FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 42)


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Guys u all r awesome at ur guesses.. mind blowing.. After all u all are my readers.. ? writer ka asar toh rahega hi ? … Naughty writer ke naughty readers… ??

The episode begins with swara
Swara: (innocently) wat happened mom???
Mishti: nothing beta.. Ur dad forgot table manners..
Shekar :(shocked) oh hello wat did i do..??
Mishti : its better if u keep quiet
Sinha: arei shekar, if im not wrong, u r disturbing her under table..
Shekar : (double shock) wat??

Sanky starts coughing..
Shekar immediately gives him water n pats his back.. Everyone gets worried..

Shekar: beta aaram se..
Sanky: thanks uncle..

Swara giggles.. While sanky gives her a death glare.. But suddenly he falls weak. He closes his eyes…

Sanky:(monologue) swara, u r torturing me to the core… U weren’t so much romantic, i think mera asar hai.. See wat i will do, once my anger fades away.. But im not tat much angry now.. As u gave some token advance in my room..

He closes his eyes n now swara’s eyes widens n sanky smirks.. Swara keeps moving from her place but suddenly shekar shouts

Shekar: ahhh…

Swara gulps… Sanky smiles n lifts his eyebrow at her..

Tannu: bade papa wats happening.. First badi ma, n now u…
Shekar: mishti y did u hit me..
Mishti: wat.. Me???? First u hit me n now u r blaming me.. This is too much shekar..

SwaSan exchange glances between shemish n themself… Now sanky shouts ahhhhhh..

Veer: abhe now wat happened??
Sanky: (closes his eyes n holds his arm) my hand… Its paining…
Swara: oh my god.. Come sanskar, i give give u pain killers.. Doctor prescribed some medicines
Sanky: no.. I dont need it..
Sona: beta, go n have it.. U will feel better.. Or else, i will come n give.. Challo..
Swara: no aunty.. I guess sanky will not disturb u guys today, after all u guys have patched up after a long.. Kyu sanskar??
Sanky: (smiles) s mom… I agree with her.. I will manage.. U enjoy with ur frnds..
Sona: but sanky, ..
Sanky: mom..
Sona: acha u take swara..
Sanky:(little louder) noo..
Swara: sanky, im not going to eat u.. I will just give ur medicine n get back here.

She takes him from the restaurant n tanveemish smiles naughtily looking at eachother..

After Coming out from the restaurant

Sanky : swara, wat was tat.. Have u lost.
Swara: wat did i do??? (blinks)
Sanky: wat did u do??? Swara …
Swara: haan sanskar..
Sanky: becoz of u, i kicked ur mom..
Swara: n becoz of u, i kicked my dad..
Sanky: u started it first.. Why were u caressing my legs..
Swara smiles n turns away. .
Sanky: answer me..
Swara: shameless..
Sanky: wat.. U r calling me shameless.. Huh.. I dont understand this girls concept..
Swara: haan toh wat.. How can u say this openly.. Idiot.. N u r not less than me.. U caught my legs..
Sanky: i did so to stop u..
Swara: ahaaha.. Acha come, have ur medicine n rest..
Sanky: i will go by myself. So u leave.. N dont follow me..

He start to move leaving her, but suddenly turns n see some boys coming in her direction n she smiles looking at them.. He immediately goes n hold her wrist..

Sanky: come n give me my medicine..

Swara smiles n they both leave to the room…

[As i told u already, its a resort, so evrything is under one roof.. Restaurent, rooms, spa, clinic, swimming pool..etc.. ,]

After reaching the room, swara gives his tablets..

Sanky: thanks.. U may leave..
Swara: im really sorry sanskar.. I dont know how to convince u.. Plsssssss… Dont talk to me like this.. It kills me…
Sanky: swara.. Whom am i to forgive u..
Swara: u r sanskar.. My sanskar.. U r everything to me..

Sanky smiles listening her but hides it with a stern look..

Swara: N i really hate this arm sling.. how dare those girls.. How can they touch u.. .. Wait a min..

She gets marker from drawer, sanky’s eyes lit up.. He smiles.. Swara come towards him n write something on his arm sling..

Meanwhile, the family was enjoying their dinner..

Veer: listen evryone..

All family members looks towards him..

Veer: so, do u remember, wats days after tomorrow..???

Everyone thinks….

Shekar: no one will dare to forget tat day..
Mishti: haaan.. A precious day..
Tannu: toh, wats the plan..
Veer: sanskar told to discuss among ourself…
Sinha : oh wow.. So its his planning this time…
Mishu: no dad.. But he is disturbed ,wat if our train gets delayed..
Shekar: not in this world im going to travel again in the train..
Sinha: enough shekar.. Over acting mat kar.. We will go in train only.. After all its my swara’s planning..

Shemish gets shocked..

Shekar: toh she did it purposely..
Veer:(smiles sheepishly) haan bade papa..
Mishti : u guys are impossible.. So wat are u guys planning..
Veer: after reaching home (muted)

At room
Sanky geys little upset seeing wat she wrote…
Swara: get well soon sanskar.. Im not like those girls to write those things.. After all im not them.. Im more than them.. So my style will be different.. So wait n watch..
Sanky:(monologue) wat is she talking.. I cant get anything.. Her words r different.. Wat is she trying to convey..
Swara:(thinks) i know, u must have thought i will write those words on ur arm sling, but no.. I will (smiles naughtily )

Sanky was lost in thought when suddenly , swara leans n gives a peck on his cheek,sanky turns immediately ,towards her in shock and their lips gets brushed (this is for u jaf ? silly me) .. . Both widened their eyes.. Swara turns away quickly n goes out of the room mumbling good night…
Sanky was shocked..

Sanky: no.. I told her i wont do tat until she kiss me.. wat did i do.. But it was an accident.. Wat if she thinks wrong abt me.. I should call her n apologize.. But it wasn’t my mistake..

He thinks for a while..

Sanky: no.. Watever it may be.. She might have felt bad.. Tats y she left immediately..

He takes out his phone n dials her number.. Buf she doesn’t pick the call.. He becomes restless.. So he dials veer’s number, so tat she my have reached their n he will know her reaction..

Veer picks his call..
Sanky: hello veer?
Veer: sanky, leave her yaar.. How much time u both will take.. Wat will ur parents think.. So send swara immediately..

Sanky understands tat she dint come still.. So he somehow manages veer..

Sanky: she will come veer.. Just went to her room with a work.. She will be back..

He disconnects the call n immediately runs out in search of her.. The resort is so big( as mentioned already) tat he is confused ,where to begin his search.. He starts looking for her, evrywhere.. But their was no clue.. He kept searching her throughout the resort.. He calls her but she doesn’t pick up.. He gets worried.. Then his eyes falls on her..

She was standing there with a lady n a guy.. They lady bid bye by hugging her.. N the guy was still talking to her.. He immediately rushed towards them..

Guy: ur r such a angel.. Thanks sweet heart..
Swara smiles..
Swara: my pleasure..

The guy holds swara’s hand n was abt to kiss her, where sanky pulls her..
The guy leaves her hand..

Guy: sanskar ??
Sanky: mac.. Wat r u doing with her. .
Mac: she is such a sweetheart.. Well, is she ur swara??

Swara gets puzzled.. N sanky gets shocked..
Sanky: mac, someone is calling u, over there.
Mac: oh Liza.. OK guys, it was a pleasure meeting you both.. U both are lucky to get eachother..
Swasan smiles at his compliment.. Then mac leaves.. But suddenly a boy comes running..

Boy: swaraaa..
Swara: hey Jack.. Wat happened..??
Jack: ur purse..
Swara: Aww.. Thanku jack.. So sweet of u..
Jack: OK bye.. Come again.. Love U..

He was abt to hug her but suddenly sanky pulls her towards him.. Swara chuckles.. Jack gives him a puzzled look n leaves bidding bye. .

Sanky: wat the hell swara.. Who was he. N where were u.. I called u many time.. N Wat were u doing with mac. N tat guy, walk or Jack.. Y is he at the back..
Swara : sanskaaar.. One question at a time. ..paahh.. How can u question me this much.. N how do u know mac??.
Sanky: woh.. I know him.. But how do u Know him..
Swara: if u tell me, i Will say. .
sanky: u first tell me.. Then later I will..
Swara: sure…
Sanky: haan sure..
Swara: actually, his girlfriend got hurt n I brought her to his shop.. They thanked me.. For tat.. N Jack is working in their place.. I left my purse there.. He returned my purse.. How sweet na..

Sanky:(thinks) sweet my foot..
Sanky: wat ever.. Come we will leave..

Was abt to turn but again looks at her.. Swara gives him a “wat” look

Sanky: wat are this red marks around(pointing at her collar bone and below it)
Swara: huh.. I dont know.. Is it red.. (she checks it..) OMG.. Wat would have jack thought.. Huh..
Sanky: wat the hell.. Wat did u say..
Swara: wat..
Sanky: why did u say tat..
Swara : offo.. Someone is jealous now..
Sanky: no way.. I’m leaving..

Actually he was.. But swara enjoyed it. She was teasing him.. They were passing over the swimming pool.. continuous blabber of swara,made sanky more furious.. It was enough for sanky, he saw a girl who was smiling at him.. He went towards her..
Sanky: hey beautiful..
Swara was like O..
Girl: hi handsome.. (seducingly)
Sanky: I’m sanky(fwd his hand)
Girl: princess..
Sanky: princes… … I would be glad if my name would be prince..
The girl laughs..
Princess: It would pleasure to be with prince(winks at him)

Swara can’t take it anymore.. She searched here there n she pushed her inside the swimming pool.. Sanky gives an unbelievable look to swara.. She holds his hand n takes himm from there..

Sanky: swara.. Wats wrong..
Swara: just shut up.. How dare u to talk to her like tat.. (mimics) princess.. N Wat u said,u want to be her prince.. Never in any life.. Got tat..
Sanky was taken aback..

Sanky:jealous.. Wow gr8… but u were too talking abt Jack..
Swara: I was just pretending.. But u just crossed ur limits… So Mr. Sanskar Sinha, u r abandoned to talk with strangers.. Especially girls.. Got tat..
Sanky: y is tat. N Wat if I don’t follow..
Swara : if u dint follow, u will be facing troubles, like how u faced today at the dining table…

Sanky gulps..

Sanky: I’m not scared .. Do watever u want..

Saying this, he left to his room.. Swara too leaves to her room with a determined face.. After an hour, there was a knock at sankys room.. Sanky opened the door m was shocked..

Sanky: wat happened.. Is evrything alright.. Aap sab yaha..
Mishti: sanskar, angel told me everything..

Sanky widens his eyes.. Swara slowly peeks from the back n smiles naughtily..

Shekar: sanskar, y did u do tat..
Sanskar: uncle, it was by mistake.. I dint
Shekar: no beta, u shouldn’t have done tatt with her.. ..
Mishti: u shouldn’t have done tat sanskar..
Shekar: wat she would felt.. It would have hurt her..
Sanky: I’m sorry aunty.. Its all becoz of swara.. She only started first..

Swara widens her eyes..

Swara: wat did i do sanskar..
Sanky: dint u cares
Swara : (cuts him) mom, lets go inside n talk.. Wat if uncle n aunty see us.

The trio moves in..

Swara: sanky, becoz of u, she is hurt n she is accusing me..
Sanky: swara, it was u
Swara: haan sanky, if it is me, then too u should haven’t done tat..
Mishti: she is blackmailing her beta..
Sanky: wat.. (thinks) it’s her new plan
Swara:s sanky.. The one whom u pushed in swimming pool.. (winks at him)
Sanky: (shocked) wat me.. It was u..
Swara: ha.. It was becoz of me, as she teased me.. Hai na Sanky..

Saying this she goes towards him n winks. Sanky sighs.. Unable to take of his eyes from her seductive looks.. She was giving him a tempting smile..

Shekar: n I heard she hurted u..
Swara: haan dad, here..

Saying this she touches sanky waist n squeezes it.. .. Sanky jumps..

Sanky: I’m fine uncle.
Swara: no dad, see he is jumping. I think it’s paining..
Shekar: beta are u sure.. If it is paining let us know..

Sanky eyes swara while she winks at him..
Sanky: no.. I’m fine..
Mishti: Acha beta u take care.. Veer will come n join u.. We just returned from the restaurant, n came here as soon as swara told us..
Sanky: I’m OK aunty..

They leave

Swara: toh, how was the punishment for not listening me..
Sanky: u r impossible swara.. (turns away.)

She goes n hugs him from back.. ..

Swara: sanskar, im sorry.. Pls talk to me like before na.. Pls.. Won’t u do tat for me..
Sanky: swara, go n pack ur things.. Tomorrow we are leaving..
Swara: but I promise u sanskar, after we reach home, u will be back with ur own self.. (thinks) I will open up my heart to u.. But now, I just want to tease u.. I’m loving u more in this convincing way..

She breaks the hug n makes him turn..

Swara: Acha tell me, wat should i do ,so tat ur anger fades away.. (pinches his nose)
Sanky: ouch.. (makes faces) im done with ur so called convincing..
Swara: wat the hell.. Wat do u mean by, u r done with it.. I kissed u to convince.. .
Sanky: was it even a kiss(bites his tongue)

Swara widens her eyes.. She quickly pulls him n gives a tight kiss on his cheeks..

Swara: (thinks) now see how I make u restless.. I agree ,I just pecked lightly but u can’t insult my kiss..

She pulls him more n kiss on his right cheek near his lips, slightly touching her lips curve with his.. Sankys heart beat skipped.. A quick current pass through their body.. They both have a eyelock in the same position.. But she was stubborn to tease him more, so she again goes to his left n does the same.. She was teasing him.. He grabbed her waist, but she winks at him n moves ahead getting freed from his hand..

They both Stare at eachother for a while, with a urge of showing how much they love eachother.. But he was stopped by his ego, n she was stopping herself to surprise him in different way.. She gives him a beautiful smile where he lost himself in it..

Swara: good night.. .

She leaves from their.. Sanky was restless..

Sanky: wat did she do.. Oh my god.. This girl is making me crazy.. But I dint apologies to her for tat , may be it was an accident but I just want to know, wat she feels.. Will talk to her at home..

Soon evryone dozes off…

It was a blissful morning.. Since It’s last day of their trip.. Everyone is packing their stuff.. It’s. The time for boarding the train. They are really happy as their happiness is bak. They are finally United. The motto they came here is fullfilled.. Sanvee helps everyone to board.. Veer arranges the luggage. While sanky was pulling his parents n smiling whole heartedly..

Sanky: mom, be carefull..
Sona: Aii handsome.. If u leave me, I will die n haunt u entire life..
Sinha: Arei jaan.. No fear, when ur darling is here. .
Sanky: dad, flirt karna band Karo..

Sona n sinha gets into the train. Sanky smiles seeing their parents love.. Mishtan enters into the train.. Sanky pulls them with a force tat mishtan almost falls down but holds the train door.. They start beating sanky for his stupid behaviour.. Sanky tries to run.. But they push him n goes in.. Now swara gives her hand towards sanky.. He just stare at her.. Swara understands tat he is still angry n he will not help her ,she gets sad.. So she was abt to take her hand but sanky pulls n she gets hit by his chest.. They both have an eye lock..

After sometime everyone gets settle in one compartment..

Sanky: mom, dad, this whole couch belong to us.. Take any seat.. It’s all ours…
Veer: haan bade papa.. We knew tat u guys will patch up.. So this is a gift from us.. Enjoy in this whole couch.. Sit where ever u like..
Tannu: flirt with ur respective partners (winks at them)
Sinha: wow.. I’m ready. Kyu sona.. (winks at her)
Sona: shameless… (beats him playfully)
Shekar: Arei yaar, they have become old.. Let’s check out other girls in different couch.. (starts to run)
Mishti: I will kill u. (chases him.)

The youngsters laugh.. Swara goes n sit in different compartment at a window seat n was enjoying the nature.. While sanvee goes to get snacks n water bottles..mishtan where with sinson..

Shekar while running collide with a guy..

Guy: ouch..
Shekar: I’m sorry..
Guy:its OK uncle..

Mishti comes n starts beating him..

Shekar: mishti stop. Sharam karo.. He is seeing us..
Guy: sorry for disturbing aunty.. U carry on..
Shekar: arie beta, how mean..
Guy: actually uncle, im busy in searching for a single seat.. But hear, all the seats are available but still the tt is not allowing me..
Mishti: woh, actually its our childrens mischief.. They want to spend time alone with the family..
Shekar: if u want u can take a seat..
Guy: thanks alot uncle.. But ur children..
Shekar: they won’t tell anything.. U go n sit anywhere..
Shemish go n join sinson.. The guy went in swara’s compartment.. She was fallen asleep..
Guy:(thinks) Hm. I think she is their daughter, if I impress her, they will be happy with me.. N i can spent some quality time..

He smile n gets mesmerised seeing her face. He was lost in her.. The guy sits next to her. Swara feels someone next to her n smiles n keeps her head on his shoulder.. He gets shocked.. He was abt to pat her cheek to wake her but someone shouts..
Sanky: hey u.. Get up..
Hearing sankys voice, swara quickly gets up n gets shocked seeing other man beside her.. She thought it to be sanskar.. But now..

Sanky : wat the hell u r doing here..
Guy: hello Pls.. First listen to me…
Veer: how dare u( was abt to beat him)
Guy: Plss Plss Plss. Will u give me a chance to speak.. (tells them evrything in one go) huh. I came to make frnds with her, n she put her head on me.. I was abt to wake her n u guys came..
Swara : he is right.. I thought it’s sanskar, so I…
Guy: thank god dear. Uff.. So guys do u believe me now..
Veer: r u OK angel..

Swara assures him through eyes.. Sanky was angry on tat fellow..

Guy: wow.. Ur name is Angel.. Gr8.. Myself Sahil.. Sahil khurana.. (fwds his hand)

The screen freezes on shocked faces of sanvee…..

So how was the epi…….
Hope u all enjoyed……
Guys don’t bash for using the name sahil. ? . Actually, its me who used the name first, n its the highlight of my ff…. Coz Sanky totally hates tat name..u may know the reason. ?lets c wat happens next..

I hope, I dint bore u with this chap.. I really dont know wat i wrote.. In this chappy also, there are some secrets left.. Let’s c who all gueses right… N for the one who guessed right in the last chappy, here’s the treat, hope u enjoy….
Pls serve urself.. Sorry for the inconvenience caused ?…

Sorry for not replying sterday.. I was busy at home.. I really enjoyed reading all ur comments.. OMG.. Everyday a new readers comment.. My happiness is beyond 7th sky. Lol..
I’m really happy tat u all liked it.. @neha, kaynat khan, Pammy, dhara, reethi, jenisha, jaf, tani, soujanya,sree,dharsha,sweety,Ahana,jiya,nikita,pooja,shan,shagun,kavya..
@sree.. U r not talking so much dear.. I really love to read long comments.. N i use to get a chance to reply long ? silly me. N u r genius,u guessed everything right.. After all u r one of me na.. Tats y. Haha..
@dharsha.. I really missed u.. Sachi.. Was waiting for ur comment.. Now so much glad tat u liked it.. … N ,no sorry no thank you… I got to know u were busy.. Gues how?? seventh sense… ?

@sweety… Chorry dear for making u emotional.. N everyone want sanky to be convinced huh. Swara bechari ne kya Paap kiya ki ,tum log uske peeche ,haath dhoke pade Hue ho.. ? poor angel..

OK stay tuned till next chappy..

Credit to: Sha

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