FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 45)

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The episode begins with swasan
Sanky: why dint you wear tat dress.. ??

Swara’s face became dull..

Swara: woh sanskar.. U know wat tat dress was ..(stops) . U dint check ur mob?? ..
Sanky gets puzzled..
Sanky: Wat?? Mob.. ??
Swara: haan.. Din’t u check it..

He take out his mob n checks it.. A smile formed on his lips n looks at swara.. He cupped her face n kisses her forehead..

Sanky: u r looking gorgeous.. Y din’t u weared then??
Swara:(blushes) tat dress.,., tat dress was

Before she could complete, mishu comes n pulls her..

Mishu: Arei, romance baad mei karo..

Sanky gets pissed.. He gives a death glare to mishu..

Sanky: kya mishu.. I want her..

Swamish widens their eyes..

Sanky: I mean, i want to talk with her..
Mishu : bhai , a last surprise baaki hai.. After tat u do anything..

She winks n takes swara from there.

Sanky: koi surprise nahi hai.. Leave her..

But she takes her from there.. Sanky too follows them, as he doesn’t remember more surprise remaining..

Mishu winks at tannu.. N tannu winks back at her.. Swara watches mishtan two n fro.. She could conclude tat they are upto something.

Swara: will u guys let me know wats happening here..

Sanvee comes their.. While tannu moves n shows someone from her back, n winks at swara.. Mishtan giggles, where as swara shoots them draggers.. But she smiles n goes towards Them..

Swara: u guys will never change..
Mishtan: never ever…!!!(chuckles)

Veer looks at tannus surprise n sighs in disbelief.. Where as sanky was fuming in anger..

Sanky:(at veer) Yeh chipku kya kar raha hai…
Veer:(chuckles) relax dude..
Sanky:(angry) toh kya yaar.. These girls spoiled my mood..

Veer giggles…

GUY:(smiles) happy Birthday Swara(fwds a rose)
Swara: (smiles) thank you!! (takes the rose)
Guy: my pleasure… (very happy)
Swara: how are u RAHUL??seeing u after a Long time
Rahul: I’m good swaru.. I mean swara.. I really missed u..
Swara: (warning tone) rahul
Rahul scratches his head n smiles..

Here Sanky couldn’t control anymore.. He goes towards themm

Sanky: wat did u say??

Rahul gulps while mishtanvee giggles..

Mishtu: bhai.. Wat is this.. ?? Don’t make him nervous..
Rahul: woh bhai.. It’s swara’s birthday..
Sanky: so.. N stop it.. . First call her Didi.. She is ur senior..

Rahul widens his eyes.. Where as swatanmishvee were pressing their lips control their laugh..
Rahul was sweating..

Rahul: but I
Sanky:(interupts) no but wut..
Swara : sanskar.. Enough.. N rahul. I missed u too.. How u wrote ur exams..

Sanky was so irritated n left from there with veer.. .
Mishtan giggles.. Swarahu talked for a while.. Swara asked rahul to have something n he left from there.. swatanmish burst out laughing after he went.. Swara starts beating mishtan while They start running..

Swara : Idiots… (beats them) why r u teasing my sanskar.. (beats them)
Mishu : ouch.. Swara..
Tannu: ahh.. Ahhh.. Ur sanskar..
Swara : haan my sanskar.. (beats them.) dare not to tease him again..

Seeing Shemish they run towards them….

Shekar: Wat happened beta..

Mishtan runs to Shemish n stands at their back..

Tannu : badi mom.. This angel, have turned into devil..
Mishu: haan uncle.. Don’t know wat got into her..
Mishti : Arei kya hua…
Swara: mom, these idiots
Tannu: haan tell,.. Wat we did.. (winks at mishu)
Mishu: haan say.. Without any reason, she is beating..
Swara: (got to know their plan) woh dad, these duo were teasing me…

Shemish laughs..

Mishtan made funny faces n provoked her more.. Swara was chasing them.. The times flies away.. Everyone went to their house,since it’s just a surprise party.. The real birthday party is still pending.. . Shemish family stayed at sinha’s house, for the night.. As it was so late.. Sanky tried to talk with swara, but evrytime family members were around her.. Everyone left to their respective rooms.. Swatanmish stayed in mishti’s room while sanvee in Sanky room n Shemish in guest room.. Everyone slept..

After 1hr..
Evryone were sleeping deeply.. At tat time someone enters a room ,covering their face with a shawl.. Tiptoes into the room with so many carefull steps,so tat there wont be any sound.. It was sankys room.. The blanket was pulled.. Sanvee were in deep sleep.. Sanky gets disturbed in sleep.. He opens his eyes n finds a shadow in front of him.. He widens his eyes n gets scared… He was abt to shout but his mouth was closed by a hand…

Person : shhhh…

He was panting and sweating.. As the room was fully dark, he was really scared n murmurs “bhoo bhoooot”

Person: it’s me duffer..

He widens his eyes.. The person takes the hand from his mouth n shows the face..

Sanky: swa.. Swara..
Swara: shhhhh… Talk slowly…
Sanky: Wat r u doing here..
Swara: shhh.. Come with me..

She pulls him from the bed.. They both come out of the room n smiles looking at eachother…..

Sanky : Wat r u doing here..
Swara: come with me..
Sanky: where r u taking me..
Swara : surprise..

Sanky widens his eyes n smile crept in his face..

Sanky: wat surprise?? (smiling brightly)

Swara hits his head..

Swara: it’s a surprise , so keep quite..

Sanky pouts..
She turns him around n ties a satin cloth across his eyes .. Sanky was surprised by her surprise but he followed her Evey word.. She caught his hand n took him somewhere from the stairs…

Sanky: swara, where are we going..
Swara: u will get to know.. Follow me..

She takes him to the terrace.. She make him stand in the entrance n opens the cloth from his eyes.. Sanky widens his eyes looking at the terraCe.. He gives an unbelievable look to swara.. He quickly hugs her…

Sanky: wow swara.. It’s really awesome,fantastic…

The whole terrace was beautifully decorated with candles and red roses, creating a beautiful n romantic environment..

Swara: did u liked it…
Sanky: I loved it.. But, why did u do this..??
Swara: return gift!! U did so much for me!! Y cant I??
Sanky:(holds her shoulder) Acha g.. Return gift.. But if u would have weard tat dress,tat would be my best return gift..
Swara: dint u check ur mobile..
Sanky: ya.. But I always watch live performance.. (winks at her)

Swara laughs hearing him..

Swara: shut up..

He frowns n turns away..

Swara: sanky tat dress was little deep.. I dint want to wear in front of all..

Sanky quickly turns n cups her face..

Sanky: I’m really sorry swara.. I dint want to make u uncomfortable.. I really dint thought abt it.. I’m a duffer..
Swara: relax sanskar… it’s OK…
Sanky: no swara, from the beginning I’m forcing u.. I’m really bad, in goa, in train, n now.. I’m really s

Befor he could say further, she just slightly pecked his lips making him numb n shocked….

He widen his eyes n turns away… Swara smiles n removes the shawl she was wearing n makes him turn around… Sanky turns n bows his head.. She lifts his chin n make him look at her..

Their eyes met.. Now sankys jaws touched ground n his heart beat skipped a beat.. He gulps looking at her from top to bottom… She smiles looking at him n closes his mouth.. Sanky smiles looking at her.. But soon his smile faded away n he widens his eyes.. He slowly takes his hand below her neck.. He holds her dress n slightly moves it.. He gets shocked.. He holds her shoulder tightly..

Sanky: Wat is this swara???. Y did u do this..??
Swara: Wat did i do.. (smiles naughtily)
Sanky: swara!! How could u..??
Swara: if u can do, y cant I…
Sanky: swara, this is not a joke..
Swara: Im not joking sanskar..
Sanky: so tats y, mac was with u tat day.. N tat fake story..
Swara:(smiles) tat story was true but u dint ask me ,wat happened actualy.. U just asked me how did I know mac.. I said truly.
Sanky: swara, it would have pained a lot.
Swara: haan, it pained but u know wat, at tat time, i was just thinking abt u, n how I hurted u.. So this is nothing in front of tat.

Sanky hugs her tightly.. She reciprocate the hug with equal passion..

Swara: y do u love me this much sanskar.. Y did u do tat..
Sanky: I dont know, but when I went from ur room in anger.. Tat time i met mac.. I was going through his store , ur words echoed in my mind.. To stop tat thoughts I just made myself busy with this.. Well how did u, got to know abt this..
Swara: when veer was changing ur clothes, he shouted suddenly.. I was still there at tat time.. I slowly peeked n saw u.. (giggles).. Now I want to see tat closely.. Shall I… ???

He breaks the hug..

Sanky: sure sweetheart.. (smiles)

He removes his jacket n slightly looses his shirt.. Swara goes back n could see her Name below his nape.. It was beautifully written.. She gets teary eyes n plants a kiss on his nape… Sanky closes his eyes to feel her.. He quickly turns n hugs her..

Sanky:(breaks the hug) U kissed my tattoo.. Now(smiles naughtily) I want to kiss ur tattoo
(u r right Sree… Love u) ..

Swara widens her eyes… She pushes him n turns away…

Sanskar’s name have been beautifullly written in hindi inside a small heart above her chest..

Sanky: this is cheating yaar.. U kissed me and y cant I..
Swara: shameless…

Sanky laughs.. He comes n back hugs her, resting his chin on her shoulder..

Sanky: I was just kidding.. I wont make u do the things, which make u uncomfortable.. OK..

Swara quickly turns n hugs him.. Sanky reciprocate the hug.. They both were lost in eachother..

Sanky: waise I have a doubt..

Swara lifts her head still hugging him..

Sanky: we finished our dinner long back.. Now again this candle light an all..

Swara breaks her hug n smiles..

Swara: this is not candle light dinner.. I have planned something special.(winks at him) . It’s candle light ice cream or we can say candle light desert.. .. Nice na.. Come lets have it..

Sanky face brightens..

Sanky: swara, only u can think like this.. Candle light desert.. Oh my god..

Swara takes him to the table which was beautifully decorated with Rose petals n candles across.. He pulls a chair for her .. They both get seated.. Swara was really happy but she was little tensed.. She serves him the desert .. He makes her eat, followed by her.. Then they chat for sometime while eating.. Suddenly sanky widens his eyes as something was caught in his mouth.. He removes it n could see a ring.. He looks at swara, who was smiling shyly..

Sanky: (lovingly) swara…
Swara: Mmmm..

He gets up from his chair n goes towards her.. He makes her stand.. They both look at eachother.. He shows her the ring n lifts his eyebrow.. She blushes..

Sanky: swara..

She takes the ring from his hand n kneels down..

Swara: I’m sorry sanskar… I’m sorry for hurting u..

Sanky too kneels down opposite to her n stares at her lovingly yet surprisingly..

Swara: u know sanskar, when u proposed me in the drowsy state, I said I dint love u.. But tat was the day, I fell for u… N im still FALLING FOR YOU..(smiles brightly)

S sanskar.. I started loving u from the moment, I rejected u.. I’m sorry for hurting u sanskar.. These days I was so stupid to think like an idiot…. I really hurted u a lot.. (a lone tear escapes from her eye)

Sanky wipes her tears with his thumb n keeps staring at her lovingly.. She fwds the ring

Swara: (smiles) this is a sorry plus a thank u ring from me..

Sorry for hurting u in those moments.. And thank u for coming into my life and being with me, this entire moments……

I really dont know how to propose u… (smiles) ..I don’t know why I like you, I don’t know why I feel sad on the day ,when I don’t see your face, I only know one thing that I don’t bear any meaning without you…
we always have our ups & downs , but we always breakthrough.. I know how much you love me, but do you know how much i luv u?

I love you more than anything else in this world, I hope you know that through my heart beats … when i see you, my heart beats faster every second, i look into ur eyes.. i think about all the good times between us ….. People think im crazy but they dont know tat!!… I’M CRAZY FOR YOU!!!

Yeah!!!! I Love U…. I Love U Sanskar….

Will u give me the honour to hold ur hand when I’m scared.. Will u lend me ur shoulder when I cry..

Sanky : (teary eyes) no.. I won’t…!!

Swara gets shocked..

Sanky: there wont be tat moments in our life, where u will get scared to hold my hand.. Coz it will pass through me first.. I won’t allow u to cry on my shoulder.. But u will have ur peaceful sleep in my protective arms..

Swara cries n fwd her hand.. Sanky places his hand on hers… Swara slides the ring in his finger.. She jumps into his arms n they both fall on the ground n hug eachother…

Sanky: I love u swara.. (hugs tightly) I love u soo much…

They both cry in eachother arms… After all happy tears… What seems like eternity.. They finally break their hug n looks at eachother… They smile looking at oneanother n hugs again…

Swara: I love u…
Sanky: I love u tooo…

They both parts away n gets up .. Swara gets shy n looks down..

Sanky: swara.. I cant believe this yaar… I’m i dreaming… Oh my god….

He smiles n laughs ..
Swara moves towards him n cups his face.. Sanky becomes numb n stares at her… They both have an eyelock… She closes her eyes n gently place her lips on his… She kissed him gently.. This shocks sanky.. He widens his eyes.. Before he could kiss back, she part away n smiles naughtily…

Swara: this is true sanskar.. I love u..

Sanky hugs her tightly n she hugs him back…

Sanky: swara… You are my answered prayer, my fulfilled wish, my realized dream. If I know what love is, it is only because of you. I love u too… (hugs tightly.)

He parts away n looks at her lovingly..

Sanky: I really don’t know, tat u will be this much romantic..
Swara: (smiles) it’s all Becoz of u.. N tannu..
Sanky: tannu!!. ?
Swara: the incidents in goa,.. She only told me to convince u in tat way.. I really enjoyed those moments.. But this entire plan is mine.. They gave so many stupid ideas in goa, but see atlas my plan worked out… Did u liked my surprise..
Sanky: I really loved it.. But return gift bohut chota tha.. (smiles naughtily)
Swara: joh bhi tha, bohut tha..
Sanky: swara…

She turns n runs away…. He goes to her n back hugs her placing his chin on her shoulder..

Sanky: Swara u r the best thing happened in my life.. (kisses her shoulder)

Swara breaths heavily n closes her eyes..

Sanky:(husky voice) swara… (turns her)

She looks down in shyness.. He lifts her chin n makes her look into his eyes.. They both stare at eachother.. They have an passionate eyelock.. Without breaking any trance, they lean towards oneanother..

Once they could feel eachothers hot breath, they closed their eyes.. Their lips met.. It was a gentle yet slow kiss, making eachother comfortable at the time.. As time passes, she made herself comfortable by resting her hands around his neck n he pulled her with a hand on her waist n other hand busy in her hair.. both of them lose their sense n kiss eachother passionately showing their right, passion, desire, love and care towards eachother .. They break their kiss panting heavily..

Sanky: I love u…. (hugs her)
Swara: I love u more.. (hugs tightly)

He broke the hug n kissed her forehead.. They continued their ice cream.. They enjoyed eachothers company .. They discussed abt their journey till now.. Both were smiling n staring at eachother.

Sanky: why did tat chipku came…
Swara: chipku..
Sanky: haan.. Chipku..
Swara:(laughs) rahul… ?
Sanky: I hate him swara..
Swara: sanskar.. He is my junior..
Sanky: so wat… I dont like him.. Chipku Kahika..
Swara:awww… Someone is jealous.. But u know he is really good while he blushes..
Sanky:(angry) wat did u say..
Swara: (smiles) he is sooo good.. (runs away)

He chases her .. He runs behind her. She keeps on laughing n teases him alot..

Swara:(running) if he would be of my age, I would have accepted him long back..
Sanky:(running) swara ki bachi, u r gone today..

He blocks her on the terrace corner..

Swara: I’m Sorryyyy.. I was kidding… (makes cute faces)
Sanky: (closes his eyes) i wont see ur face.. I know u will make me weak in my motive.. So bear this…

He nuzzled his head in her neck, making her feel goosebumps.. She becomes numb…

Swara: sans..

He bites her neck, where she moans in pleasure.. He murmurs..

Sanky: is rahul good.. ??

She shook her head..he places a wet kiss making, wide open her eyes.. He smiles while kissing her.. He parts away n raise his eyebrow.. He smiles naughtily..

Sanky: never praise him…
Swara: if I shouldn’t then u too should not praise someone else too.. For tat princes, how many compliments u gave.. Huh.. U duffer..

Saying this she bites his earlobe.

Sanky: ahhhh…
Swara: see.. This is how is feels when u get bitten…

They both stare at eachother n burst out laughing..

Sanky: possessive wifey … (hugs her)
Swara: over possessive hubby… (hugs tightly)



How was the epi…!!!!!! Liked it…..!!!!!!! Sorry if not……..!! Tried my best!!! Apologies, if it is tooo much or not tooo much.. Hehe… ?….

N guys, i guess i can stop the story now.. Coz both have felled for eachother.. Tats the main concept of my story.. Falling for you… Shall I stop till here… N give a epilogue…. OR u want me to continue with their college life.. Hoping to get ur reply..

Im really bad at romance and proposing an all yaar.. I Know, no one is perfect.. But I was laughing while writing those intimate scenes..? Apologies if it is not upto expectation.. I know, u all would have thought more abt the proposal thing.. I guess I din’t rush up.. This proposal was definitely needed..

Oh my god, so many lectures from me.. But I have to say more.. So bare me..

Sree… Love u… I dont know, how u guessed.. Are u spying on me.. If it is, tats is so bad.. ?.. U know when i read ur comment sterday, I was like.. Oh my god.. “I think u know mind reading” hehe.. Gr8 dear…

Y swara dint wear the dress was perfectly guessed by sree.. ?

@ Hope .. I really dint mean to hurt u.. I was just kidding In the name of Swasan.. I hope, u don’t mind HOPE… . ?

Sweeteeeeee… I read ur comment.. Lol.. Kaash video dekpaati.. Mumma ka reaction dekne ko milta… Ur papa n mamma r gr8..

N thank u all for this wonderful journey.. I have reached chap 45…it is, indeed a very big thing.. . It’s nothing without u alll.. I was just planning on few epi, but u all made my day with ur comments… Love u all…

Ok now tats all to say.. So dont read further….

Arei.. I told na.. Dont read further..

Haha.. Itna bhashan ho raha hai .. Pls dont throw any tomatoes or eggs at me.. So i will stop here….

Guys do tell me ur decision..

[Ps: neha & natasha: tumlogo ne sanky ko apna kaha, dekho, swara loot kar le gayi.. Natasha when u commented asking abt the next update.. U were right, i was dreaming of him n writing this part.. .. ? Tum log sirf sochte raho ki kaise use lekar bhaage.. Magar swara ko mai apne baato se mana loongi.. Aur bas sanky mera, aur tum log sirf dekhte reh jaoge.. ?.. Tum dono ko hi, yaad kar rahi thi, swasan ka romance likthe samai..so when i checked the page, i saw Natasha’s commnt… lol.. silly me.. ]

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    1. Will continue.. Just wanted to know readers opinion.. ?wat if u guys feel bored with so many episodes.. Tats y…

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      Will continue.. Just wanted to know readers opinion.. ?wat if u guys feel bored with so many episodes.. Tats y…

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      Keep smiling..?

      1. Arey yaar!! Sanky ko bachate bachate main thag gayi hoon.. Mera bacha itna cute kyun hai?Aur itna bada female fan following?? Aisa naseeb kismat waalon ko hi milta hai and my Sanky is indeed very lucky.. Hehe.. πŸ˜‰ Lage raho beta.. πŸ˜›

    2. Hey Natasha glad to see you here yaar…. Aww u were planning to run away with sanky oh nats how can you don’t make ur hopes so high and midnight u really think I won’t get to know then u don’t know dear I’m a very late sleeper when ppl wake for early morning studies I sleep then…. So this midnight won’t work on me…..

      Hectic day OK take rest and yeah I too don’t want that pregnancy drama but it sounds funny not with swara’s reaction actually both mother and daughter will be pregnant at same time….. Guys this CVS have unnecessary introduced shomi’s pregnancy…. But guys have u saw the photos on fb where sahil is hitting sanky with rod on head…..
      I just feel like killing him how dare he?? ?…..
      Hope swara gets to know that she is married to sanskar at least then I hope she will maintain distance with sahil otherwise I’m really pissed with their growing fondness

  10. Plzzz yrrr upload next episode na plzzz I m eagerly waiting for it plzzz

  11. Plzzz yrrrr upload next episode plzz I m eagerly waiting for it plzzzz plzzz plzz

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