FALLING FOR YOU (Episode 20)



Guys i cant believe i have reached episode 20… OMG.. Please pinch me.. I know u cant??.. Lol.. Dont think to kill me, for this irritating joke… Ok back to the chapter..

Swatan n others reach school after the competition. Principal congratulate the winners. Then later the girls go to their class, as still school hrs is not over. They share evrything with mishti..
Choti : then i want treat..
Tannu : for wat..
Swara: ya.. For wat(stumbles with words)
Choti : dont try to be smart.. U guys would have fooled my bhai n veer.. But u cant fool me.. Somehow u guys escaped from sanvee to give treat but cant escape from me.. Better agree to me or…..
Swara: acha baba.. Kitna bolti ho tum.. (exclamation)
Tannu: its better to close ur mouth.. I cant hear ur big bhashan.. Omg..
Then swatan takes out their Chocolates n share it with mishti.. They have some light moments. The school bell rings(trrrrrrrrrrrriiiinnnnggggg,actually i guess i made the correct sound. Dont know how my commenters school bell rings?) the girls stand up to leave..
Tannu: hey girls.. (excited)
Choti : ha tannu
Swara looks at her lifting her eye brows..
Tannu: guess wat is, day after tomorrow..?
Swara: wat?? Going to start preparing for ur exams..
Mishti chuckles, while tannu gives her a death glare..
Tannu: never in my dreams..
Choti : acha baba, tell us..
Tannu: its feb 14..
Swara: so, (giving her side eye look)
Tannu: i know u will never forget tat day, angel(winks at her)
Swara: dont u have any other work tannu..
Choti : aww.. Wat happened on tat day.. I know its Valentine’s Day. Haaa let me guess..
Tannu: guess re guess.
Swara: will u both stop ur nonsense..
Mishti whispers in tannus ear..
Tanu: absolutely correct mishti.. (gibea hifi n hugs her)
. Swara looks at them in killing look.. While mishtan laughs seeing her expression..
Swara: could u pls change the topic.
Tannu: no way. I wish this yr too rahul gives u an outstanding proposal surprise.. (winks at her)
Swara: shut up
Choti : tell me wat happened tat day actually..
Tannu : tat day, due to some mischief , me n swara were given punishment to stand out of the class and he proposed her standing out along with her.. So from then i tease it as an outstanding proposal..

Mishti burst out into fits of laughter.. At tat time rahul was passing by n mishtan saw eachother n imagined the scene n falls on the bench n starts laughing holding their stomach.. Rahul who saw them gets suspicious but seeing swara, he gets nervous n leaves silently..
Swara: can we leave now..
Tannu: ok.. (controlling her laugh). But shall we go to mall today. Mom too have went out with my nani.. I need some accessories. So
Swara: hm ok.. U wanna join mishti?
Choti : i would love to but
Swara: ur mom(completes her sentence)
Mishti nods..
Tannu : ok dr.. Swara will get the permission from ur mom.. (in serious tone)
Swara boggles..
Swara: wat.. (shocked) no way(protesting)
Mishtan burst out laughing..
Choti : hey relax swara.. She is just kidding..
Then the trio leaves to their houses. Tannu goes to swara’s house. After having snacks they leave to the mall.. The duo goes to the mall n tannu buys the required things. Someone was following them all the way. (guess who?? Hmm correct) its sanskar.. ( how come sanky knows swara is in mall???? Keep guessing) while coming out from shop, swara sees a show piece through the glass of another shop..
Swara: tannu loook.. Its really elegant and a beautiful pendant.. N it has my initial.. Wow.. Come lets buy it..
They both go inside the shop, when they ask for its cost, the shopkeeper says a high amount, which they dont have right now. Swara gets sad. Tannu tells the shopkeeper to keep the piece n they will but it for sure on someother day. The shopkeeper ask them to buy asap, coz only two pieces are left. They both leave to their respective homes.

The next day the trio were busy in lab and had a very hard day. But they enjoyed in the lab by creating new chemical reactions. The teacher was shouting at them but will this devils listen. They were just smiling n listening the scoldings(not seriously,) of the teacher as if they are in the another world. The teacher finally gets tired n leaves them. Then after bell, the trio leaves to their respective homes..

. Now its finally the day of love.. The day of expressing feelings. Will it happen between swasam now.. (nooo.. Wait n watch,)
Angel sleeping peacefully hugging her pillow gets up immediately after the alarm sound. She takes two greetings n leaves her room. She goes to shemish n kiss them on cheeks. Shemish who were sleeping gets up and hugs swara. Swara wishes them Happy Valentine’s Day n gives the cards to her parents
Swara: i love you mom and dad.. (hugs them)
Shemish: love you to infinity..
Mishti: u will just wish us for more few yrs, then u will be not wishing us and wishing someone else..
Swara: aww.. Y is tat.. Were will i go.. N i will wish u guys only.. Who is tat someone else
Shekar: ur hubby..
Swara eyes widened.. She blushes little but..
Swara: no way.. I wont wish others rathar than u..
Mishti : if tat so, lets seee..
Swara: please mom dad, don’t talk Abt it now(gets teary eyes)
Shekar: wat is this mishti.. See becoz of u, my angel got tears in her eyes.. Don’t worry beta.. I will get ghar jamaai for you..
Swara eyes widened n she opens her mouth fully…
Swara: dad, don’t you guys have someother work .. Ok anyways I’m leaving.. Now u can gift my mom.. (winks at him. )
Shemish gets shy.. After swara left, shekar gifts a diamond necklace to mishti, she gets happy n hugs shekar. At tat time swara enters to say something n closes her eyes..
Swara: i dint see anything.
Mishti blushes n leaves to kitchen to prepare bf. swara informs shekar abt the pendant which she saw,n shekar assures her to get tat..
Swara gets ready n leaves to school. Shekar drops her n bids bye. Swara goes to her class, mishtan still dint come. She was waiting for them. Tannu enters into her class with a sad face. When swara ask her abt it
Tannu: do u remember my last yr physics book..
Swara: ya.. But u dint use it right..
Tannu: ya.. I use to study in ur book na..
Swara: so..
Tannu: today by mistake , tat book fell down n i got this from it..
Swara : wat is this
Swara opens n read a letter..
“hi tannu, this is suraj.. I’m ur classmate.. I dont know whether u have noticed me or not but i only notice you all the time.. Bcoz… becoz i love u taniya.. I love u .. I love u soo much.. Will u accept my proposal tannu aka taniya..
Urs lovingly,
Suraj ❤?❤

Swara was shocked and happy.. Both swatan burst out into fits of laughter..
Swara: tats y i say, atleast go through ur books once a day.. But u dint listen me.. Now see he left the school without ur answer.. So sad for him..
Tannu:(laughing) angel u know, when i saw it i was shocked n was laughing like hell.. My mom was looking at me like im mad.. But now i feel sad.. Atleast i should have seen him.. I dont even know who he is..
Swara: offo tannu i remember him.. He was so smart n handsome u know.. (winks at her)
Tannu: awww(pouts) i missed him
They both laughs at eachother..
At tat time mishti comes n ask abt their smiling faces . Then swara tells her evrything..
Choti : tannu.. U did very wrong(laughs .)…
The trio spend their time enjoying with eachother.. The classes starts. It’s an interval time, the girls comes our of the class.. Rahul was walking here n there in the corridor impatiently.. Tannu signals mishti n they both giggle.. Swara looks at them
Swara: shut up..
Tannu to tease her goes to rahul..
Tannu: hi raahul..
Rahul is very tensed.. She ask him wat did he bring today for swara in action.. Rahul shows something to her n she smiles n says wow… Swara was abt to get in the class but
Tannu: angel wait..
Swara gave her im gonna kill u look.. Tannu brings rahuls with her. Swara geta into the class. Evryone have went out in her class now only the trio n rahul is there.. Before rahul could speak
Swara: rahul i told u already tat day in parlour.. I want u to concentrate on studies.
Rahul: swara listen.. Im sorry for everything..
He takes out a yellow rose n gives her..
Rahul: i dont want u to love me back but i want u to accept me as a frnd.. N i promise from now on tat i will never take the word of four letters in front of u..

Swara gets happy listening to him..
Swara : im sorry n thanku..
She takes the yellow rose in the memory of their frndship n smiles..
Swara: now happy..
Rahull : very happy..
Miahtan gets teary eyes… Swara gave them a disgusted look..
Swara: now wat happened..
Tannu: who will i tease now..
Rahul blushes..
Choti : hey still u r blushing man..
Tannu: rahul, dont talk to me from now on..
Swara: arei, u devils wil never change.. Stop ur drama girls…
Rahuls goes to his class n the girls takes their places. She sees Sanky passing by the class and he winks at her. Swara sees him through window gets shocked n tells mishtan abt sanky. But mishti says tat her bhai is in clg. So he wont be here.. Mishti goes to teacher to get sign. Again after sometime sanky passes and now he gives her flying kiss, immediatly swara shows tannu but
Tannu: hello wat happened.. Are u dreaming abt sanskar. Only u r seeing him.. Where is he..
Swara now gets frustrated n thinks to catch him red handed.. When again she see him, she quickly gets up but the teacher see her with a question look.. .hello wat happened?? Swara sits down again with a sad face. Tannu says “again dont tell me, u saw him”.. Swara was abt to say but thinks she wont believe her, so she kept quite.. Then she thinks “is this hallucination.. Wat rubbish, i dont believe this”.

The bell rings n its a pt period now, so everyone in the class go out. At tat time someone enters into the class n searches something. He takes swara’s bag n gets shocked..
Guy: wat the hell…
He takes out many papers from the bag n opens it to find love letters.. He gets frustrated n tears all the letters n puts it in dusbin.. Ya its none other than sanskar the great…
Sanky: arei. This is too much to infinity.. How dare they.. Anyways sanskar, isse pata chalta hai ki, she will not see anything from her bag.. So think something different.. He leaves the class thinking on the way.. Swara was coming back to class to have some water n she see sanky in the corridor. She hides n see him. When he was abt to cross her she catches his wrist..
Swara: so finally chor pakda gaya..
Sanky gives her a naughty look and see her hand which is catching his wrist.. Swara automatically leaves his hand and sanky comes closer.. Her heart beat raises seeing him close. She jerks him n goes to her class.. Sanky follows her to the class.
Swara : sanky, if anyone see, they will think wrong.. So u better leave from here.
Sanky: u only told me to come back. So im here..
Swara: oh hello.. I dint tell u anything.. I told u to ..(stammers)
As sanky was getting close..
Swara: wa wa wat u u u wa wa want..
Sanky: u
Swara eyes widened.. She was abt to push him but sanky catches her hand n gives her a red rose n kisses on her cheeks n leaves from there .. Goes to some distance n says “I LoVe U”… Swara was just standing like a statue, recollecting wat happened now.. Till then sanky leaves from there. Swara was still holding the red rose.. She was standing still n tannu comes in search of her. She see her standing with a rose n smiles..
Tannu: angel.. (excited) U gonna propose someone huh.. Wow angel.. U dint tell me.. Who is tat..
Swara was just standing still. Tannu shakes her n swara comes out of thought n catches her cheeks. A small tear escapes from her eyes. Seeing tannu, she doesn’t say anything. She was abt to throw the rose in dusbin but tannu stops her.
Tannu: oh hello madam, wat happened.. Are u alright..
Swara: nothing tannu, just one idiot gave this..
Tannu: oh ho ho.. Who is tat Lucky Charm.. Who got this much courage.. I wanna meet him..
A small smile forms on her face, listening tat someone with courage , faced her n kissed her. If it was someone else till now they would be dead.. But she thought..
Swara: how did he escape.. Wat was tat..
Her thoughts were jerked by Tannu who shakes her.. She comes to her sense
Swara: wat..
Tannu: i should ask u..? Wat happened??
Swara: mmm nothing.. Nothing.. Just got frustrated..
Tannu: who was it actually..
Swara: i dont know.. It.. It was.. It was kept on my desk.. Tats it..
Tannu: aww.. So romantic.. First yellow rose n now red.. It may be rahul..
Swara: no..
Tannu : then..
Swara: i dont know… Ok.. Lets leave the topic.. Where is mishti..
Tannu: in ground.. U took much time so i came here to check u.
Swara: hmm ok lets leave..
The girls left. Sanky was hiding behind a window listening them. He was smiling alot.. He too went there..
Sanky(monologue) : thank god.. If I would have been in front of her now ,she would have beaten me till im rotten.. Mujhe toh kacha chaba deti.. (imagines himself n jerk his thought) shooks his head.. But i dint gift her anything.. Moreover she will not accept anything from me. Wat i have done after tat its impossible.. But i gave her a precious gift, which is unforgettable.. (smiles n blushes)

After school swara comes back home. She was just thinking abt the incident n was scolding sanky inside her heart. Where as sanky at his house bites his tongue n shouts ahhhhh.. When his mom ask wat happened.. He said tat he bite his tongue mistakenly.. His mom laughs n says tat someone is scolding him for sure.. Its all illogical mom says sanky. His mom says its true sanky.. My experience says so.. Sanky gets into thinking.. He thinks- I know who might it be.. (pouts)

Shekar comes home little disappointed.. Swara goes n hugs him..
Swara: hey dad.. (looks at him) why are u sad.?
Shekar: sorry angel.. (pouts) i dint get ur pendant..
Swara feels sad but
Swara: its ok dad tat doesn’t matter..
She hugs him. At tat time door bell rings.. Swara opens the door and gets surprised
Swara: tannuu..
Tannu: angel (hugs her.. )
Swara: wats so spl..
Tannu comees inside n greets Shemish n hugs them.. Later she takes out a gift box n gives it to swara..
Swara: wats this.??
Tannu: ur Valentine’s gift..
Swara: awww.. Tannu.. U r so sweet.. But give it to ur boy frnd(winks at her)
Tannu: angel. (beats her playfully.). this is for u..
Swara: thanku..
Swara opens the gift n gets surprised.. Its the same pendant which she liked.. She hugs her in excitement n kisses on her cheeks..
Swara: u r d best.. Love u..
Tannu: aww.. Love u too(hugs her back)
Then tannu makes her wear the pendant n takes a pic.. Swara shows to Shemish happily.. She was on cloud nine.. She forgot everything abt sanky. They all enjoyed their night with lots of masti and her mom arranged a candle light dinner.. Though it was set for Shemish but these devils doesn’t give privacy to them..

Precap: excitement
Sanky has changed alot.. Dont u think.. The one who said will never come in front, is now flirting.. Is he doing this as swara said or or or……. Is there anything fishy… Keep guessing..

How was the epi guys.. Hope u enjoyed.. Which part u liked the most.. I liked every part but my fav was tannus letter from suraj.. I was literally laughing while writing tat part.. I have replied to ur comments in previous chapter.. Thanks a lot for ur memorable comments..
Click this link guys, it will take u to my ff page, where u can find my previous chapters.. I want u all to comment n let me know how was this part.. I used my enegy in this chapter.. Ur comments will boost me up.. Lol??

Credit to: Sha

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