FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 40)


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After a long tiring day, it was a beautiful morning in the tourist city of Goa.. Everyone enjoyed their day upto the peak level.. Now they are having thier beauty sleep.. The sun rays peek through the gap of the closed curtains disturbing their sleeps.. Swatanvee sleeping peacefully.. Swara’s sleep gets disturbed due to the sun rays, she pulls over her blanket, which is pulled by tannu as sun rays starts disturbing her.. The duo fight for the blanket.. After sometime swara gets frustrated, she gets up from bed n goes towards the couch.. Veer who was sleeping on the couch falls down with a thud.. ? swara pushed him down n slept on the couch.. Veer gets up immediately n thinks he felled in sleep.. As he was feeling sleepy, he sleeps on the floor itself..

After sometime everyone wake up n gets frenshen.. Sanky n mishti fights to get into the washroom.. Sanky pushes mishti n gets inisde … After 15mins, the whole resort was shaken up with a shout…
Mishu gets shaken up with the shout.. Sanky comes out of the washroom.. Mishu gets shocked at first n burst out laughing seeing sanky.. His hair have straighten up like horns ?? on the head… This was due to the malfunction of shampoo by our gr8 swara khanna..

Mishu: thank god bhai, i dint went to washroom.. Omg… ?

Sanky was giving her death glare.. Evryone wakes up by his shout.. Veer gets up n see swara on couch n understood tat she pushed him.. Before he could do something.. Their was a bang on the door.. Veer opens the door . swara quickly get up, seeing sanky ,she runs into the washroom.. Veer gets shocked to see sanky.. He chuckles n then burst out laughing ? seeing sankys state…. Sanky was panting due to anger.. He bangs on the washroom door..

Sanky: swaraa.. (bang) Swaraa… (bang) ?
Veer: sanky chod yaar.. ?
Sanky: arei veeer.. Wat the hell.. Errrrrrr.?.. How will i go out like this.. Swaraaaa.. . Come out..
Swara: sanky.. Im sorry ?… I dint do anything.. Sachi muchi..
Sanky: swara dont lie.. I know it’s u.. ?
Swara: but sanky i brought tat shampoo but then later i got afraid.. ? I kept tat in my bag.. I dont know how it went their.. ?
Sanky: swara, u brought tat n how can i believe tat u dint keep tat.. U told me already..
Swara : s yaar.. But i dint do it..?
Sanky: then y r u hiding.. Come out.. ?
Swara: no.. U will kill me.. ?
Sanky: i wont… Come now..

Swara slowly peeks out n finds a angry sanskar, who was looking really funny.. She bites her lower lip to control her laughter.. Tannu wakes up n burst out laughing seeing sanskar with Hornes ??.. Now it was enough for swara, she too holds her stomach n starts laughing.. She runs across the room, while sanky chases her..
Swara:(running) sanky, i dint keep the shampoo.. Believe me.. ?
Sanky: but it was brought by u na.. ?

Tannu was listening all this n recalls something.. Sanky finally holds swara’s hand n both of them slips due to the blanket on the floor.. Sanky falls over swara on the bed..

Swara: ahhh.. ? Sanky monkey.. Get up.. U r heavy..
Sanky: this is ur punishment.. Bare me..

Swara pushes him.. Tanvee laughs..

Veer : sanky, taking advantage huh.. ?
Swara: ya veer.. ? Tell ur frnd to get up.. N ,i dint change the shampol.. ? Promise(pinches near her throat n pouts)
Tannu: shampoo… ? r u talking abt the shampoo which was in ur bag..

SwaSan widens their eyes.. They both gets up immediately giving a glare to tannu..

SwaSan : tannnuu… (move towards her)
Tanu:(gets back) oh hello.. Wait.. I dint do anything.. Mishu came in search of shampoo, i gave her…

SwaSan gets shocked.. Mishu joins them.
Mishu: bhai ,i dont know anything abt it.. ?
Sanky: mishu!!!. Errrr.?. Guys, whom should i make fault at..
Swara: sanky.. Its not anyones fault.. Believe me..
Sanky: ? swara.. Its all becoz of u.. If u haven’t brought the shampoo, this would have not happened..
Swara: dont worry sanky.. I brought a cap for u already.. ?
Sanky:? all pre-planned huh..
Swara: u have no choice left..
Veer: haan dude, something is better than nothing..

Sanky stamps his foot n goes to his room grabbing the cap from them.. Sanvee changes in sanky’s room n swatanmish changes in swatan room.. Today they have planned for sight seeing across the city.. Shemish n sinson have went in search of a tourist guide..

The girls get ready n gossip..

Tannu: yaar, u know i saw a guy in the parking lot.. He is hot n dashing.. I showed u na mishti…
Mishu : haaan.. Munda handsome tha..
Swaraa: u should have got his number then.. ?
The girls laugh..
Mishu: see i have brought this for u.. (takes out goggles)
Swatan: wow mishu…
Swatan tries the goggles.. while tannu takes out the gift she bought.. She gifts swamish a scarf..
Swara: wow tannu.. Its really awesome.. (hugs her)
Mishu: yay… My fav colour… Love u tannu.. (hugs her)
Mishtan glares at swara…
Swara: ok.. I know u guys will kill me.. So here it is…

She takes out two boxes n gives themm.. Mishtan gives a puzzled look.. When they open the box, shouts like hell…

“Ahhhhhh… Oh my god… ”

Mishu: never on the earth, my parents will allow me to wear this…
Swara: haaawwwww.. U dint like it..
Mishu: i love it.. But
Swara: hello, ur parents knew tat i bought this..
Mishu: waaat..
Swara: yah.. So get ready.. We are going to wear this…
Tannu keeps quite n had tears in eyes..
Swara: tannu u dint like it…
Tannu: angel, i just said, it looks good, n u bought this.. (hugs her) i love u loads…
Swara : i love u lots more..
Tannu: nooo.. I love u more…
Mishu: offo dramebaaz.. Get ready fast.. waise my bhai will get flat seeing u in this..
Swara: plss yaar..
Tannu: aww.. My angel is feeling shy..
Swara: tannu.. Its nothing like tat..
Taanu: angel ,till when u will deny this.. We know u love him.. Then..
Swara: tannu.. I dont..
Tannu: enough swara.. We know u do..
Mishu: haan swara.. Y dont u accept it..
Swara: guys, kya yaar.. N mishu, stop supporting ur bro..
Mishu: swara, im not supporting him.. But y dont u accept the fact..
Swara: i.. I dont know.. Im afraid..
Tannu: angel dont tell me tat …n Y r u afraid.. ??
Swara: tannu u r asking me.. Dont u remember nikky..
Tannu: angel, it was their infactuation.. Just infactuation but she took it seriously by watching movies.. She was very young at tat moment.. So stop comparing ur love with hers..
Mishu: who is this nikky..
Tannu: nikita.. She was one among us,when we were in 8th.. She was a cute, bubbly girl.. She fell in love with our so called senior.. He was handsome n dashing.. They both said they are in love..
Swara: they loved eachother tannu..
Tannu:angel… it was just an infactuation among both.. But nikky took it seriously.. They dated.. Dont ask me, she was young, but their parents agreed on the basis of how long will their relationship exist.. I think they knew it already.. They knew it very well tat, they are just infactuated..
Mishu: so wats there in this..
Tannu: then wat, when he went to clg, his interest on her got less.. He fell in love with another girl.. When she got to know this, she attempted suicide.. Stupid..
Mishu: oh my god..
Tannu: but she was saved.. Then pavan our senior, came n talked with her.. He explained her, tat it was just their infactuation.. Nothing else.. Now he has moved on..
Mishu: it seems to happen at tat age.. So wats the big issue..
Swara: its a big issue guys..
Tannu: angel, dont even compare this with it…
Swara: he cheated her tannu…
“so u think tat, i will cheat u”
A broken voice from behind comes by opening their room…
Swara: sanskaar.. (puzzled)
Mishtan gets shocked..
Sanky: so u dont trust me…
Swara: its not like tat sanskar… (tears rolling down her cheeks)
Sanky: u compare me with him.. (tears blurring his vision)
Swara: sanskaar.. Pls…
Sanky:(stops her showing his ✋) no swara.. U dont trust me…
Sanky leaves from there leaving everyone.. Veer comes
Veer: angel.. Wat happened to u..
Swara: veer.. (hugs him) i trust him veer.. Im just scared… (cries)
Veer: angel, calm down.. Relax.. Listen to me now.. (breaKs the hug)
Swara: he went veer… He went
Veer: angel, he loves u truly.. If u trust him, then y dont u accept him.. Dont u love him.. ??
Swara: i love him veer.. I love him so much… But im just scared.. Im scared to loose him.. I.. I dont want to loose him…
Veer: angel, i dont know from where this stupid things come to ur brain.. U r really impossible.. U r scared huh.. But for wat??
Swara: wat if he is too infactuated..
Veer: do u think its infactuation…
Swara: ?
Veer : his love is pure.. If u love him, then go to him angel.. He needs u…
Swara: no veer.. He will hate me now..
Veer: his love is not tat much weak to hate u.. He truly loves u angel..
Mishu: swara, u r the first girl bhai have ever talked abt… His day starts with u, n ends with u..
Tannu: angel, i have seen the spark in his eyes.. He have been with u, in every tough situation..
Swara: i know guys, but
Veer: no but wut angel, if u love him, accept it n live ur life..
Mishu looks at veer lovingly..
Mishtan: go to him angel..
Swara smiles..
Veer: first wipe ur tears.. U r looking like a gorilla..
Swara pouts..
Mishtanvee laughs.. Swara was abt to go but tannu stops..
Tannu: arei angel, change n go. . He may atleast forgive u seeing in this dress (winks at her)
Veer: my angel is beautiful in evry clothes.. She doesn’t need any new dress to impress.. My buddy is already impressed naturally..

Mishtan makes faces… The girls get ready n come out.. They are wearing a knee length skirt with tank top fitting their chest completely , showing their waist a little with a small jacket covering their bare shoulders.. They just tie the scarf across their neck n wear the goggles.. The three girls are looking hot n breath taking.. They step out of their room n their parents gets shocked looking at them.. They realise tat their children are grown up n had tears in their eyes..

Shekar hugs swara while sinha hugs mishu and both compliments their respective daughters.. … Same happens with the mothers.. Sona winks at swara n signals her tat she is looking gr8, leaving swara blush.. Khanna n sinha family are standing at a distance as their rooms are beside eachother.. Veer gets mesmerised seeing mishu.. He was just staring at her.. Mishu too looks at veer n gets shy.. Mishvee lips gets a curve resulting a broad smile on their face..

Sanky brings a tourist guide.. Now this guide will be guiding both the families.. Swara hides behind tannu seeing sanskar. Sanky was not looking at anyone.. He was just staring the ground n speaking.. Veer notices this.. He signals swara to go.. But she denies feeling shy.. Veer hits his forehead with his hand n sighs impossible.. He goes towards sanky n brings him to shekar..

Sanky: (looking at shekar only) uncle ,right now, only this guide was available, so the incharge members asked us to adjust for a day.. Tomorrow he will arrange two guides.. If u don’t have any problem, we..
Shekar keeps quite for a while..
Sanky: its ok uncle.. U take the guide, we will
Shekar:(interupts) its ok.. We will go together..
Sanky : thank u uncle. Come lets leave..
Sanky turns to leave but veer grabs his hand n holds him..
Veee: bade papa, u go.. We will come..
Sanky: no veer.. I will go with my parents.. U be with them ..

Saying this sanky leaves from there.. He dint even notice swara.. She gets sad.. Veer stamps his foot n walk.. On the way out

Veer: angel, u said ,u will talk to him.. Now wat??
Swara: im scared sweetu..
Veer: he wont eat u angel..
Swara just nods her head n smiles..
Veer: oho.. Someone is blushing..

They all come out.. Swara goes towards sanky, but he just keep moving.. They ride a taxi where this devils make the oldies to sit in one taxi n they take another taxi.. Sanvee adjust n sits beside driver.. Veer signals sanky to look at swara.. But he was being stubborn.. Definitely he was hurt.. While driving his eyes falls on the driver who was continuously smiling adjusting the mirror in front of him.. Sanky takes a look at the mirror n gets awestruck looking at the image.. His heartbeat get struck n he lost himself in her.. He saw his swara.. Swara eyes met his through the mirror n they share a small eyelock with so much of love, care, pain n desire in their eyes.. Sanky recalls her words n breaks the eyelock.. He turns the mirror upwards n give a death glare to the driver. The driver gulps in fear n turns his concentration on driving.. The reach their destination..

The guide first take them to a famous historical place.. Sanky takes glances at swara.. When everyone were taking looks at the portraits, sanky notices swara fully… He gets dumbfolded seeing her in tat dress.. She was just breathtaking.. He just forgot to breath.. He was looking at her without blinking n his jaws dropped.. Veers comes to him n closes his mouth

Veer: enough mere bhai, or else someone will drop a letter thinking it as a post box..
Veer chuckles n sanky scratches his head and blushes..
Veer: sanky, talk to
Sanky: veer, if u have come to take swara’s side, pls stop right their..
Veer: but sanky..

They move further.. At some point swara comes to sanky n blocks his way.. He was just staring at her.. He was unable to take his eyes off her.. He just controlled n began to move further, but swara caught his wrist.. Before he could jerk her off, their parents returned n swara herself released him from the clutch..

They leave from their n boards a passenger train,which consists of a huge number of seats, which is similar to a metro train but its not automatic.. This train is similar to the normal train but the difference is ,there are no extra couch.. Its just a single couch train moving around the city.. The seating inside it is like a metro rail..

Khanna n sinha family settles themself in the seats.. Swara sits beside sanskar.. Tanveemish gives them privacy.. Sanky gets up leaving swara but she pulls him back holding his wrist.. He doesn’t protest n keeps quite, as he doesn’t want anyone to know abt their fight.. ..

(i forgot to mention, sanky is wearing a cap to hide his hair.. Ok.. The shampoo effect is only for sometime. After tat, his normal hair will be back.. So dont curse me for spoiling his hairstyle ?)

Swara: sanskar..im

Before she could continue, sanky puts headphones n starts listening songs.. She grabs the headphones from his hand . He gives her a glare n she makes a cute smile but he turns away..

Swara: sankskar, pls listen to me once.. After tat, u do watever u want..

Sanky gave her a hurted look..

Swara: sanskar pls.. Pls .. I cant see u like this.. Ita killing me.. I

Before she could complete, the train gets a big jerk.. Everyone gets frighten.. Everyone got up from there seat but hearing the bullet sound,they started moving hear n their.. But again a buller was fired n this time everyone froze in their position.. The one handling the train was asked to start the train, n not to stop until be says.. The operater starts the train. The man in 30s have hijacked the train.. He ask the operator to take the train at a maximum Speed n do not stop at any point.. Swatanmish gets scared.. Swara holds sankys hand n he squeezes her hand in order to assure her.. Shemish n sinson are shocked even.. .

One of the passenger tries to get up.. But the man points gun at him n ask him to sit.. He threatens everyone.. He was really frustrated at something..

A old man beside shekar gets a heart attack n falls unconscious due to the sudden change in the train n the bullet sound.. Shekar panics n ask the hijacker to stop the train seeing the condition of the man..

The hijacker was a one man, if everyone could gather courage, they can over power him.. But no one was dared to do it.. Everyone were scared,coz he pushed one of the passenger from the moving train, who protested against him..

The man asked shekar to shut up n mind his own work.. This city doesn’t care abt feelings.. N now he too doesn’t care abt anyone..

Shekar: y r u doing this..
Hijacker : its none of ur business..
Sinha: u are doing a wrong thing..
Hijacker : i dont care anymore..
Shekar : (gets up) he needs immediate treatment..
Hijacker : hey.. Sit down.. I said sit down..
But shekar kept moving towards him..
Hijacker : i will shoot u..
Sinha: shekar stop..

But shekar without giving any heed moves further.. Sanvee were finding chances to grab the man.. But all of a sudden the man fired, leaving everyone shocked.. But they sigh in relief as the bullet was missed.. Shekar stops after the bullet fired..

The hijacker was furious now..

Hijacker: how dare u??.. U could have died…
Shekar: listen, atleast help this old man.. He is of ur fathers age..

The hijacker froze in his position. Taking it as a chance shekar moves towards him. But the hijacker comes to his sense n fires towards shekar…

This time the bullet passed through a skin ,scattering the blood drops on the faces n floor..

The screen freezes on the shocked, scared faces of the passengers..

Precap: u will get to know in next chapter ?


Oh my god… This is my reaction..
Who is shot???????
How was the epi..??? Enjoyed???
Dint expect it to be passengers train right… Haha..
SwaSan ???.. Did u liked it… I hope so…
N sanky’s hair ?… I was planning more, but my hands hurt due to writing, more than his suffering.. Haha..
N guys, im really overwhelmed with ur comments.. Awwww.. Love u all.. Such a cute n lovely comments… U alll know something, when, I submit my new chapter, my heart beat raises, as if im submitting my answer paper to my teacher.. When it get posted on tu, i feel like teachers correcting my paper.. N ur comments use to be like my marks.. Nice na.. But i really feel like this only guys.. U all make me nevous. Though i write it for my satisfaction but seeing ur so encouraging comments, i feel scared tat, wat if i may disappoint u all… So im excusing before tat, if i somewher, somehow, dint please u…Appologies from my side.. ..

Offo.. This much bak bak.. Appologies for wasting ur time.. Will continue my bak bak tomorrow..
Stay tuned till next chappy n let me know abt this chap.. .

Credit to: Sha

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