FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 28)



Missed me…. I missed u all alot… … Guys really a big sorry for my late update.. I finished half update but my circumstances were such tat my world turned upside down.. After my fever , my mom.. She is not well..i was busy with her.. Though i made myself strong in front of others but i cried alot at the back of them.. . Do pray for her… Uff.. Enough of my bak bak.. So ,do u guys remember my ff.. I hope so u will.. Anyways if u dont remenber , check previous chapter…


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The episode begins with

SwaSan shouts at a time.. Swara runs and takes the chocolate immediately and starts to unwrap it.. Sanky was smiling at her behavior. She almost finished half of the chocolate (big chocolate which he always gives) . Suddenly she stops eating n looks at sanky who is observing her lovingly.. She just grins at him n then smiles sheepishly.. She ask him for it. He denies..
Swara: bas.. No overacting.. Just have it.
She feeds him by pieces.. He simply eats as a obedient baby. They both starts to walk..
Swara: sanky.. U r so mean..
Sanky: y is tat..
Swara: then wat,
Interupted by him..

Sanky: arei yaar, i forgot abt this chocolate totally.. If i had any clue abt it, im i fool to roam in this jungle in search of food..
Swara: in both ways , u r fool only.. (laughs) hahaha…
Sanky: just shut up.. I was supposed to give u this, after ur so called game.. But see where destiny brought us..
Swara: ya Destiny.. Do u believe in tat.. (thinks n smiles)
Sanky: of course.. Tats y i met u.. N im really happy for tat..
Swara blushes..
Sanky: aww.. Stop blushing.. U r making me crazy..
Swara: just shut up(hits him on his arm playfully)
Sanky: u know wat, forest is really deep,may be no one around, u n me.. Anything can happen…. . Are u not scared(winks at her n smiles naughtily)
Swara: if tat so, i know karate, kungfu n all.. I will fight n make u my slave ..
Sanky: im always ur slave mam(saying this he bows in front of her) at your service anytime..
Swara: omg… Its really cheesy sanky..
Sanky: huh.. U r underestimating the power of a common man..
Swara: aww… Srk dialogue.. Something new plssss.. Coz i cant call u halwai waala.. Lol ?
Sanky: uff.. U will never change..
Swara : never ever..
They both laugh at their stupid argument at themselves and walk ahead.. They enjoy natures beauty. They also clicked some pics but swara use to deny as the battery may drain n its the only hope to go out.. But our sanky is busy in his own world of pics.. He takes selfies with swara, where she denies but she accepts seeing his cute pout.. They move on like this enjoying eachothers company. They speak abt everything, their likes, dislikes, swara’s prank, abt his school, his clg life…everything

Sanky: u know how they applied cake on veers face.. Its was worth watching.. (shows his pic in mob)
Swara: wow sanky.. I know u guys applied cake on his birthday but i dint see his face.. But thanku very much.. Its really funny.. U should send me this.. I will tease him like hell..
Sanky: of course i will.. I heard u mixed fevicol in holi ,last yr.. Lol
Swara: ya. Veer’s face was worth watching.. Two weeks… He was hiding in house for two weeks due to his colored face..
Sanky: awww man.. I really missed it.. I love u more in this way u know.. (winks at her)
Swara makes faces.. While sanky smiles at her..
Swara: y do u love me sanky?…
Sanky was like wat the…
Swara: tell me..
Sanky: wat is this question swara..? U r asking like y u eat sanky?? N its also like y u breath sanky… ? Is tat even a question swara..
Swara : wat ever..
Sanky: if tat so bothering u.. Then listen, There are lots of reason to love u.. But before tat u give me any reason for which i shouldn’t love u..
Swara was like statue.. Then she again spoke…
Swara: do u love ur mom and dad??
Sanky: of course.. I guess something have possessed on u.. (checks her head n neck) very illogical questions coming from u..
Swara stamps his foot…
Sanky: ahhhh..
Swara: idiot..
Sanky pouts..
Swara: i mean, dont u think, if u love someone , then u have to share ur love between them na..
Sanky:(monologue) so u r confusing urself abt love… Ufff.. I dont know anyone will have doubt like this.. U r really impossible in ur doubts.. Dont know how u top in exams.. May be u mug all answers.. Uff.. First let me clear u..

Sanky: wat do u mean by sharing between them??
Swara: i mean.. I.. I..
Sanky: ya.. U mean.. U.. U..
Swara:(signs) i mean if u love me, wont ur love for parents is being shared… Don’t u think tat way..
Sanky starts laughing…
Sanky:lol.. Which duffer thinks tat way..
Swara widens her eyesn gulps..
Sanky: dont tell me, u think tat way..?? Do u??
Swara: n. N.o…no.. Y will i think tat way.. Just a question somewhere i read..
Sanky: (smirks inside) (still laughing) whoever thinks, is really a moron..
Swara: wat the… Mind ur tongue..
Sanky: i told tat person .. Y r u getting angry..
Swara: ah.. Nothing.. U should not say like tat to anyone.. Its really bad u know..
Sanky: huh watever..
Swara: stop ur nonsense n answer me first..
Sanky: listen…. I love my parents of course… But … U r my Love… Did u understand..
(he repeats) I LOVE my Parents.. And U R My LOVE….. Hope u understand the meaning inside it…..
Swara froze in her position recalling his words.. She tries to understand its meaning.. Her lips form a curve which turns into a satisfied smile.. Sanky stops walking seeing swara and goes to her..
Sanky: wat happened..
She smiles..
Sanky: swara( shakes her shoulder)
Swara: thanku sanky.. thank u… Thank u very much..
Sanky: my pleasure swara.. But for wat u r thanking me..
Swara: I think.. I.. I..
Sanky: u think.. ..
Swara: i. . I..
Sanky:(gets happy,holds her shoulders) u… U. Wat swara..
Swara: i… I lo

Gun shot in air dishkiyooooonnnn…. Swasan widens there eyes… Both turns and gets shocked… They have been surrounded by so many men with guns.. Swara catches sankys hand tightly.. Sanky squeezes her hand assuring her to be strong.. One of the men
Man1: kaun ho tum log??(who are u guys?)
Sanky: we are frnds…
Man 2: kya? (wat?)
Sanky: who r u guys??
Man 1: kya chapar chapar kar raha hai.. (wat are u blabbering )
Man3: aur to aur ladki ko lekar ghum raha hai.. Kya chakkar hai.. Bhag aaye ho kya.. (moreover u r roaming with a girl.. Wats the matter.. Have u both ran away)
Swara:(monologue) i guess they only know this language. If we say frnds, they will think us wrong.. Wat should i say…
[cant tell u exact language.. Just imagine the men knows only one language which is also known by swasan] Swara: hamari sagai ho gayi hai.. Hum yaha ghum ne aaye, aur kho gaye.. (we are engaged, we came her for a trip n we r lost).
Sanky widens hia eyes n looks at swara, where as swara squeezes his handa( why will sanky have any problem.. He will be on cloud nine..)
Sanky:(monologue) oh my god.. Swara ke muh mei ghee shakkar.. I should also convince tham tat she is my would be.. But how..
The men whispers among themself..
Man3: hamei nahi lagta yeh sach bol rahe hai.. (i dont think they are telling truth)
Man2: haan.. Mujhe bhi yehi lag raha hai(i too feel same.)
Sanky hears them..
Sanky : no no.. I mean.. Nahi. Ham sach keh rahe hai(we are telling truth) .hamaari sagaai ki nishaani ( see this is our engagement ring ) (Showing their rings).. Aur yeh hamari parivaar ki taraf se dono ke liye bediya jaise mangalsutra(our parents hand cuffed us with this locket as mangalsutra{blackbeats ornament,girls wear during marriage}) (shows the locket in their neck)

Swara was puzzled seeing anothee locket in his neck.. The same which she is wearing.. Sanky bites his tongue..
Sanky:(in mind) shayad zyaada bolgaya(i guess, i blabbered so much)
Swara(whispers): so u gifted me..
Sanky grins.. While the mens still whispers..
Man4: hamei lagta hai yeh jaasoos hai( i think they are some informers)
Man2: haan.. Yeh dono kuch jaal bicha rahe hai( yaa. They are planning something)
Swara who heard this
Swara: arei. Hum koi jasoos nahi hai.. (we are not any informers)
Man3: chup(shut up)
Man1: le chalo in logo ko ,saab ke paas.. (take them to our boss)
They grab swasan n takes them..
Swara: chodo hamei( leave us)
Sanky: chodo(leave)
While swasan struggle to free themselves, they were dragged mercilessly.. Sanky sees swara being pulled forcely n shouts at them..
Sanky: heyy.. Usse chod.. Warna maardaalunga.. (leave her.. Otherwise i will kill u) swaraaa
Swara:(cries) sanskaar… Chodo mujhe.. (leave me)
Atlas they brig them to a place where ,so many tents were placed n pushes both of them on the ground. Swasan both falls n get hurt..
Swara: ahhh.. (checks her elbow)
Sanky goes to her n checks her hand n blows air.where as swara sees sankys palm bleeding n caresses it and cries seeing him.. . While someone laughs from behind..
Boss: wah.. Laila majnu… Arie tum logo nei to laila, majnu ko laaya hai.. (wow, u guys have brought laila majnu here)
(dont ask me, who is laila and majnu, they both were true lovers in ancient times)
Sanky gets angry on them n gets up n slaps the person who pushed swara, while the others Points gun at him..
Swara : nahi.. Plss nahi.. (no plss. No..) chod do( leave him)
Boss again laughs..
Boss: arei wah.. Isse kehte hai Sacha pyaar.. . Arei meri jaan kuch seeko inse.. (wow.. This is called true love.. My life learn from them)
Swasan get confused.. The man who got slap from sanky ,punches sanky on stomach..
Sanky: ahhhhh(falls down)
Swara gets angry on them n starts beating them with her hands, but the boss comes n grabs her hair n slaps her hard..
Swara: aaahhhh..
Sanky: swaraa..
Sanky over powers them n beats them but soon they surround him with their guns.. The Boss ask his men to check swasan whether they have any explosive. One men first search sanky n founds nothing, while everyone fights for searching swara. The boss laughs n gives them permission to check one by one.. Sanky gets angry as the men see swara lustfully.. He pushes the men who was holding him. He fights with them n gives his jacket to swara. He stands in front of her..
Sanky: dare not to touch her… U will see the worst of me..
The men laughs at him.. Sanky sees the same girl n gets shocked. She comes in front of them n is seen tensed. She comes forward
Girl: yeh log khatarnak nahi hai(they are not dangerous) maine inne nadi ke kinare bhehosh dekha tha( i saw them unconscious near the shore)
Boss: oh.. Toh yeh baat hai(so this is the matter) . Magar inlogone tujhe jo dek liya hai..(but they have seen u) ..toh marna toh padega( they have to be dead)..
Girl: plss.. Chod do unhe.. (plss leave them)..
While sanky comforts swara who was panting with teary eyes caressing sankys palm.. Seeibg swasan the boss says..
Boss: meri jaan, dekh.. Kuch seek inse.. ( my life, see them.. Learn something from them) par tu sirf mujse ladthi rehti hai.. (but u always fight with me.)
The girl gets teary eyes.. Swara see the girl n understands tat she is same one who saved sanky. But seeing her with these men she gets scared.. But gets doubtfull seeing the tensed face of the girl..
Boss: haan.. Ek aakhiri baar dekh le ine.. Pehle ladka.. Main ladki ko itni jaldi nahi maar sakta.. ( ya.. See them one last time…first this guy.. I cant kill the girl so soon.. ) (laugh evilly)
The girl pleads them to leave swasan, but of no use.. The boss took a gun n points at sanky the other men pull swara towards them.. Sanky tries to defend but the men surround him n catch him firmly. On the other hand swara tries to free herself from their clutches but they were so strong n laughs at her state.. The boss takes his finger near the trigger.. The boss presses the trigger, swara bites the men n frees herself.. She runs in sankys direction, the bullet fires
Swara: sanskaaaaar…. (running towards sanky)
Sanky: no …swaraaaaaa ….. (shocked on bullets sound n seeing swara near him)


Wat happened …..???????????
Who is really shot..
Swara?? Or
Or……… Lol….
Stay tuned till next chap.. ..
How was the epi guys.. Hope u enjoyed…

….. Pls excuse me, if im late in my update.. I love to write.. But my circumstances.. I have to be with mom.. But i will surely write whenever im free. Stay tuned till next chap.. Do let me know how was the chapter……..

Credit to: Sha

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    1. I saw ur comment on previous epi.. Thanks a lot for ur concern .. It really made me fly high.. Lol..

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