FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 26)



Swara and sanskar staring at one another as such both are going to eat eachother alive . Both jerk one another n gets up..
Both at a time: (shouts ,pointing index finger at eachother)how dare you????
Both shocked at a time with wide opened eyes..
Again swasan together : wat the hell (question look)????
Both closed their eyes and then
Again Swasan: let me speak..
A small smile appear on eachothers face again gets angry..
Swara: are u nuts sanskar…
Sanky widens his eyes..
Sanky: enough swara.. It should be me, who is suppose u ask u tat..

Swara: wat..
Sanky: ya.. Wat do u think of urself.. A super woman. We warned u so many times, but madam thinks themself as super girl like a super man.. Im i right..
Swara: wat the…. Hey hello.. I should be angry on u.. Wat do u think of urself.. Huh.. Why the hell u jumped from theree..
Sanky: huh stop it swara..
Swara : wat , stop it.. U said im i thinking myself as a super girl.. So , do u think urself as a super man or a spider man huh..
Sanky : swara u r testing my patience..
Swara: ah haha.. Ya.. U should have imagined urself as Spiderman, so tat u would have just release the web n saved me..
Sanky chuckles a little.. She just punch him in his stomach..

Sanky: ahh.. Arei u wanna kill huh..
Saying tat she just bends down n takes two handsfull of sand n applies it on his face, hair and all over him.. And then starts beating him on his chest saying
Swara: u know how i felt wen i saw u with me in the water..
He just tried stop her, n then holds both of her hands and says
Sanky: then wat abt me swara… Just think how it would have affected me..,
Swara just gulps n stares at him.. She tries to free herself from his clutches, but he pulls her close n strikes his forehead with hers.. Staring at her..
Sanky: i told u tat its my duty to save u from anything which will hurt u.. But i failed..
Swara: u dint.. See im all alive becoz of u.. Otherwise i would have di
Before she could say anything he hugs her tightly..
Sanky: (hugging) pls swara. Never say tat..
Swara was boggled..

Swara: sanskar..
Sanky: shhhhh… (tighting his hug)
A drop of tear falls on swara neck as sanky was resting his chin on her neck..
Swara: sanskar(breaks the hug) pls dont cry.. (blurred vission with tears)..
Seeing her in tears he shouts ahhhhh..
Swara: wat happened.. ??
Sanky: wat happened??? Its all becoz of u.. See dust went into my eyes.. Huh.. Im i kidding.. Its not dust.. Its the sand which u applied on my face.. How could u swara..
Swara laughs at his state n holds her ears
Swara: sorry.. Wat to do.. U only made me to do tat.. (pouts)..
Sanky : ah haha.. U have punished me for my mistake.. Wat abt urs.. I should punish u more..
Swara: (pouts) i said sorry na..
Sanky: no way.. First let me clean myself.. Its itching swara.. Ahh..

Saying this he goes near the lake n cleans himself murmering
Sanky: I dont know hw will i manage u after marriage.. U r just impossible.. (little louder) u will surely get punished..

Swara: later u can punish.. But just look around where are we.. N veer, tannu, mishu… Nd princi…. Oh my god sanskar.. We are lost..
She shouts at her pitch “we are lost sanskaaar”…
SAanky: ufff.. I can hear u.. Y r u shouting like this…

Swara: but sanskar.. How will we go home.. This is a forest.. There may be animals.. Wat if they kill me.. No no.. I dont wanna die like tat.. Yak.. They will just eat my body parts one by one..
Sanskar was just giving her angry glare and swara was just blabbering abt the animals, how they hunt their food and soon they will hunt her too.. Sanskar heard too much.. He was like wat a girl she is… He just went near her n kissed her cheeks.. She was like ahhhh… With her eyes n mouth forming a big “O”…
Sanky: thank god.. Atlas u closed ur mouth.. Oops, still u r opening ur mouth.. Is another shock treatment necessary..
She immediately closed her mouth n seal her mouth with her hands giving him a death glare.
Sanky: don’t look at me lovingly.. Or else (smiles naughtily)

Swara kicks his leg with her leg..
Sanky: ahhh.. (stands on one leg, holding his other leg)
Swara:( smile sheepishly… ) dont dare to kiss me again.. Or else…
Sanky: (stands straighy n moving forward) or else..
Swara: (moves backwards) or else….
Sanky: or else(streches the words and lifting his eyebrows)
Swara starts crying like a baby…
Swara: huhuhuh… Ahhhhhh….
Sanky: (concerned) swara.. Pls sorry yaar.. Dont cry.. Was just teasing u..
Swara: keeps on crying..
Sanky: dont u want to go home..
Swara nods her head..

Sanky: talk to me first..
Swara: wat.. How will we go..
Sanky takes out his mobile from his pocket n shows her.. Swara gets excited n hugs himm..
Swara:(breaks th hug) cool sanky but it would have been dead na.. Moreover it was in water..
Sanky shows his mobile working n swara pats on his shoulder..
Swara: hmm im impressed.. Water proof huh.. Good..
Sanky smiles at her behavior n winks at her.. Swara gets butterflies in her stomach n unknowingly she too smiles at him.. Sanky’s expression changes..
Sanky: oh shit…
Swara: wat happened now..
Sanky: no signal in this area..

Swara: waaaat… Shit.. Wasted my energy in encouraging u..
Sanky: wat the..
Swara: haan.. Can’t u use a good network.. There are so many aircel, airtel, docomo, idea,vodafone.. N tell me which network u r using.. So tat i can bang tat operator whenever they advertise. Show me ur mob..
Sanky: dont be over smart.. I know why u want my mobile..
Swara bites her tongue..
Swara: waat.. Do u think im gonna steal ur phone…
Their nok-jhok continues..

At khanna’s apartment
Veer tries calling sankys number but he finds it as switch of or out of coverage area.. Wherever it tell out of coverage area.. Veer gets a new hope tat they are safe.. But stil he is restless. Tannu tells everything to veer tat happened at sankys house. Veer tells her to relax n asks her to keep quite until they find angel.. Or else their enmity may get more. If angel comes, everything will be solved. He doesn’t know wats the actual matter but he consoles her as only angel is the one who is the solution for this matter .. So he leaves from there in search of angel..

At sinha’s house
Choti tries to ask her mom abt the incident but whenever she ask, her mother burst out into tears . She herslf gets broken seeing her mothers state.. So she thinks to leave this matter for a while. Where as his father was so busy and he arranged ppl to find his children at any cost.. Ya his children.. He regard swara as her daughter.. He is really hurt n never dreamed tat he will face shekar in this worst situation.. All he can do was, just to weep for his own deeds..

At Forest..
This love birds kept on fighting for small small things just like a newly married couple.. Ya they started to walk inside the forest.. They just want to reach the road. Sanky told swara abt the gir who saved him.. She just made faces n kept quite. Sanky to tease her more n tries to describe the dress she was wearing n swara jaws drops on listening him.. She was boiling in jealousy.. But for her it was just anger.. Sanky enjoys hers face expression n smirks. Sanky was just keeping the mob in his hand n shaking in air. S he was just trying to get some signal.. But it was of no use.. He was pissed.
Swara: sanky why dont u give ur mob to me.. I will try a little..
Sanky : awww. My honey needs my mob.. Ok take this..
Saying this he brings his phone in front of her before she can snatch , he just raises his hand, more she tries to reach, more he raises.. She hits him in his stomach. He says ahh by holding his stomach.. Taking this opportunity, she takes the mob n runs.. He chases her.. When she tries to unlock, her bad luck, his phone is locked with password.. She gave him a irritated look. Sanky smirks. He comes to her n tries to get the mob.. But she tries to open the phone by trying different passwords.. But of no use. She finally gives him the mobile with a pout face n turns to leave.. Sanky gets sad seeing her expression n catches her hand.
Sanky: wait..
Swara: let’s leave..
Sanky: dont u wanna try more password..
Swara: (turns towards him with sad expression) i tried everything..
Sanky: oh pls.. Change ur expression.. Im not able to digest..
Swara: wat.. U r so mean(turns away angrily)
Sanky: thank god, atleast u r angry.. Its much better than before.. Acha leave did u try ur name..
Swara:(smiles a little) ya.. (gets angry) tats not even ur password..
Sanky : oh.. Tats y , my honey got angry.. (naughty smile)
Swara: stop it sanky.. Don’t talk to me..
Sanky : acha see i have opened now pls smile..
She turns excited n takes his mob n finds it locked again.. She just gives him death glare..
Sanky: u try again..

Swara: no i dont want..
Sanky: i gave u the clue..
Swara: i tried all the names u call me (bites her tongue) I… i .. i .mean..
Sanky :(smiles) its ok.. Why dont u try my fav name..
Swara quickly tries something n opens her eyes widely due to double shock. A shock seeing something on screen n another shock tat finally the mob of unlocked… Sanky smiles at her behavior..
Sanky:(monologue) Swara plss don’t give me such looks.. I just..
Sanky:(tells loudly) Just can’t control myself..
Swara: (confused) wat do u mean..
Sanky : i.. I.. Mean.. Nothing..
Swara: wat the hell sanky.. Wat is this..

At khanna’s house:
Tannus parents come with lunch. They try to feed shemish. But they keep on weeping.. But tannu comes n shouts at them..
Tannu: i dont know y u all r mournong like this.. Nothing happened to angel.. She is safe..
Shemish gets shocked n looks at her with teary eyes..
Tannu: ya badi mom.. Pls.. Y dont u guys believe tat angel is alive.. She will come. I believe my heart.. My heart says nothing happened to Them.. Plsss (folds her hands) i want u all to be normal n try to search her..
Shekar: i have appointed spl officers beta.. I too wanna believe tat my angel is alive but this ppl..
Tannu : pls bade papa.. Never loose hope..
The family shares an emotional but a strong convo moments. Tannu consoles eveyone n tried her best to cheer them up..

At forest
Sanky : wat??
Swara: when did u click this pick.. Tat too u r kissing me??? N ur password.. Its totally like u. Duffer.. Calling me Jungli chuvvi..
Swara was just shocked. Ya the pic was sanky kissing swara on her cheeks which was taken in school on Valentine’s Day.. Sanky smiles naughtily..
Swara: stop smiling.. Tell me.. Wait wait.. Who helped u in school.. (thinks for a while) tannu……
She stamps her foot.. She starts beating him n throws stones on him..
Swara : u idiot.. Duffer, how can u..
Sanky: swara.. stop it yaar.. (trying to escape from her hits)
She tries to delete it. So she goes to gallery n gets more shocked.. There are lots of images of her in different angles. Swasan pics in bus, swasan near the cliff, swasans selfie from opposite side,swara’s photos doing her pranks, everything.. . She widens her eyes n just look at him.. He snatches his phone..
Swara: hey..
Sanky: enough .. U saw my sweetheart na.. Tats it.. Dont stare at her so much or else ur bad eye will fall on her.. (smiles sheepishly)
Swara: wat the hell.. Sanky pls delete the photos..
Sanky: no way. Dare not to think abt it..
Swara: so tannu and veer were helping u.. n veer, how can he.. I will see him at home.. Who took tat snap while u were holding me for selfie..
Sanky: (smiles) its veer.. more than tannu, i should thank veer.. He is the one took all our pic..
Swara: (pouts) pls delete my photos..
Sanky: swara pls.. Dont i have the right to keep your photos.. N moreover i don’t care, whether u approve or not.. It’s my honey, my sweet heart..
Swara smiles a little..
Sanky: ah Ha.. Someone is blushing..

Swara: oh hello.. I dint.. (gets sad)..
Sanky sees somthing n runs from there, Swara gets shocked..
Swara: oii.. U r leaving me n going.. How mean..
(note: as its a forest of course there will be so mamy trees.. So imagine urself)
She runs after him.. Till then sanky disappeared.. Swara gets shocked n gets teary eyes..
Swara:(scared) san.. Sans.. Sanskaar..
Suddenly someone jumps from back.. Swara gets scared n doesn’t turns around.. She shivers in fear..
Swara:(trembling) san.. San.. Sanskar..
Someone keeps hand on her shoulder.. She widens her eyes n turns to see sanskaar.. She gets relieved.. She beats him with a stick n cries..
Sanky: swara, everytime u will beat me huh.. There are many ways to show anger and moreover if u get scared u should not beat anyone instead u should do somthing else… . U can(smils naughtily) also hug them..
She gets more angry n beats him faster.. He catches her hand n pulls her towards him. Takes the stick from her hand n throws it.. She hugs him n cries.. Sanky gets shocked..
Sanky:(breaks the hug) arei swara.. Im really sorry.. I dint mean to scare u.. Actually (he bends n takes something) i went to get this..
Swara smiles seeing him n thanks him.. Ya he brought raw mangoes from the tree. They start walking..
Swara : did u climb the tree..
Sanky: s.. Anything for u..
Swara: u first have it..

Sanky: no, u eat first.. I have another one(shows another mango)
Swara: ( she starts eating) but i dint tell u, im hungry..
Sanky: i know u were.. I can read ur face.. . But im sorry. . I cant get u anything more than this.. Once we are out of this jungle, i will get u a full meal..
Swara: thanks alot sanky, this is more than a full meal for a person, who is hungry..
Sanky: there are many ways to say thanks.. U always thank me by saying just a thanks..
Keeps on walking.. But sanky smiles naughtily..
Swara: aww.. Wat do u expect me to do..
Sanky: i just climbed tat tree only for u..(innocently)
Swara: so… (looks at him by corner of her eyes)

Sanky: (smiles naughtily) a kiss
Swara: waaattt…
She was abt to beat him but suddent the phone beeps.. They both get shocked n see the mobile n widems their eyes.. .. A blank msg from veer.. Ya veer have sent a msg so tat he can know when they get network, he will be able to track them.. Sanky immediately tried to call veer, n at the same time veer calls him, as he received a delivery msg.. Getting it busy.. Both get disappointed.. But suddenly sankys call get connected n veer recieves the call..
Sanky: helo
Veer: hello sanky.. Hello. Helloo
Sanky: hellllooo veer(louder)
Veer: sanky(cries).. Where are u??
Sanky: can u hear me.. Veer..
Veer: ya sanky, i can hear u.. Swara.. Where is swara.. Where are u guys..
Sanky: veer, we are, we are..
Call gets disconnected..
Sanky: shit..
He tries calling him again, but the signal is no more.. Swasan gets sad.. But they were happy tat, their family will get to know tat they are alive.. So ,soon they will be out of this Forest..

Mean while.. Veer jumps in excitement.
Veer: so sanky is safe.. But swara.. Ya he said we.. So swara is with him.. Yes.. Thanku god.. Thanks alot..
He quickly calls tannu n tells her evrything.. Tannu gets super excited.. And runs to tell he badi mom.. Where as veer calls choti n tells her swasan are alive n he got a call from them.. Choti gets very happy n jumps.. She thanks him n immediately runs to give the good news to her mom..

At forest
Swasan were really tired after walking a lot. But they dint see anything except trees.. They looked at eachother with sad faces.
Swara: sanskar.. I cant walk further..
Sanky: oh hello.. I cant take u in my arms..
Swara: not even in ur dreams.
Sanky: attitude.. Huh
Swara: we will sit for some time..

Sanky: no swara.. Soon it will get dark. We have find some place to stay at night.. I told u tatt i saw a girl na, im sure some people are living in the forest.. So plss
Swara: i understand.. Come lets leave..
They walk some more distance.. Still nothing to be seen.. Swara suddenly falls unconscious.. Sanky quickly catches her and tries to wake her. He pats her cheeks and gets worried. He searches here and there. He curse himself for not listening to her.. He takes her in his arms n walks ahead in search of water.. The water was no where to be seen.. He gets worried.. He thinks to keep her somewhere to get some water but he doesn’t want to leave her alone.. Then he see a small pond n rushes with her.. He sprinkles some water n tries to wake her.. Swara slowly opens her eyes.. He feeds her some water with his hands.. She drinks it n gets relieved..
Swara: sorry..
Sanky: im sorry.. Becoz of me
Swara: (cuts him off) no.. Not necessary..
Sanky: but
Swara: come we will move further..
Sanky: no.. We are staying here..
Swara: but sanskar, still more time for sun set..

Sanky: so wat.. Nothing more than ur health..
Swara: thanks..
They both move under a tree n sit leaning against it..
Sanky: u sleep for a while..
Swara: but im scared..
Sanky: im there for u..
Swara smiles at him n soon dozes off leaning against the tree.. Sanky stares at swara who is sleeping peacefully…

Precap: swasan at gun point…..


How was the epi guys.. Hope u enjoyed.. I dont know wat i wrote.. Will get know only through ur comments.. Thanks alot for encouraging me frnds with ur valuable comments… It means alot to me.. . Sorry for not replying on ur comments.. those who commented tat they want swasan to be home, for them only i wrote tat moblie scene, so tat their parents can trace them.. ?.. I cant sent them straight away to their homes as i already mentioned u guys to imagine anaconda forest. Lol.. Now u guys can imaging the depth of the forest.. ? Hope i dint disappoint u.. If so, my hearty apologize..

N i really wish i could have seen ur faces reading the precap.. Lol.. Pls don’t bash me for tat.. U wil really enjoy it..

Credit to: Sha

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