FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 31)


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Mahi: vivky.. (shocked)

The whole joyful environment turned into a tensed n scary moment for swasanmah.. Mahi gulped in fear.. Swara was even scared n hold Sankys hand.. Sanky squeezed her hand assuring her to be bold and gesturing through his eyes.. Swara relaxed a little as they dont have any guns with them.. Sanky smirks n smiles thinking how he dug the guns in the forest while running.. But soon his smile turn into a big shock n he frowned.. When he saw vivky with a knife.. All of a sudden the men surrounded them n captured swasan.. Soon vicky went to mahi n cupped her face.. Mahi gave A disgusted look n turned away.. Now vicky was frustrated n slaps her hard, whick made her to fall on ground..

Vivky : u bl…dy b.t..h….. So it was ur plan to run away.. U r dead now.. He takes a knife n slits her wrist..
Mahi: ahhh.. (cries)
Vicky: dont worry i wont kill u so easily.. Fisrt let me see ur new colleagues.. (saying this he turns to swasan n smirks)
Seeing vicky hurting mahi, swasan tries to help her but they were captured by Vicky’s men. Soon vicky comes to them n smiles seeing swara.. He caresses her cheeks which makes sanky to fume.. He was struggling hard to free himself from their clutches..
Sanky: u bas…rd. .. Leave her. Arrrrggghh..
Vicky smirks at him..
Vicky: u tried to harm my girl.. Now u will see ur girl suffering..
Saying this he just slightly cut swara’s palm.. Swara screams in pain, where sanky tries hard to free himself..
Swara: ahhhh.. (creis) sanskaar…
Sanky: swara(trying to free himself)..
Swara’s hand starts bleeding, on the other side mahi weeping in pain.. Sanky keeps on struggling.. Then vicky slaps sanky hard such tat blood ozes from his lips.. Swara curses him.. Then vicky gave him a winning look to sanky before going towards swara.. He smirks at sanky n takes knife near swara’s shoulder..
Sanky: nooooo… No Vicky.. Dont… (almost shouts n panics)
Vicky just smiles at him n takes knife towards sanky’s jacket which is wored by swara.. Sanky looses all his control n stamps his foot on one of the men, making the men to fumble.. He just pulls another man in front n punches hard on his face making it to bleed. Then another one comes n punches sanky’s stomach,sanky over powers the men n punches them to blue within seconds. .. Here vicky was fuming before he could tear swara’s jacket, sanky kicks him at his back, making him to fall down.. Swara pants heavily.. She was on verge of crying.. She quickly run to mahi n ties a kerchief on her wrist which was bleeding so much.. One the other side sanky was punching n beating the goons hard enough to turn them red in thier own blood..

All of a sudden vickey reaches knife n points at sanky. He just slits in air which makes sanky to get back. His other men were lying half conscious.. He yelled at them to to get up.. Taking this clas a chance sanky goes towards him, but vivky slits on his chest which makes him to loose balance n he was abt to fall
Sanky: ahhhh…
Swara: sanskaaaar..
Swara runs towards him n catches him at the nick of time.. Sanky composes himself n swara cries seeing his wound n gets angry on vivky.. She was abt to kick tat idiot but soon vivky got hold of her n placed knife on swara’s neck..
Swara: ahhh..
Sanky: swaraaa..
Mahi gets up n goes towards vivky.. She tries to calm him.. As his temper can make him to do watever he wants..
Sanky: leave her vivky. Pls..
Mahi: vivky calm down.. Pls listen.. Leave her…
Vicky smirks
Sanky: leave her damn it… (shouts)
Sanky tries to go towards him.. But he scares him to cut her neck..
Mahi: vivky…. Vivky pls… I will do watever u say.. Pls leave her…
Vivky: nooooooo…. U r a cheater…. U cheated me… I will not leave anyone who tries to snatch u from me..
Sanky : vicky listen, dont panic.. We Will make u marry mahi.. Pls leave swara..
Mahi was shocked to hear him but she smiles sadly, as its her fate..
Vicky: i dont want ur sympathy.. I will get wat i want.. By hook or crook…. (smirks.)
Sanky by talking moves fwd n makes vicky busy in his talk, when Vicky understand his trick,
Vicky: stay there..
Sanky stops..
Vicky : very clever.. U will be punished for again trapping me..
Saying this he presses knife on swara’s neck more firmly, as it started to bleed a little, making swara to shout..
Swara: ahhhhhhhh..
Sanky: vickkyyyyyyyy… No no.. Stop.. See im going back..
Sabky goes back, seeing him hurting swara.. But vicky all of a sudden was abt to cut swara’s neck but two strong arms from behind, takes of his hands from swara’s neck n other hand holds vickys hair…. Where vicky shouts in pain..
Vicky: ahhhhh..
Person: how dare u…
Sanky was very haply to see the person.. Where as mahi was shocked on seeing the person n gets teary eyed. When Vicky was turned around to face the person, he was literally shocked even.. . The person starts to beat vicky left n right.. Vicky was being slapped very hard by the person. Vucky fainted on the spot of the slap.. Swara seeing the person burst out crying,she runs n hugs him..
Swara: veeeeeerrrr(hugs n cries)
Sanky comes running n the trio hugs each other emotionally.. Here mahi was just looking at veer in utter shock.. So many emotions seen on her face.. The trio breaks the hug n sanky cups swara face n kisses on her forehead..
Sanky: are u alright..
Swara nods….
Sankt: im really sorry swara.. I wasn’t
Swara keeps her hand on his mouth..
Swara: it wasn’t ur fault n u did ur best..
Saying this she hugs him tight.. Sanky hiss in pain.. Swara notices it n caresses his chest which is slitted.. She cries more.. Sanky sees her palm n gets teary eyed seeing it n kissed on her wound.. .. Veer on seeing swara’s palm quickly takes a hanky n ties on it.. He cups her face n cried his heart out…
Veer: angell(cups her face) u idiot.. How dare u.. Who told u to go to the cliff.. Do u even know how difficult it was to imagine without u. We were like a body without soul(cries n hugs her)
Swara: im sorry veer.. Im really sorry… (hugs him back..)
Veer breaks the hug n looks at sanky angrily..
Veer: n mr romeo…
He was abt to slap sanky n pulls him into a bone crushing hug… Sanvee missed eachothers alot which can be seen through their emotional moments..veer breaks the hug n started shouting at sanky for his wicked behavior..
Veer: u idiot.. Do u think u did a very gr8 job by diving. Do u even imagine the impact on others.. Thank god u r safe.. Orelse..
He again pulls him into a hug..
Veer:(hugging) thanku.. Thanks alot sanky for Saving my angel.. I dont know how to thank u..
Sanky: u know tat she is mine.. N my only responsibility (with a naughty smile, whispers such tat its audible to all)
Swavee smiles at his words.. Veer slightly hits on his chest whick makes him to hiss..
Veer: idiot..
Swara: duffer..
The relaxed moment soon changed into a panic moment, when all of a sudden vicky grabs his knife n goes to attack mahi..
Vicky: if i don’t get wat i want, i wont let anyone take it.. (shouts n laughs)
Before swasanvee realise the whole scenario, vicky was abt to stab mahi.. The trio runs to save mahi but, they were shocked to see, it was of no use…….

Becoz she was already saved…..


Wanna know how…..

When Vicky was abt to stab mahi, a bullet was being shot on Vickys hand..
Vicky : ahhhh…
mishu comes running n hugs sanky n swara together… The police comes n arrest vicky.. Veer was shocked to see mishu over there.
(i will refer choti mishti as mishu from now on..)
Veer: mishti.. How did u come..
mishu breaks the hug n bows..
Sanky: u mean, she dint come with u..
Veer nods negatively, where as mishu remains silent..
Sanky: mishu.. Wats this.. Huh..
mishu : woh bhai…
Swara: mishu, how can u be careless..
mishu: arei swara.. Im not careless.. See i brought police with me na..
Veer: they were with me.. N with whom did u come..
mishu pouts..
mishu: u stupid veer.. U came here without any precautions.. U all should thank me.. Instead shouting at me.. Wat if something would have happened to U..
Swasanvee were shocked..
Mishu: i mean wat something would have happened to u all….. I followed u guys n came here. When i saw u guys splitting n searching for swara n bhai, i too thought to search in different direction but seeing u going alone, i accompanied u..
Veer: so u were the one making noises from back.. I thought it was some animal..
Mishu was like wat the hell…. Before she could protest, she saw something unusual n it startled her. Mahi came running n hugged veer.. Swasan were shocked, as well as veer…
Swara: mahi…
Mahi: an.. Ani.. Anirud.. (burst out crying)
Swasan were double shocked. Mishu was also shocked. She broke their hug n splits them angrily yet shockingly..
Mishu: he is not anirud. He is veer. .. Veer khanna..
Swara: mahi.. U.. Mean….. U mean anirud looks
Mahi simply nods.
Sanky: i cant believe this..
Veer: guys wats happening..
Sanky: woh veer( tells him everything)
Mishvee gets sad hearing it ..
Mishu: im sorry..
Veer: sorry.. Im not anirud.. Im veer.. Veer khanna..
Mahi smiles faintly..
Mahi: im sorry for everything.. I lost my patience n hugged u..
Veer : its ok. I know how it feels( looks at swasan)
The police comes there, swasan thanks them. Mahi too thanks them n tell evrything.. The police were shocked at first.. Now sanky informed police abt the men staying at mahis house..
Veer: sir, i will take them (pointing at swasan) with me.. U drop mahi at her house n rescue her parents..
The officer nods n mahi thanks swasanvee for evrything .. She looks at veer with teary eyes n smiles at him.. Veer smiles at her n goes towards her.. Mishu gets sad seeing this..
Veer: i cant give ur anirud back.. But i promise u tat, i will be as a frnd in any mean.. U can approach me, whenever u miss anirud..
Mahi smiles brightly n keeps her palm on veer face..
Mahi: thank u. Thanks a lot..
Saying this she leave with the police…
Veer: so now.. Tell me madam, (at mishu) why u came here.. It can be dangerous. Did u see them..
Mishu: wen i saw u beating vicky, i went to call police.. I wasabt to step in the fight.. I know u all will kill me for tat. Tats y i approached police.. Rest u all know..
Veer sighs..
Sanky: how u guys found us..
Veer: actually i heard screaming sounds.. I know it was swara’s voice. So i ran n came here. I was hell shocked.. I thought to rip him.. But idiot he fainted so soon..
Swara: so my sweetu gets angry too huh.. (laughs)
Sanky joins her. He see her lovingly.. Swara watches him staring at her n she stops smiling.. They both have an eye lock..
Veer: two days, u were alone, was tat not enough for u love birds… Do u have any idea to go home or, u will be keep on staring each other..
Swasan gets embarrassed.. Swara see veer in disbelief n gives him death glare while mishu laughs at them.. Sanky blushes…
Mishu: awwww.. My bhai is blushing…
Veer soon clicks a pic.. Sanky starts chasing him…

Soon they starts moving out of the forest….

Precap: 1. Journey to home
2. directly to home

Hmmmmm.. How was the epi… So which precap u want.. Chose wisely.. Cause if u choose first one, it contains swasanveemish journey in car while coming back.. Or if u choose precap two, i will start directly after they reach home.. First one contains enjoyment n masti where as second one is just the drama after coming home.. So i leave upto u. ..

Hope u enjoyed the epi.. Sorry if the epi was not upto expectation.. I made my possible try for their exit from the forest.. Hope u liked it..

sorry for not replying to ur comments sterday.. Thanks alot for commenting.. I hope ,im not boring u guys. ..i guess i dint strech forest track so much like cvs… Sorry if i did so.. Coz i thought to give all details.. So finally forest track over..

Sorry for being late in update.. I saw many comments to post asap.. But Guys i will post epi two days once or if i can i will post daily.. Daily is some wat not possible.. But i will try.. U may all know the reason.. But still ,i will post my chaps once in two days. If possible daily..

See u in the next chappy.. Stay tuned..

Credit to: Sha

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