FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 35)



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The episode begins with the shocked face of swara who is just blinking n recalling wat was tat.. Sanky was smiling sheepishly n staring her continuously without blinking.. Swara comes to her sense n pushes sanky.. He falls on the floor with a thud and gets hit on his butt.. He pouts..
Sanky: ouch..
He gets up rubbing his back n glaring at swara..
Swara: wat thee hell sanky.. Why did u… I mean why did
Sanky: ho hello.. U pushed me.. Now face the consequences (pushes her)
She was abt to fall but he holds her by her waist n smiles naughtily..
Sanky: hisaab barabar.. (winks at her)
Swara stands strainght n start beating him..
Sanky: arie stop.. Im sorry… (holds her hand)
Swara : leave me.. Wat r u doing here.. if dad
Sanky: stop it swara.. Dont u wanna know wat happened between our parents..
Swara widens her eyes n nods her head like a goat(lol)
Sanky smiles seeing her expression.. So he pulls her cheeks..
Swara: ahhh.. Stupid..
Sanky: thanku. Ok now im going.. Bye.. (starts to leave)
Swara: (holds his hand) oiii.. Tell me wat happened.. U came here for tat only right..
Sanky: ya.. But im not interested now.. U spoiled my mood by hurting me(rubs his butt with a pout face)
Swara:(widens her eyes) sooo… Dont dare to think anything wrong..
Sanky: actually i wasn’t thinking anything but u r my sweetheart, u just give so many ideas to me.. Love u dear.. (winks at her)
Swara blushes but hides it
Swara: idiot.. Stop wasting my time n tell me the reason behind their hatred..
Sanky: no way.. See its hurting, i cant tell u, when im wounded… (sad expression.)
Swara: disgusting sanskaar.. Pls stop ur drama…
Sanky: aww u hurt me again (points his heart) here..
Swara sighs..
Swara: (slowly) dramebaaz… (a bit louder) Im sorry sanskaaaar.. U r cho chweet… (with cute expression) chorry.. Can u pls tell me wat happened with our parents (blinking her eyelashes)
Sanky just stares her lovingly n hugs her..
Sanky: u r incredibly beautiful with those expression.. N stop doing it.. I dont know wat i will do, if u do it again..
Swara widens her eyes listening him n struggles to free herself but sanky tightens his grip..
Swara: sanskaar, pls leave me..
Sanky leaves her as soon as she says..
Sanky: sorry.. (turns around)
Swara: (feels sad) hey its ok. Now pls tell me.. No more drama..
Sanky: aww.. Ok.. (takes his mob out) see..
Swara: wow, so cute babies.. . But why are u showing this to me..
Sanky : coz i want this babies.. Will u help me with tat…(smiles naughtily)
Swara:(shocked with wide eyes) waaaa aaaat.. Uu idiot…. (abt to beat him)
Sanky: arei swara.. I was kidding.. Now listen..
Swara:(sighs) better be fast or else..
Sanky: acha maate… u know this is ur pic when u were born n the one kissing u is
Swara: wow.. Is tat me… N the one kissing me is(eagerly)
Sanky: is……
Swara : isssss (irritated )
Sanky: meee(wide smile)
Swara: awwww… Is tat(widens her eyes) so……..
Sanky nods..
Swara : lier… Tell me clearly..
Sanky: im not lying.. Its true tat we both are in this pic..
Sanky starts telling her the story said by sona.. Swara was listening it very carefully..her expressions were just “awww” n ” wooow”….

Meanwhile veer. Gets tired of standing in the balcony ..he sits down n soon dozes off..

Here sanky continues the story.. Seing swara listening him so sincere, a naughty idea strikes in his mind. He smiles n continues..
Swara : wow sanky.. I cant believe my mom n ur mom were biggest pranksters.. N my dad N ur dad were the biggest flirts.. Oh my god… I cant believe it…
Sanky: s swwet heart.. I too was like aww.. But seeing u, i can surely makeout how our mothers would be..
Swara: idiot.. Im not like them.. Im a good girl u know(cute smile)
Sanky: i know wat a girl u r.. (laughs)
Swara: u mean (keeps her hands on her hips)
Sanky: acha leave.. I will show u something.. (shows another pic)
Swara: hahaha.. Its good na..
Sanky: u know who is in the pic..
Swara : of course its me n veer.. Mom told me a while ago..
Sanky: butt its not veer..
Swara: wat..
Sanky: obviously its me… U r looking so good in my lap.. Wanna try again..
Swara smiles..
Swara:(beats him playfully) idiot..
Sanky: this is not fair..
He shows many pics which he took from the album.. Swara was enjoying seeing those pics.. There was a spark in her eyes.. Instead of looking at the pics, she starts seeing sanky.. She was just admiring him, how much he was happy showing those pics.. His smile, his brights eyes,his cute cheeks,.. Seeing those cheeks,she took her hands to pull but sanky saw her hand n raises his eyebrows.. She quickly pulls back her hand and sanky chuckles..
Sanky: wanna touch my cheeks.. (smiles naughtily)
Swara nods her head in yes n says no… Sanky starts to laugh..
Sanky: swara, either say s or no.. But u r confusing me.. Ok leave.. U know something..
Swara : wat…
Sanky : U r Married…
Swara: waat(shocked)
Sanky: s, u r my wife…
Swara: (wide eyes n opened mouth)
Sanky: s..
Swara: stop joking.. Idiot..
Sanky: (seriously) hey im serious.. Im not kidding this time.. Its true..
Swara: wat are u saying sanky..
Sanky: u just heard half story.. U dint ask abt the real thing which seperated them..
Swara:(shocked n fumbles) is is.. Is it.. Is it because of us..
Sanky: no..
Swara gets relieved..
Swara: Idiot.. How did we marry n wat was the mu..
Sanky:(says very seriously) actually, u know ,my mom was very fond of u, she wants to make u her dil… so she asked to ur mom n both families agreed.. When u were one yr old n me three yrs.. They married us.. Have u seen balika vadu serial.. . Same happened between us.. Baal vivah.. Nice na..
Swara was staring him without blinking her eyes.. She was so serious..
Swara: sanky… Is tat true??
Sanky: haan swara.. See this pic(where sanky kissing swara’s cheek) this was taken before our marriage..
Sanky keepa on telling her ,how they married, the rituals, everything…
Swara: sanskaar.. If they were so happy ,then wat happened tat..
Sanky:( interupts) it was all fine on ur birthday.. Tat day bua too returned from us..

Payal returns from usa.. Sinha and sona’s happiness were doubled… They all partied over night.. Tat was the night where the first mu took place.. The elders got drunk.. They danced all over the house after making their kids sleep.. They played n enjoyed their reunion.. Though they always use to be together but after payal returned, their happiness overloded.. They all went to sleep..

The next morning, mishti wakes up n come out of payals room n goes to kitchen to help sona.. Sinha gets frenshen up n comes down, at tat time shekar too comes out of payals room.. Sinha looks n gets little shocked but after seeing payal in kitchen, he gets relieved.. They all had their break fast n sinha looks at payal whose eyes were swollen..
Sinha: payal, wat happened.. U r looking dull..
Payal: nothing bhai.. Sterday we slep late na.. Tats y..
Shekar: but she is always a princess,however her look may be..
Payal blushes n shekar winks at her..
Sinha: sharam kar.. U r married n still flirting with my sis. . If it was someone else i would have ribbed his mouth..
Shekar pouts..
Sona: stop it.. U r too much.. Dont forget tat, u were also a flirt..
Shekar: tats like my sona.. Huh.. When My wife has no problem, why would i worry..
At tat time mishti stamps his foot..
Shekar : ahhh..
Sinha, sona n payal burst out laughing.. Leaving shekar making Weird faces..
Shekar: u all r answerable to god…
Everyone giggles..
Two week passes n one day sinha came back to his house from office n finds shekar in payals room.. Payal was crying n shekar was consoling her.. Sinha entered the room n both get puzzled..
Sinha: payal.. Why r u crying..
Payal: bhai(hugs him)..
Shekar: relax payal.. First tell us, why r u crying..
But payal, without saying anything keeps on crying.. Shesin were worried seeing her.. Then they made payal sleep n left the room.. They discussed abt payal n shekar left sinha after making him strong n encourages him to know the reason for payals worry..

The next day when sinha went inside payals room , he found payal on the floor with foam coming out from her mouth.. Then he realized tat she have attempted suicide.. He quickly rushed to hospital n informed shekar.. Shemish and sinson were worried n walking impatiently in the corridor of the hospital.. The doctor comes out n informs..
Dr: she is alright but she went in coma due to the heavy doze of sleeping pills..
Shemish n sinson were shocked..
Sinha : but doctor(teary rolling down his eyes)
Dr: im sorry mr. Sinha.. But this is true.. But
Shekar : but wat doctor…
Dr: she lost the baby..
Sinson n shemish were even more shocked..
Sinha: but doctor..
Dr: ya she was pregnant.. She just concieved .. But the baby was just formed so due to the heavy doses of the pills, we couldn’t save it.. I guess ur sister is not aware of it still.. The doctor left leaving them in thier own world. Sinha was devastated.. He felled down on the floor n couldn’t digest the fact.. He was totally blank..

Then two days passed n payal was still in coma.. Shekar tried so many ways to convince sinha but he use to lock himself in payals room.. While he was in payals room, he saw something under the bed.. It was payals diary.. He remembers payal use to carry her diary evrywhere.. He opens the diary n starts reading it..
On the first page it was written
” Never read someones personal diary”
Sinha smiles reading tat.. He was abt to close the diary, when the pages turns due to air n his eyes fall in hearts drawn inside the diary.. He starts reding it..
The diary was filled with her chilhood memories.. Then she have written abt her new school. Her new frnds, sona n mishti.. Sinha smiles reading the pranks of sona n mishti..
” im so happy today.. My bro agreed to make me join in his college.. I thought he will make excuses, as he is in the same clg but he agreed.. Omg.. Now we three are going in same clg.. Oops i forgot to inform sonmish… Ok diary meet u tomorrow… ”

Sinha smiles reading this..
Sinha:(monologue) i never knew u wouldd be this much happy. I was a strict brother but i never hold u for anything.. I want every girl to have freedom but u were my sis, how can i stop ur freedom.. .. But today im doubting on my own decisions.. Is tat wrong to give so much freedom..
He turns the pages.. His eyes fall on on particular page..

“Oh my god… Today i met him again. Though i see him everytime.. But after seeing him in clg, i felt an unknown feeling… .. Is this wat is called love at first sight.. Omg OMG.. If tat so, then im in love.. He is damn cute and he is such a wonderful one…his concern, his care, make me crazy.. Buy he never see me.. Diary pls pray to god to get my love”

Sinha was shocked reading this..
Sinha: who is this guy.. Payal is so obsessed with him..
He continues reading..

” u know diary, today he came to me during class hrs n sat behide me.. Oh my god.. I cant describe the feeling i had… But i was sad when he winked.. Ya he winked but not at me.. But… … I really dont know how should i feel.. should be happy or sad or jealous or angry… U know i have all this things going on in my mind…. ”
Sinha: whom she is talking abt..
Sinha soon starts reading everything.. Payal has described so many things abt him.. But she dint wrote the name.. Sinha was impatiently reading it.. Then he found where her sister was devastated.. There were marks of tear drops on the page..

” u know wat happened today.. He proposed… He proposed her… But im happy.. She is my frnd. Of course one of my best buddy.. Im happy for her.. But i don’t no y this tears are not stopping.. I hate tears but they are not leaving me… Mishti was so happy today.. I wasn’t aware tat they both love eachother.. But i thought he liked me.. Whenever he comes to talk to me, i felt unknown happiness but he was not their for me but he was there for mishti.. But still i will never forget him.. Ya.. I will never forget u.. I Love U Shekar.. I do n I always will… ”

Sinha was hell shocked reading tat.. He cant believe tat her sis loved his buddy.. But they both weren’t at fault.. But being a loving brother, his love for his sister made him half minded..
Sinha: how can shekar use payal.. Wat was her fault.. To get his love mishti,he used my sis.. Huh.. Wat im i thinking.. No shekar cant do it..

He starts reading the diary.. It contained all her pain when she saw shemish together.. Sinha cries reading it.. But one page caught his interest.. Tat page was the last page written by her, it was not finished..

” i still love him.. But today i feel so different.. Shekar was with me the whole night.. He made my day.. We both enjoyed alot.. N u know wat, sterday we all were drunk. Though it was swara’s birthday, it was the best day of my life. Today im complete……….

Sinha:Wat happened.. why did she stopped writing .. Wat happened tat night.. Did shekar.. No no
. He cant.. But wat if he had.. I saw him coming out of her room the nexf day..

The diary words echoed in his mind…
I still love him..
I feel different todaay..
Shekar was with me..
We were drunk..
It’sbest day of my life..
Today im complete..

Sinha closed his ears unable to stop the echoes..
Today im complete..
Today im complete..
These words kept haunting him…

Sinha: wat if it is shekar.. I should confront him..
Sinha quickly calls shekar.. After finding thay are in hospital,he rushes there… When he went inside he saw shekar holding payals hand n crying..

Shekar: pls come back payal.. We all need u… Im really broken.. U were the only one i had.. I cant tell u how much , i love u my s

Sinha listens n gets shocked…. He goes inside n holds shekars collar..
Sinha: shekar.. How could u.. U were the one who did this to my sister.. How dare u shekar.. I believed u.. Y did played with my sisters feelings..

All the things which he got to know from the diary made sinha more angry n it resulted in shesin quarrel.. Sonmish entered n found both of the frnds fighting n they stopped their respective husbands..

Sonmish: pls stop it..
Sinha: sona, u dont know wat shekar did.. He is responsible for payals condition
Sonmish were both shocked..
Shekar : stop it mr. Sinha.. Its enough… I heard enough.. This is wat u know abt me.. I thought u trusted me…
Sinha: trust… It should be felt not to be seen..
Shekar:(smiles dryly) dare not to finger on my n payals relation… I heard enough of ur accusations.. Not anymore…
Sinha: enough shekar.. Enough… I dont believe u this time.. Wat u did with my sister.. Dont forget, u too have daughter.. She will suffer for ur mi
Shekar:(interupted n shouts) bas….. U really think im responsible for this.. Dont forget tat she is like my Sister…. S my sister… (cries) i lost my sister at a young age.. When i see ur sister, i use to think tat my sis is back.. But ur accusations killed me… U dint trust me right.. Dont trust me again…
Sinha waa shocked, he was angry but he cant believe wat shekar is saying.. As we say ,when a person gets angry, speaks something which hurts others.. The same happened..
Sinha: stop it shekar.. Dont ever use a sacred relationship for ur own use… I heard u saying tat u love her.. Mishti he is cheating u as well…
Mishti: stop it.. I know my husband very well… But u are his half soul but cant u see his truth..
Sinha: u r blind in his love mishti.. U will never understand..
Mishti: u have gone mad… I wont let u insult my husband more..
Saying this mishti takes a heart broken shekar with him.. Tat was the day where both families ended their relation with eachother…

] Swara was crying listening all this.. Sanky cups her face..
Sanky:swara .. Pls dont cry..
Swara: sanskar.. Now i can understand my dad..
Sanky: s swara,, all his anger is valid.. U pls dont cry.. I cant see u crying..
Swara: who was the person behind this..
Sanky: actually it was an accident.. Tat day all were drunk n bua being in love with ur dad, dint realise wat was she doing.. Her frnd pavan who was in love with her, did this.. Bua thought it was uncle but..

After so many accusation, sinha went to home.. Sona follwed him..
Sona: wat happened to u.. How can u accuse shekar..
Sinha: do u want to k ow y..
He takes the diary n throws.. A letter falls down from the diary..
Sinha picks the letter n starts reading..

” im sorry bhai.. Im really sorry.. Wat im going to do will hurt u.. But i cant live now.. Im feeling disgusted.. I was happy on swara’s birthday.. I thought me n shekar……. But i was wrong.. Pavan used me… S bhai, he used me….. I was so drunk tat, i dint realise its not shekar… I was so blind tat i saw shekar in him.. I got to know it sterday.. Now this pavan is blackmailing me.. He have my photos.. How can he bhai… I will not leave him succeed in his plan.. This will be the proof against him..

I was wrong bhai.. I was wrong. Shekar .. He is such a pure soul.. I just got to know abt him, sterday.. He is beyond expectations.. Wat feelings i had for him was nothing infront of his feelings.. Our fun loving shekar, creid sterday, when i was crying.. S bhai, he thinks me as his lost sister.. But i really dint understand his feelings… But bhai never leave tat pavan who………… I cant even write tat bhai… He should be punished.. Will u do tat for me.. ”

After reading, sinha breaks down completely.. He cries aloud.. Sona consoles him .. She quickly takes the letter n reads it.. another shock for her..
Sinha: im very bad sona.. I.. I dint trust my frnd.. No he is not just a fend but more than tat.. How can i sona.. (hits his fist on floor) how can i…
Sona: plss relax… Relax.. We will talk to shekar.. He will surely understand..
Sinha: no sona.. He wont.. He will never forgive me..
Sona: we will try.. Come lets go..

Withoit wasting any time, they both rushed to shekars house n found it locked.. They searched them evrywhere but got to know tat, they left from here..


Sanky: my parents were searching for ur family.. But they never found.. Atlas mom saw u in school.. She was so happy.. But she dint tell anything coz, she cant loose u all again.. So she kept quite.. ( a lone tear escapes) i have sesn swara.. I have seen my dad crying during night.. I was not aware of this things.. Whenever i ask my mom, she makes some excuses.. I cant (turns around)
Swara turns him n hugs him tightly..
Swara: pls dont cry sanky.. Ur dad was not at fault.. Whoever in his position may do tat.. Its common human nature.. (breaks the hug n wipes his tear) we will solve this issue n bring back our parents…
Sanky nods his head with teary eyes…
Sanky: I Love u swara( hugs her tightly)
Swara: I (in mind) I love u too sanskaar… Ya i love u… I always loved u.. I realised it in forest.. But i don’t know wats stopping me… May be fear of loosing u… I cant… I dont want to loose u.. I have seen nikkys suffering… I will remain in this way..
Sanky breaks the hug n swara comes out of her thought..
Sanky: so madam slept in husbands embrace..
Swara: sanky are u serious. Did we actually marry.. . Pls dont play with me… . Or else, its consequences will be worst..
Sanky thinks for a while..
Sanky swara why will i lie.. N u r not trusting ur hubby.. Very bad.. So now u face the consequences..
Saying this he goes closer to her.. Swara moves backwards.. This continues n she hits the couch n both fall down as sanky was ckose to her.. He stare at her lovingly.. Her eyes which has a spark.. His eyes falls on her lips, which are trembling due to his closeness.. He slownly leans towards her lips.. They both were out of thier senses.. She too was leaning towards him.. They were abt to kiss, veer peeks through the door n foung them in this way n gets unconscious.. He falls down with a thud, which make swasan to come back to their sense…. Their was some awkward moment. They both rushed to veer n swara sprinkles water on him.. Veer gets up n shook his head…
Veer: u guys are impossible.. (at sanky) did u told her everything or were u just romancing with her all night… Angel ,u too….
Swasan looks at eachother n bows down in embarrassment.. they couldn’t say anything.. As both of them were responding equally but they think themself wrong..
Swara:(monologue) wat will he think abt me.. I shouldn’t have done tat..
Sanky:(monologue) wat will she think abt me.. I shouldn’t have done tat .

Stay tuned…

Let me know was this episode good enough.. Ny ideas of patching the families are mostly welcome.. Was the chapter good.???. I hope so.. Sorry for the late update, i have been busy with mom.. shoot ur comment regarding this chapter.. I know some of u will hve doubt with the past.. There are some extra fittings in the past, which will be cleared in next chappy.. The past abt payal is all true but sanky have added some spice in past… Sanky ka bharta is confirm by swara… (lol)

See u all in next chapter..

Credit to: Sha

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