FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 43)

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Guy: I’m sahil.. Sahil khurana.. (fwds his hand)
Sanvee where shocked at first but then veer burst out laughing holding his stomach..
Swara was taken a back with veer’s behavior but she smiles n was abt to shake her hand but sanky grabs his hand..
Sanky: watever u r.. We don’t want u here.. Go to another couch..
Sahil: how mean yaar.. Ur parents allowed me,n u r saying to leave.. C I won’t disturb u guys.. Actually im joining clg this yr.. So I have to prepare for my entrance.. I will be preparing n no disturbance from me..pakka , pakka promise.. N y r u laughing man.. (seeing veer laughing still)
Sanky gives veer a death glare for which he closed his eyes n bites his lips to control his laugh. But he was finding it really difficult.. How can he control, coz he is the one who created mr.imagination n now he is all over here.. Hehe.. It’s second time, he is seeing sanky burning in jealous at peek level..

Hearing the noices, Shemish n sinson comes over there n finds them arguing.. Mishtan joins them..
Shekar: wat happened..
Sanky gets quite..

Veer: woh bade papa, this guy
Shekar: haan veer, I only told him to take a seat..
Sanky: but uncle, im not comfortable with it.. He is stranger..
Tannu gets lost in sahil n smiles sheepishly..
Sinha: sanskar..
Sanky: dad.. Pls..
Veer: uncle I’m with sanky..
Shekar: unbelievable.. Do watever u want..
Sahil: uncle, (pouts)
Tannu pouts seeing him pout..
Shekar: sorry beta, I dont know y they are doing this, but watever they do, I believe them.. So
Veer: u r absolutely right bade papa..
Swara: sweetu.. Stop it.. N sanskar, let him stay na.. We are not going to use this whole couch so..
Tannu: haan sanky.. Let him ..
Sanky: but swara..
Swara:(holds his hand n squeezes it) sanky pls..
Sanky melts seeing her n nods..

Sahil: thanks dude(hugs him)
Sanky closes his fist.. Swara notices..
Sanky : go n sit in the last compartment.. I mean near restroom..
Shemish n sinson laughs n goes from there..
Sahil:oh man.. It will smell..(makes faces) It’s OK.. I will manage..
He take His backpack n was abt to leave..
Sahil: bye angel.. Thanks alot for convincing this (points sanky n makes faces).. N thank u too, miss??
Tannu: tannu.. I.. I mean taniya…
Sahil: wow, taniya.. Nice name huh..

Sanvee gives him a death glare n he gulps..
Sahil: bye tannu.. Bye angel.. If u guys are free, u can join me.. Coz i will be bored too.. Your brothers are so possessive over u both..
Swara: Brothers..??
Sahil: sanskar is ur brother right
Sanky turns n gives him a cold look n was abt to beat him, Swara giggles n holds his hand..
Swara: (cold tone) just shut up.. he is not my brother..
Sanky looks at her n she squeezes his hand..
Sahil: oh, OK.. Sorry angel.. N sorry man.. So how u guys r planning to spend the evening.. If u don’t mind, shall I join u..

Tannu: ya.. U can join..
Veer : tannu!!.
Swara: (smiles) of course u can join .. But we don’t have any plans..
Sanky: swara.. No way…
Tannu: sanky, let him.. N he is not tat bad yaar.. Veer ,let him..
Mishti: haan bhai..
Sahil: u girls r awesome.. Unlike
Sanvee gives him a cold look..
Sahil: I.. I mean.. Thnks for convincing this gentleman.. N u girls r sooo cute.. (turns n run away)
Sanky was abt to beat him but he runs away..
Swara laughs..
Swara: wat was it sanskar..
Sanky: u better don’t talk to me.. U apply rules for me.. But wat abt u.. (gives her an angry look n leaves)
Swara: wat did i do now?!!
She was abt to go at his back but veer stops her..
Veer: angel, he is jealous..
Swara:but veer it was just a coincidence na..
Veer: haan swara.. Coincidence mei, maha coincidence..
Swara: wat do u mean..
Tannu: he is jealous, but y r u supporting him..

Veer: Arei yaar, he is flirting with u guys, n u r asking me to keep quite..
Mishu: he looks innocent..
Veer :(gives a angry glare) innocent my foot..
Swara: sweetu, wats this..
Veer: toh kya angel, she is supporting him..
Swara : OK leave all tat, but wat was tat maha coincidence..
Veer laugh..
Veer: woh ?.. (tells them how he made an imaginative person with tat name n sankys jealousy,evrything..)
The girls breaks out laughing..
Mishu: Haaawwww.. My bhai loves u this much.. How sweet..
Swara blushes..
Tannu : someone is blushing ah..
Veer side hugs her..
Veer: my angel..
He takes his mob n took a selfie.
Veer : blushing angel.. ?

The girls laugh along..
Swara hits him..
Swara: veer, just shut up..
Tannu: n guys, her face, oh my god.. Did u noticed, when he told sanky as her brother.. ?
Mishu: Han tannu, tat idiot deserves a slap..
Veer: u were so praising him.. Now all of a sudden wat happened..
Mishu makes faces..
Swara: OK, I will be back..
Tannu: haan, go to ur darling.. Who is stopping u.. ?? Do u want us to accompany..
The trio laughs, while swara tell her ” I know my way” n gives her a death look
Tannu: ahhhh..maar daala..
Mishu laughs seeing tannus acting..
Veer: taanu enough, if volcano burst, even I can’t help..
Tannu: oh hello, when did I tease her.. U go angel.. These two will be doing this..
Swara sighs in disbelief n leaves.. .

On the other side Shemish n sinson romance was going on.. While the trio mishtanvee joins them..
They were playing antakshari
Shekar: meri Zohra jabee, tujeh Maalum nahi.. (looking at mishti)
Mishti: stop it shekar, im not tat much old.. How many new songs have been made, n u r in 60s.. Huh
Sona: haan mishti, yeh log budhe hogaye hai.. (laughs)
Mishtanvee were hiding n listening them..
Mishti: woh toh hai.. ?
Shesin: budah hoga Tera Baap…
Mishson widens there eyes..
Shesin: movie hai yaar… ?
Mishson beats Shesin, while the trio Burst out laughing .. Mishson stops seeing them n smiles..
Shesin starts singing the song “hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte,from aashiqi2” for their respective partners..
Mishtanvee jaws drop n were astonished .. They smile seeing them n mishvee looks at eachother.. They have an eye lock while the song goes on…

Meanwhile sanky is on the other side of the train entrance. Swara reaches him..he was leaning against the door with deep thought.. Since the door was open, she felt it to be risk to stand there.. So She goes n pulls him,but he was so strong..
Swara : sanskar, come(pulls him) pls.. Don’t stand here..
She stands opposite to him near the entrance.. Sanky pull her towards him n she hits his chest..
Sanky: go from here swara.. Go n talk to ur so called sahil..
Swara:(thinks to tease) sanky, he is so good.. N
Before she could complete, he pins her to the door..
Sanky: wat did u say..
Swara:(stammers) woh.. I.. Woh.. He

Sanky: tell me swara..
He leans towards her neck n she closes her eyes.. He murmurs on her neck leaving his hot breath..
Sanky:(husky voice) tell me.. He??
Swara:(panting) sans..
Before she could say, he started to peck her neck .. She felt her knees weak, he holds her by waist, knowing her state.. she was just numb.. Not able to collect wat happening.. She somewhere felt haply n was about to hug him.. Hearing the clap sound sanky comes his sense n leaves swara..
Sanky: swara go now
Swara: sanskar..
Sanky: plsss,I will join u guys..
she leaves as soon as he said..
Sanky:god!! Wat did i do.. Wats her mistake in this.. (hits his forehead)this sahil.. I dont know, y do I hate tat name.. wat will she think Now.. Sanky this was too much…
Swara goes to her family, who were smiling n pulling eachothers leg.. After seeing her evryone smiled..
Mishu: swara, u came.. U should have listened them.. Oh my god.. Dad n uncle were singing for their partners.. So romantic..
Tannu: awwwww.. (hugs mishsin) lucky guys..
Sanky comes n joins them..

Swara becomes normal ..
Swara: wow.. I too wanna listen.. Pls dad.. Sing once again..
Sanky: hoo.. Did I miss anything..
Veer: ya dude.. If u leave ur love, them only u can join us na..
SwaSan widens their eyes..
Veer: I mean ur mobile.. Huh.. Aaj kal ke bache bhi na…
Sinson laughs seeing sanky’s expression.. Sanky gives him a killing look..
Shekar: veer, stop troubling my champ..
Veer: bade papa, how mean.. U forgot me..
Mishti : over acting ki dukaan,now stop it..
Veer : but I’m saying true ah.. He is always with his love, I mean mobile.. . Do check sometime, does he have my affair kya bolke..
Mishtan can’t control anymore.. They burst out into fits of laughter…
Sanky: veer ke bache, teri toh..
He starts beating him.. Swatanmish too joins with him.. Veer runs all over the train jumping from one berth to other.. Atlas the oldies ask then to stop..
mishti: leave him.. (side hugs him) Mara bacha(caresses his hairs)
Veer: badi ma.. They are devils..

Sanky: tujhe toh mai bad mei deklunga..
Veer makes faces..
Mishu: dad sing again..
Swara: haan uncle , dad u too Pls…
Shesin : OK..
They start singing the same song, looking at their respective partners.. Everyone closes their eyes n feels the song.. Swara n sanskar looks at eachother n it was like conveying their feelings towards eachother.. Shekar takes mishti’s hand n spins her.. Followed by sinson.. N then veer too spins mishti n tannu,while shesin keeps singing .. Then veer looks at swasan who were staring at eachother.. He pulls both of them n make them dance.. Now sanky grabs swara’s hand n pulls her towards him.. They have an eye lock.. Soon gets involved in the song,by slow steps .. Shemish n sinson smiles seeing them.. Then sanky spins her around.. . Sahil comes towards them, hearing the sound.. He smiles seeing swasans chemistry, how they were looking at eachother with so much love n passion.. When the song ends, sahil claps for them, which made swasan to come back to their sense..

Sahil: wohoo.. If u would have called me, I would have joined u guys.. (pouts)
Shekar: haha, u can join Now too beta..
Sanky gets angry n swara gets disturbed By his anger.. She recalls him possessive torcher n smiles..
Seeing sankys face, sahil smiles..
Sahil: no uncle, I have to prepare for my entrance.. N u too were so good at the song..
Shesin laughs.. While sahil leaves..
Tannu: angel wat happened here(touches her neck)

Swara: kyu.. Wat happened..
Mishu: it’s fully red..
Veer: haan kya hua…
SwaSan gets tensed.. Their heart beat raises..
Swara: woh.. Actually something have bitten. May be ant…
Shemish n sinson gets worried while the trio looks at sanskar.. He widens his eyes n gulps.. He just stand still, unable to get words.. Swara notices n say
Swara: haan sanky told me already abt this.. First it was little red.. I gues Now it is being spread(makes faces n sighs) kyu sanskar..
Sanky: (startled) s guys.. Ya.. It’s by mistake… (looks at swara)
Veer: (worried) mistake.. Usne khoon Chusa hai mere angel ka… Jis keede ne Kata ushe toh kuchal na chahiye..
Everyone laughs seeing him.. Sanky smiles n imagines veer stamping him.. Swara too does the same n laughs..

Everyone soon settles themself, the youngsters takes another compartment n enjoy leaving the oldies..

Tannu : come lets play something..
Sahil: shall I join u guys..
Sanvee looks at him.. He gives them tight smile..
Mishu: of course..
Sanvee shoots draggers at her..
Swara : I’m going to sleep.. (yawns)..
Sanky smiles.. Swara too looks at his satisfied smile n stares him lovingly..
Tannu: oh madam.. We dint enjoy at al.. So pls.. Stop yawning n play with us..
Mishu: haan swaru.. Come n join.. (giggles)
They do it intentionally to tease Sanky..
Veer: mishti,

Mishu winks at him.. Veer gets lost n keeps staring her.. Tannu pulls sahil n makes him sit in between her n swara.. Sanky boils in anger seeing this but he controls .. He knows very well tat swara is his.. N only his.. He smirks n smiles at swara.. She gets relieved seeing his smile..

Tannu: antakshari..
Mishu: tannu.. No way..
Veer: I agree..
Swara : I’m going to sleep now.. After deciding call me down..
Saying this she comes to upper birth n stares at sanky..
Tannu: angel.. I dont know wat happened to u today.. Huh..
Veer: yaa . I doubt it. Coz u r behaving strange.. U r backing up from playing.. Huh..
Swara: think watever u want.. I’m really tired..
Sahil gets frndly with mishtan.. Atlas veer too see his goodness n allows him to mingle.. But only sanky was giving him cold looks.. Still Sahil convince his with his sweet talk..
Here swara was rolling in the birth.. Here n there.. She recalls Sanky.. She gets goosebumps n smiles madly..

Swara: (monologue) sanky.. Wat happened to me.. I just can’t believe tat, i enjoyed it..
She closes her face with palms n gets shy.. Someone was watching her evrymove.. A smile crept in the face.. Ya it was sanskar.. Swara turns n looks at sanky who is busy in staring her.. They have an passionate eyelock.. A songs was being played
“tenu mai itna pyaar kara”
They were cherishing their moments with the song.. N recalling evrything.. Veer notices their eyelock n he increases the volume at high pitch.. They both come back to their sense..
Veer: sanky, i guess u r sleepy.. If u want, u too go n sleep.. (winks at him)
Sanky smiles brightly..
Sanky: no veer.. It’s OK.. (yawns wantedly)
Sahil: yaar, sleep.. I guess u r tired..
Sanky gives him a stern look n he pouts..
Veer: bas yaar, usse chod de..

Sahil nods innocently.. Sanky lies opposite to swara.. I mean in upper birth.. They stare at eachother.. Wat seems like a sec, min, hr, they dint realise tat it has been evening n they are lying still staring at eachother.. Mishtanvee came to wake them but swasan dint give them a damn to disturb them.. They finally gave up n left this lovebirds In their world.. It was just swasan in the compartment..

After a while of staring..
Swara : did u forgive me…
Sanky comes back to his senses n thinks naughtily..
Sanky:(in mind) not so soon..
Sanky turns around in the birth leaving her facing his back.. .. Swara widens her eyes..
Swara: arrei.. How mean.!!!!. Tell me na sanskaaaar..
Sanky smiles listening her voice.. He just acts..
Sanky: don’t talk to me..
Swara: sanskar.. This is totally unfair..
Sanky: go n talk to ur so called new frnd..
Swara: kaun. Sahil..
Sanky: haan..
Swara: Arei, I dint even talk to him..
Sanky smiles naughtily n recall how much she teased him..
But his smile was broken into an absolute shock.. He widens his eyes..
Sanky: U….
Swara smiles sheepishly.. Actually she jumped over him n now sitting on his waist.. Sanky lies straight.. Now she sits on his stomach..
Sanky: swara.. Get up.. Wat if somebody see us iN this position..
Swara winks at him..

Swara: I dont care.. First tell me, u forgave me..
Sanky: no way.. (he tries to push her.)get up..
He tries to get up but she jumps on his stomach like a kid..
Sanky: ahhhhhh.. Swara.. Wat r u doing.. R u a kid..
Swara: ? sanky, kehdo ki u forgive me..
Sanky: u r impossible.. Get up. Meri Izzat ka sawaal hai..
Swara: huh.. I should be worried.. I’m sitting on u.. Not u.. So tell me did u forgive me..
Sanky: no..
She starts leaning on him with a devilish smile..
Sanky: swara no..
Swara:then tell me ,wat I want to listen..
Sanky: no..
Swara: then ok..
She leans over him,he gets frighten.. She pulls his cheeks..
Swara: u r so cute sanskar..
They hear foot steps.. Both gets shocked..
Sanky: swara, get down fast.. I think someone is coming.. Pls..
Swara: no I won’t.. Untill u forgive me..
Sanky: Acha.. I.. I (gets sad) forgive u..

Swara: but itna sad face.. Y r u sad..
Sanky:(in mind) u won’t be convincing me like this.. (pouts)
Swara: (gets sad) Acha.. I dont want u to forgive me with this idiotic expression.. So I’m going.. Bye..
She gets up from him,he pulls her again on him.. She pouts.. He smiles at her. She punch him in his stomach ,making him shout in pain..
She giggles n run away..
Sanky: unbelievable..

Swara goes to Shemish n sinson..
Mishti: angel, y u slept this much..
Swara: was tired mom..
Tannu: haan she wil be more tired after sleeping. ?
Mishvee too joins her n laughs..
Sone: don’t tease her ah.. come n have ur dinner beta.. N where is sanky.. Is he still sleeping.. Sleepy head..
Sanky: darling I heard u..
Sona: Arei handsome.. Ur dad was saying like tat(giggles)
Sinha: O… ?
Sona: close ur mouth..
Sinha: sona ki bachi(he starts tickling)
Sona: ?.. Stop it. Hahaha. Oh my god.. Hahaha..
Shemish laughs seeing themm..
Shekar: u guys dint change at all..
Sinha: y should we..
Sona starts beating him..
Sinha: sona, stop it yaar.. Everyone is seeing us..
Sona: n Wat abt me.. U tickled me(beats him more)
Mishti: haan sona.. Maar.. Aur maar.. (laughs)
Sinha: Arei mishti, bheegi Billi ab Sherni ban gayi.. Shekar, wat is this yaar
Shekar:yaar,she is too like this only.. U r getting ur reward openly but I used to get in closed doors.. (sighs)
Mishti gives him a death glare..
Shekar gulps.. While their children laughs..

Soon they finish their dinner n goes to sleep.. Shemish n sinson takes one compartment.. While mishtanvee plans n makes swasan sleep in One compartment without their parents concern.. . While they take another one..

In swasan compartment..
Swara climbs on the upper birth n stares Sanky who was taking blankets .. He gives one blanket to her.
Swara: thank u..
Sanky remembers something..
Sanky: swara..
Swara: haan(spreading the blanket on her)
Sanky: mmm.. If u want to go, u can go..
Swara: wat. ?? Where?? (confused)
Sanky: I mean..
Swara: Arei don’t worry, i wont come n sleep with u..
Sanky widens his eyes..
Sanky: I dint mean tat..

Swara: then wat..
Sanky: if u want to go somewhere.. I mean, some work which is pending, u can finish it of..
Swara: sanskar, who will have work in train.. I Think u have (recalls his works n smiles naughtily).. Ohh.. Wat do u mean by some work..
Sanky:(sighs) swara u r really testing my patience.. If u want to go to restroom go n come fast. Or else in the midnight, u will be waking me, showing ur little finger.. (mimics) sanky chu chu..
Swara:(opens her mouth wide) haaan.. When did I say tat.. Ya i came to u, but i dint say tat.. Idiot.. N i dont wanna go now.?. N u don’t worry, if I have to go, I won’t wake u.. ?
Sanky : thank god.. I can sleep peacefully..
Swara starts thinking devilishly..
Swara:(in mind) huh. Peacefully.. Now see, how i make u restless..
Swara: haan, u sleep peacefully.. When I want to go, I will take sahil with me. U don’t need to worry. He is such a gentleman..
Sanky:(get angry) wat did u say..
She puls over the blanket n sleeps.
Swara: good night.. (chuckles)
He pulls her blanket..
Swara: sanky let me sleep.. I told u na.. I wont disturb u..
Sanky: u go n come now.. I will accompany u..
Swara: arrei.. U r forcing me to go to washroom.. Huh..
Sanky: I dont know anything.. U go now..
Swara: Arei aaya toh jaaungi na..

Sanky: haaan… ?
Swara: so sleep now..
Sanky: no.. Swara.. Pls god na.. Now..
Swara sighs on disbelief..seeing his pouts she melts..
Swara : Acha chalo..
She takes off the blanket, n jumps on sanky.. Sanky stumbles but catches her at the nick of time.. He makes her stand.. Swara smiles sheepishly n kisses on his cheeks..
Swara: thank u..
Sanky: wat the hell swara.. Wat if u have fallen.
Swara: u r there na.. Acha come..
They both comes back after swara finishes her work.. ?

The next morning was yet a beautiful morning with colourful environment.. Everyone were enjoying playing all along.. The nok-jhok of Swasan n mishvee, taunts between Shesin n mishson.. Flirting between Satan ? I mean sa(hil)-tan(nu).. (heheh.. Nice name na)

Swara:(in mind) wow. .. Tomorrow .. ??
Shekar: mishti, today as soon as we reach home, I’m going on a business trip.. So I will return day after tomorrow..
Swara: but dad u will be tired by this journey, so no.. U r not going any where.. Moreover, tomorrow.. How can u go tomorrow..
Shekar: its an important meeting beta.. So I have to.. N wats there on tomorrow..
Swara: OK u go.. (pouts) ,
The time passes by n evryone gets Happy.. After all reaching their house after a long journey with double happiness of union..

After reaching, everyone bids bye, swasan looks at eachother n smiles.. They leave to their respective homes…

After reaching home evryone gets tired n sleeps.. Swara looks at evryone n pouts..
Swara: last yr, they use to jump a day before n now no one remembers anything.. It’s OK sanky’s family may not remember but I dint expect from my family .. Sanky too doesn’t know anything.. I wish he knew it.. But how can he.??. Wat if they never remember it.. May be they are tired.. It’s OK.. But I will be angry on them.. How can they forget this day.. After all it’s “Swara Khanna’s Birthday”.. I hate u all…

She dozes off scolding evryone…

Hope u all enjoyed.. How was the epi.. ?? Today no bak bak from me,coz I really don’t know ,u will like this epi or not..
So stay tuned till next chappy..

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