FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 23)



I’m back…

Swara and the other girls search for a while , some near by places but the teacher calls them back. Veer was continuously calling sanskar on phone back to back. Swasan gang comes n sits making group .
Nisha : i think we should inform chachi..
Swara : but she will be worried..
Mishti : i will try to talk to her.. (she was abt to get up)
Swara: no.. ( pulls her back).. I will go..
All were shocked.. When she got up, principal came by herself searching for sanky, everyone were worried seeing her as they know wat she will ask them. All gets up n bows down.
Princi: wat happened.. Why are u all worried..

All were silent for sometime but swara breaks the silence..
Swara: mam.. Actually

Nisha interupts.
Nisha: chachi actually, sanky is missing from one Hr(lies).. We are worried abt him..
Swara: but mam..
Princi: but wat swara, do you know where he is.. (worried face)
Nisha: (squeezes swara’s hand) no chachi.. She is trying to calm you down.. U don’t worry..
Swara: (gets more worried seeing Princi face) ya ma’am she is right.. I was going to say tat.. But mam, pls dont worry. Me n veer will go n search for him..
Everyone gets shocked.. Swara somehow convinces princi to allow her n asks her not to inform anyone abt this.. Princi denies her, but swara being stubborn dint leave a chance. She tells her tat veer is with her n she will not go anywhere far.. Princi was not able to win over n agreed to her. Swavee went in the direction where nisha saw sanky. They searched him where as veer was keeping on trying sankys number. Then he heard sobbing sound n was shocked to see swara sitting on knees . He was worried seeing her. He tried his best to calm her. But swara started to cry more..

Veer: angel pls… We will get him.. See im trying na.. Plssss dont cry yar.. U know na i dont like , if u cry.. Plss try to understand..
Swara: its all becoz of me..
Veer: no angel .. Its not ur fault .. Its his fault.. How can he leave somewhere without informing us..
He too gets tear in his eyes..

On the other side
Where as princi was in tears remembering wat Sanky told her last.. She thinks
Sanky: mom this is not fair.. U wont miss me ah.. See one day i will leave u n go..
Princi :(monologue) sorry sanskar.. I dint mean to hurt u.. Pls come back..

Where as swara takes phone from veers hand n starts calling sanskar again n again.. She got really frustrated after so much try. When she was abt to throw the phone, he picked..
Sanky: hello..
Swara who was abt to throw the mob, hears his voice n quickly starts sobbing.. Sanky understood its her n tries to calm her..
Sanky: swara..
Sanky: swarraaa(little louder)
Swara: (sobbing )
Sanky: answer me damn it(angry)

Swara taken aback..
Veer snatches the phone n speaks..
Veer: wat the hell sanskar. Where are u. U know wat, u just killed us by not picking the calls..
Just then sanky checks his mob n found 120miss calls from so many numbers.. He was like “oh my god.. Im dead”..he kept quier while veer was shouting at him using all his energy..swara quickly grabs the mob n starts sobbing again.. Sanky gets teary eyes listening her n calms her..
Sanky: swara pls dont cry.. Plsss.. U know na, i really hate the tears in ur eyes.. So stop crying..
Swara : im really sorry sanskar.. I really dint mean to hurt u.. Pls forgive me.. I really got angry seeing u n nisha so close, tats y , those words came from my mouth but i really dint mean anything..

Sanky was still angry on her abt tat so he dint said anything n kept quite.
Swara: sanky pls say something .. Let ur frustration out on me.. But dont remain quite.. Pls sanskar..
She cries.. He melts listening her but keeps quite.. Veer grabs the phone n asks him where is he.. Sanky says tat he will come n tells them to go back.. Swara takes the phone back
Swara: (with her right n little angry) i want to see u right now.. If u dont say where are u, u wont be able to see me ,next time..
Sanky: u both go.. I’m coming in 10mins
Swara: again a last chance to tell me the place Sankskar..
Sanky understand the warning in her tone n tells her where is he. They both rushed n saw him sitting on a big rock n throwing stones inside the water. Seeing them he gets up n come towards them. Swara goes to him n takes her hand to give him a tight slap,sanky closes his eyes and keeps one hand on his cheeks, but instead swara grabs his hand n bites his hand very hardly.. .. Sanky opens his eyes wide open and looks at her in horror.. ,veer gets shocked and chuckles..
Sanky: ahhhhhhh. Wat the hell swara. slap would have been better than this.. Ahh its paining..
Veer laughs at his state n thinks tat it was his punishment for doing so.. Then swara starts to scold him like anything..

Swara: dont u dare to do tat again.. Wat the hell u think of urself.. (keeps on shouting at him)
Sanky:(monologue) oh my god.. Wat happened to her.. She was apologizing to me on the call n now, she is like, she will kill me anytime.. I really dont know should i get angry on her or should i be happy to see her concern.. This girl is really confusing me.. N wat was tat, do anyone bite to get there frustration out .. But she is impossible.. Only she can think like tat..
Before he could say something, she hugs him.. It was like a current passing through his body, a tickling sensation in his stomach,his lips form a curve, a little bit of anger due to which she bit him was gone.. He was happy.. Not happy.. He was flying on cloud nine…. She starts sobbing.. He was pulled back from the cloud nine to ground by her sobs…Veer too gets teary eyes..
Swara: im sorry.. Im really sorry.. U know how ur mom was worried on knowing tat u were lost. I really got angry as well as .
Sanky was abt to reciprocate the hug but soon she realised wat she was doing n gets back..
Swara: im sorry.. N come lets go back..
Sanky: why are u so worried for me..
Swara: (shocked by the question but smirks) i would have done the same for any of my frnds..
Sanky: oh really.
Swara: s..
Veer: if tat so, then y were u crying tat much.. N why were u so jealous..
Swara: (shocked) sweetu.. Wat r u saying.. N i realy don’t understand why u guys have been telling me tat im jealous..
Veer: becoz u were.. tats y u scolded sanskar ..
Swara(confused) : sweetu.. Can u pls tell me clearly..
Veer: u love him swara.. I know everything abt u both.. Moreover i was the one who knew first tat sanky loves u..

Swara: so u were the one who brain washed him abt this love shove.. U don’t know anything veer.. I don’t love him.. (protesting tat she is right)
Before veer could say anything sanky stops him as he knows tat she is so stubborn tat she will never accept easily. Swara ask them to leave. Veer just smiled seeing her childishness who was just convincing herself tat she is right n others r wrong.. They go back to the rooms.. Everyone have went to sleep except mishtannish n princi. As soon as sanky comes, princi soon goes towards him n takes her hand to slap but
Sanky: mom pls.. U too dont bite me.. (keeping his hand at the back and closing his eyes)
Princi was like wat?????
Soon she asked..
Princi: did any animal bite u..
She checks sanky all over his body. Swara widens her eyes n was thinking “im i any animal” , while Veer chuckles and mishtanish were confused..
Sanky: mom mom realx.. Nothing happened to me.. It was just a jungli chuvvi which bited me..
Swara was like wat the hell.. while mishtan understood n giggled.. Veer was trying hard to control his laugh.. Sanky was smiling naughtily looking at swara..
Princi: oh my god sanky, show me where it bit, it may be poisonous..
Sanky: mom.. Relax.. Nothing happened.. N tat chuvvi is not so poisonous.. See im fine..
Princi: but were where u??

Sanky:(thinks from r a while n then) vo mom.. Actually someone told me tat, the view of this fall in the night is ultimate, so i went to check out..
Princi: ok.. Now go n sleep..
Sanky: Ok mom.. U go n sleep.. I will be able to sleep only after they take their frustration on me..(pointing to his gang)
Princi laughs as she knows everyone is going to take his class as they all were worried for him.. She thanks swavee n goes to her room, informing the girls to get back to the room soon.. The girls nodded n princi left.. As soon as she entered in the room, everyone burst out into fits of laughter n falls on the ground holding their stomach except swara..
Swara to sanky: wat did u say.. Im a jungli chuvvi.. U duffer.. (was abt to beat him)
Sanky runs from there, while swara chases him all over.. While the other where laughing n veer was telling them,,wat happened actually.. Sanky was out of breath n stops running while panting.. Swara comes n beats him on his shoulders.. Sanky was just staring at her. Then he catches her hand leaving swara numbs..
Swara: leave me..
Sanky: im still angry on u.. (leaves her hand)
Swara:(pouts) u dint forgive me(sadly)

Sanky: (in husky voice near her ear) no..
It gave a shiver to her spine n she was completely blank,got tears in her eyes..
Swara: im sorry(holding her ears)
Sanky:(melts n takes off her hands from ears) u dont need to be.. Its not needed as u dont consider me anything.
Swara: its not like tat sanskar..

Sanky: ok watever.. Just leave the topic..
Swara: no.. This guilt will kill me.. I will do watever u say.. It will be my punishment..
Sanky:(naughtily) oh really..
Swara just nods n bows down.. Sanky smiles seeing her..
Sanky: ok.. But i will say when the time comes.. Promise me u will do it?
Swara: promise.. but first u accept my apology.. Otherwise u will keep on taunting me the whole life..
Sanky : (naughty thought) whole life.. R u planning to marry me..
Swara widens her eyes n realised wat she said..
Swara : i mean.. I. I.
Sanky:(cuts off) fine watever u mean.. Apology accepted.. But keep the promise In mind..
Swara: ok

They both leave to see everyone. The one who were laughing soon become serious seeing sanky n took his class. Sanky was just listening them like a obedient student, who gets scolding after their mischiefs. Then evryone smiled seeing him making cute faces and asking sorry… nisha n mishti hugs him.. Then everyone goes back to their room..Swara once again apologize to nisha for her behavior.
Nisha: i was never angry.. It was just a concern which made me speak like tat, so if u again say sorry, i will really get angry now..
Swara: ok baba..
They both smile n the girls fall asleep…
Indeed its a next morning for everyone.. Everyone got up early but everyone know how our angel is.. She was still sleeping. Princi was smiling seeing her cuteness. Everyone got ready n went out.. Tannu was continuously waking up her but no response.. Just two mins is the only word she could hear from her mouth from half an hour. So she came with a bottle of water n Splash…
Swara: ahhhh.. (opens her eyes) tannnuuuuu..
She saw Princi n closed her mouth keeping her hands on mouth..
Swara:(smiling sheepishly) tannu.. Wat have u done..
Tannu was smiling n starts to leave with Princi but swara catchess her hand.
Swara: tannu wait..
Tannu: sorry angel (hold her ears)
Swara:(smiles) it’s OK..
Tannu gets shocked as she have left her so soon.
Tannu: angel are u fine..
Swara: tannu(with angry glare)
Tannu: ok k.. I believe u.
Swara: acha.. I want a favour from u..
Tannu: ohhhh.. So tats y u left me so easily…

Swara:(makes faces) tannu..
Tannu: acha tell me first..
Swara:(serious) i want to know the truth..
Tannu gets shocked..
Tannu: wa wat truth..
Swara: dont act..
Tannu keeps on changing the topic.. But swara was firm in convincing her.. Mishti entered n saw them talking seriously..
Choti : wats the matter..
Swara: so u too came.. Now both tell me everything..
Mishti waa shocked.. She was looking at tannu blankly n cursing the moment she entered n gave her head in.. Later swara gives them her promise which makes tannu to break the silence..
Tannu: actually angel wat happened was


When they went to clg for the competition ,veer takes tannu with a excuse to canteen. But both stayed back n listened to swasans conversation.. Veer was shocked to know tat sanky proposed her. As well as tannu.. But veer know abt sankys love where as tannu wasn’t aware of it.. It shocks her more.. She was going to confront but veer tells her evrything.. Tannu was happy but she gets sad to find the incomplete love story.. Then before the competition,tannu excused herself n left swara with the other student n then tanvee again went to sanky… Sanky was happy to see them but he gets double shock when they confront him abt the proposal. Sanky tells them evrything tat happened on the holi..
Veer: this is wat i wanted to tell u when i came to take u to holi party..
Sanky: wat??
Veer: ya.. Swara doesnt believe in love, so i was abt to tell u tat day but swara came n took me forcefully..
Sanky: oh ya.. I remember.. But i thought to ask u later but see now wat happened..
Tannu : u r stupid sanky.. Wats the need to tell her tat u will not come in front of her. If u go far from her ,it will not affect her.. More she will forget u..
Veer: no tannu.. It have affected her.. Tats y she confronted him today..
Tannu: i agree tat it affects her but it will affect her more when he is close to her.. N sanky how can u give up without trying to win her.. See its better u try to convince her.. This is my idea..
Veer: ya u r right..
Sanky: ho ho.. Stop it guys.. I dont wanna hurt her anymore..
Tannu: angel is right.. U r indeed a duffer..
Sanky forms a O in his mouth..
Sanky: wat the hell.. Dont dare to call me tat.. (gets angry)
Veer: tannu, he likes tat word only from angels mouth..
Tannu: oh. This much love(makes faces n teases him)
Sanky: im sorry tannu
Tannu: its ok.. But agree to my plan.. U will be close to angel .. N as far i feel, she has started feeling for u.. I have seen her.. Before i dint understand it but after knowing the whole truth now I’m getting it why she was behaving strangely from many days.. So wat u guys say
Veer: I’m in..
Sanky: okay.. Who will not be happy to convince their love.. So im in..
They share a group hug.. From then, first tannu hugged sanky in front of swara , was one of their plan..then they brought nisha n told her everything.. But they all know mishti will never keep quite so to shut her mouth, they told her..

Tannu:But indeed this mishti opened her mouth.. (gives her a angry glare)
Mishti makes faces n swara was just shocked to know all the truth as her own frnds planned this..
Tannu : angel believe me, i have seen in ur eyes..
She cuts her off…
Swara: stop it tannu.. I really dont know how to explain u all..
Tannu: its ok angel.. We are not going to force u anything.. U just forget everything n enjoy this trip.. We will discuss abt it at home.. Ok
Swara: ok.. But i never expected this from u guys.. (gets sad)
But mishtan tickles her n brings her back to her ownself.. Swara was angry on them but soon she too doesn’t wanna talk on this topic so she changes her mood.. The trio tickles eachother n laughs for sometime.. Then they come out.

The students were going on the cliff today but the teacher strictly instructs them not to go on top as the waterfalls starts from there.. The students agrees. All the groups starts moving. Swasan group were taking selfies on each stop which they find attractive.. Sanky ask swara to take a selfie with him.. He catches swaras hand n was abt to take selfie but swara pushed him n runs from there.. But still he was smiling as he knows this will happen but he had a spare plan which was unaware of swara.. The girls were enjoying alot on seeing the view from the top.. They shouted their names which echos back.. The girls were jumping in excitement.. Swara shouts her name which was echoed back thrice
She was laughing, sanky was adoring her,each and every action .. He was just mesmerised seeing her. He was happy.. He was continuously clicking her pics without her knowledge. The girls finally settles down and calls sanvee.. They have a talk for sometime.. Later they leave to have their break fast..

(imagine the cliff in movies where there use to be some slippery areas n below it ,is a strong stream of water flowing from a cave.. As in the cover pic,which i have given)
After breakfast they come back again on the cliff.. Swara gets hurt with a rock n its starts bleeding. sanky helps her n ties his kerchief. They share some moments where mishtan where giggling n swara gave them a angry glare.. They play antakshari for sometime and enjoys.. Sasha was happy between them..
Sasha: guys i really enjoyed ur company.. I never felt alone.. Thanks alot..
Swara: arei sasha.. Never say tat.. U r too one of us..
Tannu: s sasha, i too thought u r a book worm but u made my assumption wrong..
Sasha: aww tannu.. Ya i concentrate on studies.. But im not a book worm an all.. I thought swara is a book worm (winks at them) . Always studies studies but she is different..
Swatanmish laughs..
Tannu : she is ,sasha.. (winks n both gives hifi)
Swara: tannu.. I will kill u.. (starts beating her playfully..)
Tannu: acha baba sorry.. But its boring…
Swara: lets play something

Choti : but wat??
Sasha: guys lets play sudden catch..
Swatan: hmm good idea.
Choti : but these area is slippery..
Swara: arei mishu dont worry.. We will be careful..
(sudden catch is a game similar to hide n seek, but in this game no need to hide, u just have to run. If the catcher catches the runner, they r out. Hope u guys understood)
The girls stand up n plays ” sa bu three” (hope u guys know wat is sa bu three.. If doesnt know then its a fun game to select the player who will catch??) to select the catcher..
Tannu is a catcher the girls starts running.. Tannu chases them.. Sanvee were just watching them.. But seeing swara running near the cliffs veer warns her..
Veer: swara dont go tat way..
Swara: arei sweetu dont worry.. I will not..
Swara:Oh my god.. She is chasing me.. Run swara run..
Sanky: swara dont go tat way..
Tannu catches sasha.. Now sasha is out n she chases the girls. Evryone were enjoying alot.. Swara was again going through the sides of the cliff.. Sasha chases her as she was nearing her.. Seeing her running around there sasha tries to stop her
Sasha: ya swara stop..
Sanky seeing her going there, he goes towards swara to stop.. Swara sees him n

Swara: sanskaar u came.. (at sasha) u cant catch me sasha..
Sasha: now u are out..

As she got closer to swara.. She was abt to touch her
Sanky : swaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Evryone were shocked to see the scenerio……
Screen freezes on the shocked faces of the adoring gang….


Wat happened guys??????????? Im shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is it the end of swasan………
Or its the end of swara………
Wat happened to swara………
To know more, read the next chapter.. See u soon…
Let me know whether u enjoyed this epi.. Hope u liked it.. Stay tuned..

Credit to: Sha

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