FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 34)


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Guys let me tell u, as per ur votes vikram stands first, then ram and then raj.. U know wat i have decided the name to be,….. Do not throw tomatoes or eggs at me ,for my stupid behaviour.. Im going to name sankys father as “VikRam Raj Sinha” .. Lol.. This name contains evry name i used in poll.. Actually first i find it weird but i was laughing at myself for my intelligence.. Lol… By this name, u will be able to get ur favorite name.. So i will adress him as sinha,if u r all ok with it..
Sanky : mom tell me the whole story.. Im really excited than before..
Sona: arei sanky relax.. Hmmm.. Excited than before huh.. Wats the matter..
Sanky: (fumbles) woh mom.. Woh.. Nothing.. I excited for ur love story..
Sona: aww.. My son is excited for my story or ur old story..
Veer n sinha giggles..
Sanky: mom…..
Sona laughs..
Sona: acha baba…
Sanky took snaps in his mob from the album.. Sonveesin were teasing him..
Sanky: mom, when did u take this snap.. N where is mishu in the album..
At tat time mishu enters..
Mishu: bhai.. Im here.. Well did i miss something..
Veer: bahut kuch… (tight smile)
Mishu: mom wat did i mis.. N well bhai u r smiling, i thought
Veer:(interupted) arei sanky, pls close ur sis mouth by stuffing something.. N aunty start ur story. We are waiting..
Mishu gives him a kill u look…
Mishu: wat sto(interupted)
Veer: i know ur question.. Before u bombard with another questions, i will tell u everything (tells her )
Mishu: awwww.. Its not my photo.. I thought i was so cute..
Sona: see this is ur photo.. See u r soo cute in this..
Veer: but not more than my angel.. (smirks)
Mishu glares at him n stamps his foot..
Veer: ahhhhh..
Sanky laughs..
Mishu: who was cute???
Veer: angel.. (n starts running)
Mishu chases him n veer gets beaten up with pillows..
Sanky: (rescuing veer) arei my mishu u r the sweetest person n cutest sister i have.. So happy..
Mishu: awwww.. So sweet of u bhai… (hugs him)
Evryone settles on the couch.. Sanky whispers to veer..
Sanky: (whispers) veer.. I saved u from one of a devil.. So u r due to me..
Veer:(whiapers) such a dramebaaz… I wont help u.. Huh.. Go to he
Mishu: ha bhai…
Veer: (holds him n whispers) OK done.. (sighs)
Sanky: aww.. My best buddy.. (side hugs him) ok mom.. U start ur work.

Sona and mishti were childhood frnds.. Though ,They were neighbours but the duo use to share a sisters bond.. From school times their family use to admire their frndship.. Whenever mishti wants something, sona convinces mishti parents and same happens with sona..
At sonmish school
Little sona : mishu wat happened.. (concerned) why are u crying..
Litlle mishu: woh sona, u know in lunch break when i went to staff room,.., tat tomboy mam scared me.. She told tat she is going to tell my mom abt the cockroach prank.. I did it for fun.. But

Sanky:(in mind) daughter is scared of cockroach n mom is playing with cockroach.. Great..

Little Sona:(interupted) we will teach her another leasson.. Wats say..
Little Mishti(excited) : yeah.. Tats it(hugs her) actually i too was thinking abt the plan only. I dint got any idea so i started crying..
Little sona: never fear when sona is hear..

veer:(monologue) so sankys guts is from his mom. Gooooood mom n son……

Then both mishti n sona did a very big mischief….. The very next day at the time of the teacher class, sona went to teacher desk, did something n came back to her place..
Little mishti: is the work done… ???
Little sona: alll done.. (shows thumbs up)
The duo giggles.. Then after sometime the teacher enters.. Evryone wishes..
All students : good morning maaam…
Teacher: good morning everyone… Sit down…
The students sits down and starts talking..
Teacher: students..i want Pin drop silence… (little angry)
The students keeps quite seeing teachers anger.. The teacher goes towards her seat n smiles at the student before sitting.. Sonmish were eagerly watching the teacher… The teacher sits on her chair n tats it..
“Pooooooooooooooh….. ”
After tat the teacher falls down.. Evryone in the class burst out laughing…. Sonmish were laughing holding their stomach.. Mishti goes n helped the teacher, where as sona quickly takes the prank kit from the chair n hides it.. The teacher composes herself n shouts at the the students..
Teacher: who did this…
The students widens their eyes…
All students: you only no mam.. (giggles)
The teacher gets shocked..
Teacher: stop it. I want to know who did this..
She turns towards the chair n finds nothing.. Another shock for her..
Teacher : i wont leave anyone ,until i know who has done it..
Sonmish were biting their lips n rolling their eyes.. The teacher scans the whole class..
Teacher: caught the black cats…
Sonmish were shocked..
Teacher: sona, mishti come here…
The duo slowly goes towards her..
Teacher: say ,who did this..
Sona: who did this(innocently)
Teacher: wat?? Say ,who did this.. ??
Mishti: who did this…?
Sona: no i will say.. Mam, i will say listen to me first.. “who did this”
Mishti: stop it sona.. Mam told me to say tat..
Sona : no me
Mishti: no she told me..
The teacher gets confused..
Teacher : will u both stop it.. Tell me wat did i tell u to say..
Sonmish: maaaamm.. U only told to say ” who did this”…
The teacher gets angry..
Teacher: i want to meet both of ur parents tomorrow.. Got it..
Sonmish nods..
The teacher tells them to go n sit.. But
Mishti: but mam, u dint told us, who said better.. “who did this” see i said very nicely now..
The teacher gets really frustrated n leaves the class….
sonmish gives high-five to eachother n proceeds towards their seat.. Then after sometime, the whole class burst out into fits of laughter…

Sanky: mom… U r impossible…. N mishti mam.. Omg…
Veer: haaan aunty , no one will say, the person who are teachers by profession, once where students who irritates their teacher.. Oh My God
Sona: arie stop it badmash..
Sinha: arei they both use to be biggest pranksters.. They dint leave us either.. Me n shekar use to be very reserved persons..
Sona widens her eyes n her mouth gets o shaped..
Sona: lier.. Sanky u know they were the biggest flirts in their clg.. Seeing them flirting we thought to teach them a lesson..
Sanveer laughs seeing Sinhas reaction…
Sanky:(naughty smile) daad… Hmm mmm.. Interesting..
Sinha: she is lying sanky..
Veer: but aunty wat did the tomboy teacher do.. Did ur parents go their..
Sona : haan veer.. I convinced mishti’s parents n mishti convinced my parents,,, simple.. Our parents went their, but the teacher started her lecture n said every details of our pranks.. As the time passed, parents anger too was at the peek level.. So tat evening we dint go to our house..
Sanky: wat.. ??
Veer: oh my god.. U both ran away from ur house..
Sona chuckles..
Sona: quite like tat… I mean, i went to mishti’s house n mishti went to my house.. Tat night we escaped..
Sanvee laughs holding their stomach..
Sanky: mom its hilarious..
Sona: ya tat was our very bad day.. Then after tat, we use to do less pranks without our parents notice.. In highschool we got a new member in our gang.. Payal.. She was a swwet one..
Sanky: u mean bua.. She studied with u..
Sona: ya.. She was new to our class.. Though me n mishti were only duo in our class.. There was something different in her.. Seeing payal, we made her to join our gang. Then we trio were mischievous ones ,during our 12th.. Everyone use to be busy in studying for their exams but we use to think how to get rid of this.. We use to be eating during the study hrs given by the teachers.. Those were the golden moments.. Then after school we three joined same clg..
Sinha: n tats where i met my soul….
Sona blushes…
Sanky: wow dad… So romantic..
Sanky pulls sonas cheek..
Sanky: mom stop blushing.. (pulls cheek) cho chweet….
Sona:(beats playfully) stop it sanskaar.. (gets shy)
Sinha: the duo(sonmish) entered our clg, i saw ur mom .. I was totally flat.. First l thought to flirt with her..

Young sinha: shekar.. Look there..
Shekar eyes falls on mishti and he gets mesmerised…

Bg: tujhe dekha toh ye jaana sanam……

Young shekar: arei yaar…. Come lets talk to her..
Young sinha: arei sharam kar.. She is ur bhabhi…
Shekar widens his eyes..

Bg: dost dost na raha.. Pyaar pyaar na raha…

Young shekar: u married her n dint tell me.. How mean yaar..
Young sinha: i dint marry yet.. But im planning.. Just shut up n come..
shekar gets sad n his head gets down in worry..
Young shekar: u go.. I dont want to come…
Young sinha: arei shekar, u r leaving ur best buddy at difficult time…

Ya shekar n sinha were close frnds.. They were like twins who never leaves eachother.. Watever it may be, they use to face evrything with their bold n flirty attitude.. They even flirt with lecturers n trap them.. As they were the most handsome (sorry if im praising so much. Lol) guys in their clg at tat time..

Young shekar: u always blackmail me idiot..
Young sinha: acha chal…
They both go towards them.. The duo were standing at the gate nervously waiting for someone..
Young sinha: excuse me..
Sonmish turns n looks at them.. Shekar was looking down with sad expression..
Young mishti: yes…
Hearing a musical voice shekar look up.. Shemish looks at eachother. Their eyes met..

Bg: aankhon ki, gustaakiyaan maafkar…

Young sinha:(at sona) (fumbles for first time) woh. Actually.. Woh..
Young sona: wat woh woh.. Will u proceed further.. U r just eating our brain..
Sinha taken aback.. Shekar chuckles.. Sinha gives him death glare.. First time a girl raisen a voice on him..
Young sinha :(with attitude) i thought to be good with the juniors but u proved me wrong.. Came her to ask, if u need any help( twist sonas hand at the back,whispers in her ears) but now no one wil help u..
Sona gets goosebumps.. Shekar just stares mishti..
Young mishti: hey leave her.. (at shekar) i thought u guys are very good but, u proved all seniors are like this..
Sinha gets more angry, before he could say, shekar changes the plate..
Young shekar: sorry sorry. He is short temper. He dont know wat he does.. We are really good one.. See.. (adjusts his collar) U guessed right..
Sinha widens his eyes .. Till then shekar pulls him and takes away..
Young sinha: shekar.. Seeing a girl u changed alot..
Shekar scratches his head and shows his 32teeths…
Young sinha: stop showing ur teeths..
Young shekar: arei, i maintained ur image in front of tat girl u like..
Young sinha: i hate her.. How can she insult me..
Young shekar: she dint insult u buddy..
Then he understands..
young shekar: oh wow.. (jumps) u like the one who insulted u..
Young sinha: no.. I liked her but not now.. Y r u jumping.. U r enjoying my insult.. Very bad buddy..
Young shekar: arei no re.. I like the other girl..
They both clear their confusion n sinha was still angry on her.. But the next day they were shocked to see payal with them..
Young sinha: paayal
Young shekar: wat she is doing with themm
Young sinha: oh.. So they are mishti n sona..
Young shekar: (excited) who is mishti n who is sona..
Young sinha: i dont no tat.. But just payal use to blabber evryday abt themm.. Come lets tease them..
Shesin move towards the trio n teases them.. First payal gets shocked… But she behaves normally as sinha has already told her not to disclose the truth…

] Sanky: wow mom.. First time u both fought with eachother.. But must say dad, ur love story is hate to love i think…
Veer: (monologue) u n swara too fought in the first meeting..
Sinha: no.. Its was love to hate to love.. I was just mesmerised seeing her for the first time but later got angry on her.. But im happy tat, i got angry.. Tats the reason she came into my life..
Sona blushes
Veer: hmmm.. Interesting.. But i dont know tat bade papa will be this much romantic n naughty…
Sanky: then wat happened..
Sona: then wat, ur dad use to disturb me daily.. He just took his revenge by making me fall.. Tat was the gr8 moment of my life.. Tat day when i got hurt, i saw his care.. He melted seeing my wound.. His anger vanished on tat day.. Then He started to flirt with me.. N shekar, he finds way to talk with mishti.. Doesn’t leave her for a min.. He just roam around mishti in the name of doubt.. Being senior, they get doubt with juniors.. How silly..
Sanvee laughs..
Sinha: ha yaar.. Shekar used to get hyper, if something happens to mishti..
Sona: haan.. So we thought to teach u a lesson.. Once we saw this two buddys flirting with other girls n as well as lecturer in their class.. For the first time me n mishti got angry for something different thing..
Sinha: tat was jealousy…
Sona : huh.. Jealousy.. I guess.. But
Sanky : wat u did mom..
Sinha: they did the most disgusting thing, which no one will imagine… These two idiots mde us embarrasses in our college for the first time..
Sona laughs recalling the moments..
Sona: best moment in their life.. Me n mishti were angry n at tat time these idiots came n started flirting with us.. This made fuel on the fire..
Veer: then…
Sona: then wat i took a water bottle from bag n throwed on your father pant as if he have passed (giggles)
Sanvee burst out laughing …
Sona: same happened with shekar..
Sanky recals his swara doing same thing to him at the restaurant..
Sanky: really mom.. Swara have gone on u both.. She is same like u n mam..
Sona: hmm.. I know.. When i heard her name first time, i was on cloud nine.. She is so cute..
Mishu: mom… Not fair..
Sona: arei mera bacha…
Mishu: so u named ur frnd name to me huh..
Sona: hm. Ya.. I only named swara n ur name..
Veer: aunty.. U continue.. She has useless questions.. Tell me next..
Sona: next..
Sanmish burst out laughing..
Veer: aunty… I told u to continue ur story n u r teasing me.. (pouts)
Mishu: u needed tat.. Huh.. Thanku mom.. Love u…
Sona: love u too dr..

Days passed ,sona n mishti totally fell for sinha n shekar.. They thought, this wat is called “falling in love”

Shekar n sinha proposed mishson…

Their love story became the fresh topic of the college.. Tats y they were called the romantic couples… Payal truth came to know to sonmish.. They were angry on their respective partners for hiding the truth..


Sinha: tat was the terrible day son… Ur mom became a wild cat after tat..
Sona beats him playfully..
Sona: stop it..
Sanky: wow mom.. wild cat an all.. Hmmmmmm mmm.. How did u convince them..
Sinha: me n sinha, planed a surprise for themm.. So they again fell for us..
Sona: ya.. Still im FALLING FOR YOU..
sinha : same here.. Im FALLING FOR YOU again n again..
They both share an eyes lock..
Mishvee looks at eachother n smiles..
Mishvee: ahem ahem..
Sona n sinha breaks the eyes lock n gets shy..
Sanky: mom n dad.. U guys are awesome….. So then..
Sona: then shekar n ur dad completed their studies n they started a business..
Sanky: hmm..
Sinha: we reached heights within two yrs. Then ur mom n mishti completed their studies..
Sona: then was our marriage.. First our parents offended.. But i convinced mishti parents , n mishti convinced my parents..
Sinha: then we got married..but shemish married after one yr. As shekar got a important project in canada..
Sona: mishti helped in achieving shekars dream
Sinha: after one yr, they got married.. u were in ur mummy tummy..
Sanvee smiles..
Sona: the same night u were born.. Shekar was angry on u.. As u disturbed him on his precious time(laughs) but he was the most happiest person.. He celebrated ur zeroth birthday on the same night by cutting cakes..
Sinha: those were the precious moments..
Veer: u guys were this much happy, but wat happened tat..
Sinha: it was all well.. In our happiness, we ignored paayal.. She went to usa after shekars marriage.. I found so many alliance for her but she was not ready to get married.. We dont know wat was bothering her.. But we left her to achieve her dreams..
Sona: we thought , tat will ease watever she is going through..
Sinha: this snaps.. These photos were taken on swara’s first birthday..
Sona: u use to be very happy sanky.. U use to tell mishti tat, she is ur baby.. (laughs)
Sinha: at tat time sona was carrying Mishu… But sanky was close to mishti n u use to tell her tat, he will be the one to take the baby first..
Sona: u got promise from her too.. Being a favourite one of mishti, she promised u..
Sinha: after swara born, mishti dint even allow shekar to touch.. She was waiting for u..
Sona: when i brought u inside, u quickly rushed to mishti.. mishti gave swara in ur tiny hands.. U kissed her cheeks.. We were admiring it..
Sinha: u both were so cute… (shows him a photo) see, this was the moment.. I captured it..
Sanky gets teary eyes… .
Sona: aww.. My bacha wat happened… Tears(she laughs)
Sanky: mom.. Im not crying.. I dont know y this tears came.. but im sooo happy.. I cant express how much.. But its infinite time than infinity..
Sona n sinha laughs at him.. Mishvee too smiles seeing him.. Veer beats him on his shoulder..
Veer: bas sanky.. I know how much u will be happy(teases)
Then sona tells him the remaining story leaving sanveemish shocked.. They all get teary eyes..
Sanky:(hugs) dad.. I will clear eveything.. N ur frnd will be back to u..
Sinha:(hugs bak with teary eyes) i know beta.. Im guilty.. I did very wrong with him..
Veer: but uncle, it was ur mu.. Bade papa will understand..
Sanky: papa.. Ab no tears. Now im going to swara..
Veer: kya… R u mad.
Sanky: veeeeerrr.. U r going to help me.. (cutely,)
Veer: no way.. U better talk in phone..
Sanky: no.. I want to talk to her directly.. N dont forget, u r something due to me..
Veer: (sighs) u know how to convince others.. I hate u..
Sanky: i love tat u hate me..

Sanky bids bye to his parents.. Then the duo leave to swaras home.. They reach there.. Sanky signal veer to open swara’s balcony.. Then sanky climbs swaras balcony pipe n reached her balcony.. Then veer went n knocked in khanna house.. Shekar opened the door.. Veer was little nervous..
Shekar: veer.. Come.. But where were u..
Veer: woh bade papa.. I was with sanskar..
Shekar: (expression changes) oh..
Veer: bade papa.. Wat
Shekar :(interupted) veer leave the topic.. I thought u came here for ur angel.. But i think
Veer:(interupted) no bade papa.. I came to see angel only..
Shekar: hmm tats good.. She is in her room, acting like sleeping.. I gues till now she would have slept.. U meet her later..
Veer: no, i will meet her n go.. She wont tell me anything..
Shekar: i know.. K go n meet..
Veer goes quickly towards swaras room but shekar stops him n he gets tensed..
Shekar: veer…
Veer:(tensed n turns) ha haan ba bade papa..
Shekar: (fumbles) vo.. Voh actually.. How is sanskar now.. ?
Veer(bright smile inside but acts out) woh.. He is fine now.. Just now slept..
Shekar: ok fine..
Shekar leaves.. Veer enters swara’s room, doesn’t finds swara n only finds tannu asleep.. He quickly locks her room from inside.. He goes towards balcony n opens the door.. Sanky enters..
Sanky: how much time veer..
Sanky looks here n there n fiinds swara missing..
Sanky: where is she.. ??
Veer points at the washroom..
Sanky: oh.. Important work..
Sanvee chuckles.. At tat time swara comes out of washroom n widens her eyes n was abt to shout, sanky jumps n closes her mouth.. They both loose their balance n falls on couch.. They share an eyelock..
Veer: ahem ahem..
Sanky takeshis hand from her mouth hearing veers voice n gets up immediately.. He keeps staring her lovingly. Same happens with swara…
Veer: oh my god.. Stop staring.. N sanky if u have seen swara, now u may leave..
Sanky: first u leave n give us some privacy..
Veer jaws drop n he pouts..
Swara: oii.. Wats happening.. N u sanky.. Y u came here.. Stop
Sanky hugs her suddenly n then cups her face leaving a peck on forehead then he kisses swara on her cheeks tightly. . Veer seeing this closes his eyes and run towards balcony n closes the door.. Swara widens her eyes n look at sanky horrified…

Sanky: U r married..
Swara: wat…. (shocked)

Did u all liked the epi.. I hope u liked it.. N guys i dint thought to write the oldys love story but u know wat, when i started writing, automatically so many ideas popped in my mind n it resulted in this.. Hope u dint get bored… I gues it was such a long chapter…
An advance sorry if i bored u guys with it.. Next chappy toh dhamaka.. Lol… I hope u like their flashbacks.. N sorry if the reason of mu is not upto the expectation.. I dint reveal the mu.. But next chap, confirm.. Bye.. Keep reading..

Credit to: Sha

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