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Swara’s classroom

Tannu:finally my angel is back..

Swara: ?

Tannu: so still angry on me!!!

Tannu starts tickling her. Swara controled for some time but starts laughing

Swara: bas tannu bas.. Sorry… I was just pretending..

Tannu: hmmm. tats like my angel…

Choti mishti: hey swatan, lets leave for lunch.

Swara:ha yaar.. I’m very hungry. And i should finish princi work too.. I will do it first.

Tannu:no lunch first

Swara: acha both together

Tanny: angel

Swara: tannu pls na..

Tannu: swaraaa

Swara:acha sorry.. let’s go…

Choti mishti: arei baabre,tannu u too get angry ah..

Swara: ha mishti.. ?

Tannu: ? can we leave now.

Swara: wait i wil take some papers

Swamistan went to have lunch. Swara finishes her lunch within five mins n starts making the list.. Tannu gets angry as swara ate only half food butt still, she leaves as atleast she ate something better than nothing. mishtan finishes their food, at the same time, swara too finishes her work..

Choti mishti: swara, kaam khatam

Swara: s mishti

Tannu: theek hai ab chalo

Choti mishti : but who is tat.. He s stating from long back..

Tannu n swara turns to see see but at the time

Boy: hi swaru( blushes)

Tannu: raaahuul!!!

Swara gives her a strong look.. Mishti giggles.. Tannu smiles at swara

Tannu:wow rahul, din pe din handsome hote jaa rahe ho

Rahul: its not like tat tannu (scratches his head with hand n plays with his hair n blushes)

Choti mishti: awwww.. Really he is cute( whispers in tannu’s ear)

Swara hears her, as well as rahul..

Swara: what do u want rahul..? Is there any work??

Rahul: no swaru i just saw u working hard, so i thought to help u a little..

Swara: arei rahul, stop calling me swaru, i have told u many times.. N i dont need any help.. Now leave to ur class..

Rahul: (little disappointed) ok swaru(in loud voice) , i mean swara( in small tone) ..

Mishtan were enjoying this whole drama. And all leaves to their respective classes. Rahuls class is in the same corridor of swara’s class. So he too just follows swara n her gang through the corridor.. Rahuls class mate starts calling, rahull raaahul in teasing way, seeing swara and rahul behind her .. Swara gave them a strong look and all kept quite n went to their clases.. But still rahul blushes

[Actually this happens daily, so swara is used to it.. Everyone knows abt swara tat she thinks rahul as brother, as she once tried to tie rakhi, but still for fun they tease her when she gets angry, they stop it]

The trio comes to their class

Swara: arei kya ladka hai yaarr (disappointed)

Mistan : haan kya ladka hai swaruuuuu (teasing n lost in his blushness)

Swara : enough guys.. Dont call me swaru… Errr..

Tannu : o. K.

The teacher enters the class and start her work(i mean teaching work?)
Mishtan as usual giggles n talks along taking notes but swara takes notes.. Though she is same as tannu but sometimes while she is disturbed, studies helps her to relax.. After some classes the trio leaves to house but swara have to give her list to princi, so she leaves to princi room, bidding bye to both mishtan.

Princi room

Swara: may i come in maam

Princi: s come in

Swara: maam here is the list

Princi: good.. Thank u..

Swara:my pleasure maam. . Shall i leave now maam

Princi: s u can leave

Swara searches for her kabutar(pigeon) but she thinks, why im i searching tat idot.. After all he made me cry.. I wish i could never see him again.. ( But her prayer doest get answered) as she was going to leave n takes a turn, just then sanky comes hurriedly n they both hits their head..

Swara : ouch


Both doesnt say sorry as both are expecting the other to say sorry.. Then swara leave the room murmuring gora kabutar(white pigeon) where as sanky murmur chuvvi. As swara leaves

Sanky: is eveeyone in this school are like this..

Princi: y sanskar

Sanky: while i was coming here on the way in the entrance, one boy was running n he hitted me on shoulder, instead of asking sorry ,he ran away.. N see this chuvvi too..

Princi: sanskaar.. Stop calling her chuvvi.. She has a name.. N it was ur fault, u came running inside..

Sanky:huh whatever.. N from when u have started taking side of school students instead of ur childrens mom..

Princi: ok baba.. Now lets leave.. Its getting late..

Both leave to their home in the car.. Where As choti mishti was waiting on the other side of the road ,a car comes to pick her n she goes.

Swara’s home

Swara comes to her house n hugs her mom n kisses her cheeks..

Mishti:go get fresh up n come n have ur snacks angel..

Swara:ok mom..

Swara fresh ups n come down to have snacks.. N both mom n daughter share a talk..

Mishti: so angel hoe was ur day today, sterday u were so relaxed after school n now u r so exhausted

Swara: no mom nothing like tat…….well u know today new princi have joined.. N i totally forgot abt it..

Mishti:oh ya u told me a week before..

Swara: s mom tannu reminded me today

Mishti: so how is she n wats her name

Swara: oops sorry mom.. Actually wat happen ki, during her lecture we were talking with newly joined member n i ignored princis talk? dont know wats her name

Mishti: how mean angel.. Being spl u dint know her name..

Swara: chodo na mom

Mishti: acha ok leave..

Swara:(thinks n smiles) : i will not say anything abt mishti to her.. I will give her a surprise by bringing her home n calling her name n teasing mom.. Wow.. Tat will be awesome..

Mishti: hello. Wbere are u lot angel

Swara : nothing mom.. So wats the plan for weekend..

Mishri: sorry angel.. Tomorrow dad is busy in meeting so this weekend u plan something.. Next weekend pakka i will plan something

Swara: its ok mom.. Every weekend we enjoy.. So if he is busy wats the big deal.. I will talk to tannu n decide..

Mishti:hmm ok.. Well why cant u call tannu here n u both do group studies

Swara: mom.. Are u serious.. Tannu n grp studies.. U know na..

Mishti:? ya ya.. She will die but group studies.. Impossible..

Swara: s mom.. During exam itself she comes crying for grp studies due to her mothers force.. But at tat time i enjoy alot.. But u know she is ur true chamchi..

Mishti: bas angel.. She is so sweet.. She tells me abt u, coz she cares for u.. So wat..

Swara: dono ek doosre ki taarif karte thakthe nahi hai.. K mom im going to call her.. I know she will be sleeping now.. Let me disturb her.. Today she teased me allot..

Swatan conversation on phone:

Swara: hello tannu

Divya: hello angel.. Tannu is sleeping beta..

Swara: arei chachi.. How are u?? N i thought already tat she might be sleeping.. Can u please wake her up

Divya: im fine dr.. Wait i will wake her
( divya-tannu wake up.. See angel is on call.
Tannu-mom tell her to call later. )
Divya-did u heard angel

Swara:chachi keep the mobile in her ear

Divya: ok im keeping phone in ur ears.. U handle..

Swara:( shouts) tannnnuuuuuuuuuu… Wake uppp

Tannu opens her eyea in utter shock n closes her ears… N shouts… Swaraaaaaaaaaaa

Swara: (giggles) tannu darling

Tannu takes the mobile n

Tannu: angellll.. U want me to become deaf huh

Swara still giggles n laughs

Tannu: stop laughing n tell me wats wrong

Swara:(composes hersel) actually tannu, tomorrow no weekent planned by mom n da.. So i thought to discuss with u

Tannu: yeh talk can talked later swara..

Swara: acha sorry..

Tannu: its ok.. N sorry for shouting..

Swara:(fake anger) u shouted

Tannu: (softly) sorry angel (firm voice) n i know u r acting so stop n tell me wats the plan

Swara: u tell me..

Tannu: angel, every week bade paapa decides so, i dont think tat much abt it.. U tell me, do u have something on mind..

Swara: acha wait.. Ler me think… Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Tannu: angell.. Can u stop ur mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Swara: im thinking na.. So.. Mmmmm


Swara : ah.. Idea!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanku guys for ur valuable feedbacks it means a lot to me.. Keep commenting n i will keep posting.. Sorry guys if im boring.. Coz im writing only small incidents with big explanation.. But wat i think is, every minute is valued.. So if im boring, plz let me know.. So tat i can improve.. N guys some of u commented me to type fully in english but at some circumstances the hindi words are necessary than English words.. Hope u understand . So sorry.. If u dont understand some words u pls google it.. Lol.. I too do the same for ome difficult words.?. If if or if, there are silents readers i would like to know how u feel abt my ff.. So hoping u would comment at my ff.. It means alot to me.. Thanku for ur patience..

Credit to: Sha

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