt sweetu.. OK..
Mishu: wats the need.. (pouts) I’m too ur frnd na..
Tannu: so u r ready to become my bhabhi

Mishu nods.. Swatan shouts
“whoooooo ”
Mishu realises wat she said n blushes..

Swara: awww.. Someone is blushing..
Mishu: I dint say anything..
Tannu: wow mishu.. I’m so happy.. U love my bhai..??
Mishu : when did I say tat. N i dont want to be ur bhaibhi.. I just nodded in a flow.. Nothing more. So leave this topic..
Tannu: so u don’t want to be.. OK, I’m going to aditi..

Tannu gets up to go but mishu pulls her n makes her sit back..

Tannu: oii. Wat??
Swara: jalan!! ?
Mishu pouts..
mishu: ya I’m.. So wat..
Swara: baabre. Atlas u confessed!!
Tannu: toh. Tell me, from how many days,its going on(lifts her eyebrow)
Mishu: nothing like tat. I just like him. Tats it.. I dont know abt him..wat he feels..
Swara: alle meri jaan, aag dono taraf se lagi hai!!
Tannu: oh.. Well wat i was doing these days.
Swara: first stop ur concentration on food.. Huh..
Tannu : haan right.. So tell me wats next.. When will u propose my bhai??
Mishu: y should i??
Swara: wat the.. U should..!!

Mishu: usually boys confess na..
Swara: it’s not like tat,.. Girls too can confess.. See I did na!!
Mishtan widens their eyes..
Mishtan : u proposed him???

Swara realizes Wat she spitted..

Swara: ah. I mean, i confessed my feeling so late, but Atlas I did . N i dont want u to be LatE. So(sighs in relief) Like tat u too Confess…
Mishu: not so soon.. Just want to know Wat he feels..
Swara: never fear, when I’m hear.. U just ignore him.. U see his reaction.. Tats it..
Mishu : OK.. (smiles)
Tannu: no one came for taking class yaar!!!

At tat time Sanky gang enters..

Sanky: hello students!!!
Students : Hiiiiiii…

Sanky greets Barbie specially, looking at swara..

Veer: guys, freshers day is tomorrow..
Prince: we need participants to take part in competition tat is going to be held..
Ranveer: who all are interested??
Sameer: start giving ur names(looks at Sameera)
Sanky: Barbie, aren’t u participating.. ??
Barbie: hmm. Ya.. I love to dance.
Sanky: gr8.. I too love it..
Barbie: y dont we have a duet then??

Swara widens her eyes, while veer giggles n sanky gulps n looks at swarA through corner eyes.

Sanky: actualy, only freshers will participate..

Barbie pouts..

Naman: but don’t worry, if u want i will arrange a partner.. Look Manish is so awesome..

Barbie looks at him, from head to toe,while Manish grins n she shook her head..

Barbie: nooo…

Manish pouts..
While whole class shouts… Swara Starts talking with sahil.. Sanky signals Swara to come out. She ignores him.. He gets angry n msgs her.. She ignores.. He calls her.. But she doesn’t respond.. So finally mishu gets the call..

Mishu: swara, (gives her mobile) talk..

Swara looks at caller ID ,she gets angry but later looks at sanky who is seeing with cute pout n she smiles..

Swara: wat??
Sanky: come out..
Swara: y dont u take Barbie.. .
Sanky: OK.. As u wish.. Later don’t get angry..
Swara : hell with u Mr. Sinha..
Sanky laughs…
Sanky: Acha baba.. I have to talk to u.. It’s urgent… Come out..
Swara: our class will start now..
Sanskar: OK, after the class in canteen..
Swara: OK…

(they were talking by being in same class)

Sanky :(at students) OK guys, today after college, just go to room number 83 where ur super seniors will be there.. They will explain u abt the competition.. Got tat..

The students nods, But with questions in their minds..

Veer: we know ur doubts.. We are not final yrs.. We are just 3rd ur students.. Final yr students are busy with their projects. So they will meet u in the evening.. Got tat..
(so got to know, they are engineering students)
The students nods. Later sanvee gang Leaves.. The teacher enters n starts taking class…

After the class, swamishtan goes to canteen n meet sanvee.. Mishu keeps ignoring veer..

Swara: tell me..
Sanky: did u fought with anyone sterday other than us??
Swara: u mean.. ??
Sanky: I mean did u fought with them(points at someone) ??
Swara: no I dint..
Sanky: just recall??
Tannu: y Wat happened sanskaar??
Veer:we doubt them..
Swara: for wat??
Sanky: for sterdays trap..
Swara: wat(shocked)
Sanky: haan, i heard him talking abt trapping someone..
Mishu: bhai sterday, some boys misbehaved, so we insulted n laughed at them..
Swara : but he is not tat person…
Sanky: who the hell, misbehaved with you.. ?
Veer: ya, who the hell was it..??
Swara: arei, at tat time itself, I stamped his foot.. So leave.. Ok lets order something..
Sanky: swara.. Tell me abt him..
Swara: I’m hungry…

Sany sighs.. At tat time she see a person smirking at her.. She lifts her eyebrow..

Swara: sanky, don’t turn immediately.. He is smirking at me..

After a while sanky atlas looks at the person n gets shocked.. He signals veer..

Veer: angel, we are sure now, he is the one..
Swara: kya??? Then they played a prank with me… How dare they.. ?
Sanvee laughs..
Sanky: they are the same seniors who pranked me as well, got beaten up by veer.. Becoz of them only i got my buddy(side hugs him)
Swara : so they are those devils… I will rip them.. They spoiled my whole night…
Sanky: wat did u say.. They spoiled ur night , or u spoiled someone’s night..
Swara widens her eyes..
Swara: shut up…
Veer: wats happening here…
Swara: woh.. Nothing. I’m going to teach them a lesson..
Veer: u don’t need to.. I will plan something special for them..
Sanky: haan.. This time they crossed their limits..
Veer: tat too with my angel.. blo*dy
Swara:(thinks to lighten up their mood) Arei relax. I should be angry. So stop it.. N dont worry. I will definitely teach them a lesson.. U guys do watever u want.. But this time he will pay for pranking me n my sanskar.. (smiles evilly)

Sanvee laughs seeing her evil smile, which indeed is a warning for those students who messed up with her..

Swara: so mishu are u ready..
Veer: for wat??
Swara:It’s Just tat mishu likes someone..

Sanvee gets shocked..

Sanky: mishu…??
Mishu: no bhai.. (pinches swara) she’s lying..
Veer: stop it angel..

Swara squeezes sankys hand under table..

Sanky: Nyways, I dont have any problem.. But haan, just choose a nice guy..
Swara: he is a gem..

Veet spits water on the table.. Swatan giggles..

Veer: who the hell is tat??
Swara : arei, sweetu. Farhan!!! U know ,he is such a gentleman…
Veee: woh, haddi???

Tannu spits water on his face.. Veer gets angry. Swamishtan burst out laughing along with sanky.
Veer: from wen u have started this match making.
Swara:(pouts) u guys always disturb me n sanky.. So if u get ur respective partners, u won’t disturb us na… So U concentrate on aditi..

Veer widens his eyes.. While mishtan chuckles.. Sanky smiles naughtily n start drawing patterns on swara’s thighs which makes her startled..

Swara:(monologue) isse kehte hai, apne pair par khud hi khuladi maarna..
Veer: angel, we won’t disturb u ,.. So stop doing this
Swara: but sweetu, farhan is actually good..
Veer:(in mind) good my foot…
Mishu: swara, farhan( points at him)

Veer looks at mishu with irritation..

Swara : hey farhan(waves her hand)

Farhan comes to them n talk for a while. Which iriks veer.. He leaves them ,making excuse.. Later farhan too leaves, where swamishtan burst into fits of laughter.

Sanky: will madam, tell me, wats going on in ur mind..

Mishu gets scared of sankys reaction. Swara assures by squeezing her hand. Mishu takes tannu making excuse.. She knows very well swara will anyhow convince sanky.. After they leave..

Sanky: so??
Swara: sanskar, r u sure, u don’t have any problem, if mishu likes someone..
Sanky:oh hello.. U msged me to say like tat so I said. I will rip the person, if they see her in wrong way..
Swara:(lifts her eyebrow ) oh is it??
Sanky: wat?? Does she actually like farhan?

Swara laughs n nods..

Sanky: I will kill him. He would have flirted..
Swara : sanskar stop behaving like typical brother. I was just kidding..
Sanky: but y r u doing this?? (thinks for a while) making veer jealous.. Oh my god. Tat mean
Swara: atlas, u got tat.. Sach mei, u r indeed a duffer…
Sanky pouts.
Swara: u r not happy..
Sanky: no…
Swara : (pouts) sanskar
Sanky:(with a bright smile ) I’m beyond happy..
Swara : I love u sanskar

She was abt to kiss him but stops seeing the surrounding ..

Sanky: wifey, will get all together.. (winks at her)
Swara : will surely give u. Im really Happy. Oh my god.. Mishu n veer..
Sanky : but..
Swara: they both like each other.. I dont know wats stopping veer. Mishu confessed today but I will make veer confess soon.. (smiles naughtily)
Sanky: haaawwwww.. My wifey have become smart huh…
Swara : I’m always…. (with attitude)

They both talk for a while, mishtan joins. Sanky starts pulling her leg.. She blushes so much.. Swasantan teases her alot. Veer comes n join them.. Swara teases mishu by showing veer but he thinks it to be farhan n gets sad.. While evryone giggles..

“Hello guys”
Swatan turns..
Tannu: akshay!!!
Sanky: (murmurs) huh. Saare ke saare gadhe iss college me hi hai!!
Swara:(whispers) then, u r one of them (laughs)


Done with another chapter. Hope u like it. Oh god!! I cant believe, I have actually reached, this much chapters.. thanks to u all… Guys, i know I’m updating alternatively.. So sorry for tat,.. But u could notice tat, my chappy are extra long than before. So take tat as compensation..

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Well sorry for not replying sterday.. Was so busy at home.. Tats all for today…

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Ya sweetie, I have eloped with him.. Just got so much angry reading their comment. So sanky told me to reply back tat, he will be mine n only mine.. Aur u don’t worry, rahul papa is taking u on date in the eve. So Get ready. N love u loads. Thanks for the encouraging comment on the analysis…

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Oh my god.. Sorry for this long pravachannn…

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        Yaar Neha told you naa..We all are on our way to asylum..But I think there will be no need for that..Nats is making a treaty with all of you..Main tho Maa hoon naa so I’ll not enter into your kingdom..Sab shaadi karke meri kingdom mein hi tho aana hai..Tab dekh loongi sab ko.. 😉

        Wah Nats!!Kya advertisement daala tumne..Whoever want to apply for the post ‘Laksh’, soch lo I’m your mother and I’ve many demands.. Sanky ka papa ko bhi nahin choda tumne,bola tha naa woh bahut sharmila hai..But never mind I want to chat with my ex-hubby as a friend naa,so no worries.. 😉 Lovely advertisement BTW.. 😀

        Haa people as Nats said please don’t apply for Sanky GF or his wife’s post..He’s already taken and I can’t afford any other bahu in my house.. 😀 Already I’ve three on my head and I don’t want any addition..LOL.. 😉

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        Welcome to the craziest and pagal family my dear.. 😀
        Lovely..I’ve got another daughter..Hehe.. 🙂

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      Aur haann u r right, if my mom or any one in my family get to know abt our craziness.. ? can’t even imagine.. Surely a mental asylum will be booked for us.

      Well haan, glad u liked this chappy.. Swasan are indeed a heavenly couple, so full time romance banta hai.. As I’m really missing them On screen..

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      1. Sha baby!! Jigsaw puzzle and all..Wah wah!!Wah wah!! 😀

      2. Dharsha.. A hearty Welcome to our family dear.. ??? Ok.. now u r our family member.. so ab se no sorry nd no thank you between family members..ok..only love u..Am I clear Nanadji??? My pyari SIL..

      3. Haan Nats Bhabi….

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        Nd about that advertisement I was tensed ny1 will like it or not.. But u all liked it.. ??I thought to call for a peace ..that’s y.. that idea just popped in my mind nd I wrote that.. ???I will do that in upcoming few epis.. ok..waiting for next..update asap . ??

      2. Oh My God Natasha???sweet memories an alll ha… Will love to know it.. ?

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        Tume dress ka poocha tha naa..I’m linking the snapshot..Have a look.. 😀 Aww!!Mera bacha is so happy..Thank you beta..You enjoy your vacation,alright?Agar Sha ne kuch gadbad kiya tho mujhe bata dena,I’ll become asli MIL instead of cool MIL..Hehe.. 😀


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      4. Oye Nats!! Rukh jha meri bachi..Thoda saans tho le..Mere date ke baare mein mere se zyaada tum excited ho yaar.. 😀
        Your Rahul papa is always in blushing mode my dear.. 😉 Kiss ke baare main nahin bataaungi..Secret ko secret hi rehne do..But I can tell you one thing we didn’t kiss..It’s our first date naa,isliye..Aur waise bhi Rahul tho sharmila banda hai..Thoda uss shy feeling ko hataane dho mujhe..Then you’ll definitely get a rockstar Rahul papa.. 😉 😀 I didn’t allow him to faint rey..How??It depends on your wild imagination.. 😉
        Dance kiya naa..It’s Raabta from Agent Vinod movie.. 😉
        I think I’ve caught up with all your questions.. 😀

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      6. Nats Baby,Don’t worry your Rahul papa is alright..He is with me reading your comment and blushing and I’m pinching his cheeks.. 😉 😛

        Rahul: Hi Nats bahu,how are you?? Yaa,I’m with ur mummyji..Don’t worry beta..I’ll be alright after all I’m with my hot GF naa.. 😉 See ur mummyji is blushing now..Mera aadat usko bhi lagaa diya meine.. 😉 Haa mera koi health problem ho gayi tho main tumhe zaroor bulaunga..Akir meri pyaari doctor bahu ho tum.. 😀

        Sweetie: Arey bas bas zyaada maska mat maar..Chal jaake so jha Rahul..

        Rahul: Arey yeh tho possessive ho gayi..Ab samjhi beta Sanky ka possessive nature kaha se aaya..Chal main jha raha hoon nahin tho tumhari mummyji gussa ho jaayegi..See you..Good night beta.. 🙂

        Sweetie: Chal main bhi jaa rahin hu bahu..Good night haa..Sweet dreams with your hubby.. 😉

      7. Cutiepie!! Kiss ke baare me natasha ko reply diya tha..Padd lo tum bhi..

        Haha..Mera beta tho Asanskari baaton mein mahir hain..Tu bhi uski sanghath mein rehkar bigad gayi..Uff!! Kis kis ko sambhaloo main abb..Rahul tho mujhe uss dress mein dekhar full on fidha ho gaya mera bandha.. 😛 Ab tho main Rahul ko sambhal rahi hu.. 😉

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        Woo MIL u must be looking so hot and s*xy Rahul papa must be ???..dil garden garden ho gaya…. MIL pyaar ke phool ugaye ki nahi…. Kya kya kia plzzz batao na….. Ssnky is also asking mom meri izzat toh bachai na…. Romance ka new score toh banaya na…..

        Hey nanadji welcome to this amazing crazy family….. Aur bhi aao whoever wants but if not simply ignore…. Nats ur idea is too good and hone wali sautan sanky ka khyal rakhna hum teeno ka ek hi kinara chalo ladne se achcha share kar le….

        Sanky I know man mein ladoo phuta chalo chalo phod lo….

        Hey guys love u all a lot and donon saali saheba ab koi nahi bhagega nats ne solution dhoondh liya… I’m proud of you sautanji …..ahh my cheeks are paining now…

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    1. Dr,u r ROFL by reading my ff.. But I’m ROFL by reading comments.. Lol.

      I know those looks tat we get at home.. Apologies for tat!!!

      glad u liked it…

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    N swasan are really adorable ….I mean so understanding….so charming ….so cute…so naughty….so concerned ….so possessive….so adorable….so stupid sanky….n Swara is so innocent…so caring….so naive…so cute…so smart…so beautiful…at the same time so evil n naughty…n some times dumb also….but there couple is the cutest…. The pace of the story was just perfect….I mean u never hurried with the story….u r concept n story is beyond amazing…..
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    1. so sweet of u dear… i remember u dr… ❤❤wooowww.?. such cute compliments…??? love u loads..??.

      awww.. u remeber my whole plot.. glad to know tat… n whoa!!!! the school story was indeeed ,some of my memories… i love it alot… though miss my school alot,this helped me to go into those sweet memories… glad u liked it…

      congo!! for entering into clg life!! but to be true,school life is the best phase of our life.. i wanted to continue more.. but story demands…

      Well im so happy to know tat u wait for my ff.. but appologies for the irregular update.. u see im so busy..lol.. but indeed im… all work pressure..

      well thanks for such a big comment.. i loved it.. i think,i too blabbered alot,..

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      3. Musku yes be laksh wife and become aur devrani…. Will love to get a devrani in you….. But I’m telling you first…. Yeh family normal nahi full besharam pagal and naughty…. So if you join you’ve bear this craziness …. Bad mein mat kehna… A hearty welcome to you devrani ji

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    1. awww.. so sweet of u. .. glad u liked it…

      hmm yah.. ramzan????… u know wat,i will be so irregular during those days.. lol…. coz its ramzan?

      well welll.. i will be glad if u keep reading dr.. comments r just motivation.. so will never forget u.. love ur name.. menaz?

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      1. Love u a lot dear ????. & thanx for loving my name also. Ya dear I surely try to comment daily. & sha is u r real name ? Is so sweet……. bye…..??

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    1. Oyyye My HS..I have told about epi under my comment..go nd check that..

    2. I’ll be the spicy one…. Nats u be salty…. But sha ur hone wali bhabhi… Nats specified the roles yaar don’t change it hone wali sautan warna ?

      1. We both are spicy.. nd Sha.. Plz follow the rules of our family.. ur honewali bhabi..not bhabi.. don’t change ur posts.. ?? Otherwise I will tell mummyji.. nd c will throw u out of her son’s life.. ?? U R HONEWALI.. ????

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    1. Anju Babyyyyyyy… Am ur sautan..its another family of my baby my sanky.. my janeman.. U r also my sautan.. ??Hiii Sautanji.. Welcome to this craziest nd naughty page.. ????Here we all are mad..Zara sambhalke.. ??? Btw u told u will join our family as my 2nd nanad.. So A warm welcome to our sweet cute lil family.. BTW tera pati kaun hai?? I mean as sanky’s sissy.. Search for ur pati ..ek aur advertisement daal do for ur pati .. ????Nd mummyji..here is ur 2nd daughter.. plz welcome her..give her hugs nd kisses.. Anju sweetie is ur Mom.. Hot mom.. ??? Neha is our 1st bhabi..am 2nd bhabi..nd Sha is ur honewali bhabi.. ????Dharsha is ur sissy.. nd most probably musku is ur another bhabi..laksh bhai’s patni.. ?????But still we are searching for Laksh,ur papa nd do damad.. ????? Laksh nhi mil raha hai..but dkho Laksh ka patni hai.. what an irony.. ????? devraniji I mean musku.. where is ur hubby?? ??? lol..

      BTW neha in India more than one wife is crime.. so our sanky baby.. ????? police.. ????Neha chal.. We both will go to space with our sanky baby.. ????Nd Sha plz sponsor our expenses for going to space.. ???Kyunki mein kanjus hu..pocket money nhi hai .mujhse mat mang.. ?????

      1. Nats baby.. I replied for ur epi comment. Aur haaan.. Anjali keep reading…

        Love u loads..??

      2. Yeah Natasha we’ll go in space wow soch yaar…. Kitna maza aayega our live story will be recorded as world record and sha haan plzz expenses dekh lena at least half… Other half I’ll manage… Nats I’m so excited to go space with sanky and you re…. We’ll so much…… Sanky one day you one day me….

        Lol ? I’m dead now…. Yeh pagalpanti kahan se aayi kahan se suri hui aur kahan ja rahi h….. Gosh nats what to tell you yeh Rahul papa ki blushing mujhe bhi ho rahi h….. Rahul papa you’re affecting your bahus so much….. I?????

    2. Anju! Seriously?? ??????????

      Huh? Me vi hoon re! ???????????????????????????

      Didnt you guys see me???

      Sale bhul gaye mujhe drame bazon Huh? ??????

      Never mind me akele hi Kafi hoon!

      Sha this kind of behavior wasn’t expected from you at least! ????????

      But still I want next episode!

      Tum hara Gussa me apne SwaSan pe Kyun utaroon???….. ???????

      1. Natasha include me too! ??? in ur mad family ?

      2. Hello jaf.. ???? Sure.. I will include u.. plz choose one vacant post acc to ur choice.. these posts are vacant :


        2.Do Damad of our sasu mom


        Tell me what u wanna grab… But so sorry dear.. we can’t afford u as Sanky’s wife or gf.. there are two wives of sanky already.. nd one gf.. so choose one from them nd let me know.. We would love to chat with u.. ???

        BTW we all are kaminos here.. ????Hehehe.. ??????




      3. Jaf u be laksh as we got laksh ‘so wife as musku par achcha nahi lagta na patni h pati kon banega pata nahi or u can be Papa ji……. Are Rahul papa toh mummyji blushing janu u be ex husband…..

        ? I gave you more ideas think once. OK….
        And yeah no bashing plzz…. We know we are totally going out of mind but that’s what we doing craziness….. Simply ignore if you don’t like but I think it’s a laughter show so you all will like????? Anyways

        Hamari pagalpanti mein hum ap sabka shandaar swagat karte h…. Umeed karte h humara pagalpan apko mental na karde aur agar kar bhi diya na don’t worry… Mental asylum mein seats booked h….. ???….

        Mom ji kahan ho aap Rahul papa ko thoda saans toh lene do……????

    3. Hellooooooo…

      Hawwwwww… So sweet of u…?.

      Glad u liked it…

      Arei yaar again this female following .!!! Ufff…meri sweetie sasuma will not leave u. .?mera sanku darling… Pehle SE hi in dono ko jhel rahi hoon?.. Now again .. One more sanky wife… Noooo..?

      Ya Natasha s right,u better be my hone wali nadan??

      Arei Natasha.. M happy with my sanku.. U asked me Na,where we played in water.. Nor in beAch nor in pool.. We played in washroom. ?see privacy u know.. ????
      Lol.. Mai bohut asanskari hogayi hoon..???
      Guys pls sorry for our pagalpanti..

      1. Sha not nats I asked re you besharam washroom romance haan par washroom kyun bola…. Bolo bathroom romance yeh thoda jyada naughty sound karta….. Sha chalo jaldi se pics bhejo….. Chalo na thoda asanskari karte h….. Whats say and sha…. Shaadi se pehle hi bathroom romance….. Haww ??????shaadi ke bad kya karungi……. Lol…

        Anju you also joined wow sissy I’m so happy to see you but nats yaar she already has a post that too real one she is my cute sissy so she is sanky’s first saali in short adhi gharwali.. ????….

        Jaf wow new member good kya post chuna look sanky is reserved with three so be something else OK and deary welcome… Sasu ji aapne mere sawal ka jawab nahi diya batao….. Pyaar ke phool khilaye ya nahi…. MIL we are besharam I’m dieing to know…

        Jaf don’t expect anything yahan sab chalta h…. Tabhi toh yeh crazy naughty family h….. Unexpected chesey are most welcome …..sha I want the proofs to be sure that you seriously made my sanky enjoy or not…. After all I’m his first wife uski khwaishen puri hui ya nahi dekhna padega na….. ????

        ….sha plzz yaar don’t be mad at me ?

    4. Anju ur my sister so you’re sanky’s saali……

      Sanky :hi anji…. Oh I know my neha calls you anju but I’ll give you a special name you’re my big saali na so…. Anji ….naam kaisa laga….. Anji welcome to this crazy family … Ur jiju is really happy to get you as saali…. And saali saheba ur cheeks are
      so cute I wanna pull them…… N neha baby ur sis is really cute but not more than my darling (neha) ???

      Neha :jaanu galat baat saali ke saath flirt haan….. Aww jaanu u will call anju as anji….. N jaan you’re so naughty kahi bhi suru ho jate….
      Aww love you too baby….

      Anju welcome re




      NATS BHABHI ????

      Neha…. kitniiii cuteeeee go tum…. ????

      Vaise mummy kaun h???

      Dharshaaaaa. ???? meri pyaari behen!!!!

      Aur jaf kaun h iss family m???

      1. Nanadji.. kaisi bachchi ho tum??? ?? Apni mom kaun hai yeh bhi nhi pata??? ???? Lol.. ?????? ur mom is sweetie..say Hi to ur mom.. ur mom is dating with rahul.. but he is not ur papa.. he is ur mom’s jaanu.. Mujhe bhi nhi pata who is ur papa!!!!! ??????Ask ur mom.. dont take me wrong mummyji plzz..am kidding.. ?????

      2. Nats had hai yaar! Bechari ??????????????????
        Papa kaun hai???….. ???????????

    6. Toh ab papa h jaf….
      Mummy h sweetie…


      bhabhiyon : neha, nats, sha…

      Sisters : dharsha and anjali…


      Koi damad wamad.nhi chahiye????

      1. Hey….uh know what???

        Am elated to be in this family…lol

        Hey my pyaari diiiidiiii Anjali…
        Love u ???

        And My mom Sweetie….how r u???
        Being her daughter I dunno how my mom is??????

        Papa…Jaf hai….really… (well Jaf papa… don’t mind haan … am supporting u???)

        And who are my Bhabi or is it bhabi’s??? Well am confused….

        Sanky bhai…clear me na???

      2. Sanky:Dharsha ,my chocopie.. Sha is ur would be bhabhi.. She is so cute, sweet n naughty.. N Neha is my first wife n natasha my second. Now I’m on trip with ur would be bhabhi.. Under ground trip u know.. We are enjoying alot..
        Sha: sanky darling.. Stop using mobile.. U promised me na. It’s getting late for skating.
        Sanky: s sweetheart.. I’m coming.. Ok my chocopie , bye… Will meet u after skating..


      3. Bhai…???
        Am absolutely clear now???
        And uh busy…went without waiting for my reply??….lol???
        Okie bhai wherever u r…take care ?
        And also be careful… (hehehe???)

  31. Jaf!!!!!! Welcome to our cute,naughty n romantic family.. Maine kuch nahi kiya jaf.. Aur haan mere bf PE nazar
    Mat daalna. Choose ur post fast..

    Neha.. Sharam karo yar.. Pata hai ki ham besharam ho chuke hai,but meri future mil pics dekkar kya sochegi?
    Waise I’m feeling shy yaar..?? n bathroom romance sounds really so intense.. So I din’t used tat word.. N we dint romance.. I said we played in water.. Tum logo ke dimag,bohut aage daud rahe hai..haaaai meri mil… Kaha ho tum.!!!!!!! Meri izzat ka faaluda ban raha hai….

    Sach mei ,if any of my family member read this . Sach mei,mai sharam ke maare doob jaungi..

    Shaayad mere rahul papa,meri mil ko chod NE ka naam hi nahi le rahe hai.. ??

    Natasha hamara fil DP nahi,RAM hoga.. I too don’t like DP.. So RAM is my future fil.. Aur rahul ko papa bulayenge,the one stole our Mil heart..?

  32. ????????????????
    HANDS UP…….

    I can’t control your madness anymore!!……

    Bapre! Had hota hai yaar!….. ?

    Dara diya na??

    Lol…….. ?

    Waise! I can’t tolerate ur pagal panti so I wanna choose Dp…..

    Par mujhe vi banna hai sanky Ki gi! ???

    Lekin fir vi I won’t be his bro……


    Let it be DP……

    Talka mat bulana lekin? OK???…..

    Pinky promise??

    OK then ab se I am DP….. ?????

    Khabar dar!

    Zyada chor ki toh!…..

    1. Hiii Papaji.. am ur one bahu.. Sanky’s 2nd wife.. BTW papaji u r Ram..not DP..ok?? welcome to our family papaji.. BTW Ctrl Sha papaji..c is our honewali sautan..scold her..tell her that ur son is married twice.. ??



      Neha :Sanky’s 1st wife..My jiji nd Anju nd Dharsha’s bhabi..

      Me : Sanky’s 2nd wife.. Anju nd Dharsha’s another bhabi

      Musku: Laksh’s wife.. Another bhabi of Dharsha nd Anju

      Sweetie: our respected MIL

      Jaf: our papaji

      Sha: Sanky’s gf..

      Roshini nd Ramakrishna : Sanky’s saali sahebas

      Anjali nd Dharsha :Sanky’s sister..our nanad..

      Still Laksh post is vacant..anyone who is interested plz let us know..

    2. Paye lago…Papaji
      I’m ur choti bahu…n laksh ki wife
      I m also new to this mentaleshwari family
      Just like u ….
      Lol abhi take laksh nhi mila par wife pehle mil gyi
      N dp ke aane we pehle sanky….
      Science me kuch zyada tarakki kar li???

      1. Hii musku!! Main tumhari MIL..Welcome to our pagal family my dear..Dil thaamke baito,ok??Nayi nayi bahu ho naa,isliye bata rahin hoon..Dheere dheere tumhe bhi humari jaisa banne se koi nahi rok sakta..Yeh tumhari jetanis hain naa woh bahut hi acche trainers hai,don’t worry..Aur main bhi tho hoon,fikar not.. 😀
        Arey bhai!!Tumhari ex-FIL ka naam DP nahin hai, “Vikas” hai..Please DP ke naam mat jodna mere saath..Usko AP hi sambaal sakti hai.. 😉

      2. Ye kya locha h????
        Ex -FIL…
        Ye kab hua mummyji….
        N worry not apko Aur mere jijies ko kuch jyada kam ni karna padega bcz we Delhi people are born besharam
        Mai ne toh pehle hi bata diya h
        ..though I m laksh’s wife but my full focus will be on sanky…

        Mai toh sanky ki bhabhi bani hi isliue hu…taki usse flirt kar saku??
        Kya karo mera pati is Ahhhwwwwhh gaaauuuuuddddd….n itna handsome jeth ho toh much b ho sakta

  33. Di I think u all.forgot me
    Waise sha di its not fair ki aap mere sameer par pressure dalien
    I just hate that sameera I don t have time so will comment
    The epi is awesome oh so mishveee rocks
    Bye di love u loads

    1. Arei no.. Was waiting for u.. Thought u r busy..
      Arei sameer ko Sameera se hogayi hai pyaar kya Karoon.. ? fiqar not, sameer abhi pata nahi hai…
      Glad. U liked it… Love u too

    2. Hey behna.. how can I forget u?? was waiting for u… ?? ok.. chat wn u will be free..

    3. Roshni how can we forget your…. You’re our cute sissy na….. Was waiting for you to comment thought kahin tum hamare pagalpan ko chod na do…. But now I’m sure you won’t….. Toh behna phir se warm welcome

  34. Hey our family members..Mummyji is missing.. ??? Mummyji where r u?? ?? Jiji u said r8.. Rahul papa ko thoda saans toh lene do.. ??? itna pyar?? ?? Kya kar rahi ho mummyji??? Hume bhi batao.. Hume bhi janna hai.. ????Apply bhi karna hai.. ???Rahul papa.. Aap thik toh hena??? ??? Mummyji Rahul papa ko Glucose do.. warna Energy nhi rahegi.. ????? Lol.. am bcming too much shameless.. ???Sorry everyone.. ???

    1. Arei sweetie,reply kardo,… Izzatka ka faluda Aur bharta ban raha hai… Oh my god…. Natasha.. Reading ur comment, I couldn’t control my laugh,but same time my parents are next to me.. I started laughing as if watching TV.. But poor me, at tat time a serious scene was going on.. ?… Yaar kya kya karwaarahe ho…

      1. Ohooooo my cutiepieee….Very bad timing….Hahaha.. 😀 Meine tho tumhe pehle hi advice diya tha chupke comments padne kaa..Abb bugthooo…Waise kya kahan uncle,aunty nee??? 😉

        LOL…Kya kya nikal rahi hai yaar mere muh se…Seriously mere ghar wale kisi ne dekh liye tho mera khair nahin..Hahaha..Cutipiee!! Woh tho abb mere peeche broom stick le ke baagenge.. 😉 LOL..Hahaha.. 😀 😀 😀

        Kal jab tum log online aaogi naa tab dekh lungi sab ko..Especiallyy Nats ko..Grrrrr.. 😛

    2. Hello Nats baby…Don’t worry main bilkul teek hu..Aur Rahul bhi teek hai…Rahul ko romance main sikha raha tha yaar..Woh tho thoda busy ho gayi with my little sister,isliye late reply..

      Tum jaankar kya karogi humhara secret??jaa jaake Sanky se pooch,woh tho sab se zyaada romantic hai.. 😉

      Energy nahin bachi tho tumhare paas le aaungi naa..Tum phikar mat kar..Akhir doctor bahu raani kab kaam aayegi.. 😉

      1. Mummji n jiji please tell me who is this Rahul n Rahul papa haan??? Kahi aapka chakkar toh nhi chal rha???? Hawww esa h kya????
        N ya chakkar rahul ke sath hai yya papa ke sath???
        This is not fair yaar??? Agar handsome h toh mujhe b batao…mai b try marungi …ufff us laksh se pichha chhute ga …
        N ya agar Natasha jiji agar apka chakkar h na toh
        ap sanky ko dhokha dena ka soch b kese sakti h…haaan??
        De kyo ni deti???? Mai hu na sanky ki one n only sweetest prettiest smartest bhabi to console him , support him n also romance with him….???ye bhabi kabhi sanky ko uski wife ki kami mehsus nahi hone degi…

      2. Baby musku,I think you are way behind schedule..But no probs..I’ll explain it to you..Rahul iss FF ka hi character hai..Woh blush karne wala ladka,Swara ka junior..Yaad aaya?? Main uske saath set hu..Aur humhara first date bhi ho gaya..Uspe line marne ki sochna bhi mat..

        About your FIL,I mean ex-FIL,his name is Vikas..Uske saath mere divorce ho chuka hai..

        Yaar humme kuch mehnat hi nahin karni padi tumhe besharam banaane mein,you’re full on beshram mode.. 😛 Good going..Please thoda tumhari jetanis se sambhal ke rehna,they will fight foot and nail for Sanky.. 😉

  35. OMG!!!! Arey ek din mein apni ek family se busy kya hogayi,meri dusri family ne to bawaal macha diya yahaan..

    Neha baby studies first and everything next even my Sanky 😛 Already answered to all the questions regarding my date..Aur kya bataoon??Haa,Tumhara rahul papa ka dil garden ho gayi aur flowers pluck karke ghar ko sajaa bhi rahi hoon 😉 I’m proud of Nats bahu as well shanthi staapith karne ke liye..Nahin tho mera bacha poori zindagi outer space mein hi bitanaa pad gaya hota.. 😀

    Nats bahu don’t go on your Rahul papa..Woh tho already mujhe bhi apne jaisa banaane ke mood mein hai aur abb tu mat shuru ho jaa..

    Arey baap re Laksh nahin mila par uski patni mil gayi..Kahaan gaayab kar diya mere bete ko??Aur Laksh ki patni please sambhal jaa haa,kyun ki as Neha said this is full on besharam wala family.. 😉

    Aur mere hone wali bahu ko aish hi aish hain..Outer space mein kya mazaa loot rahin hai..Bathroom romance and all,haa..Not bad..Waise mera Sanky saat mein ho toh aisa hona hi chahiye..Akhir beta kiska hai.. 😉

    Haayeee mein mar jaavaaa..Anjali meri beti….How are you????Awww Anjali!!!You are too cute but only after my cutie Rahul,haa..No hard feelings… 😉 I wish main tumhari cheeks pull kar paathi…Lots of hugs and kisses to you..muahhhh!!!

    Oyeeee meri bahus wat are you talking???Sanky tho already in outer space with his GF naa..Tum bhi wahan jaaoge???woh tho wahan kuch din apne GF ke saath bitaane gaya tha..Please kuch din baad chali jaana..Mein portal address bejh doongi.. 😀

    Already told in advertisement that no posts are vacant for Sanky wife/GF naa..Phir se nayi entries??Mera beta tho pagal ho jaayega..Already theen hai naa,bas wahi kaafi hai..No more new entries pleasee..Main nahin dekh sakti ae sab..

    Woah!!Helloooo!!!Sab apne aap mere ex-hubby ka name rak diya..LOL..Main kya pagal dikhti hoon ‘Pagal’ DP yaa ‘No dialogues’ wali RP ko apna pati banaane ka..Unn dono ko AP aur Comedy Sujju ko hi sambhaalne do..Mera ex-hubby ka name ‘Vikas’ hai…Aur mera janu hai..Ab jo bhi ye post barna chahe soch lo,tumhara name “Vikas” hoga not any DP/RP..

    Warm welcome to my daughters Anjali and Dharsha…How are you my babiess??? 😀 Lots of love to you both..muahhh…

    Arey baap re Jaf mera ex-hubby hai..Haa tumhara name ‘Vikas’ hai not DP,alright??So sorry yaar dekha nahin tumhe..Waise kaise ho tum??Teek ho naa?? Welcome to our cute family,ok??Sabka intros tho ho gayi hain,aur nayi log aayengi tho intro karvadungi.. 😉

    Sha my cutipieee!!!You’ve gone skating…Awwww!!!Kaisa raha experience woh bhi tumhari BF ke saath??Bataoo bataaoooo,kal mujhe kitna cheda tha tum logon ne,ab meri baaariiiiii…Hahaha.. 😀 I don’t mind anything by seeing your photos,haa thoda danke photos bejh do bas wahi kaafi hai.. 😉

    Arey bhai Roshini tumhe kaise bhool sakte hum log..Never in our dreams.. 😀 Lots of love dear.. 🙂

    1. Wow mom ji sha ko green signal dene ke liye for photos…. Offo mom haan plzz postal adress bhejo na I also wanna do skating u know I love these exciting things….

      Even I don’t like dp or rp as my fil….. Someone sounding should be there na…. Vikas is perfect…. Jaf ur vikas papaji….. Mom wow Rahul papa ke saath enjoy kar liya….. Phool se ghar saja rahi h ah haan…. Kon se phool h…. Rose and white lilies…. Mood kuch romantic h kya…. Humme bhi batao…… ????…..

      Yes mom sanky is very very romantic credit to you and so thanku use aisa banane ke liye… ?

      1. No need of thanks Neha baby..Mujhe bhi tho dekhna tha na meri mehnat ka phal kaise ho raha hai(don’t divert your mind to another direction,I’m talking about portal 😛 )
        Flowers tho both roses and white lilies..Bola tha na main bahut romantic hoon..To aise kaise ek flower se mera kaam chalega..Isliye two varieties.. 😉 Portal ka address bejh doongi,time tho aane do..Sanky will enjoy with you again,don’t worry..Abb kya hain naa woh thoda uska GF se busy ho gaya tha.. 😉

    2. Mummy!!!!! ????

      1. Haii betiiii…..How are you???????

  36. Hawwwwwwwww… Nats!!! ,??????Kya chal raha hai yaha.?? tune mujhe bataya nhi.. ??? I know u r besharam.. but itna zyada.. ???? it has became a laughter class.. omg.. am going ROFL.. Sha,Neha and Sweetie and ofc our Nats.. u guys are hilarious.. ???? OK..let me introduce myself.. am Natasha’s friend.. And Sha ur ff is just outstanding.. Teenage love story.. I love the most.. kp writing..waiting for next part.. ?? and continue ur pagalpanti guys.. ????But haan.. Nats is really shameless.. ?????? But am seeing that here everyone is shameless like sha,sweetie and neha.. ??????

    1. Hai Riya,How are you?? Yeah,we are a bunch of besharam ladkis here..Please don’t mind haan..Humne pehli hi bataya tha na we are shameless.. 😉 Haa Nats tho sabse upar hain..Hahaha.. 😀 Thank god we are able to make people laugh..Sha baby see naa because of your page we are also becoming famous.. 😉 Riya,why don’t you join in our pagalpanti??Advertisement mein jo posts specify kiya hai usme se koi post choose karlo..I think now you are left only with ‘Laksh’ and husbands of my two betis Dharsha and Anjali.. 😀
      Take care dear.. 🙂 We(Sha,Neha,Nats and me) have already made reservations in mental asylum,so if you don’t find us here next time you can directly meet us in asylum,ok?? 😉 Bye.. 🙂

    2. Rita darling, yaha sab ladkiya sanskar ko dekkar, Asanskari bana chuki hai.. ?

      Arei u r praising us soo much Rita…. Neha ne sach hi kaha, aaj kuch besharmi karte hai… ?

      MIL.. See ur bahus n would be bahu are so famous.. U r so lucky to get us.. Isn’t it..? ?

      Sanky: aakhir girl frnd kis ki hai.. (side hugging sha?) mom, see, all my choises are extra ordinary…
      Sha: sweet heart, stop it.. (hits his chest)
      Sanky: Arei my jaan, u r blushing.. Love u loads..

      ? ? ?…

      Sorry guys.. Shayad bahut hogayi.. ? ??

      Rita, glad u liked my ff… I have submitted my next chap.. It’s yet to be updated.. Love u loads.. ?

      1. I’m really sorry!!!! It’s RIYA!! Not Rita!! A big sorry yaar… This auto correct always irritates.. Don’t mind haan..

        Have this as my compensation ????????

      2. Arey yaar,main has has ke pagal ho rahi hoon.. 😀
        Sha what was that ‘Aaj kuch besharmi karti hai’..We are in full on besharmi mode..There’s no need to switch it on.. 😛 😉

      3. Are Sha why sorry.. no sorry.. am also suffering from that problem.. frndshp me no sorry no thanks.. guys..nats is lil busy..so she didn’t reply u back…c told that c will reply later..

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