FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 33)


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In khanna house
Shekar brings swara back to home.. While dragging her, shekar mistakenly pressed swara’s wound.. It has started to bleed again.. She was just numb.. Swara silently went inside her room.. Mishti consoles shekar to control his anger. She points towards swara’s room..
Mishti : shekar.. Look at swara.. It can effect her mind.. So come, lets talk to her n end this matter right now.. ..
Shekar: but mishti.. How can i(closes his eyes with hands)
Mishti : shekar plss..
Shekar: no mishti. I dont want to tell her now..
Mishti : but atleast we can console her right..
She takes him n both walk towards swara’s room n gets shocked on the way.. There were blood drops on the way.. They both rushed to swara’s room.. Hearing the door knob, swara closes her eyes n acts like sleeping.. She was angry on them.. So she doesn’t want to talk to them right now.. Being a stubborn one, she does wat she wants. Shemish tries to wake her but understands tat she is doing purposely, so mishti does first aid for her wound n cries.. She angrily looks at shekar.. They both leaves from the room n swara opens her teary eyes..
Swara: sorry mom n dad.. I know dad watever u r doing may be right n there might be a reason from ur side but, sanky.. Wat was his fault.. He saved me.. He was the one in my difficult time.. He never harmed me.. He protected me like a shield from all the bad things.. But u did very wrong with him dad..

Tannu who went out to bring pastries for swara ,gets surprised seeing the environment at the house.. She thought to surprise swara but she herself is surprised.. Mishti tells her everything n tannu rushes to swara’s room.. Hearing the door knob,swara again acts but tannu being her right hand knows her very wel.. She starrs tickling her.. Swara jumps from her bed..
Swara: stop it tannu.. (angry)
Seeing tannu,swara hugs her tightly n sobs..
Tannu: angel.. Listen.. I too dont know wats wrong.. I think something happened between sankys n ur parents(tells her evrything tat happened after her missing)
Swara: (wipes her tears) for parents rivalry , how can they hurt sanky.. U know how he requested dad..
Tannu: awww.. I could see some changes in my angel.. Hmm i guess she is in love with her duffer..
Swara: stop it tannu.. I dont love him.. Its just tat.. Just
Tannu: tat just is wat angel… Its just love..
Swara:(sighs) enough tannu.. I dont want to talk abt tat.. But i want to solve this so called fight or watever is this..
Tannu: ok.. Then talk with bade papa.. Tats it..
Swara: no ways.. After all im his daughter.. I know them very well.. They will never tell me.. N i know how to get the truth out.. (smirks)

In sinha house
Sanky was lying on bed.. He recalls his moments spent with swara.. Her fights, her beatings, her antics, her attitude,her concern, her hugs, her Kiss.. A smile appears on his face n keeps his hand on his cheeks where she kissed him..
Sanky: i miss u swara.. I wish we would have never returned from the foreat..
Veer knocks on the door.. Sanky doesn’t answer.. He comes inside n see sanky lost..
Veer: sanskar..
Veer: sanskar listen yaar..
Sanky: wat is this veer.. How can uncle do this.. I just brought her home n he dint allow her to come n moreover.. How can he talk to dad like tat..

Ya shekar not only took swara, after making swara sit in car, shekar comes back n taunts mr. Sinha a lot.. Saying tat he is using sanky to take his revenge from his daughter swara..

Sanky: how can he say, dad is taking revenge.. N tat too how can he say, dad is using me.. Did i harm swara..
Veer: sanky sanky.. Relax.. Paaaahh.. Being with swara for two days, u too have started talking like her.. First listen to me , wat happened after u guys were missing (tells him evrything.)
Sanky: so both familys have some secret.. Oh My God.. Isn’t it weird.. Huh.. In there problem, why they are spoiling my love story.. (pouts)
Veer: (shocked) how mean sanky.. Why r u thinking like tat..
Sanky: then wat veer.. If they cant think abt us, then y should i think abt themm..Nyways i wanna talk with swara.
Sanky: s right now.. Or else i will go to her house directly
Veer: u r impossible.. As if bade papa will stand with garlands n welcome u..
Sanky:(with attitude) of course he should.. But surely its gonna happen one day.. But right now im not expecting anything from him.. I will excuse him this time..
Veer n sanky stares at eachother n burst out laughing…
Veer : i thought u will be like devadas full night but see(interupted)
Sanky:im still angry dude.. But after wat u r telling, i will try to solve this matter asap n get my swara back..
Veer: wat if the problem is very big n u wil never solve this..
Sanky: i just want to put kerosene in ur mouth n burn it.. Tumare muh mei ghee shakkar nai, kerosene aur aag daalni chaahiye… (imagines veer n laughs) haha..
Veer:(chuckles) sanskaar…. Wat if it is true..
Sanky: If tat so, then i will run away with swara. I cant spoil my life in solving thier matters..
Veer widens his eyes while sanky giggles..
Sanky: chill buddy.. Was kidding..
Veer: i know.. But u r really unpredictable..
Sanky: stop ur nonsense .. I want to talk with swara right now..
Veer knows very well he cant win over sanky n calls tannu .. Then tanvee exchange their mob with swasan..
Sanky: (excited n lovingly) swaraaa.
Swara: ….
Sanky: wont u talk with me.. ( gets sad) or u too think me wro(interupted)
Swara: no sanky… Im sorry.. Iam really sor
Sanky: oh hello.. I dont need ur sorry.. I was getting bored so thought to talk with tannu but she gave it to u..
Swara: oh hoo. If tat so then im giving back the mobile..
But she doesn’t give back n keeps waiting..
Sanky: swara, (lovingly)
She gets excited..
Sanky: still u dint give the mob to tannu.. Very bad habit.. (teasing)
Swara:(frustrated) i was feeling bad for u.. But now.. U idiot, duffer, u r impossible..dont talk to me.. Never..
Sanky: never..(teasing)
Swara: never ever..
She was abt to give the mobile..
Sanky: arie chuvvi.. I was kidding.. Im sorry.. U know i was so angry, tats y i started teasing u..
Swara : u were angry coz of dad na.. (pouts)
Sanky: hmm.. But now im not.. After speaking to u, im relaxed. I was worried for u..
Swara: im fine.. Actually i too was worried for u..
Sanky: wow.. Missing me huh..
Tannu hits swara with her shoulder n teases her.. While swara gives her a shut up look .. Tannu giggles..
Swara: in ur wild(remembers wat he said n closes her mouth)
Sanky: complete the sentence sweet heart.. (chuckles)
Swara: idiot.. (smiles unknowingly)
SwaSan: acha listen
both laughs at their coincidence..
Sanky: im all yours.. So im ready to listen anything from u.
Swara blushes..
Sanky: stop blushing n tell me soon..
Swara: duffer.. Im not blushing.. Actually did u talk to ur parents..
Sanky: hmm not yet.. N i will get to know everything.. So, we will together ,solve watever fight or misunderstanding is there.. So
Swara: im with u.. Together
Sanky: forever.
Tanvee teases swasan on their side.. While swasan hits them with their elbows.. Tanvee on the either side of the phone teases swasan. Tannu at sanky n veer at swara..
Veer: arei angel, i dint expect this from you.. Cheating bade papa.. Hmmm, not fair.. Being with sanky for two days, u have changed fully..
Swara: sweetu(pouts) i wont talk to you..
Tannu: ya sanky, wat magic u did yaar.. She is totally flat…
Swara: shut up tannu..
At tat time swara hear knock at the door, n they disconnect the call immediately.. Swara goes to her bed n pulls tanu.. They both act like sleeping.. At the other end sanky fist in air..
Veer: wat happened.. Villan entry huh..
Sanky: of course dude.. Huh..
At tat time mr&mrs.sinha enters sankys room.. Sanky being annoyed turn around..
Sona: sanky.. Wat happened..
He keeps quite n pouts.. Veer thinks “paaah such a dramebaaz.. I think swara ka asar hai.. After coming from forest ,both of thems attitude interchanged.”(smiles)
Sona: arei enough handsome.. I know ur fake anger.. (she laughs)
Sanky : mom… (turns to her n keeps a sad expression)
Sona: dont worry beta, everything will be alright.. Just some misunderstanding.. Tats it..
Mr. Sinha: u wanna know wat is actually happening right..
Sanky: s dad.. Im literally confused.. How do they know u.?. How are they related? Why are they angry?.. Dad so many questions popping in my mind.. I cant tel u wats going inside me..
Sona: sanky relax… How many questions… ?…
Mr.sinha: beta relax… I will answer all ur questions.. Its all my fault… Im the one behind this hatred(gets teary eyed)
Sanky:(concerned) dad…
Sona consoles him.. He composes himself..
Mr. Sinha: u wanna know how do they know us right??
Sanky nods.. Veer was too curious.. He was listening so interestingly , as if its a climax.. Sanvee were so eagerly looking at mr. Sinha, tat one ball n six runs to win.. They haven’t concentrated on their lecture this much as of now..
Sona laughs at their expressions..
Mr. Sinha: we were frnds..
Sanvee: WE….
Sona: me, mishu, shekar n ur dad..
Mr. Sinha smiles recalling their days..
Sona: (smiles) ur dad n shekar were seniors n me, mishu n payal (smiles fades away) were juniors..
Sanky: payal(confused)
Mr. Sinha:(teary eyes) ur buA..
Sanvee gets shocked.. Then sanky gets happy, tat he has a bua..
Sanky: so mom.. U were frnds but wat happened tat
Sona:(interupted) we were just like u.. Ur dad n i.. Mishti n shekar…
Sinha: we were called the most romantic couples at tat time..
Sona hits him..
Sona: sharam karo..
Sanvee chuckles.. Veer thinks ” tat is the reason sanky is like this.. Family gene”

Sanky : wow dad.. Most romantic huh..
Sona: enough sanky.(hits him playfully) . (gets shy n blushes)
Veer: someone is blushing…
Sona: veer.. U too joined him..
They all laugh.. Sona takes an album.. She shows a photo to sanky..
Sona: sanky, do u remember this photo..
Sanky: s mom.. Me n mishu…
Sona:(laughs) no..
Sanky gets confused.. Veer gets shocked seeing the photo..
Veer: its angel.. But angel with sanky..
Sona: ya she is angel.. I mean swara..
Sanvee widens there eyes. . Coz tat photo is of sanky at the age of three n swara at the age of one.. Sanky having swara in his lap n smiling n giving pose.. . There were so many photos in the album.. They were of swasan.. Sanky posing a pic by cheek to cheek with swara.. Another one such tat he is kissing swara’s cheek n so on..
(our sanky have been posing for pic from childhood.. Now too he have so many collection of pics in his mob with swara.. Lol)
Sanky gets happy n hugs veer in excitement..
Sanky: wow veer.. Swara.. OhMy God.. Mom mom…
Sanky spins her mom in excitement.. Mr. Sinha n veer laughs seeing his excitement..
Sona: Arei sanky stop it.. Im feeling giddy…
Sanky: mom.. Then tell me the full story… Im really excited than before…

I hope all are excited as sanvee…
Precap: Story continues………
Excited for their story,i hope so.. Then vote for sankys father name.. Coz sterday only two of them read my comment i guess..
So sanky father should be called as
1. Vikram
2. Raj
3. Ram

I dont know wat should i name him.. Confused.. N dont confuse me more by odd votes.. K bye all.. Stay tuned till next chapter..

Credit to: Sha

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