FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 41)


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The episode begins with the hijacker shooting at shekar..

Sinsonmish: (shouts) shekaar…

Sinha pushes shekar n both of them falls down.. While sanky n swara moved towards them, but gets relieved.. Everyone widens their eyes by the bullet sound.. Shekar gets Shocked n slaps sinha..

Shekar: wat the hell,!!!! Are u gone mad.. U idiot… Wat if the bullet hit u..?
Sinha: wat if something happens to u.. i stopped u ,many times but u were so busy in ur mahaanta.. U Idiot. (pushes him)

They both hug eachother.. While khanna n sinha family smiles seeing them.. Swara who was holding sanky hand feels wet.. When she see it, she widens her eyes…

Swara:(shouts) sanskaaar….. (tears rolling down her cheeks)

Everyone turn to them, n finds the bullet have passed through his right arm n it have started bleeding.. She immediately removes her scarf n make him sit.. Sanky hiss in pain, while swara ties the scarf.. She looks at the hijacker with full of rage..

Swara: are u mad… (shouts at the man)

She goes to beat him but sanky pulls her.. Everyone in the family tried to rush towards him but the man stops them

Hijacker : do u still want to be killed.. I may have missed the shot ,but now dont make me kill u all…

A crying sound was heard from a bag, which he was carrying.. Everyone got to know he is hiding something big.. He quickly rushes to the bag still showing gun towards the passenger..

Then all of a sudden, police sirens were heard.. Yah the police have been following all the way.. One of the officer spoke in a loudspeaker to surrender himself..but he smirked.. From nowhere two mens jumped in the train may be they were on the top.. The people got scared but they thought it would be police. As the hijacker was taken aback.. The two men moved fwd while the hijacker threatened them to kill.. But to everyone’s shock, they were his men.. He laughed loudly seeing everyones pale faces..

Hijacker : wat do u thought, police will rescue u all…. Untill they dont fullfill my demands, i wont leave u all…
Swara: for ur shitty demands, y the hell u r torturing innocent peoples..

The three men laughs..

Hijacker : u all may look innocent, but no one is so
Police:(interupts) hand over the baby to us..

Everyone were shocked n mumbled “baby”
One of the men got a call..
Man 1:hello…
Man 1:(laughs) we will leave the baby until n unless, u arrange us a private jet to escape..
Man 1: tats good.. I will give u half an hour to arrange everything.. Until then stop following us..

The hijacker gets shocked n he gives a death glare to the man.. Since the other side of the conversation was not been heard, the hijacker shouts at the man..

Hijacker : wat did u say, we will return the baby.. I won’t give it to them.. Its my child..
Man 1: i know paul, but it was just a trap for them, we will escape along the baby..
The trio laughs..
Swara:(at sanky) wat the hell.. Wats happening here.
Sanky: relax swara(assures her)
Swara: but i want to dress ur wound.. (tears blurring her vision)
Sanky: u dont have to worry abt me.. This wound is nothing infront of the wound u gave me.
Swara widens her eyes.. Tears rolling down her cheeks..
Swara: sansk…
Sanky : pls swara.. I dont wnt to talk abt it.. We will focus on how to escape .. Now pls stop crying… (stern tone)

Swara silently sobs.. While shesin and mishson were worried for sanskar.. The men were not allowing them near sanky..

The hijacker gets a call now.. He puts it on speaker..

Hijacker: hello..
Lady: paul, pls give back my baby.. Pls paul..
Paul: its not ur baby dr..
Lady: pls understand, we dint kill the baby.. I lost my baby once, not again paul…. Stop ur revenge.. Its u who killed my baby.. Surrender to the police..
Paul: i escaped from the police with so much difficulty.. Im i fool to surrender.. Ur baby is my only weapon to get freed..
Man: wat the hell paul, dont do this.. Return our baby…

The hijacker laughs..
Again the crying sound was heard.. Now one of the men opened the bag, took a beautiful n cute baby.. Hearing the crying sound.

Lady: paul, my baby.. (cries) its crying paul.. Pls.. It needs me.. We will do watever u say. Leave my baby..
Paul: no way, carmel… U guys have to suffer.. U all killed my baby right, now i will not leave ur baby, it have to suffer for his parents deed..
Man: no paul.. Pls.. I beg u..
Paul: good joke mark.. Anyways, im not interested in talking to u. I just want to go from here.. I want u to crave for ur baby, how i craved..
Man: paul ,both were my babies… U son of a wi*ch .. U kidnapped it n killed it.. now my another baby.. I wont leave u paul.. I want my baby..
Paul: though i kidnapped, but i loved it like my child..
Lady: no, u dint loved it.. It was just ur revenge..
Paul:(laughs) u better understand carmel.. But u will never get ur baby.. If u all do something, the ppl in the train will suffer.. I just want to go to my place.. Tats it..
Police:(on loudspeaker ) surrender urself paul, u are on wanted list.. Dont hurt innocent ppl..

The lady n the man kept the hijacker busy in their talks.. While two men quietly entered the running train from top.. The people had no hope, As it would be one his mens.. But to their surprise, those two men tip toed n pulled the hijackers men,while paul(hijacker)was facing his back towards them.. Their necks were cracked n they were thrown out of the running train.. Everyone were bewildered with the sudden move.. When the hijacker heard the noise n turned around, the men hidded themself.. He immediately cut the call n searched for his men.. While searching for his men ,the officers caught him from the back.. Paul struggled to free himself.. He used his gun n shoot down..

The bullet hit one of the officers leg.. He smirked n pulled one of the passenger, it was non-other than swara,sanky widened his eyes.. Then paul kept the gun on her temple.. He pushed the officer n again took the baby in his hand.. Sanky was abt to hit him but swara who was furious over paul, stamps his foot, n he lost balance.. Then sanky, hit him on his head grabbing a stick from a old man .. Paul dropped the gun along the baby n hold his head.. The baby was caught at the nick of the time, by our swara.. Paul became so angry tat he slapped swara hard.. Sanky was at rage ,he punched pauls stomach but paul ruthlessly punched on sanky’s wound.. Sanky shouted in pain ….

Sanky: ahhhhhhh…

Swara kept the baby aside n took the stick.. She hit paul with all her force on his head, such tat it started bleeding.. She kept hitting him and took all her wrath on the fellow.. Paul fell unconcious.. But swara was beating him still.. The officers n the people were shocked by her behavior.. Sanky went n pulled her, but she kept hitting him..

Officer: mam, the stick is broken.. Atleast leave him now..

Swara was panting heavily n looked at sanskar, who was shocked due the her sudden move.. He was giving her, “wat was tat” look.. She ran n gave him a bone crushing hug while sanky hissed in pain..

Sanky: swara, baby!!!
Swara smiles without breaking the hug.. She nuzzled her head in his neck.. Sanky closed his eyes and feels her.. They both get a chill down their spine, but he

Sanky: swara, baby.. Baby may suffocate..

Sanky took the baby n was holding it, swara realised n immediately broke the hug n felt embarrassed.. Evryone clapped for her bravery.. Swara took the baby in her hand.. She smiled at the baby while sanky adored her seeing with the baby. Shemish ,sinson n mishtanvee rushed to sanky.. The train was halted on the next station.. Shemish saw her n gave her a smile.. The officer took the baby from her hands..

Swara: wo dad..
Shekar: (hugged her) im really proud of u beta.. (at sanky) thanku sanskar..
Sanky: no uncle, she is brave enough.. Before i could react, she hit him hard..
Sinha: (at swara) u r really an angel(caressing her hair) .. (at sanky) are u fine beta..
Swara: no uncle. His arm is still bleeding.. We need take him to the hospital..
Shekar : u r right angel.. (hugs sanky) sorry beta, its all becoz of me..
Sanky: no uncle.. Im fine. Thank god, u r safe..
Sinha: haan, i would have never forgive myself,if something happened to u..
Shekar: i would have killed u, if u have taken the bullet.. U brainless douch..
Sinha: shekar, save ur words atleast in front of children..
While the youngsters laugh..
Shekar : thanku sinha.. But im still angry on you.. (expression changes)
Swara: dad.. Not again now.. Plss.. We need to dress his wound.. U guys fight, after going to hospital..

Sonmish laughs n hugs eachother after a long time , while shesin makes faces.. Mishtan comes n hugs swara, while sanvee hug eachother.. Swara pouts at veer.. Then he hits her shoulder n gives a bear hug, mumbling idiot… The police arrest the men n apologize to the public for the inconvenience caused.. Everyone leave from there.. Sanky was taken to hospital..

At hospital
Sanky’s wound was dressesd n doctor gave some prescription.. They made him wear the arm sling.. The wound was not so deep, but it was not much to be ignored.. He was advised to take rest.. Where as sanky made faces.. Though he had pain in his hand but he was smiling all the way.. Shemish chat-pat keep on going.. They went back to there resort..

At resort
Everyone gathered at sankys room.. He was made to rest on the bed, while evryone were gathered around him.. They talked abt the train incident n laughed recalling those moments..
Sanky: (at shekar) uncle, i dont know, whether i should talk or not, but i have seen my dad guilty.. He is guilty uncle.. He have cried so many nights n he have cursed himself.. At tat time i dont know the reason but now, he told me everything.. I just wish u both patch up soon..

Shekar had tears in his eyes, when he turned to sinha.. Sinha’s cheeks were already wet due to the continuous flow of tears.. He bowed down.. Shekar went towards him n lift his head..

Shekar: im happy tat, atlas u understood me.. But
Sinha: im sorry shekar(hugs him tightly) im really sorry. I know its difficult for u to forgive me. But

While evryone were in tears..
Shekar hugs him back..

Shekar: u hurted me alot(cries).. U know, its not a single day, i haven’t remembered u.. There were sleepless night..
Sinha: (cries) i misunderstood u.. After knowing the truth, i was not ready to face u.. But i hve to apologize, after all i did a sin.. Im sor
Shekar:(cut off) stop it.. No more sorries.. How is
Veer: oh my god.. Plss stop crying u both.. Seeing u, Im crying here….

Actually everyone present there were crying seeing this emotional scene.. Everyone laughs hearing him, after all those tears were happy tears ..

Mishti: badmaash..
Mishu: mom, dad.. Im really Happy..
Tannu: haan. Treat toh banti hai…
Veer: wah tannu.. First time, u used ur brain..
SwaSan: after all it was regarding the food..
Tannu makes faces, while swara smiles seeing sanskar.. But he quickly turns away.. She gets sad..
Sinha: so get ready.. Tonight is my treat…
Shekar: no me.. I will give the treat ..
Tannu: arei.. U both stop.. I will tell wat to do.. Bade papa, u will be paying our shopping bills(giggles).. N uncle, u will pay for todays dinner.. (chuckles)

mishvee laughs.. Veer seeing swara’s restlessness,

Veer: so everyone get ready..
Soon evryone left the room except swasanvee.. Veer winks at swara ..
Veer: swara, u be here, i will gey my dress n come..
Swara: ok sweetu..
Sanky: veer, u be here, n take my clothes..
Veer: arei, two mins.. I will be back..

He leaves swasan alone.. Swara goes towards sanky.. He turns away.. He tries to get up..

Swara : dare not to move sanky..
Sanky: swara, go to ur room.. Let me rest..
Swara: ok, u rest.. Who is stopping u..

Sanky sighs n lay on the bed.. Swara locks the door n jumps on the bed.. Sanky gets startled..

Sanky: wat r u doing.. Swara get down..
Swara shooks her head..
Swara : u sleep and Ignore me..

Sanky closes his eyes.. Swara goes close to sanky, she was wearing the same dress.. She lies on the bed by her chest, resting her chin between her palms n smiles seeing sanky.. She adores him by batting her eyelashes n shaking her legs behind her backk.. He slowly opens his eyes,to check whether she went.. He widens his eyes n gulps seeing swara lying infront of him n smiling .. He quickly gets up n turns away..

Sanky: swara.. Sit straight..
Swara looks down n gulps.. She bites her lip..
Swara: im.. I.. M.. Sorry..
Sanky: its ok.. Leave..

She quickly back hugs him..

Swara : sanskaar, im really sorry.. I dint mean tat. I trust u so much sanskar.. Pls believe me.. Trust me sanskar…

He tries to release her hands but she tightens her grip.. She cries so much tat his white shirt gets wet.. Sanky tries hard to relese but swara loosened her grip suddenly. He get puzzled but was abt to get up, when she pulled him by his shirt.. He fumbles n sit back.. She hold his back collar n was abt to look at his bare back, but reality hits sanky.. He immediately gets up from the bed..

Sanky: swara, pls go from here..
Swara: no.. !!! Wat was tat???.. Show me sanskar..
Sanky: wat are u talking abt??
Swara: i saw something there at ur back..
Sanky: its nothing swara.. U may leave now..
Swara : no.. I wont.. Just show me..

She quickly gets up n goes towards him, while sanky runs away from her..

Sanky: swara, pls stop..
Swara: no.. I want to see tat..

She chases him.. Sanky was abt to open the door knob but she pins him.. His knees fall week..

Swara: sanky, be a good boy n let me check.. There some mark.. May be u r injured…
Sanky: no.. Noth.. Nothing swara. its just a birth mark..
Swara: birth mark???
Sanky: haaan.. Now leave me..
Swara frowns.. She hugs him quickly..
Swara: im sorry sanky.. Pls… Dont ignore me…
Sanky: im not angry on u swara.. Pls leave me.. Im in no mood..
Swara : (smiles naughtily) u r in no mood huh.. Should i believe tat.. Ok let me test u..

She puts her hands around his neck n leans towards him n says

Swara:(husky tone) u r in no mood..

Sanky nods noo… She place a small peck on his right cheek..

Swara: now…

Sanky gulps n shooks no..
She again gives small peck on his left cheek..
Swara: now

Sanky blinks n nods no…

She leans towards his lips n was abt to

“Knock knock… ”

Sanky fist his hand.. May be cursing the one at the door..
Swara quickly parts away n makes herself presentable.. She moves sanky away n opens the door…
Veer grins at them..

Veer : hope i dint disturb u guys in ur romance…

Both give him a death glare.. Poor veer, doesn’t know he have actually done it..

Veer:(in mind) god.. I should stop teasing them.. Warna they will eat me alive..

Swasan takes glances at eachother.. Veer gives them a tight smile..

Veer: angel, if u want, u can stay here.. Shall i leave..
Swara:(thinks) s…
Swara: no sweetu.. (makes faces) i will leave..
Veer: huh.. U can tell tat with a smile..
Sanky: veer, let her go.. N help me in removing this shirt..
Veer: ok..

He goes towards him, opens his shirt buttons but sanky stops..

Sanky: veer, let her go first..
Swara: im going.. Im not interested..

She opens the door n here veer removes his shirt carefully n he shouts..

Veer: oh my god.. Sanskaar…
Sanky: just keep quite veer n dare not to tell her..
Veer: i love u buddy… (hugs him)
Sanky smiles faintly n hugs back..
Veer: (releasing the hug) sanky, did u forgive her..
Sanky: pls veer, i dont want to talk abt it..
Veer: but sanky, she is not at fault.. Just understand being in her situation..

Sanky silently listens him..

Veer: she is so innocent sanky.. She just believes wat she see ,it was such situation tat made her to think so.. . But she trust u totally.. U know why she was moving away from u..
Sanky looks at him..
Veer: she was scared.. Scared to loose u.. Isn’t it funny.. But tats the truth..
Sanky: veer, im really angry on her yaar.. I dont know wat u r saying, but i will not forgive her easily.. Let her convince me.. (recalls the recent incident n smiles) n she have started her work..
Veer: oh ho.. So u r enjoying it.. I know dude, u will never get angry on her(hugs him)
Sanky:(breaks the hug) when did i say tat.. Im still angry on her.. She is really stupid to think like tat.. I should teach her a lesson.. Before believing, she should understand the situation….
Veer: i dont know wat u r saying.. But I’m happy. I know u very well.. U cant be angry on ur sweet heart more than a day(winks at him)
Sanky: i can n i will prove u..

They both get ready n come out.. They see everyone waiting outside.. Sona laughs seeing sanky..

Sanky : mom,… I know the reason for ur laugh.. I hate u for tat..
Shekar: why are u laughing sona.. Stop troubling my champ..
Sanky gets teary eyes and smiles.
Sona: arei shekar, u know he hate arm sling.. ? two yrs ago his hand got fractured n he was forced to wear arm sling.. He says tat, girls tease him when he wears it.. N they start to woo him, n propose him by writing i love u on it..
Sanky: mom..
Sona: he changed 40 arm sling in 30days..
Swara gets irritated.. I mean jealous..
Veer notices it n smiles..
Veer: something is burning.

tanmish understands n burst out laughing, while sanky look at swara, who was staring at him in anger.. Sanky gives her a “wat did i do “look…

Sinha: wats burning veer…
Veer: (thinks) oh my god..
Veer:(gulps) arei uncle, our stomach is burning due to hunger..

Tanmish gets relieved..
Shekar: veer, burning!!! Are u alright… u r the one who is making different assumption abt appetite..
Tanmish giggles..
Veer: if i wish, i will turn day into night bade papa.. N u all will believe me(giggles)

Everyone leaves for the dinner.. They book a family table.. Everyone orders their food..
Mishtan gives a big list..

Veer: hey?!!! R u both eating for this moment or for ur whole life.. I cant believe this..
Tannu: badi mom.. See him.. (pouts)
Mishti: stop it veer.. Dont trouble her..

Veer makes impossible look..
Swara: badi maa ki chamchi…

They get seated in such a way tat, all gents at one side n ladies opposite to them..
Shemish, sinson, swasan, mishtan, opposite to eachother.. Nd tannu seated in the head chair, inbetween the ladies n gents..

Dinner was served.. Sanky was finding difficult to eat.. Swara was restless seeing him.. she was just playing with the food as sanky.. He notices her.. Shee looks at him..

Mishti: sanskar, shall i feed u..
Sanky:(startled) no aunty.. Im fine..
Shekar: but beta, u r unable to eat. Wait let me feed u..
Sanky : no uncle.. I will eat with my (shocked) ah ha(gulps)
Shekar: wat happened..

Sanky:(closes his eyes n bites his lips.. Takes a long breath) i will eat it with my left hand.. (stares at swara)

Swara smiles naughtily n lifts her eye brows…
After sometime mishti shouts

Mishti: ahhhh..
Shekar: wat happened..
Mishti gives a death glare to shekar..
Sanky gulps n closes his mouth with his hand..
Shekar: wat happened mishti…
Mishti: shekar… (angry tone)
Sinha: is he troubling u mishti..
Mishti: nothing raj..
Swara laughs..
Swara:(innocently) wat happened mom…

Wat did actually happen at last..?? I know u all are brave enough to guess.. But still im enjoying.. Hahaha…
Toh, how was the epi.. Good or bad… Hope u enjoyed it.. Aha.. finally patch up. Was it cheeesy or fine. Apologies if u felt bored… Still payals case not revealed..

How was the hijack.. I know it was the poorest part.. Lol.. Only in my ff this much poor villans… Dont even know to fight… Wat to do… ? hope u enjoyed..

Actually im so happy with ur comments.. I got so many teachers..?.. I replied all ur comments.. It was such a pleasure ..

@aditi shyam: yaar i guess u dont read my replies..? But still i will clear ur doubt.. Sanvee is in clg already, they are going to be in 3rd yr n swatanmish are going to join clg.. Hope i cleared ur doubt..

Stay tuned.. Will see in next chappy..

Ahh i forgot one thing, wat should swara do, to convince sanky???? Do u wnt him to continue his angry mode…???

Credit to: Sha

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    Now some of my guesses
    First i think sanskar has did a tatoo about swara. Second i think swara was touching sanky’s leg (actually i can say its easy to guess).
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    Veer has caught up between the lovers.. It’s his luck that he didn’t get killed for disturbing their romance.. LOL 😉 😀
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    Stay blessed dear and happy weekend 🙂
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