FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 29)



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Veer has been busy in the police station. Khanna n sinha family were so happy after hearing the news of swasan. They made every possible way to track sanky’s mob. It has been informed to veer tat they will be tracking sankys mob within 24hrs. Veer is impatiently waiting for the officers call.. Its only few hrs remaining for the sankys place to get tracked.. Mishtan have been supporting their family in every possible way.. But khanna n sinha family never met.. Mrs. Sinha tried to contact mishti but shekar use to cut their calls.. He even have blocked their numbers..

Meanwhile in forest..

The boss triggers the gun n swara runs towards sanskar. The bullet is released from the gun,
Swara: sanskaaaar..
Sanky: no.. Swaraaaaa..
Swara runs n hugs sanskar. Both swasan close their eyes in fear.. But to their shock nothing happened.. Both turned n find the gun has been fired in air. The girl have Lift the hand of the boss at the nick of time, which makes the bullet to go in air.. Swara cups sanskar’s face n gives a peck on his forehead with teary eyes and hugs him tightly.. Sanky breaks the hug n takes his hand to slap swara but
Sanky: wat the hell.. Wat if something happens to you..
He pulls her back on his chest.. Both hug each other passionately ,tears flowing from their eyes with the fear of loosing eachother..

The boss claps seeing thier love n gives a tight slap to the girl . The girl falls on the ground..
Boss: teri itni himmat.. (how dare u)
Tears start flowing from her eyes. Swasan break the hug due to the slap sound and felt bad seeing her state. But they were unable to do anything. They dont even know wats going on. Who was the girl, n who are these ppl.. But only thing, they were able to find tat, the girl was not happy among them.. Something is going on here.

Girl: tum mujh se kuch chahte the na.. Toh suno.. mei shadi ke liye tayyar hun. Magar meri ek sharth hai..( u wanted something from me right, so listen… I’m ready to marry ..But i have a condition.. )
The boss who was angry a min ago was jumping in excitement n hugged the girl.. The girl gave a disgusted look on his hug.. But she was bound to do tat..
Boss: teri har sharth manzoor hai( i accept all ur condition..)
The girl gave a sad smile and saw swasan who were seeing her with confused faces still hugging eachother in side ways.. The girl come to their side,
Boss : bata.. Teri sharth kya hai( tell, wats ur condition)..
Girl : inhe chod do( i want u to free them.. )
Boss laughs sarcastically..
Boss : bas itna hi(tats it)..
Girl: haan( yes)
Boss: kyu bachana chahti hai inhe, tere kya lagte hai, yeh dono.. (y do u want to save them. Who are they to you?)
Girl:(smirks sadly) kuch nahi lagte magar maine woh dekha jo tumhe dikha.. Woh hi.. Jo hamaare beech mei nahi hai.. (they are nothing to me but i too saw the thing which u saw in them.. The same thing. Which is not between us)

Boss: kuch bhi kehle.. Mai bahut khush hu.. Lekin mai inhe tabhi chodunga, tab teri aur meri shaadi hogi( say watever u want… Im very happy.. But i will leave them only when our marriage gets over..)
SwaSan were so much confused listening them.. But they understood tat the girl is been forced. But now she is doing this only for them.. They dont know wat to do. The only way to clear the confusion was to talk with the girl.. Will they get a chance.. Hope so…

The boss was so happy tat he asked his men to start the preparations.. Swasan were asked to tie separately in the tent. But sanky dint allow the men to touch her n stand in front of her.. The men laughs n one of them goes to touch swara but sanky, punches him on face such tat blood start ozing from his mouth. The men gets angry n starts to beat sanky but the giri comes at the nick of time n stops the men. The girl asked them to leave and says tat she will take care of them.. The boss signs them to leave.. Now only swasan n the girl are in the tent..
Swara: kaun ho tum(who are u)
Girl: mahi..
Swara: mahi..

The girl nods..
Sanky: can u pls let us know wats happening here.. I mean( kya ho raha hai yaha.)
Mahi: i have been kidnapped..
Swasan gets shocked..
Mahi:(with teary eyes) he is a phycho.. He just wants to marry me.. He is stubborn ,wants to fullfill his wish..
Swara: u can Understand our lang.. But they
Mahi: (sad smile) those goons are from village,they dont understand us tats y vicky have hired them..
Sanky: Vicky?
Mahi: the one who tried to kill u..
Swara: (concerned) thanks alot for saving us.. It really means alot.. But y u agreed to marry him…
Mahi: tat was the only way,.. I cant see more ppl dying becoz of me.. (starts crying).. Its enough..
Sanky was listening her carefully.. Swara consoles her..
Swara: we will find a way out.. Pls dont cry.. Pls..

Swara sees sanky with teary eyes.. Sanky comes n assures her with his eyes and comes fwd n hold swara.
Sanky: we will find a way.. I have an idea..
Mahi see him n smiles faintly..
Mahi: he can go to any extent.. I have tried to run Away many times but he killed the ppl who tried to help me..
Sanky: but this time i will shock him(smirks)
While swamah sees him with surprise..
Sanky searches here n there, he sees something n smiles.. He points them something, both swara n mahi gets shocked..

Where as veer gets the call from the officer..
On call
Veer: hello
Officer: hello mr.khanna.. Congratulations.. We have track the location..
Veer jumps in excitement..

Veer: wow officer.. Yippee.. Thank u. . Thanks alot…
With excitement he kisses on the phone.. The officer taken aback on the other side.. Veer bites his tongue. While tannu laughs at him..
Veer: sorry sir..
Officer: its ok veer..
Veer: where are they??
Officer: they are near the forest area in uttarkhand.. I have sent my team there.. They will be rescued soon.. Now i will also go there for further information..
Veer: sir i too wanna go there.. Pls..
Officer : but veer..
Veer: pls sir..
Officer: ok. U join us within Half an hour.. We will leave..
Veer : ok.. I will join u..
Veer smiles brightly..

Wat did sanky see..

Y swara n mahi are shocked
Wat is sanky’s plan
Will sanky plan get successful or it will get backfired
Will veer reach forest to save his best buddies..
Stay tuned guys..

How was the epi.. hope u enjoyed..First kiss from swara on gun point.. . Sanky should be on cloud nine…. But poor sanky cant enjoy his fisrt kiss from swara. Lol..

Will post next part asap.. Thanks alot for ur valuable comments… It really means alot to me.. sorry for chotu part.. but suspense toh banta hai na..

Credit to: Sha

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  1. Awesome but pls update soon

    1. Thanks kinnera .. Will update ASAP..

  2. Awesome sha i was waiting for it.last time also u left in suspense and thus time too u did the same so plz post next ep soon.waiting for it .

    1. Aww sree. Thank.. Will update ASAP.. Keep reading..

  3. How is aunty (ur mom) ??? …. Is her hand alright ???

    Then coming to the part….u know I must have read it 2 hours ago but this stupid telly update’s was closed for the update….
    The moment I saw the ff being posted tu closed…..leaving that apart….???

    Awhhh so cute part…..sanky shona care and concern for each other???
    Veer : he is really crazy ‘kissing the phone’ but agreeing to it as he would feel like his life is back….???

    U alwayzzzzz leave us in suspense and poor me:couldn’t guess what will happen next???
    Waiting to know what did sanky see and will swasan be able to mahi….in short waiting for next part???

    And moreover what is that family secret : how much ever I think I always end up where I begin….so I left the attempt to think about it…..will c when u reveal…

    PS: I know this is a long comment but please read fully….
    Take care….hope u all r well???

    1. Hmm she is alright dharsha but still it’s paining I guess.. Coz she underwent surgery for the fracture.. It’s only me to work at house tats y late in update..

      I really hate tu for moderation.. Tats y i rarely comment..

      Coming to the epi,I dont know wat I wrote.. U see I’m not at all good at suspense.. I usually make it easy for u guys to guess..

      Family secret will be revealed yaar.. But only after swasan reaching home..there again remains a suspense..

      I hope I’m not stretching this forest part… Kya karu situation aisa hai..

      1. U r not at all stretching the forest part…..don’t worry about that and all

        Ya….understood ur situation…so will wait patiently?…till u update next and thanq God ur mom is alright…

  4. sha this s not fair…..its very small…..pls update next asap….

    1. Aww Shan.. Shorrrrryyyyyyyyyy.. Wat to do ,I thought to write more but thought to stop to keep some suspense.. So next part ASAP.. Keep reading

    1. Thanku … Keep reading

  5. Wow superb. Waiting for next episode

    1. Thanku reethi … Keep reading

  6. Awsum.waitting next part soon

    1. Hmmm .. Thanks dr.. Will post ASAP..

  7. Awsm..eagerly wanted to know what sanky has planned…

    1. Hmm.. Sankys plan wil be good.. After all I’m his master mind.. Lol.

  8. Its superb sha.bt plz post regularly.i was waiting for ur update

    1. Aww.. Sorry for being late. little busy schedule at home. Will try to update ASAP..keep reading..

  9. It’s too good dear

    1. So sweet of.. Thanku.. Keep reading ..

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