FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 36)

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The episode begins with swasanvee disturbed by a knock at the door.. The trio gets startled.. They look at eachother in horror.. They heard shekars voice
Shekar: veer.. R u there??
Without seeing swasan he replied..
Veer: jee bade papa..
Sanky hits him on his head..
Veer: ahhhhh..
Shekar:(worried) veer.. Wat happened…
Veer:(gives sanky a killing look) woh woh.. Nothing bade papa..
Shekar : did angel hit u..
Swara widens her eyes.. She beats sanky..
Sanky: ouch…
Swara:(whispers) becoz of u my dad blaming me(pinches him)
Sanky: ahhhh
Shekar : veer.. Open the door i will talk to her.. N angel be calm. Dont show ur anger on veer.. N stop beating him…
Sanky laughs holding one hand on his stomach n other on his mouth.. Veer too chuckles while swara was boiling in anger.. She was blamed without her mistake..
Shekar: veer are u listening..
Veer: dont worry bade papa.. I will manage.. U sleep..
Seeing sanky laughing ,swara couldn’t control anymore.. He was rolling on the floor n laughing hard, controlling not to make any noise(really impossible) .. It was enough for swara, she took a jug of water n emptied on sankys head.. Sanky froze in tat position.. N this made veer to laugh out loud… Shekar doesn’t know wats happening inside.. He is in utter confusion.. Sometimes they are fighting n now laughing..
Shekar: veer, if swara is awake, i want to talk to her.. So open the door..
Veer: ok bade papa..
Swasan shocked.. Swara seeing sanky shouts
Swara: veer.. I dont want to talk with anyone…
Shekar smiles listening her voice..
Shekar: ok veer. My work is done.. Thank god i heard her voice.. I can sleep now.. Ok good night.. I mean a very bad night for u.. . Hope to see u all well next morning… Shekar left.. Veer was shocked at his statement n sanky giggles …
Swara: u both are dead now..
Sanky: wat did i do… N u gave me the punishment already.. Now its turn for veer..
Saying this sanky gets inside the washroom and winks at swara.. Veer was in utter shock.. He doesn’t know wat this idiots are planning.. He thought to escape.. He run across the room.. Both swasan chased him.. Tannu was sleeping as nothing happened.. There had been a full movie running in the room n she was smiling in her dream.. Swasan both got hold of veer.. Veer was struggling like a baby..
Veer: stop it yaarr.. I will shout.. N badi mom n bade papa will wake up.. Wats wrong with u guys.. tannu help.. This idiot is sleeping like a donkey..
Swara: sanky, does donkey sleeps..
Sanky: uff. U n ur doubts swara.. Impossible.. Why dont u ask urself..
Swara: me but y… U u.. (abt to leave veer n going to beat sanky)
Veer laughs..
Sanky : swara.. I said, why dont u ask ur shelf.. my tongue slipped sweety.. I dint say urself. It was ur shelf…
Veer: swara he is trapping u.. Dont come in his words.. N guys leave me yaar.. Hadh hoti hai..
Swara: but why should i ask shelf..
Sanky: arei sweet heart, ur mobile is in the shelf.. So u can google the details from mobile. Ok lets concentrate on veer..
Swara nods..
Sanky winks at swara n they both pulled veer inside the washroom.. Veers eyes widened seeing the heater on…
Veer: arei u wanna kill me huh… Hey i want to live.. Im sorry for breaking ur romance.. I will never do it again..
This made swasan more furious.. swara leaves veer for some seconds .. Veer takes this as a chance n pushes sanky on swara n lock the washroom door..
Sanky n swara both slips on the floor.. Sanky on the top of swara.. Swara gets hurt in her elbow n she screams in pain..
Swara: ahhh..
Sanky: (worried) swara.. Swara… Veer open the door.. Swara is hurt..
Veer quickly opens the door n finds swara lying on floor.. He quickly goes towards her.. This was it.. Swara gets up with much difficulty n sanky helps her.. She suddenly bends down n takes a bucket n pours the water on veer… Veer just widens his eyes.. Swara burst out laughing.. Sanky was hell shocked… Veer turns towards swara.. When he goes to catch her, he slips.. Ya she poured surf water on him.. Sanky went inside the washroom to mix the detergent in the water.. (lol) whenever veer tried to get up, he slips.. Even sanky laughs seeing his state…
Sanky: oh my god veer.. She is impossible.. But swara, im angry on u.. Dont talk to me..
Swara:(pouts) but for wat. Wat did i do..
Sanky: wat did u do… ?? U r asking me this.. Its unbelievable swara.. Never fake act on getting hurt. I was so worrried..
Their cat fight continues n veer was trying to get up continuously.. He look at them with unbelievable expression.. Finally he cant digest more.. They are now completely acting like a couple..
Veer: guys… Wat u both are….??? U guys are unbelievable.. Here someone is dying n u both are least bothered n fighting over a silly argument..
Sanky: veeeer.. Is this sound silly.. She can get hurt.. N moreover she acted of
Veer:(interupted) oh ho ho… U both are behaving like a married couple.. Of god man.. U guys can argue outside.. Is bathroom even a place for ur cat fights.. Grow up guys..
Sanky: ok come swara we will go out..
Veer widen his eyes.. Swasan were abt to leave ..
Veer: oh hello.. Wat is this.. Kamine log… Its true tat if u get lover, u forget ur close frnds.. U proved me man..
Sanky chuckles..
Swara: arei sweetu.. I dint do anything.. Come..
She forwards her hand to veer.. Veer gives her a tight smile before giving his hands.. When veer was abt to grab her hand.. Sanky stops..
Sanky: no swara.. I know this idiot.. He is planning something.. We better leave him on his state..
Swara: sanskar, i know my sweetu.. He will not hurt me..
Veer nods his head.. Sanky atlas agrees n swara gives her hand. Veer tries to pull her .. But she was strong.. Veer cant believe it.. Then he saw sanky’s hand across swara’s waist n sighs..
Swara: sweetu.. U r so mean..
Sanky: haha veer.. I know u very well.. Ur plan backfired.. Lol..
Saying this he pulls him with a jerk n veer gets up.. The trio comes out of the washroom.. Then veer grabbed his clothes from bag n went to take shower..
Veer: (while going) now i understand why u switch on the heater. U guys are (stamps hus foot n went to washroom.)
Sanky: complete the sentence dude…
Swasan laughs..
Swara: u change ur shirt as well.. Its wet..
Sanky:No problem.
Swara: idiot, u may get cold…
Sanky : u r really behaving like a typical wife..
She smilees n hands over veer’s T-shirt to him.. Sanky removes his shirt in front of her, swara widens her eyes n quickly turns away… Sanky chuckles..
Swara: cant u inform me before changing.. Idiot.. …
Sanky: i dont mind if u see me.. Acha now turn.. I have changed..
Swara turns ..
Sanky: i need a carry bag..
Swara: for wat..
Sanky: of course to take my shirt..
Swara rolls her eyes..
Swara: no need… U leave it here, i will bring it after cleaning..
Sanky smies..
Sanky: acha.. U wanna keep my shirt n enjoy with it..
Swara: (make faces) as if it is of hrithik roshan..
Sanky: so he is my competition.. (makes faces)
Veer comes out of the washroom..
Veer: abhe yaar, u r still here.. R u planning to stay here..
Sanky grins…
Sanky: i would love too..
Swara: i would love tooo.. But to kill u… (grins)
Sanky gulps..
Swara: Acha sweetu.. I need to ask u something..
Veer: ha angel..
Snky widens his eyes..
Sanky : ok veer.. Lets go..
Veer: where?..
Sanky: are u going to stay here.. Of course to ur house.
Veer: no.. I will go to guest room..
Sanky: ok.. I will leave..
Swara: no… U stay here..
Sanky: wow swara.. Really.. I would love to..
saying this jumps on the couch.. Veer gets shocked..
Veer: yaar sanky, u changed her totally.. She is not my angel…
Swara:(pouts) sweetu.. Its not like tat.. U know he told me the reson for our parents hatred.. I forgot to ask now where is payal bua??
Sanvee gets shocked.
Veer : arei sanskaar..
Sanky: ya veer.. We totally forgot abt tat..
Swara: u guys are impossible.. Huh.. Wat was going on in your dumbo minds…
Sanvee smiles sheepishly..
Sanky: chodo na swara, we will ask tomorrow.. Now u sleep.. We will leave..
Swara: no.. I have more doubts..
Sanky:(monologue) arei yaar.. If she gets to know abt my prank, she will eat me alive.. I should escape from here.. But wat if she gets to know from veer… Soch sanky soch..
Veer : now wats ur doubt angel..
Swara: woh actually(monologue) of god, how will i ask veer abt the marriage.. But wat if sanky lied to me.. I should clear it out..
Sanky rolls his eyes n acts like getting dizzy… He was abt to fall down swavee notices n catches him..
Swara: sanskaar wat happened..
Sanjy: nothing.. My head is heavy..
Veer: waaat..
Sanky:(startled) woh i mean, head is spinning.. May be due to weakness.. I dint eat na.. Tats y..
Swara: u dint eat anything. Wait i will
Sanky:no swara.. I just want to rest.. I will go home…
Veer: ok i will drop him n come..
Sanky sighs..
Sanky:(monoligue) thank god.. Now i will get more time to tease her..
Sanky: ha chalo(gets up immediately)
Swavee gets doubt.. Sanku realises n again starts his acting..
Swavee: strange….
Sanky rolls his eyes.. Veer drops sanky at home n swasan finally sleeps peacefully after a long night……

The next morning was yet a beautiful n special morning.. Sun rays peaking through the windows n disturbing the sleep of our angel ,who is busy cuddling with her pillow.. Tannu keeps on pushing swara’s leg, where swara keeps on putting on her… She gets irritated n wakes up..
Tannu: swaraaa.. Sone de yaaar…
Tannu gets off the bed n sleep on the couch.. Swara’s leg was roaming around the bed for a support but doesn’t find anything.. She pouts in her sleep.. Mishti comes to awake the two devils.. She gets shocked seeing tannu sleeping on couch.. Mishti calls out tannu..
Mishti: tannu get up..
Tannu: badi mom.. Let me sleep.. Ur daughter dint let me sleep whole night..
Swara who was little awake hears mishtan convo n gets up Immediately n shouts
Mishti: but beta..
Tannu : sterday i don’t know wat was going on in the room.. So many
Swara: tannuuuuuuu…
Mishtan gets shocked.. Tannu too gets up immediately..
Mishtan: wat happened angel…
Swara gets relieved..
Swara: (showing anger) i got a bad dream…
Tannu :(panics) oh my god.. Oh my god… U shouted my Name.. Tat means, something happened to me.. Oh no.. Mummaaaa….
Swamish laughs..
Mishti: stop it tannu… Both get down n have ur bf..
Swara rolls her eyes n thinks “thank god, escaped ”
Tannu: angel wat was the dream abt??
Swara: u bacame monster. Tats y i shouted. Now Happy..
Tannu froze.., she murmurs “monster” .. While swara chuckles.. Then both gets frenshen up n comes doen for bf.. While tannu was still lost..
At bf table
Swara sits without talking or greeting shemish..
Shekar: angel…
Mishti: see angel, i made ur fav dish.. Try this..
She eats silently..
Shekar: tell me wat should i do..
Swara: ………
Shekar: swara,…. U know i cant see u like this..
Swara: tell me y u did tat??
Veer comes out of his room rubbing his eyes n see swara’s acting, as if she is unaware of anything… His eyes gets widen seeing her gooody goody acting..will anyone believe tat this girl was romancing sterday..
Shekar: angel.. Its past. Let it remain like tat. But those ppl doesn’t respect relation.. So i dont want u too get hurt..
Swara: but dad.. Dont u feel, i should knew it..
Shekar : u r still my little angel…
Swara: aww.. How mean dad.. Im going to 18 by end of this month.. But still..
Shekar:(laughs) but u will still remain my chotu angel..
Swara:(pouts) i dont want to talk anymore.. N im not going to eat..
Mishti: shekar.. Kya bachpana.. Tell her everything..
Shekar: ok listen..
Shekar starts telling her everything.. Swara giggles as she know everything.. Veer sighs n goes to freahen up..
Shekar: so i left tatt day, as i felt broken.. My close buddy dint trust me..
Swara: but dad, it was their mu right.. U should have given time..
Shekar: angel, i thought to give him time but he insulted my relationship.. How can he.. I cant forgive him..
Swara: u dint see them after tat..
Shekar: noo.. I just saw them, when we went to console them on sanskars loss.. I know he took revenge on me.. How can he hurt u..
Swara :dad do u feel like tat.. Its not fair .. U know we were caught by a phycho.. Sanskar stood beside me..
Shekar: wat a phycho..
Swara: s dad.. (tells him everything)
Shekar: sanskar might not be known abt the past.. But his dad will soon fill his ears n he will use u..
Swara: daad… …. (controls her anger) dad, now u r misunderstanding them… Y dont u guys talk for a while.. Everything will be normal again..
Shekar: nothing can be normal swara.. Its past n it will remain past..
Swara: wat abt payal bua.. How is she..
Shekar gets teary eyes… Mishti squeezes his shoulder..
Shekar: i. .i.. I dont no..
Swara: is she alive??
Shekar: swara.. Stop it… She will be..
Swara: elrelax dad.. Ok leave all this… We will go out..
Shekar: wat…??
Swara: dad its my vacation.. I will be joining clg.. So i want to enjoy these days.. Why dont we plan a trip..
Shekar: no more trips now.. I was half dead on hearing ur news.. I cant take risk..
Swara: dad.. A picnic.. Pls pls plsssssssss(makes puppy eyes)
Shekar: impossible.. Ok.. Pack ur things..
Swara: tomorrow morning… (gets up n hugs him) love u dad.. Love u…
Shekar: love u loads..
Mishti too join the hug.. Tannu pouts.. They all hug eachother along tannu.. Suddenly swara breaks the hug..
Swara: dad i have a doubt… Did u told me everything…
Shekar : wwat do u mean..
Swara: i.. I. I mean. Sanskar..
Shekar : sanskar…
Swara: (monologue) oh god. How will i ask dad…
Shekar: wat happened swara…
Swara: dad, do u believe in baal vivah..
Shekar :wat non sense.. Wat do u mean
Swara:(gulps) dad have u watched balika vadu.. Tat baal vivah.. I heard in ur times this happens..
Shekar:(laughs) no beta.. We dint believe in this stuff.. Nothing happened like tat..
Swara:Thanku dad. I got to know so much from u..
Swara:(monologue) sanky, u r gone.. Baal vivah ah.. See wat im gonna do…

Precap : Picnic planning…

How was the epi.. Hope u enjoyed.. U can give some destination for the picnic.. thanks alot for ur valuable comments.. I have replied to u on previous epi..

Wat do u think swara will do.???
wat do u guys want her to do???
I gues sanky is totally gone… Lol… Leta c wat happens..
I hope this epi was upto ur expectation.. I had no ideas wat to write.. Tats y veer suffered so much in this epi.. Next is sankys turn..

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  1. Yaar..plz aise kuch na karo..jo future mein mujhe TV pe dekhkar rona aa jao.. Lyk Sahil (actually…ab lag rahe hai ki Sahil ke aane ke baad swasan ki romance phir se dekhne ka chance milenge) AND SWARA FALLING from a cliff..aur CVees ko nayi ideas math do..#LOL
    also u already know dat i love u and ur ff..
    Bear hugs..mmuah..

    1. Lol…. Iss faaltu dimag ka kya karu.. Mujhe ajeeb ao gareeb ideas aahi jaate hai… 😀

      Aww so sweet of u Dr.. Love u loads… Bone crush hugs… :-* 😉

  2. hahahahaha am seriously layughing after imaging the condition of veer seriously sanky n swara mad him fool both r literally acting of real husband n wife overall wonderful dear at least no torturing in this epi keep it up but plz dont make it like that sanky take revenge from swara plz i want their smooth n happy life

    1. Omg .. I’m so sorry for making u laugh seriously.. ?next time pakka will make u laugh ROFL… ? no serious laughs from next time… Lol… Keep smiling… Aur veer suffering .. Omg.. I don’t want got into me while writing..

      No revenge an al yaar.. In every ff I see the revenge drama.. But I will make sure something different in my ff.. Sorry if I may disappoint sometime..

      Thanku n keep reading..

      1. Waiting for that kind of laughter 😀 ya I also read many revenge stories but story like urs gives mentally peace from which I personally get fresh

      2. Awww. So sweet of u.. Im really Happy to make u all relax.. … Its really a big pleasure u know..

        I cant promise to make u ROFL.. But will try my best…

  3. Baal vivah hehe so funny sanky is totally gone. Wat happened to bua.where is she? How r they going to clear the mu?

    1. Lol.. Baal vivah.. Ha yaar.. Sanky really gone.. Let’s c..
      N abt mu,not yet decided .. But it will clear out with some dhamaka ..

      Thank u Dr… Happy to see ur comment..

  4. no more hill side area……….. 😉 😉 😉
    superb part ………………
    veer bechara ………. damn funny……….
    😉 😉 😉 😉
    post soon……
    love u dear ……. 😉 😉

    1. Haa pooja.. Hill side area!!! shekar will directly kill them in house, if they decide tat place..

      Thanku.. Glad u liked it…

  5. Hahaha sha I’m just laughing like maniac…. God how do u manage such comedy even in tough times…. Veer bechara….. That slippery part was awesome and now its sanky’s turn I’m waiting for his band baja Barat……. Swara is really a big drama queen….. She even troubled tannu Aww monster…. Haha ? I’m just rolling and my brother is giving me wth look…….
    Sha I’m waiting for next part and I’m your regular reader and will try to comment regularly too ??

    1. Aww neha.. Bechara veer,I don’t know y I tortured him today.. Par I’m not getting ideas to torcher sanky.. Cant c him suffering..

      Im so happy knowing u read my ff .. U know I’m ur huge fanof ur ffs… I love ur fdtl n tlnd… I never miss ur ffs,used to be online before the time u post.. But u ended tlnd..but waiting for the epilogue.. Will miss shona alot…

      N fdtl.. Aww my most favorite ff… U don’t how I was smiling madly when sanky told not to give this kiss(SPL kiss) to others… Lol… Love u loads… It’s gonna be 8:30.. Fdtl posting time… So bye

      Thanku.. Keep reading …

  6. In this episode;
    Ya….u r right….I was laughing heartily after cing veer’s condition…..
    Just awesome ???
    And ya….sanky gone now???
    Gonna love next episode coz it’s gonna be picnic???
    Places : Shimla….Manali….or in Maharashtra;a place called Mahabaleshwar…………or just create ur own place…..lol
    This was beyond expectations for me???And I say that only coz I felt that specially after reading veer’s part and swasan typical husband-wife behaviour ???

    1. Thanks alot dharsha.. Lol.. I guess u read the reply which I wrote.. Not fair ha.. Smart girl..lol..

      Arei yaar,sanky ka kya kiya jaay..
      Maar diya jaay ,ya chod diya jaay… ??

      1. Hahaha….lol God plzz help sanky???…..and ya I read ur reply but didn’t reply back coZ I wasn’t sure whether you will c r not…….???

  7. It woulf be gud if it is mandhir or mall ir andaman

    1. Thanks dr.. Will Surely think abt it..

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  10. Swara rocks yar. I just loved her

    1. Glad u liked it Dr…

  11. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Awesome…u keep me glued to ur ff….today’s epi was hilarious…..?????…….sanskar is gonna get nicely frm swara………..

    1. Thanks Natasha.. It’s really good to know tat I keep u on track with my ff…

      Of course sanky NE swara khanna SE panga liya hai..?

  12. its awesome yaar…..i was laughing a lot….sha its superb….fabulous….loved it a lot…..pls update next asap

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    1. Thanks Ruhi.

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    1. awwww…. so sweet of u tani… glad u liked it… thanku dr…

  15. enjoyed a lot dear……bt plz update first…..

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