FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 27)



Hi guys.. Apologies from my side for the late update. Im sick from two days. Now feeling little better.. So decided to continue..
Its almost sun set. Swara was sleeping peacefully n smiling in sleep leaning against the tree. Slowly her head slips from the tree n she falls on the ground. She immediately wakes up.. Turns here n there . Sanky was no where to be found. She panics on the very instant but she convince herself tat sanky will never leave her like this. So she closes her eyes n her heart beat raises by every second waiting for sanky. She gets scared. She is on the verge of crying. She can break down at any moment.. She is scared of darkness. As its soon going to be dark. Still she hopes for his return. There a hand is placed on her shoulder ,she jumps in shock n slowly turns around. She almost jumps on sanky n hugs him leaving him loosing his balance n both falls down. Swara being on the top of sanskar..
Sanky: ouch…

Stil swara hugged him not leaving him out of her clutches. Sanky can feel her heart beat, which was beating like it will come out of her chest anytime. He understood her worry n just hugeed her back ensuring tat he is there with her. She them relaxes herself in his embrace . They stayed in the same position for a long moment. Sanky wants this moment to stop but god is really mean sometimes who made swara comes back to her sense n gets up immediately seeing their position. She turns away from him as she doesn’t want to face him, Sanky too gets up n smiles back

She remained silent for a while, sanky understood tat she is feeling awkward so he breaks the silence..
Sanky: im.. Im sorry..
He goes near her n holds her shoulder with his hands. He then places his chin on her shoulder resting his head against her.. Swara froze in her position collecting words to speak but she couldn’t..

Snky: i really dint mean to worry u.. I thought i will be back before u got up but…. Im sorry.. Really sorry .. I got little late.. Sorry to scare u..
Swara is not able to speak seeing him this much close.. She looks at him throgh corner of her eyes,where his head is resting against hers. His face which was more worried thn hers.. He is worried seeing her. Before she could ask, he answered as if he can read her

Sanky: i went in search of food for u.. As ,u will be hungry wen u got up..
She turns at the very instant moment n stared into his eyes n began to beat him with her tiny hands, as if it will affect him.. He dint stop her, he was just smiling at her as if getting reward for his deed.. She got more angry seeing him smiling n hits more Harder than before, he couldn’t handle anymore n he started to laugh at her Childish behavior. He then hugged her. She tried to push him but he tightens his grip n caresses her hairs.. After a long moment she got herself relaxing in his embrace, finally gave up n hugs him back .
Sanky: im sorry… But see after this much hard work too, i dint find any food..
Swara breaks the hug n pouts at him.. Sanky curses the moment, why the hell did he told her at this moment, when she finally gave up n hugged him.. He felt sad as she broke the hug.
Swara: wat!!!!!! Then y the hell u went stupid..
Sanky : just a hope.. A hope……
Swara: hope my foot..

She caught his neck with her hands n tightens her grip on his neck n tries to suffocate him.
Swara: u know how i felt wen i got up n found u no where.. U idiot duffer…
Sanky: oh my god.. Pls leave me.. I have to live long life.. Still wanna love my honey, convince her to love me back, wanna go long rides with her,wanna shower her with my good night n good morning kisses(winks at her), wanna hug her every hour(swara gave him a question look, he understood n replied back) ,as it will be impossible for hugging her evry minute na,wat if she feel suffocated. He again continued wanna shower her with two gifts evryday that is morning n evening, wanna torcher her with my love n have much more to do with her(naughty smile on his Face)

Swara who was listening his wishes n laughing inside suddenly left him n turns around on his last statent..
Swara:(in mind) wat did he mean by hve much more to do..
Sanky grinned with proud n gave a naughty smile to swara..
Swara: wa.. Wa. Wat. Do. Wat do u ….mean by tat..
Sanky: wat? (innocently)
Swara: u said tat..
Sanky: wat did i say(controlling his laugh)
Swara:(in mind) idiot. I know there was something hidden in ur words but i don’t want to know it ,as i can feel something wrong, i can sense tat with ur naughty smile.. I have to change the topic..

Swara: nothing. Just.. Just wanna kill u.. If u ever leave me n go next time I wont spare u..
Sanky: im sorry honey.. I wil never ever leave u next time..its my Promise to my jaan.. My life… .. U too promise me tat u will never loose hope n will never get scared for this silly things..
Swara: i dint loose hope.. I know u will come.. But i was little scared.. Is this a silly thing .. No. U were lost, u cant even imagine how much u scared me.. It was like (tears welled up in her eyes)
Sanky: awww.. Itna pyaar.. U love me this much..
Swara taken aback..
Swara: no.. I dont..
Sanky: watever u say.. I dont no, wen u will admit it.. But i want u to admit it before i die..
Swara widens her eyes n punches him on his stomach .
Sanky: ouch(closes his mouth in horror)
Swara: never ever say tat..
Sanky: wats ur problem, huh.. (gets angry on her). Come lets move further..
Swara: im sorry.. But its getting dark..

Sanky: but still im going.. If u wanna join, come n join.. Im going..
Swara gets teary eyed seeing his changed behavior. They both starts to walk, swara lost in her own thoughts n sanky in his own.. She was guilty for her behavior.. But she knows why he is angry and the reason is only her.. She hurted him.. She knows tat he makes her feel something different than other feelings but she cant figure it out easily,..

If the feeling which makes her feel different is called love, then she loves him but she has no courage to admit it. She doesn’t want to admit it.. She thinks her love is only for her parents. But this guy is changing her feelings. She is not able to figure out the love for her parents n the love for sanskar. She doesn’t know wat exactly the love is.. The word love seems so simple but it’s so complicated.

Sanky is just angry on her. He is not angry as she punched him but the fact tat she denies her feelings everytime which makes him realize tat she is confused.. He knows tat she loves him.. But she is denying everytime but he know something is stopping her which makes him even more frustrated. He is just lost in his own thoughts n moves so hurriedly leaving swara behind. Swara was lost her own thoughts n dint realise tat sanky is step ahead of her n they both are far away..

Sanky soon realises n turns back n finds her nowhere n his heart beat gets struck n he hits his forhead for his wicked behavior. He quickly runs back asap . Before swara could realise he is far away from her,sanky reaches her .he gets relieved seeing her. Just then swara sees him panting as if he has run a marathon n gets worried..
Swara: wat happened.. Did u run any marathon..
Sanky: almost..
Swara: wat..??
Sanky: nothing.. Come lets halt here..
Swara was surprised seeing his changed behavior.. But agreed to him..
Swara: im sorry..

Sanky ignores her n sits far from her leaning against the tree. Swara is scared due to the darkness spread in the forest. She moves inch by inch n comes closer to him . Seeing her getting close,he moves a bit far to tease her more n smirks. They continue to move until both realizes they have completed a round of the tree with their Childish behavior.. Swara gets irritated due to his action n was abt to get up while strong arms pulls her n she falls down with her head on his shoulder..
Sanky: missed me..
Swara gave him a death glare before taking her head from his shoulder n pouts..
Swara: i hate u..
Sanky: thank u.. N same to u..
Swara gets shocked as she was expecting something else from his mouth..
Swara: im sorry.. (frowns)
Sanky: for wat.. N moreover im not angry.. So pls..
Swara turns her face from him..

Swara: i dint mean to punch u.. It happened automatically..
Sanky: oh.. Thanku for the kind info mis.. But still i will say im not angry with u..
Swara: saying this u r proving me tat u r angry..
Sanky: if tat so see im smiling(smiles at her broadly yet fakely)
Swara doesn’t know wat to do exactly but is restless as he is still angry with her. She tries to divert him in many ways but fails at last. She finally gets tired seeing her flopping ideas not working at all.. She frowns n looks at sanky who was laughing inside yet continuing his acting. He turns n smirks. He was enjoying seeing her convincing him. Always he convinces her so this time, he is not ready to give up soon.. She finaaly lands up her head on his shoulder shocking sanky. He gets super excited n looks at her through corner of his eyes n gets worried n quickly wipes the tear drop with his thumb which was just abt to come through her eyes.
Sanky: i was just acting..

Swara lifts her head a little n stares at him.
Swara: still im sorry..
Sanky: but im not angry sweet heart..
Swara: wat ever.. U know im so scared of darkness.. Tats y im near u.. So dont think too much..
Sanky smirks at her..
Sanky: i know.. U never sleep in ur room without a night lamp.. Im i right..
Swara widens her eyes n smiles.
Swara: veer.. He told u right..
Sanky remains silent..
Swara: he is the one who knows this other than my mom n dad.. Now U..
Sanky: lucky me..
Swara: of course u r..

Sanky smiles at her attitude..
Sanky: u will never change..
Swara : never ever..
Sanky: shall i ask u one thing..
Swara gets Little tensed as she can sense wat coming next, she simply nods..
Sanky: nothing
Swara lifts her head n looks at his confused state.. She just simply stares
Swara: i will tell u wen i dont get my answers…
Sanky: bit i dint asknu antything..
Swara i know ur question..

Sanky : impressed.. as far as ur wish.. Good night..
Soon both chooses their eyes. Later swara feels cold n she moves more close sanky n rest her head on his shoulder. Sanky wakes up immediately and start chanting something..
Sanky: control sanskar.. Control.. Control Sanskar.. Control..
Sanky(in mind) : first itself her closeness driving me crazy n now, is this needed.. This girl is torturing me.. This is called a pure love torture..
He see her shivering in cold so he tries to remove his jacket but swara wakes up n see herself on his shoulder n gets back a little n smile awkwardly. Soon sanky gives her the jacket n ask her to cover herself.. Swara giggles seeing him..
Sanky: i know u madam … U r imagining movie scene.. But wat to do, cant see u like this.. So take this..
Swara chuckles..

Swara: u just read my mind so easily..
Sanky: of course im.. Wat are genius meant for.. Poor u.. U wont understand… Its very deeeeep…
Swara widens her eyes aand beats him playfully..
Swara: u mean , im a duffer huh.. I too know u very well..
Sanky: oh.. Is tat so.. Wat u know abt me..
Swara: i know u r also feeling cold..
Sanky: im impressed ah..
Swara: dont fly n cook something in ur duffer mind.. We will share this jacket.. I know u will too feel cold, after all, ur wearing this much thin T-shirt.. I dont know y u guys wear this type of clothes..

Sanky: (with attitude) to impress , u know..
Swara : ah hahaha.. Who the hell is hear to impress..
Sanky: my champa.. Who saved me.. She is so hot..
Swara frowns..
Swara: watever.. Good night..
She just covers herself with the jacket n closes her eyes..

Sanky: how mean.. Someone told me, they r going to share it.. Huh..
Soon sanky closes his eyes in irritation. Later after sometime swara wakes up n goes a bit closer to him n shares the jacket such tat both of them sleeping with the jacket covering them as a blanket. Sanky is still awake n smiling inside. Soon sleep take over swara n she herself enjoying the pillow under her head which is of course the shoulder our sanky.
Sanky:(in mind) this is an utter sweetest torture in the world.. The one whom u love is beside u n using u as an comforter .. The poor u cant even hug back as it may be an advantage.. Vrry bad of u god.. U r so mean.. But thanks a lot for this beautiful night..

Murmuring within, sanky soon dozes of giving a light peck on her head. where as swara, the whole night considers sanky as her pillow n cuddles with it. Sanky who was sleeping, wakes up with a sudden force on his leg n opens his eyes n see swaras leg on his leg.. He smiles seeing his sleeping angel n the next movement her hands on his waist. He finds a ticklish sensation . He tries to take away her hand as slow as possible but the grip tightens more in tat way.. So he makes himself comfortable so tat his love sleeps peacefully without any disturbance..

They next morning is yet a beautiful n a fresh morning for swasan who are sleeping peacefully in eachothers embrace. Swara still cuddling with her pillow. Sanky smiling in his sleep. Swara wakes up wen the sun rays falls on her disturbing her comfortable sleep.. She pouts in her sleep n opens her eyes. She widens her eyes seeing her position on sanky n quickly gets up with a jerk. Sanky too gets up from the sleep with her sudden move n smiles at her.. He just streches his arms and yawns n winks at her..

Swara feels awkward and thinks wat will he think abt her..
Sanky: so, u enjoyed ur pillow huh..
Swara: wat pillow.. There is no pillow here(thinks to divert)
Sanky: my sweety, u were using me as ur pillow..
Swara(in mind-wat to do.. He will pull my leg whole day)
Swara: oh.. Is tat so.. acha leave.. Im so hungry..
Sanky: changing topic doesn’t suit u..
Swara: but really im..

Sanky: ok.. Wil search something for u..
He bends down n takes his jacket from ground n dust it. Something falls from the jacket n both gets shocked n looks at eachother with widen eyes..

Precap: SwaSan at Gun Point

How was the epi guys.. thought to give u some light moments betwwen swasan before their torture, hope u like it.. Im sorry for the late update.. Not late but verrrrryyy late update.. Im really not feeling well tats the main reason behind it..

Hope u enjoyed this epi.. Thought to write more but wait for the next.. Hope im not boring u all.. I really missed u all.. Stay tuned.. See u in the next chap..

Sorry if ther are any mistakes in the epi..

Credit to: Sha

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