FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 25)



The suns rays falls on someone who is lying like a dead body at the end of the shore.. Water waves hits on the face but still there is no reaction of the person . The sound of the birds chirping and the cold breeze flowing from the trees in the forest hits the face of the person… Ya it was non other than………………………


There was no movement in him.. The water waves kept tickling his legs. But still he was unconscious. There was some noice coming from the forest. The sound kept on increasing as it was approaching nearer n nearer.. There appears a girl in twenties with a different attire.. She was wearing a knee length petticoat with a blouse n a dupatta across her chest(a girl, as shown in cover pic) . She saw sanky n left the pot from her hands. She was shivering. She doesn’t know wat to do. She was abt to run away from there but seeing sanky’s cute face(irressitable) ,she slowly move towards him. She takes his hand n checks his pulse.. Ya he was alive..

A quick smile spread on her face. But he wasn’t breathing properly. She quickly placed her hands on his stomach n tries remove water from his lungs as she understood seeing his unconscious state lying near the water. Some water comes out of sanky’s mouth but still he is not conscious. The girl then rubbed his feet n hands . Thus she finds some movements in him. Ya his fingers were moving. He slowly opens his eyes. He immediately gets up n the first word he could say was



He shouts swaraaaaaaaaaa…

The girl panics seeing him shouting n quickly gets up. Sanky sees her n understands tat she have saved him. Before he could thank her, the girl runs away.. He soon gets up to go in her direction but soon reality strikes in his mind.. Swara.. Where is swara.. He cries by keeping palms in his face.. He cries n cries… He recalls wat happened.. Their he remembers….

When swara slipped, sanky immediately jumps to catch her, ya he finally gets a hold on her, even with the strong flow of water. Sanky catches her hand n intervene his fingers with hers. Swara eyes widens seeing him.. She was cursing herself.. How can he.. How can he.. Sanky understood her worry n squeezes her hand to assure her. As they were lost in eachother, there comes a big rock where swara was abt to get hit, sanky quickly pulls her n keeps her in his embrace.. They both sign a relief. Suddenly the water was flowing faster n harder.. soon, both began drowning. Sanky was still holding swara…

Sanky: wat happened later….. (holds his head) god, why dont i remember anything..

He hits his fist on the ground… He again started to cry.. Then he thinks..

Sanky: may be we would have got unconscious n swara… Wat the hell.. I left her.. How can i… How can i…

He shouts


Sanky: if im here.. Then swara would be somewhere here.. I should search her.. I should search before its too late..

He runs hear n there like a mad person. He doesn’t know where will he find her, as the area is so big.. He starts running in the left direction from his place. As he didn’t know where will he find her.. But he has a hope, a hope tat he will get her, find her… He continuously searched her.. He was finding her in every hook n corner.

Meanwhile in khanna’s apartment
Veer comes out n finds an confused tannu..
Veer: tannu…
Tannu who was lost doesn’t notice him.. Veer goes near her n sits beside her.. He keeps a hand on her shoulder..

Veer: tannu..
Tannu: veer.. (hugs him tightly)

He hugs her back n caresses her hair in order to console her..

Veer: nothing happened to them..
Tannu was shocked to hear him.. He dint even cried . She was blankly seeing him breaking the hug. She doesn’t understand wat happened to her veer.. She gets bad thoughts..
Veer: (smiles n assures her) dont panic.. Im not in any trauma.. I know nothing hapeened to swasan.. They both are alive.. My heart say so.. U too dont loose hope.. We will find them n get them back.. All u have to do is, to pray… Pray for their safety.. I will go n search them..

Tannu:(creis) veer.. I too hope tat they are alive.. But the ladies (cries)
Veer: no tannu.. Evryone will say anything.. We cant listen them.. We just have to listen to our heart.. Swara always say this.. Our heart says they are alive.. Then they will be..
Tannu (hugs him) : ya they are alive.. I will pray for their return.
Veer: tats like my bravo…
They share some emotional movements..

At forest.
Sanky has been continuously finding swara. He come back to the same place where he began his search. He fall on his knees n cries.. He shouts “where ate u swara” .Then again without loosing hope he goes in opposite direction n began his search. He searched her all over. While running something pierce in his leg.. He shouts in pain
He finds a ear ring. He just removes it from his foot n throws it. He began his search again but something strikes him.. He thinks

Sanky: ear ring…

He comes back gain n picks it up.. He examines the ear ring n smiles..

Sanky: i knew it.. I knew it..
He starts jumping…
Sanky: i know swara, u r hear somewhere else.. (folds his hands) Pls god.. Help me to find her.. Plsss..

On the other hand tanvee too prays folding there hands..
Tannu:(in heart) plss god.. Give me my angel back.. N sanky.. Wat was his fault.. Plss save both of them.. . I promise i will never torture angel. I will never complain abt studies.. Pls save them..
Veer:(from heart) i never asked u anything coz u sent me two precious pearls without my concern.. But now, why do u wanna snatch them.. Pls return them back.. I beg u god.. Plss help them,wherever they are.. I want then back.. Plssss god….

At forest

Sanskar got a new hope now its not a hope but he is fully confident on finding swara ,his swara.. He searches her everywhere but doesn’t get any clue of her. As the time goes on, his face was becoming pale.. But he dint loose hope.. He again prayed to god, to show him a path.. Then he saw something tat made him suspicious. He already noticed it but he dint approach there. He was nervous at the same time a new happiness formed in him.

As the sun is on its peak of heat, the forest was fully visible with the help of the sun. There were rocks on the side of the shore. But one rock grabbed his attention.. Something was different in it.. The shadow,

Tge shadow, which he can see from the rock is different from the other rocks. So he quickly run over there and gets shocked..

Many emotions seen on his face. He saw her.. Saw his swara. Soon tears blurring his vission.. Tears flowing non stop seeing her state… . She was lying under the rock like a lifeless body, with no movement.. He Quickly picks her in his embrace n hugs her.. He hugs her , even more tightly tat he doesn’t want to let her go..he cries his heart out… He feels her heart beat.. Then he finds her still unconscious. Her heart beat slowing down in every second.. He quickly release the hug n pats on her cheeks..

Sanky: (worried) swara.. Swara.. (pats her cheeks) Swara.. Get up swara.. . ( shakes her.)..

Finding her unconscious, he thinks for a while. Then he quickly removes the water from her stomach by pressing her stomach with his hamds.. But still she is unconscious. He rubs her feet n her hands. Still There is no movement.. He lies on her chest n hears her heart beat.. He could hear her heart beat but it’s slowing down. He doesn’t know wat to do.. He tries everything to make her awake but no use.. He pats her cheek harder n harder.. Sprinkle water on her face.. But it was of no use.. He remembers something from movies where the doctor pumps the patients heart.. He thinks for a while n prays to god to save his life.. Ya his life… He is nothing without her.. He pumps her heart ,keeping her both hands under his hands on her chest.. doesn’t find any movement . Again he does the same.. Still no movement.

He cries.. His tears fall on her lips.. A slight movement on her lips, but he doesn’t notice it.. He closed his eyes n again pumps her heart with full hope in god, there ,

she coughs..

She coughs again n puke some water out.. He rubs her hands to give make her warm n pats on her cheeks calling her name..
Sanky: swara.. Swara(loudly and worries)

She slowly opens her eyes n inhale the sweet fragrance of the wet sand. She saw sanky n opens her eyes widely.. She immediately got up and pulled his jacket where as sanky at the same time pulls her towards him and They both hugged eachother at the same time pulling eachother in their embrace.. Her hands across his neck n pulled him like he was the one,

The one whom she have been longing to see n never wanna let him go.. Both had tears in their eyes. Soon the tears flowing non-stop which made their dry clothes wet again.

They doesn’t want to leave eachother.. Both caresses eachothers hair and closes their eyes .. Listening eachothers heart beat made them relax.. A peace which cant be expressed which they are feeling now.. The peace of finding eachother alive.. They had no words to explain.. They were just showing how much they missed eachother…. The thought of loosing her made sanky to hug her even more tight.. They want this movement to stop.. They doesn’t want leave each others embrace…

A small smile formed on eachothers face .. Ya they smiled with tears in their eyes.. But it doesn’t exist long… soon the smile was turned into anger which was boiling inside them.. Ya their expressions were changed from happy to a rude one. Soon they both releases there hug n wiped their tears.. They look at eachother with angry face.. Ya both were angry at each other.. They both were giving a “kill u look”.. Both of them staring at eachother with fury eyes and same as a volcano which may burst anytime………

Why is she angry?????
Why is he angry?????

Wanna know y they are angry, will let u know in the next chapter…. Stay tuned..

How was the epi frnds.. hope u enjoyed.. Thanks for ur precious comments.. It overwhelmed me.. Really yaar.. Thanks alot.. Guys happy silver jubilee.. Lol.. it’s my 25th chapter.. Tats y wished u all..

So swasan are safe.. Are u all happy.. Was planning not to show swara soon but i know u guys will soon enter into my screen to bash me.. So i showed her.. Lol.. Ok i wanna know one thing, do u want them to go back home soon or u all want them to stay in the forest little more.. I know wat will be ur answers.. But still im asking coz har ek frnd zaroori hota hai….. ??
i just thought to write more but my hands are paining.. Sorry for a small chapter.. I don’t think It is tatt much small but still smaller than my previous parts.. Let me know how was the chapter..

Credit to: Sha

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