FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 48)

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Sanskar have been searching swara, all through his way…. He keeps asking some people showing swara’s pic.. But there was no clue abt her.. So he head towards the clg.. Veer too reaches there..

Only few students were found in the college.. Some heading back to homes n some laughing giggling.. They both search throughout the campus.. Atlas they find swara’s scooty in the parking lot..

Sanky: (pointing) veer, swara’s scooty..
Veer: haan sanskar.. But she started her scooty along with us right..
Sanky: haan yaar.. May be, she got some work.. Let’s check out our frnds..

Sanvee calls their frnds n enquire abt swara, but they dint know anything abt her.. Both of them get worried..

At Sinha house..
Mishu: Arei tannu, its been 1hr.. Bhai dint call yet.. Wat would have happened..
Tannu : haan.. It’s getting dark.. Badi mom called me twice.. I said, we r at ur house. If she got to know from ur mom.. Then..
Mishu: don’t worry tannu, we will manage.. We cant tell them .. They will get worried.

Mishu calls veer n enquire abt swara but he just assures her to manage the situation n disconnects the call..

Tannu: kya hua..
Mishu: they dint find her yet..

They hear a knock..
Mishu opens the door n finds sona..

Mishu : mom.. (nervous smile)
Sona: just came to ask wat u both will have.
Tannu: nothing aunty.. Just
Sona:(interrupting) Arei, wat nothing.. N my angel will be coming. I have made ice cream for her.. Just came to ask ur choice..
Mishu: mom, we too will have the same..
Sona: u both r hiding something..
Tannu:(startled) wat.. No aunty.. Nothing..
Sona: okay!! I hope so… Uff.(hits her forhead) I forgot.. Have to call mishti…
Mishtan gets shocked…

At college..
Sanvee were searching through the corriders.. Some classes were locked. Some were open.. Sanvee reaches swara’s class.. They find it closed, but it’s not locked.. They rush into her class n scan the room. But couldn’t find her.. They walk out from the class.. But sanky was so restless..

Sanky: veer.. She is here somewhere.. I dont know where… But I can feel, she is here..

He becomes restless while veer console him.. Both recalls something n smile at eachother..

Veer: how can we forget abt tat…
Sanky: so, y r u wasting ur time.. Call ur mom fast…

Sanky smiles madly.. While veer makes a call to his mom…

After the call, both smirk at eachother n look at their mobiles.. Both get shocked at the instant n runs from their n tries to enter another room.. But to their shock, they find it locked.. It’s not locked but the lock was just hanging just like showing its locked… Sanky quickly removes the lock n both rush into the room.. Which is indeed their class room..

At Sinha house

Mishu: mom!! U r going to call aunty.. ??
Sona: haaan.. I just forgot to ask abt her health.. She wasn’t well sterday..
Tannu: she is absolutely fine aunty…
Sona:she is fine????. But in the morning, she was little pale, while going to clg..
Tannu: haaan.. But she was feeling good when she reached clg..
Sona: tats good to hear.. But a normal call won’t affect..
Tannu: ya aunty.. But while I went, she was sleeping.. May be ,she is resting..
Sona: OK then. I will call her, at night..

mishtan sighs…. Sona leave from there, looking at them weirdly..

Mishu: thank god..
Tannu: tumari mom, James Bond se kam nahi hai…

Mishtan giggles looking at eachother.. Again they look at their phones n gets worried..

At college..
After entering the class, sanvee looks at eachother in horror.. N runs to unconscious swara, lying on the floor…

Sanky quickly places swara’s head in his lap n pats her cheeks..

Sanky: (teary eyes) swara(pats her cheek) swara utho.. See i came.. Swara… (pats her cheek) swara…

Veer rushes outside to bring some water… After few minutes sanky sprinkles water on swara .. She slowly moves her eye socket..sanvee smiles looking at eachother…..

Sanky: swara…

Swara opens her eyes n the next second she hugs sanky being in his lap, burying her face in his stomach..

Veer: angel(caressing her hair) wat happened.. (looks at sanky in worry)

Sanky made sure to relax her first.. He just keep stroking her back to assure her.. Sanky could feel wet in his stomach.. He quickly parts her n looks into her eyes.. She was indeed crying. He cups her face n wipes her tears with his thumb…

Sanky: kya hua!??

Swara doesn’t answer anything and looks scared.. He kiss her forhead gently n makes her relax.. He quickly lifts her in his arms ,where as she dint protest and quickly wraps her hands across his neck.. Some students in the campus, saw it with wide opened mouth.. While some ignored.. Sanky made her sit in his bike.. Sanvee both left the clg on their bikes.. Swara hugged sanky tightly n rested her head on his back..(how romantic) Their was no gap between them.. She hugged him with so much fear,which could be definitely found with her rapid heart beats.. Sanky could feel her raising beats n slowed down the bike.. He turned n looks at frowning swara.. Veer have gone long way.

Sanky: (worried) swara wat happened… Will u plz open ur mouth.. Ur silence. Is killing me..
Swara: sanskar, it’s just tat.. I will tell u later.. So Plss..
Sanky: OK… But u have to tell me eveverything ..

Swara nods her head n gave a faint smile .. She rested her head on his back while sanky continues driving.. She slept on the way back home .. When sanky parks his bike, veer comes n chuckles seeing the scenario..

Veer: she is sleeping…
Sanky: how mean.. She made me hell worried n now sleeping peacefully..
Veer: chal, we will take her home..
Sanky: no way,.. I’m taking her to my room..
Veer: kya.. Hello, she is not ur official wife.. Wat will u tell ur mom..
Sanky: Now it’s ur job to go n clear the coast in my house.. Or else i will just remain like this..
Veer: wat????
Sanky:(convincing eyes) haan.. Pls veer..

Veer sighs shooking his head… He goes to the house.. Sona opens the door n smiles at him.. He purposefully made sona busy in kitchen n msgs sanky.. Sanky after receiving the msg, lifts swara slowly.. But She gets startled with the move n opens her eyes.. She widened her eyes, seeing tatt he is taking her to his house in bridal style.. She struggles to get down..

Swara: sanskar.. Sanky leave me down.. Plsss..
Sanky: nothing to worry wifey.. Just relax…
Swara: sanskar, anyone will see us…

He opens the door n swara closes her faces with her hands from getting embarrassed ..to her surprise, no one was there in the house.. He made his way to his room n made her lie on his bed.. Swara feels butterflies in her stomach.. She looks at sanky n turns around. Sanky comes near her n swara quickly gets up from bed..

Sanky: Swara, lie down..

She shook her head in no..

Sanky: Acha tell me wat happened..

She quickly hugs him and weeps… Sanky caresses her hair to calm her down. After a sometime she gets relaxed n breaks the hug.. He cups her face n kiss her forhead..

Sanky: see.. I’m there..(kiss her cheek and winks at her) tell me wat happened..

Swara smiles shyly..

Sanky:awww, I got my wifey back..

leans towards her lips…… The door gets opened with a bang n SwaSan looks at the door way with their forhead joined..

Sanky:(murmurs) mere dushman

While swara frowns but smiles at sankys words..
Mishtanvee enters.. Mishtan starts scolding swara.. Swara pouts ,while sanky shouts at them..

Sanky: enough guys… She is hell scared.. N u guys r scolding her…
Mishu: sorry swara…
Tannu:(cups her face) sorry angel.. We were hell worried.. N these dumbos, din’t even call us n informed abt u…

Swara chuckles n sighs… She starts telling them, wat happened..

Flashback :
Swara sits in her scooty n starts following sanvee bikes.. But she just remember tat her bag is missing n again parks her scooty back .. She quickly goes in search of her bag.. She doesn’t find it on the way.. So she decide to check in her class ,no one was there in the whole corrider.

Strong wind blows in her way.. She gets little tensed but boost up herself n move fwd.. She quickly goes to her class.. She finds her bag on the floor n picks it.. After taking her bag, she comes out happily ..

She could feel someone at her back.. But when she turns , doesn’t find anyone.. Later while passing through sankys class,she could see some shadow inside the class.. She slowly peeks, at the same time she was hell scared…

As she was the only one in the corrider.. But the shadow which she saw…. Soon she gets into the class n the shadow disappeared making her shocked.. She quickly rushes to the door.. The door gets shut with a thud..

Swara screams in fear.. But her vioce wasn’t audible enough.. She could hear some weird noice from her back.. When she turns, the voice doesn’t come.. Suddenly she heard a loud scream which makes her hell scared n she faints down…
Fb ends..

This was said by swara, by continuous flow of tears. Sanky hugs her n could feel her heavy beats..

Sanky: relax swara.. Just relax..
Swara: was the story true.. ??
Sanky: which story,??
Swara : the one which u guys said pointing at the old building.
Veer: no angel.. We just fake tat story. No one died there…
Sanky: it’s just ur imagination swara.. So pls..
Swara: but sanskar…
Sanky:shhhh.. Don’t u Beleive me. It may be ur imagination..
Tannu: haan angel. .. This idiots.. Huh..
Mishu: becoz of ur so called joke, she is been through this.. But how can the door gets locked .. It’s weird..
Sanky: tats wat im thinki(he looks at swara’s worried face) OK leave the topic. (at swara) sweet heart, why dont u sleep for sometime..

Swara shooks in no…

Mishu: Arei Mom have made ice cream.. Come lets go n have some…

Swara grins n swamishtan runs out.. .

Veer : sanky, kya sach mei bhoot hote hain..
Sanky: veer.. Ghost doesn’t exist.. So just shut up..
Veer: but sanky, just imagine.. Wat if it is true..

Sanky gulps imagining it.. But he shook his head..

Sanky: shut up.. It’s Nothing like tat. It can be someone’s plotting..

Swamishtan enters with ice-cream bowls n swara looks happy.. She jumps on sanky’s bed.. Sanky smiles seeing his swara back.. He sits beside her.. While Mishtanvee clears their throat seeing the love birds having passionate eyelock.. Swara blushes seeing them..

Veer: sanky, u totally changed her yaar.. My angel, who just know to smile evilly n scare someone. Is now blushing n scared of something..

Swara’s face colour changes after hearing it.. Sanky gives him a death glare for reminding her abt tat.. Veer pouts.. Swara jerks her thoughts n starts to feed sanky.. He takes out a chocolate n give it to her..

Swara: thank u..
Sanky: (whispers) swara I remember my candle light desert.. Aur I want my chocolate(winks at her)
Swara: chup..

He takes the bowl from her hand n feeds her.. While Mishtanvee teases them.. He spreads ice cream across her lips.. Swara hits him n was abt to wipe it but he holds her wrist.. He wipes it off from her lips with his thumb without anyones notice. … He licks his thumb , winking at her making her shocked while he smiles naughtily.. The have an eyelock which was disturbed by

Tannu: but haan, how did u guys find her…
Mishu: haan bhai.. I just forgot abt it..
Swara: ya.. How do u know tat i was there..

Sanvee looks at eachother n smiles..

Veer: thanks to my mom..
Swamishtan : how???

Sanky takes swara’s hand n shows her wrist..
Swara looks at him with a question..

Veer: angel ur watch..!!!
Swara: my watch…!!!!
Mishtan: oh my god… !!!!
Swara: haan.. Intelligent huh…
Tannu: haaan, all thanks to mom.. It’s only due to her..
Sanky: watch mei tracking device was the best gift…
Veer: it was all moms idea.. From when, swara was missing from the hill,she planned it long back..

Swamishtan smiles while sanvee grins..

Veer : arrei where are our ice creams.. So mean angel..
Swara: wait i will bring ice creams for u both..
Veer: my best buddy(pulls her cheeks)unlike others sirf Apna khaa rahe hai(taunt at tannu)
Tannu: watever.. I wont come in ur words.. U guys, we’re too much at clg..

Veer makes faces while swara was abt to leave

Sanky : sweet heart, i need a chocolate too (winks at swara)
Swara: duffer(throws a pillow at him n leaves)

While sanky grins. Veer looks at him with question look..

Sanky:(at veer) kya???
Veer: I just doubt u!!!??? (looks at him with a corner eye..)
Sanky: no veer..(blinks innocently) Don’t judge my intentions…
Veer: I dint say anything abt ur intentions.. So tell me, wat were u telling her..

Swara comes at tatt time..

Swara: Wat happened??
Sanky: sweetheart he is asking abt ur chocolate…

Swara widens her eyes n looks at sanvee too n fro… She shook her head..

Veer: wat happened angel..
Swara : ur ice creams.. It will melt..
Veer: is he, teasing u…
Swara:(startled) no sweetu.. Nothing like tat. N u guys have this..

Sanvee looks at ice cream bowl n at swara.. Then they both look at eachother..

Veer: sanky…???
Sanky: veer…???
Swara: arei kya hua..
Veer: ice cream colour is different.
Swara: huh. Bas!!!. Idiots.. Aunty made a different flavor tats it.
Sanky: okay.. But wat flavour is this. Its in red colour.
Veer: haan first time I’m seeing it..
Swara: if u want eat.. I dont care.

she puts the tray on the table n get settled with the girls …

Sanvee looks at eachother n at the ice cream.. Their mouth melts.. Finally they grab the bowl n smell it.. It was indeed smelling good.. Both smile looking at eachother n take a full spoon n puts it in their mouth to gulp it..

Their eyes pop out with continuous tears.. Looks at swara, who burst out laughing along with mishtan..

Sanvee: (shouts) ahhhhhhhhhhh……
Sanky: paani!!!!! .. (runs here n there)
Veer: Mummaaaa….!!! Pani(runs out)

Swatanmish follows them laughing out… Sanvee drinks a jug Full Of water.. Still shouting n panting heavily..

Veer: angel, wat the hell yaar..
Mishu: u guys needed this..
Tannu : haan.. Flirting with those girls…

Sona comes there..

Sona: wat happened..
Sanky:mom.. This girl.. Huh. She mixed chilli in our ice creams..

Sona burst out laughing..
Sanky takes ice cubes n rubs on his lips..

Sanky: mom.. U r laughing. How mean..
Swara: u know aunty.. They were flirting with our class girls.. N moreover, they teased us alot..
Mishu: haan mom.. They pour a bucket of water on our heads.. (shoot draggers at veer)
Veer: arei.. We were just having fun..
Tannu: then we too had fun.. Tats it..

Swara feels bad seeing sanky. Then she remembers him flirting witth Barbie..

Swara: Aur aunty, u know wat, (mimics) Barbie.. U r really looking like a Barbie…

Sanky chuckles while swara gives him a cold look…

Sona : swara, it’s their genes.. All credits to his dad..

Tannu: but veer use to say so many good things abt him..
Sona: ya he was.. But since he heard his dad story, i could see, so many changes in him.. (giggles) OK I’m going to see mishti, u guys enjoy!!!

Sanvee were still shouting due to the chilli powder.. Sanky sighs n goes into his room with a bowl of ice cubes.. Where as mishu takes ice cream bowl n goes to veer..

Veer: noo.. (gets scared looking at ice cream)
Mishu: believe me, this time. Its just ice cream..
Veer: I dont need it..
Tannu : mishu leave him. U just give tat bowl to me..

Tannu grabs another bowl of ice cream from kitchen n settles on couch with the TV remote.. While mishu forcefully feeds veer.. He looks at her n pulls her beside him.. They both feed looking at eachother with an eyelock .. While tannu was busy watching TV..

Swara comes with another ice cream bowl n moves towards sanky’s room.. On the way, she saw mishvee n smiles naughtily..

Swara:(monologue) oh. Another love story is already going on. Hmmm, I will pull their legs later. First my sanky.. Aww..

She quickly run to his room.. Sanky was looking sad n had a pout on his face. When swara enters, he turns his face n switch on the TV in his room settling himself on the couch..

Swara smiles seeing him.. She goes n stand in front of him so tat he couldn’t see the TV .. He closes his eyes,indicating he is angry..

Swara: aww, my hubby is angry with me.. Choo chaad.. (pulls his cheeks)

He opens his eyes n she grins widely.. Again closes his eyes with an irritated look.. Swara jumps in his lap which made sanky to wide open his eyes..

Sanky: ouch…
Swara: this is totally unfair. (puts her hand across his neck) I should be angry with u.. Yaha sab ulta ho raha hai.. How dare u too flirt with those girls..
Sanky: I was just teasing u.. But u burned mouth for such a small issue…
Swara: it’s not a small issue.. But I’m sorry.. (kisses his cheek)
Sanky: I dont need ur sorry.. Chee(rubs his cheek where she kissed)
Swara: (her mouth form a O) haaawwwww.. U r so mean.. Huh..

She was abt to get up from his lap, but he puts his hand around her waist.

Swara: u don’t need my sorry na. Leave.
Sanky: no.. It’s still burning swara..
Swara: I’m really sorry sanskar.. See tats y i have brought this ice cream.. Come I will feed u..
Sanky: noo..
Swara: Arei, it’s not chilli ice cream..

She had a spoon in front of him..

Swara: look. It’s just ice cream..
Sanky: I know.. But I’m in no mood.

She makes him have forcefully n smiles..

Sanky : this burning sensation won’t go with ice cream an all.. It needs treatment..
Swara:(understand Wat he is trying to say) acha g.. Which doctor should I call to treat ur wound.
Sanky:(grins) Swara khanna!!
Swara: (hits him in the chest) huh.. I’m not a doctor..
Sanky: but u r my medicine.. (smiles naughtily)

He starts kissing her cheeks seducingly…. While she blushes.. He kiss her across her lips, teasing her.. She couldn’t control anymore n place her lips on his.. Sanky smiles ,as his plan worked .. Before he could kiss her back, She parts n hits him..

Swara: idiot.. I’m smarter than u.. Huh. (grins)

He smirks n pulls her into another kiss startling her. She hits his chest to free herself but he pulls her more from her waist.. She finally give up n reciprocate him easing his burning sensation by a gentle yet warm kiss.. They both part away breathing heavily,smiling ear to ear..

Sanky: thanks wifey..
Swara: (pulls his cheek) itna cute hubby ke demands ko neglect nahi karsakthi na..

They both laugh at eachother .. Time passes n swatanvee leave to their respective homes.. Sanky was not ready to leave swara but after giving her long lecture on being careful ,he leaves her.

Veer: thank god, ur so called pravachan ended soon..

SwaMishtan giggles.. Swara nods n they leave.

After reaching home, swara recieves a call from sanky.. He asked her, whether she reached or not..

Swara: sanky isn’t it too much.. I’m next to ur house n I would have reached safely.. N moreover, u were seeing me, until I went inside my house..

Sanky bites his tongue n cuts the call, as she began shouting.. Swara smiles at last ,seeing his care.. But feels sad, as she shouted at him.. She finishes her dinner asap n runs to her room..

She dials sanky. He picks her call in the first ring n she gets impressed..

Swara: wow hubby, impatiently waiting for my call..
Sanky: wat to do, wifey naaraz ho toh manana padta hai..
Swara: I love u hubby…..
Sanky: I love u too my wifey..

They both laugh at eachother.. Both starts teasing eachother.. Sanky takes his anger out on sahil.. Swara laughs on his possessive behaviour..

Sanky: y the hell tat Prince is calling u princess…
Swara: woh, he wants me to be his princess..

Sanky fumes while swara laughs n they both talk for a while.. Swara sleeps talking to him.. When sanky doesn’t hear her voice, he understands tat she slept n he too sleeps peacefully..

At midnight, swara was breathing heavily n sweating. She quickly wakes up from her sleep with tears flowing from her eyes.. She was hell scared.. Quickly takes her mob n dials sanky’s number.. But soon she cuts it..

Swara: no, sanky will be worried. But I.. Why im i scared.. Sanskar said its just my imagination.. Or it may be someone’s plotting. But (starts crying)

At tat time she agains see shadow in the balcony n gulps.. She pulls over the blanket n lies.. Her heart beat racing at high speed.. Someone comes from her back kiss her forhead. Swara opens her eyes immediately n hugs the person..

Indeed it was sanskar..

Sanky: swara, u dint sleep..

He feels her tears n parts her..

Sanky: again u got scared… Sorry.. It’s becoz of me..
Swara: no sanskar.. I got the nightmare.. So I got up.. When I saw ur shadow, I was hell scared seeing it..
Sanky:(cups her face) so tats y i was restless.. U could have called me..
Swara: I was.. But thought, not to disturb u..
Sanky: disturb..?? I will kill u.. Just call me, whenever u need me.. Plss… (gets teary eyes)
Swara: I’m sorry.. (pouts)
Sanky: Acha come, now sleep..

Swara gets happy n pulls sanky over her bed .. She sleeps on his shoulder hugging him.. She feels protected in his embrace..

Sanky:(monologue) I’m sorry swara, I couldn’t help u at the time of ur need.. (hugs her tight)

Swara holds him tightly n sleep peacefully.. Sanky too sleeps for sometime.. He wakes up after sometime n smiles seeing her sleeping innocently .. He slowly pecks her lips n gets up without disturbing swara. But he stops when he see her holding his shirt tightly in sleep.. He sighs n slowly tries to free his shirt without disturbing her sleep..

He finally removes her hand but she wakes up immediately..

Sanky: good night swara..
Swara: sleep na sanskar.. Pls…
Sanky: ur mom. Wat will u say, when she comes here.
Swara: haan.. But(pouts)I dont know..
Sanky: u sleep, I will leave..

Swara frowns..

Swara: OK.. Good night… (pulls her blanket over)

Sanky smiles n pulls her blanket.. He kiss her forhead n starts to leave. He goes near the balcony n see a pouting swara.. He sighs loudly.. She again pulls over her blanket.

Suddenly sanky jumps over her bed n pulls her by her waist.. Swara giggles as he tickles her.. They both sleep cuddling eachother with an everlasting smile……

Precap: sumi comes towards swara’s room to wake her.. Whereas inside the room, SwaSan sleeping in eachothers embrace..


Appologies for the delay!!!!
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