FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 24)


Sasha was abt to touch swara but


Sanky: swaraaaaaaaa

S.. Swara slipped n falled from the cliff where the strong stream of water was flowing. Everyone rushed there, before they could realise the thing, within fraction of seconds, again someone jumped…

Evryone widens there eyes in shock.. Sasha steps back in utter shock.. Tanvee felled on their knees.. Mishti tries to run to the spot but Nisha holds her n they both cry miserably.. Princi n teacher rushed after hearing sanky voice but principal witnessed something tat, she was shaken n the floor was taken from her feet.. .. She shouted

Princi: sanskaaaaaaaarrrrrr

Principal started crying.. Evryone present there remained shocked but soon the people came there. The other teacher took the students to the rooms. Veer was numb.. He dint utter a word. Where as tannu was continuously crying.. No one could predict wat happened actually.. Everyone lost themselves in their own sorrow. Recalling their moments..

Princi recalled the same words,which sanky told her.. The word echoed in her mind..
“mom u wont miss me.. See one day i will leave u n go.. ”
This words continuously echoed .. She cried alot.. Then police came for investigation.. No one had the courage to answer.. Mishtan cried hugging eachother. They hear some people saying tat, last week too tat three people slipped n they died.. Mishtanish heard n started crying harder.. Tannu who saw veer with no emotions on his face, hugged him tightly. She knows how he might be feeling right now. They both were the close besties and more than tat in the world other than his family. Veer was just like a statue.
The police were still asking questions to some ppl. Then they approached swasan gang, as they were the one playing. The police comes to mishtanish..

Officer: i want some answers..
The girls gets up while veer was still sitting like a statue..
Nisha: s sir..
Officer: so tell me the actual thing tat happened..
Nisha narrates him everything n how swara slipped.. But she wasn’t able to say why sanky jumped. She almost cried while taking sanskars name. Coz sanskar was very close to her. Then tannu continued
Tannu: may be sanskar was (sobbing) trying to save her, in Order to (sob) save her , he too (crying miserably) jumped

The police too had tears in their eyes seeing the girls crying.. The teachers tries to console princi. Then mishti runned n hugged her mom.. Her mom hugged her tightly n cried miserably. Mishti was crying, the teacher tried there best to console themm..

Choti : mommmm(crying).. Bhai(sobbing) n swa( burst out in to tears.)

Princi started to shout..
Princi: how will i face her.. Wat she will think of me..
Choti : mom(crying) relax mom.. Plss…

Mishti tried her best to console her mom.. She hugged her ever more tightly asurring her . She herself was devastated due to the loss of her two precious diamonds.. Nisha too joined n tried hard to console both of them..

Where as someone was shouting at someone
Boy: how can u fall so low..
Girl : it was just an accident..
Boy: enough sasha.. Whose idea was it to play tat game..
Sasha: pls sunny listen to me.. It was not my fault.. I have changed(felled on knees n starts crying)
Sunny: oh plss.. I thought u were changed but
Sasha: pls sunny.. Believe me.. I dint do it.. ( hugged him n cried her heart out) i was really happy with them .. They treated me more than a frnd. I know i had so much in my heart against swara but believe me, i had accepted them whole heartedly.. I dont know y always destiny plans against me evrytime.. Whom i starts thinking tat they are mine, but god snatches evrything from me.. He first snatched my parents. When i started to live a life on my own, he gave me a brother in orphnage, then again this so called destiny snatched him.. Now (Cries) swara.. Though i hated her from the beginning but this trip changed me.. (cries) believe me sunny..
Sunny : (cups her face) im sorry.. Im really sorry. I dint mean to hurr u.. I thought u did it. I dont know u have gone through this much pain.. Im really sorry..

In meantime

Tannu : veer (cries) plsss speak something.. Cry ur heart out.. Plssss veer.. Swara… (cries)…
Veer was just sitting numb. He was recalling his angel, her pranks, their masti, their first meet, sankys first day at his clg, how he saved him, sanky’s excitement on realising his love for angel, swara’s worry for sanky, swara calling veer with his name for a reason. .. He was collecting his each n every memory spent with them..

The police began there search.. They weren’t able to search as the water was flowing at a very speed, tat the survival chances are very less. They haven’t still got the persons who slipped last week.. Still the students begged the police to search them.. The police could see the pain in evryones eyes. He just noddes n gave them some hope.

Soon evryone left. The students who came with the name of enjoyment n fun was returning back with the sobbing sound in each n every corner of the bus.. Tannu recalled their fun in bus n was crying alot.. Mishti saw veer sitting like a statue. She was heart broken seeing his state. She wanted to console him but seeing her mother state ,she stayed back.. All she can do was to cry.. Ya her mother fainted due to loss of her two pearls, which were valuable more than her life.. Doctor came n checked her. She was asked to take rest. So mishti remained by her side.. Tannu doeant know wat she will tell her badi mom.. She fell helpless.. Her badi mom had full hope on her,still she couldn’t protect her angel.. She feeled ashamed. Veer too started thinking abt her badi mom.. How will he face her.. Wat he will say. Angel was his responsibility. But now he is…. He is… He just hit his fist on the front seat of the bus.. Tannu saw him and consoled him..

Soon eveyone reached their homes.. Tanvee called their parents and asked them to come over in swara’s house. Tanvee were now standing out at the door.. No one dared to ring the bell.. They were just standing still.. Just then the door opens n shekar was shocked to see tanvee.. He saw their red eyes which showed they haven’t slept. He saw tannu whose eyes were puffed due to continuous crying.. He understood something is wrong.. He quickly called them in n he was searching for swara at their back.. Mishti rushed to them along with tanvee parents. They enquires them abt swara, tanvee stayed quiet..
Mishti: tannu open ur mouth.. Ur silence is killing us.. Tell us wat happened..
By this time evryone had tears in there eyes.. Tannu burst out into tears hugged mishti very tightly…
Tannu: badi mom(crying) vo.. Vo.. Swara(crying)
Mishti : wat swara tannu.. Tell me..
Tannu: vo(crying) swara slipped from the cliff(felled down on the floor with a thud and starts crying vigorously.)
Shemish were shocked n falls on the floor with a thud n starts sobbing.. Tanvee parents soon rushed to Shemish n consoled then.. Veer silently went to swara’s room.. Shemish and his parents watched him n understood how broken he will be.. Then tannu told them ,there are only less chances for their survival.. This made shemish shocked
Mishti : their… ????
Then she told how sanky too jumped in order to save her.. Their eyes wide open n again they started crying.. The night went as such…

Its a morning ,a morning where sun rises which brings light in the house, but this morning is still dark for the ppl in khanna house. Its was a day where khanna’s are going to face of sanky’s family.. As shemish feels tat they lost sanky only in order to save their angel.. Where as veer stayed in swara’s room. He locked himself in the room. Then shemishtan go to sanky’s house.. Tannu accompanies them. She rings the bell.. Choti Mishti opens the door.. Seeing mishti, she burst out crying n hugs her… She hugs her back n consoles her.. They enter the villa. Princi comes down the stairs n mishti was shocked to see her n says..

Mishti: sona (on verge of crying)

Shekar was even shocked n his face suddenly turned red due to anger. Princi came running n hugged mishti.. Mishti was abt to reciprocate the hug.. But shekar seperated them..

Shekar : so, u both planned n seperated my daughter.. how could you sonakshi.. (shouts in high tone)

Mishtan were shocked n confused.. Hearing some noises a man in age of fortys comes down n was shocked to see khanna family.. He comes running n hugs shekar..

Man: shekar.. I have been Searching for u from long.

Befor he could continue shekar jerks him off n shouts..

Shekar : stop ur drama mr. Sinha…. I never expected tat u will take ur revenge in this way.. U seperated my daughter..

Mr. Sinha was shocked hearing tat, then sona(princi) nodded her head, which she has been trying to tell him from long but he kept himself so busy tat, he dint try to hear her once.. Mishti was just standing numb.. She doesn’t no, wat is right n wat is wrong.. She tries to calm shekar,..
Mishti: shekar pls lets leave..
Sona: no mishti.. U have to listen to us..
Shekar : there is nothing to listen more..
saying this they left from there.. Sona breaks down completely on the floor n starts weeping.. Choti mishti runs to her n consoles her.. She was so confused and afraid to ask the actual matter.. Seeing the situation she kept quite n decided to give them some time.

Here khanna’s return back to their apartment. Shekar was so angry. ,mishti calms him down , tannu was confused tat wats happening around her.. Veer was lost in his own world. After a long fight between his heart n brain, he decides…

Veer: no.. Angel cant leave me.. She cant leave.. N sanky, how dare he.. He promised me jist sterday tat, he wont leave me without informing. But he went.. I wont forgive him.. They can’t leave easily.. I will search them.. I know they are alive. I will find them. Ya i will find them at any cost..

He gets up in a determined voice n opens the room n comes out. He sees confused tannu.

Mean while…..

Its the same morning in different place…
Its a forest area.. (imagine the forest from the movie anaconda,where water flows inthe middle of the forest, no anacondas included in my ff?just asking u to imagine the forest)

The suns rays falls on someone who is lying like a dead body at the end of the shore.. Water waves hits on the face but still there is no reaction of the body . The sound of the birds chirping and the cold breeze flowing from the trees in the forest hits the face of the person… Ya it was non other than………………………

The End

??i know u guys will smash me, if i say tat.. So its not the end… Stay tuned guys..
How was the epi frnds…
Who is the person????
If its sanky, wat abt swara?
If its swara, wat abt sanky?
there is no movement in the person.. Is the person dead???
Is swasan no more???
Will they meet again???

Find out the answers in next epi… Do let me know abt this chapter…??

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  1. how is the cover pic.. just wanna put more emotions in the pic but this tu crops it.. so i ended with this four.. hope u all liked it..

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