FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 46)

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The episode begins with swasan sleeping peacefully in eachothers embrace on the terrace in a sitting position.. Swara sleeping over sankys shoulder .. A Smile crept on both faces.. As the sun rays falls on them, swara gets disturbed in sleep,she keeps cuddling sanky.. .. Sanky wakes up due the rays.. He smiles seeing swara,who is sleeping comfortably in his embrace.. He lifts her chin n pecks her lips slightly.. She smiles in her sleep

Swara: mmmmm

She cuddles more.. He smiles seeing her childish act.. He again lift her chin n kiss her again but little longer than before… Now she hides her face in his chest…. Sanky let out a laugh n plant a kiss on her hair..

Sanky: good morning sweetheart..
Swara: Mmmm..

He wraps his hand around her waist n lifts her.. He make her sit in his lap.. She makes faces still sleeping and murmurs..

Swara: let me sleep..
Sanky : OK, let’s sleep.. Waise, I’m enjoying

saying this he hugs her n sleeps nuzzling his head in her neck.. Swara widens her eyes n jerks him..

Swara: sanky, wat..?? I mean.. Is it??? I mean.. We.. Oh my god.. Is it real.. We r still here.. N u..
Sanky: relax kya hua..

She recalls Sanky kissing her n blushes.. She thought it to be a dream.. She looks at sanky n hide herself in his chest n smiles ear to ear..

Sanky: Wat happened??
Swara: nothing.
Sanky: Arei bolo na..
Swara: kuch nahi..
Sanky: OK leave.. Give me my morning kiss..

Swara breaks the hug n hits on his chest..

Sanky: ouch. Kya hua..
Swara : u kissed me, while I’m asleep..
Sanky:(blinks) ah.. I dint do it..(innocently)
Swara:jhoote.. First I thought it to be a dream.. Just now i realised.. (hits him again)
Sanky: Arei.. Ahhh.. OK leave. I kissed u. I agree.. But now(smiles naughtily) u kiss mee.. Come on..
Swara : huh.. Shameless..

She tries to get up.. He tightens his grip on her waist..

Swara: sanskar..
Sanky: kiss me first….
Swara: no.. U got it na.. Now lets leave. Wat if someone comes..

Suddenly they hear some foot steps.. Reality hits them n they look at each other in horror..

They quickly got up n hide near the water tank.. Sanky behind swara.. She was peeking out slowly to know who has come.. Sanky gets naughty idea on his mind, he slowly wraps his hand around her waist n pulls her into his chest. She widens her eyes n struggles to get free of his clutches.. He nuzzles his head in her hair and tries to move her hair to one side.. She slowly whispers

Swara: sanky let me see who has come..
Sanky: no.. Don’t disturb.
Swara: sanskar… plss…

He leaves her with a pout.. She again peeks out from the corner n gets shocked to see one of the servant.. She quickly gets back n hits sanky’s chest.

Sanky: aagai na mere paas..

Saying this he back hugs her n kissed her shoulder.. She turns towards him with a tensed face

Swara: sanky, we dint clean any of the decorations.. Kaka have seen it.. Wat if our parents gets to know…
Sanky: y should i worry.. Its u, who have done (says cutely)
Swara: how mean(pouts)
Sanky: awww.(cups her face) . My baby.. (kisses her forehead) don’t worry, i will clean it.. Let him go first..
Servant: (shouts) Maalik, Maalik..

SwaSan widens their eyes..

Swara: first We Need to get out from here..
Sanky: u r right.. If they see u.. Oh noo….Ur dress..

Swara gulps.. They both run towards their room, after finishing their everlasting romance.. Both were smiling ear to ear.. They lie on bed recalling their moments n smiling madly..

Swara looks at mishtan n takes a look at herself n runs to washroom.. She quickly change into comfortable n jumps on the couch.. Her phone rings n she picks on the second ring..

Swara: hmmm..
Sanky: my kiss.. Still pending..
Swara: shameless..
Sanky: let it be.. I wil get it anyhow..

At tat time both hear noise from outside n mishtanvee gets up.. Evryone goes out n takes a look..

Sinha: let it be.. Our kids would have done..
Sona: haan kaka.. U just clean it.. OK..
Kaka: jee maalkin..
Shekar : kya hua..
Sona: woh, I guess our children partied on terrace..
Mishti: aww.. Without us.. Very bad..
Mishu: kaisi party..

Swasan widens their eyes.. Evrything was going perfect but this mishu is spoiling.. They shoot draggers at her.. Veer scans the whole situation n looks at evryone..

Veer: haan badi mom, a small surprise from us …

Swasan gives him a blessed smile.. Where as,Mishtan were confused.. Before they could say something veer pinches mishu n swara pinches tannu..

Mishtan : ahhh..

They shoot draggers at them..

Sinha: kya hua beta..
Swara: they are hungry.. Tats y..
Shekar: OK.. Freshen up n come for bf..

Evryome left to their rooms.. As soon as swara enters the room, mishtan were welcoming her with death glare..

Swara: phew!! Relax guys.. (smiles sheepishly)

Sanvee enters the room..

Mishu: u idiot. Y did u pinch me.. (at veer)
Veer: buddhu.. Y cant u see these two, who are blushing from morning. So obvious something happened between them.. N u r really a dumbo..
Mishu: u r calling me dumbo(beats him)

Veer runs across the room while mishu chases them..

Veer: let’s hear their love story.. Then beat me how much ever u want. (winks at her)

Mishu smiles n leaves him.. Soon evryone eyes SwaSan as if seeing a desert in front of them.. Seeing them SwaSan blushes even more. They don’t know where to begin. Swara was feeling shy. She hid behind Sanky due to shyness.. Mishtanvee burst out laughing seeing her..

Veer: then definitely something big happened. mmmmmm hmmm.. Come on start ur story..
Swara: I’m hungry.. I’m leaving..
Sanky: yah me too..

They both rush towards the door but mishtanvee blocks them..

Tannu: not so soon babes.. Comes on spit out fast..

Swara looks at sanky with pleading eyes.. She was feeling so shy.. After knowing tat she proposed him, she knows very well tat mishtanvee wil kill her by teasing.. Sanky understands her situation ..

Sanky: we.. I mean..
Veer : haaan..
Mishu: haan bhai.. Come on tell us..
Sanky: we accepted eachother.. (in one go)

Mishtanvee widens their eyes aLong with swara.. She smiles looking at him.. How he handled it.. Here comes the twist..

Tannu: who proposed whom.
Veer: who planned it??
Mishu: whose surprise was it??

Now both SwaSan looks at eachother..

Swara: guys. Pls.. We will talk later..
Veer: no way.. N angel.. OMG. U r blushing. So sweet.. (pulls her cheek)
Swara: sweetu.. Pls. Stop it(closes her face with hands)
Sanky: bas karo yaar.. (side hugs swara) dekho.. Stop teasing her.. She took so many days to realise.. I cant convince her more to accept.
Mishu: awww.. My bhai is blushing ..

Mishtanvee keeps teasing them, while swasan try hard to escape through their clutches.. Finally they Run away.. While evryone burst out laughing..

At bf table:
Evryone settles themself shemish, sinson, Mishtanvee were having their bf.. Swasan came late.. Both get seated opposite to eachother..

Shekar: I should start inviting guest for todays party.. N raj, if u want to invite anyone, u tel me..
Sinha : no.. I dont have anyone in my mind..
Swara: dad, I dont need any party.. I just want some family timing. Tats it. Pls..
Mishti: but angel, its ur 18th b-day.. I want to celebrate it..
Sona: I agree with mishti.. It’s ur birthday.. N its our double celebration.. After our reunion..

After so many reasons of swara, her parents convinced her for the party, n finally she agreed..

Sinha : nice ring sanskar..

Swasan gets startled..

Sanky: kya dad..

Sinha: ring.. Nice ring.. When did u buy it.
Veer: someone’s gift uncle..

Sanky gives him death glare.. While Mishtanvee giggles..

Shekar: haan nice ring.. N another ring. I have seen it somewhere..

Swara widens her eyes..

Mishti: it’s like ur ring na shekar..
Shekar : ya, I gave it to swara.. I gues u r keeping tat safe, coz tats one of my fav..

Swara pouts..
[I guess u all remember once swara gifted sanky a ring on holi]

Shekar: kya hua..
Swara:(in mind) i cant lie more..
Swara: S dad its ur ring, I gave it to sanky, as he liked it once.. (says in one go)

Sinson n shemish smiles..

Shekar: it’s OK beta..

Now sanky teases swara under table.. Swara widens her eyes n gives him death glare. Sanky reminds her abt his kiss, but swara shooks her head on no..

The time passes n the party was finally organised in a grand hotel.. So many frnds, relatives, business partners came to the party.. The premises was beautifully decorated with red and white combination. Swara was dressed up like a doll.. She was wearing a beautiful combination of white n pink color, full net sleeve long gown with minimal makeup…. With white stud and the S pendant gifted by sanky.. She was looking like an angel.. mishtan too were wearing same dress with different colour. Mishti was wearing a black colour gown where as tannu in green.. mishtan were looking gorgeous .. The trio gets down from the stairs.. Sanvee gets awestruck seeing Swamish.. Sanky was wearing a white shirt with pink tuxedo and veer with white shirt n red tuxedo..

When swara gets down evryone wished her .. The birthday party started and swara celebrated by cutting the cake.. She feeds her family.. Evryone starts presenting gifts.. Shemish gifted her a scooty.. They gave her the keys. ..

Swara: wow .. Love u both(hugs both)

Where as sinson presented her a diamond necklace..

Swara : oh my god.(widen’s her eyes) . (looks at her dad) Dad..
Shekar: Wat is this yaar..
Sinha: (at shekar) tu chup bait.. (at swara) N my sweety it’s specially made for u.. U r one of a special person.. So dont look at ur dad n just take my gift..

Swara hugs him n takes the present.. Her chachi gifted a specially made watch with diamond carved in it.. Swara hugs her in excitement.. As it one of the thing ,she was blabbering abt.. N her chachi fulfilled it.. Mishtan gifted her an Apple iPhone.. Swara shouted seeing tat.. She hugged both of them.. Mishu gave her a beautiful platinum bracelet.. Swara liked it alot n hugged her.. Then she looked at sanky.. He gave an empty look n swara pouted.. While shemish n sinson laughs seeing them.. The party continued.. Where as swara was little sad..

Sanky: kya hua wifey..
Swara: kuch nahi..
Sanky: waiting for my gift..
Swara looks at him..
Swara: I dont need any.. I have got u(winks at him)
Sanky: aww.. So cheesy.. Acha chalo..

He takes her to a corner n gives her a present asking to open at her house.. Swara hugged the gift n looks at sanky lovingly ..

Swara: thank u..

He takes out a heart shaped locket from a gift box .. Swara’s eyes lit up.. She looks at him.. He take out her S pendant n joins the heart shaped locked in it along with the S.. The heart shape locket can be split up into two.. Sanky opens the locket n shows her.. Swara’s cheeks turned red seeing it.. She looks at sanky n hits him on his chest.. The locket had Swasan pic in it. One pic was swara kissing sanky on his cheek n another pic, where sanky kissing on swara’s cheek..

Swara: sanskar!! When did u.. (shocked)
Sanky: did u liked it..
Swara: sanskar, I loved it.. But, (closes her face with her hands due to shyness)
Sanky: don’t worry, no one will know it..
Swara: u took snap of it.. Very bad ha..
Sanky: ya, but don’t worry , I have it in my phone with security lock.. . So no worries….
Swara: I know.. I’m sorry.. It’s just tat
Sanky: u don’t have to give any explanation.. I know u r feeling little uncomfortable.. It’s just my way of keeping memories.. I love to do it..
Swara: aww(pulls his cheek) I love u..
Sanky: ahh.. Don’t pull my cheeks.. N i love u too.. Aur mera kiss kaha hai..
Swara: sharam Karo..
Sanky:(pouts) u have to give my morning kiss.. N moreover my return gift is pending..

Swara runs away..

Sanky : I will get it anyhow wifey..

Soon swara’s frnds started to come n she became busy with them. But SwaSan were exchanging glances through corner of their eyes..

One of them in the party came n closes swara’s eyes.. She smiles ,as she is unable to identify.. Here Sanky burning out.. Mishtan joins them.. Tannu shouts

Tannu : Akshay!!!!

Akshay hits his head and gives tannu a glare.. She winks at him.. Swara turns n smiles..

Swara: Wat a surprise yaar..
Akshay: tumara birthday Aur mai na aau.. Not possible..

Sanvee joins them..

Sanky: (in mind) rahul was not enough this Godzilla came.. Huh..
Akshay: hey dude..
Sannky :(forced smile) hey akshay… Kaisa hai..
Akshay: good..
Veer: nice meeting u..
Sanky:(monologue) nice meeting my foot..

Akshay takes out a bouquet n gives it to swara..

Akshay: beautiful roses for a beautiful lady.. Happy Birthday..

Swara smiles n takes it..

Swara: thank u..

They keep talking for a while n then rahul enters into the scene..

Rahul: hi swara.. Happy Birthday.. (gifts her something wrapped)
Swara: Thanku rahul..

While Rahul looks at sanky n gulps.. Swatanmish burst out laughing..

Swara signals him to keep quite.. He nods In acceptance.. While swara’s school mates joins the party.. Evryone enjoy it to the core.. All girls surrounds sanky n talks with him frndly.. Swara fumes n looks at sanky, who was smiling n laughing with them.. He looks at swara through corner of his eyes n smiles in mind.. Soon the music begins akshay takes swara to dance floor n starts dancing on the song

“party all night”

Mishtanvee joins along with all the frnds.. Sanky joins with the girls.. They were swara’s frnds. The song changes into

“Teri ore”

A slow dance.. Evryone gets coupled.. Swara with akshay, veer with mishu, tannu with rahul, sanky with maya(swaras frnd)..shemish n sinson too joins.. Swasan were burning with jealousy looking at eachother.. Swara was uncomfortable with akshays touch.. Her full concentration was on sanky, same happens with sanky.. They exchange couples.. N finally swara comes in sanky’s arms n the song changes into

“mere Haath me Tera Haath ho”

Sanky grabs swara’s waist n pulls her into his chest n moves slowly with the beats.. Both stare at eachother.. Evryone in the party were enjoying seeing the youngsters.. SwaSan moves along the song with smooth steps.. (I can’t describe it, I know u all will not read. Coz I’m not good at tatt.. Hehe)

The song goes on again when sanky left swara for just a part in the song, someone came n took swara along the beats.. Guess who????



Swara widened her eyes, while he gave her a full on masti smile.. They danced along, while sanky taking taking his full anger on another girl,.. Swara was fuming seeing Sanky close to another girl.. When the song changed into

“Pehle nasha”

Again couples get interchanged.. Now swara went to sanky n grabbed his hand in possessiveness n pulled him towards her. Sanky was equally possessive.. They both danced with equal passion and their little jealousy.. Showing rights towards eachother.. Sanky took her away from the dance floor, without anyone notice . They came out of the party n sanky pinned her to a wall..

Swara: sans

Before she could say he smashed his lips on Her n began to kiss wildly, showing his anger, jealousy, possiveness.. She closed her eyes n smiles.. He recalls her dancing with them n bites her lower lip,she gasped n wide opened her eyes.. She then pushed him n pinned him.. she kissed him hard biting his lips, as how he could dance with someone else.. They both parted panting heavily n looks into eachother eyes n smiles looking at one another. They strike their forhead with eachother stil breathing heavily..

Sanky: sorry..
Swara: I’m sorry..

Both smiles at eachother..

Sanky: we both were jealous.

Swara let out a laugh..

Swara: aage se nahi hoga..
Sanky: same here.. But today all my enemies at one floor.. Tats y, I couldn’t control anymore..
Swara: Wat were u doing. ? U were dancing with my frnds,tat too itna close..
Sanky: I was angry seeing u with them.. How dare they. Acha leave all tat, i wont get over possessive from now on..
Swara : why?.
Sanky: its even a question.. I dont want u to be in any pressure..
Swara: it’s not any pressure. It’s just a pleasure.. N i love my over possessive hubby (pulls his cheeks)
Sanky: awww.. (hugs her) I love u tooo
Swara: I love u to infinity..
Sanky:i love u to universe..

They both laugh n looks at eachother..

Swara: Thanks for the precious gift..
Sanky: (breaks the hug) did u saw ur gift..
Swara: yah..
Sanky:i told u to go home n see..
Swara: over excitement..
Sanky: did u liked it..
Swara: I loved it.. Ur collection is awesome..

Wanna know sankys gift.. He gifted her a collage of photos, which were of Swasan from the beginning, at Ice cream parlour, at swara’s house, at school, at clg(when swara went to competition), at bus, at cliff, at forest,at train, at goa.. And finally the morning pic which he took.. At the end of the date..

Swara: it was a perfect gift.. N the locket.. I loved it.. (kisses his cheek n hugs him)
Sanky: (hugs her back) bas itna sa..
Swara:(hits his chest) S its enough..

Sanky breaks the hug n pouts.. She sighs looking at his face which is indeed a cute face. She slightly gives him a peck. Sanky couldn’t control n pulls her by waist n kiss her gently than before.. It was a passionate kiss ,she reciprocate with equal passion.. Their kiss was disturbed by a phone call, they both depart n curse the caller, which was indeed our veer.. (u guys dont curse him yaar)

Sanky:(pissed) kya yaar!!
Veer: romeo, bade papa is searching angel.. Come soon..
Sanky: haan.. Ok..(startled) how do u know, she is with me..
Veer: when both of u r missing, then it’s sure tat, u both r together.. Then Wats the big deal..

Sanky scratches his head n both SwaSan head towards the party venue..

The party was a grand one, after all its a double party. The appearance of sahil was a surprise for everyone. When discussed ,they got to know tat he is son of shekars business partner .. Sankys anger was written on his face but hid face brightens whenever he see swara.

The days passes .. With every passing day, SwaSan love increases.. They both were getting closer.. Now khanna family too have come next to sanky’s house.. It’s one of the advantage for sanky. Daily he comes n disturbs her.. Whenever he misses,he just climbs over to her room from pipe and jumps to her room.. He surprises her everyday.. Their weekly ice cream treat continues.. This time, sinson were too involved in their ice cream masti..

Now it’s time for their college.. Evryone had some dreams for their college.. But for swamishtan, their college dream was one of the wonder.. As they won’t be any new to this college.. They are well known with each corner of the clg campus.. This thought make them even more happy..

Angel gets up after so many hardwork of mishti.. She quickly get ready. As its her first day at clg.. She wears long western top along with jeans with curl hairs.. Looking cute with light makeup..

She gets down n greets shemish.. Finishes her bf and bids bye to Shemish by kising them.. Mishti tells her to go along with her.. But swara was excited to go in her scooty.. She convinces them.. When she goes out, sanky winks at her waiting for her on his r15 bike.. Asking her to join him.. But she shook her head in a big no.. He pouts at her.. She quickly gets into her scooty n waits for mishti.. Mishti comes n sits with her n she rides followed by sanky.. On the way swara ask him abt tanvee.. He says they will join us soon..

They reach college with exciting faces.. Soon parked their two wheeler .. Swamish returns and stand at some corner waiting for sanky.. A group of students surround them.. While Swamish panics… Veer was one of them in ragging with mischievous smile…!!!!!

Screen freezes on shocked faces of Swamish..

Hehe.. Hiiiiiii… Missed me.. I missed u all so much.. I was busy.. I know evryone used to be free on Sunday, but I used to have double work on Sunday.. ?.. Leave abt me..

Did u enjoyed this epi.. I hope so.. N thanks for all ur valuable comments.. I replied u all though.. But it was really great reading all ur comments.. I will surely continue this till long enough.. I mean till u all get bored.. ?..

OK let me know abt this epi.. Eagerly waiting for ur responce..

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      2. Arey Saasumaa ko pataana itna aasan nahin hai bacha.. So chill.. Meri chodo Angel ko maska maaro sab log.. main tho meri haath upar kar kar baiti hoon.. All depends on my Sanky baba.. His decision is my decision too.. πŸ˜€

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