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The episode begins with the boys troubling swara.. They were passing cheap comments.. She was scared seeing them.. But couldn’t do anything.. She wants to go n open the washroom door n make them face her sanskar.. She remained silent coz she doesn’t want to create any scene.. But all of a sudden two hands grabbed her shoulders.. She was fully angry. She thought, this boys are crossing their limits.. She got so angry tat without turning, she hit the the boy in front of her on the stomach with her knees applying full force.. … The one at the back of her chuckled.. She turned n was surprised.. She engulfed him in a bear hug almost making him falll but rather they hit the train wall n managed..

Swara: thank god… But how come u here?????.. (breaking the hug)
Boy: idiot.. I kill u someday.. U n ur stupid pranks.. Thank god tat girl came for chu chu, uff im using her language.. (turns towards the boys) n how dare u idiots.. How dare u to tease my wifey…

Ya he was our sansku aka sanskar..

The boys gulped seeing his red eyes n his face which shows his rage of ripping them apart..

Boy2: bhaiya, hum toh sirf bhabhi ki help kar rahe the… (bro, we were just helping bhabhi)

Swara giggled n gave a glare at sanky,who was smiling under his breath n stil giving death glares to the fellows.. The boys ran into their compartment leaving swasan smiling ear to ear…

Sanskar put his hand across swara’s waist n walked over the boys.. Swara felt an ticklish sensation as sanky ran his fingers around her waist, as to make the boys jealous.. He went over there place n stand their for a while, still his hand around swaras waist.. He was giving the boys a death glare.. He went towards them n the boys moved back.. Whenn there was no place to move, sanky went near them n patted their cheek, where those boys where panting heavily..

Sanky: never ever think to tease any girl.. I left u coz, she atlas hit u.. N i dont give a damn to the one, who have been beaten by a girl…

Saying this he leaves the boys, where as swara was just giggling all the time.. Sanky again came towards her n held her waist.. They walked towards their seats..

Swara: sanky, now leave me.. We have passed those boys long back..
Sanky: swara, u always disturb me yar..
Swara: haaawwwww.. U should thank me.. If u held me like this n go straight, the next u will witness is my dad..
Sanky: haha.. I dont care..
Swara: oh.. Is tat so.. Then Ok.. Comon we will move like this till there.. Wat say…
Sanky gulps..
Swara: ?.. Hawa tight hogayi… Now leave me..
Sanky: chalenge accepted.. I will be still holding u like this in front of ur dad n he will give me warm hug, instead of scolding.. After all, im his would be son in law…
Swara widens her eyes..
Swara: no.. No need..
Sanky: u cant backoff now.. Scared huh..
Swara: oh… acha come..

They both move.. Swara was scared,but sanky was not giving any damn.. He was brisk n confident. She doesn’t know wats going on in his mind.. They crossed sinson compartment. It was the time to face off.. Sanskar tighten his grip on swara’s waist n runs his finger in her skin, giving her shivers.. She glares at him, soon they were in front of shekar..

Swara turns her head n finds herself in front of shekar, who was boiling in anger.. Swara struggles to take his hand off, but he tightens his grip.. All of a sudden swara losses her balance..

Sanky:(fake concern n winks) carefull swara.. (turns to shekar) uncle i gues she slipped in restroon,.. She was struggling to walk, so i helped her till here..

Shekar hatred eyes soon turned into a concern n he quickly rushed to swara n helped her to sit.. Then he went to sanskar n stared at him.. Sanskar turned to leave.. Swara thanked god tat atleast they dint hug, so she won but god always play with her.. Tannu was with swara n veer was witnessing the whole situation n understood tat ,something is going on here.. Soon shekar pulled sanskar n engulfed him in a hug..

Shekar : thank u.. I have always mistreated u.. But still u respect me n help us.. Indeed u r a gentleman..
Sannky: uncle its not a big deal.. See its my pleasure.. N dont thank me.. I feel good, after helping ppl.. It’s like my part time job..

Swatanvee mouths fell open n were watching him without blinking there eyes.. Veer recalls sankys word

“i will run away with swara, i cant spoil my life spoiling there problem.. ”

He shook his head.. Mishti smiles n thanks sanky as well..

Sanky: acha uncle,, i will take a leave.. If u need anything, just call me.. I would be glad to help u.. Ok swara.. Take care.. Be careful while going there.. Take someone with u.. (at mishti) Ok aunty.. Bye..
Starts to leave,suddenly
BYE VEER!!! (winks at him)

Now veer is sure tat, he has done something.. The whole night, shemish were pampering swara.. She was so irritated.. Without any injury, she had been kept like a patient.. Swara dont do this, dont do tat. Though tanvee got to know everything, still they were teasing her.. The night passed with this torcher..

The next day was yet a beautiful day.. After all a train journey is worth a while.. When swara woke up, she saw mishu talking with shemish.. They were happily interacting.. Swara widens her eyes, at the view.. She got up immediately..

Mishu: morning swara..
Swara:(rubbing her eyes) morning mishu.. (blinking)
Mishti: swara, she came her to ask abt ur health..
Now she got to know.. These idiots will never change.. Mishu winks at her n give her a concern smile..
Mishu: wat is this swara.. Take care of urself.. I really got worried, when bhai told me abt this..
Tanvee were seeing this from the top berth n were controlling there laughter..
Veer:(in mind) yaar, this girl has also turned into swara.. They are so much dramebaaz…

Soon shemish forgot abt sinha n sona.. They were so involved in their talks.. Everyone was enjoying .. Sanky was witnessing evrything from the upper birth n signalled sinha..

Sinha soon went to shemish.. Seeing sinha, shekar came back to his ownself n turned his face away..

Sinha: arei shekar.. Talk to me yaar.. Pls end this mu.. can’t u forgive ur best buddy..
Shekar: mishti, ask him to leave..
Mishti gives a helpless look..
Sinha: y r u taking ur anger on her.. Talk to me, scold me..
Shekar: swara…
Swara gets shocked to hear her name..
Swara: daad..?!!!
Shekar: angel, ask him to leave..
Swara: dad, pls listen to him once..
Shekar: angel pls…
Sinha: shekar, u cant do this. N stop behaving like this.. Y r u taking angel in between.
Shekar: she is my angel..
Sinha: oh.. So u dont consider me, as one of u now..
Shekar closes his eyes n shouts
Shekar: enough….

sinha taken aback n holds his chest n collapses down.. Shemish rush to him along with everyone..

Sona: wat happened to you.. Pls get up.. (cries)..
Shekar: vikr(before saying, he notices something n gets up)
Sinha: shekar(in unconscious tone) im breathing my last breath..
Sona: pls dont talk like this…
Sinha: shekar.. Pls talk to me…
Shekar: stop ur acting… Heart is on the left side n u r holding ur hand on right.. Huh..

Sanky hits his forhead with his hand on his fathers stupidity.. Swatanmish bites their lips to control their laugh.. Sonsin bites her tongue .. Sinha gets up n goes towards shekar..

Sinha: (get sad) i thought atleast u will talk to me, seeing my condition.. But i gues, after my death only u will forgive me…

Sinha leaves after saying this.. The words hits shekar.. He was broken with his words.. He was abt to stop him, but his ego.. His ego stopped him.. Soon evryone settled bak to their position.. They were sad due to the sudden incident.. Everyone dozes off soon.. Swara was not getting sleep.. She wakes up n thinks to wash her face also wants to use washroom .. But she was scared due to sterdays incident.. She see everyone asleep.. She wakes up tannu, but she was sleeping her donkey sleep,pulling over her blanket..

Swara murmurs “donkey”..

She thinks to wake up her mom. Seeing her sleeping peacefully, she goes n peeks in sankys compartment.. So she goes to wake up sanky. He was so involved in his sleep.. She tickles him in his feet.. He jerks her hand with his leg..

Swara: thank god.. He would have hit my head.. Idiot..

She pinches him, n he gets up.. Kya yaar, she shows her little finger..
“Chu chu”says sanky
She nods.. He sighs..
He gets down n accompany her till the washroom still yawning n rubbing his eyes.. Swara was feeling so secure n protected.. After finishing her chu chu, i mean do u get it.. She goes off to sleep.. They both dozes off..

The next day, its 4.30am in the morning.. They will reach within an hr.. Everyone gets up ..our angel was sleeping peacefully.. It was now sanky’s turn to disturb her.. He buys a water packet.. He pierce the packet n Splash the water on swara’s face through the partition net.. Swara quickly opens her eyes n shouts…
Sanky hides.. Shemish gets shocked n quickly gets up.. They see her fully wet..
Mishti: angel wat happened.. U r sweating..
Swara: (in mind) sweat, my foot.. Sanky monkey, u r over n out…
Swara: s mom.. Bad dream…
Shekar: acha beta come doown..
Swara see sanky through her corner of her eyes.. He was laughing holding his stomach.. Then later he comes to shekar..
Sanky: uncle. I heard a shout.. Is something wrong..
Mishti: woh beta, swara got a bad dream..
Sanky: oh…
Swara gives Him death glare.. She jumps from the upper berth.. She directly, i mean wantedly jumps on sankys foot..
Sanky: ahhhhhhhh..
Shekar: wat happened..
Sanky: ufff.. Nothing uncle.. .. mistakenly she jumped on my foot..
Skekar: angel.. Ask sorry..
Swara: but dad..
Sanky: its ok uncke.. Hota hai(winks at swara without anyones notice)
Swara fumes in anger..
Swara: sorry(giving death glare.)..
Sanky: its ok swara.. (innocently)
He leaves.. Mishtanve were laughing seeing the scenario.. Soon they reached their destination…

The state of Goa, India, is famous for its beaches and places of worship, and tourism is its primary industry. Tourism is generally focused on the coastal areas of Goa, with decreased tourist activity in land. This relatively small state is situated on the western coast of India, between the borders of Maharashtra and Karnataka and is better known to the world as a former Portuguese enclave on Indian soil. Tourism is said to be the backbone of Goa’s economy.

They reached the resort Park Hyatt ,Goa..
Khanna’s n sinha’s have booked their rooms in park hyatt resort.. Evryone were bewildered with the outer view of the resort.

Park Hyatt is one of the best 5-star luxury beach resorts in Goa. Nestled along the pristine Arossim Beach, you can choose from scenic views of the Pool , Lagoons, Gardens or the Arabian Sea .Set within 45 acres of landscaped gardens with glimmering waterways and lagoons, the five star beach resort combines elegance with distinctive regional character. 

With its dramatic architecture, this beach resort in South Goa was conceptualised as a charming Indo-Portuguese village housing 250 pousada-style guestrooms and suites, each offering a spa-inspired bathing experience and scenic views of the pool / lagoon/ gardens or the sea.

The resort showcases a selection of exquisite restaurants, including a signature fine-dining Goan restaurant, Casa Sarita and Palms, a seafood restaurant on the beach. Other facilities include the award-winning Sereno Spa, one of the largest swimming pools in India, pictures que wedding venues and Camp Hyatt for younger guests.

Evryone went to their respective room.. Swatanvee shares a room while shemish another room..

Mishti: u guys can stay with us..
Tannu: no badi mom.. U enjoy with bade papa. (winks at her)
Swara: haan mom, aisa mokha dubaara nahi milega(winks at her)
Mishti: badmaash…

Where as same happens with sanmish.. They leave their parents to enjoy seperately making their rooms opposite to each other..

The youngster had their room beside one anoother.. After arranging their luggage n freshen up,the youngsters excuse themself from their parents n goes to the beach view.. Where as their parents will join them within sometime..

Finally they all reach the beach site.. They dint wear any beach wear.. They were just in their casual with jeans n top… Sanvee jaws drop seeing the beach view.. They were so many girls, couples enjoying all over the beach.. Some were taking sun bath.. Some were relaxing n the couples were indulge in their personal work?… Sanvee weren’t blinking their eyes.. The girls notice them n stands in front, but the duo dint gave them any response.. It was enough for Swatanmish .. The trio pulled their hair n starts to beat themm..

Sanvee: ahhhhh.. Arei sorry.. Maaf kardo…

They were jumping here n there.. But this trio kept beating the duo.. Sanvee ran from there chased by the girls..

Veer slips n falls over a girls lap.. He gets lost in the girl.. Mishti fumed seeing the view.. Swasantan burst out laughing, seeing the girl caressing veer’s hair.. But all of a suddden he shouts..

Veer: ahhhh..

The girl grabbed veer’s hair n pulled him up from her lap…

This made them to burst out even more.. They were laughing endlessly.. Mishti too laughs seeing him suffering.. Soon sanvee challenges the girls, tat they will surely make a girl to fall for themm.. The girls makes faces n goes from their..

Swatanmish played in the water.. They pulled eachother n dumped oneanother in the water.. They were enjoying to the fullest..

where as the oldies,i mean shemish n sonsin, just reached the beach.. They see eachother.. Sinson smiles where a shekar gives them a glare n moves fwd.. Sinha gets happy seeing the girls.. He looks at shekar, he too had the same reaction.. Shesin looks at eachother n smiles.. But soon shekars smile fade away recalling his words..

“I dont trust u”

He turns away leaving sinha pout.. Sinha gets a naughty idea.. He takes a shell n throws at a girl in front of shekar.. The girl turns n see shekar.. He smiles looking at her where as she gives him a death glare.. Soon shekars smile fades away.. Again sinha throws another shell.. She comes towards him n shouts.. Shekar gets shocked.. The girl leaves.. Now its mishtis turn..

Mishti: wat the hell shekar. U promised me.. N now..

She starts scolding him like anything.. Sinha was giggling seeing him.. Shekar notices this.. He understands its his plan as he has done this to him earlier… Now shekars evil mind gets switch on.. He smirks.. .

They were searching their children.. They see a crowd a little far n goes there.. They dint fing them either. Sinha calls on sankys mobile.. Shekar smirks seeing him n taking this as a chance, he excuses himself from mishti to make a call n goes towards sinha.. He hides his face n goes there..

A girl in the croud standing in front of sinha, turns n slap him hard.. Sinba gets shocked along with sona.. Sona gets angry n shouts at her..

Sona: how dare u to beat him..
Girl : first tell him to be in his limits.. How dare he to pinch my waist..
Sona gets shocked.. Sinha shook his head in a big No… Now it was sona’s turn to sue him.. Shekar laughs seeing sinha’s helplessness.. Sinha notices his whole hearted smile n he too gets happy seeing his buddy… They both look at eachother n have a small smile n shekar turn away..

Here the girls where rocking in the water still.. Its been an hour, the boys dint turn up.. They come out of the water n search them.. To their shock, they find sanvee with girls.. The girls were crawling over them.. This iriks swamish.. Sanvee notices them n brings the girls towards them..
Sanky: (at swatanmish) hi….. (at girls) girls.. these are my frnds.. ( at swatanmish) n frnds meets my new frnds, kelly, belly, pelly…

Swatanmish burst out laughing leaving kelly, belly n pelly puzzled.. The girls give a weird look to swatanmish..
Then kelly, belly n pelly excuses themself giving a peck on sanvee cheeks, leaving them lost..
Swamish gets angry, where as tannu giggles..
Mishtu: idiots..
Sanky: mishu??
Mishu: toh wat bhai.. How can u do this??(looks at veer)
Swara: duffer…
Veer: angel, they blessed us.. How can we refuse the blessings..
Sanky: haan.. Veer is right…
Mishu: woh idiot hai..
Veer: wat..
Mishu: s, u r indeed an idiot..
This is the beginning of mishvee cat fight.. They started their nok-jhok.. Where as swara completely ignored sanky..
Swara: tannu, lets search mom n dad..
Tannu: ok..
Sanky: swara i informed them, they will be coming here..
Swara: thanku..
Sanky: thanku.. Oh my god.. Im i dreaming..
Swara: tannu, chal na, we will go there..
Tannu: wow. So many games over there.. Challo…
Swatan leaves, while sanky follows them..
Mishu: how can u get kissed idiot ..
Veer: y its bothering u..
Mishu: no its not..
Veer: it is.. .
Mishu: noo..
Veer: s(smiles)
Mishu: i will prove u..
She goes to a boy n compliment him n kiss him on his hand.. Veer gets angry n shouts at her..
Veer: wat the hell mishti.. Is this the way of proving …
Mishu: i did it coz, i dont care watever u do. N u too dont care watever i do.. Got it..
She turns to leave.. Veer grabs her wrist n shouts
Veer: i do care.. Never do tat again..
They share an eyelock.. (chorry i cant focus on them more)

Swatan goes toward the crowded area.. Their were so many arcade games.. They get excited.. Sanky gets to know tat swara is angry coz of tat girl.. They were indulge in playing.. Sanky disturbs them..
Tannu : sanky, u disturb her.. Not me.. Ok..
Sanky: i dint do anything tannu.. (pouts)
Tannu: u n ur antics huh..
Tannu sees shemish n move towards it..
Sanky: swara, she only kissed me na..
Swara : s sanky.. I really dont care..
Sanky: then y r u ignoring me..
Swara: im not.. Just busy in the game..
Sanky: then y r u sad..
Swara: im not..
Sanky: Acha.. I will te u the truth.. she dint kiss me..it was just an acting.. We bribed themm..
Swara: wattt!!! (shocked)
Sanky: dont tell veer abt it.. He will kill me.. For winning the challenge ,we did tat.. (scratches his head)
Swara smiles
Sanky: Now happy..
Swara:(smiles) alot..

Soon they join their own family.. They went out to different places ,where shesin quarrel continues, swasanmishvee nok-jhok everywhere,tannu being lost between themm.. Swara still dint forget sankys punishment.. She was planning a prank for him..

Precap: Swara’s prank, TRAIN HIJACK!!!!!!!!!!


LOL… How was the epi.. hope u enjoyed.. N precap… ? …. I was planning this from long back… U would have heard plane hijack.. How is train hijack????… Nice na… All credits to my brain…

Acha let me know how was the epi.. ..

Credit to: Sha

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