FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 30)

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The episode begins with tannu insisting veer to take her..
Tannu: pls veer. Let me come.. Plss plss plss(cute puppy eyes n pout lips)
Veer: no way tannu.. I dont know how much time it will take so.. I cant take any risk. U stay with badi mom n take care of her.
Tannu: but veer..
Veer: tannu. Pls. Understand me..
Tannu:(sad) ok. Bye..
Veer:(sighs) if u bid bye like this, i will not be able to travel at all.. U r looking like a monkey with this expression..
Tannu: haawwwww.. U idiot.. Im i looking like monkey.. U r donkey,chimpanzee.. U better bring angel.. I will show u wat can a monkey do..
Veer: haha.. My angel will support me… I Will tell her , hw u tortured me in this two days..
Tannu: awawa.. Watever..
Veer: acha.. Wish me luck.. I just wanna see my angel n sanky asap..
Tannu: (hugs him) all the best.. Bhai pls bring her.. I miss her alot(teary eyes)
Veer:(breaks the hug n wipes her tears) no more tears.. They are safe.. I will bring them…. Now smile.. First time seeing a monkry crying..
Tannu: veer.. (punches him in stomach)
Veer: ouch..
Shemish comes from the room n shekar insist to join veer ..but veer ask him to be in the house n handle everything.. Veer assures him to bring angel in every possible way.. Shekar smiles n gets satisfied with his assurance as he knows veer can do anything for his angel to be safe..

Where as in sinha house, choti mishti gets a call from veer informing abt swasan. She gets happy n also informs at home.. Her father takes the phone from her
Mr. Sinha: veer, tell me the adress.
Veer: uncle , u stay at home.. Pls dont get panic. I assure u tat i will bring sanky safe..
Mr. Sinha: but beta.. I cant sit here like this..
Veer: uncle, pls try to understand.. I know u r worried for them but just one more day.. Let me go n check there first. If i find tat place safe, i will surely call u all there. Its my promise..
Mr. Sinha: ok beta. Take care..
Like wise veer convince evryone n leaves to control office..

In forest

Here swamah is shocked where as sanky smirks.
Swamah(shocked n at same time) : chakhoo( knife)
Sanky takes the knife n slaps mahi hardly so tat her blood comes from corner of her lips, she falls down with a shout..
Mahi: ahhhhh.. Wat happened.. Why did u slap me..
Sanky: i dont believe any of u.. We want to go from here.. Tats it..
Swara:(shocked) sanskar. Wat the hell..
Sanky: we cant believe any off them swara.. . I just want to go away from here asap,i cant see them harming u.. Got tat..
Hearing mahis shout, the goons come inside the tent n get shocked.. They all go out to inform vicky.. Soon Vicky n his gang enter into the tent n gets shocked seeing swasanmahi..
Vicky:wat the hell…. leave her…
Yes.. Sanky grabbed mahis hair n kept knife on her neck.. Where as swara was continuously yelling at sanky to leave mahi.
Sanky: (at swara) dont u want to leave from here..
Swara: s but sanky..
Sanky: do as i say..
Vicky: leave her.. Or else, i wil kill both of u..
Sanky:(smirks) first save ur love.. (laughs).. U better leave us or i will kill ur so called love..
Vicky: dare not to harm her..
Sanky: swara get the gun from them..
Swara: sanskar..
Sanky: do as i say..
Swara was fully confused.. But she thought, watever sanky is doing will be for her betterment.. So she goes near the goons to grab the guns, but the goons tries to catch her but sanky cuts mahis hand a little bit so tat blood starts ozing n Vicky gets more shocked..
Vicky: how dare u..
Sanky: i told u.. But u dint listen.. Dare not to trick me.. Or else, u will see the worst me..
Mahi:(in pain) i tried to help u guys. But ahh(cries in pain)
Vicky: i told u mahi.. I would have killed them.. But u… (gets angry..)
Swara takes the gun from the goons n gives one to sanky.. Now sanky keeps gun on mahis head n swara too joins him n they both go out of the tent scaring vicky and his gang..
Vicky:(shouts) i gave u the gun.. Now leave her..
Sanky: not so soon.. First let us go from here.. I will send ur love back to u.. I’m not interested in her..
Vicky :(shouts) nooo..
Sanky: do wat i say. Or else…
Sanky again keeps knife on mahis other hand n Vicky shouts..
Vicky : nooo.. U take her.. But dont harm her…

Soon Swasan go from there. The goons follow them but sanky scare them in the name of killing mahi.. On the way, mahi was really frustrated on sanky n was shouting in pain. Swara felt bad n was glaring sanky with angry look.. But somewhere in her heart, she thinks tat, he is doing correct.. But Vicky keeps on following them.. Soon ssanky bends down n throws sand on them and ask swara to run….the goons n vicky shouts due to the sand in their eyes..
All goons : ahhhhhhhhhh
Then sanky catches ,mahis n swara’s hand.. He starts running with both of themm.. In beginning mahi tries to free herself from him but sanky shouts at her
Sanky: run.. Run if u want to be saved..
Mahi gets shocked listening him n had tears in her eyes where as swara smiles brightly n understands sankys plan now.. Mahi too understands sankys plan n smiles with teary eyes.. The trio run as fast as possible.. While running..
Sanky: (at mahi) do u know the way out..
Mahi: no.. Infact, i dont know where im..
Sanky: wat..
They keep running n running until it gets dark.. swara gets tired . She stops while mahsan keeps running. Sanky stops when he realizes swara is not there. They both run back n see her resting on tree. Sanky understands tat she is tired,.. So without wasting time, he picks up swara in his arms n starts to go,.. Swara tries to protest but sanky ignores her completely.
Swara: sanskar, leave me..(beats him on his chest)
He completely ignores her.. While mahi smiles seeing them. . They keep going as they find the area unsafe.. Soon they see big tree where there was a cave inside it.. Eg. Like a tree house..
(dont ask me does it exist.. Of course.. In so many movies i have seen.. Since its a deep forest, why cant there be a tree with big hole like cave.. Just imagine.. Lol.. Ok back to the story)….

Sanky slowly make swara stand n she starts shouting at him like anything..
Swara: u, duffer,pumpkin,tube light, alien, zombie…. Urggggggghhh… Wat if i have fallen. U sanky monkey..
Sanky sighs n completely ignores her n gets inside the tree n find it dark. He uses his mobile torch n finds it clean n neat. Soon swara n mahi enters, where swara was continuously yelling at sanky.. Since the battery may get dry, so sanky switch off the torch from mob n make the cave dark again. Swara being scared of dark shouts
Swara : ahhhhhh.. Sans… Sans.. Sanskar..
Sanky being aware of her, thinks to tease her. He slowly go near her n keeps a hand on her shoulder.. Swara gets scared again n shouts…
Swara: (shouts n jumps) ahh ahh..
While sanky smiles n switches on the mob torch. Swara see him grinning at her.. Swara gets relieved n starts beating him as he scared her.. Mahi was enjoying their childish acts.. Swara gets tired of beating him n finally gave up n hugged him.. Sanky doesn’t hug her back.. Swaara feels it n breaks the hug n see him.. He again off the torch.. Swara gets scared again but was relieved as sanky was with her. SHe tightly holds him n speaks..
Swara: sanky… Switch on the torch.. Pleassshhhh
Sanky keeps quite..
Swara: sanskar…
Sanky: mahi, tell her tat battery is low.. Its only way to go out of this Forest..
Swara: u can even tell me directly..
Sanky ignores her..
Mahi: wat happened sanskar.. Y r u angry on her..
Swara: wat.. U r angry on me.. But y sanskaar…
Sanky: leave it mahi.. Im really really sorry for hurting u.. Actualy tat was the only way to get out of the trap.. Sorry once again..
Mahi: actually, i was really angry at tat time.. But i realized i was wrong.. Thanks for thinking abt me.. It really means alot to me..
Sanky: no mahi.. Wat u have done for us, is nothing more than this.. Well thanks alot for saving(glares at swara) us.. Some ppl behave as if they are super women..
Mahi laughs at his statement n understands tat he is indicating swara.. But swara is still unaware of his anger..
Swara: ya mahi.. Thanks alot.. If u weren’t there, don’t know wat would have happened..
Sanky gets frustrated…
Sanky : (shouts) wat would have happened.???. U would have died damn it..
Swara gets scared hearing him shouting..
Swara: san.. Sans.. Sanskaar….
Sanky jerks her hand from his hand n sits down leaning against the tree in the cave, totally ignoring her… Swara now understands his worry n goes near him n sits down. She holds his hand n keeps her head on his shoulder.. Mahi who was watching n listening all this gets really touched seeing sankys care towards swara n recals Vicky’s torcher towards her in the name of love . She gets teary eyes..
Swara: im sorry sanskaaaar..
Sanky doesn’t speak to her.. He keeps quite for a while n then sighs ..
Sanky: so mahi.. Who is vicky n y is he at the back of u??
Swara gets sad as he is not at all responding her. Mahi who was lost in her thought, comes to sense hearing sanky’s voice.. She smiles faintly n starts telling her story..
Mahi: vicky is my class mate..
Swasan: (shocked) wat??
Mahi:(smiles sadly) s . . He was a complete nerd in the beginning. We were frnds. But he took my frndship in wrong way.. He thought i loved him(says sarcastically).. Days passed n i was unaware of his feelings. When anirud joined clg, everything changed.. I was atracted towards him. To be straight,i had a crush on him.. Vicky being my frnd, i shared my feelings with him.. He was quite at tat time.. But i dont know tat there was a big trouble behind his silence.. Days passed, i was so damn excited to talk with anirud but never get a chance.. Whenever i tried to talk to him, something unusal happens tat we never find a chance. May be anirud was aware of my feelings, he use to smile at me, whenever i try to talk to him.. We just use to talk with eyes.. But someone was noticing our action.. I dont know when Vicky’s changed into a complete psycho.. He just want me to accept him.. (cried) he even killed anirud by planning a accident.. (sobs) i thought it was just an accident but two week’s before he admitted in front of me.. (Weeps badly)
Swara goes towaeds her n consoles her..
Sanky: u r here from two weeks..
Mahi: im here from a month..
Swasan both were shocked..
Sanky: wat..
Mahi : he kidnapped me a month ago..
Swara: but ur parents..
Mahi: my parents tried to find me, but he just did one phone call n told my parents to back off or he will kill me n do something which they will regret later.. My parents were bound to keep quite, he made me talk with them once in a week.. I just hate him.. He even made my parents suffer.. His goons are still with my parents.. (cries)
Swara: dont worry.. Nothing will happen.. We wil get out of this very soon..
Mahi: i just hope so..
Swara: now pls smile.. We are out of his clutches..
Mahi (smiles sadly) : thanks alot.. U guys are really a heavenly couple who made impossible thing, possible one..
Swara blushed a little hearing the word couple ..
Sanky: we are not couple..
Swara becomes sad listening him..
Mahi:(laughs) just after the engagement..u guys r really behave like typical husband and wife..
Swasan laughs at her statement..
Swasan(at a time) we lied..
Mahi was like OMG…
Swara: we thought, u guys will leave us ,if we say like tat.. Coz i have seen in movie..
Sanky: hmm ya.. In movie they say so. Movies affects persons brain alot, maiking them stupid.. . Tats y she acted like a complete heroin of the movie.. (says irritatedly)
Swara: wat if something have happened to u..
Sanky: see mahi, i told u.. movies affect brains alot… Isn’t it..
Swara: u r saying me stupid.. N moreover my brain is affected. U idoit..
Swara Goes towards him n beats him..
Sanky: very funny na mahi..
Swara pulls his hair.. While Mahi laughs at their childish fights..
Sanky : ouch.. Mahi save me from her..
Mahi: arie sanky, stop taking me inbetween u guys.. Uff.. Acha good night..
Sanky : this is not fair mahi. Leaving me with the devil n sleeping..
Swara: awww.. U r telling me a devil.. U witch..
Sanky laughs at her.. Even mahi burst out laughing..
Mahi: arei swara, women r referred as witch.. But sanky lol…
Sanky was rolling on the floor n laughing.. Swara bites her tongue realizing wat she said n tries to cover up…
Swara: huh watever.. He is witchy.. I created the word.. So now stop giggling n let me sleep.. Good night..
Sanky and mahi chuckles n close their eyes.. Swara comes n sit beside sanky.. Sanky opens his eyes n looks at her.
Sanky: mahi, y dont u come n sleep ,ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Before he could say more swara pinches him hard..
Mahi: mmm. Wat happened sanskaar.. Let me sleep. N y did u shout…
Swara : nothing mahi.. U sleep..
While sanky was struggling.. Actually swara closed his mouth with her one hand n pinching him with other.. She slowly whispers…
Swara: wil u keep quiet..
Sanky nods his head in noo.. Swara again pinches him..
Sanky: mmm.. Mmmm..
His hands were free, he can remove her hands within seconds but he was enjoying looking her childish behavior..
Swara: will u keep quiet now..
Sanky nods yes..
Swara: hmm good..
She releases him n sits quite.. Sanky remains silent..
Swara: sanskar..
He keeps quite..
Swara: im sorry… I really dint mean to hurt u.. Actually i cant see u being hurt.. U r angry as i came in front but did u think i should be the one who should be angry, they were trying to kill u.. How could they. N u r getting angry on me.. Instead
She turns to see him n finds him asleep.. She widens her eyes..
Swara: haaawwwww.. How mean.. U slept, without listening me.. idiot.. I hate u..
Swara pouts.. She keeps looking at him. then after sometime she smiles at him.. She slowly pulls his cheek without disturbing his sleep..
Swara: u r so cute….
She kept staring at him.. She leans towards him n gives a light peck on his cheeks.. She realises wat she have done n hits her forhead with hand..
Swara: wats happening to u swara.. How could u..
She hides her face with palm n smiles..
Swara: silly me…
She slowly falls asleep with a bright smile on her face.. As soon as she sleeps, sanky see her through corner of his eyes. Seeing her sleeping, he opens his eyes…
Sanky:(monologue) oh my god.. Was i dreaming…… Omg omg… Swaraaaa…. I just wanna dance n hug u.. … But ufff.. If i get treated like this to convince me, then i will be angry for lifetime.. Hmm im enjoying this..
He too dozes of with a bright smile on his face..

A beautiful morning without any sun rays falling on them.. But still the brighness spread inside the cave.. The two love birds sleeping in eachother embrace.. Swara’s head on sanky shoulder n her hand around his waist.. Sanky wakes up n finds her honey still sleeping peacefully.. He remembers last night n smiles. When he finds swara waking up, he closes his eyes again n acts as sleeping.. Swara wakes up n finds herself on him n gets up with a jerk.. Sanky acts as if he is waking up just now n streches his hand . He looks at her with an attitude look lifting one of his eyebrow.. Swara recalls last night n thinks ” did i do anything wrong”.. Sanky seeing her with tensed face, thinks to tease her.. Mahi wakes up n smiles at them..
Sanky: morning mahi.. U r looking beautiful..
Mahi blushes n swara pouts..
Swara:(in mind) he says he loves me but he dint even tell me, im beautiful n now (immitates him) morning Mahi.. U r looking beautiful.. Huh.. Idiot..
Mahi:enough sanky.. (smiles)
Swara: how are u mahi..
Sanky: i think someone cant see.. U r fit n fine, but still they are asking “how are u mahi”(immitates her)
Swara: wat the hell is ur problem. .. Huh. I dint talk with u..
Sanky: im talking with u mahi but i think someone has a problem.. U know something, someone has problem in sleeping too.. Taking advantage while sleeping..
Swara:(monologue) oh god.. Did he know tat i kissed him.. No no.. Pls god..
Mahi: wt do u mean sanskar..
Swara: woh.. He is an idiot mahi.. Never listen to his words..
Sanky smiles naughtily..
Sanky: woh mahi, how u sleep on bed..
Mahi was like, wat the hell.. Swara was shocked..
Sanky realises his question which has someother meaning too
Sanky: i mean, do u crush ur pillow in sleep..
Mahi gets relieved.. Swara was now with the reaction, wat the hell….
Mahi: i dont sleep with pillow instead i have my teddy…
Sanky: oh.. But someone thinks me as
Before he could complete swara stands in front of him with her hand on her waist, giving him a deathly glare.. Sanky understood the consequences n stod up n swara attacks him.. They both run inside the cave laughing .. Mahi adores their beautiful relation.. Sanky comes out of the tree, followed by swara .. SwaSan who where laughing a minute ago gets shocked by seeing the view in front of them.. They just stand still.. Mahi who who dint herd their sound came out n gets shocked…

Mahi : Vicky……. (shocked..)


How was the epi.. See today i dint leave any suspense.. Thought to stop at their shocked faces.. But only for u guys, i made mahi to tell the name Vicky.. Lol..

Acha.. So did u enjoyed the epi.. Hope so i made some impact.. Let me know how was the epi.. If im boring, do let me know tat too.. If im stretching this forest part, im sorry for tat.. N do comment n let me know ur views abt this ff.. So tat i can make some decisions….

N wat will happen now.. Will vicky kill swasan?????
Wat u guys want???? I know u want swasan to be safe. Lol.. I too want..
Ok.. Stay tuned till next chappy.. Bye..

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