FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 32)


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The episode begins with swasan n mishvee finally reaching the highway.
Mishu: finally im taking my bhai.. Omg.. I cant believe.. I should inform mom n dad..
Veer: uff.. Dramebaaz.. I informed them already..
Mishu: huh..
Swasan laughs at them..
Swara: thanks mishu(hugs her)
Mishti puzzled..
Mishu: for wat… (hugging back)
Taking this as an opportunity,sanky smiles naughtily n hugs both swamish leaving swara shocked n her heart beats fast…
Sanky: awww.. My mishu.. (hugs both of them) dont know y, swara is thanking.??. For saving me.. U know she was so worried.. (hugging more tightly on swara.)
Veer smiles at him saying “he is impossible ”
Swara:(jerking him) in your wildest dream mr.. Huh.. I was thanking her for coming at correct time n saving mahi..
Sanky: huh.. Watever.. But in my wildest dream, i will dream more wildly.. (winks n smiles naughtily)
Swara widens her eyes n mishvee were even shocked at his statement.. Now sanky understands wat he have said n bites his tongue.. Where as swara gives him death glare..
Sanky: i mean to say , in my wildest dream u will be more wild chuvvi. Tats wat i mean.. U guys have really wrong thoughts.. Pls flush ur minds.. ( sighs as impossible)
Mishu smiles naughtily..
Mishu: is tat so bhai.. (stretching to tease him)
Veer: i know u very well , wat u mean n wat not.. Dare not to tease my angel..
Sanky pouts.. Swara smiles seeing his pout n was abt to take her hand to pull his cheek n realised wat she was going to do n composes herself..
Sanky: huh.. I hate u veer..
Veer: i love tat u hate me..
Mishu: acha lets leave.. I told kaka to wait there.. (points towards the car.. )
Sanky: so u came in our car.. But we are four..
Swara: so wat, we will adjust n get seated..
Veer: no need.. U guys are tired n i want u guys to relax atleast while going home..
Therefore swasanveemish goes towards the car n get seated.. Veer sits in front, where as swasanmish at back.. They drop driver at some bus stop n gives him money to come back home.. Swara feels sad but veer asks her to relax..
Swara: sorry kaka.. Becoz of us, u have to board bus..
Kaka: its ok beta.. U guys r really tired.. Im glad tat, im able to help u guys.. So dont worry abt me.. I know the way back home. So u guys be carefull..
Sanmish: thanku kaka..
Veer: thanks kaka for understanding the situation..
Kaka: its ok beta. But take care of mishu, malik told me to take care of her, but sanky baba came.. So im not worried but still malik told me tat mishu beti is my responsibility.. So(interupted)
Veer: arei kaka.. Bas.. I will take care of eveeyone..
Sanky: haan kaka.. Never fear when sanky is hear..
Swara chuckles at his statement n says
Swara: tats wat he is scared of…
Everyone laughs n leaves.. While sanky makes faces.. Mishu comes n sit in front while veer drives .. Swasan at back.. Swasan finally leans back on seat relaxing n closing their eyes peacefully.. After sometime a lone tear escapes from swasan eyes.. They both look at eachother at same time leaning back the seat. They have an emotional eyelock.. . They both recalled the recent happenings n the fear of loosing eachother came into their mind n they both gulped in fear.. Sanky holds swara’s hand n staring eachother without breaking the eye contact.. Suddenly they all hear a sound n sanky looks at swara unbelievingly.. N hits his forhead realising wat he have done.. Veer stops the car n looks back.. Swara pouts..
Sanky: im really sorry.. I forgot my promise..
Swara: its ok.. But..
Sanky: wait.. (turns to veer) Veer..
Veer: i know man.. Im sorry.. I should be the one to understand.. Im really a duffer..
Mishu: of course u r..
Veer glares at her n murmurs
Veer: (murmurs) a big duffer agreeing on the other..
Mishu: i heard it.. (with attitude)
Veer: then even agree tat u r a (tells under his breath)
Veer speeds up his car n drives fast..
Mishu: complete the sentence duffer..
Veer: huh.. Dont call me tat…
Swara: oh hello.. Sanky is the only duffer here.. Its his name from me.. Dare not to call others..
Sanky was like wat the hell.. Veer chuckles.. Mishti burst out laughing…
Mishu: bhai.. Im sorry for taking ur name..
Sanky gives her a kill u look n mishti shuts her mouth controlling her laugh.. Sanky looks at swara with angry face but swara was like nothing happened n was sight seeing through the window..
Sanky:(slowly shouts at swara) r u mad.. I really dont know ,u r insulting me or supporting me.. Well i will take tat as an insult..
Swara : awww.. So sweet of u… U r really intelligent..
Sanky: well im(realizes wat meaning hidden in it)
Suddenly the car stops..
Veer: finally reached..
Sanky: arei swara, u r dead now..
Was abt to catch her wrist, she tickles him n run away.. Sanky too gets down n chases her.. Swara laughs seeing him.. They both kept chasing eachother..
Veer: r u coming with me (at mishu) n leave them alone (eying towards Swasan)
Veer:(thinks) kabab mei haddi(smiles)….
Mishu:i know wat u r thinking.. I too wanna give them privacy ,i was just admiring them.. But im scared.. Wat will happen after reaching home..
Veer: i know.. But both of them will solve everything, if they are together..
Mishu: i wish(teary eyes) u dont know how my mom is suffering..
Veer:(cups her face) hey… Pls dont cry.. Its the time to enjoy.. See how they are lost in their own world(pointing at swasan) everything will be fine.. Just give sometime..
Mishu smiles at him.. Veer wipes her tears with his thumb n gets back after realising wat he was doing..
Veer: im.. I… Im sorry.. (turns away)
Mishu: (holds his hand) thanku.. Thanku for evrything…
Here goes on the emotional talk.. But our swasan are busy teasing eachother.. Sanky chasing swara.. He finally gets hold of her.. Swasan panting heavily,looks at eachother and burst out laughing.. Swara says sorry to sanky by lipsing.. Sanky gets angry n turns away.. Swara gets puzzled..
Swara:(turns him) arei.. I said sorry na.. Sorry from Swara khanna ,,which is the most impossible thing in the world..
Sanky gives her a “u r impossible” look..
Swara: woh toh hoon..
They both laugh ..
Sanky: can i have a hug..
Swara widens her eyes.. Though they have hugged eachother many time in the forest, but it was all a sudden moment without realisation n fear of loosing one another.. But now sanky is asking for a hug, just a hug.., which is confusing her.. Many things going on in her mind, but she ignores eveything n want to enjoy this moment.. she too want to feel it.. She too needs this warm hug, which comforts her.. Which make her feel secure.. Which ,she will miss after going home.. Which was her her comforter earlier.. She also used him as a cuddling pillow.. She smiles recalling his teasing.. .. Without wasting time, she hugs him into a bone crushing hug.. Sanky tightens his grip.. They both were as close as possible.. They dont want to leave eachother. They want to cherish this moment .. They broke the hug after hearing veer voice..
Veer: ahemmm.. ur food is ready.. (he turns around.. )
Sanky hiss in pain after breaking the hug… .. Swara realises wat she have done.. She hugeed him so tightly tat, she forgot abt his wound.. Now, its bleeding again.. Swavee quickly takes sanky inside the car.. Mishu takes the first aid kid and swara grabs it from her.. Mishvee smiles seeing swara’s concern.. Sanky removes his T-shirt.. Swara was lost in him.. (sanky without T-shirt).. He was looking damn hot.. Sanky looks at swara, who was not blinking her eyes n was totally lost in him.. He blushes a little n swara comes to her senses..
(Swara was sitting next to sanky on the back seat.. With mishvee at the front n turning around facing them.. )
Veer: arei, is this the time to romance..
swara widens her eyes n quickly cleans his wound n sanky shouts in pain but without giving any heed to his voice, she bandages it.. Veer chuckles.. Swara was abt to get down,when sanky pulls her n cleans her palm .. She hiss in pain.. Sanky blows air on it.. Mishvee leave them giving privacy.. Later sanky finshes his work.(. I mean bandaging her yaar.. ) . They both get down the car n move towards the dhaba..

Yes guys, the sound which came was, from swara’s stomach.. She was hungry.. , sanky promised her to give a full meal when they are out of forest., but he forgot..

Now they are at a dhaba.. Swasan n mishvee sits on the cot.. Food was served..
Swara: u told me(interupted)
Sanky: i know.. But right now fill ur stomach with this.. When we reach city, u will get ur fav dishes.. Saying this he stuff her mouth with roti n sabji.. Ya sanky feeds her..
Veer: sanky u have ur food.. I will feed her..
Swara : oh hello.. I can have myself..
Sanky: both of u stop.. N u(at veer) i will do this.. Go n have ur food.. N u (at swara) shut up. See ur wound n let me feed..
Swara: but how wil u (stuff her mouth) wheeat..
Veer chuckles.. Now mishvee starts eating.. Swara slowly puts her hand in the plate, sanky beats her..
Swara: ouch..
Sanky:eat(taking another bite)
Swara: idiot..
Sanky feeds her but swara atlas succeeds in taking a bite n feeding sanky.. First he denies but being a stubborn one ,she makes him eat by making faces.. They both enjoy feeding eachother..

After finishing their food,all headed towards car.. They all leave n starts their journey again.. Veer gets a call.. It was tannu’s.. Swara quickly grabs his phone n takes her call.. Their was a silence for a while.. Both swatan breaks out the silence with a shout at eachother..
Swatan: ahhhhhhhh…
Then they start speaking alot shouting at eachother.. It was quite ok, if tannu shouts but sanmish found it strange when swara was shouting at her.. Sanmish were shocked with the behavior.. Veer knows them very well..
Veer: guys dont listen their talks.. They are such a big n worlds best dramebaaz..
Sanmish sighs.. Ya they now understand tat they were doing so much of overacting.. They hit themselfs saying” how can i forget, they are the head of drama queens”

Finally wat seems for more than a hour, swara cuts the call with a sad face.. Veer see her sad face through the front mirror
Veer: ab kya hua.. (now wat happened.. ).
Swara: i dint talk with mom n dad..
Veer: angel… If tat tannu gives the phone to them, then only they will be able to talk no.. So wat, u call them n speak.. But already u spoke to them right..
Swara: (makes faces) its ok.. I will go home n speak directly.. If i call from ur mob, ur bal will get over..
Veer: i know.. I still remember the holidays ,where i use to recharge 1000rs daily..
Sanmish were like.. Oh my god…
Veer: ya sanky.. She is like this only.. I dont know, after marriage ,how her husband going to pay the phone bill..
Swara blushes..
Sanky: no problem yaar.. (smiles naughtily)
Swara pinches him n says shut up..
Mishu: aww bhai.. U r awesome.. No problemm hmm mmmmmmm..
Swara: mishu ki bachi.. I will see u in school..
Mishu: lol swara.. No school from now on..
Swara frowns.. Then quickly composes herself
Swara : so wat, i will kill u in clg.. N veer i came to know all the secrets between u too(pointing at sanvee)
Veer gulps in fear..
Swara: how dare u veer..
Veer: angel, i dint do anything.. Its all sanky..
Swara: tats ok, but u were the one encouraging him.. Im gonna kill u at home..
Sanky: ya swara, he only encouraged me to love u(says cutely)all credits to veer.. My buddy..
Veer gives him death glare..
Sanky: see now.. Im in love… (he shouts) IM IN LOVE..
Now hits him with her elbow..
Sanky: ouch… (makes faces) jalan(jealous).. Huh..
Swara: wat…??? Why would i be JEALOUS….
Sanky: coz u cant love me na.. Leave.. U wont understand.. Its very deeeeeeeppp….
Swara sighs..
Sanky: once aagain thabks buddy.. Thanks for bringing swara in my life(at veer)
Veer gives him kill u look..
Veer:(thinks) he is planning to kill me by angel…
Sankt: arei concentrate on driving mere yaar.. (chuckles)
Veer murmurs dhokebaaz(cheater) n drives very fast such tat evryone sitting gets a sudden jerk..
Mishu: relax veer..
Swasan laughs.. But still swara was giving veer, angry looks..
It begins to get dark, swara soon dozes off on sankys shoulder.. Sanky adjusted so tat swara sleeps comfortably.. Veer smiles seeing the scenario through the front mirror.. Sanky then questions mishu abt his parents as they dint talk with him still.. Mishti wasn’t able to tell him anything.. She just kept quite.. Veer squeezes mishtis hand n manages the situation..
Sanky: i think mom will be worried abt swara.. So veer, wat if we go straight to my house..
Veer applies a sudden break n swara gets up.. Sanky gets angry on him..
Sanky: wat is this veer..
Swara rubs her eyes..
Swara: wat happened..
Sanky: nothing u sleep.
Swara : no.. Its ok.. Its just few more minutes to reach..
Sanky: i was thinking to take u to mom..
Swara gets happy..
Swara: u know.. U r not tat much duffer..
Sanky:(in mind) is she praising me or insulting again..
Swara: i was thinking the same thing. I too wanna meet mam.. She might be worried..
Veer sighs as he has no other way rather than taking there.. But he is afraid of shekar.. He finally stops the car at sinhas house…

Swasan gets down happily.. Hearing the car sound, mr n mrs sinha comes out.. Instead of hugging sanky, sona hugs swara leaving sanky pout.. But he was happy to see his mom caring swara.. Swara was shocked but she hugged back ..
Swara: mam pls dont cry.. See im ok..
Sona: (lovingly) swara… (kisses her forhead n cheeks)
While sanky hugs his dad.. Then sona hugs sanky n mr.sinha caresses swara’s hair n hugs her..
Sanky: mom.. Its not fair..
Sona: wat..
Sanky: u kissed her, n not me.. (pouts)
Sona laughs n kisses his forhead. He points finger at his cheeks n she kisses him there. While sanky winks at swara…
Sona: come lets go inside..
She holds swara’s hand n pulls her but swara was standing still.. Sona turns n gets shocked.. Swara was being pulled by shekar on the other side.. Swara gets shocked as well sanky.. He goes towards them n smiles..
Sanky: uncle.. (smiles) thank god u guys came here.. Come lets go in..
Shekar: first of all, thanks for saving my angel.. N i dont want to talk anything further..
Swara: but dad… Wat happened..
Shekar: angel.. Lets go.. (angry n firmly)
Swara: but dad(teary eyes) he..
Shekar: swaraa…. i said lets leave.. ((shouts)
Sanky holds swaras hand…
Sanky: but uncle wat happened.. Mishti mam.. Wats happening… N swara..
Mishti : im sorry beta
Shekar: mishti..
Mishti taken aback.. Swara gets shocked seeing shekar angry.. She silently sobs..
Sanky: mom.. Dad.. Wats happening… (still holding swara’s hand)
Shekar: sanskar leave her hand..
Sanky: but uncle,… (shouts) can anyone tell me wats wrong here….
Veer: sanky calm down.. (pleads him with eyes)
Sanky: but veer
Shekar drags swara forcefully.. Sanky was still holding swara’s hand.. Swara see him with teary eyes.. They were seperated…. Shekar drags swara, making her to leave sankys hand.. Their hands were forced to leave.. Sanky wasn’t ready to leave her hand but seeing shekar, he thought its the only thing.. He too gets teary eyes.. His hand was still in the air as well as swara’s.. He was seeing swara until she disappeared from her sight.. He ran inside his house n locked himself in his room.. He dint thought of seperating from swara like this but now…………….. He jumped on his bed n cried his heart out…..

Today my mood is off, tats y sanky cried…lol

How was the epi.. Masti as well as emotional right.. I dont know whether i explained their emotions well but i tried my best guys… I guess i wrote both precap.. I cant see my readers sad by not choosing their options.. So, hope i made evryone happy.. Evryone wants familys reaction na.. So how was it.. Plss let me know… I could see many daily commenters missing.. So i use to think, im i, off track.. If so let me know readers… So tat i can finish this ff asap..

Bubbye… Keep reading…

Credit to: Sha

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    1. N guys.. I want u a name for sanky’s father.. Im really confused.. Pls do vote..
      2.ram(as in serial)
      If u have any other name suggest it.. ..

      Literally my mood is off.. Huh.. This telly update dint upload the cover pic which i gave.. Specially edited the pic for today.. Huh. . Really frustrated yaar.. Sorry. Im blabbering so much. But wat to do.. This way im relaxing a bit by letting out my frustration..

  2. m very sad after reading dis…cannot comment anything

    1. Aww tani.. Sorry for making u upset.. But will light up in next chap, if possible..

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    1. will reveal it in the next chap Dr.. Keep reading..

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    1. I won’t seperate them Dr.. If u notice in previous chaps,u would have seen swara realisation but she she will not confess so soon..
      Keep reading

  5. First of all ; let me reply from the ending?

    Don’t dare to think of ending this please….please….please ???
    I love this ff sooooooooooooooo much yaar….please leave the thought of ending it…that too now it’s very early???But it is finally the writer’s choice as I cannot force a writer to write forcefully

    And coming to the main part;I guess u r right coz it had all bits….
    I meant to say:
    Masti ….
    Cute romance …..
    Care and concern for each other
    And finally u made my eyes moist?but it’s okay?
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    ??And a help Sha and my friends (I consider all of u as my friends even though u don’t but it’s okay)….please SUGGEST Girl baby names starting with T or P as I have a new member in my family….my sweety pie niece??Please reply me my friends ?

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      Coming to the epi.. Keep reading Dr..

      First hearty congratulations for a princess.. I don’t know whether u r a Muslim or non Muslim.. So suggesting from both sides..

      1. Tanveer , 1. Pari
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      Don’t know more names in p..

      For non Muslim
      1. Taniya , 1. Payal
      2. Tara , 2. Prerna
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      Sorry I know only few.. I would like to write more buf it’s enough for suggestion.. Lol..

      Thanks dr.. Keep reading..

      1. Oh!!!it’s okay….I understand a lil about ur work pressure I think though I don’t work?…
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