FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 38)


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The episode begins with swatanvee leaving to khanna house.. While mishsan bids bye n goes to sinha house..

At khanna’s house
The trio reaches home n starts troubling their moms.. After so much of difficulty mishti n divya(tanvee mom) closes their mouth by stuffing there stomach with their fav pastries n faluda… The trio enjoys eating.. A last piece of pastry was left,trio were looking at eachother n finding a chance to grab it.. They were giving eachother a sheepish smile.. soon veer picked up the piece n swatan were jumping to grab it as veer lifted his hand.. All of a sudden the pastry was gone.. Swatanvee were shocked… Divmish burst out laughing… Shekar gives them a sheepish smile….

Swara: daaaad!!!!!! How can u???u r very bad…. (pouts)
Shekar: oh beta, i do this often.. ?
Mishti: haan angel, this use to happen earlier..
Shekar gets sad…
Swara:(in mind) oh this use to happen between dad n his frnds… Interesting..
Swara: use to happen, wat do u mean mom..
Shekar: arei angel, leave it.. See wat i brought..
Shows the parcel….
Swara: oh my god,… Oh my god…… Ice cream… (hugs him) u r best dad ever…
Tannu: bade papa, she was saying, u r so bad…
Mishti: haan.. Tannu is right.. Come tannu, we will have the ice cream… (takes the packet from shekar)
Tannu: haan badi maa.. Come..
Swara: How mean… Badi maa ki chamchi…
Swara winks at veer n he winks back.. Soon veer takes the packet n both swavee runs to room n lock themself… They finish their ice cream n comes out .. They burst out laughing seeing tannu.. She was crying…
Swara: tannu, bohut over acting hai..
Tannu : (seeing their hands) dont talk to me, u left me n had ice cream.. U dreadful creatures… U monkey, donkey… (starts crying fakely)
Swara: arei it was ur name tannu.. Donkey.. ?…
Veer: angel, stop it.. My sissy is crying n u making fun of her.. How mean…
Tannu smiles n hits him on his knees..
Veer: ahhhhh…
Tannu: i know u , more than urself…. U r supporting me… Not in this whole life… Huh..
Swavee laughs…
Veer: arei tannu.. Im damn serious…
Tannu: really… Then where is my share…
Swavee takes a bowl n gives to tannu…
Tannu: awwww… I love u guys…
Seeing the bowl, she gives them a killing look n was abt to throw the bowls at them… But swavee gives her real ice cream this time…
Veer: tannu.. Tumne hame sataya.. So hisaab barabar… Love u too sissy…
Tannu: i hate u…
Swara: aww, my tannu.. Have this too…
They share some cute moments sharing the ice creams among themself.. They dint care abt their parents.. When shemish came n asked their share, they gave them a innocent smile n points towards eachother…

Shekar: i brought it n i dont even get a spoon.. U guys r really mean.. Huh.. (turns around)
Swara: daad.. Pakka ,i will give my share in the picnik.. Ok..
Shekar laugh…. Tanvee too laughs at her..
Swara: arei im serious.. N u guys are laughing.. Huh
Shekar: angel, i can believe tannu, if she say tat.. But u n ice cream.. ?… So funny..
Swara: huh.. U r so mean dad… Acha, we have planned something..
Shekar: hmm.. So which place u have decided..
Swatanvee: GOA…
mishti: wat goa….
Shekar: (gets happy) hmm wow.. Goa… But u girls.. No.. We are not going there..
Swara: daad.. Y, all r thinking like this..
Shekar : wat do u mean by all..??
Swara: i mean .. Ah.. Haan society.. Y are u thinling like society ppl dad.. Plsss.. It will be good.. N im adament tat We are going there..
Shekar:(smiles) ok…
Mishti: but no.. I wont allow..
Shekar: mishti.. Wats ur problem now..
Mishti: shekar, i still remember tat day, when u n sinha were flirting with girls…
Shekar gulps n swatanvee laughs…
Shekar: mishti kya yaar.. Bache..
Swara: dont worry dad, i know all ur secrets (giggles)
Shekar gets shy…
Swara: mom.. Plssssssshhhh… We made our plan, u take control of dad.. N if i see him with any girl, i will report back to u.. Ok..
Mishti laughs…
Mishti: no one can fight with u.. Ok.. We will go..
Shekar: ok then, i will book the flight tickets..
Swara: (in mind) arei no..
Swara: no dad.. No flights.. We are going by train..
Shemish: wat????
Swara: s.. I have checked online.. The seats are available.. So we are going by train…
Shekar: but it takes 28hrs angel.. No ,we will go by flight..
Swara: Dad.. There will be no fun in flight… N wats the big deal.. We will enjoy a lot.. Plsss dad…
Mishti: but we will get tired angel.. So plsss…
Swara: plss mom(pinches veer)
Veer: badi mom, it will be fun.. Plsss… (pinches tannu)
Tannu: ya badi mom.. Plsss.. A long journey… Just imagine…
Mishti: acha, do watever u want..
Swatanvee gets happy..
Veer: so tickets have been booked..
Shekar: so soon.. But u guys dint even
Veer: oh bade papa, sans
Swara wantedly looses balance n hits veer…
Veer: ouch.. Angel, peeli hai kya..
Shemish laughs..
Tannu: from noon she is clumsy..
Swara glares at tannu.. Tannu giggles..
Swara: woh dad, we booked it through online.. So tomorrow at 3.30is our train.. Goa expresss…
Shekar : but angel, goa express takes two days to reach.. Why dint u book trivandrm express.. ?? We would have reached the next day.
Swara: just relax n have fun dad.. Its final.. So pack ur stuff..
Atlas shemish agrees n evryome leave to start their packing..
Swara gets a call.. At tat time she was with shemish, helping them in packing..
She looks at the caller id n gets tensed.. She cuts the call..
Shekar: who is it..
Swara: customer care dad..
Shekar: hmm..
Again it rings..
Swara:(monologue) he is going to kill me today..
Swara picks the call..
Swara: hell sans.. Sana…im packing now, will call u later.. Bye..
Mishti: yeh kaun hai sana.. Who is she..?..
Swara: woh, she is one of my class fellow mom.. She ccalled to dicuss abt the cliff incident..
Mishti: u go n talk with her.. She may be worried..
Swara: its ok mom..
Shekar: no beta.. U go,.. I will help ur mom(winks at mishti)
Swara: ok.. I dont want to be kawab mei haddi….
Shemish laughs.. Swara runs…
Miahti: shameless.. She is just like u shekar… Huh..

Swara comes to her room n dials back the number.. Now he doesn’t pick the call..
Swara: wat the.. How mean.. I wont call him again..
She gets the call.. She doesn’t pick it.. Again the mob rings..
Swara: kya hai.. Why u called…? When i call u, u r ignoring n now wat happened.. Dont call me.. Bye..
Sanky: arei swara.. Listen…
She keeps quite..
Sanky: so my wifey is angry.. Hmm…
Swara: dont call me wifey.. U idiot..
Sanky: acha sweet heart.. I called u to inform tat my work is over.. I have informed mom n dad abt our planning.. So wats up there. .
Swara: my work is too over.. Dad agredd.. So..
Sanky: hmmm, finished ur packing..
Swara: no.. Not yet..
Sanky: shall i come n help u..
Swara:no need.. I will manage..
Sanky: hawwww… With Tat messy room u will manege to pack.. Huh..
Swara : my room is not messy…
Sanky: is tat so.. Turn around…
Swara gets shocked…
Swara: sanskar.. Wat are u doing here…
Sanky: missed u.. So..
Swara: go from here.. If dad see u.. Tats it…
Sanky: when i called , u ignored my calls,.. So i came directly… I dint pick the call, coz i was climbing at tat time.. So sorry sweetheart..
Swara: sanskar.. Plss leave…
Sanky: no.. Come lets pack ur things..
Swara: no way.. Im not going to pack my stuuf in front of u..
Sanky: haawwww(pouts) i wont come again…
Swara: acha, help me.. N dare not to touch any of my personal things..
Sanky:(innocently) wat do u mean by personal things..
Swara gets startled.. She understands where the conversation is leading to…
Swara: out…
Sanky: wat… (shocked)
Swara: sanky plssss… Understand yaar. (lowers her head)
Sanky: (cups her face) hey swara.. I was just kidding.. Pls don’t take it serious… Im going.. (kisses her forhead.) bye..
Swara:(smiles) bye…
Sanky: just a bye..
Swara: wat do u want..??? (confused)
Sanky: chocolate.. (naughty smile)
Swara: huh.. Chocolate…
Sanky nods.. Swara takes a chocolate from a drawer n gives it to him.. Sanky pouts..
Sanky:(gives back the chocolate) u have ur chocolate.. I dont need this…
Swara: ur loss…
Sanky glares at her..

Sanky: i came here by risking my life n wat do i get, just this.. I do have so many chocolates with myself… So take this chocolate(from shirt pocket) .. N have this too(takes another chocolate which he brought from pant pocket) n this too(another big chocolate from pocket) n this too(another chocolate) n i hate u for this..

Sanky: bye… (pouts)

Swara gets happy seieing so many chocolates at a time.. She gets excited.. ..Swara quickly goes n gives a light peck on his cheeks..
He gets startled with the kiss…
Swara: ah.. Sorry. N thanku for this chocolates…
Sanky: thanks alot for this chocolate.. (smiles brightly holding his cheek)
Then she remembers the conversation they had and understands chocolate real meaning n smiles…
She pushes him out of the balcony…n watch him going down..
Swara: watt did i do.. Why did i do.. I kissed him.. Oh my god.. Wat will he think abt me.. He will think im falling for him.. No..
At tat time Sanky reaches ground… He smiles seeing swara.. But swara turns n closes the balcony door with a thud.. Sanky gets shocked but he is still lost in the kiss.. He cant believe tat she actually kissed him.. He goes home n falls on his bed happily.. He calls her.. She cuts the call.. He calls her again.. She picks it up..
Sanky: hello swara…
Swara: sanky, i dont know, y i kissed.. But pls dont think me wrong..
Sanky: swara.. Are u feeling guilty..
Swara: no.. But
Sanky:(gets sad) i thought u did it with ur own will.. I’m sorry for forcing u..
He cuts the call.. She was restless, unable to find wats bothering her..
It was beautiful morning.. SwaSan slept late after so much difficulty.. Our love birds got up n gets frenshen up.. This was not the day to be upset.. Their main aim was to unite their parents.. They got ready briskly n arranged their luggage.. They finally reached the Railway Station.. Tanvee parents came to bid bye..
Tannu: mom, it would have been good, if u have come..
Divya: beta, ur dad got important stuff.. Wat to do..
Swara: will miss u chachi (hugs her)..
The family bids bye n boards the train…
Shekar: angel, u could have booked ac couch atleast…
Swara: but dad, nature ko kaise enjoy karte..
Mishti: ufff… Angel u n ur enjoyment…
Veer: but badi mom, this whole compartment is ours.. We can enjoy all these eight seats…
Tannu: haaan badi mom, u both take window seat n enjoy ur journey(winks)
Mishti: badmash..
Swatanvee excuses n goes to next compartment.. Swara runs n hugs sona…
Sona:(huhs back) oh my angell… U r sooo sweet… Love u loads….
Swara: awww mam… Love u tooo…
Sona: stop calling me mam.. U r like my daughter… Aur haann.. Thanks alot. .I dint expect u will think to patch us.. (tightens her hug)
Swara breaks the hug..
Swara: daughter bhi.. Thanku bhi… Haaawwww.. So bad of u..
Sinha: arei dramebaaz.. Now i got to know, why sanky is doing so much drama nowadays..
Veer: haan uncle sangat ka asar…
tanvee, sonsin laughs.. while swara pouts..
Swara: acha wat have u planned..
Sona: arei angel, u should tell us..
Swara: but i planeed only this.. Sanskar said, he will take over after this.. N where is he??
Sona: he kept our luggage n went to get water..
Veer: ok aunty, u all settle urself n i will see sanky..
Swara: veer u help them in keeping the luggage, i wil look for him..
Swara goes near the door n looks for sanskar.. The train starts moving n sanky not yet returned.. She panics n calls him.. He picks up the call..
Sanky: hello, haan..
Swara: sanskar, train is moving where are u…
Sanky: oh shit.. Ya im coming..
Swara: sanskar fast…
He starts running n swara seeing him panics..
Swara: sanky fast…
Sanky is far away from swara.. Swara gets worried but sanky gets pulled on the other side of the door.. Swara sighs on relief…. She quickly runs to the other side n gets shocked.. Sanky was panting heavily n looks up to thank, who helped him n gets shocked even..

Sanky: thanks(looks up n gets shocked)
Swara: daaad!!!!!!! ?
Shekar: wat is he doing here swara….
Swara gulps..
Swara: i.. I. I dont no…
At tat time sinha n sona comes there .. And starts to act,like she dint see shekar..
Sona: sanskar… Where were u.. I got so worried.. (winks at him)
Sanky: woh mom, i was abt to miss the train..
Sona: waaat.. Oh my god.. Are u fine..
Sanky: ya mom.. Uncle saved me..
Sona: uncle.. (looks at shekar) oh shekar.. Ok come lets go… (acts to ignore)
Shekar:(in mind) huh.. Dint even thanked me.. Wat should i expect.. They are like this only..
Sanky:(innocently) ok mom.. Lets go.. (in mind) thank god, escaped from an atom bomb..
They go back to their respective compartments..
Sanky: thanku mom.. It was so close…
Sona: ? sanky.. Ur face was worth watching..
Sanku:mom.. I was half dead.. Huh.. I dont know wats happening there.. I will take a look..
He goes to top of the seat n peeks through the partition area..
Shekar : angel.. Wats happening here.. Did u called them..
Swara: no dad.. I dont know anything abt it.. (acting shocked)
Mishti : leave shekar.. It might be a co incidence..
Shekar: huh.. Watever..
Sanky sighs in relief.. Swara looks at sanky who was watching them through the partition net.. He smiles n winks at her..
Swara: dad, u relax.. Chalo, sit n enjoy the view… I will go n take a nap till then..
Tanvee smiles n the trio climbs up.. Swara was sitting next to sanky with a partition between them, both lying half n head leaning agains the metal partition… Tanvee were oppsite to swara giggling..
Veer: angel, u r enjoying alot i gues…
Tannu: haan veer.. Why wont she..
Swara gives them a glare to shut up..
Swara: sorry…
Sanky: did u think of anything further for their patch up
Swara: i said sorry…
Sanky: so wats the next plan..
Swara: sanskar.. Plsss..
Sanky: swara, it would be better, if u stop asking sorryy.. I dont have Any problem..
Swara: (turns toards him) sanskar, acha, see wat im going to do.. U r ignoring me.. Swara khanna.. I thought to forgive u for the prank.. But no.. U r going to face it..
Sanky: im sorry swara.. I wont disturb u next time..
Swara geys teary eyed..
Swara: sanky, im going…
She gets down n goes towards the door, excusing herself to fresh up.. Sanky seeing her going alone gets little worried.. He too gets down n goes..

There she was standing near the door..
Sanky: swara.. don’t stand there.. Come here..
Swara: sanskar, im in no mood.. Plsss go from here.. U said, u wont disturb me na.. Then wat.. Go from here..
Sanky pulls her towards him by holding her wrist n she gets hit by his hard chest…
Swara: sanky leave me..
Sanky: no… I was kidding.. Im disturbing my wifey.. So u dont speak in middle..
Swara widens her eyes.. sanky winks at her..
Swara: im sorry..
Sanky: its OK swara.. I should haven’t reacted like tat.. Actually i was angry sterday but u know, if i see u, my love wins over my anger.
. Swara smile’s…
Swara: (in mind) so u were teasing me, now see wat im gonna do..
Swara: oh my gosh…
Sanky: waat.. ..
Swara : my ring..
Sanky : wat happened..
Swara: i lost it somewhere here..
Sanky: kya.. Where??
Swara: i came here, then went to washroom to clean my hands, then again came n stood here..
They start searching near the door corrider..
Sanky: i will see in washroom..
Swara:(innocently) ok…
Sanky enters the washroom n swara chuckles.. When he gets inside, swara locks the washroom from outside…
Swara: hahaha… Sanky.. Enjoy…
Sanky: swara ki bachi.. Open.. Yaaakkkkk… Its smelling yaarr.. Open the door.. Ita horrible over hear..
Swara: hahaha sanky.. I should have brought camera.. Oopps…
Sanky: swara.. Open yaar.. Yuuuuuu… (closing his nose) i should haven’t come in ur trap…
Swara keeps on laughing… Sanky geys irritated due to the smell in the toilet.. He makes weird faces.. Hearing swara’s sound of laugh, the boys near the washroom compartment comes towards the toilet.. Four boys comes towards her..
Boy1: hi.. U can join us..
Swara gets shocked n gets scared…
Swara: go from here..
Boy2: babes sorry.. We dint think to scare u.. U were laughing, so we thought to accompany u..
Boy3 to boy 4: yaar, she is so hot..
Swara was wearing a thin T-shirt revealing her little waist along with half pant…
Sanky was listening everything n was fuming in anger.. He shouts..
Sanky: swaraaaa.. Open the door..
Before she could open, the boys surround her n smiles… One of them was abt to touch her, swara gets back n gets hit by the other boy chest..
Boy3: arei yaar… She is like a cushion..
They all laugh loud…
Swara gets scared……


Was the epi good… Sorry if it was bad.. I was in bad mood, tats y,this blunder epi.. Hope u enjoyed… Thanks alot for all ur precious comments…
Swara in clutches of bad boys.. Who will save whom… Will see in the next epi… Stay tuned.. Love u all…

Credit to: Sha

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