Im back..

So swara’s plan.. Phone convo continues

Swara: idea!!!!!!!

Tannu: wat??

Swara: any guess

Tannu: going to rahuls house


Tannu:acha acha acha.. Shall i guess once more

Swara: bas.. Tera guess bakwass hai

Tannu: u only told me to Guess na

Swara: huh..

Tannu : OK tell

Swara: angel is not ready to talk as she is angry.. So bye

Tannu: arei my sweet angel.. I think my angel is going to dream abt her rahul, whom i reminded by mistake

Swara: tannu ki bachi.. If u were here u would be finish till now

Tannu: awww my angel dint hang up still…

Swara: huh.. Dont talk right now

Tannu: ………..

Swara: ………..

Tannu : ………..

Swara: hello(slowly hissing)

Tannu: ……….

Swara: tannu( slowly hissing)

Tannu: ………..

Swara: (shouting) tannuuuuuuuu… U slept huh..

Tannu: ha angel.. U only told don’t talk na.. So tats y..

Swara: (shouting) if i say dont talk , u wont talk huh.. As im angry, instead of pleasing me, u r ignoring me.. Go i wont talk to u.. ( said in one go)

Tannu: acha baba.. Tell me how should i please my angel..

Swara: ……….

Tannu: OK i know how to please my angel

Swara: …………

Tannu: how abt a ice cream parlour tomorrow…?????

Swara: arei my darling u r awesome… Love u..
Swar( Thinks) : swara gussa.. I should be angry on her.. Gussa lao swara gussa lao..

Swara: dont talk to me

Tannu: oh ho.. My angel still angry.. .. Acha I will give my angel double ice cream along with my share n i wont tell badi maa

Swara: awwwww.. Tannu.. U r my bessssteeeeeee….. Cuteeee… Plumpyyyy… Sweeteeee… And so on an on an on……

Tannu:so much of cheesy lines angel… i know u would have been planned abt ice cream parlour only.. .. I’m i right

Swara: of course… Kabhi meri chamchi galat ho sakthi hai…

Tannu: swara ki bachi.. Go no ice cream tomorrow..

Swaea: ok ok sorry.. Pakka wala sorryy.. U teased me with rahul, so so so..

Tannu: watever..

Swara: ok bring him too..

Tannu: oh rahul…

Swara: nooooooooooooo(shouts)

Tannu:angel my ears.. Because of u, one day i will become deaf

Swara: (laugh) kaash vo din jald aaye

Tannu:angel… Tomorrow only double ice cream, i wont share my ice cream with u..

Swara: nooo…

Tannu:s s s

Swara : no no no

Tannu: s s s

Swara: ok i will get my share through my sweetu… U better inform abt ice cream parlour.. N from ice cream parlour, we will pick mom n go to beach..

Tannu:no no no.. Not him.. He will be on ur side all time, n u both will tease me like hell ..

Swara: tats the reason im calling him.. He is my sweetu.. . Dare not to speak abt him..

Tannu: sweetu tumara hai toh kya… He is dufer.. Instead of taking my side, he is always on ur side..

Swara: wait tannu u will know who is duffer tomorrow..

Tannu: arei veer ki chamchi.. Enough of supporting him.. I wont tell him..

Swara: if u wont tell him.. Do u think i wont have his number.. (smirking)

Tannu: acha meri maa.. I will inform him.. Or else u will tell extra things abt me

Swara: tats like a good girl… Acha do u have mishti number.. I thought to call her too.. Wat say..

Tannu: hmm interesting.. It will be awesome.. Wait let me call her n put on conference.. Wat say.. N actually, she have given landline number re.. So dont know who will pick..

Swara: lets c.. Call her fast..

Few minutes later

On Conference

Tannu: hello angel

Swara : yup

Boy: hello..

Tannu: mmmm hello

Boy: ya hello.. Who is this??

Tannu: im mishti’s class mate.. Can i talk to her..

Swara: well kaun hai aap

Tannu : chup

Boy: wait wait. Wats happening??

Swara: actually uncle, we are on conference

Boy: (shouts) wat the.. Uncle!!!! Mishtiiii mishtiiiii, come here.. Call for u..

Tannu: arei angel.. Why is he shouting

Swara: tannu did i said anything wrong( with a pout voice.. )

Tannu: no angel.. U dint..

Choti mishti: hello

Swatan: hello mishti

Choti mishti: swaratannu

Swara: s s s

Choti mishti: wat a surprice yaar
Swara : waise, y uncle was shouting mishti

Choti mishti: uncle????

Tannu: ya the one who took the call

Mishti laughs…

Choti mishti: arei swara he is not uncle..

Tannu:we thought its ur dad.. Well who was tat..??

Choti mishti: no its not dad.. Ok leave, why did u guys called me

Swara:y ?? V should not call you???

Choti mishti :no Swara.. Not like tat.. Its just been few hours we came home, all of a sudden u guys called, so i thought something important.. Tats y.. Dont think me wrong..

Swara: arei no no.. Just simply.. (giggles)

Mishtan: swaruuuu

Swara: hey dont call me tat name.. Swara kitna sweet name hai..

Mishtan: but kisiko swaruu sweet lagta hai na..

Swara:(totally ignoring their talk) ok mishti, we called u to inform tat, tomorrow we are going to ice cream parlour, n u r gonna accompany us.. Got It

Choti mishti: but swara my parents

Tannu: hey get permission re

Choti mishti: i will try.. But im not sure

Swara: but wut kuch nahi.. S means s.. Tell ue mom tat swara is coming..

Tannu: ha swara badi collector hai jo, her mom will get happy, aha swara is accompanying my daughter..

Mishti laughss… Hahaha

Swara: enough js enough.. Ok mishti u try.. Well try now n inform us.. Ok

Tannu: we will be happy, if u accompany

Choti mishti: ok k will tell my mom raat swara is coming

Swara:arei i was joking.. Y r u spoiling my name.. No mishti no..

Mishtan giggles..

Choti mishti: ok guys i will try to give u good news.. If not possible by bad luck..

Tannu: ok, u call n inform me.. Bye mishti

Swamish: bye..

Tannu: angel i wil sleep now.. Bye to u too

Swara:ok have dinner n then sleep.. Bye

Tannu :ok bye

Choti Mishti house

Mishti: mom

Mom: s mishti

Mishti :actually mom.. Vo mai.. Vo

Mom:kya hua mishti

Mishti: mom

Mom:haan aur aage kuch bologi

Mishti : mom my fnds are calling me to accompany them to ice cream parlor(said in one go with so much speed )

Mom: kya

Mishti:s mom.. Shall i go

Mom:it’s just been a day to ur school, n ice cream parlour.. Isn’t it too much mishti(politely)

Mishti:mom actually, i told u act my new frnds nA

Mom: ya i know but

Mishti:mom pls.. Swara n tannu will be happy if u go

Mom:so swara is gong with u

Mishti: s mom, n u know her little na

Mom: acha.. Ok fine with me.. Wat abt ur dad

Mishti: mom

Mom:fine i will convince him.. Happy

Mishti :not happy… . But I’m on cloud nine!!!!

Mom:ok he will accompany u

Mishti: never mind

Mishti calls n inform the swatan happily n the trio becomes happy..

Next day..

Swara home:

Mishti: angel get up.. Its been 8:30..

Swara:mom.. 2 mins more..

Mishti: i have been hearing this from7o’clock

Swara: mom pakka wala 2mins

Mishti: u r saying this from half n hour..

Swara: ok mom.. Pakka Two mins.. Nothing more

Mishti: where is my hardworking angel, who makes break fast..

Swara immediately gets up ,

Swara: mom i was going to make but,u know na on ur off day only i put my alarm at 4o’clock n gets up at 7… Today i set my alarm at 6.. So how will i get up so early..

Mishti: no worries angel.. Ok go fresh up n get ready.. U were suppose to go out na

Swara:s mom.. Before tannu, i will get ready this time..

Mishti:lets c.. My tannu will be first..

Swara:mom,are u my mom or her mom???

Tannu : she is my sweet badi mom

Swara:tum… I know u would have kept alarm at 4o’clock, so tat u make it first..

Tannu:anyways im first..

Swara: ah ha watever.. Cheater

Mishti: both of u stop, quickly come down for breakfast..

Swara goes to bathroom n gets ready n come out. Then both swatan comea down for breakfast

At break fast table

Swara : hi dad, n kisses his cheeks.. When mishti give her sidelook, swara pulls her n gives her a toght kiss..

Mishti: awww so sweet
Boy: ahen ahem

Swara: veer…. ?
Swara runs n gives him a tight bear hug … .

Swara: so how are u sweetu?? Long time no see..??

Veer:im good n .. How is my angel.. ??

Swara: how im i looking ?


Swara:veer.. Is this a compliment.. Huh..

Veer: aww my angell.. U r looking like princess… N moreover not like moti tannu …

Tannu: arei veer i won’t leave u.. ( shouts) errr

Tannu starts running behind veer.. She chases him all around the apartment, n finally got him.. Then…………..

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So who is this veer.. N swara hugging veer ???????????
Thanks alot for commenting.. I feel so good reading ur comments.. Keep commenting, it boosts up my energy.. Or else my battery level will get down,..so keep commenting to boost up my energy.. .. Let me know if im boring so tat i can wrap up fast.. Swasan scenes will be there, but time required, as im just coming step by step. If i hurried, there wont be describtion abt characters . N i dont want to describe characters in two three lines, hope u would have got to know the characters, through their behavior.. If u think its boring, i will stop it.. Let me know ur positivity n negativity too..

Credit to: Sha

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