FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 37)


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The episode begins with swara pacing here and there in her room, chanting a mantra… ( Lol.. )
“U r Finished”
Swara: u acted smart mr.sanskar.. Now u will see my acting..
Tanvee enters swara’s room…
Veer: wah angel, kya acting ki yaar.. Marvellous..
Tannu: arei veer, she is our head of drama queen n u r doubting her acting skill…
Swara: oh.. Hello… I dont understand u guys are appreciating me or (gives them a killing look)
Tannu: no angel.. We are appreciating u..
Tanvee burst out laughing giving hifi.. Swara starts beating them with pillow… The trio enjoys for a while.. Mishti enters swaras room with some work n gets shocked.. The room was fully messy with cotton flying all over the room.. The trio gets exhausted n falls on the couch… Then they notice mishti giving them a killing look.. Trio smiles sheepishly n scratches their head.. Then they point their fingers at one another, swara at veer, veer at tannu, tannu at swara…

Swara: mom believe me..
Tanvee: badi mom belive me..
They start arguing.. Mishti shouts..
Mishti: stopppp… (closes her ears)
When there was no noise she sighs..
Mishti: i want it to be cleaned within 10mins.. Got it..
The trio pouts n nods their head.. They Stands still
Mishti: wat r u waiting for.. Start…
Trio runs here n there in the room n arranges the pillow, one cleans the room, another one keeps the things back to the place.. The work like a machine seeing mishti.. Once mishti leaves, they all sigh n sits down with a relief…
Swara : god… Veer, i was thinking to plan for picnic n my mom made my day exhausted.. Im tired..
Tanvee nods with a pout..
They rest for sometime.. Veer parents come to meet swara.. They talk for a while.. Then swatanvee plans n make tanvee parents stay in the house n this trio goes to tanvee house..

Tanvee house…
Swara: yeah.. Finally, no disturbance.. We can enjoy to the fullest.. Chachi wont tell me anything.. Moreover she is at my house.. Yippeee..
Tannu: ha angel.. Come lets play something..
Swara: no tannu, we will call mishti here n sans.. Sanskar
Veer: wat swara.. I dint hear.. Whom u wanna call..?
Swara: (makes faces) idiot.. Call mishti..
Veer: only mishti huh..
Swara: veer, u r testing my patience.. Forgot sterdays treatment huh..
Veer gulps, tannu ask wats the matter n swara tells her evrything.. Tannu burst out laughing .
Tannu : now i understand, y i heard so many noises in night..
Veer: u were sleeping like a donkey.. (makes faces)
Tannu:(hits him) u deserved it..
Swara: acha leave..
Veer: ok dear.. I know u r so excited.. I will call ur so called
Before he could complete swara stamps him on his foot.. Veer holds his leg. Swara snatches his phone n dials the number .. Sanky picks the call..
Sanky: haan veer..
Swara signals him to speak.. Veer takes the phone n gets aside..
Veer: arei dude come to my house, ur wife started torturing me… U only can control her..
Swara widens her eyes, where as sanky chuckles on the phone..
Sanky: dont worry dude.. Manage more 20mins i will be there..
Veer sighs n cuts the call.. When he turns around, he gets shocked ..swara was fuming in anger listening the convo.. Veer gives her a tight smile…
Veer: angel he is coming.. (was abt to leave..)
Swara: wife huh..
Veer starts running n swara chases him.. The duo run throughout the house.. While runing in kitchen ,swara grabs something n puts it on veer.. Veer stops n shouts…
Veer: yuuuuuu.. Yaaakkkkkk…
Swatan laughs seeing him..
Veer: swara.. Kya hai yeh..
Swara: u dont know..?? ?
Tannu: angel.. Have samosa.. If u need chutney use veer..
Swara laughs.. Swatan makes veer eat samosa with the chutney from his clothes..
Then veer leave to freahen up, while swatan plans something secretly.. They made veer locked in the bathroom n switched offed all the lights n closes windows n curtains.. The house was fully dark… The door bell rings.. “ting tong”…. Swatan hides behind the sofa.. There was no response.. Again ting tong.. No response.. So the person uses the knob n tries to open.. The door gets opened.. Tats it. Splash…. A bucket of water on the head… The person shouts…
“Swaraaaaaaaa…… ”

Swatan giggles…
Ya it was sanskaar….
He finds the house totally dark.. So with the support of wall, he searches switch box.. Then he again shouts…
“Yaaaakk.. Swara stop playing.. N wats this.. Yak. Its smelling horrible.. Glue.. Errrr”
Then a table on the way, he finds a cloth, he gets suspicious, so not to get hurt anymore, he picks the cloth with finger tips, n first smells it.. Tats it.. He starts sneezing..
” haaaa chu.. Swara….. Veer.. Haa chu… ”
Swara used pepper powder in the cloth.. She feels sad seeing sanky, so she gets up to stop him.. But tannu pulls her..
Tannu: arei angel, just a last one, tats it..
Swara: but tannu, i cant see him suffering..
Tannu: it was ur plan.. U cant backoff now.. Let him complete the task..
Swara unwillingly agrees.. Sanky while walking collides with a rope n a liquid falls over him… He hits his head n stand silently accepting it as a blessing…
Sanky:(monologue) swara, see wat im gonna do, if i ever see u…
The lights get switched on… Swatan burst out laughing seeing sanky.. His white shirt turned into red along with his face.. Ya the liquid which is on him ,its nothing but tomato ketchup.. Sanky gives them killing look while panting heavily.. On the other hand they hear, bang on the door.. Veer was continuously banging to open.. Tannu escapes excusing herself..
Tannu: i will go n open..
Swara: arei tannu i will..
Before tat tannu runs leaving swara with sanky.. Swara was abt to run but sanky blocks her way n lifts his eyebrow..
Sanky: wat is this???
Swara: woh.. Woh..
Sanky: kya woh.. (moving fwd)
Swara:(moves back) just for fun..
Sanky widens his eyes..
Sanky:fun.. I will show u wat fun is..
Saying this he grabs swara’s wrist n pulls her over him.. Swara’s hearts skip when she hits sankys chest.. Ketchup gets applied on swara’s cheeks.. Sanky caresses her cheeks.. He spreads the sauce on her other cheek too.. swara was just staring at him.. Her legs getting weaker by his touch.. The loud voice of her becomes whisper..
Swara: sans.. Sanskar pl
Sanky keeps his finger on her lips..
Sanky: shhhhhh.. Dont disturb me…
Swara starts panting seeing him closer. Swara closes her eyes tightly.. . Sanky leans n gives a peck on her cheeks.. He tastes the ketchup whick sticks to his lips..
Sanky: yummy…
She opens her eyes immediately.. Sanky gives her a naughty smile.. He again leans towards another cheek, but swara pushed him.. But sanky pulls her through her waist..
Sanky: u punished me.. Now its my turn.. So bear it. Or i will make it severe..
Swara froze n sanky kisses her another cheek.. He again leans towards her lips.. Swara closes her eyes.. She could feel his hot breath on her face.. She clutches his shirt.. Thier was just an inch gap between their lips n sanky speaks nears her lips giving shivers to her spine..
Sanky: i wont kiss u (looks at her lips), until u kiss me….
swara opens her eyes immediately n smiles… . Swasan have a cute eyelock… Sanky smiles n leaves her cleaning the ketchup from her nose using his finger..
Tanvee comes down n see their clothes, which were full of ketchup.. N the house wasa full of mess,… Water, glue, pepper, ketchup, broken things, etc… Veer widens his eyes..
Veer: oh my god…… Mere ghar ka haal kya bana diya…
Tannu: angel, (smiles naughtily) when i went only sanky was like this.. But seeing u, i gues, something something….
Swara gets shy n heads down.. First time she dint get angry…
Veer: oh ho.. Wat happened… Angel.. Oh my god, she is blushing.. Arei sanky ,today u were the goat huh.. ? but angel (smiles naughtily)
Swara(fake anger) : stop it.. U sanky, now im leaving u.. See wat i will do.. Wait n watch..
Sanky: ha.. Will wait for u,my entire life.. But before tat, i need tat.. I cant wait my whole life for tat…
Veer: wat u want??
Sanky: shall i tell them..
Swara: wat u need.. (confused)
Sanky:(smiles naughtily) which i use to give u.. But u dont even have manners to return it..
Swara widens her eyes.. She understood wat he i saying.. Tanvee gets confused n smiles seeing sankys naughty smile.. So they starts teasing them..
Sanky: arei sharam karo.. U guys have always dirty minds.. I was talling abt chocolate.. I always give her chocolates n she haven’t given me a single chocolate.. Very bad na..
Swara gets relieved.. Sanky winks at her ..
Veer:( disappointed)oh.. I thought something..
Tannu: something something..
Swara: stop it guys.. Nothing… N nothing..
Sanky: so swara, will u give me wat i want(points his cheeks n smirks) i mean chocolate..
Veer: arei sanky.. For chocolate this much drama.. Uff.
Tannu: arei veer, swara ka asar hai..
Swara: arei stop it guys, for wat we came here..
Sanky: to discuss abt the picnic..
Veer: of course.. But first clean this mess.. Mom wil kill me…
At tat time taanu gets a call..
Tannu: acha, i have a important call.. Swara carry on ok..
Swara: arei kaaam chore… (shouts)
Sanvee: ok i too have to attend important call..
Swara looks at veer and pout..
Veer: i wont come in ur trap.. U did na, now clean.. (leaves)
Swara: sweetu u r very bad.. (angry) u all go… I will clean.. I dont need any of u..
Sanky stares at her..
Swara : so u are waiting to watch me clean huh..
Sanky smiles n goes..
Swara gets sad..
Swara: everyone left.. Huh.. Sab ke sab kaam chore..
She turns to start work but her mouth left open.. Her face lit up all of a sudden n she smiled.. She saw sanky mopping the floor.. Then she too starts cleaning the mess.. After an hour they finally complete the work.. Then they shower n change themself into tanvee clothes.. While tanvee are waiting in the hall.. Swasan comes out of respective tanvee rooms which is just opposite to one another.. They both come out at a time n stares eachother with lots of love n care.. They share an eyelock.. Hearing tanvee vioce both comes to sense n walk towards the stairs..
Swara: thanku..
Sanky: kyu.. Yy..
Swara: for everything.. I thought u too will leave me..
Sanky: never.. I will never leave .. If my wifey is in problem , which idiot will leave her in midway..
Swara blushes n gets little angry for his prank and thinks to tease him aswell..
Swara: so my hubby helped me for tat..
Sanky: (excited hearing the word) wat did u say..
Swara: u helped me..
Sanky: before tat..
Swara: mm.. Hub… (realises n shuts her mouth)
Sanky: come on swara.. Pllsss plsss. One more time..
Swara: no way..
Sanky: plsss plsss.. (making cute puppy eyes)
Swara: (cant deny more) hubby.. (keeps hand on her mouth n smiles)
Sanky in excitement jumps n fist his hand in air n kisses swara’s cheek…
Sanky: wow swara.. Oops my wifey…
Swara: oh hello.. Stop ur melodrama… I got to know everything..
Sanky widens his eyes n gets shocked.. He gulps..
Sanky: wat do u mean..
Swara: everything mean everything.. Today wat u experienced was just a Trailer.. picture abhi baaki hai dost.. Woh sorry hubby…(makes faces)
Sanky: (gulps but little happy hearing hubby) so u did this as my punishment..
Swara: s.. It was just a Trailer my dear..
Sanky: swara,i will accept the punishment but call me hubby yaar.. It sounds romantic..
Swara: hubby..(grits her teeth) I will kill u..
She starts chasing him down the stairs.. Tanvee seeing them gives an never ending look.. Sanky hides behind veer.. Swara stops..
Swara: U idiot baal Vivah ha.. (mimics) wifey.. ..
Sanky smiles seeing her antics..
Swara: how can u lie this much.. So many rituals.. I was a fool to believe.. Mehendi,sangeel,haldi.. Wat an all sanskaar.. Omg.. (she smiles off)
Sanky: my wifey, it was all needed to make u fool..
Tanvee had no idea, wats going in between the two.. When they asked, sanky told them eveything n they burst out laughing.. Mishu comes by tat time n joins them.. She too gets to know sanky’s prank n they all enjoy some quality time..
Swara: (monologue) enjoy bachu, ur real punishment will be at picnic..
Veer: so wats the plan..
Swara: we are planning a picnic.. Sanky, i want u to bring ur parents along..
Mishu: sounds cool..
Swara fwds her hand, sanky, veer, mishu n tannu joins thier hand
Tannu: so planning for a reunion..
Sanky: haaan.. This picnic will be a memorable one..
Swara: of course..
Swasantanveemish: yeah!!!!!!!
They all settle themself on sofa..
Tannu: so where is bade papa taking us..
Swara : i dont know.. But wat we will decide, tat will be a final one..
Sanky: so where u wanna go swara..
Swara: (smiles) u decide..
Sanky : no.. U should..
Veer: arei yaar, both of u decide something.. Dont start ur cat fight here…
Swara n sanky looks at eachother,thinks for a while n smiles.. Both at a time..
SwaSan: Resort…
Mishtan: amazing..
Tannu: but place???
Mishvee: Goa….
Veer looks at mishti with a shocking expression..
Veer: mishti i thought only boys love goa.. But u
Mishti gets Little uncomfortable..
Swara: oh hello.. Y boys alone should like tat place. Of course, we do love it.. U love girls over there but we love beach.. Got tat..
Tannu: haann. N stop ur goofy thoughts going on in ur mind..
Sanky chuckles..
Veer: but still..
Sanky: girls, i have no problem.. I will enjoy in both ways.. But i think veer..
Swara: sweetu, if u flirt with anyone there, i will kill u(gives a small glance at sanky)
Tannu: haan veer..
Veer: arei yaar, jaane se pehle, this much instructions.. Poor me.. Going to a city of hot chicks n ignoring them, ufff very bad..
Mishu: idiot, when u guys flirt with other girls, if someone else comes n flirt with us, we wont back up.. Get tat..
Sanvee gets shocked..
Sanvee: will kill those idiots…
Swatanmish giggles..
Tannu: haan.. U guys enjoy there.. I heard so many hot boys are over there.. Lets c.. Wat say girls..
Swamish: yippeee…
Sanvee gives them killing look…
Sanky: Swara…
Swara: wat..
Sanky: we are not going to goa.. Got tat..
Swatanmish gets shocked… Along with veer..
Veer: but sanky..
Sanky: veer..
Veer: actually sanky, i was going to say tat..
Sanky smiles n they both hug..
Swara: oh Hello.. We are going there n tats final..
Sanky: no.. We are not..
Swara: arei, Wats ur problem.. We will not disturb u.. Ok.. U guys enjoy n we will enjoy separately.. Nyways, we are going there to solve the mu, so its not a big issue..
Sanky: watever, no one will go there..
Mishu: but bhai this is not fair.. Pls bhai..
Tannu: arei, he is jealous.. Sanky, we will not flirt with anyone.. Got it.. Not we, but swara will not.. Now happy..
Sanky:(makes faces) stop it tannu.. Im not talking abt tat.. No means no..
Swara: do watever u want, (starts to go with a sad face)
Veer : angel,. Acha we will go.. Ok..
Swara: no i dont want to go.. U all decide anything..
Tannu: arei angel, we will go. So relax…
Sanky seeing her gets sad..
Sanky: ok… Ok Fine. . We will go…. Happy.. .
Swara stands still..
Sanky: swara.. Im happy.. Im not agreeing by any pressure.. We will go there.. Ok.. Now pls turn..
Swara turns n smiles brightly… Sanky smiles seeing her smiling.. Everyone gets happy n jumps.. .. SwaSan share an eyelock…….

Precap: ??? (dont know)

How was swara’s punishment.. I enjoyed a lot while writing..
Hope u all enjoyed…. Im very bad at romance.. Sorry if it is not good or it is too much…
Nyways, how is the destination.. Goa… Did u liked it… Appologies if not.
Stay tuned till next chapter… Love u all..

Credit to: Sha

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  1. Punishment was ROFL lol sanky ki band baji Aur abhi bajni baki h ?

    1. Lol… Ha neha.. Glad u liked it.. Thanku..

  2. Arey even if was laughing alot reading this part……specially sanky punishment ???

    Romance part was cute and sweet (it was neither not good nor too much like u thought we will feel)

    And Goa;a perfect destination I guess?

    …..add some part like jealousy,secret romance (lil)of swasan,also veer-mishu (though it’s swasan ff I love all characters equally),and though the mu is very big hope it is solved not soon but gradually (all my pov and suggestions…..will love to see all)I also want more scenes not only of Swasan but also swatanvee……

    I really love the way it is……but felt to give some suggestions of mine……please ignore if it is not needed……???

    1. I was feeling bad seeing the punishment,though I enjoyed while wriring but u know I use to imagine things before i write.. Lol….

      N Goa… Arei yaar i have choosen tat destination after so many thought.. I will fulfill ur demands.. Kyuki place hi waisi hai….

      N keep giving suggestions
      ..if I get suggestions then only my mind gives opposite ideas.. Lol..

  3. Awesome as always. love your ff.

    1. Thanks alot dear…glad u loved it..

  4. Awesome yaar no words and the punishment was superb never seen such kind of punishment and I hv a doubt is swasan in college plzzzzzxxxx cmnt

    1. Haha…aditi.. I have seen some pranks in real life,which I mentioned.. Lol..
      Thanku …I’m glad u liked it..

      Swara finished her 12th n she is joining clg this yr.. I mean in ff.. Sanky is now going to 3rd yr in his clg… Hope I cleared ur doubt..

  5. Hey! Sha i must say ur an incredible writer but can i ask u how u ppl write this ff’s means i am willing to write an ff so can u help me plz plz plz…..:-D

    1. So sweet of u dear… It’s such a good compliment ..

      I’m not tat much experienced writer but I will be glad if I help u.. Tell me wat can I do..???

      If u have completed ur ff,u can post it through submit your article section in tu..

  6. But that was the trailer na? I want the picture in the picnic…superb epi

    1. Haha.. Lol….
      jyoti , sanky ko satane mei maza aa raha hai kya…

      Thanks alot Dr… Glad u liked it..

  7. I think you are a big prankster! Or from where do you get such ideas?

    1. Arei jaf,I’m such a goooood girl… ?

      Pranks? I really don’t know it’s meaning..?

      Actually both lines which I mentioned above are true..

      At home,I’m really a good girl.my relatives appreciate me alot..

      But at school ,i use to be the naughtiest one…. We actually do some stuffs which I state in my ff…

      N I really don’t know from where these ideas, pop up in my mind.. Silly me..

  8. punishment was amazing but we wat to see what swara will do in picnic and how sanky will defend

    1. Awwww I’m glad u liked it…

      I haven’t planned anything for picnic.. When I get free,my mind will work.. Lol.. I didn’t had any idea abt this epi..


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      Tamanna …

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    1. Glad u liked it..

      I have mentioned the characters long back.. U can see the characters in the cover pic too…
      Tannu- previous aditi of tpk
      Veer- vatsal Seth
      Mishti- sanjida sheik..

      Thanku … Keep reading..

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    I’ve started reading your FF few days before and I must say the story line is really nice and cute. It’s got that freshness and every time I open a new episode I was laughing like a crazy girl. Thank you so much for those funny moments.. 😀
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        Agar Baal vivah hua hota toh Sanky swara ko tease karke maar dalte..?

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