FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 21)



After a beautiful night its finally the weekend tats waiting for swatanmish.. Its a beautiful morning, Swara sleeping peacefully in her bed,cuddling with her pillow with a smile on her face.  Mishti finally comes to wake her but as its a weekend she allows angel to sleep ,as she had been preparing for her revision exams throughout the night. Mishti caresses her hair n kisses on her forehead n leaves . where as swara smiles in her sleep..
Bell rings in khanna apartment . mishti opens n finds mishtan grinning and smiling at her. mishtan greets mishti n ask abt swara’s where abouts. After finding tat she is still sleeping they plan something to disturb her.

At sanky’s house.
Sanskar is been sleeping peacefully after a long awaited day. He finally proposed the biggest devil without any fear. He smiles in his sleep, dreaming abt his honey.. He blushes in his sleep where someone is noticing all his actions.. He murmurs in his sleep,”I LoVe U Too swara”  .. Hearing him saying tat ,someone widened their eyes n smiles naughtily, n says
“acha bachu,dreamig abt angel,n tat too saying love u too.. it means u r dreaming tat angel is proposing u huh.. if she comes to know, u will be treated with broom stick from her bathroom”
ya its none other than veer..
Then veer slowly teases sanky by caressing his cheeks with his finger,sanky blushes n says swara in a husky voice. veer smiles naughtily.  Then sanky catches veers hand and hugged his hand. He intervene his fingers in his n was abt to kiss,veer jerk him right away n shouts…
veer: sankyyyyy..
sanky quickly gets up due to his shout n widened his eyes seeing him.. veer starts hittng him with pillow..
veer: u idiot. . how can u,.. how can u.. (still beating)
sanky: arei stop it veer.. wat did i do..(trying escape from the pillow hits)
veer: wat did u do.. just recall..
sanky: if u stop beating ,i will recall na..
veer gets tired of beating him n stops. He sits tired on bed.
sanky: (innocently)  wat did i do veer??
veer gives him a question look n seeing his face burst out laughing..Sanky gets confused
Veer: i don’t know whether i should get angry for wat u were going to do or should i laugh at tat..
Sanky: could u pls explain me
Veer: did u see any dream..
Sanky recalls n smiles..
Sanky: no.. I mean no.. No..
Veer: oh.. trying to lie.. But dont worry..
He tells him everything. Sanky feels embarrassed n blushes. Veer pulls his leg n teases him. The duo share some beautiful moments..

In swara’s house.
Mishtan slowly peeks into swara’s room n see her sleeping. They get inside and starts jumping on swara’s bed and shouts
Swara gets up immediately and look at them in shock..
Swara: stoppp.. (closing her ears)
She then starts beating them with pillow n mishtan tickles her . Swara starts laughing. The trio played for sometime.

Later ther girls and the boys planed n went to mall as its there last weekend to enjoy, since after tat they all have main exams(hardworking huh) . They reach the mall n greets eachother while swara dint even look at sanky n was completely ignoring him. Sanky was just staring at her. They all enjoyed in mall for sometime, there was a shooting game going on in the mall, (its a game where u have to shoot a thing which u want to make it urs) swara participated n aimed at a cute puppy doll but she dint aim properly n gets sad.. Tannu seeing her sad face, tries to aim but gets another prize n gives to swara but swara accepts it with a fake smile. Later they go to have some refreshments. They all sit n sanvee goes to order it. While coming back veer brings the puppy doll which swara was aiming. Swara gets happy n hugs veer in excitement n veer looks at sanky. Swara released the hug n realises its done by sanky .
Tannu: wow veer. Never did this for me.. But for angel,u played the game which u hate the most..
Veer: wat u did? U too played it for angel na..
Swara: u did it veer?
Veer looks at sanky n nods his head n swara understood tat its done by sanky. She says thanks looking at sanvee. Sanky gives a naughty smile n winks at her without noticed by anyone. Swara widens her eyes.. Then they drink some cold drinks. At tat time, sanky sees swara pendant.
Sanky: nice pendant swara..
Swara: thank u
Tannu: ya nice na..
Sanky: of course.. Good choice.. I guess its indicating ur name.. Where u bought..?
Swara gets a naughty idea n smirks.. Tannu was abt to say but she pinches her..
Tannu: oh.. Ahhhhhh
Swara: actually its gifted by my boyfriend. (streches)
Sanky widens his eyes along with tannu . Tannu understood tat she is teasing him n keeps quite while veer too understood.
Choti : arei swara, u dint tell me..
Veer(monologue): huh.. Kuch nahi jaanti angel ke baare mei..
Swara: vo mishu.. I mean mishti .. Sterday only i got it na.. (winks at her, making her understand)
Mishti understands n keeps quite.
Sanky: oh really.. I heard, u r not interested in love n all
Choti : wow bhai.. U know so much abt swara(winks at him)
Sanky: mishu.. I dint mean tat.. (gives her a stop glare)
Mishti keeps quite..
Swara: oh tat.. He was so smart n handsome tat, i wasn’t able to resist him..
Sanky: oh tats y in school too, u weren’t resisting ah..
Swara widened her eyes by understanding the meaning n gives him a death glare where as sanky smiles naughtily..
Tannu: wat happened at school..
Swara: vo. Its nothing tannu.. He is talking abt rahul.. Im i right sanky.. (giving a strong look)
Their order came n everyone started having their juice..
Sanky: hmm ya swara.. U r right.. . Well wats ur boy frnd name.. I guess he didn’t give u his name letter..
Swara: of course.. U r very clever.. Its indeed his name..
Sanky : oh really. (whispers) my name also starts with S.. ( gives her a questioning smile)
Swara boggles.. Veer was drinking his juice n enjoying the conversation..
Swara: ya.. His name starts with s..
Sanky: wats his name..
Choti : bhai leave her..
Swara: (in mind) he wont leave me so easily. Think swara think..
Sanky: arei mishu just some general knowledge abt a frnd..
Choti: ok.. Watever..
Sanky: so miss swara khanna..
Swara: ya his name is.. His name is sa. Sa. Sahil…
Veer who just sipped the juice spits it on mishti after hearing the name.. Sanky who heard her was boiling in anger, as he hates tat name(remembers veers prank of name sahil, which made him hate tat name.) mishti got angry on veers behavior n took her juice n splash it on his face..
Veer: wat the hell.. yu.. Wat i did was just n accident.. But u..
Choti : oh hello..
There nok-jhok continues and tannu gets in as refree n tries to stop them where as sanky who waa boiling in anger breaks the glass which was in his hands.. It started bleeding. Swara who noticed it was shocked n got tears in her eyes n understood tat its becoz of her. She quickly grabs his hand n starts scolding him,mishtanvee who saw where shocked . Veer rushed n brought first aid box n started scolding sanky.
Veer: are u gone mad.. Wat did u do..
Sanky(trying to divert) : offo veer, this glass was already in the last stage n when i grabbed it with my strong hands,see it resulted in this. Its not my fault.
They all give him a death glare, where as swara was doing first aid. A small tear falls on sanky’s hand which no one notices but sanky feels it. After scolding sanky alot, Veer goes to pay the bill where as mishtan excuses n leaves for washroom..
Swara: wat the hell.
Sanky: wat..
Swara wantedly presses her thumd on his wound n he shouts ” ahhhh”
Sanky: wat the hell..
Swara: understood wat im trying to say.. Why the hell did u do tat..
Sanky:i told ,it was just an accident
Swara : i know u lied..
Sanky: oh really.. U know me tat much..
Swara: dont change the topic.. Wats the use of hurting ourself.
Sanky: to be true, i hate tat name which u mentioned.. never say it again.. I just got frustrated..
Swara: oh sahil.. Its my bf name.. How can i easily forget him.. He is my jaan..
Sanky pulls away his hand with a sudden jerk not allowing her to bandage further n even removes the half bandage n tries to go. But swara catches his wrist n made him sit again..
Swara: sorry..
She starts to bandage it again where as sanky tries to pull his hands. She gives him a death glare.
Swara: i said sorry right.. I dont want anyone to be hurt becoz of me..
Sanky : but u always do it to me..
Swara: i dont want to take this topic sanskar.. Pls..
Sanky: ok.. If u want me to accept ur sorry, u have to accept something from me .. .
Swara: n wat is tat?
Sanky: dont worry.. I won’t tell u to accept my proposal..
Swara rols her eyes. He takes out a big chocolate.
Sanky: sterday i wasn’t able to give u this, so now i want u to have this in front of me..
Swara: waaat..
Sanky nods.. Swara denies. But seeing the chocolate, she wasn’t able to control. She wants to grab it quickly n eat it but her ego is not allowing her. When sanky was abt to take his hand, she takes the chocolate from him. Sanky smiles n stares at her lovingly.
Swara: dont stare while im eating.. Or else my stomach will get upset..
Sanky laughs listening her, swara starts eating, n she shares it with sanky(only one piece).. The trio comes back n starts giving death glare to swara as she is eating without them.. Then swara share with them.. They all spend some beautiful moments enjoying eachothers company.
The days passes, their revision exams have started. Everyone is busy with their exams. Tannu exam drama continues. She comes to swara’s home for studies. Sanky sometimes visits swara’s house with some assignment work n always keeps a chocolate on her study table whenever he comes. Swara sometime shares her chocolate with sanky n also gives him half of it, when tannu is not with her.. The revisions finally gets over n swara ask princi abt the excursion trip. Princi ask her to decide the place, where they want to go.. Swara goes to her class n ask her class mates. They all discuss for sometime n decides to go to waterfalls area which is just 7hrs from their home town. Swara informs princi as though n she agrees. She tells her to get permission letter from parents before a week of their main exams.. Whoever submits a letter is only allowed to go. She tells it in a strict manner. Swara understands it n gave her a assuring smile.
After their revision, its their study holidays to prepare for their exams. Where as sanvee is also on study holidays, since their end semester is just in two weeks. They all are preparing well for their exam. Since its been two weeks, they have not been to ice cream parlour. They decide to go their n enjoy. After some hard weekends, they relax themself with the get together. though they are always together but spending time n enjoying eachothers company is a different thing.
Now finally its turn for main exams . Evryone was busy in their own schedule. They write their exam with full sincerity. Swara use to get a best of luck greeting along with a chocolate in her bag on the day of exams. (dont know how sanky manage to keep tat). She use to get happy after reading the greeting, as its always contains some motivational msg which boosts up her confidence more n more.. They finally finish their exams. Evryone was happy but as usual tannus drama starts which makes evryone to burst out laughing.. The students have some light moments with the teachers. Rahuls exams have begun but still he manages to wish swara n now since its their last day in school, rahul comes to swara in his study holiday. Swarahul have some talk n mishtan teases them. All the classmates share some emotional moments . The two who hates swara for her talent from the beginning also melts. ( Wanna know who are they. Will get to know in next chapter) .. Swatanmish have a group hug n share some crying moments, as they gonna miss their school.. They visit every hook n corner of the school n recal their memories.. They dint have their farewell party. As the juniors have decided something new for them. Its been a surprice, no one knows it still. Though they were sad as there was no farewell for them, but they themself celebrated by cutting cake n applying on eachothers.. This was their best moments in their life time..
But picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.. Its not the end of their entertainment.. They all were excited for their excursion.. Their excitement was overloaded with full of happiness n joy. Since the principal asked them for 100% result, the students thought tat, they might be going to the trip after excursion but their happiness was doubled when the princi announced them tat they will be going in the coming week.
Its finally.. Finally the day of their trip. They have planned to go kempty fals, mussoorie which is 7hrs from the Nh of delhi. Principal have arranged bus for them with her own money. She havw taken responsibility of their foods, they have been asked only to get some money for their personal use. They were leaving at 7am in the morning. Swara got ready as its their final enjoyment as a school student.. She reaches the school and saw all her frnds enjoying among themselves with so much happiness. She was shocked when she saw…. ……. …….


Wats the tragedy abt..
Is it life taking or life giving..
Keep guessing…
How was the epi.. Hope u all enjoyed..

Credit to: Sha

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