FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 22)



Swara was shocked to see sanskar hugging . At tat time mishtan comes n hugs her with excitement..
Tannu : angel, im so happy.. See our exams are over n i cant believe tat we are going for excursion which was impossible.
Choti : ya i heard last yr batch students dint got the chance to go.. Im happy, we are lucky..
Swara was just looking at sanskar who were enjoying eachothers company..
Tannu: y not mishti its becoz of my angel.. Wat say angel.. (seeing her lost, shakes her) kaha khoyi hui ho..
Swara : wat nothing.. Where is swewtu, dint he come to drop u..
Tannu: he is packing his bag..
Swara: for wat..
Tannu: to accompany us..
Swara: are u serious..
Choti : ya swara, my bhai got the permission from mom, as their exams are finished.
Swara : so sanskar is also coming..
Choti : hmm ya..
Swara: n who ia tat girl..
Choti : who.. Nisha dee..
Swara: oh its ur dee..
Choti : ya she is elder than me, but bhai ask me to call her as bhabhi.. They are so close tat They talk like girl frnd n boy frnd. But she is my ba
Mishti was going to tell more but sanky interupts..
Sanky: hi girls
All smiles and say hi except swara who was just staring at him..
Veer: finally im on time, i thought i wil miss my trip..
Swara: im so happy tat u r coming with us sweetu.. See our gang completes. (hugs him)
Sanky: oh.. Seems like u r happy seeing everyone.. (stretches)
Swara shots him a glare, showing she is still angry on him.. Later the teacher instructs the students woth some rules n regulations to be followed . Then evryone gets into the bus. Its a full ac bus with 2+2seaters. The bus was not so ful their were empty seats. as the class strength is less then the seats in the bus. Swara was wearing a sleeveless black top which is till her knees with a slit cut revealing her jeans floral design with her hairs open.. Sanky was unable to take his eyes off her,swara was watching him through side eyes. Whenever she see him he starts talking to nisha . They take their seats as swavee, nishsan, mishtan. Mishtan were sitting in front of swavee, where as nishsan beside swavee.. Sanky introduces nisha to his gang with his hand on her shoulder. He purposely introduces swara to nisha once again..
Sanky: nishu, she is swara.. Swara she is my nishu(side hugs nisha)
Nisha: hi swara..
Swara: mm hi.
Swara was feeling little uncomfortable as jealousy is on the way but was unaware of it.
Swara:(in mind) why im i feeling bad.. Im happy tat he is not disturbing me.. Let him enjoy with his so called nishu.. Huh..
Sanky:(im mind) i know swara, u r feeling jealous but u r not aware of it.. But i will make u realize in this trip..
Their journey begins. Sanky acts continues, swara falls asleep on veers shoulder.. Sanky imagines himself in the place of veer.. He was just staring at his angel who is sleeping innocently.. Veer sees him n chuckles. Sanky tells him tat he wanna come their through his action. Veer tell him to come if he wants. Sanky gets up n veer gets aback tat swara sleeps disturbs n she wakes up.. She sees sanky standing in front of her..

Swara: sanskar..
Sanky: wo wo actually, i wanna talk with veer.. U go n sit in my place.
Swara was happy to hear tat but she dont want to sit next to her, as their was no choice, she goes there n sits with a fake smile. Swanish talks casually where as sanskar was telling veer to plan something, so tat he can sit with swara. Veer doesn’t get any idea. Sanky thinks for a while n says lets play antakshari. Sanky knows very well tat nisha n mishti doesn’t like antakshari tat much.. So its just swasan n tanvee. Mishti n nisha sits together, where as..
Tannu: veer ,u have to be in my team.. Remember u promised.
Swara: sweetu, u r going to be in my team. (with Cute innocent expression)
Veer was going to agree to swara but sanky pinches him..
Veer: ahhh..
Swara: wat happened..
Veer: i mean, ahhhh ya i will be in ur team but i promised mom this time tat, i will do wat she ask me to..
Swara: oh(pouts) tannu, come we both will make a team this two will make a team..
Tannu : noway.. First time going to play with my brother.. Im really happy..
Swara: brother..

she smiles at sanky thinking abt the incident where she called bhai, n the reaction of sanky. At tat time she dint understand his behavior but now she got to know the reason. Sanky comes to know seeing her naughty smile.
Swara: ya, u both brother n sister n we both
Sanky cuts off n says: shall we start..
Veer: hmm of course. (chuckles)
Tannu: first let me recall all the songs n i want 5 mins to discuss with veer
Tanvee n swasan were sitting beside each other with mishnish in front
Sanky sits next to swara n whispers: never think to call me tat, or else iska anjaam bura hoga.. Remember the kisses which i gave u. Dont make me to give in front of all.. Ah how can i forget tat i have kissed u in public too.. Remember the theater..
Swara eyes widens n she gulps and gets angry..
Swara: enough sanky.. I dont wanna talk to u..
Sanky: acha im sorry.. See Swara i really feel like u stabbing me, when u call tat so called word..
Swara melts a little but she continues to be angry ,so tat sanky doesn’t talk like this other time..
Swara: ok guys, lets play..
They play antakshari where as sanky sings in a way to convimce swara n swara enjoys it. The.four enjoys playing . Later swatan feels hungry n they start their breakfast.
Swara: are u going to eat or just keep in staring me.
Sanky: i dont want to eat.
Swara: sankskar..

He doesn’t say anything n turns to opposite side. Swara understands tat he got angry as she was continuously ignoring him.. Then swara closes her tiffen..
Swara: then i too dont wanna eat..
Sanky: ok, as ur wish..
Swara opens her mouth..
Swara: how mean.. I thought u care for me but no.. Its all a drama..
Sanky feels on cloud nine with her words n swara Realises wat she said n bites her tongue.
Swara: i dint mean like tat.. I. I
Sanky: watever u mean.. But it means alot to me..
He takes her tiffen n starts eating..
Swara: hello.. Take ur tiffen n have.. Give me mine..
Sanky: i dont eat my breakfast in morning but as u have brought tats y im eating..
Swara: wat. U dont eat anything in morning..
Sanky: ya.. When i was in school, i use to have it.. But due to clg ,i skip my bf.
Swara: stupid, it will affect ur health.. (concern)
Sanky was overwhelmed with her caring words n was just smiling n staring at her with lots of love. Swara can see his eyes which has a lot of emotions . They have an eye lock. He takes a sandwich n feeds her with his hand ,she takes a bite n comes back to her sense n grab the food from his hand n starts eating..
Swara: this is the last time im giving u my food.. Next time i won’t..
Sanky: oh.. If it is like tat, then i will take it from ur bag without ur permission.. As i have all the rights..
Swara: no u don’t..
Their nok-jhok starts n the bus suddenly stops with a jerk, swara was abt to hit her head in the front seat but sanky keeps his hand in between..
Swara: thank u..
Sanky: its my duty to save u from anything which will hurt u..
Swara was just awestruck with his words n sanky gets up n goes to see, wats the problem. The bus has been break down n the princi shouts at the driver, tat cant he check before. It took sometime for the problem to get solved. Everyone gets settled in their places n swasantanvee starts playing different games n enjoys. They all reach the place one hr late with the actual reaching time. Its kempty falls in mussoorie .. Everyone were so happy with the view.

They read the banner which describes abt the place. ” Kempty Falls were developed as a tourist destination by a British officer John Mekinan, around 1835. The name Kempty is probably derived from the word ‘camp-tea’, A stream of water running throughout the year starting from the southwest of village Banglow ki kandi moves northwest and falls from 4,500 ft. Splitting into five other cascades, the water falls a further 40 ft.”

There were so many houses and shops inbuilt there. The teacher instructs the students to be careful as there are so many slippery areas. The teacher splits the students in groups. They have been divided into four groups with ten members. Swatanmish wants to be in same group but the teacher was making group according to attendance order. They were making sad faces. But principal interupted n says to form their owm group. Evryone gets happy. Swatanmish takes sanveenish in there group. They were six together. So four needed more.
Swara: guys four more..
Tannu: let it be amgel.. I dont want any outside members..
Choti : stop it tannu.. All are our classmates..
Swara: if anyone remains without any group we will take them in our group.
Evryone: ok..
The groups were splited n only one girl was left.
Swara: sasha is left.. Come we will ask her to join us.. .
Tannu: but she doesn’t talk with us from beginning..
Swara: stop it tannu.. Come..
Eveeyone went to sasha n takes her in their group. At first she denied but swara insisted her ,assuring her tat she will not feel alone.. The princi came n informed them abt the rooms which she has rented n ask everyone to keep their bags there.. Their were two separate rooms. One for boys and one for girls.. Evryone settled themself n changed to some comfortable dresses n had their lunch arranged by princi. Everyone were overwhelmed by the care of principal. Sanvee soon mingled with the boys. Everyone came out after their lunch to enjoy the waterfalls. Swasan gang were waiting for swara, who was still doing something in the room, atlas she came out..
Taanu: angel, how much time u took..
Swara: sorry re.. I thought to call my mom.. But my phone is switched off. I was searching for charger, but all in vain.. I left at home it seems..
Veer: ok u call from my mob. I will go n get it from the room..
Sanky: no need. I have my phone in my hand, u guys move ,i will bring her after she finishes her talk with her mom…
Evryone headed towards their waterfalls leaving swasan alone.. While princi came to them
Princi: u guys dint go still..
Sanky: actually mom(tells her evrything)..
Princi: ok beta.. Take care. Dont leave her alone..
Sanky gives her an assuring smile and princi leaves..
Sanky: so tell me ur mom number..
Swara: i will dial it. Give it to me..
Sanky: wat.. No.. U just tell me..
Swara : im not a kid.. Ok anyways(tells him the number)
He dials n gueve it to her. She informs her mom n tells her evrything. Her mom ask her to tke care n swara asuures her. Then she cuts the call n saw the wallpaper, before she sould see it properly, he snatch it from her hands.
Sanky: oh hello. Dont u know something abt privacy..
Swara: huh watever.. But i think there was a girl in tat.. Who is she..
Sanky: did u saw it.
Swara : no… Just saw the dress. I know its a girl dress..
Sanky: awww. My honey wants to know abt my sweetheart huh..
Swara: dont u dare call me tat.. N i dont have any interest in ur sweetheart.. (just then she recalls tat once he was calling her sweetheart)
Sanky: ok then.. He kisses the pic in front of her n gives her a naughty smile..
Swara: wat the hell..
Sanky: wat..
Swara: show me the phone..
Sanky: no.. Get it if u can
Saying this he runs from their.. Swara chases him. They finally join their gang. Then they enjoy in the waterfalls. Playing, dancing, jumping n doing all sort of things.. They were fully drenched. Sanky was just staring her, how adorable she is. He was lost in her n veer starts teasing him.. Sanky starts blushing hearing his words. He starts to throw water on him.. There were so many people who have also visited. But these students enjoyed to the core. Swara n everyone came out, as they were tired. Sanky sees some guys staring at the girls, since the girls were all drenched, it was making them ca cear view of their body structure.. Sanvee was angry n want to punch them but swara notices them n calms them by catching their hands. Evryone of the class boys stands across the girls as a protecting shield to their class girls. The girls were overwhelmed with the boys respect towards them. It touched their hearts. Swara goes to sanskar n thanks him with a lot of emotions in her eyes, as she got to know,, it was him who planned this. Then the girls headed towards their room n changed themself. Sanky was still making swara jealous through nisha. He was hanging out with her often. Though she was angry on him She was trying to get his mobile often but fails as sanky catches her.

Then it was almost 6pm. Evryone played something. Sasha starts to bond with swasan gang. They all decided to play truth or dare.. They form a round like veer is next to swara, swara is next to sanky, sanky next to nisha, nisha is next to mishti, mishti is next to sasha n sasha is next to tannu n tannu next to veer.. they spin the bottle n the bottle points at tannu.. Tannu chooses truth, and she was asked a question from book, for which she started to cry.. N everyone laughed at her as they know she cant take up exams seriously. So swara asked her to say, who was the first person who made her smile.
Tannu: evryone knows tat only parents make their children smile for the first time. So of course my parents were the first one but if there was a person who made me smile most, then it would be none other than my angel..
Swara was so happy to hear her answer. The duo hugged eachother n veer complains n join alomg with them. Sasha was spellbound to see there bond.
Then it was the turn for mishti n she choosed dare, so veer takes this as a chance and asked her to convince her mom to play with us only one game.. Mishti was like.. Oh my god.. No way..

Evryone laughed seeing her expression. Swara gave her an assuring smile tat she can do tat. N then the principal was here convinced by her daughter mishti. She played with them. Princi choosed truth, n no one had guts to ask any question to princi but sanky was abt to ask her but swara interupted n asked her, whom she miss mostly..
Princi: mishti..
Swara was like wow.. : wat abt sanky..
Princi: not this mishti dear. Its someone else.. Who will miss these idiots.. Always torturing me
Swara: oh.. (laughs) Ofcourse they are.. N who is the other mishti (interestingly)
Princi: its just one question at a time right. So ur turn is over.. Im going..
Sanky: but wait mom.. This is so unfair.. U wont miss us.. Wait someday i will leave u, then u will know my importance..
Princi,: haha sanky.. Enough of ur drama..
Then the princi left. Now it was time for sanskar.
Veer: truth or dare..
Sanky: anything buddy.. I dont mind..
Tannu: oh acha.. Then we will give u both.. First truth..
Sasha: do u love someone..
Sanky: yes of course..
Swara gulped n was praying tat he should not take her name.. But sanky was smiling naughtily..
Sasha: who is she.. ??
Sanky: of course, she is ur swa eeeet principal..
Swara signs n gives him a death glare.. While veer was laughing
Sasha: offo sanky, evryone knows tat, i was asking abt ur partner.. N u..
Sanky: oh hello.. Dont u love ur mom.. Wait i have to inform ur mom tat her daughter is interested in love…
Sasha: arei leave mere baap(joining hands.)
Sanky: oh maa ka naam lete hi, remembered ur dad.. Lol..
Tannu: ok.. Now dare..
Sanky : im ready..
Tannu thinks for sometime..
NishA: ok propose a girl..
Tannu: ya good idea.. Nisha u r awesom..
Sanky: of course she is.. ( looks at swara)
Sanky stands up n comes in middles, as i already said they are sitting in a round. Sanky goes in front of swara n turns towards nisha n said “I love U” . Nisha was looking down, sanky said those words in front of Nisha but looking at swara. Heat rushed through swara n it was a ticking feeling inside her, n her cheeks turned red.. She was just staring at sanskar n sanskar at swara. They come back to senses by the applause.. Sanky came back to his place n whispers to swara..
Sanky: stop blushing.. Or else i will kiss u in front of all.. Im going crazy seeing u like tat..
This made her angry again.. She shot him an angry glare.. All of a sudden nisha hughed him and said
Nisha: i love u too my handsome..
Sanky: oh ho. So sweet of u nishu darling.. .
This made swara pissed n there was an unwanted feeling in herr.. Then it was swara’s turn. She was asked truth or dare.. She was afraid of choosing truth, she doesn’t know , Wan is preventing her to do so. She chose dare.. N tats it, mishti dared her to shake hand and compliment a stranger except our class boys and adds more only boys no girls.. . Swara was like wat the hell.. She thought it was better, she would have chosen truth.. She dint notice the question deeply, al she heard was to shake hand and compliment with some stranger other than our boys. Sanky was praying tat, she should choose him. Mishti added more to compliment as handsome ,smart, and dont try to cheat us by doing this to a small boy. Mind it.. .. Evryone burst out laughing on seeing swara’s expression..
Tannu: super dare mishti.. Mind blowing..
Choti : of course..
Swara: ok im ready..
She gets up n searches for someone. She was looking here and there to find some innocent face. Their she saw someone n was little nervous n looks at her gang members. Here Sanky was burning and boiling in anger.. He was frustrated which was clearly seen through his face. Then swara went to the boy n smiled . She told him everything abt the dare n asked him to cooperate. The boy smirked n swara completes her dare. The boy dint leave swaras hand n moreover pulled her into a hug n sanky who was noticing went ther n slapped him hard . Where as swara hold his other hand tightly in fear, then he took swara from there.. Swasan gang members went to tat boy n starts to teach him a lesson.. Where as sanky took swara to a corner n shouts
Sanky : are u nuts.. Who told u to do tat..
Swara: it was a dare..
Sanky: u could have refused it
Swara: but how come i..
Sanky: (angry n shouts) if u wanted to do tat, u could have choosen me, as im too a stranger for u right. Since veer cant be a stranger as he is ur cousin. U could have think abt tat. N u always refer me stranger right.. Then why not now..
Swara: u r not a stranger..
Sanky: i dont know i should feel hapoy abt tat , ur thought for me have changed or i should get angry, how dare he to do it with u…. (hits his fist on the wall)
Swara: u n nisha too do the same.. Then wats the difference between u both..
Sanky was shocked n had tears in her eyes, nisha heard her last line n was standing numb.
Sanky: do u think me like tat..
Swara: i dint mean tat wa (stops her)
Sanky: i dont wanna listen anything.
Then he leaves.. Nisha follows sanky but he tells her to leave him alone for sometime. Nisha was heart broken at the same time she was angry on swara.. Mishtan comes to swara n tries to divert her mind from tat incident but swara was all angry as she saw nisha follwing him. Its been two hrs, nisha comes to swatanmish n says tat sanky havent returned still.. Swara was still angry..
Swara: u were with him right, so wats the need to worry..
Nisha: stop it swara.. Its too much..
Choti: pls relax dee.. Wat happened..
Nisha tells her evrything.. Mishti too gets angry
Choti : swara, wat u did is really wrong.. U should haven’t done tat..
Swara : stop it mishti, u too..
Tannu : relax angel.. Its not like how it looks like.
Swara: tannu pls… She use to be close tats y i said tat in frustration..
Nisha: dont forget tat, u r too close to veer..
Swara: he is my sweetu n is my chachis son. I have full rights on him..
Nisha : then wat abt me.. Sankskar is also my chachis son. N im her Elder sister..
Swara was numb.. Tears starts flowing through her eyes. She wasn’t able to face nisha.. One word came from her mouth was sorry.. She was guity..
Choti : tats wat im trying to say u from beginning.. But this idiots wanted to make u jealous..
Swara: jealous.. ??
Mishti was like”sorry guys” tannu gave her angry glare.. Nisha let from there..
Swara: can anyone tell me, wats happening..
Miahti was abt to say but tannu stops her.
Swara: tannu, u r hiding something from me..

While on the other side there were two person speaking in dark..
Boy: all of a sudden, y are u being so nice with her..
Girl: i dont think she is like how we think. She is so nice.. So stop doubting me..
Boy: im not doubting u. But seeing u close to her,it makes me think tat u r planning something..
Girl: oh pls stop it.. Im not like u to hurt someone with stones n taking revenge to make themselves happy..
Boy : but i too realised it,on our last day. I too feel sorry..
Girl: ok lets leave the topic here.. Im so happy now.. Going to sleep.. Bye..
Boy: OK bye..

Back to swatanmish
Swara was still asking tannu but nisha comes worried..
Choti :did u call him..
Nisha: i called him but he is not picking.. Im really worried..
Choti : oh my god.. Where did he went..
Swara: dont worry mishti, we will search him.. (teary eyes)
Nisha: swara its all becoz of u..
Swara: im really sorry.. I shouldn’t have said that… I hurted u alot. Im really sorry nisha dee. .. (she cries)
Nisha hugs her..
Nisha : it’s OK.. Sorry for shouting at you..
Swara: no it’s all my fault.. I have over reacted..
Nisha: huh.. Anyone in your place will behave like tat..its ok..
Swara: i hurted u alot.. I’m really sorry..
Nisha: shhh. No more sorry..
Swara:(in mind) Im sorry sanskaaaar… Plssss comeback… I hurted u alot. Im sorry…


Wat happened to sanky.. Is this the tragedy im taking abt.. Or destiny planning something or my mind is planning something else.. ?Who is the girl n the boy..
Hope u all enjoyed this chapter…. If its not im sorry.. .. Stay tuned..

@dharsha hope u got to know something something from this chap.. Sorry for the promo which made ur brain to get confuse.. Lol..

Thanks to all the members who comments n encourages me.. Thanks alot guys..

Credit to: Sha

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